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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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they are funny. we are doing it next week, so write in. thanks for watching. please remember, the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." president obama summoned leaders to the white house but after an hour of talks nothing was accomplished. it was made clear the democrats won't negotiate, not even talk to republicans. watch. >> they will not negotiate. we had a nice conversation, a polite conversation. but at some point we've got to allow the process that our founders gave us to work out. >> he says no. all i want to do is go to conference on a short-term c.r. we have a debt ceiling staring us in the face and he wants to talk about a short-term c.r.? >> our way or the highway. meanwhile over on capitol hill,
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tempers were flaring with lawmakers shouting. of course irresponsible rhetoric from the left was on full display. the worst example comes courtesy of democratic congressman george miller. watch this display. >> did you think about the parks when you voted to shut down the government? did you think about the impact? the gentleman from montana said it's hurting the local economy. the gentleman from california said the towns around yosemite. was he thinking about that when he voted originally to shut down the government? he was prepared to sacrifice the local economy. he was prepared to sacrifice the towns around yosemite when he was on his jihad against american citizens getting access to health care. >> jihad. you heard it right. a democratic lawmaker using jihad to describe republican lawmakers. just a few hours before that comment when asked about a funding compromiser in the
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national institutes of health harry reid said save saving a child with cancer is not his priority. why would he want to do that? take a look. >> why would we want to do that? i have 1100 people at the air force base sitting home. they have a pru fu problems of their own. to have someone of your intelligence suggest such a thing maybe means you're irresponsible. reckless. >> why would i want to help one child with cancer? why would i want to do that? harry, i can think of a few reasons. open your mind. that's not all. we are seeing first hand the devastating impact this liberal shutdown is having on american heroes yesterday and today. veterans had to move barricades to gain access to the world war ii memorial in the nation's capital. the republican led house passed legislation that would fund
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parts of the government including national parks. are the democrats going to take it up in the senate? the chances are slim to none. earlier today reince priebus announced he and the rnc is willing to keep the world war ii memorial but in typical fashion, that's not negotiable. democrats called it a stunt. joining me now with reaction to this and more we have a busy night. texas senator ted cruz. i don't know where to begin here. go ahead. >> look. this is harry reid's shutdown. it is the perfect example of liberal arrogance. your times the house of representatives endeavored to compromise to pass the bill that funds the federal government but at the same time presents enormous harms obama care is causing to millions of american s. four times harry reid said go
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jump in a lake. he won't negotiate, won't talk. he told the president don't talk to congress. apparently their view is the president should negotiate with iran but not with congress. that's unreasonable, ridiculous and that's what their position is. >> why would we want to help one kid with cancer? do i have to begin to answer that? if you want to talk about cold, callous, heartless, mean spirited, hateful. all the rhetoric harry reid throws around against republicans sh it fits him. your reaction? >> it illustrates what's really going on. the main stream media repeats this is the republican shutdown. it's why what is happening is important. we saw the senate unanimously passed a bill funding men and women of the military saying we are not going to hold your paychecks hostage the way harry reid and president obama have
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been threatening to do for weeks. tonight the house of representatives have passed a bill funding the national parks, the national memorials. harry reid suggests he'll kill it to keep the statue of liberty closed, keep the world war ii memorial closed. there is a bill the house is expected to pass tonight to fully fund the v.a. we need to stand by the commitment we have made. harry reid said he 's going to kill that tomorrow. >> wait a minute. all the casual cruelty of harry reid, he's going to subordinate compassion and decency for partisanship? he won't keep the parks open. won't allow the vets to do go to world war ii? he won't fund the nih even to help one kid with cancer? that's sick. what a twisd, old -- i'm sorry. >> there are two things going on. one, harry reid and president obama believe the shutdown
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benefits them politically. they like the shutdown. number two, they don't want to open the v.a. because harry reid wants to hold veterans hostage to force obama care on everyone. the bill the house will vote out tonight doesn't even mention obama care. it says we should continue to fund the v.a. because whatever happens, our veterans should not be held hostage. and harry reid's standard the is he thinks veterans don't deserve the same treatment men and women of the active military do. it's not right. we need ed to honor the commitments. we need to put the partisan politics of barack obama and harry reid behind us. you know, just two days ago president obama gave a list of the negative things that would happen in a shutdown. that he wouldn't pay the border patrol, shut down nasa, shut down the national parks. and he would shut down much of the v.a. the house is saying, mr. president, we have heard your
