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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 1, 2013 3:00pm-3:18pm PDT

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i do think that's why these glitches are significant. i mean, the administration's had three years to plan for this. i mean, if they're surprised by the demand, they're the up ones who have been telling us for years there was going to be this overwhelming demand and so many people were going to be serving. i think the real question is whether these are glitches and then everything starts to work smoothly. not only in the online component of this, but across the health care system. or whether difficult times are to come where your glitch isn't getting on and finding out what plans are available and how much they cost and you get a system error when you log into a computer site, but your glitch is you want a liver transplant or need a liver transplant and you can't get it because there's a bureaucratic problem or a computer problem or a billing problem or you tell me. the irony an the president's comments today is he's talking about how huge this is and what a massive undertaking and they're surprised that there are these glitches but they're confident they'll get over them.
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this is what conservatives were saying for years. that's the whole point. >> that liver transplant would be a big glitch if you had to -- >> it would be a little bit more than a glitch. >> yeah. charles, the analogy the president used about the iphone, the ipad, in the rose garden. >> well, jim is the one who pointed out that you don't have to buy an iphone under penalty. the i reasonsrs coming at you w fine. the iphone isn't imposed to you, attached with a penalty or whatever. look, the president is really defensive here. they know this thing is a huge machine with all kinds of moving parts. many of which don't work. he uses the word "glitch" because it makes it sound trivial. i don't think it is. we will see. he also tried to imply it's only because it's so overwhelmingly popular that it's in trouble. i'm not sure that is true, either. we already know in advance the administration has said, you know, the calculator on the
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online service doesn't actually work, so you won't be able to work out what your premium is. we already know in advance there's no way the government can ascertain how much you make, and therefore, how much of a subsidy you ought to get which is the heart of the system. otherwise you have no control of it. it's an honor system and it's open to immense abuse. so at the beginning, we know all this. i'll just add one thing. if it weren't for the shutdown, this is all the country would be talking about today. the problems. the glitches. sort of the ominous implication for what's ultimately going to happen with it. that would be on the front pages. unfortunately, it's not. >> mara, about thethedown shutd. the house is getting ready for three bills to fund various elements. the white house has said that hay are now issue an official veto threat. the speaker's office said this. "how does the white house justify signing the true funding bill, but vetoing similar
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measures for veterans, national parks and the district of columbia? president can't continue to complain about the impact of the government shutdown, veterans, visitors to national parks and washington, d.c., while vetoing bills to help them. the white house position is unsustainably hypocritical." >> i actually was surprised about the veto threat, because that's never going to come to his desk. if the senate doesn't vote for it, he's never going to have to do that. i'm surprised he went as far to say i'm going to veto this. earlier today at the briefing we said, we think this is is not serious, you should fund the entire government, not just piecemeal. if these were individual appropriations bills which they're not, they're special funding measures. if these were individual appropriations bills and came to the president's desk, he'd sign them. one of the reasons we're in the mess we are today is not one single appropriations bill has been passed this year. i think the veto thing is a hard thing for him to sustain, but he'll never have to face it. >> the senate has wrapped up for the night. they're going -- senator reid has just said he's going to reconvene tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. what about this, steve? >> well, look, there are basically two schools of thought
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among republicans on what should happen next. some people believe that republicans, house republicans should move quickly to a clean cr, get beyond this fight over short term funding of the government and move to the debt limit where republicans have more of an advantage. pick a fight there. that's where i fall. there are others who believe that republicans are just fine. that this is all overblown, that this is really sort of the sequester a second time around, that the people aren't going to see the effects as much as democrats have been warning about. and, you know, i think the white house right now, by saying in effect, we won't negotiate, we won't meet, we won't consider short-term funding bills. there is a certain point at which that becomes a difficult argument to have. i mean, the president's been in a pretty good spot, i think, politically for now, but at a certain point, he does look pretty -- and there were people shouting questions to him after his statement today. why won't you even meet with republicans? >> charles? >> i think the fact that the
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president is so confident and so insistent on not doing anything that he would issue a veto threat when he doesn't even have to, and when the senate has adjourned, it's not even going to show up until tomorrow, indicates the political winds are with the democrats, at least the democrats think so. and they are tackling at every hour that this is prolonged, "a" it takes attention away from the problems of obama care and the "b" it makes the republicans look worse. and the polls are showing that. whether it's a fair thing or not is another matter. i think the republic chance have the strong argument, particularly on the partial funding. but it's not -- winning an argument is not when you're winning on perception. unfortunately the democrats are winning on perception. next up, israel's prime minister throws down the nuclear gauntlet.
