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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren standing by to go "on the record." see you back here tomorrow night. >> this is a fox news alert. chaos in the caple toll. first shutdown and then lock down. a woman leads police on a high speed chase. 16 blocks to the capitol from the white house. it all started when she tried to drive-thru a security checkpoint outside the white house. she then struck an officer as she fled the scene. secret service and police chased the woman down pen pen avenue toward the capitol. at one point she was cornered but rammed the the police cars, struck another officer and took off again. police shooting at the suspect. but the chase didn't end until the car crashed into the back of the capitol. then more gunfire and the suspect was shot and died. police rescued a 1-year-old child, a girl, from the car. for the latest we go to peter
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ducey. good evening. what can you tell me about the woman who was shot and killed? >> reporter: greta, first i want to tell you what we saw in the last five minutes. authorities with a flat bed truck towing the black infinity sedan that the woman from connecticut drove through the streets of d.c. today during that wild chase. as you mentioned the car was driving until it was finally stopped by police officers bullets just in the shadow of the heart senate office building during a scary afternoon. while it was going on there was a lot of uncertainty and staffers all over the capitol were told to shelter in place by a very stern public address announcement. they were told to stay away from the windows. we know this now decease ed driver had no weapon in her vehicle but he was driving dangerously the whole way here with a young girl somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 year old
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in her car. the crisis she caused started around quarter past two, two miles down the road near the white house. when she tried to ram a fence she injured a secret service officer in the process. that secret service group pursued her at high speeds throughout the streets of d.c. came from the top of washington's only open museums during the shutdown. they saw people. they saw her car held up at one checkpoint. they were yelling and scream ing for her to get out of the car. officers fired on her in two
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different locations. the chase was over when her car crashed in the 100 block of maryland avenue in northeast washington, d.c. authorities say it was an isolated incident as far as they can tell. no nexus to terrorism. as you see the police officers. remember none of them right now are being paid. the government is shut down. they are essential. they need to show up. paycheck or no paycheck. this is a fox news alert. our government has been shut down for 70 hours. today the house passing more mini spending bills that are going nowhere. the house and senate are still not talking to each other.
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>> all we are asking for is a discussion. >> he's off campaigning in rockville. >> hello, rockville. >> getting this thing solved. certainly disappointing. >> there will be no negotiations over this. the american people aren't pawns in a political game. >> ted cruz came up with this strategy. shut down the whole government. then we'll take a few pieces and let you fund them. >> mr. president, the person holding up the funding of the government and shutting it down is you. you and senator reid. >> if president obama won't come to the table, what can we do? >> the truth is this, the house has compromised over and over and over again. >> to fund the piecemeal bills gives ted cruz veto power over what is funded and what isn't. >> no compromise, no discussion. shut down the government. this is harry reid's shut down. he wants to shut it down and refuses to listen to the american people. >> ted cruz is not the entire
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u.s. government. >> speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote because he doesn't want to anger the extremist miss the party. >> get rid of the tea party direction. work with us. >> the tea party isn't going away. the tea party is hanging in. if anything, the tea party is getting stronger. >> senior adviser to president reagan pat buchanan calling the obama/reid strategy sadistic saying they want maximum pain for maximum gain. pat. >> good to see you, greta. >> is that what you said. >> when you saw what happened at the memorial. we have seen the honor flights coming from the fellows who fought in world war ii. they are going to their memorial. they find metal barriers and crime scene tape keeping them out. for what purpose? >> who do you think made the decision? that was appalling to the world war ii vets.
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especially if you have never been to washington. viewers should know it is an open area. not like it's a building to go into. how high up the food chain is this decision made? in your wildest dreams do you think president obama said let's close the world war ii memorial? >> i doubt it. i heard it came out of the omb, told the park service to do this. >> to inflict pain or close monuments? >> close monuments, memorials to do maximum daniel to inflict pain and injury and redirect rage and anger to the republican party. >> that was the directive? >> i believe this is why they are closing down and doing this. they closed the beaches and battlefield and cemetery at normandy. if you ask them should we keep this open they would vote to do it.
