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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 28, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us, and until then, i hope you learn to be a more healthier you. fox news alert, the democrat leader of the u.s. senate saying that lawmakers are at square one now after weeks of debate and negotiation, and just about 48 hours away from a potential government shutdown. hello, i'm greg jarrett, and welcome to america's news headquart headquarters, well, just this morning, the house announced a plan to fund obama care, hours later, senate majority leader harry reid rejected the plan, saying dead on arrival. chief correspondent carl cameron live on capitol hill. >> well, this has been going on
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now for the better part of years, the house try to slow down, weaken or not just do away with obama care, they tried more than 40 times to repeal it. they tried in this budget process, reverting to a government shutdown at midnight. they tried then to de-fund it. the senate stripped that out, send it back to the house, the house today announced a new plan that john boehner put out a short time ago, saying there would be a couple of amendments. the first amendment would delay the president's health care law by a year. and this is the second amendment, permanently repeals obama's medical device tax that is sending jobs overseas. so the house republicans have moved from trying to completely de-fund to now just delay for a year and take away a big funding mechanism on these taxes for medical twicedevices.
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and secondly, in case of a shutdown, it would at least fund the military. this is the first time they have the countenance to recognize the possibility of a shutdown, but that will be on the floor to be debated. the senate majority leader harry reid made it clear it would not fly. saying to be absolutely clear the senate will delay both the delay of the affordable care act, we are still at square one, this from harry reid, republicans must decide whether to pass the cr, the continuing resolution, or consider a government shutdown. big question, since the senate democrats are in control in the majority of the senate. we've heard this back and forth in the senate, the legislation has pingponged, they could
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conceivably be blamed, unless there were republicans who tried to overtly shut it down, the house tonight is expected to pass this legislation, send it to the senate where it already has been deemed dead on arrival. >> deja vu, all right, carl cameron, fox news contributor, you know, i have to say that ten days ago when i spent an entire week interviewing poll analysts, pundits and politicians on capitol hill, they all assured me that no, there will be no government shutdown come midnight on monday. well, does it look to you like they were all wrong? >> well, i was with you on that. i mean, i thought there would be a last-minute agreement. and there still could be. but it is looking more and more like there really will be a shutdown now, because harry reid is actually right. they are back at square one, th
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resolution over, it has the obama care provisions attached to it. democrats have the votes in the senate to remove those provisions and send it back in a so-called clean cr, back to the house. and here we are again, the only difference is we'll be at the deadline by that time. so is this therefore, a self-defeating strategy that republicans are pursuing? >> well, republicans, i think you have to understand as far as the conservative group inside the house republican conference, they deeply, deeply believe that obama care will hurt millions of americans and they're trying to do everything they can to stop it before it goes into full effect. i do believe they think that a shutdown would be an acceptable cost for that even if they don't want to see it. but i think the fact is that democrats control the senate.
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and we've not seen any indication that a democrats changed their minds on this. we'll get an interesting test with this medical device tax, the democrats support repealing it. they had a symbolic vote in march, that was 79-20, 34 democrats who voted to repeal the tax. but now in this course of continuing resolution, watch all of these democrats who vote to keep it. >> so is it possible that amendment number one to delay wouldn't pass, but amendment number two, to repeal the medical device tax, could pass, and we'll get a reprieve? >> well, it is possible that amendment two may not pass, you're right, you have these 34 democrats on the record saying it should be killed. senator al franken called it a tax, there is no indication the
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democrats are anymore inclined to accept that -- >> except for joe manchin. >> yes, he said he may be up for a delay on the individual mandate. not the whole thing, but the individual mandate. now he says he is going to vote with his team. >> you know, when you do look at the polling data, a great many americans are opposed to de-funding obama care if it means closing the government. but they do like the notion of extending a one-year delay for the individual mandate. and i think that is because there seems to be a fundamental fairness associated with it. after all, big business got a delay, everybody got a waiver, including congress, so why not delay the individual mandate. isn't that more politically palatable? >> that has been a hugely effective argument for republicans. and you're right. it happened when barack obama unilateral delayed the mandate, it happened with big business, republicans said wait, big
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business protest and they give their delay, they get what they want and ordinary americans don't? that has been an effective argument. on the other hand, president obama and others said no, we're going ahead with it. the exchanges go on line on tuesday. it is here. and they seem to resist making any changes. >> dan henninger of "the wall street journal," said let it collapse. he has an argument. the millions of americans who have seen their policies cancelled by insurance companies, getting kicked off their coverage by their employers and now getting bills in the mail up to 100% increase in premiums, is henninger right? letting it collapse? >> well, the debate is going on
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inside the republican party. clearly we see the lawmakers in capitol hill wanting to do everything they can to make it delay. but there are others outside of congress who say look, it is going to be a disaster. it will collapse of its own weight. it will be a burden on millions of americans. there will be political pressure to get rid of it, but only after it goes into effect and hurts american lives. and there is a wait and see attitude. but right now republicans are trying to stop it before it goes into effect. >> last time there was a government shutdown, it extended to the democrats and went against the republicans, byron york, thank you. >> thank you, greg. >> you can see much more on the battle of obama care, chris wallace will sit down with an
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interview with republican kevin mccarthy, check your listing for local times. and congress is areportedly working on a separate bill regarding the shutdown and the military. but has yet to come up with anything concrete. national correspondent jennifer griffin has more on how a government shutdown could affect military members and their families. >> greg, the last time the government shut down in 1995 it lasted 26 days. according to the pentagon, as many as 400,000 civilian dod workers could be furloughed this time around. many military members including those serving in afghanistan are not subject to furlough and they would have to continue work without pay. they would also have to pick up the slack for civilian personnel doing their jobs, as well. these military personnel would receive automatic retroactive pay, but they and their families
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would have trouble in the meantime. for dod civilians, it is not automatic they would get retro active pay. those in the war zone would not be paid until the appropriations are passed. and commissaries would close, and that is where many military families shop. >> even if a lapse never occurs, the planning itself is disruptive. people are worrying right now about whether their paychecks will be delayed, rather than focusing fulling on their mission. >> the office of management and budget estimates the last time there was a shutdown in 1995 it cost the taxpayer about $1.4 billion. greg? >> jennifer griffin reporting from washington, jennifer, thank you. nearly three months after a monster wildfire killed 19
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firefighters, investigators in arizona releasing details on what went wrong. plus, what the iranian people think about the historic and friendly telephone call between their leader and president obama. all of that coming up next.
