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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 2, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm a 20 year veteran and continue to serve as a department of defense employee. what this shutdown teaches me is how out of touch our leader are with the common person. >> jenny from japan, all the teachers for military kids are working but we aren't getting paid until this is over. >> thank you for responding. "fox & friends" starts tphoufplt -- starts now. >>elisabeth: good morning. today is wednesday, october 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. call it the senate shutdown. democratic lawmakers refusing to negotiate a deal that would put government employees back to work. can republicans really come to a compromise if they are the only ones there at the table? >>steve: so lonely there. after a day of computer crashes, there's a celebration underway at the white house over obamacare's overwhelming success. hu? the administration's definition of overwhelming may have you scratching your head on this tuesday
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morning. >>brian: would your boss -- >>steve: hold it. it's a wednesday. wednesday morning. >>elisabeth: time nice when you're in a semi shutdown. >>steve: sorry. >>brian: had i -- hi, everybody. would your boss buy this bogus excuse? i'm a top secret kphraoe so so -- i'm a top secret employee so i need time off from work. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: because it's the second day of the shutdown, i was thinking second day of the week. no, it's not tuesday. >>elisabeth: it feels like one big, long day. >>steve: it feels like groundhog day on capitol hill because nobody is talking to each other. >>brian: you have the
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house saying i have an idea. this is how i would restart the government. the senate is saying i'm not going to do that. the president is saying look how dumb these guys are. i think the president is in his element right now. now that he wants a shutdown necessarily. i can't get inside his head. but he's in campaign mode. he's at his best when he's attacking mitt romney and romney is here. >>elisabeth: he also has leadership style or lack thereof. remember the nfl lockout. he basically called them to work it out. he said if the unions and players and owners can't work this out without me getting involved, there is a problem here. >>brian: when he's directly involved, he steps in. when they're alone he wants other people to work it out. that's what we've done in the past. >>steve: here's what's different about this time. the past shutdowns you would see lawmakers from both parties getting
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together behind the scenes. john boehner and harry reid and the president would be working out some big deal unbeknownst to all of us and at the last minute we'd crash and burn. it is much harder when you've got this going on. i think it was eric cantor tweeted out this picture. as you can see, all the republicans are there on the, it looks like the left side of the table but it looks like the right side of the table and none of the democrats showed up to try to resolve the government shutdown. there is big news this morning and that is the president of the united states at the end of the week was planning a trip to malaysia but given the fact that the government is partially shut down he's not going to go. >>brian: last time we reported a lockout. last time government shutdown, we had newt gingrich and bill clinton going at it, but at least they were going at it directly at each other. you got the sense any moment two guys would emerge with their sleeves rolled up and say we got a deal even though it took a
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little while. brit hume remembers those days. >> i remember when this happened back in the 90's, president clinton negotiated with newt gingrich up until the last dog died in the government shutdowns at that time. he was in it the whole time. he didn't stand back. he tried. they couldn't agree, the government shut down, republicans got blamed. in this case the president stood apart from this, aloof from this, he hasn't been a player. he has refused to accept anything they put forward. >>steve: it is different that way? >>elisabeth: even governor chris christie said if this is going on in my backyard, i'm saying you guys, we're getting in a room, we're going to stay there, i'm the boss and we're going to figure this o.u. that is the gritty kind leadership we need which obviously is absent. >>brian: how did we get here? because both side for the first time in years actually had a budget. the president said here's my budget, out of balance
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$672 billion and $1.2 trillion in tax increases. the house said we're going to balance the budget in 2023. they said let's meet but the president was not going to come off tax increases. the republicans said why bother meeting. now it's september we've got to get done by october 1. if you look at this information, everybody sat there, political experts and observers and said the republicans have no leverage. what is the end game? we thought ted cruz had an end game. we thought there was an end game that was going to surprise everyone. it should be no surprise that eric cantor sat alone with everybody else tweeting out pictures because democrats can make the republicans look bad and the president lives for things like this. >>steve: i think the end game is given the fact it looks like this particular senate shutdown could run into the weekend, it is going to then congeal with the debt ceiling talks. that's where the republicans have a lot of leverage. for the most part, americans, rank and file americans really don't feel
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this shutdown. although the national parks, as we told you yesterday, are closed. the panda cam is off. also the world war ii veteran memberial on the mall in washington, d.c., keep in mind this is an open-air facility. >>brian: you can walk up to it any time. >>steve: there are no doors. yet, as you can see right there, at the lincoln memorial they put barricades all around to keep people out. the problem was yesterday 92 veterans from the second world war from the gulf coast were scheduled to do an honor flight there. a lot of them would not be able to make another trip back in their lifetime. so what did they do? somehow they got around the barricade. >>elisabeth: they did. you know what's incredible is that this is a situation that when they left, when they decided to get on the flight it was still open. they get there, it shut. and it took a hero, who i think we're going to talk to later in the show, he
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opened the gates for them heroically and let them be in the place that they deserved to be. >>brian: they're 80 and 90 years old. they had a chance to walk around and see the memorial, experience it. that's a moment that was not going to be denied. i'd hate to be the cop that says excuse me, this is my stand. i'm going to keep these war heroes away from seeing what they experienced and what they accomplished. >>elisabeth: no one did thankfully. >>steve: that's right. they wound up seeing more than they bargained for when they got on the buses. nonetheless, here is one of the vets who observed what happened yesterday. >> this is the last thing i expected, it to be closed. >> we did our job and we would like for america to settle down and do their job. we really would. >>steve: a poignant act of civil disobedience made sure that those veterans were able to see the world war ii memorial. it took decades to build
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and they just were going to make one trip to washington and they had to see it this time. and thank god they did. >>brian: real quick on the shutdown. i just read paul ryan thinks it's going to last two weeks, right to the debt ceiling deadline. can you imagine two weeks of this, 800,000 people doing other things. according to new york post, a lot of them drinking. >>steve: the mail's getting out. the service men are getting paid. the flights are taking off. >>elisabeth: some people have said they haven't truly felt it yet. the story dominating twitter yesterday was the failure of obamacare rollout. we're talking error messages, website crashes, leaked personal information. and a living low success rate for the first day. >>steve: let's start with the technical difficulties. we first saw the please wait pages yesterday morning and they continued all day long. what's interesting is --
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you know, the tea party couldn't stop obamacare, but apparently some web servers could. nonetheless, even though the first day -- and the white house has said we had a few glitches. you know what? a glitch is when in the pull-down menu you can't specify male or female. this thing took an hour per page to load. it wasn't a glitch. it was a complete computer crash. nonetheless, the president of the united states saw a silver lining in what happened. listen. >> consider just a couple of weeks ago apple rolled out a new operating system, and within days they found a glitch. so they fixed it. i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. that's not how we do things in america. we don't actively root for failure. we get to work, make things happen, make them better and we keep going.
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>>steve: one of the differences is you're not required by law to buy an ipad or iphone. >>elisabeth: another difference is the american people actually wanted the iphone. lines and lines for hours and hours to get it. the only thing it seems to have in common is the vertigo onset you happen to get when you're looking at the program up close. >>brian: i know twitchy which michelle malcolm put together, they said they have people from access connecticut, they said they logged in 10,000 visitors over 3 hours and 22 people signed up. people were curious about it. the president will get a pass for the first couple of days. if we're still saying this a month from now, that's a disaster. >>steve: in washington, d.c. 175 people took the steps to enroll, but only 4 actually cut checks. >>elisabeth: some of the people that actually did enroll, one state exchange leaked the data of 2,400 unsuspecting customers.
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>>brian: they apologized in minnesota. >>elisabeth: they apologized in minnesota. the broker on the insurance side who got it said imagine if this got into the wrong hands. >>brian: remember your story yesterday, people are not going to be honest on their medical forms because they're worried about everything going public. >>elisabeth: especially young people. the physician we had yesterday said the question she has to ask her patients are so personal, they will not -- they'll be so reluctant to put their information on-line and give it over to the government, a, to be leaked or used against them later on. >>steve: who are these navigators who you're giving the information to if you call on the phone or what not? they haven't gone through background checks. are they reliable? in this case yesterday. >>brian: the last navigator i counted on, magellan. >> breaking news that happened moments ago, a fox news alert to bring you, a bomb scare outside of sea world in florida. moments ago a bomb squad safely detonated it. it was a briefcase, we are
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told, with some wires coming out of it. fortunately no one was hurt, but the central florida parkway remains closed at this hour. we'll keep monitoring this coming out of orlando, florida. we'll learn more and bring that to you. in the meantime, the nypd arresting those two suspects accused in the vicious beating of a man in front of his horrified family. police say christopher cruise is the biker who stopped short in front of that range rover causing the range rover to pass that motorcycle. officers say that the other suspect, alan edwards, the one who smashed the victim's window has also been arrested. the bikers driving a man out of his s.u.v. and he was beaten as his wife and toddler watched. police are still looking for more suspects. one of the real-life navy seals portrayed in the tom hanks movie, captain
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phillips" showing up for the movie premier but no one knew he was there. why? he has to keep his identity secret. that hero was one of the sharpshooters involved in the rescue of captain richard phillips. sources say the navy seal was there to see how that movie turned out. that movie is getting good reviews. what's coming out of sea world? we'll keep you posted on that. >>elisabeth: it was an unthinkable tragedy that gripped an nation. a gunman entered an amish schoolhouse and murdered five little girls. that man's wife has never spoken about it until now. she will join us live. >>brian: remember solyndra, the green company that took taxpayers' money and then went belly up. this morning that company being called a success story. by what standard, i ask. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>steve: our president might not seem interested in negotiating with republicans about the government shutdown, the senate shutdown, he has been willing to sit down and talk with iran's president on the telephone. >>brian: he talks over a possible deal on nuclear weapons but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says our president should think twice. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf's clothing. rouhani is a sheep in sheep's clothing, a sheep who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community. >>brian: is the international community or president obama willing to listen? we have israel's deputy defense minister and the author of "israel: the will to prevail." thanks for joining us. you're deputy defense minister. do you look at this as an exciting time for iran, that they turned the page and want to be a member of
3:18 am
the world community? >> when rouhani came last week he did a good job, good impression. he spoke to the media, spoke nicely. when he went back, maybe the american people voted to think something new happening. the prime minister announced yesterday wake up. don't be naive. look at the actions. look at what's happening in iran today. >>steve: the problem for israel is you're worried that while you say this new guy just as bad as the last guy, here in our country we're going to say, okay, let's give him a chance and neck -- next thing you know they're brewing up that bomb. >> for the u.s. it may be costly. for us it may be fatal. iran is playing a smart game. we want to see action. we want to see what's happening with the uranium, phraou -- plutonium in
3:19 am
iraq. he should make changes and not just come here and speak nicely. >>brian: you're saying this is no -- the only thing acceptable for them is to not enrich any uranium at all? >> why do they need uranium? why do they need energy? they have so much oil. the only reason they want to become a nuclear power in the region. not only israel. saudis, jordanians. i think the majority of countries in the middle east are objecting to iran becoming nuclear. >>steve: your message to the people of the united states is, hey, don't fall for it. this is the smiley campaign they're waging? >> in the middle east we learned to learn the lessons and see the actions. remember in north korea, because the u.s. was dealing with north korea and we don't want to be there again. >>brian: steven haynes brought up last night benjamin netanyahu must have gotten pressure from
3:20 am
president obama and that is why he used the illustration in his speech yesterday. >> we have close relations with the american administration. >>steve: thank you very much. >>brian: thank you. >>steve: it is exactly 20 minutes now after the top of the hour on this wednesday. coming up, the tragedy gripped the entire nation. a gunman murdered five little girls inside an amish schoolhouse. remember that? that man's wife has never spoken until now, and she will join us next. >>brian: this guy pretended to be a c.i.a. agent one day a week, collecting near $1 million in salary. he never did, never was. but he got the money. how did it happen? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms. ♪
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>>steve: quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. the governor of california is trying to make it harder for you, your ex's to embarrass you on-line. he signed a bill outlawing revenge porn which is when somebody posts nude photos of an ex after a break-up. the new law makes it illegal to pose nude photos of someone on-line without their permission. talk about a wild and crazy chase, this guy was being chased for allegedly stealing a car but managed to crash the car twice before being caught by cops. happened in l.a. last night. the whole chase last the about five minutes and ended right there. elisabeth, over to you. >>elisabeth: seven years ago this quiet calm of a
3:25 am
pennsylvania community was shattered. it started out as a regular day but ended quickly in tragedy. carl roberts kissed his wife and kids goodbye never giving a clue as to what would happen. he entered a schoolhouse and shot ten girls, killing five before turning a gun on himself. today roberts' wife decided to break her seven-year silence and she is my guest this morning. thank you for being here. obviously an important anniversary, when we think about the tragedy. most people when they hear a man walking into a school shooting ten, tying them up, killing five, turning the gun on himself, they think in their mind this is a monster. how could we possibly forgive him. in your book, you talk about breakthrough and forgiveness. how, maria? how do you go about forgiving him? >> it's really because
3:26 am
there is power in forgiveness not just for releasing charlie but releasing myself into the healing i had for our family. that was clearly outlined by the amish as they came that very same afternoon to extend forgiveness over charlie and grace and compassion for our family. >>elisabeth: what's remarkable, the amish community facing unthinkable horror, their little girls killed by your husband. they immediately went into unthinkable forgiveness as well. >> right. >>elisabeth: they actually went to families in columbine years after to help them. what is your reaction to them? >> they have been nothing but supportive to me and my family. that grace in the first days continued years to follow. >>elisabeth: when i think given the tragedies we've seen since columbine -- the navy yard shooting, boston massacre, newtown -- your message is extremely relevant right now.
