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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. we are less than three hours away from a government shutdown. as we inch closer to midnight republicans are standing their ground. moments ago the house of representative s passed a new continuing resolution which fund it is government but eliminates health care exemptions s for staff and delays obamacare for a year. the bill goes to senate where they are expected to table the amendments this hour. live uh from capitol hill with the latest breaking details is fox's own mike emmanuel. mike? >> sean, good evening. the latest in a series of ping-pong matches. bills going back and forth between the house and senate. the vote in the house a short time ago was 228-201.
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before this critical vote house speaker john boehner made this final appeal. >> i talked to the president tonight. i'm not going to negotiate. we're not going to do this. well, uh i would say to the president, this is not about me. out's not about republicans in congress. it's about fairness for the american people. why don't we make sure every american is treated like we are. >> but senate majority leader harry reid say it is bill is dead on arrival in the united states senate while boehner has spoken with the president of the united states. there haven't been a lot of conversations back and forth between the house and senate uh trying to negotiate a deal. democrats continue saying to republican colleagues that the lawmakers should just pass a straight c.r., a continuing resolution. in other words, just funding the government.
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>> mr. speaker, have the republican party have the courage of its rhetoric and let the house work its will. i dare you to do that. let democracy work. don't be dictating to america that they are going to shut down the government. let's vote on it. put a clean c.r. on this floor. republicans continue going after obamacare, tryinging to delay at least part of it. seeing this as a last chance. harry reid and democratic allies say it is not going to happen unless one side or the other is willing to blink. most folks on capitol hill predict there will be a government shutdown of some duration. sean? >> let me be clear. first a republican senate bill that would defund obamacare. got sent back. they didn't discuss or debate
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out it in the senate. they put in a one-year delay. it got sent back again. this bill they just voted on is a year's delay individual mandate. we have delayed the employer mandate. exemptions for members of congress and staff. is harry reid willing to discuss it? >> not going to touch it. he says leave obamacare alone. over time he believes obamacare will be as popular as medicare. bottom line he's not willing to touch it, discusses i, nothing. we are stuck. there's not been i will give a little of this if you give a little of that. it's house republicans passing bills, senate not taking them up, stripping out the amendments, sending them back so the republicans go again and the same process happens time and again. >> mike, thank you. we'll check in later this hour. we expect the senate to take it up in moments. when it happens we'll have the
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vote live on fox. also joining me from our nation's capital, senators lindsey graham and john barasso. senator graham, the president will talk to syria, iran, vladimir putin but won't talk to members of the house of representatives or the u.s. senate. do i have that right? >> yeah. it's an unsustainable position over time but you got it right. >> senator? >> well, the house is doing something that's reasonable and fair tonight. they voted to keep the government open as well as to get rid of special privileges. the president has unilaterally said businesses get the employer mandate delayed for a year. as a guy said to me in wyoming, why does the boss get the break but the hard-working taxpayer doesn't? number one, we are trying to make sure workers get the same one-ye one-year delay and eliminate
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the special deal for members of congress and the white house. the president unilaterally has granted. i don't think he has a right to do it. we need to get rid of that. >> the president amended the bill unilaterally 14 times. do you both agree after the house has attempted this three times and they have been negotiating with themselves, do you both agree that maybe it's time to stop negotiating with themselves and wait for the president and maybe harry reid to come to the table? >> i think that the president and harry reid are eager for a shutdown so they can try to blame it on b the republicans. but when you take a look at such a reasonable and fair proposal by the republicans in the house that republicans in the senate are going to support you know it's president obama and harry reid that are shutting down the government. >> if i could add, sean, they made a political decision, i think, a couple of days ago to allow the government to shut down, not accept any compromise from the house. the word is compromise.