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i believe this is to inflict maximum pain for maximum gain. it's sadistic. he was asked, why not go along with the republican idea of open ing nih? they have cancer projects. they bring the kids in. why keep it shut down? he says i'm not going to play their little game. this is one way the republicans have of showing what's basically the truth. they have voted three times to fund the government except for obama care. they voted for nih funding, veterans funding, washington, d.c. funding, memorials funding. what's harry reid voted to fund? zip. >> why is it the numbers aren't reflecting a huge dissatisfacti
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dissatisfaction with senator reid. >> the media. 24 reports blame the republicans. four blame both parties. not one blamed the democrats. i think the media have taken up this the republicans are shutting down the government in order to kill obama care. they want the to kill obama care or limit it to one more year. they have never voted to shut down the government. they know this is a tactic to lay it on them. >> who is the leader of the republican party? >> boehner is the leader in the house. i think it's the republican caucus and the tea party isn't 40 guys. i think the tea party and conservative caucus. >> speaker boehner said the house. but there is no -- >> no national leader. mitt romney was a nominal leader. he's the form nominee. >> he's gone. the former nominee is usually the de facto leader of the party. >> pat, nice to see you. >> thank you.
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>> now to senator ted cruz taking fire from democrats and now some republicans, too. we spoke with senator cruz a short time ago. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> senator, i read an article which said the senate was off to a snippy start today. the reference was that senate the majority leader harry reid is calling you the joint speaker of the house. obviously a reference that he thinks you're doing something over in the house of representatives, controlling them. >> the more progress there's been behind defunding obama care, the nastier har iry reid has gotten. it's more personal. they have been using personal invective, calling us anarchists and terrorists it's a sign that
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they are concerned. they say there is no chance to stop obama care. if there was no chance they wouldn't be this shrill, nasty and personal. they are scare thad the american people are energized now. i find it inspiring. >> are you peeling off more republicans within your own -- and the senate to your side? are they stocking up or moving away from you on this issue? >> you know, i think we are seeing momentum, number one, with the american people. millions of americans have gone to dontfund to sign the national pe technician. we are see ing momentum with the house of representatives which has been standing together, listening to the american people. senate republicans were divided. we are becoming united supporting house republicans. four times. the house of representatives has passed a compromise that would keep the government running, fund the government but that would stop the enormous harms
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that obama care is inflicting on the american people. four times, greta, harry reid said jump in a lake. no compromise. no discussion. shut down the government. the house has passed a number of bills, piecemeal bills that senator reid says basically, i don't know if you say a gun to his head, but different things going back and forth. he thinks as the lousy way to try to re solve this. i assume you are with the house on the this. where does this all end up. where are we going? >> we're in a remarkable situation. number one, the way congress is supposed to work. the way it's worked for centuries is that congress should pass appropriations one topic at a time. not everything mashed into a giant c.r. what he called the piecemeal process is the traditional process of legislating.
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the person that laid out this approach was president obama. he gave a speech a couple of days ago to the american people and said if there is a shutdown, social security will continue, medicare will continue. the men am women of the military will be paid. that was a big concession there. for months he was threatening social security and medicare and the men and women of the military. he listed the areas president obama intended to cut and said border patrol agents were not going to be paid. he said he would shut down national parks and memorials. what did the house do? it said mr. president, we have heard you. you don't want to shut down the v.a., fine. we'll pass it. whatever happens in a shutdown our veterans should not pay the
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price. what happened today? harry reid objected. so the v.a. would be funded if it weren't for reid and the democrats. every senate republican voted to fund the v.a. and as president obama asked us to but it is because harry reid is shutting down the government and objecting to allowing us to fund the v.a., he's saying he wants to hold vet ans hostage in order to force obama care on the american people. listen, i think that gamesmanship is cynical, partisan. i think the the american people understand the games he's playing. >> looking forward to what this issue may collide with which is the issue of the debt ceiling. what do you anticipate? your person, your vote on the debt ceiling. raise it or not? if raise the debt court of appeal ing i take it you have conditions. what are your conditions? >> when we get to the debt ceiling i think we cannot raise
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the debt ceiling without significant structural reforms addressing the out of control spend ing problems. in my view we ought to tackle one thing at a time. right now the federal government is partly shut down because harry reid and barack obama have forced a shutdown. >> let me tell you. i really think it is terrible we came up to september 30 and had this crisis. >> absolutely. >> there is a five-week vacation in august. everyone knew september 30 would roll b around. the same feeling was hitting the debt ceiling of october 17. i don't want to do one thing at a time. we do it in a crisis mode. why not think about what we'll do? i'm curious what your plan. the last minute stuff isn't helpful to the american people. >> you're right but the democrats want government by crisis. the house passed a bill to open
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every park, every memorial and harry reid and the democrats objected. why? because they -- you know, they had been sent shutting away the world war ii memorial and sending away world war ii vets because they want crisis because they think it will force funding for bank. the same thing on continuing resolutions and the dealt ceiling. we shouldn't be here in a crisis. in fact, senator rob portman has legislation to eliminate government shutdowns. the republican from pennsylvania has legislation to eliminate the threat of a default on the debt ceiling. what happens on both of those, harry reid and the democrats killed that legislation because they want government by crisis because it is the way they keep exploiding the size of government. it's why we have nearly a $7 trillion national debt and why so many americans are frustrated with washington.