3:27 am
how are people, family members of the person who went in and shot their children, how are the victims' families supposed to really get their mind and hearts around true forgiveness? >> for me and the way i outlined in "one light still shines" is what god has done in our lives which is remarkable. if this wasn't our life, i wouldn't expect it to be this beautiful. it is the redemption of the lord and his hope for us that has forged his way in our lives for the past seven years. >>elisabeth: charlie took the gun on himself. he may not, in the minds of many be facing true punishment. but there are some who think you have a great message of forgiveness with what is going on. why? how dare you, they say, write a book, unearth the souls of these girls right now for profit. how do you answer that? >> the message is no matter what the darkest day is you're facing, there is life and hope and joy
3:28 am
beyond that. pain is universal. we all face pain. i think that it's important to realize it is not the end of your story, that there are beautiful days ahead. >>elisabeth: do you have to forgive every day? >> i think forgiveness is a continual process. we can't just lay it down once and have the emotions and thoughts arrive. we have to continually lay it down so we can be set free to a beautiful future ahead. >>elisabeth: you've had interaction with the victims' families? >> yes. we continue to have relationships and it's been healing for everyone. >>elisabeth: how are your kids doing? >> well. i have a wonderful family. >>elisabeth: did your message of forgiveness work for them? >> i think we all have found our own path through this and we all have found life and joy and we've all found the freedom to be who we are and not be defined by the tragedy. >>elisabeth: maria, thanks. your message is powerful. the world is in a lot of tragedy right now.
3:29 am
unthinkable tragedy, unthinkable forgiven as you write in the book. thank you. remember solyndra, the green company that took taxpayer money and they went belly up? this morning the company is being called a success. then stuart varney is here. we want to know why our i.r.s. workers are sitting at home because of the shutdown and you still have to fork over money for taxes. >> this is the part i don't get. the government is shut down and 33% of the federal workers went home. if 33% of the federal government is shut down, how come we're still pwaeug 100% -- still paying 100% of our taxes? ♪ ♪ have low testosterone. there, i said it. ♪ see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t
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>> all of this is basically over obamacare. maybe if you explain obamacare we could get over this quicker. >> obamacare is a simple, affordable plan to help insure all americans. >> what does that mean? >> no [bleep] clue. >>brian: speaking of no clue, tried once again today to log on to the
3:34 am
affordable care act. i logged in for new jersey. they won't let me do anything. i'm trying to chat with somebody who can help. please be patient while we're helping other people. >>elisabeth: keep us posted. >>brian: we have 2 hours and 44 minutes. do you think we can get through. >>elisabeth: let us know. try to beat steve. >>steve: let's head over to heather nauert who has headlines for this wednesday. >> we have gotten so many tweets from people saying they have not been able to log on to those exchanges. some of those we'll be reading later in the show. now we have headlines. we are learning about another impact of the senate shutdown, or the partial government shutdown we should say. it's going to get more expensive for members of the military to feed their families. that is because starting today military commissaries will close. military families fend on these discount at -- depend on these discounts at
3:35 am
grocery stores. colleges are suspending athletics at army, navy universities. >> it is a crazy story but it is true, this guy, a high-ranking e.p.a. official, pretending to be a c.i.a. agent one day a we can and then collecting nearly $1 million in salary. if that doesn't show some gall, how about this? john beale pleaded the fifth while he was questioned by lawmakers. >> a 911 dispatcher could be in hot water after laughing at a man who called for help after his girlfriend caught fire in a freak accident. >> my girlfriend caught on fire. >> is your girlfriend still on fire? >> no. >> no? [laughing] okay. is your vehicle still on fire? >> hilarious, huh? >> sir, is your vehicle
3:36 am
still on fire? >> i just heard you smirking. not funny at all. >> it wasn't regarding that, okay. >> i just heard you laugh. >> that dispatcher is still working while that case is being investigated. we'll watch that one for you. this video will melt your heart. the boy in this video has down syndrome and his mother says he usually backs away, but this labrador is determined to get him to play. he keeps trying until eventually the little boy reaches out and gives him a hug. beautiful, isn't it? >>brian: those are actors, of course. that is not something that happened. >>steve: that's real. look at that hug. i saw on-line yesterday that i think it got something like ten million views. >> no surprise. beautiful to see that. >>elisabeth: labradors do have instincts. >>steve: they do.
3:37 am
i'm still trying to log on for new jersey to get my affordable care act, although i've already gotten it through work. for now. what's interesting is a whole bunch of people showed up yesterday in texas to sign up for it but you need an e-mail account. and a bunch of the people had never even heard what an e-mail account was. >>brian: here's the other problem. we can do this thing where we use a pen and paper and have a long line and sign people up. everyone is so caught up in the computer system, it keeps going down. they're overwhelmed and it keeps crashing. >>elisabeth: they need an app. >>brian: get a big yellow pad. >>steve: even if you apply with a person, i believe you need an e-mail account. >>brian: really? >>steve: and they'll give you one for free, but still a lot of people don't have them. >>elisabeth: you know who has an e-mail account? maria molina. what's going on? >> e-mail me. we can talk about steve and brian. >>elisabeth: call me
3:38 am
maybe. >> let's get to the weather. when you head outdoors today you're going to notice in new york city that it is going to feel more like summer. not feeling anything like october. we're looking at temperatures out here that should be reaching the 80's. the high temperature in new york city forecast to be about 84 degrees. that's the story across the rest of the northeast. feeling well above average. not record heat. the actual record for new york city for this day in history is about 90 degrees. at some point it reached 90 during early october. across the center of the country on the warm side. kansas city 84. 7 in chicago. in texas you're still in the 90's. across parts of the pacific northwest, temperatures much cooler. highs only forecast to reach the 50's. that is all associated with a storm system starting to organize. there is a winter storm warning in effect in parts of the rockies because some areas can pick up to two feet of snow. as that system heads east thursday and friday we could be looking at severe
3:39 am
weather in the center of the country. that will be something to watch. let's head over to the curvy couch. >>brian: the i.r.s. shut down. the good news, no audits. what's the bad news? >>steve: i'm sure varney knows. shutdown. >> i'll be the bad guy for the morning show. even though the government is shut down, you still have got to pay for it through the i.r.s. here's the story. 90% of i.r.s. workers are staying home. but 8,752 of them are going to work and they are the sharp end of the i.r.s. these are the people who collect the taxes and cash the checks and investigate you. >>elisabeth: what about the people who give the refunds? are they there? >> going to be delayed. let me give you a list of what happens to you, the ordinary american -- i hate to call you an ordinary american. >>elisabeth: that's me. >> here's what happens to you. number one, if you filed for an extension of your taxes to october 15, you've got to pay.
3:40 am
there is no shutdown. you pay. now, if you file -- if you want a refund, expecting a refund, wait. it's going to be delayed. if you want assistance, those walk-in offices, they are closed. you want a hot line, telephone hot line, get some assistance, closed down. can't do it. however, those obamacare offices, they are oefplt they -- they are open. they are collecting data. >>brian: the i.r.s. plays a big role in obamacare. >> you've got to report on your i.r.s. form next year whether or not you've got insurance. >>brian: that's where the fine comes up. >> 90% of the i.r.s. staying home. but the other 8,752 workers, they are at work collecting your taxes. it's making a lot of people mad. >>steve: what about the people in senate, -- the
3:41 am
people in cincinnati, are they off? >> some of them are on administration leave. the rest of them are furloughed, i do believe but they'll get their pay delayed. >>brian: varney and his company at 9:20 eastern time. you and your cadre of hangers on will be on your show for as long as you want. >> thank you. that is a fine promo, brian. better than the average. >>brian: fox business network. love your tie. >>elisabeth: thanks, stuart. >>steve: still ahead, being called a survival kit on four wheels. a look at a chevy truck made for special ops but being sold to us. >>brian: he broke records while being clean. the post season and everything else. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...'
