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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 29, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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whether people are criticizing or praising what i have done. what i am concerned about is are we fixing the problem? >> republican senator ted cruz says he is not grandstanding, but standing on principals against obamacare. with the government on the brink of a shutdown he is facing criticism that he is dividing the republican party and weakening the gop position in this funding battle. cruz says it is time for gop senators to, quote, come home. ahead in this hour, my one on one with the senator and a house republican who says the senator's approach is all wrong. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is heading
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to the u.s. for a crucial meeting with president obama. the stakes are higher than ever for both countries after the new iranian president's diplomatic charm offensive. next how the response of both leaders could have far-reaching affects. and a type of facebook for the government? you may have a profile page and not even know it. >> this is "america's news headquarters" live from the nation's capital. the shutdown showdown is in full affect and congress is on pause. early this morning the house cast a new version of the continuing resolution that would delay obamacare for one year. and then it went home to wait for action by the senate. they called it pointless and for now has no plans to call the senate back before 2:00 p.m. on monday, meaning no action on sunday with funding expected to run out in a matter of hours. with a monday night dead loin
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looming i sat -- deadline looming i sat down with republican senator ted cruz and asked about the heat he is taking from the left and the right. >> well, look, i think it was unfortunate last week that there was division among senate republicans. i wish we had been united in order for us to stop obamacare. we have to become united. i am optimistic at the same time. last night at 12:30 in the morning the house acted decisively to delay obamacare. the house is listening to the american people. i am really optimistic that when the senate picks it up this time around there will not be a replay of the circular firing squad we had last time. we will see all 46 united and i hope that's the case. i hope we see them come home to stand are to the principals we believe in and stand for our constituents. >> harry reid calls it
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pointless as it passes the house and thoms back -- as it comes back to the senate and they say it will die another death. where do we go from here? >> i think it is unfortunate that at least so far harry reid has made the decision to compromise on nothing and fight on every front. he basically said he is willing to force a government shutdown in order to insist that obamacare be implemented against every american family. 24r* are millions of americans who are hurting and losing their jobs and who are finding jobs and forced into part-time work and be forced into, woulding 29 hours a week because of obamacare. they are fogs sky rock qeting -- sky rocketing insurance preem -- premiums. what harry reid has said was he was not interested in hearing their pleas. he is not interested in responding to the harms. president obama has granted waivers for giant corporations and members of congress and here harry reid is saying he
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will shutdown the government rather than allowing the same waivers to the families. i hope he pulls back. that is not doing the job he is elected to do. >> they said it is the law of the land whether the republicans continue to fight it. it is what it is. he says you have a good relationship and a friendly relationship. clearly there has been some friction there. we fought the good fight and we lost. the gop has to accept that the majority gets its way. >> the great thing about the constitution is it puts together a system of checks and balances. particularly there is a check when the scout tiff is overreaching. president obama has not been implementing obamacare. when he granted an exemption for every giant corporation in america he ignored the law. he said i am not going to enforce that portion of the law. when he granted an exemption he ignored the law. the law applies to members of
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congress. president obama said no, no, no. the the same rules don't apply. it is hard-working american families that will bear the burden of this. the constitution gives a check when you have a president that is overreaching. that check is the most powerful check congress has is the power of the purse. it is the ability to appropriate money and a read back in the federal list papers. james madison talks about that is the most potent authority congress has and the best way to rein in an overreaching executive. i saw lute -- salute house leadership and house authority to say we will not fund a law that is not working. you know, shannon, at this point, this is not a partisan divide. if you get outside of washington there is bipartisan agreement. there is a reason that the unions are jumping ship like crazy. not too long ago teamsters president james hoffa, wrote a
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letter saying he was writing on behalf of hard-working millions of americans that it is destroying health care. harry reid said he will do nothing to respond to the millions of hard working men and women whose health care is being destroyed by obamacare. that's not reasonable and that's not compromising. that is an extreme radical position. if harry reid sticks to it, he may force a government shutdown. that would be a real mistake and i hope he doesn't. >> should harry reid be calling for you to be back in the senate on a sunday? >> absolutely yes. the house of representatives was here to pass this bill. we are less than 48 hours away from that potential government shutdown. what is -- what are they doing? at home. i would love to be home with my little girls. sunday afternoons we go to the park and play. i would love to be doing that.