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priorities. we are acting in a bipartisan manner to fund the priorities you laid out, mr. president, in a national speech. harry reid is saying he'll kill them because he wants everything shut down. >> first it was the fund. then they said, let's delay it. then let's get rid of special exemptions. we'll treat everyone equally including big business and individuals. then let's talk about it. now we found out they knew about the worl war 2 veterans request, they rejected it and sent more guards to the memorial today than they kid to ben geesz in 2012. >> i don't think everyone is surprised. we are saddened by this administration. this is a president who is -- during sequester furlowed air traffic controllers. he figured the if flights were
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delayed it would inflight pain. >> he shut the white house down to children. michelle obama is whining she can't tweet. twitter has nothing to do with the white house. i'm sorry you won't hear from me. she doesn't do her own tweeting? you may have to punch buttons, first lady. >> what's so valuable is the media continues to report republicans are shutting things down and it's hard for them to report it when you have the house saying let's open the v.a., every senate republican saying open the v.a. and harry reid saying, no, keep the v.a. defunded. it's transparently clear who is shutting down the v.a., the statue of liberty, who it is that's standing in the way of funding our vital priorities. >> how do they get away with this? we're not going to talk to you. our way or the highway. that's pretty much what it is. if it means kids with cancer and
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world war ii vets suffer, they don't care. this is the party of compassion, love and decency? they claim to have a monopoly on those things. >> they live in the d.c. bubble where it's about brute political power. this fight is about making d.c. listen to the people. we wouldn't be here if over 2 million people hadn't gone to dontfund, signed a national pe technician and forced our officials to listen to us. listen to the millions of americans losing their jobs, being forced into part time work, facing skyrocketing premiums and at risk of losing health care. harry reid and president obama are saying, we don't care about you. we eel grant exemptions for big business and members of congress but not hardworking american families. that's wrong. that's what's going on here. >> what a sick, twisted old man to say, why oh do that -- help a kid with cancer?
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heartless. pretty sick. >> uh i think it i reflects partisan priorities. >> partisanship trumps everything in the world of reid and obama. sad. thank you for being with us. coming up next, two conservative house republicans, tim hele and michele bachmann. and there are house lawmakers. their knees are getting weak. they may be caving under presure from the democrats. we'll name names when we get back. later the harrowing motorcycle gang attack caught on a tape. who is to blame here? the clip you choose will play at the end of the show. option one, the king of late night, jay leno who is about to be fired for being number one, the second time. how dumb is nbc? take a look. vote live at >> i'm not worried about the government shutdown.
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lawmakers are weak in the knees and could be caving to democratic demands. washington post, take a look t at the list there. it is a list of 18 gop lawmakers who may be willing to buckle to the democratic demands. you can see who they are. we'll put them up again on screen. i have a clear message for them. hold the line. don't cave in to the liberal name calling, bullying and intimidation factor, the lack of negotiation. that's not why you were elected to cave and give in. at the end of this mess the american people will see who stood up for them and who didn't. don't forget, your voice matters. you can always contact your lawmakers. find their numbers at this website. this information is also available at we'll put on screen now. national review online put
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together unintended consequences. look at this. i ibm, 110,000 people removed from their health insurance plan. delta airlines, their cost increased by $100 million. pilots, special premium care they used to get. caterpillar costs go up $100 grand. companies moving people from full time to part time status. if you work 32 hours a week, your hours will be cut. watch the bottom of the screen. this is why they have to hold the line. joining many with reaction to the lack of developments in regards to the obama/reid shutdown michele bachmann. uh i'm worried some of your colleague colleagues are buckling, want to capitulate, bend down at the altar of reid and obama. i'm concerned. how concerned are you? >> we have held together for a
6:17 pm
long time in this process. i think we'll continue to hold on. the republicans are the conservatives that will work together to make sure we can push back obama care. we are really en er jazzed today. we're very strong. this is about the happiest i have seen members in a long time. we see we are starting to win this dying log on a national level. we need to hear from people back home. so far so good. there's been strong unity on most every vote. >> i want people to pay attention to the scene. lsu hospitals will cut nearly l 500 jobs. the state of virginia limiting people . the commonwealth of virginia, this is happening all over the country, what we are putting on then skree. nobody in main stream media is gutsy enough to point it out. this is why you have to hold the line. they are cutting the hours of 250 professors because of obama
6:18 pm