3:42 am
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3:45 am
>>elisabeth: welcome back. 45 minutes past the hour. time for some quick headlines. the federal government took $535 million of taxpayer money to ball out the bankrupt -- bail out the bankrupt company solyndra so why is the energy secretary calling that program a success? >> let me say flatly it's been a terrific success. and the, a $35 billion loan portfolio has had 2% of defaults, 10% of the reserve fund that the congress itself put aside for what is advancement of risky technology. >>elisabeth: taxpayers are likely to recover only $24 million of the $535 million federal loan guarantee. not so terrific.
3:46 am
and chevrolet introduces a truck built for the apocalypse. the company says the 2014 silverado is loaded with armor, gas masks, generator and water. all i want is snacks for the kids, brian. all i'm asking for. >>brian: a major league superstar, but one thing that set kenny lofton apart is he did this game and played it clean and he did it for a myriad of teams and one of the most popular guys in the dugout. what does he think about what's happened with alex rodriguez? kenny lofton joins us in the studio. in new york, especially, the a-rod hearings get underway. his new thing evidently is tony bosh told me that the drugs they were giving me were legal. i didn't know they were
3:47 am
performance enhancers. you as a player and lover of this game, what's your reaction? >> my reaction to that is a team has their doctors and everyone they need to take care of you. for you to go to an outside source, right away that is telling me you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing. >>brian: does it bother you he didn't come clean? >> it bothers me a lot the fact that guys are cheating. they have been knowing since 2005 when they started doing the real testing. major league baseball has some of the best testing in sports and these guys are still trying to find a way to get around the system. >>brian: did it bother you that the game is cleaner than before but you might be labeled as someone who played in the steroid era? >> i just don't like the fact i'm being linked to it as in being part of the era. the era kills me by saying these guys were doing it and i wasn't, so i had to compete against them. you know, compete against those guys doing that. >>brian: here's some of the great stories.
3:48 am
major markets like the red sox and los angeles dodgers revived. last night it's about the pirates in the post season for the first time since 92 and they came out victorious. talk about the emotion last night. >> prurg -- pittsburgh is one of the those midwest teams looking for a championship. once they got the new stadium, the first time they have been in the playoffs since the new stadium. >>brian: it is fantastic. it shows maybe they are getting a balance of power. tbs and mlb, what is their role in bringing baseball back to becoming a past time again? >> i think these guys need to keep promoting the game. for the kids, understand baseball a fun game, exciting. they keep the excitement behind the players, i think fans will go toward it
3:49 am
more. >>brian: in the super bowl, your team is not there, you're disappointed but you watch it. are you worried that baseball has become a regional thing? my team is in it, i'm >> it's about how you promote the game. once you start to make it very interesting for the fans, people start watching it more. >>brian: tbs is where we catch the playoffs? >> yeah. >>brian: as well as major league baseball? >> some people have that, whatever the cable package, they're going to have that, tbs or mlb package, once you have that, you'll watch it. >>brian: kenny, you hit 299. does it bother you you didn't hit 300? >> it's one of those things i needed a couple of hits, a couple of bad calls here or there, i would have gotten 300. >>brian: it was great watching you. best the luck. make sure to catch the series and world series on
3:50 am
fox. next, the bikers who viciously beat a man in front of his wife and child. this morning we're looking into who these bikers are. and what we found,
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> steve: all eyes on obamacare and it only took a couple of hours before news of the first obamacare data breach, 24,000
3:54 am
customers' information said unchecked, unencrypted over the internet. >> elisabeth: that's right. but it's not only government incompensate you have to worry about. now scammers are taking advantage of the new health care law as well. adam levin, the chairman of it is here. thanks for being with us. what are these types of scams? what's going on? are they cold calling people, getting their credit information? what are they taking from americans? >> they're either telephone based or text or e-mail based. the goal of the scammers is get as much of your personal identifying information, especially your social security number, as they possibly can, bank information, routing information. >> steve: let's talk about some of the scams. somebody might cold call you and say, hi. i'm a navigator and i can help you for a small fee. which part of that should send up the red flag? >> all of it. first of all, anyone from the government or anyone working as a navigator is not going to call
3:55 am
you at all. they're not. they're educators, they're advocates. they're not salespeople. they are not allowed to get paid. they are on salary. >> steve: just hang up on them. >> hang up. >> elisabeth: hang up completely. you don't have to stay on the line, hang up. >> immediately hang up. >> elisabeth: is there another way that they're getting to you? through e-mail? are they somehow trying to send awe message by mail? >> they'll send you by e-mail. they'll send you by text. they will hope that you'll respond to it. you have to remember that any time that anyone contacts you about anything official, it's not going to happen by e-mail, text or phone. it will happen by mail. so what you need to do is remember, never provide information unless you're in control of the communication, which isn't going to happen if it's e-mail or phone. >> steve: even if it sounds like good deal, because i understand some of the scammers are saying, i can give you a less expensive
3:56 am
medical option if you just give me your information. >> the discount plan, absolutely. >> steve: yeah. >> remember, their job as a scammer is to get as much of your information as possible. your job as a consumer action forgetting your portfolio, your life. >> steve: i'll give you a discount. just give me a number. >> elisabeth: i'll help you for a small fee, get you a program, right? >> absolute he. the whole thing is they're trying to offer you obamacare card that doesn't exist. they're threatening to take away your medicare card if you're a senior, unless you provide them personal information. not going to happen. not right. >> steve: use common sense. if it's over the phone, hang up. >> hang up. >> steve: a real pleasure. >> elisabeth: thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: coming up on this wednesday, why don't democrats vote to dump congressional exemptions? sean hannity tried to find out last night. >> listen, i've been 21 years in the congress of the united states. i pay my $485 like any other federal employee.
3:57 am
>> congressman, you know better than that. that's not true. >> elisabeth: that was just the beginning, right? >> steve: got a lot more heated. >> elisabeth: it did. then a riot in the streets, protesting the big banks. now the occupy movement is creating a credit card? >> steve: are you kidding? too big. too small.
3:58 am
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which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >> elisabeth: good morning. today is wednesday, october 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. fox news alert for you. while you were sleeping, the bomb squad called in to sea world after a suitcase with wires hanging out up on a sidewalk was found. we'll tell you what's happening there right now. >> brian: wow. republicans still waiting for senate democrats to show up at the table. i'm so lonely, i think they're saying. we'll give you the latest on the shutdown. yep. >> steve: and after a day of computer glitches and crashes, the white house is ready to celebrate obamacare's opening day success. did the web site work for you? didn't work for me. tried it again, not working right now. we're sharing your stories.
4:01 am
e-mail us or twitter us because "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> elisabeth: we're going to get right to that news alert. the white house canceling president obama's trip o malaysia as the government shutdown enters its second day. >> brian: this as republicans wait for a senate democrat to get serious. doug mckelway is live with the latest. hey, doug. >> hey. republicans will try yet again today to provide some partial funding for the federal government. the house rules committee is slated to meet at 10:15 with three separate measures to provide funding for the veterans administration and provide funding for national parks and museums and would provide funding for the federal contribution to keep the district of columbia opened and operating. but yesterday they did the same thing and democrats blocked all
4:02 am
gop efforts to provide some partial funding. a key example of that, a very profound symbol of it is this image yesterday of republicans waiting at a conference table for democrats to show up and they never did. the president meanwhile, has announced he has canceled his trip to malaysia because of the impasse and mr. obama has promise to do veto any republican effort that falls short of full funding for the federal government. here is mr. obama. >> it's only going to happen when republicans realize they don't get to hold the entire economy hostage over ideological demands. >> republicans counter, it is the white house and senate democrats who are blocking all efforts at compromise. here is senator rand paul. >> there is a couple things that are important here. the president saying he wants 100% of obamacare, he wants his way or the highway. we've offered him several compromises and he continues to reject them. but we're trying to fund government and they're trying to stop any funding 'cause they
4:03 am
think it's a parlor game and they'll win politically. >> one estimate finds that the shutdown is costing the economy about $300 million per day, $12.5 million per hour. that works out to about 1.6 billion per week. that is based on the impact of a federal worker going without his paycheck, the average pay for a federal worker is $110,000 a year. keep in mind, 17 years ago when we saw the similar kind of shutdown, any adverse economic impacts were done with when funding came back and all those federal workers got their back pay and the economy came roaring right on back. >> steve: doug, thank you very much. so the president canceling the trip to malaysia. the other big news from the first family is the first lady's official twitter account forced to limit the updates. >> brian: would she be allowed to do it herself? >> steve: she could, but apparently we've been paying somebody to run her free twitter account.
4:04 am
>> brian: wow. >> elisabeth: not today. >> steve: nonessential employee. >> elisabeth: we're all wondering, too, why did democrat s vote for exemptions. sean hannity asked a senator that last night. >> i've been 21 engineers, i pay my $485 like any other federal employee. >> congressman, you know better than that, that's not true. >> for the health care i receive. >> that's not true. >> i get it -- >> you are getting 72% subsidy that the rest of america is not getting. 72%. that's a special gift perk you gave yourselves. republicans are saying, take it away and they're also saying, if big business gets an exemption for a year, give it to individuals. >> here is what i have to say, look, i didn't like when they brought the affordable care act 'cause i didn't think it went far enough. i almost voted against it before that.