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the house has gone a long way from defunding obamacare to a one-year delay to including every member of congress. i think the house has been responsible. tomorrow, the exchanges are open for business. every american will have to sign up for the exchanges where available. we will survive the shutdown as a ert pea. the democratic party will not survive the effects of obamacare. tomorrow is a big day. it will hurt us in the short term as a party. it will kill the democratic macare starts in earnest. >> we have shut down the government 17 times. it's not like this is unprecedented. >> right. >> believe it or not we do survive. life goes on. eventually something will happen. the president made a big deal of saying this is the law of the land. basically saying he 's electeded. don't we re peel bad laws all the time? isn't it common practice? the president was elect ed, yes. so was congress. don't we have a system of checks
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and balances and separation of power. doesn't congress have the power of the purse? >> the president hasn't abided by the law. he's given the one-year delay for the employer mandate. he's the one that gave special exemptions to congress. he 's the one, sean, and we talk about fraud and abuse happening in the exchanges when they open tomorrow. he's the one that said, oh, we'll just use the honor system. we are not going to verify someone's income to the extent that they should that the law calls for. >> the one thing we know is the unions are telling the president, your law has destroyed the 40-hour work week. how many americans now have 25 hours of work because the employer couldn't afford the expense of the mandates in obamacare? this law is bad for jobs. it's hurting people it was intended to help. over time we are going to win this. beginning tomorrow, people will understand what obamacare is about.
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you will wake up tomorrow and you will have to pay a lot more for health care than you did yesterday. people will have buyer's remo e remorse. we'll win it over time. >> with the exchange i would say buyer beware. remember, the president promised it would be the the cost of a monthly cell phone bill. that's $71. he said it would be as easy to do as shopping on amazon. that's not going to happen. ebb rememb remember he said you can keep your doctor, that's a challenge under the exchanges. >> we have been covering this. ten states where obamacare is wiping out existing health care plans. you have a $10,000 swing. there is t not a $2500 savings per family, it's a $7500 increase for a family of four and the cbo said it will bankrupt us and part-time employment will skyrocket. both of you didn't support ted cruz in his effort last week. why?
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senator graham? >> i thought it was a tactical decision that frankly i couldn't support. the idea of defunding obamacare and attacking obamacare at every turn makes sense to me, pointing out its flaws. the idea that we'll get the president oh give up on his signature issue, if we shut the government down, i didn't think you could get there from here. it's a tactical decision i didn't support. trust me. over time obamacare will fall of its own weight because it is a bad law and the public, over time, will tell democrats to sit down and start over. >> what time do you ex expect the vote to take place? >> it will be at 9:15. stay tuned to you. you may want a box in the corner of the screen. we are headed to the senate floor to vote. we are voting for it. responsible democrats ought to join us in voting to give a one-year ex tension on the individual mandate and they ought to get rid of the special deal for members of congress and
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the white house and staff. >> amen. sean, watch this oklahoma lawsuit. there is a lawsuit coming out of oklahoma that's clever . under the law if the states don't set up exchanges the federal government is not allowed to do so. a lot of states haven't set up state exchanges. so watch the oklahoma case go to the supreme court. there is a lot of litigation yet to be had. >> the vote is starting now in the u.s. senate. we'll have it here tonight in the next ten minutes. coming up, the senate is vote ing to table the latest house amendment. we'll check he in with the house members. congressman louis gomert and the language of t left. they have called republicans arsonists, extortionists, terrorists, racists, basically everything. we'll have the latest details as we continue. when our little girl was born,
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from td ameritrade. this is a fox news alert. at this very minute the u.s. senate is voting to table the house amendment to the continuing resolution. it will only require 51 votes. joining me now live from capitol hill, congressman gomert. you were one of 12 in the house that, in fact, voted against this latest -- now the third
6:15 pm