care. you have to make the case. >> at the local ymca uh they laid off two dozen folks. the president is en gauging in politics of pain and pressure. we can't give in. harry reid spilled the beans. they are willing to risk the lives of children and such. the house will keep open the world war ii memorial, fund cancer research and things that need to be done while obama care continues to destroy the health care system. we'll fight back. we'll see the breaks on the other side. the democrats are getting desperate. we have to keep pushing forward. >> the 18 republicans indicated their knees are getting weak and their spines beginning to crumble here. again, all the contact information. f you want to get in touch with
6:19 pm
one of the guys as your congressman. you can do that. congresswoman, i understand in the house you are trying to move five pieces of legislation to keep the parks and museums open, fund the district of columbia, support america's veterans and vv.a., the nih and the national guard. where do we stand? >> those bills are coming forward and they are getting passed with the support p of all republicans. really, every fight has a symbol. i brought something today for your viewers. this is the police tape that was at the world war ii memorial today. there are members of congress there. we pulled the tape loose together with the many tall barriers to make sure the world war ii vets could get in. when the government uses police tape to keep world war ii veterans from visiting their memorial, there is something wrong. that's our symbol that says we
6:20 pm
are for veterans. we are for children with cancer getting the research they need. so one by one, we are saying to harry reid what can we be for? let's work together on what we're for. all of the positive bills you mentioned, sean, we are for those. we believe that's something harry reid and possibly president obama should get behind, too. >> i thought i had heard a lot of cold, heartless things in my life. i don't think anything has been as awful as what we heard congressman huelskamp from harry reid today. everyone needs to listen to this. what you are hearing here is partisanship at a despicable level. listen to this.
6:21 pm
>> why would we want to do that? i have 1100 people at the air they have a pru fu problems of to have someone of your intelligence suggest such a thing maybe means you're irresponsible. reckless. >> why would i want to help one child with cancer? and fund the nih? why would i want to do that? that's the democratic party today. heartless. >> the president and harry reid chose this shutdown. he's spilled the beans as politics of pain, politics of pressure. they will stop at nothing to get their way. they refuse to negotiate, to come to the table. they say our way uh or the highway. republicans have offered to meet with them again and again. we'll continue to do that. i think the american people are saying, you know what, senator reid, president obama, it's time to come to the table. obama care isn't working. there are plenty of things to negotiate and come promiesz on. you have to sit down and talk. they have not done that.
6:22 pm
>> harry reid, how would you feel if it was your grandson, your child? maybe that's why you would want to fund the nih as the house pass it is bill and put aside bitter, angry partisanship. thank you. appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. >> up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> the fact is when you shut down the government you shut down a lot of services. you lay off a lot of people. there are bad consequences to that. >> despite what the white house says my next guest is here to explain why the consequences of a shutdown should not include the suspension of your constitutional rights and why a federal lawsuit will be filed if the world war ii memorial isn't re opened every day to each and every american. jay has the exclusive details after the break. also b tonight, just head over to you can pick the video of the day. your second choice, the emotion al tribute the ohio state
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today they will be greeted with a barricade. that's unacceptable. there is no reason these
6:27 pm
monuments shouldn't be open. open to americans, open to veterans. the only reason either being greeted with barricades is because the senate right now refuses to negotiate. >> the fact is, you know, when you shut down the government, you shut down a lot of services. you lay off a lot of people. and there are bad consequences to that. >> carney has become such a hack. while the white house won't admit it the president and senate democrats refusal to negotiate is the reason the world war ii memorial is closed this hour. despite what mr. carney said today the consequences of a government shutdown should not include the suspension of your constitutional rights which is why my next guest is threatening to take legal action if this site is not re-opened to the public asap. joining me with more is the man himself jay secular and penny lee.
6:28 pm
i understand there are temper tantrums by the president, harry reid. they don't get their way and they want to make things as painful as possible. can we at least open up the memorials. the the house is passing the bills. can we agree that's out of the realm of temper tantrum land? >> it's simple. if they put it on the floor, if they put a clean continuing resolution -- >> that's if we do everything you want. everything you want. >> it would pass. >> the world war ii memorial down there now that everyone is rushing to the cameras for the sympathy vote. that would re-open. let's put the blame where it really is. >> the president sent more guards there today than he sent
6:29 pm
after he was requested to send them through the state department to again geoon september 11 of 2012. we can at least keep it open and fund children which harry reid said he wouldn't want to help a kid with cancer. would you at least say we should pass those two bills while we go forward. >> one of the reasons we limit it here is the the united states constitution. the government can't just close down. first of all the world war ii memorial is locate sd open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. it is a traditional public forum. it's an area open for expression, free speech, thought, meditation, prayer, respect and honor.