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retroactive, retroact
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. time for a quick check of the headlines, the number two military officer in charge of u.s. nuclear war fighting forces has been suspended. his name, navy vive admiral tim jerdina, under investigation for gambling. and a terrorist attack on the upscale mall, more than 170 other people were injured, 70 killed. and the u.n. inspectors back in syria to investigate new allegations of chemical weapons attack. the u.n. released a report on the damascus suburbs. the new allegations will focus on another seven alleged attacks, the report expected in late october. iran's new president now back in te they're bringing major -- jo joining us now, bob well, captain wells, good to see you. what counts is you know, what has it done? what has it accomplished? is this a meaningful breakthrough, or just a charade? >> i think it really depends on these -- going the extra mile, i
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see in president rowhani a very, very calculating, a very realistic political leader, always interesting to know, within iran you never know exactly what you're going to get. you will either get the nation's state of iran or get the islamic republic of iran. i think president rowhani is looking at -- as you reported previously suggested, looking at the nation state of iran. i think it all goes back to the fact that the united states is not alone. we are working with the european union and our partners in geneva. it will be the deeds of iran, certainly within this particular multi-lateral process which will tell the story. >> look, rowhani is not the real leader, it is the ayatollah khomeini, is there any
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indication there is flexibility on the part of the mullalas? >> i don't think so, looking back into when the ayatollah came into power, regardless of what the people stipulate. again, iran is a revolutionary regime. it's been there since 1979 and it's important to look at those revolutionary fervor, as well as the passions that are still there. but i think you're quite right, gregg, that the supreme leader has quite a bit to say and it's not just politically. it's constitutionally. >> gregg: we'll squeeze in a quick break and i want to ask you about the new iranian president's speech before the united nations in which he said we will not -- we will never
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>> gregg: we're talking about the conversation between the two presidents, president obama and the new iranian president. back with us, former security advisor, navy captain bob wells. in his united nations speech, rouhani insisted that tehran would never ever give up its enrichment program. they're already very close to nuclear breakout capacity. so they're not going to give up the enrichment program. what is there to negotiate?
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>> that's a great question. in fact, the process in geneva should continue to ask that very question. i think they're between 18 and 20% at the 1820% enrichment point on the uranium, which is required for an atomic weapon. i think everyone knows that. i think the negotiators and the clever ploys in my view that president rouhani has communicated at the united nations to really separate the united states from the t five plus one in geneva, long story short, though, i think he explicitly communicated his interests in continuing the processing of the uranium and that's a fundamental position. i think it goes back to geneva and i think the proof will be in their deeds and looking at the united nations. et cetera got to stand up to the plate, making sure they have the
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inspection regime and to verify the iranian intention with regards to their nuclear program. >> gregg: the inspectors say that tehran's program is already highly advanced. so even if they were to hand over their enrichment of uranium, they have so many advanced send tree finals, they could replace the fuel, couldn't they? >> that's important about iaea. they're a signatory to many united nations conventions. they believe in international norms. i think we need to continue to insist that they act like the iranian nation that we know they are and at the same time, understand the world's concerns as been communicated in this process in geneva. great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. stossel is next. i'll see you back here at 6:00 o'clock, about an hour and a
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half from now. hope you're having a great weekend, everybody. see you then.
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>> hundreds of teachers showed up outside my office to shout, shame on me because i questioned union rules. why have tenure? now a school reform movement has spread to other countries and unions there don't like it either. yet outside theo protests, there is progress.t >> it taught me a lot. >> now ron paul has a new toolt for homeh schooling. i hear home schoolers don't have friends. >> i've actually made a ton of more friends. >> let me hear your voice! >> but the unions make it hard to innovate. it's not just the


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