4:05 am
>> did i ask you that? i want to ask you my question. you get a special subsidy as a congressman and all your fellow congressmen and senators. you get that. also big business gets a special exemption, the republican in their final offer said get rid of the special exemptions. why wouldn't you support that? why do you think you're above the american people? >> no. i think we should be treated equal to everyone else. i want to make sure that everybody else in my congressional district has the same access to quality health care that -- >> congressman, did she you're getting 72% subsidy. >> elisabeth: maybe it's 85%. >> steve: keep in mind, you have all these democrats on record. what did the republicans want? first of all, they wanted to defund obamacare. that was voted down. so they said okay. if you don't want to defund it, let's go ahead and delay it for one year. they said no, we don't want to delay it. we want it to start october 1. boy, did it start with a bang. next, they said okay, what about we get rid of that special 75%
4:06 am
subsidy that every member of congress and their staff has? and all the democrats said nope. we're going to keep it. come election time, that's going to be a tough hill to defend. >> brian: right. and so far republicans have been unable to get them to -- the democrats to even negotiate on any element of this. they feel like they have the upper hand and not having a good year as that congressman from california who basically says that it wasn't the -- the obamacare wasn't liberal enough, didn't have enough payment in it, didn't have that national option, that universal health care that he always wanted, that shows you a little bit what the president is up against 'cause a lot of people were dissatisfied by the amount -- there wasn't enough socialistic in this obamacare. here is the thing to keep in mind, the president is absolutely in his element. he gets to sit there and vilify republicans and ann romney, who will be on shortly says, this reminds me of a year and a half ago when the president was at his best when he was able to
4:07 am
have an opponent and vilify them and talk about how ridiculous every statement is. now he has two appearances today. yesterday he went out of his way with all these people who are supposedly benefitting from obamacare behind him to sit there and just have a sermon about how republicans are destroying the country for their ideological means. why is it okay for him to change his own program 17 times and republicans not have an option to do one, two, or threeanges? >> elisabeth: this is the mastery of their marketing. they say we want to be like everybody. we want every american to have the same thing, except us. so what they're saying and what they're doing and what they're affording the american people versus what they're affording themselves, so wildly different, yet there is this marketing machine out there that is the obama administration and they are putting a full court press of their program. >> steve: what works for that marketing machine for the obama administration is they have a compliant press corps in this country, a main stream media that goes, you know what? we've got this government senate
4:08 am
shutdown. it's the fault of the republicans. and if you read the papers today, once again, it's very, very -- in fact, if you look at the daily news today, this is the cover of the new york daily news. we told you the story about how the vets couldn't get in because of the government shutdown. what did you do for our country? they're showing john boehner and ted cruz. what did you do for your country? you know what they did? they were standing up for their principles. they believe that obamacare was not a good thing that should be subjected to the people of the united states and they're standing for what they believe in. we wind up with that of a headline of a real newspaper. >> brian: yesterday they also had two other networks try to show how great it would be to log on toke eck and both of them -- obamacare and both of them were embarrassed when it would not work and sat there red faced and at the same time, you saw the agenda of other networks screaming at republican men and women saying, why are you doing this? why are you bringing the government down? as if it's never been locked
4:09 am
down before. >> steve: why isn't anybody screaming at the president. mr. president, you say you will negotiate with anybody who has a good idea and yet, as we just saw on doug mckelway's image from that round table on capitol hill yesterday, all the republicans showed up. nobody from the white house. nobody from -- >> brian: and they're not going to. >> elisabeth: ultimately he's the leader, he's the boss. chris christie said himself, if this is going on in my own backyard, i would get everybody, we're staying in this room until we figure it out. i'm the boss, i'm in charge, let's work it out. but the president has a hands off approach as we've seen throughout the week. >> steve: many times. >> elisabeth: specifically this week. another story dominating social media yesterday was the failure of obamacare rollout. you alluded to that, brian. error messages, web site crashes, leaked personal information -- i have a pet peeve with that -- and a low success rate for sign-up. right? >> steve: that's the graphic from yesterday where it said essentially that we're busy and i've got a new -- can you go ahead -- >> elisabeth: he's been trying to log on all morning.
4:10 am
>> steve: i've been trying for an hour and ten minutes to get into we have a lot of visitors on the site, please stay on this page. >> elisabeth: we've been on it for two days. >> steve: also you can go down to the live chat and i tried that and i couldn't get it either. >> brian: a lot of you have your own similar stories. you wanted to sign up or you want to do curious. thomas said, it was slow and it couldn't tell me if i qualified for a subsidy. it did quote 350-$800 monthly that i surely can't afford. i also was given a warning that your premium would be a lot hire. i thought it was supposed to be affordable. for who? this is why i think politics will be eliminated for obamacare shortly. if it works, if people are getting quality health care for less money and the deficit goes down, the president wins. politics are about to be out of this once they put it together and this is what a lot of people said. this would be the headline today if it wasn't fort shutdown.
4:11 am
>> steve: brian, a lot of people don't want to be told by the government that they have to buy something. there are a lot of young people who can't afford it and now will have to. >> elisabeth: they're not telling you that, so we are. judy bench sent us this on facebook: i tried and nothing. i now get phone calls from those trying to sell me a supplement insurance program to go into medicare. so all these insurance companies are calling her. i am from pennsylvania. there is no listing for pen opinion residents -- pennsylvania residents even get an idea of what's going on in our state. >> steve: here in new york city, now serving the headlines, heather nauert. >> got the headlines for you. we do have an update for you on a story we brought you earlier. a bomb scare outside of seaworld in orlando, florida. the bomb squad safely detontonae add brief case. the park remains closed at this
4:12 am
hour. we'll keeping watching it. jacksonville flax fellow, and the airport there is now open after a dangerous package was found and then had to be detonated offsite. police shut down that airport for nearly five hours, stranding thousands of passengers there. authorities are not saying what was inside the package, but we know two men are under arrest. a group of world war ii veterans proving that they are truly the greatest generation. we first told but this story yesterday. thanks to the shutdown, nearly 200 of these veterans from mississippi and iowa were greeted with barricades at the world war ii memorial in washington. but some lawmakers, including congressman who will join us later in the show, moved those barricades, allowing the vets to see the monument. listen. >> that's the last thing i expected it to be closed. >> we did our job and we would like for america to settle down and do their job.
4:13 am
we really would. >> they certainly did do their jobs. many of the veterans, this would be their first and last chance to visit that memorial. and they protested what they called wall street greed. now the occupy wall street folks are getting into the financial business. the group started a money cooperative and they just launched their first product. it's a prepaid debit card. they say it will represent a protest with every purchase, but here is what is ironic, users may want to protest the fees. it will cost 1.95 to withdraw money from the atm. they sound like capitalists! ironic there, isn't it? >> steve: they woke up and smelled the cash on wall street. >> exactly. see new a bit. >> elisabeth: coming up, the vicious case of road rage that has all of america talking. the bikers who beat up a man in front of his wife and child. were they part of a gang? >> steve: first they perfected fried chicken. now kfc says it will
4:14 am
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♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ >> brian: the shocking biker gang attack that all of america is talking about. a father driving with his wife and his two-year-old daughter swarmed by at least 30 motorcycle ride increase broad daylight before they violently would attack. it happened after the father hit one of those bikers 'cause he feared for his safety with his suv. he says that was an accident. so they swarmed the car. they would catch him, smash the window before ripping him out and cutting him up in front of his family. so far only two suspects under arrest. so is this some sort of biker gang or a bunch of guys that
4:18 am
like motorcycles? an attorney and author of three books on the largest biker gangs in america is here. you looked at the video. what can you tell us about this group? >> well, this group with a premise behind this group was basically to go on an annual run. it's an annual rally called the hollywood block party. it was sponsored by a group called the hollywood stunts. the premise behind it was to get a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who ride motorcycle sports to go to times square and show off their stunts. but what they really did was get on the road and intimidate and threaten the motorcyclists and basically become bullies on the road. >> brian: what was unique about this group? you said there is usual ean order, whether it's hell's angels, there is an order to the way they ride. there was a disorder here. >> exactly. when a 1% or traditional 1% motorcycle gang where the public is familiar with the hell's angels, for example, they're
4:19 am
going to take a specific protocol on the road. they have a rank and file on the road. they have usually a road captain. they're riding in a particular order. when the police pull them over, all of them pull over together. so they're not taking over the road the way that these guys did. these guys were really committing a number of traffic violations while they were on the road. they're riding against traffic, they're riding on the sidewalk. it was completely wreckless and disorganized and they did that on purpose. >> brian: the camera on the helmet, how rare is that? >> that is pretty rare. you would never see that on a traditional 1%er biker gang to go down the freeway. they're not going to record their own stunts. but these guys are stunt riders, at least that's what they preface to be -- and they're recording essentially their moves on the road. >> brian: right. what do you say to people who say i've dealt with these people. people like this, i don't like when they're on the road. people get intimidated anyway.
4:20 am
>> right. there is two schools of thought on that. some riders would say i don't want to be intimidated on the road. so i'm not going to let them push me off the road. the better code of conduct is get off the road. exit when you can. these guys are out to intimidate. they're out to cause trouble and clearly they did in this case. >> brian: everyone has got a cell phone now. pick it up and dial 911, save someone else from that conflict. congratulations on your book, thanks for being one of the few experts we can get on biker gangs. thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: coming up as we move along, she's been living happily for more than a decade despite being diagnosed with cancer. an incredible inspirational story when we come back. then he's a high profile doctor who gained national headlines for his criticism of obamacare. did that criticism came at a price. wait until you hear who came knocking on ben carson's door days later mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
4:21 am
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>> steve: now news by the numbers. first, 70. that's how long the new york city opera has been making music. 70 years until it was announced yesterday they will close and file for bankruptcy. the company opened in 1944 with the goal of trying to make art more accessible and affordable. they're closing their doors. next, 1600 bucks. that's how much a set of six-year-old twins racked up on their dad's itunes account after they took his ipad and bought a ton of apps. dad figured it out after getting the bill. you got to figure he was none
4:25 am
too happy. and finally, 2.49. that's how much kfc is charging for its new eat on the go fried chicken. revolutionary cup is made to fit inside your car's cup holder. that's going to change everything. over to you, elisabeth, and a very special guest. >> elisabeth: october is national breast cancer awareness month. for women. breast cancer is the most deadliest form of cancer. and our next guest has been battling stage four for over a decade and has turned her fight into a leap for the cure. you were dynamic. we were talking in thei can't wt you've done. but let's hear your story first. 13 years ago you were diagnosed with breast cancer. correct? >> right. it was a small lump, so i had a lumpectomy and i had radiation and i was told -- i went and got seven opinions. i'm not going to get one, two, or three. i'm going to get seven.
4:26 am
so the majority agreed i would not need chemo and if i did not do chemo and i did other things, there would be a 4% chance of my cancer coming back. two years later it came back into my bones. so that made it stage 4 incurable and then five years ago it moved into my liver. >> elisabeth: many women faced with this, 'cause i look, you're a strong individual, i can just feel it -- would say, i'm going to hunker down and take care of myself. your kids were young. >> my daughter was ten and my son was eight. >> elisabeth: you decided to start a foundation. inspiration behind that must have been fighting for them. correct? >> absolutely. i'm also one of six girls. so it was for my sisters, too. i thought my daughter, she will not die from this. i'm not going to die. she's not going to die and my sisters are not going to die. then everybody else we're going to save at the same time. >> elisabeth: get this, your philosophy on breast cancer is something that -- i mean, really you've paveed the way in terms of how you can think about it. you say, don't think of it as
4:27 am
death sentence. we need to treat it as what? >> as a -- we need to develop drugs that can give us a good quality of life, not chemo. i want to substitute chemo with a drug that is going to turn cancer into a chronic disease that you can live with and not die from. >> elisabeth: exactly. so more like ms. >> yes, yes. you treat it and you still can go on and live your life. >> elisabeth: you said something about why you needed to live and it had to do with your husband. you said you needed to continue to live because what? >> because he couldn't possibly raise my children. [ laughter ] because he won't give them any vegetables. it's just fun, wild times. he's a great guy. but i thought to myself, huh-uh, that is not going to work for me. >> elisabeth: you've got a great sense of humor. that is one other thing to living with cancer, which you
4:28 am
believe people can, you say comedy is key. so what's your play with the film to give somebody if they are diagnosed? >> if off girlfriend that gets diagnosed, "bridesmaids," "hangover 1". "liar, liar," whatever you think their taste is. meryl streep did that great movie with alec baldwin. just anything funny. we have to laugh our cancer off. if you laugh, that creates the endorphins, that makes you happy. that is going to help you. you have to be mentally healthy and physically healthy to beat this disease. >> elisabeth: you beat it with your friends. you beat it with laugh and you beat it treating it like a chronic illness and you have a great teammate right now. stella and dot. you partnered up with this awesome jewelry company. i want to bring in the company's founder and ceo, jessica hairing. welcome. i know that during october, which is great, 100% of the
4:29 am
proceeds will go to her foundation. correct? >> that's right. we're so excited to partner with noreena foundation because we can make such an impact. everyone is daunted by knowing someone impacted by breast cancer. you can't cure it, but you can get together and talk about it, raise awareness. support the cause and help us fund research that we can make the difference to make it something that you live with. so for the entire month of october, all the net proceeds will go to her foundation. last year we did $185,000 and funded two different types of research. this year we're going to beat it. so we want everyone to know they can shop on-line for the cause. better yet, get their girlfriends together and have a shot for the cause trunk show, which is what we do at stella and dot because that does two benefits. not only can you buy a bracelet with a great assortment to give money, but it's women coming together and talking about it, promising that they're all going to go home and do the early
4:30 am
detection that really makes an impact. >> elisabeth: what incredible pieces you have here. my mom is a breast cancer survivor. pieces like this go a long way to help you during times you're not feeling so well. >> they make a great gift to women with it. >> i love it. >> elisabeth: we're going to show all the items at our web site. if you have a story similar, let us know. noreen, you are unreal. sitting next to you, i feel actually better than i felt ever. you're a force to be reckoned, a pioneer for this disease. >> one other thing, you know how i was talking about having quality of life? >> elisabeth: yes. >> i'm on a new experimental drug, phase one drug. i've been on it since january. no side effects. and it's not chemo. it's called targeted therapy. it's going after the cancer cells, not the good cells. >> elisabeth: so your tumor, has it gone away?