continuing resolution. >> right. >> why did you vote against it? >> we have compromised with ourselves twice. the senate says they are not negotiating with anybody. the president said he's not negotiating with anybody. they have tremendous flexibility and negotiation with the russians, syrians, libyans, but not meamericans. it's ridiculous. i didn't feel we should send a c.r. that totally funds obamacare, abortions, everything in it. so that was my problem with it. it's time to let the senate vote for some compromise instead of our way or the highway. by the way, sean, when reid and especially the president reiterated again today, it's the law. both houses of congress passed it. i signed it. it bears my signature. it's the law. if that's the game he wants to play, it's not going to be as fun for him when we hit the debt ceiling passed by both houses
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and he signed it and it's the law, too. it's not a good game when he starts playing like that. >> that's a good point. harry reid decided not to come in. you worked late into the night on saturday night. >> right. >> he didn't show up until 2:00. this is a one-year delay on the individual mandate. >> right. >> this is taking away special exemptions for congress including the administration. >> i'm for that. >> a one year delay. i they gave it for the employer mandate. >> businesseses. >> they are favoring big business over individuals. >> exactly. >> they think they deserve the exemptions they won't give us and the subsidy? >> apparently they do. that's exactly what either saying. they have to go back to january of 2011, sean, when the democrats were whispering around the house and senate that if they could force a shutdown the public will blame republicans
6:17 pm
and they can get the house back. they are still on that game plan. all we want to do is something reasonable to stop hurting the american public. >> if they didn't want the shutdown maybe reid would have shown up on sunday. nancy pelosi was away and the president was playing golf. doesn't seem they were concerned about it. >> perhaps they were negotiating with somebody on the 18th green. i don't know. >> maybe the 19th hole. >> maybe. >> where do we go from here? this is the republicans' third volley. they are negotiating against themselves. is this it? until the president, until -- you guys were elected. you have constitutional authority. the president won't talk to you. he'll talk to syria and iran. is this the last time the house negotiates against itself? >> well, i hope so. the senate needs to pass a compromise. something to indicate they are willing to negotiate.
6:18 pm
perhaps the president, harry reid are off playing cards like apparently they did when osama bin laden was being shot. wherever they are, we'd like to negotiate. we'd like to do the best thing for the american people. republicans have been standing ready to go. we just need to negotiate and they show no willingness to do that whatsoever. >> you know, the president challenged the country after the tucson shooting where he said, you know, let's have a more civil i honest public discourse and face up to the challenges of our nation in a way that would make the victims of that tragedy proud. in the last, what, 72 hours, republicans have called hostage takers strapping bombs on themselves, arsonists, anarchists, ex-the torsionists, racists. one guy said time to punch you guys in the nose -- the bullies in the nose. do you think there is hi pock uh si on the left with the rhetoric? >> well, no. i think they would rather call
6:19 pm
civil, law abiding members of congress trying to represent their constituents those names than calling real arsonists, terrorists, rapists, all those things going on in the middle east. we are not going to call it what they are over there but they will use the name ops us. this is no way to run a government. we need to sit and work it out. it's my way or the highway from their standpoint. >> i understand congressman king is there as well. good to see you. bob woodward, hardly a member of the vast right wing conspiracy had a good take on it. he said fallout from the continuing resolution of the decourt of appeal ing debate is on the president's head. he's got to lead . he's got to talk. america's uh economy is at stake. what do you make of the strategy of the president and the senate majority leader that they won't talk to you guys? >> the president said he'll negotiate with assad's people in
6:20 pm
syria, with iranians, russia, but not with the republicans in the house of representatives or in the senate. i think this is on the president. i have been making the argument that the house has now offered three proposals to the t senate and of course we know harry reid is a shield to protect the president. so with the three proposals over there, harry reid has bounced back two of them without a counter proposal and the third one, he promised to do the same thing. in the end it's really this. they have reeffused to negotiate. >> saturday night you voted to fund the military. >> that's right. >> the senate voted for that today. president is signing on. why not fund individually each portion of the government in the days ahead rather than if they are not going to talk to you keep funding to keep the government going. >> that's what we need to do. we need to keep sending those over. >> we have to get past the witching hour of mid might. there is an unreasonable fear that the government slow down might be a shutdown and there could be a political penalty.