6:30 pm
the constitution cannot be suspended because the president wants to put a punitive uh measure in place including in addition to the yellow tape and barricades the president had the money for including sandbags and keeping it from other americans that want to pay respects. this is a constitution here. this is a political move and the constitution doesn't allow this. the fact you're saying one bill isn't enough. you don't get to suspend the united states constitution's first amendment. free speech. freedom of association. freedom of assembly. those veterans deserve better and you know it. >> what about the fact that the last six months there have been all 13 bills out there to be able to be negotiated and the republicans along with ted cruz stopped it 18 times. >> what about the president isn't the king. >> 18 times the republicans re fused to go into conference to negotiate. >> let me jump in.
6:31 pm
i want to ask you, penny. if the two bills are passed while this is going on you're uh saying your advice to harry reid is -- no. don't fund the nih. so even if it helps one kid with cancer. >> i understand -- spnl i'm asking a question! don't keep open ing the parks and memorials though the republicans are funding it while they work out differences. you're against that? >> all i'm saying is that there is a ready-made solution there right now. >> that's your solution. i'm asking in the interim. >> if they put it fourth, keep in mind what this is about. >> you believe the president has the authority to put sandbags and barricades in front of an area that was open 48 hours ago with no problem.
6:32 pm
you could go there day or night. sometimes there were park rangers there. often there were not. do you believe the president has the authority to suspend the united states constitution? >> i believe there is a protocol that the national parks ser vis -- >> do you believe there is a protocol for the first amendment the president doesn't get to suspend it to make political points? >> i understand the optics are what they are. everyone will play politics on this. there is a simple solution now. >> just do everything you want. bow at harry reid's altar. >> i will give uh you uh a solution. >> there will be a solution called a federal lawsuit. that's the solution. >> just pass a bill that's on the floor. why pass it 18 times. >> you have said it 50 times. your way only and that's the only thing you will accept. >> no. >> the last offer the house republicans made was to eliminate -- give the same exemptions s that obama care has given to big business, to
6:33 pm
individuals and they said the special exemptions subsidy for congress would be taken away. that's the only thing it said. do you support congress getting a subsidy? >> should be an easy path. >> do you support individuals getting the same benefits big business gets? >> i support negotiating the problems or issues they have on obama care outside of shutting down the government and putting the full faith -- >> let's support our veterans and the first amendment and stop the politics on the free speech clause of the first amendment. >> coming up next, david limbaugh. fireworks next. and obama care's opening wasn't pretty. why this nightmare isn't ready for primetime. the video has gone viral of the motorcycle gang assault. our lawyers will explain who is at fault. of course we want to hear from you. our special companion site. follow the live show. vote for video of the day.
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or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. welcome back to "hannity." today marked day two of obama care and the sign-up for the health care ex changes has been nothing but a train wreck. as predicted the bill wasn't ready for primetime. should have been delayed or defunded. health care.cgov had to be temporarily shut down. people received error messages. glitches plagued health care websites in 13 states. in connecticut, less than 1% of 28,000 people who visited the page got to enroll in the exchange. i love this. when an nbc news anchor tried to sign up on live tv, it didn't
6:39 pm
work out well. this is the obama care mania media network. >> this is the beginning of the log in process and creating an account. it's like it would be for any website. i keep getting this error page. it won't let me progress past verifying personal information. i will call the help number and see what they have to say. i have been able to set up the t account. i was in the process of verifying the identity and hit a roadblock on the website. i kept getting an error message. i tried to initiate an online chat. that didn't go anywhere. it just started ringing again. i haven't reached a person yet. we are 15 minutes in now. i have probably spent almost 20 minutes on the phone now. we started about 35 minutes ago. at this point i'm going to call it a day. if i were signing up for myself, this is where my patience would be exhausted. >> obama care who has an excuse for everybody probably blames george bush for the mess. the federal government is trying to blame extremely high demand.
6:40 pm
but that's not the problem. they have had three years. how could they have possibly screwed it up that bad? rear here with reaction, david limbaugh, fox news political analyst juan williams. i guess it's george w. bush's fault. the dog bites, the bee stings, obama care sucks. it's bush's fault. >> it is so popular. you are playing chicken little. the sky is falling. >> i'm not. >> this thing is so popular, americans are so hungry for it, it is under such a crushing demand is that they have to re tool the technology. it's not a big deal, sean. >> why help one kid with cancer and fund the nih like the house did earlier today? >> ask the republicans. i'm glad you brought it up. >> they passed the funding for it. tell harry reid. >> they are having a tantrum like a little child and refusing -- >> let's play harry reid. >> -- make this government work.