4:31 am
>> no. the liver tumor is not getting any bigger, not getting any smaller. it's staying the same and that's a win. this is the drug that i've been working for. >> elisabeth: this is your vision come to life. >> yes, it is. very excited. >> elisabeth: i love you! i really do. your fight is something that women can look at and feel hope with and certainly through these pieces. we want you guys to check out our web site. we have all this information and draw some strong here. by the way, they are more popular than ever among teens and now the new report to suggest they could blow up in flames. should high schools and colleges, should they have designated god-free areas? a controversial new pitch that might go through. noreen, a treat to have you here. >> thank you so much ♪
4:32 am
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4:36 am
out for you. or you can twitter us. >> elisabeth: i'm getting a bunch of tweets and messages after noreen sat down from women so inspired by her story. what a fighter she is for the cause of breast cancer. i enjoyed my time with her. she's pioneer for the cause. >> steve: she is. and her husband, woody, has been a producer here at fox news, consulting and doing all sorts of stuff for us for many, many years and he is a great guy. >> elisabeth: dynamic duo. >> brian: you never see him without a smile or heather nauert without a smile. why is that? >> that's not true. i get grumpy sometimes. >> brian: promise you'll pout later. >> steve: he just said he never sees you without a smile and you just about bit his head off! >> exactly. it's early in the morning. no, we've been up for hours. got some headlines to bring you. an update on a story we told but earlier. we are learning about another impact of the partial government shutdown. it's going to get more expensive
4:37 am
tore members of the military to feed their families. that's because starting today, military commissaries will close. military families depend on these discounted grocery stores for tax free shopping. also we are learning that the department of dispense has suspended all college athletics of army, navy and air force service academies. this could jeopardize the navy's football game against the air force set for annan police this saturday. he criticized the president and then he got a visit from the irs? the former neurosurgeon and a frequent guest here on fox news channel, ben carson, became a national figure when he criticized obamacare while the president was sitting a few feet away from him at the national prayer breakfast in february. now carson is revealing that the irs paid him a visit shortly after he made those remarks. the irs is involved in a scandal for targeting conservatives. can you imagine? yeah. more people than ever are trying
4:38 am
those electronic cigarettes. brian has one lit up right now. but one woman in minnesota says they had better watch out. she witnessed her husband's e cigarette explode into flames. >> it shot out like a missile from the computer. this is supposed to be safe and is not. it turned into a fireworks. >> surprised me big time. i mean, for that to happen. >> the problem is apparently the battery. the battery can get overheated and then can explode. by the way, there was a toddler in utah recently who suffered first and second degree burns when her mom's ecigarette explode. students want to protect atheists. a group of atheist students are asking for secular safe zones on high school and college campuses. the zones are asking for would be set aside specifically for nonreligious students to gather and then educate people about atheism. and those are your headlines.
4:39 am
i'll see you in about 20 minutes or so. >> steve: thank you very much. always smiling. >> brian: sometimes. >> steve: meanwhile, i'm looking outside and i can see on our plaza, there is maria molina. >> elisabeth: she's smiling. >> brian: we never get any bugs in here, despite that window. >> steve: it's the big screen. >> good morning. it's wednesday. you know what that means? >> steve: trivia. >> brian: tomorrow is thursday? >> it does mean that as well. it's science trivia day. i have another question for you. are you excited? i know you're so excited, brian. >> brian: absolutely! >> which gas makes up most of the earth's atmosphere? a, nitrogen, b, oxygen, or c, carbon dioxide? >> brian: we're going to have one answer. i hate to get this one right. >> elisabeth: i know, we didn't do so well last time. >> steve: nitrogen.
4:40 am
>> elisabeth: nitrogen? i don't know. >> brian: nitrogen. >> the answer is a, nitrogen and you are right. >> brian: wow! >> elisabeth: that's what we said. >> brian: i like the family feud style we're adopting. >> i like it, too. it makes up 78% of the earth's atmosphere and oxygen, 21%. carbon dioxide, only 0.039%. >> steve: that's a brilliant trivia question because people go, well, it's got to be oxygen because that's what we breathe. >> or everybody talks about climate change and carbon dioxide, but it's actually nitrogen. >> steve: job well done. >> thank you. let's take a quick look at the weather conditions across parts of the northeast and the rest of the country because we're actually look at very warm temperatures in the northeast. temperatures today, well into the 80s. 84 degrees for your high temperature in new york city. 79 in chicago. so not feeling anything like october. it's feeling a little bit more like summer. the good thing is that we don't have much humidity across the
4:41 am
northeast. it will be a very pleasant 84 degrees. 90 in texas. across northwest, we have temperatures into the 50s. there is a winter storm that is starting to organize itself. a number of watches have already been issued across parts of the northern rockies because up to two feet of snow will be possible with that next storm system. by tomorrow, heads east. you're looking at the risk for severe weather in parts of the plains, iowa and parts of nebraska for tomorrow. by friday, a more widespread area that could be looking at severe weather, damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes will be possible. let's head back inside. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. >> elisabeth: thanks. do you know someone who screams at the tv when they see something they don't like? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow got the diagnosis and it's coming up. >> brian: we have other questions for him. and what young americans know about obamacare. what they don't know about obamacare. they're going to pay for the whole thing, how about that? how did that happen? gerri willis has gotten here just in time to fill us in on that. >> good morning
4:42 am
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yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ undehis breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, ck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at >> steve: quick headlines for you. have aliens finally arrived in california? this new youtube video raising eyebrows. it shows strange glowy lights near a smoking ship. experts say don't get your hopes up. and wayward walruses taking over an alaskan beach. scientists say the estimated 10,000 mammals have been unable
4:46 am
to find sea ice over the shallow arctic ocean, so they're hanging on to the northwestern coastal beach instead. that's what that is right there. >> brian: government shutdown wasn't the only change to hit washington last night. monday night also marked the launch of insurance exchanges on the affordable care act, also known as obamacare to some. >> elisabeth: while young americans participation in the plan is key to its success, few are even aware of what options exist under the law. so we need some help. we brought in gerri willis, host on the business network, to break down what options are available to you. so let's talk about the options if you're not in the older set. do you take on your employer's exchange program? >> if you have employer sponsored program, it's probably better and cheaper, start there. if you have coverage, choose that. if you want to get on the obamacare exchanges, you'll see a range of choices, like everybody. you can choose from a platinum,
4:47 am
silver, gold, bronze plan and you'll pay fort privilege. the platinum plan will pay 95% of your cost, but that will be the most expensive thing to buy. you choose from those layers. gold is 80% of your cost. silver 70. bronze, 60. it's not just the premiums, remember that. it's your out of pocket costs, too, 'cause those can be extremely high. >> steve: they have different deductibles and i've heard in the past that the de-- you and i were talking about it last week. the deductible can be gigantic. >> we're looking at an average of 2500 to $5,000 at the high end. so your out of pocket cost before that insurance kicks in can be super high. watch out for that. >> steve: with the bronze t might be $5,000? >> it could be. it depends on where you are and who you are. the devil is in the details. >> elisabeth: if you're a wrung person and healthy, you're thinking, i'm not going to do that. i'm going to pay the penalty, $95. but then what happens next year? >> it he is is a lates to almost
4:48 am
$700 in a couple of years. what they did is put in a scale on the penalties. they go up and up and up. that's because they're trying to force people into these exchanges because a lot of young people out there, only 27% of kids have coverage right now. a lot of people may choose to opt into this, but a lot of them will look at these costs and say no way. >> brian: you can fine me for it. let's roll through some of the full screens. if you're at home and you want to do the platinum, these are the three elements that you can take a look at. you'll get the platinum right now. >> elisabeth: gold is 80%. >> so bronze, 60%. there is the silver right there. pay 70% of your cost. silver what people are expected to sign up for. 60% of your cost for the bronze. >> steve: but it all depends where you live and how old you are and stuff like that. you make a great point, for this thing to work, they've really got to get the young people involved. but yesterday with the rollout, there were so many -- the
4:49 am
government calls them glitches. they were complete computer crashes. do you think some kid is going to wait more than three seconds for a page to load these days? some of these pages took an hour to load. you had to be on a laptop. if they were smart, they'd do some three-step plan on your smart phone. >> bring in the people from priceline. >> steve: amazon! >> elisabeth: what about -- you're kind of gambling on your health. so you're trying to look at this and saying, i'm healthy now, this is the plan i want with this deductible. 60% sounds finds. what if you get sick? can you change the plan? >> these are the questions that are unanswered. part of the problem with this thing is that let's say you move out of state. how do i account for that? do i change my plan? i'm gog have to change my plans because the plans are different state to state. lots of details that we have to watch out for. >> brian: i'm worried about the major companies, the established ones saying this is not worth it for us to participate. when are they going to start making that assessment? because we already saw aetna backing out of a few states.