6:21 pm
let's get past midnight, follow through each one of the appropriations. that will eliminate the discretionary spend ing of bank. not the mandatory spending but it makes a strong point for the american people. >> even the president said today all functions of government, our military will be paid. air traffic control, border agents, major operations, medicare, the mail, social security, national security, medicare. all that's going to be paid for. >> right. >> it doesn't seem to me that this is really going the to impact most americans much at all. like the sequestration fear, to me. >> let's go down the line of the president's speech and fund the things the president asked for. in the end the american people will side with us. they reject obamacare and know we'll never recover if it is implemented. >> last word. >> we need to go ahead and keep send ing them bills. newt gingrich reck mepded that. if you go back to 95, newt gingrich and bill clinton talked
6:22 pm
more in one day than this president has with the house leaders in the last three months. they were talking virtually every the day during the shutdown. this president is off playing golf. >> i would say -- not that this is -- i speak as a conservative. to me, you guys have negotiated enough. hold the line. just fund the rest of the government bill by bill. if they don't want to fund the government, that's on their shoulders. >> maybe we'll find out -- >> time for a counter offer. >> we'll find out exactly what is essential and we can get rid of the rest of the government. >> thank you both. appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. >> we are watching the vote now as i look on the senate floor. it's continuing at this second. we'll put it up there. they are voting to table the latest house amendment. we assume it will go down. the last two continuing resolutions have gone down. we'll talk to sarah palin, pat buchanan. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> i spoke on the phone with
6:23 pm
president rowhani of the islamic republic of iran. the two of us discussed our ongoing effort s to reach an agreement over iran's nuclear program. >> isn't that nice? our commander in chief will negotiate with the rogue regime in tehran but not republican lawmakers. pat buchanan joins us to discuss that and more as the breaking news edition of "hannity" continues. we'll check in with sarah palin and much more tonight. male anno. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve. okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ undehis breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal?
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just now i spoke on the phone with president rowhani of oh iran. we discussed our ongoing efforts the to reach an agreement over iran's nuclear program. i reiterated to president rowhani what i said in new york. while there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, i believe we can reach a comprehensive solution. >> that was the president friday patting himself on the back for extending an olive branch to terrorists running the show in tehran. he's happy to sit down and negotiate with iran, syria and russia, but refuses to talk to house republicans. the president considered sitting down with congressional leaders in the white house ahead of the
6:28 pm
deadline to avert a shutdown harry reid urged the the president to call off the meeting. that's what our partisan president did which is why we are now less than three hours away from the government shutdown. joining me from d.c., the author of "suicide of a super power" patrick buchanan and steve murp murphy. steve mcmahon rather. >> it's only been 20 years. >> i read the teleprompter. i know who you are. they put in murphy. >> all these guys look alike. you know that. >> i i want a specific answer. no spin. no talking points. so the republicans got rid of all special treatment. that means they re moved the special exemptions and subsidies for members of congress and because there is an employer mandate they said we should have an individual mandate to make it fair. why would the president -- i why would the senate leadership not even consider just making it
6:29 pm
fair? >> let me say first both of those things are worthy of consideration by the senate. however, i think what the senate and president are objecting to is the manner in which they are being brought forward. that's by extortion. this is no different. if the united states passed -- >> extortion -- >> hold on. if the senate passed a law and said we'll fund the government or increase the debt ceiling if there is a ban on assault weapons i would be saying that's extortion, too. it is not the way government works. >> this president wouldn't vote to increase the debt ceiling. if you want to go back in history we can see the extortion -- >> i think he would now. >> pat, oit's interesting. these are reasonable. they shouldn't get special exemptions and big business shouldn't. they have made a decision to shut this down. >> exactly. the american people want the government continued and funded. and they want obamacare defunded or re formed.