10:16 pm
the only way the to change it is if we force d.c. to listen. that's the only way to change it. >> nice to see you. hope you will come back. we have a lot to talk about. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. thanks for everything you do. >> okay. now to tonight's hot button issue on greta do you think politicians are trying to make the government shutdown hurt? yes or no. go to and vote in the poll now. straight ahead, israeli prime minister bennejamin netanyahu gs on the record. what he knows about president rowhani should get president obama's attention, too. that's minutes from now. plus an suv driver chased by biker and beaten. tonight, you will hear from the wife of the suv driver about their horrifying ordeal. that's also coming up. and this -- >> this is the entrance to the colonial farm barring people from ent erring. you can see the barricades, police tape and the sign from
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it's not just funded parks falling victim to the shutdown. the obama administration closing hundreds of privately funded parks. why? well, grif jenkins went to the claude moore colonial farm in virginia the to find out. >> reporter: for the first time in 40 years this 18th century colonial farm has been ordered by the parks service to shut its doors despite the fact that it uses no government resources or receives federal fundings. it was exempt from the shutdown in 1995. it has folks wondering why this time. >> monday we got a phone call saying for the first time ever
10:21 pm
that we were being included in the government shutdown and even though the park service provided no resources to us, we would have to close because we were sitting on their property. >> reporter: and they came out and visited you? >> right -- well, we called. they said, no, absolutely no exception s. we explained we had upcoming events, volunteers. they said, no, absolutely no. they barricaded the parking lot to the entrance into the 18th century farm. we were set ing up for an event at the pavilions. they sent police and escorted people off the t property. spe we don't cost them a penny to operate nor have we for a long time. why wouldn't you leave us open? why wouldn't you allow people to visit a national park? they say that they don't want to do it. they didn't have to do this here. >> what happened during the last government shutdown in 1995? >> we were allowed to stay open.
10:22 pm
government was closed almost three weeks. we had t lots of visitors because people couldn't go to the other parks. the thing that's critical for us is we derive income from visitors and programs. this is the busiest month of the year for us in october. we are allowed to let one person in a day to feed the animals and make sure the farm hasn't been vandalized. >> reporter: how worried are you about the welfare of the animals and the security of the property? >> when i told the staff they said, we're not leaving. we're all still here. >> reporter: you are aware you could be arrested during this interview or any time afterward. >> yep. >> reporter: what would be the impact on the farm itself during this closure and in the future? >> we have had to cancel every event. we have already lost about $20,000. if we don't re-open immediately we will never open again. >> reporter: so you are in fear of losing the farm all together. >> completely, yes.