4:50 am
>> you've seen a lot of the major ones say we're not going to play or only play in limited states. i think it's an open question when they get in. this is not their game. think about this, if you went on the web to sign up for auto insurance, would they give it to you if you didn't tell them your driving record? no, they would not. that's exactly what's happening here. >> steve: man oh, man. day two. >> barely made it. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: ten minutes before the top of the hour. >> steve: parents, do you consider your kids your best friends? would that be normal or would that be nuts? dr. keith is going to have that diagnosis coming up. >> brian: then veterans turned away from their own memorial thanks to the government shutdown. hear from the marine and law maker not taking no for an answer. they went in anyway. ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> elisabeth: the answer to the aflac question of the day is sting. our winner is cindy from kentucky. brian knew the answer as well. you wayne copy of brian's new book. because of that george washington's secret six. >> brian: it will be out november 5. >> elisabeth: that's an excellent book. >> brian: i'm giving you a dollar off. >> brian: the only better open than that is one on "happy days." a question is who is normal or nuts. dr. keith ablow answers it every week live from boston. elisabeth, you ask the first
4:55 am
question. hi, dr. keith. we have a question. >> nice meeting you. >> elisabeth: nice meeting you. i think brian is nuts, but we'll concern ourselves with that e-mails. >> brian: that's not one of the questions! >> elisabeth: it says my husband curses and yells at the tv every day as he watches the news. if you are in the house, if you can't escape it and sometimes he'll go on for hours, i understand he's frustrated with the state of the country. but is this normal? >> he's not just frustrated, which would be normal, he's nuts. like any sensible person would be frustrated with our leadership, frustrated about the direction of the country. but yelling at your tv as your solution to that eight hours a day doesn't make sense. get out. get involved. pick a candidate to support. >> brian: if you don't want to yell at the tv, go to fox news. it's your dose of sanity. here is another one. >> exactly. >> brian: here is another e-mail. i'm in my mid 50s and considered friendly. this asset helped me in
4:56 am
business, but today i realize i have a very, very, very few people i can actually call actual friends, perhaps two people more than my two kids. does that make me nuts not to have good friends? >> no. it makes you normal. eminently normal because listen, our definition of friendship is way too loose. think of all the facebook friends people supposedly have. we're talking about people you can call to donate a kidney if you need to or raise the kids if you couldn't. you count those people on one hand. >> brian: wow, that's little depressing. >> i'm your friend. >> brian: thanks, dr. keith. >> elisabeth: thanks. >> hope your morning is better now. >> elisabeth: it is. we know we're not nuts. coming up, ann romney, and she's making us breakfast. can you believe that? it's the same meal she made for the secret service. that's a special treat. >> brian: i hope so. and fans are saying "bye bye
4:57 am
bye" to 'n sync. the reason? what they said about obamacare. that story top of the hour. ♪
4:58 am
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that's as long as bears hibernate. sure, you could go without it, but do you really want to be that person? downy unstopables and downy infusions in every wash. you'll be unstopable. >> elisabeth: good morning. it's wednesday, october 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. day two of the senate shutdown. democratic lawmakers refusing to negotiate a deal that would put government employees back to work. can republicans really come to a compromise if they're the only ones at the table, though? >> steve: that's so sad. >> elisabeth: have you seen this? bikers beat a man in front of his wife and child. we look into the bikers, who are they? what did we find? pretty scary. and fans have a message for 'n sync, including brian. ♪ >> elisabeth: the reason fans are saying "bye bye bye" because of what they just said about
5:01 am
obamacare. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: well. >> elisabeth: good morning. >> steve: it's a cold open shutdown. >> brian: did she read yours? >> steve: it's okay. >> elisabeth: no, just yours. >> steve: i don't mind. >> brian: it's all about fairness, single payer. single reader. >> steve: we've got a very busy final hour today. >> brian: how do you know? >> steve: i just talked to mayor denkins. plus, ann romney will be with us. there she is in the green room. she's the author of this brand-new cookbook called "the romney family table" and the big story here -- >> brian: they don't use pepper at the romney house. >> elisabeth: it looks delicious. she'll be making what she made
5:02 am
for the secret service. >> steve: they're coming up. it's a beautiful cookbook. meanwhile, it's a recipe for disa are saying. on one side you've got democrats who refuse to deal with republicans. as the other side, you got the republicans who say look, we're dug in on this particular issue. they don't like obamacare. first they wanted to defund it. then they wanted to delay it. then they wanted lawmakers to vote on whether or not they, the lawmakers, should get subsidies and then yesterday, the republicans all showed up to negotiate with democrats. not a single democrat showed up. that picture i believe was tweeted out by eric cantor. >> brian: this is senator ted cruz's end game. he knows, and people figured out that they didn't have the leverage to negotiate, even as much as obamacare had 19 separate things that had to be waived or put on hold. people exonerated, but still, they wanted to fine tune obamacare, but they did not have the leverage to get that done of
5:03 am
the the president seeing an opportunity to get his second term off the mat and standing up after disastrous series of overseas diplomatic pitfalls. now all of a sudden finds himself back on the campaign trail with a common enemy, a familiar enemy, anybody with an r. any member of the gop. >> elisabeth: anybody with a pulse in the democratic side just didn't show up. republicans essentially were negotiating against themselves. then you have the president here who is not getting involved and we're asking him to step up. isn't he the boss? chris christie even said f this is my issue, i'm getting in there. everybody is in the room until we get this thing figured out. but no. >> steve: right. but no. and see, the democrats and harry reid has become dr. no essentially. what's happening now, i think people across the country are starting to go, okay. so let me get this straight, the republicans are ready to deal, they want to do something. we don't know what exactly. but the democrats won't even
5:04 am
talk. the president of the united states, as we told you last week, he's willing to negotiate with iran, but he's not willing to negotiate with republicans. >> brian: but the polls indicate that the president has no urgency to benefit from the republicans. he's benefitting from this. and the american people for the most part are blaming the rinse. until those polls get even, they're not coming back. harry reid stays to the side line unless he gets a clean resolution. the only thing that would change his mind is the american people stood up and when the pollster calls your house, answer the question and say no, i blame both. that will get the president to the table. >> steve: if you remember, this president said when he was running for -- he was a senator running for president, he said, i'm going to go to washington, d.c. and i'm going to change things and i'm going to get stuff done. i'm gog sit in a room -- going to sit in a room and i'm not going to leave until i'm able to bring bipartisanship back. now fast forward to today. what's going on in washington is awful. the fact that the president of the united states will not
5:05 am
negotiate, the democrats will not negotiate, the government is shut down partially and that's one of the reasons why the president canceled a trip this weekend to malaysia. >> elisabeth: that's right. apparently john kerry is going to go instead. >> brian: the secretary of state hasn't put enough miles in, so now he's going to represent the president in a very vital area of the world, which is up and coming. i also think it's important to point out that a lot of people writing us from military bases. if you're a civilian serving in those bases, you're asked to stay home. they're sitting there at their local pub. and if you're living paycheck to paycheck, this is a disaster. >> elisabeth: it is for those people. but remember in 2011, he put the full court press when they were in their lockout. they said if you guys, if the owners and the players can't come together and figure something out, it's just plain silly. he wanted something to get done then, but he won't insert himself here to bring the parties together. >> steve: brit hume had a great observation last night with bret
5:06 am
baier and that was this: in 1995 and '96, when there was another government shutdown and some stuff actually did come it a grinding halt, it was different because the president of the united states and the speaker were negotiating out in public, behind the scenes. this time there is none of that stuff going on. here is brit. >> i remember when this happened back in the '90s, president clinton negotiated with newt gingrich up until the last dog died before the government shut down at that time. he was in it the whole time. he didn't stand back. he tried. they couldn't agree. the government shut down. republicans got blamed. then this case this president has stood apart from all this. he hasn't really been a player except to denounce the republicans and refuse to accept anything that they put forward. >> steve: the president will have to get involved because if this goes into the weekend, they say that this will be combined with the debt ceiling argument that is coming and the republicans, they've got a bone
5:07 am
to pick with the president. they've got some things they would like to see changed and while the president says it would be unprecedented for me to negotiate with them over this, that has gone on for decades. the republicans are going to wind up getting something out of this deal. >> brian: here is the thing, it's going to be two more weeks, according to paul ryan of the he's in the "new york times" saying, it might bring it up to where the reinduce have the leverage and that's the debt ceiling. but it's obamacare they went after. they didn't go after a part of the budget. they went after his hallmark piece of legislation and he said this already passed, so therefore, he had some momentum on his side for this and when ted cruz decided to redirect speaker boehner, there was no end game for ted cruz' strategy where boehner, whether you like it or not, he was going to head toward a continuing resolution and seemingly to fight on the debt limit which would be october 17. >> elisabeth: it's an interesting point. maybe they should have gone after the technical aspect of obamacare because the story dominating twitter yesterday was the fail your of obamacare rollout. maybe they should have said if
5:08 am
you can prove that the computer system works, that we'll be able to register, that our information won't be leaked, then fine. go for it. >> steve: indeed. let's start with some of the technical difficulties. we showed you this full screen yesterday. they've got a new one up today. i've been on-line for a little while. actually i've been on for two hours trying to log on. not much luck. the federal government spent $370 million federal grants to set up this web site. they've had three years to do it and they're calling it a glitch. i call it a complete computer crash because there are a lot of people who are interested in look in on it. but meanwhile, the president of the united states, he is looking at this and comparing it to the most prominent company in the world. >> consider that just a couple weeks ago, apple rolled out a new mobile operating system and within days, they found a glitch. so they fixed it.
5:09 am
i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads. or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. that's not how we do things in america. we don't actively root for failure. we get to work. we make things happen. we make them better. we keep going. >> brian: if go out to washington, maryland, rhode island, washington, d.c., oregon and minnesota where it's really obscene, they allowed 2400 people's private information to be leaked out. it has been extremely -- even the most biggest obamacare supporters, extremely slow start. if this is still happening in a weekers you talk about a disaster. if it's still happening in a month, this could be a cavalcade of bad information for the white house. meanwhile, what are you saying out there? here is what you're tweeting. finally, according to michelle, to create a log in. then access denied. holyhash tag obamacare.
5:10 am
>> steve: al in massachusetts sent us this e-mail. this whole please wait page is a perfect omen of how the entire health system will operate when obamacare gets fully implemented. the only thing missing is the voiceover, your business is important to us am of the please stay on the line. >> brian: keep your stories coming, especially if you got through. we'd like to hear a good story. heather nauert, hey. >> hi. remember yesterday i told you about an insurance executive i know who is involved in the exchanges? >> brian: yes. >> he sent me a note this morning i wanted to read to you. he says my guys have been trying all night to get into the federally facilitated marketplace and it's still errorring out. >> steve: and they're professionals! >> they're involved in that. we'll keep you posted. >> brian: is your guy the guy on the allstate commercials? >> no, no. >> steve: you mean president palmer? >> brian: is that president palmer? >> hello? >> brian: i didn't watch it.