6:30 pm
the republicans have vote ed three times to do that. what harry reid and barack obama are saying, you either put obamacare into this bill fully uh funded or we'll shut down the government and blame you. >> hang on. the senate has just voted to kill and once again table the house bill passed tonight. >> here's what the republicans should do now. stop trying to talk to reid and obama. begin passing what i just heard in the last quarter hour. pass the pentagon budget. a c.r. for that. pass the c.r. for the interior so the national parks stay open. pass it for the smithsonian so the panda cam stays open. every time an issue is raised they say this will be shut down. republicans should pass a c.r. or a budget to stay open to demonstrate to the country that the republicans want to keep the
6:31 pm
government open and obama and reid are the two individuals who are guilty of extortion. >> i agree whole heartedly. >> hang on, sean. >> i have a question. >> i was going to agree, too. that's the way the government is supposed to work. there are 13 appropriation s bills. when the government works properly, by the way this is true on both sides. when congress is doing its job that's what happens. the reason we have a continuing resolution tonight that can't get passed is because congress hasn't done its job for five years. >> steve, they haven't done it since 1996. >> the government by continuing resolution has gone for five years. >> let me agree with steve on this thing. we have to get back to budgeting department by department. these monstrosities are absurd. you send down the entire
6:32 pm
government or send down nothing. it is ridiculous. republicans have a golden opportunity here to reseize power of the purse. their constitutional power. break this thing up into departments and programs and agencies. fund every single one of them but tell mr. obama, where do you the want us to put o.bamacare, into the national zoo? into the pentagon? people will see this is about obamacare. >> let me ask you this, pat. the republicans have negotiated with themselves now three times. this is it. they have to stop. >> exactly. >> what are your thoughts? >> how are they doing with neg uh yating? >> here is what's going to happen. i think they ought to do what i suggest. >> me, too. >> fund them all. get to the end of the week and then they have to hammer reid every day to pass these and hold him accountable if people are losing their jobs, people are
6:33 pm
losing benefits. then you get to the end of the week and they have to make a big call whether they say, look, we are going home. we have done our job, passed the entire government. let harry reid deal wit. >> harry reid is a democrat and will take the appropriations bill, pass a version. it will go to conference like the government is supposed to work. they will settle the differences by cutting it down the middle like it used to work when re gan was president. >> then do that. >> the manner in which it is being brought forward. >> they could have done it now. >> the manner in which it is brought forward. >> special sbefor big business. they want the government shut down for political advantage. >> there is a precedent being set here. >> sean? >> pat, go ahead. >> the democrats and obama and
6:34 pm
read have the media on their side present ing this. republicans are trying to shut down the government although i they funded it entirely three times. >> exactly. >> except obamacare. they need a communications strategy and political strategy. they have to get everybody out making the case. send it over. i agree with steve. go into conference on the budget things. >> i agree. >> pat and i could work it out in 15 minutes in the green room. >> obamacare won't survive uh, steve ! >> ten minutes. >> coming up next on "hannity," governor sarah palin joins me live. counting down the hours before the train wreck that is obamacare is implemented. it happens at midnight. she'll react to the senate. once again killing the house amendments on the government funding bill moments ago as we continue tonight on this big news night on "hannity." she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scottrade- proud to be ranked "best overall client experience." welcome back to "hannity." we now go back to washington where the senate killed the
6:39 pm
house amendments on the government funding bill. the vote was 54-46 along party lines. mike emmanuel is live with the latest details. mike? >> sean, good evening. as expected senate democrats were able to strip out the parts of the bill they didn't like. the delay of the individual mandate of obamacare for a year and also the special exemptions, the house republicans are trying to re move special exemptions for members of congress. leading up to the vote senator reid suggested republicans were creating the drama on purpose. >> i think this is what they want. remember, they don't believe in government. so what's a real good way to hurt government? shut it down. >> this evening speaker john boehner had a 10-minute phone call with president obama .