10:23 pm
when the government re-opens, they are funded. when we re-open, we don't have federal funding. >> reporter: so you are losing your revenue and the condition -- the upkeep of the farm. >> rieg. >> reporter: you've got to be upset about that. >> yeah. we're pissed. >> the national park service didn't return our calls for comment. up next, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he has found a way to go around the iranian president and speak directly to the iranian people. it's an interview you cannot miss. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children lauing ] move to thcountry, and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after th get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement
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10:28 pm
the united states. >> it's nice the to be back. >> you just spoke to the iranian bbc, correct? >> the persian language broadcast of the bbc, yeah. >> that's unusual. >> first time. >> uh why did you do it? >> because i wanted to say things to the people of iran. i said, look, you were once a great civilization. we had a great friendship. cyrus the great was a great persian king who enabled the jewish exiles on the rivers of babylon to come back to the holy land. that's 25 years ago. he said go back to the land of israel, rebuild the jewish temple in jerusalem. that's a bond. we had a bond until the ayatollahs took over and hijacked the people of iran yearn ing for freedom. put them in the dark ages. now they are trying to eradicate israel with nuclear weapons and
10:29 pm
dominate with their crazy creed around the world. i said we all have a vested interest that you don't get nuclear weapons. we the people of israel and the people of the united states understand this would be nuclear terrorism. europeans, arabs. nobody wants to see nuclear weapons. you the people of iran don't want nuclear weapons in the hands of this tyranny. it will be immortal like north korea. you will never regain your freedom. you will be slaves forever. you, the people of iran, want to see this regime disarmed from any nuclear weapons capability. that was my message to them. >> what's fascinating is you going around rowhani to speak to the iranian people much like things happened here with president vladimir putin going around president obama and putting an op-ed in the new york times. senator john mccain did it online in pravda. we have world leaders speaking to the people. >> there is a difference.
10:30 pm
i speak to my own people and anybody can say anything about me, which they do, by the way. we have a free press. same thing is true in the united states. but rowhani, the iranian president comes to the united states, makes a nice song and dance, a lot of smiles, soft words. and he tweets messages in new york. when is he going to let the iranian people tweet messages free ly in iran? they don't let them. that persian bbc interview i just had, they jam it in iran. there is no freedom in iran. there is no democracy. there is a dark dictatorship that seeks to develop nuclear weapons with mad designs on the united states. they are developing icbms. intracontinental ballistic missiles. they are not for us. they have missiles to reach us. they are developing it to reach
10:31 pm
you. those missiles have only one purpose. a nuclear payload. as the iran president is talking to you they are developing weapons and vehicles to strike the united states. they have to stop it. dismantle the program. dismantle their nuclear weapons program. now that's t not what they are offering. they are offering something entirely different. i don't think we should be hoodwinked. >> you use the word hoodwinked. there was a charm offensive by president rowhani when he spoke before the u.n. the new york times, in their editorial seemed to be a little bit smitten with it, but they said basically trust but verify. >> i say distrust, dismantle and verify. >> you do indeed say that in your speech. you have the new york times sort of at least saying this is a change. then you have the president of the united states for the first time since the revolution in 1979 speaking on the phone with president rowhani.
10:32 pm
you have the united states a little bit -- almost -- i don't know if charmed is the word. they seem to have softened a little bit towards the iranians. you have not. >> no. i i spoke to president obama at great lenlt. i appreciated the fact that on the day of the shutdown he took a few hours to talk about this. we have a common goal to take sure iran doesn't develop nuclear weapons. we are looking for a shutdown of iran's nuclear weapons program. the president said iran's conciliatory words must be met with meaningful action. what is meaningful action? it's not a partial deal that leaves iran with the machines and materials to make enough bomb material to make atomic bombs. it's got to be a complete dismantling. no the partial deals n. the case of syria you didn't say to assad, take 20% of your chemical
10:33 pm
weapons. you said, full deal. full dismantling. that's what should be done here. iran doesn't need any residual capability for nuclear enrichment of uranium. they say, we want civilian nuclear energy. okay. 17 countries have civilian nuclear energy programs without enrichment. the only reason you want en richment capability is for nuclear weapons. the real reason they say we'll make minor concessions but keep the capacity to enrich uranium and convert heavy water. that gives us the bomb. no. that's not what you take sanctions of. complete dismantling of iran's nuclear weapons capability. then and only then we leave the sanctions. you've got them on the ropes. that economy is about to
10:34 pm