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i am here in washington because there is work to do and there is no reason the senate should be home on vacation when we are 48 hours from a shutdown. harry reid should call them back and let's get to work. i will tell you why i don't think he has done that so far. he wants to play blink man ship. he is happy to wait until the very end and then apparently what his intention is is to just say no, i won't compromise at all. if you don't fund 100% of obamacare and if you don't force obamacare on every young person who is struggling and on everyone crying for help, he will shut the government down. i hope harry reid reconsiders. the constituents in nevada who elected him they are hurting because of obamacare and there are thrie00 million americans who are losing their jobs and who are at risk of losing their health care because of obamacare. we need to listen to the people. >> how dowry spawned to those who say you took this entire situation 21 hours close to
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brinks man ship by carrying out a speech that fundamentally and technically and procedurally couldn't change things. >> the purpose of the filibuster is trying to frame this debate for the american people. they will try to focus the american people on the disaster that is owe -- obamacare. it uses the words of the lead democratic senator who wrote the bill. the nightmare that is obamacare to use the words of the teamsters. we accomplished a great deal. if you look at what the conversation has been in the past month or the past week more people are focusing on it not working. it is not ready for prime time. 24r* are reasons the exemption want exemptions. you part of the reason people are so frustrated with washington, they understand there is a double standard. there is one set of rules for the rich and powerful. they walk the corridors of now better and they have friends in harry reid's office or the
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white house and another set of rules for hard working american families. i think we should be responding not to the giant corporations with the exemption president obama has put in place, but responding to the recent immigrant who is struggling and working hard to put food on the table for his family. we should listen to the single mom who is finding her hours reduced to 29 hours a week. isyou can't feed your kids on 29 hours a week. >> she got a lot of praise for her filibuster. and we will see what they have to say about that. go to fox well, it is a game of hot potato to some extent. neither the house nor the senate want to be holding the ball when the clock strikes midnight on a government shutdown.
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here are two men who have been insiders during the negotiations like this. the former press secretary for congressman darrell issa and the former dccc spokesperson. welcome to you both. >> good to be here. >> thanks. >> how heated is it behind the doors? the house this morning over to the senate harry reid saying it is dead on arrival. it will ping back to the house we think. >> it will ping back to the senate and then go back. right now i don't think there is a lot of activity on capitol hill which a little scary. i think what will happen so the senate will make it a clean cr and people should understand that this is the cr level that republicans voted on. it is at the sequester level. it will go back to the house. i am not sure that there is time though for us to avoid at least a short government shutdown. i don't see how we avoid it. >> there is -- there has been
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no public sniping. what is going on figuring out the next step in the process? there is a pr element to every bit of this too. >> i think what you have seen is republicans come together and unite behind a common message and a common strategy. they believe by the end of the day listening to their constituents, they are dictating their own caucus was the american people. they said to them we don't want obamacare we know there are tons of problems that will take affect in three days. it says uh -- it says a lot that the senate is in session. no one needs to come in today. you hear a lot about urgency, but at the end of the day you only hear about it on tv. if the government shuts down most polling in history shows us the republicans are going to get blamed.
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if you look at the polling right now and not just looking at historical precedence the republicans will be blamed. most people do not want to de fund obamacare and they don't want to use it as a bargaining chip to keep the government open. they are not asking for anything here. keep the government running at the levels that coming voted 0* already. we are not asking for conditions. we are not asking for immigration reform. we are not asking for a ban on ak-47's or anything else democrats want. let's just do no harm right now jie. and for a factual point, the polling has been going in a wrong direction since the law was passed. not only by ours, but it continues to show that people are increasingly skeptical about what this law is really going to mean. if you say doing the will of the people, i mean republicans will argue that on that point they are moving in the right direction. >> in san diego a poll came out, a much more purple
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location. the eighth largest city in america and elected a democrat mayor, senate democrat congress taking on republican incumbent-29 against obamacare. 50-20 in faff of tieing -- in faff of tieing obamacare to funding. if you look at what is going on in places like san diego and vermont and connecticut where it has been public that this exchanging, this obamacare implementation is not going to work the way they said it would. the administration is having to kwan seed. it is not going to work. they amended it 19 times since the passage of obamacare. they changed, amended or rolled back something. is this the right time right now to make a difference? to stop something bad from happening? of course it is. it is congress' responsibility when they see a public policy disaster about to unleash on the american people to stop it. that's what house republicans are trying to do. >> doug, you have to deal with the issue that one of the key democrat architects of this said it would be a train wreck if it rolled out in its present form. >> a lot has been