6:40 pm
both restated their positions. boehner saying this is costing jobs, obamacare, and american families aren't being treated fairly. here is eric cantor making the appeal earlier tonight. >> there should be no special treatment for anyone under the law. that's a founding principle of this country. no special treatment for anyone. qualm application. equal treatment under the law. >> it's back to the drawing board. a straight government funding bill for a month and a half only. house leadership has been coy about the next move. senate majority leader harry reid isn't close ing up shop yet. we expect him on the floor around 11:00 tonight with an our ho spare before we see a partial government shutdown. >> thanks, mike. much more from fox news contributor sarah palin.
6:41 pm
governor, you know, they uh voted to defund, delay and they said no special treatment. we have an employer mandate, an individual mandate exemptions. by the way, we don't subsidize congress and not the rest of the country. then nothing. what's your reaction? >> well, this is quite unfortunate, of course. i hope that red state democrats will be held to account as they are up for re e -- re-election. i can think of who recognized fatal flaws and had to go along like sheep following harry reid with this partisan vote. quite unfortunate. all this hysteria over a partial government shutdown is exactly that. there isn't going to be a government shutdown. as long as we prioritize funding for those most important functions of the federal
6:42 pm
government. i can't believe harry reid said republicans don't believe in government. we don't believe in burdensome, unconstitutional, intrusive government. we believe in government fulfilling its proper role which is another story. >> they funded the entire government except for obamacare. they watered it uh down to a one-year delay and the individual mandate and the exemptions for congress. what's your reaction to how republicans handled this, governor? >> i think republicans are missing an opportunity to explain more of the fatal, devastating flaws in obamacare which this policy, this new program will decimate the middle class. it will make the work force now part-time instead of full-time work force that would require employers to provide health care coverage. so we are missing an opportunity to help educate more about what obamacare really is
6:43 pm
entailing. but also we are missing the boat on, again, the his tier i can't of a government shutdown. remember what happened in the mid '90s with a government shutdown. as you reminded your radio audience today, you said last time, bill clinton hooked up with monica. that's b one thing that happened during the last shutdown. also during the shutdown, what did we see? the gop actually gained seat s. we retained the majority in the house and gained two senate seat s. we saw welfare reform enacted afterwards and we saw finally a balanced budget that a deal was struck there. there are good things that can come out of making our federal government as irrelevant in our lives as possible. we can do it through educating the public during an opportunity like this. >> we'll get to this. we 'd like republicans to stop
6:44 pm
negotiating with themselves. and we want to ask what you think will happen next and what you would advise the leadership to do next. we just got word that the republicans are huddling in speaker boehner's office. what's going on? we don't know yet. more with governor sarah palin after the break as we monitor capitol hill. the looming government shutdown. we are 2:15 and 51 seconds away. straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with sarah palin. i guess the question is they went to delay, defund and now they are to the point of no special treatment. what do republicans do from here? we discussed it with pat. i think they should continue to fund each portion of government like they did the military and happened it over to the senate. then there is nothing else they can do. what do you think? >> exactly. remember president obama when he was a candidate promised he would go line by line through the budget and unfund things that were unnecessary and fund things that were a priority. now is his chance. congressional leaders' chance to go line by line and fund things we need. another thing gop leadership needs to do is remind the
6:49 pm
public this is not armageddon. it is a pinprick. government obama was hell bent on dropping bombs ond syria and said america doesn't do pinpricks. we don't do pinpricks but sometimes we elect them. it is all the more reason in dealing with what we have in leadership is gop stands firm, demands the same exemptions for average americans that congress gave themselves. >> i think it is important to remind people and the president said it in his press conference today that we'll continue to fund the military, border control, air traffic controllers, mission control, medicare, medicaid, social security, national security, public safety. then the republicans can piece by piece fund the government if they don't want the full bill and democrats will decide whether to fund the government or not. maybe i'm one of a few people,
6:50 pm
this doesn't impact me mentally. we have had 17 government shutdowns. i'm not afraid of a couple of weeks of government being shut down in a limited shutdown. >> i don't think our politicians are afraid of the impact bs of a partial government shutdown. a short-term shutdown. i i think they are afraid of what the main stream media will do to them, especially gop members. you know you will get blamed, gop. deal with it. use the opportunity again to educate the public on what is a priority for our federal government. what states rights and responsibilities and what individual initiative can do for this country and for our industry. as was intended by our founders how limited federal government should be. this is the opportunity we will have to show and explain more about the roles of government in our lives. >> what do you make of the name call that are you ables are
6:51 pm
arsonists, extortionists, anarchists, time to punch the bullies in the nose. they are racist. one house member said your hate for the president comes before your love of this country. i can keep going on. what do you make of the less rhetoric here. >> kind of like when barack obama said, you know, you show up at a knife fight the, we'll bring a gun. then yet he preaches that sermon to the rest of us to watch our rhetoric, watch our words. he turned from that sermon he's been preaching in allowing -- he's the leader of the free world yet he allowed via perpetuation of this rhetoric that is not productive. doesn't do anybody good. he can do something b about it if he would reign in his boys. >> last question. the worst thing republicans can do after they have now tried three times in good faith and the president won't talk to them, reid won't talk to them.