6:41 pm
>> play harry reid in his own words where he says why help a kid with cancer david limbaugh. >> oh, please. >> you know, juan, the sky may not be falling but america is. its health care system is. the entire obama care system is based on a lie, based on a false premise about the number of insured and obama said we want these 47 million people uninsured. even b after obama care is imple meanted supposedly 25 million will be uninsured? everybody will have less access to care, higher prices. it will be a budget buster. people can't keep their doctors, their insurance. 47 million was a lie in the first place. 18 million could afford insurance and chose not to. a high number of millions had access to government benefits and declined. something like 8 million people actually could afford it. then didn't qualify for
6:42 pm
government benefits and they fell through the cracks. so we have states economy so ob liberals can implement socialism on the american people and control us. >> we have had this argument. david limbaugh, sean hannity and juan williams have been over this. guess what. the law passed. >> you lost. >> then we argued again. then the supreme court said, it's legal. then there was an election. you guys said, there is no way barack obama gets re elected. >> and the republicans won the house. >> he was re elected. >> and the republicans won the house. >> yet you want to fight this now and attach it to shutting down the government. you're having a tantrum. >> you know everybody keeps saying it is the new mantra that obama care is the law of the land. so is the constitution. so the is separation of powers. so is the gop congress's duty to watch dog budgetary expenditures and to bring this budget back into place. >> fine. i like that, david.
6:43 pm
let's argue about the budget. >> obama will not talk. >> the house and senate said we'll the do it. >> whoa, whoa. hang on. >> we'll negotiate about it. >> come on over here. >> let me ask a question. do you support the president won't talk, they won't go to conference. they won't get rid of special exemptions which is what the republicans said. they said to get rid of special exemptions. it's passed. do you support that policy of obama and reid, no talk, no negotiation, they will neg yat with iran and syria and russia. do you support that? >> sean -- >> do you support that? >> the president said -- >> no negotiation. none. >> when it comes to the budget. the law has been passed. you guys are on the wrong side of history. you don't like social security, medica medicare, medicaid, you don't like anything. >> do you support talk uhhing, negotiating? >> yes!
6:44 pm
>> the president said he won't negotiate. >> the president said he wouldn't negotiate about obama care. he's glad to negotiate about spending in the budget. >> listen, i know you may light a candle and bow at a picture of -- an altar you built at your house. the rest of us question some of his decisions. his debt is reckless spending. it may shock you. >> we can have disagreement agreements. do we have to shut down the government? >> blame obama. >> oh, my. >> there's no other opportunity to make democrats come to the table t. juan, aren't you tired of obama using america as his chemistry set and pretending this is about him? matt lauer said this is obama's baby. it's about him. >> we have to roll. >> why help one kid with cancer? coming up next, a motorcycle gang assault everyone is talking about. who is to blame? that's next. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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welcome back. there are new legal questions raised regarding the motorcycle gang attack in new york city. now it all started when a motorcyclist stopped short in front of an suv and was bumped by the vehicle. the other bikers stopped,
6:49 pm
surrounded the car but the driver reportedly panicked and stepped on the gas hitting a few bikers as seen in the spotlight on your screen. the other bikers chased the car down the highway for two miles, eventually catching the car. even trying to open the driver door. the vehicle was able to pull away. when the suv turned off the highway the gang finally cornered the range over in traffic and one of the bikers took the helmet off and smashed the driver's window. you don't see the biker pull him out and beat him in front of his wife and 2-year-old child. the driver was taken to a nearby hospital where he received stitches on his face and chest. his wife and child were not harmed. one of the bikers accused of instigating the encounter appeared in court today for his arraignment facing charges of reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering a child and me nasing. a second biker turned himself in. another suffered broken legs and spine injuries that may paralyze
6:50 pm
him for life. his wife is speak out hoping for justice for her husband. who is really to blame? here to debate it, defense attorney keisha heban and the five co-host, former prosecutor kimberly gilfoil. here is the problem with videotapes. the problem is we don't always know the full story. it's obvious at the point we be gin to see it that the motorcycle gang is surrounding the car. i can understand maybe -- but what led to that. different stories between the motorcycle gang and the driver. >> you're getting a snapshot during that one particular vantage point of the motorcyclist that had the video camera on the helmet. he was able to record it. they want other perspectives. video and they will talk to others they decided not to bring charges against. he was not part of the assault.