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implemented. we have 15 million, 16 million young kids on their parents' plan. we have existing conditions who now have coverage and parents paying for prescription drugs. a lot has gone right. the exchange is if you get rid of the individual mandate which is the republican idea 11 million people will not have care. san diego is actually a fairly republican area too. i think that if you -- if you look at that area i am not entirely sure using that city is the best thing. >> looking at the national polling. >> i grant you that. it is divided. 24r* is no over well ping -- there is overwhelming support for keeping the government and sew bough ma care going of the the -- and obamacare going. >> when it comes to november of 2014 they will not remember a random budget terry process they will remember if it was harder to get care and if they
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could keep good on the president's promise and if you like it now you can keep it after obamacare passes and that's not the case and it will put a lot of democrats in trouble. >> it is your turn. we want to know what you think of the potential of a government shutdown. do you favor a government shutdown to block obamacare funding, or are you dreading the potential consequences of an actual shutdown? tweet us your answers at anhqdc or at shannon -- or at shannon bream. stick around. dozens of. jeer yen college -- nigerian clog students are dead, gunned down in their dorm rooms. islamic militants are responsible for the attack and torched classrooms and other buildings. 40 people were killed and thousands have fled the area. israeli authorities claim they arrested a belgian citizen who was spying on behalf of iran and claimed he admitted to being recruited by the iranian revolution guard he was caught
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with pictures of the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. he had a fake id and made three trips to israel claiming he was a window and roofing salesman. tomorrow benjamin netanyahu will visit the white house to meet with president obama and much of the discussion is expected to focus on iran, specifically iran's new president. chief washington correspondent has more. hello, james. >> shannon, govern. conservatives were expressing profound skepticism about iran and the motives and the white house has too. in the historic phone call on friday president obama told the iranian president that the u.s. believes iran has a right to peaceful nuclear energy. he urged him to take meaningful, transparent and verifiable actions to comply with international law. on thursday the top diplomats from the five states, germany and iran, met in new york.
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that was a first since 1979. the iranian diplomat who attended the session responded to comments from the secretary of state john kerry who urged iran to open up the closed nuclear facilities and stop enriching uranium to high levels. >> i'm sure secretary kerry does not want to dictate to us what we should or shouldn't do. we are willing to engage in negotiations. of course the united states also needs to do certain things rapidly. one is to dismantle sanctions on iran. >> the iranian foreign minister lied this week when he said the iran yins were never pursuing a nuclear weapon, tweeted graham from south carolina. president obama's top national security aid discusses the prospects of the eventual normalizations between washington and tehra. tehran. >> it is way too soon to talk about the prospect of an
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agreement on the nuclear program which we hope to be able to achieve, but we are quite sober about the potential for that. and that obviously would need to be a first step before going on to discuss other aspects of the u.s.-iranian relationship which has a long way to go to get to the state of normalization. >> the next round of nuclear negotiations will be held in geneva next month. shannon? >> james, good to see you. thank you so much. >> gun rights advocates are filing a second lawsuit that will take affect. and they are fighting back in another way. we will explain straight ahead. first, news that the national security agency is cree aight its ownnetwork of sorts. you could be a part of it whether you want to be or not.
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with many americans already wary of the
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information the national security agency may be collecting, there is a new rankle raising concerns. they are creating a social networking site. according to the new york times, the spy agency is exploiting huge collections of data to create 5* type of profile of some americans and their social connections. that profile can identify your associates, their locations at certain times and even data on your travel companions. and it has all apparently been going on since 2010. out of the in box. it is our new segment we look into stories that you tell us you want to hear about, via twitter, e-mail and fate book. this week's question -- and facebook. this one comes from tcn on twitter. they want to know what happened to cap and balance? it is a good question when they are facing another deadline and funding temporary resolutions rather than actual budgets. your answer comes courtesey of our fox news brain room researchers. as a refresher it was a
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republican-backed bill that would cut the federal budget and cap future spending and add a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. it was of on erred during president obama's debt increase in 2011. passed the house and died in the senate. harry reid said this, quote, i think this piece of legislation is as weak and senseless than anything that has come on the senate floor. i will not waste the senate's time day after day on this piece of legislation. this is a bad piece of legislation. perhaps it is some of the worst legislation in the history of this country. all right, the second time around in 2011 senator mike lie lie -- mike lee reintroduced the bill and it was referred to committee and it died. president obama threatened to veto the legislation if it got to his desk. if you have stories you want to hear more about or updates, something we haven't talked about, several ways to get in touch with us, tweet us at at
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anhqdc or send us an e-mail 20* anhqdc at fox maybe be -- maybe we will use yours next week. is a funding pat -- battle more than par partisan? gop congressman tells us why some say ted cruz may have made it more difficult than ever to reach a deal. and a minister murdered in front of his congregation. the latest on the search for the man responsible. that's coming up next.