6:52 pm
the worst thing they can do the save cave. i think it send s a bad message to the democrats and the president that they can roll over them. they were elected as well. what do you think? >> it would be the worst case scenario to cave . this will impact the 2014 midterm elections. many fiscal conservatives will say what's the difference between the parties the if they will all end up at the same end road with their capitulation and with their expenditures that are unaffordable and unsustainable, especially with obamacare coming down the pike. what's the difference? when the 2014 elections, unfortunately too many people will stay home and give up on what the electorate could do. red state democrats need to beware that we are watching their votes closely as they are up for re-election. of course those members of the gop also that seemed to want to
6:53 pm
go along to get along and not the do the job of the will of the people we need done. 2014, big impacts will be felt with the votes coming up. >> they have gone far enough. further than i would. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. coming up next, we continue to monitor developments from washington. we are a little more than two the hours away from the big bad awful government shutdown and your life will probably be the same. the senate just sent back the clean c.r. for a third time to the house. more after the break straight ahead. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions, or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. two hours, two minutes and 23 second s. we are that far from a government shutdown. now from fox news radio todd
6:58 pm
starns and pete hekse th is with us. at least they funded the military. >> and the have them a. is funded a year in advance. a lot of claims about the v.a., the hospitals will work but americans are looking for leadership. not winners and loser. there is so much horse trading. someone should step forward to fix the problems. >> i think they went too far, republicans. they should have stuck the delay for a year. why not individuals? >> thank goodness republicans found their spines and manhood. >> i'm not sure. >> i hope they are. if you believe the democrats it's time to buy the potted meat and tang and get in your survival bunker. >> this is not a big deal. people think it's the end of the world. it's not. like the sequester wasn't a big
6:59 pm
deal. >> it it's not the end of the world. republicans have a fantastic narrative. they talk about fairness. they should be under the same one. fairness and equality. they carve out stats. why not them? >> i think the american people will see this petulant president for who he is. tomorrow 92 world war veterans will be denied entry to the world war ii museum if this goes through. shame on the president and democrats for doing that. >> just keep funding each aspect. >> it may be what they have to do. i like the idea of fixing $17 trillion in debt. looking at the big problems the president fails to lead on. keep pushing the message. >> what if they do what obama did in 2006 and they don't extend the debt ceiling? follow his lead.
7:00 pm
>> the american people want obamacare stopped. they want it stopped. >> it's time for them to stand strong. hold the line. that's all the time we have left. two hours from the shutdown. greta takes it from here. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. right now we are just two hours before our government shuts down. that is unless the last-minute deal is struck. for the latest we go to chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel live on capitol hill. mike. >> geood evening. in 57 minutes the house passed a bill, stripped parts of obamacare. 57 minutes later the senate strip theed out parts of obamacare that were being attacked, if you will, and sent it back to the house. all eyes are on what the house's next play is. a lot of house members are t t meeting in speaker boehner's office the to figure out what's ne


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