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to get nuclear weapons. if israel is forced to standalone, israel will stan stand alone. but with israel standing alone, they will befending many, many others. three decades ago president ronald reagan famously said trust but verify. when it comes to iran's nuclear program, here's my advice. distrust, dismantle, and verify. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu with a very forceful
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and blunt speech about the threat from iran. we're back with the panel. steve? >> i thought this was an absolutely extraordinary speech, blisteri blistering, paint-peeling attack on president obama without actually attacking president obama. the question to ask yourself with regard to this attack where he says israel stands alone if israel has to stand alone. would he have heard that? of course, he wouldn't. obviously that's not what he heard. clearly what we're seeing from the obama administration in public with respect to iran is what he's hearing from them in private so he felt the need to make this speech and to basically say this is on us. >> mark, to steve's point, it does go directly to what that meeting was behind the scenes and if history play as role here, they have been tense before. >> they have been tense before,
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they seem to be less tense recently. that i seem to be more on the same panel and the white house went to great lengths today to say, look, they wouldn't say they're as skeptical but they did say we're not taking iran's statements at face value, we're going to put them through the test, we're not going to lift sanction ts. the only reason they've come to the talks is because of the crippling sanctions. that tries. it's really hurt their economy. we haven't changed one bit that we will strike if we think iran has breakout propensity. this is not a problem you can make go away with some kind of clever diplomatic gambit. this is real. and i think iran has to either give up its nuclear programs really or there is going to be a military strike. >> the prime minister made the comparison and others have to north korea and how the u.s. has dealt previously and previous
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administrations and this one with north korea to the point where they got the nuclear weapon. >> and that's what the israelis are worried about. it's not as if there are only two alternatives, you strip the iranians of their nukes or there's a strike by the u.s. or anybody else. there's a third way, and that's what these israelis are so afraid of. everybody in the west is talking about and lusting for is one where you allow iran to maintain enrichment capacity, but you put limits on it and you take away a little bit of uranium which is a prescription for iran going nuclear, perhaps at a little bit of a later date. but once you grant it the right to enrich, it is absolutely unlimited in its capacity. it could do so clandestinely and do so up to a point where it's a week or two away from a breakout. so it's essentially a nuclear-armed country but a week or two away, never one that can say you have a bomb. if you say nuclear in two weeks,
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you are nuclear in power. these israelis will know they're under a threat and thichg this is a declaration that they're prepared to attack even under negotiations if they have to. this is a very extremely strong statement. >> are they closer tonight to acting than they were yesterday? >> absolutely. israelis now understand they're alone in the world like the czechs. but they're very determined. >> that's it for us here in washington. p>nño@ç-ño/,o wt;g⌞ñ
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saw this sean. they survived the battle of the bulge, took down hitler. they were not going to be stopped by that sign. we leave you with that charge today. fair, balanced, and still unafraid. this is the fox report. i'll bill hemmer tonight for shepard. if you had trouble logging on today, you were not alone. error messages popping up on screens across the country. the president blaming the technic technical difficulties with hits. >> consider that just a couple of weeks ago, apple rolled out a new mobile operating system and
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within days they found a glitch, so they fixed it. i don't