collapse. you want to knock out iran's nuclear weapons program peacefully? keep up the sanctions and go for the full deal. nothing short of it. no partial deals, no enrichment. >> we spoke in march of 2012, you and i. you said the crippling sanctions affected their economy, but not the nuclear program. fast forward to now. you argue passionately that they need all their enrichment capability thrown away. you met with the president on monday and made a statement about all the enrichment on tuesday. on monday in the oval office did the president agree there would be no nuclear enrichment in iran, that that's the position of the united states? >> we agree we need meaningful actions. it's an interesting question. this is an intellectual exchange. i don't mean a high falutin' level. it's a real ex change where people are seeking the same
10:35 pm
goal. let's see how we get it. i think the u.s. administration and the president are trying to work out what's the best way to do it. but the last thing you want to do, here is the worst thing that can happen. because of the so-called charm offensive with the unchanging goal, that i guarantee you. the unchanging goal of maintaining iran's nuclear weapons capability. they make tactical concessions. this is rowhani's plan. smiles. make tactical concessions. keep the bulk of the machine and materials so they can one day at the time of their choosing rush forward and create enough enriched material, enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon. in exchange for the lifting of sanctions or partial lifting of sanctions. if you do they will maintain the capacity to break through with nuclear weapons and the sanctions regime could collapse. re move some of the sanctions. enough countries are waiting for this. they will drop the sanctions on
10:36 pm
the regime all together. what took us years to out put in place -- and you know how long itch i have been talking about this with you and others. took us years to t et get the international community to put these very strong crippling sanctions in place. you let them go. iran will make concessions that they could reverse in weeks. who wins out on that? iran. who loses? the world, israel, the arabs, everybody . >> we have much more with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. up next, he warns president rowhani will hoodwink the united states and the rest of the world. hear what he plans to do next. in two minutes you will hear from the wife of the suv driver caught in that terrifying chase. that's two minutes away. man: i know the name of eight princesses.
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news in the violent road rage incident caught on camera. a swarm of bikers chasing a young family in an suv on a new york highway, finally forcing the suv off the highway, dragging out the driver and beating him. tonight we are hearing from the wife of the driver. in a statement she said our plan was to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a nice family day out with our 2-year-old daughter. instead we were placed in grave danger by a mob of reckless, violent motorcyclists. our sympathies to the injured motorcyclist and his family. we were faced with a life-threatening situation. my husband was forced under the circumstances to take the actions he did in order to protect the lives of our family. do you think the suv driver has responsibility for the incident? yes or no? go to to vote in the poll. we are back in two minutes. go to ♪
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more of our interview with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. i suspected when i heard you speak before the u.n. that israel would go alone, take the responsibility to get rid of nuclear weapons in iran. i suspected the day before president obama was not as strong and he thought there was a way iran could keep enrichment capabilities whether for energy or medical or whatever. that's what i suspected. that's why you were so forceful the next day saying israel will go alone. that harkened back to the other times when you have spoken about israel's right to defend itself and at what point do you activate that right. >> well, first of all, the president said he will not give up the option to prevent iran militarily. i think that's important. secondly, i don't seek a military solution.
10:43 pm
i would be the happiest person alive to get a diplomatic answer but it has to be real. >> since we spoke march 7, 2012, nothing happened. >> that's correct. >> nothing happened at all. >> except exchange of words. sugar coating. >> and 15 months more to do whatever they want. >> exactly. i say if they continue enriching, they are piling up enriched uraniums as negotiations proceed. i say pile up new sanctions. no partial deals, no enrichment. they say they want it for medical isotopes. dozens of countries, probably the number is more than dozens. they have medical isotopes. you can buy the stuff. you can get it. big countries have a civilian
10:44 pm
nuclear energy program again without these elements that can produce nuclear weapons. ayatollah khomeini wants nuclear weapons. he wrote the book on nuclear strategy. negotiations and nuclear strategy. he says -- i have to read this to you. he was the chief nuclear negotiator between 2003 and 2005. at that time iran was able to hoodwink the west and build the critical facility that separates. uranium yellow cake, ore and converts it. he said while we were talking to the europeans in tehran, negotiating, we were installing the equipment in the nuclear conversion plant. by creating the calm environment, calm international
10:45 pm
environment, we were able to complete the work. that's what he says. he says basically, i fooled you once. i will fool you twice. do you remember that? fool me once, fool me twice. fool me thrice? we are t not going to let him do it. he openly says i am deceiving you. >> we go back. it seems like in the united states with the new york times being their editorial and the president trying to meet with rowhani. it seems the united states is impressed with him in some small way. there is a thaw there. it seem s the history of the t president, things he's said, lack of example of actual product. we are going for the fool me twice.