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look, i think it is unfortunate that harry reid has made the decision to fight on every front and he says he will force a government shutdown. >> strong words from texas senator ted cruz about the senate majority leader harry reid's plan to take it up this
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morning by the house. senior hill producer says it is still remotely possible the senate could return early today. very slim chance. we will talk to him later in the show. first, a check of your other headlines. hi, steve. >> hi, shan n no. investigators in arizona say a lack of radio communication lead to the death of firefighters in june. they were fighting the yarnell wildfire and they changed their orders and were trapped in the fire. a louisiana pastor is dead after a gunman walk need a church event and shot him. the pastor was preaching at a revival meeting when woodrow kerry walked in and opened fire. they called authorities and he turned himself in. kerry is being held on $1 million bail. maryland residents are rushing to buy firearms before a new state law that starts on tuesday. it bans 45 different kinds of
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assault weapons and the proponents say the aim is to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals. gun activists plan to file a second lawsuit on friday. amanda knox faces a new trial in italy, but there is no indication that knox will be there when the court convenes tomorrow. the italian supreme court says there were inconsistencies in the ruling turned her conviction and they are taking up the case. knox says she can't bring herself to return after being in prison for three years. those are the top stories. back to you, shannon. >> thank you very much. it is not just democrats who have issues with how this is all playing out on capitol hill when it comes to funding our government. the actions of ted cruz have made it more difficult to have any sort of real conversation about the issue of funding the government and de funding obamacare. thanks for coming in. you had a late night and an early morning. >> yes. >> it doesn't look like the senate will take the bill seriously.
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senator reid called it pointless. there was a delay of 21 hours when ted cruz made the speech he made. he admits it can change things. but it changed the conversation and it has awakened the american people to what is really going on here. it gives you less time to deal with it in the house if this ping-pongs back to you. >> that's correct. there are several issues here. none of it is easy. being in the majority of the house we have the profound responsibility to govern. governing is difficult to do under normal circumstances, especially now with the polarized congress we have and really a polarized united states. the democrats are in a stronger position because they can sit back. they don't have to govern. they can play 100% politics. what do i mean by that? goodgoodgoverning is taking care of the people's business and funding government and moving forward. there are also ramifications. one of the problems is how do we deal with the very far right faction within our own
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conference as republicans? if you look it has already stopped us from picking up five senate seats over the last two cycles. the reality is if we want the lempleg to de fund, delay, deal with obamacare because we think it is bad policy, we need to pick up the senate seats. this is not the way to do that. we have within our conference some challenges we have to overcome, but ultimately being in a majority we have to govern. the vast majority of republicans are here working late and staying until 1:00 in the morning because we do want to govern. we want to solve the problems. there are ways we can do that, but democrats are playing 100% politics and they don't have to come to the table. >> and they are sticking together. how will they act when they have the spats and the criticism back and forth among their own party members. >> that's the challenge. what i am hoping is because of this circus that went on that finally all republicans, the far, far right and the mainstream republicans can come together and says this
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strategy has not worked. let's unify. let's do things like make offers to the senate. we know they have a problem with sequester. they want to raise the debt ceiling. why can't we combine that. it is a clean cr for two weeks. sit down with the democrats and make them an offer they can't refuse without being unreasonable. i think that is a better way to govern. that is something the american people want to do on both sides. they will speak and have a discussion and work together. it can be done, but it is not going to be done if my conference can't work with each other. that's the first challenge we have unified since senator cruz's 21 hours. i do think we have a ways to go. >> how concerned are you about the gop taking the blame for a government shutdown after it happens? >> there is no question that we know how this plays out. there are two reasons i was behind the shutdown. one, i don't think that is good policy.