5:11 am
there was a game on. >> steve: for seven years? >> brian: yes. >> o'brien. got some headlines. we are learning about another impasse at the government shutdown. it will get more expensive for military members to feed their families. that's because starting today, military commissaries will close. military families depend on these discounted grocery stores for tax free shopping. also the department of defense suspending all college athletics at the army, navy and air force. this could jeopardize navy's football game against the air force set to be played this saturday. orlando police trying to find the person responsible for a bomb square outside of seaworld this morning. a brief case with wires coming out of it was found on a sidewalk just before 6 a.m two major roads were shut down while the bomb was detonated or the bag was safely detonated. we don't know what was in it yet. the roads have since reopened. the nypd arresting two suspects accused in a vicious beating of a man in front of his
5:12 am
horrified family. police say christopher cruz is the biker who stopped short in front of the range rover. officers say the other suspect, alan edwards, is the one who smashed the victim's window. the bikers then dragged the man out of his suv and beat him as his wife and toddler watched. horrified. fans have a message for 'n sync. listen to this. ♪ >> that's not their message. because lot of fans are upset with the band because on monday they tweeted, hate or just confused by it all. learn about it. the affordable care act. but some folks think the boy band should just stick to their music. one fan said, i used to like you. how sad that you're now liberal puppets. another tweeted, we are so boycotting your album. oh, wait, it's not 1999. ouch. hey, remember this summer the president had a meeting with a
5:13 am
bunch of a list celebs and they were talk being promoting obamacare. so they made all the young people to join to offset the cost of older folks. >> steve: hash tag "bye bye bye." >> elisabeth: coming up, it sounds crazy, but it's true. this guy pretended to be a c.i.a. agent, collecting nearly a million dollars in salary. how did that happen? >> steve: then veterans turned away from their own world war ii memorial thanks to the government senate shutdown. hear from a marine and law maker not taking no for an answer. they stormed the gates. ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> steve: they fought for our freedom and now they're standing up for their rights to pay tribute to their fallen comrades. despite the government shutdown causing the closure of all national parks and u.s. memorials, dozens of veterans from mississippi bypassed the barricades that were in their way at the world war ii memorial yesterday morning in washington, d.c and with the help of some lawmakers, they september vets a symbolic message, you could hold us back. mississippi congressman was among those who helped the vets enter the memorial. he joins us live today from d.c congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we did the story yesterday, 24 hours ago but we could not believe that the national park service was going to keep those barricades up and keep those vets out of that memorial. >> absolutely. i've greeted our veterans at the memorial on numerous occasions and it's usually a great time of
5:18 am
celebration. there is usually hundreds of tourists that come out and applaud them and welcome them into the memorial. but our veterans, when they stepped off the bus this time, they were met with still barricades and yellow ribbon that said, police line, do not cross. i think that was extremely disrespectful and very unamerican. >> steve: so what did you do? >> well, the number one priority was the safety and welfare of our veterans. i was fortunate enough to be joined with several members of congress. we saw an opportunity to open the barricades and at the right moment, we opened the barricades. we pushed them back. the bagpipes began playing "amazing grace" and like good soldiers, they formed up and marched in behind the bagpipes and we laid a wreath at the foot of the mississippi monument inside the memorial and we've allowed the veterans, one by one, to march through the memorial and enjoy their memorial. >> steve: they're such powerful pictures that we're looking at right now, congressman. the extraordinary thing is, we
5:19 am
all get there is a government shutdown and things close. but the world war ii memorial is an open air memorial. there are no doors. the park service had to spend money to barricade it. >> absolutely. it was unnecessary to shut down a memorial. it's an open air memorial. they had to increase their efforts and spend additional money and i'm hearing this morning they'll have mounted police. we have another honor flight coming in today that's going to arrive from chicago with hundreds of more world war ii veterans and we really don't know what's going to happen. are the park police going -- are we going to be as fortunate as we were yesterday with the veterans from mississippi and iowa, or are they going to be turned away? >> steve: we'll stand by. yesterday at least, they were able to storm the barricade one last time and they got in, didn't they? >> they did. this memorial was erected to commemorate them for their bravery, their sacrifice, their commitment and their courage. this is their memorial. it was built with private dollars. i think all the memorials should
5:20 am
be open to the american people, but if there was an exception to be made, it should be made for the greatest generation, our world war ii survivors. >> steve: perfectly put. congressman from mississippi, thank you very much for joining us today and thanks for what you did yesterday. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: what do you think about that? 20 minutes after the top of the hour. up next, a third grader points his finger like a gun playing cops and robbers and got suspended? does that punishment fit the crime? we're going to report and you're going to decide. then rudy guiliani gets credit for making the streets of new york safer, but mayor denkins got the ball rolling. what can the rest of the country learn from him? stick around. ♪ [ woman #1 ] why do i cook?
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> elisabeth: welcome back. it's time for quick headlines. things are back to normal at the jacksonville airport this morning after it was shut down for nearly five hours yesterday. a dangerous package was discovered and detonated. two men under arrest. talk about a wild and crazy chase, police say this stolen car that he manages to crash twice before finally being caught by police. it happened in los angeles last night. now peter is with our former new york city mayor. >> steve: thanks. >> our next guest was the son of a barber and a maid and joined the marine corps before making american history in 1989 when he was elected the first african-american mayor of new york city. now he's telling his story of an american dream come true in his book "a mayor's life."
5:25 am
, my friend, mayor denkins is here. this is a dream come true to be sitting here with you. i was a senior advisor to you. congratulations on the book. >> you're part of the reason i got elected the first place. >> well, i don't know about that. you did an incredible job. let's talk a little bit about some of your accomplishments. you made history in this country by reducing crime in the seven major f.b.i. crime statistics over the last two years of your term. you didn't get a lot of credit for it, but you hired 6,000 police officers. how important was that to the renaissance in new york city? n it was tremendously important and i recall what a difficult time we had. we had to go to albany, of course, to get the permission to have the legislation. what it was was a surcharge on personal income tax and one republican state senator told me when i said people are dying in the streets. we've got to get this legislation.
5:26 am
he said, mr. mayor, my constituents' is concerned with auto theft and graffiti. >> you showed violent crime was important and you brought republicans and democrats, upstaters and down staters together and you got it down and showed how important it is to speak together. another accomplishment that's really important to the city and this country is the u.s. open. tennis in new york city and, in fact, when you built this stadium, it was controversial. but now it turns out that it yields more tax dollars for new york city than all the major sports teams in new york city combined. >> that's true. the u.s. open in two weeks generates more revenue into the economy of the city than the yankees, mets, knicks and rangers combined. the numbers these days is north of $700 million. >> yeah. this is one of the most compelling and truthful political books i've read in a long, long time. i understand a lot of it personally. as we go out and as people who
5:27 am
don't know and understand you, you lived an incredible life. you were a marine. you are started out shining shoes and selling newspapers and selling paper bags on the street. what's the message of david denkins? what should people take away from your life of accomplishment and history in this country? >> well, i hope that my legacy or part of it, at least, is my love of children. i really am a nut for kids, as you know. and i hope that young people will say to themselves, if he can do it, i can do it. >> you did it big time and you're a big inspiration for our children in new york city and my children and you continue to be. mayor denkins his new book "a mayor's life." it's big success. you can get it at barnes & noble and amazon and places like that. i'm so happy to be with you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, peter. >> good to see you. elisabeth? >> elisabeth: peter, and mr. mayor, thank you so much. hey, it's the side of ann and mitt romney you haven't seen. the one from inside their
5:28 am
kitchen and it's here make us the late -- ann is here make us the same breakfast she made for mitt and the secret service the day after the election. plus the video that will melt your heart. a dog breaking barriers with this little boy when even humans could not do it. ♪ [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right.
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5:32 am
>> i am glad the government is shut down! think about it, for the first time in years o'clock it's safe to talk on the phone and send e-mails without anybody listening in! this is fantastic! you can talk to anyone you want. >> steve: the nast guy -- nsa guy who has been monitoring us is on furlough. actually a bunch of people watching us right now. >> brian: let's hope a lot. hey, heather. you have some news for us? >> that's right. listen to this one, it sounds crazy, but it is true. this guy, a high ranking epa official, pretending to be a c.i.a. agent one day a week. he said he collected nearly a million dollars in salary. if that doesn't show this guy's gall, how about this, john beihl is his name, by the way. he confessed to his actions and he decided to plead the fifth when he was questioned by lawmakers. unusual. does this punishment fit the crime? a third grader suspended from
5:33 am
school for playing cops and robbers. a florida mom says her son was sent home after he used his thumb and his index finger pretending his hand was a gun. >> he needs to be taught a lesson based on that. not the fact that it is construed as a violent act. two boys were playing. and i agree it was inappropriate, but this is absolutely excessive? >> she wants the school board to remove the suspension from her son's record. a 911 dispatcher could be in hot water this morning. you can hear her laugh at a man who calls for help after his girlfriend caught on fire in a freak accident. listen to this. >> the car caught fire and my girlfriend caught on fire. >> is your girlfriend still on fire? >> no. >> no? [ laughter ] okay. is your vehicle still on fire? >> it's hilarious, huh? >> sir, is your vehicle still on fire? >> i just heard you laugh.
5:34 am
>> sorry. it wasn't regarding that. okay? >> yeah, i just heard you laugh. >> how irritated would you be? the dispatcher is still working right now while the case is being investigated. then this is some incredible video, it will melt your heart. take a look. this little boy in the video has down syndrome and his mother says he usually backs away from contact. but the labrador is just determined to get him to play with him. and he keeps trying and trying until eventually the boy reaches out and hugs him. cute. this video is a year old, but it is now going viral. beautiful. really shows you the relationship between humans and animals, how sweet. >> steve: a boy and his dog. thank you. >> elisabeth: heart warming. >> i'll see you later. >> elisabeth: thanks. speak of warm, maria molina has some temperature info for us, right? >> that's right. we do have very warm temperatures to talk about across areas that really shouldn't be this warm this early across parts of the great lakes and the northeast. i do quickly want to mention
5:35 am
that yesterday we were talking about the government shutdown and how it does actually impact environmental agencies and weather agencies. this morning early in the morning, i went to the first web site that i always go to, the national weather service, and this is what i came across. basically said that some of their web sites will be down. there are other ways to go around it and get your weather information, but still incredible to wake up at 4. a.m. and this is what i'm looking at for getting my weather information this morning. across the country, again, well above average temperatures in the great lakes, northeast. 84 degrees for the high temperature in new york city today. does not feel anything like october. 90s in texas and across parts of the pacific northwest, we are look at temperatures, more octoberlike and winter like. high temperatures only into the 50s. that's because we do have a brand-new storm system. it's a winter storm. it's going to be packing quite a punch in terms of wind. we're talking up to two feet of snowfall possible in some areas and as it heads east, severe weather will be a concern today
5:36 am
and tomorrow and into friday across parts of the center of the country. now let's head over to the studio. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. she was busy on the campaign trail with her husband, mitt romney, during his run for president. but now ann romney is out with a brand-new cookbook. it's number one in the world right now. it's not about politics. >> elisabeth: no. joining us now, wife of mitt romney and author of her book "the romney family table, sharing home cooked recipes and favorite traditions." welcome. it is such a pleasure to see you always. but you brought great food for us here. >> we are. steve is tasting it. >> elisabeth: these are the secret service pancakes? >> i did make these for the secret service. they were the best guys and girls. i really miss them. >> brian: they were the same group the entire time? >> yes. >> brian: it just got bigger and bigger. >> they were wonderful. i loved them. >> brian: as you put together this book, how long did it take to you get over that part of your life with the secret service there and after it was all said and done?