6:51 pm
he may have been on the periphery. they could get names, identification of other drivers that were a part of the assault when they dragged the victim out of the car and beat him. those are people they want to get. >> what about the driver? did he feel he was in danger when he rolled over those guys? >> that's a crucial issue. he could be charged if that was unnecessary. we don't have vid uh owe footage of that. i don't think it was necessary. you're driving into a street full of motorists or motorcyclists and someone was injured to the point he may be paralyzed. there are other ways. >> maybe at that point -- you do see at the beginning if we start at the beginning of the tape you see one motorcyclist getting in front of him, slowing down. at that point -- >> that's cruz who was charged. >> right. >> that guy is seen to be in a fight with the guy in the car. >> the issue is the assault.
6:52 pm
he was seriously injured. >> taking him out of the car. >> there is no footage of that. in a case with mobs of people like this it's hard to pinpoint who did what. people don't want to tell. especially against other motorcycle members? >> i'm sympathetic. people have a right to ride their motorcycle. i have been on highways where these guys drive the a hundred miles an hour. it's dangerous. >> sean, i was there on sunday. i was right smack in the middle of this before it happened. >> you were hanging out? >> i was in my car taking my little boy to a birthday party. they blocked the intersection for two lights. they were getting off bikes, talking. they impeded traffic. they were denied a permit by the city of new york. this is dangerous. it's reckless and it can cause accidents and cause people -- >> you need a permit in new york to go out driving with your friends? >> this is a hollywood stunt. there are ways to do it
6:53 pm
lawfully. >> the driver should have used common sense. when i see a group of motorcyclists like that, i stay out of the way. i'm not going to get in there. i don't want to be responsible for someone being killed. he didn't use good judgment to say, no, i'm not letting you in or whatever happened. >> some of the statements is he was blocked in because cruz pulled in front. they were trying to box him in, cut him off. >> we don't know that. >> this is the statement, the eyewitnesses that were there at the scene. >> saying they boxed in the driver. >> right. they charged cruz with reckless en dangerment, endangerment of a child. put yourself in the position -- and the police are doing that. he believed according to the statements he 's given to police he was in fear of danger for himself, his wife and small child. >> it's intimidating. >> it's overwhelming. maybe he panicked. it is unfortunate what happened. they still have to do the investigation to figure it out. >> what will be the crucial point is whether they can prove what happened prior to him
6:54 pm
pressing the gas. if they were slashing his tires, obviously -- >> i didn't see him speeding away that he had a tire slashed though. >> then it looked like there was enough room. it didn't look like he was boxed in. i think he probably used poor judgment. they did, too. they didn't have a right to doha. >> all right, guys. we'll follow the story. coming up next on "hannity," your choice for video of the day. that winner coming up next on "hannity." ♪ ♪ hey lady! noooo! no! [ tires screech ] ♪ nooo! nooo! nooo! hey lady, that's diesel! i know. ♪ ♪
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to get free crab-stuffed mushrooms with two dinner trées. welcome back. time to reveal what you have chosen as tonight's video of the day. uh you selected the king of late night. nbc dumb enough not to let leno
6:59 pm
go once but twice. how do you fire the number one guy twice? pretty dumb, nbc. take a look. >> we have the government shutdown but the beginning of obama care. that means you can now complain to the doctor about the government making you sick. how many are worried about the government shutting down? how many are worried about it starting back up? [ applause ] >> i'm glad the government is shut down. for the first time in years it's safe to talk on the phone and send e-mails without anybody listening in. you can talk to whoever you want. it's fantastic. >> how do you fire the number one uh guy twice? who's thinking over there? or not thinking. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled.
7:00 pm
the news continues. greta van susteren joins us "on the record." take it away. >> this is a fox news alert. check your watch. our government has been shut down 4 hours and still there is no plan to get the bath back to work. tonight president obama and top congressional leaders meeting at the white house for the first time since this shutdown started testimony the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. >> we are where we are. we are not going to play. we are through playing little games on. it's all focused on obama care. that's all this is about. >> for the latest, live to chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel. mike? >> hi, greta. we understand it was an hour plus conversation at the white house. white house aides say the president was fwlad to get leaders together for the important conversation. as you heard from house speaker


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