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if i was sent to govern and protect it due to my part then don't have to do everything i can so we move our country forward. politically i think it is bad politics. i think we are in a majority and the house what everyone follows. they don't follow the senate as much. we are the people's house. we are the voice of the nation. for that reason this is bad politically. i think it is more important for the ramifications. how does the country perceive it. what are the unintended consequences? we know the president and health care plan has a lot of unintended consequences. a lot of jobs have been lost and there is a multitude of issues. i also think there would be negative consequences to a government shutdown we need to avoid. we need to work together and we need to move forward. now we have done everything we can to prove we have tried our best, the best way to de fund obamacare is to win the senate back. and then take the president on combined with the house and the senate. right now obviously we can't
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do that with harry reid in charge of the. >> i think you may have another late night. congressman, thanks for taking time. as the threat of a possible shutdown increases it could shutdown the economy, but would it? brenda but neither talks about what it all means. hi, brenda. >> so far no deal in washington has been no big deal on wall street. yes, the s&p 500 which is probably a part of your retirement plan fell six of the last seven sessions as did the dow. and last week was a losing one for those markets for the first time since august. but the wall street is certainly watching washington. investors think this is a movie they have seen before, and they are pretty sure they know the ending. at at the last minute a deal will be done. even if the deal does stop, we have had 17 shutdowns since 1976 and none caused a market melt down. if this fiscal crisis doesn't spook investor there's is
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another important one around the corner that definitely could. sometime around mid-october washington might fail to raise the debt ceiling. the last time the government hit our borrowing limit, the summer of 2011, the nation's credit rating was down graded for the first time ever and the dow lost more than 600 points in one day suffering triple digit swings for three weeks. we did recover, but if all of this fighting in washington shakes consumers they may stop spending and investors could take a page from their crisis pay book. it could lead to gold and sales stocks. keep in mind, the s&p 500 is up some 18% this year and just below the all-time high. shannon, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we are hours away from a government shutdown. you might be surprised to learn there is taxpayer money in the budget for a robot bird named snooki. you i am not kid -- snooki. i am not kidding.
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we will tell you more coming up. if it looks like a bailout and if it acts like a bailout, is it a bailout? a fair and balanced debate on aid flowing to detroit.
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while congress stairs down a government shutdown, they say there is plenty of government waste that could be cut right now. dr. no as he says is for wine tasting and apps. meditation for math and science majors in school and, get this, a government funded puppet festival at a long island children's museum. they say they announced this week it added up to tens of
10:43 am
millions in your taxpayer dollars. >> our people in overwelming way supported the president. they ought to be a squid -- a quid pro-quo. >> they are calling for quid quid-pro-cuo. some suggest the white house has answered her call now. despite numerous assurance thatz federal government would not get involved in bailing out detroit they have funded $100 million. they will get $300 million and combine federal and private aid toward a mo-town come back. the government is not calling it a bailout. is it or isn't it? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, mark levine from mark levine's inside scoop. welcome to you both.
10:44 am
it sounds like some kind of bailout. >> these are not bailouts. these are monies detroit was entitled to. they didn't apply for these things. the money, they could have gotten it nonetheless, and it is important that the federal government send a signal. you mention they give $100 million 1k3* private groups give $200 million. it is a signal that they will not let a city that is the fourth largest in america die. if detroit is allowed to die and if the abandoned buildings they want to tear down are allowed to continue they will cause even more harm to the people of detroit. >> so not technically a bailout, but there is federal money flowing that way. >> no, but he says they are entitled to. what entitles anybody to federal aid. in this case the federal government and the private groups now have to throw money into a city that still has the problems that have evolved over the last 50 years. it has had democrat leadership for the last half century. it has had unions that dominated the city.
10:45 am
president obama declared the city saved before the election last november. then all of a sudden the city goes bankrupt. just this weekend the story is breaking and the city for 10 years handed out extra bonuses. it is $2 billion worth and now they turn to president obama saying "our people" whatever that phrase means" re-elected you." well now detroit wants to know where is mine? it is not up to the rest of the taxpayers in america to bail out the failed democrat and union driven policies of a city like detroit. >> mark, let me first -- it is from and it says bailout is an instance of come together rescue financially. isn't that what is happening here? >> it depends on what you consider aid to the victims of katrina or hurricane sandy and the tornadoes in oklahoma and the fires in california.