10:46 pm
>> the president wants a real cessation and dismantling of the program. i think the irans think they can get away with it. i don't think they can. what will happen, okay. just think about it. you do a partial deal. leave them with nuclear capability. remove some of the sanctions. the sanction regime collapses. so you have nice editorials. you have a ceremony. everybody claps hands. two weeks later, the sanctions collapse. iran continues to work toward the bomb. a breakout capability. nobody benefits. everybody will understand. people are smart in washington.
10:47 pm
there is a natural desire to have a real nonmilitary solution. a the diplomatic solution. it has to be real. can't be a fake deal, a partial deal. that's something that's pen traiting the consciousness both of the public but also the decision-makers. you want something that will stick. you don want a fluff ceremony. we are left with nothing or worse than nothing. >> straight ahead, the most powerful people in politics going on the record at 10:00 going on the record at 10:00 you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you?
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>> greta: this coming up monday, on the record moves to its new time slot. our last 11 and a half years have been an exciting time, tonight we're going take a look back at our biggest interviews. >> an interview with president bush, illinois senator barack obama, and senator john
10:52 pm
edwards werk spoke with speaker boehner, and sara palin, nancy pelosi, january yet napolitano. what does the president do? >> he hasn't done improved shopping so far. he's done none. >> how about cook something. >> no cooking either. >> she deserves a gold medal for being with me for 33 years of marriage. >> all these economists recommend an economic stimulus this, would be the best place to spend it. >> i can do the math, 64% of the supporters. >> you're going to keep the trouble? any time you've got a possibility of an indictment you've got trouble. >> there is no question about it. i can't say this is the best time of my life do we pay our teachers enough? >> no. >> in december there was a report iraq had, iran stopped its nuclear weapons program as of 2003. do you believe that? >> well, i mean i believe
10:53 pm
intelligence professionals are sincere in analysis. i, that should not say to people that iran is not a threat. in other words -- . >> greta: you believe it? >> i believe, i believe they want a weapon. >> there is no military solution to the problems in iraq. then, only political pollutions -- solutions goring to bring about some semblance of peace. >> lack of washington it seems in my view. >> i just grabbed a chunk of moose meat out of the freezer. we didn't have any moose meat in our freezer last couple days. >> you took some from your snairnts. >> i d we stole it from them. or caribou, i don't know what it was. it wasn't marked on the package. >> can i tell you? that is scary at 70. >> you've written tons of
10:54 pm
letters. >> not anymore. now, i use the e mail. and computer. and i find i don't do near as much writing as i used to. >> tomorrow, at the airport, what happened? >> a gentleman said if i show up at the airport he's not going to like it. so i'm not going to be able to organize or go through selections. to be engaged in. >> rockets were in place tochl press displeasure at the gathering of 70 nations and international organizations on behalf of a. future for afghanistan that repudiates everything rocket launchers stand for. >> most people who do it are
10:55 pm
good people who do what they think is right. they did it, they may do it because they believe they can make a difference. don't you believe that? >> i believe that. i really do. >> coming up, we may have just found a way to solve communications problems between skmous senate, next. i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home. you and roger could get married in our backyard. it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options for your needs. because when people talk, great things happen.
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you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. >> greta: house and senate can't seem to communicate, here is jay leno. >> do you know something? harry reid today talked about a phone call with john boehner. let me show you. >> just finished a conversation with -- a telephonic conversation with speaker boehner. >> telephonic?
11:00 pm
give me murray 1, 9, 1, 9. hello? >> tomorrow night the last one at 10:00 p.m. monday, 7:00 p.m. go to one more. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> shots fired after reports that this happened just moments ago. right now the u.s. capitol on lockdown. >> bill: another violent incident. this one in washington, d.c. and it forces congress people to run for their lives we will have the very latest tonight. >> there is one way out of this reckless and damaging republican shutdown. congress has to pass a budget that funds our government with no partisan strings attached. >> while the president continues to rail against republicans. what is the press doing? are they reporting the obama care government fairown story in a way? i will deal with that in the talking points memo. >> my obligation as a host of the kelly file is to make sure the


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