5:37 am
>> it takes a while. it's big adjustment. you've been surrounded, you're the center of the universe, and then bingo, you're nothing. >> brian: the next day. >> i love this. this was a great lesson, politics is the fastest way to go from who's who to who is that? we learned that. we learned it the real way. but having the perspective of family and knowing what's really important in life, you adjust pretty quickly because mitt and i, we're all about family. we're all about what really brings us happiness in life. >> brian: are you still following what's going on in politics and you see the controversy with obamacare. what are your thoughts when you look at that? >> it's frustrating. it's frustrating for me, a lot of americans never got to see mitt for the real candidate that he was. there is so much vilifying that goes on in a campaign. you know that's going to come, but for me at the end of the day, if people had honestly known he was the most capable candidate, that he would have made a difference, he would have stopped obamacare --
5:38 am
>> elisabeth: would we northbound a shutdown? >> we would not. >> steve: with every world event, it seems things that your husband said, he was right about. >> isn't that interesting? >> brian: i don't know whose advice it was to make a cookbook, but it seems to be going well. >> elisabeth: it's a best seller on amazon. >> i'm pretty excited about that. it's been on sale for a day. we're number one cookbook. >> steve: why a cookbook? >> well, that's really good question. but it's as far away from politics as you can get and it's all about actually the way i'm living my life right now, is happiness, comfort with family, and bringing people to the table. >> steve: tell us about that picture. [ laughter ] there is my sweety. we're probably whipping up the pancakes right now for the grandchildren. >> steve: it looks like he's performing the hiemlich on you. >> elisabeth: you look at this book and see such love and affection and the family dinner table is something that you say, look, with the boys, that's what
5:39 am
kept them grounded and centered. >> it was. the book is about bringing people to the table. it's about having the conversations. the meaningful moments in life. i've got to tell you, in washington right now, with all the craziness, i would like to invite everyone to come to my table, sit down, have some coffee cake and let's not get up from the table 'til we've got it figured out. >> steve: all right. time to do some cooking. >> these are my grandmother's, my mother's pancakes. buttermilk pancakes. they're whipped with egg whites at the end. >> elisabeth: that's the trick. this is what i'm not doing 'cause mine do not look like this. >> no. these end up being -- i don't know if you can see it. >> steve: they look lumpy. >> they do. but the other trick about these is you really got -- with all pancakes, you should consume them two-thirds of the way on the first side. let those bubbles keep coming through and that -- you don't flip until you see those
5:40 am
bubbles. >> brian: that's what happens, total throw the first batch in the garbage. >> these are delicious. people will love them. just got to follow the little tricks, make sure to cook them long enough on the one side. >> brian: did anyone bring a spatula? >> elisabeth: you can't flip it yet. >> brian, you can try it. we've got a fork. >> brian: i thought we distracted you. >> you can taste one. >> elisabeth: does the governor cook ever? >> he is the pancake maker. he flips them. >> brian: should we call him to know when to flip this? >> you can see a bubble coming through. >> steve: you need a bunch more. >> you need a lot more. >> steve: in the beginning of the book, i love the way you talk about how you as a wife and mother tried to recreate your mother's kitchen because it was always a warm, loving, fun place. >> i think that's what life is about is the comfort of home, family, relationships, and that was there for me. he's going to flip it before it's ready.
5:41 am
look! >> elisabeth: another example of why we needed your husband. >> failure! >> brian: i had a hunch that it was ready. i thought you were getting distracted with steve's brilliant question. >> now i don't know what to do. >> steve: are my friends from philly ready for some pancakes? >> brian: come on over! >> elisabeth: i'm going to cook my way through this book. >> steve: it's number one right now. check it out. "the romney family table." by ann romney. it's a big book and beautiful book. thank you so much and give our best to your husband. >> all right. >> brian: flip that. finally. it was premature. >> it was premature. >> brian: learn never listen to me. >> steve: coming up, break details about the president's schedule. then he's got one of the hottest songs on the radio right now. ♪
5:42 am
>> steve: country star tyler star performs "red neck crazy".
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> brian: it wasn't a tsunami that shut down sweden's nuclear reactor. it was tons of giant jelly fish that clogged the pipes. they've cleaned them out and can restart it today. no word on the jelly fish. justin bieber needs an ego check. he snapped being carried up the great wall of china by his bodyguards. i guess the biebs was tired. he's there on tour. >> steve: meanwhile, a fox news alert. day two of the senate showdown
5:46 am
and the white house announcing president obama is canceling part of his trip to asia because of the shutdown. secretary of state john kerry going in his place. >> elisabeth: that's right. and this as republicans continue to wait for democrats to show up at the negotiation table. wendell goler is live at the white house with more. are they there, wendell? have they gotten to the table yet? [ laughter ] no, they have not. the white house canceled the back half of what was scheduled to be a four-nation trip. the president phoning the leaders of malaysia and the philippines last night to give his regrets. he and his aides are still hoping to make the first two stops of the trip. he's scheduled to leave saturday night. but press secretary jay carney suggested yesterday even that's up in the air. >> we are currently scheduled to travel. we certainly hope that in the time between now and the president's scheduled departure that the speaker does the right thing, puts on the floor of the house a bill that will
5:47 am
overwhelmingly pass, according to republican congressmen, a clean cr and reopen the government. >> the optics of even a shortened trip will not be good. the president traveling abroad with government facilities closed in this country. but the stops in indonesia and brunai involve trade conferences. the white house can make the case that it's bad for this country to leave china and russia to dominate conversations that are important for u.s. exports, which are an important part. economic recovery. still the 1995 shutdown forced bill clinton to cancel plans to attend an apec conference in japan, as we know now, secretary of state john kerry is going to represent the country in part of this trip and it wouldn't be a surprise to see vice president biden hop aboard air force two for a trip this weekend as well. back to you. >> steve: we'll stand by. thank you. >> elisabeth: thanks. up next, one of our country's
5:48 am
hottest new acts, tyler farr, performs his hit single. >> brian: first let's check in with bill hemmer who is one of the busiest men in show business yesterday. three show. >> i did the fox trifecta. kilmeade, you've done that, right? >> brian: well, i will not reveal that at this time. >> you do the morning show, you do radio, and then sometimes you do "the five." december crew, do you do that -- doocy, do you do that? >> steve: i barely do this show. >> elisabeth, this is what you have to look forward to. >> elisabeth: i'm in training. >> brian: great job on all three. >> thank you. good morning to all three of you. louis gohmert, the republican law maker is the one who took away the barricade at the memorial in washington. he's here live to explain what went down with the veterans from world war ii. michelle bachman on deck, tooate next it's not bad for canned sou, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup.
5:49 am
he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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♪ >> steve: you can't escape the country music smash "redneck crazy," the tune by tyler farr racked up nearly 6 million views on youtube. >> elisabeth: that's right. it's also the title track to his debut album. that's just been released. we're joined by now song writer and singer tyler. welcome! >> thank you for having us. >> elisabeth: we don't want to get away from that song. it's so good. >> i appreciate it very much. we're very blessed to have this song. you wait your whole entire career for a song like this so you can have an album release and all these things that come with it. >> steve: i love your personal story. you were a bouncer that worked one or two days a week and then they let you up on the stage? >> that's a tough way to put it. i worked the door. >> steve: okay. >> elisabeth: you worked the door. >> they weren't big enough to be called a bouncer. i was working in a lounge. ended up singing there about four nights a week.
5:53 am
>> elisabeth: you had great influence. george jones, i mean, legend. you got to be with him when you were a teen-ager? >> yeah. it's amazing how things work out and how god puts people in your lives at certain times and things get lined up. my mom having married george jones' guitar player. went on tour with him for a few weeks in the summer about 1999, 98. that is what made me fall in love with country music. that's what i tried to model my career after and say i don't want just one single, one hit single. i want to be around for a while and be remembered. >> elisabeth: makes you think about who you're influencing, too, right? >> absolutely. >> elisabeth: you could be a 15-year-old and you light the spark in him. >> steve: you're about to see his big new hit, along with the guys. ladies and gentlemen, "redneck crazy." elisabeth, let's get out of the way. >> elisabeth: okay.
5:54 am
♪ gonna drive like hell through your neighborhood ♪ ♪ park this silverado on your front lawn ♪ ♪ crank up a little hank ♪ sit on the hood and drink ♪ i'm about to get my pis sed off on ♪ ♪ i'm gonna aim my head lights into your bedroom windows ♪ ♪ throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows ♪ ♪ i didn't come here to start a fight ♪ ♪ but i'm up for anything tonight ♪ ♪ you know you broke the wrong heart ♪ ♪ baby and drove my redneck
5:55 am
crazy ♪ ♪ wish i knew how long it's been going on ♪ ♪ how long you've been getting some on the side ♪ ♪ naw, he can't amount to much by the look of that little truck ♪ ♪ well he won't be getting any sleep tonight ♪ ♪ i'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows ♪ ♪ throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows ♪ ♪ i didn't come here to start a fight ♪ ♪ but i'm up for anything tonight ♪ ♪ you know you broke the wrong heart baby ♪ ♪ and drove me redneck crazy
5:56 am
♪ yeah, redneck crazy ♪ did you think i'd wish you both the best ♪ ♪ endless love and happiness ♪ you know that's just not the kind of man i am ♪ ♪ i'm the kind that shows up at your house at 3:00 a.m. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows ♪ ♪ throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows ♪ ♪ i didn't come here to start a fight ♪ ♪ but i'm up f tonight ♪ ♪ you gone and broke the wrong heart baby ♪ heart baby ♪ ♪ and drove me redneck crazy
5:57 am
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>> brian: show almost over. >> steve: that's right. in the after the show show, ann romney will swap recipes with us. >> brian: really? >> yeah. >> brian: who has one to give her? she's got a whole book for us. >> elisabeth: i don't think you do. >> steve: thank you for joining us. see you back here tomorrow. >> brian: be yourself. we want to bring you this story first. scary matter at the jacksonville airport. two suspicious packages, one said to be destructive shutting down that airport more than five hours last night. many planes were forced to stay in the air during that time. the airport was evacuated about 6:00 eastern time. the destructive package was deactivated by the bomb squad. one suspect said to be in custody. we do not know who that is. we're working the phones. we'll have a live report in a few minutes from jacksonville, florida. meantime it is day two of the shutdown. there is no deal? sight, america. congress in deadlock. both sides are digging in now. house lawmakers meeting again today taking another c


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