10:46 am
>> but were those based on mismanagement and corruption or natural disasters that were completely out of the control of the elected leaders. >> they were not out of control of the elected leaders. we know new orleans had levies that had the federal government kept up and had george bush repaired the levies there wouldn't be the damage from katrina that there was. >> it has nothing to do with the government of detroit. it has to do with the fact the motor industry which mitt romney profited from has gone to mexico and china where they can find cheaper labors and they can mistreat more. that's why detroit is in trouble and it has little to do with mismanagement. although that's a little bit of it. >> oh come on. >> i see the head shaking and why not start there? >> i am glad to hear my friend mark compare the policies of democrats to a hurricane or a natural disaster. actually the comparison is that. >> if you remember -- mark if
10:47 am
you remember on the levies, the federal money did go to louisiana and what happened was a lot of democrat politicians decided to spend it on things other than the levies. and then they turned around and blamed gorge bush because of the miss spendings and in a lot of ways it is comparable to detroit. if the federal government and private groups sent money to detroit you haven't fixed the problems. the decisions they are making and frankly the people of detroit elected them. >> the governor of michigan who is a republican is now in charge of detroit. you can't even blame the people of detroit for that. >> hold on. he is in charming now. he is in charge now. >> speaking of bickering, we have to leave it there. good to see you both. as we talk about whether a bailout is a bailout or not. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> the halls of the capital are eerily quiet after a late night house vote and now puts
10:48 am
the ball back in the senate's court. there is nobody at the senate right now. will they be able to work out an agreement before government funding works out? the possible scenario when he joins us next.
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while congress plays hot potato with the federal gougeett the government is on the cusp of a shutdown. the house has voted to fund the government temporarily and to delay obamacare temporarily. now senator harry reid must decide how to move forward. he has been working day and night and day and night and night and day. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> what happens now. we have this measure passed by the house early this morning and you are recovering every twist and turn of this and now it goes to the senate where harry reid says it is pointless. the clock is ticking. >> yes, the clock is ticking,
10:53 am
but we are in a congressional match of ping-pong. we have our props here back and forth. they are batting the bill back and forth between the house and senate. the most recent bill, these are two amendments, one to delay the implementation of the health care law and the other to repeal the medical device tax. harry reid's office says we will not entertain this. they said realready know what the result is. 24r* is no reason -- there is no reason to rush to come back. this is the height of errogance for the senate to delay coming back in session, and it is on the verge of a government shutdown until 2:00 on monday afternoon. that's because this time frame is so short. they only have 10 hours common day afternoon to work at this when they pong it back to the house of representatives. >> another thing is a measure that would keep the military funded in the event of a shutdown. does the senate have to take a vote on that? visually it will not look good if they won't vote on that. if he does, there will be a shutdown. >> that passed in the house of
10:54 am
representatives. the democratic position in the senate has been -- well we do h%nd the military. we will pay the military. it is in our bill we passed on friday afternoon. >> so take that one up. >> yes. and the positions are really locked in. >> i want to read a couple of tweets. believe me we have gotten hundreds. we asked people what we thought of a government shutdown. there are plenty on both sides. they said the less government the better. so shut it down. tricia says that would be completely unacceptable. too many people would accept the consequences. she is looking at the logistics. many tweeted back that there are the optics of it and many believe they will lose if they shutdown. >> i talked to the senator from oklahoma and he was a freshman house member in 1995 when the government shutdown. he voted against reopening the government at one point and he said the republican party were fooled by his, quote, hotcakes when the government shuts down. what happens are the calls change in his opinion.
10:55 am
right now you might be getting calls from your district if you represented a tea party centric district, calls to shut it down and go to the mat and it looks good to take on the president and the democrats and harry reid, but once things change come tuesday morning then the calls change. people say open it up. we can't get in for social security and military benefits and what have you. >> are you the senate or the house? >> i don't know. >> not my forte. by the way, the impost shutdown has blown up my twitter feed. you guys are fired up out there. we will share more of your comments next.
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we love truly hearing from you at home, and boy did we today. we asked do you favor a government shutdown to block obamacare funding, or do you dread the potential consequences of a shutdown? sherry writes, a government shutdown is what we need. de funding obamacare is the priority. michael says why is it more important to play games than work together 1234* sanction for sharing. it was a high volume day on twitter. that's it for us in washington. more on my one on one interview withed ted cruz is on fox fox news sunday is up next.
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chit wallace has more on the kenneth mccarthy interview. thanks for watching fox news where we remain proud and true. i'm chris wallace. washington barrels toward a government shutdown. congress in a standoff over a plan to fund the government past midnight on monday. and a dispute over obamacare. >> our message to congress is this. do not shutdown the government and do not shutdown the economy. pass a budget on time and pay our bills on time. >> if this government shuts down it is because you have not accepted the compromise that republicans have reached out to you and offered. >> the house republicans stand firm in their effort to derail obamacare. voting to delay it a year. as the clock ticks we will ask the house gop with congressman


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