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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 5, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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me. until next time, i hope you are learning to be more of a healthy you. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters day five of the partial government shutdown and the defense secretary chuck hagel no you announcing the recall of most furloughed civilian employees at the pentagon. most of the house and senate gathering today for a special weekend session. no signs of an end to the shutdown. molly is live on capitol hill with more on that. hi, molly. >> hi, greg. a bit of a new development. it was expected the democratically controlled senate would vote to take up what the house passed this morning and easily passed a
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bill that would improve back pay for furloughed federal workers when ever the government shutdown ends. now we hear the senate takes its time on the issue. the house passed a measure unanimously this morning. 407-0. when do you see that number in the house these days. 407-0. democrats have strongly opposed reopening the government bit by bit, and the top senate democrat signaled this morning when he thought the latest piece of legislation was an absurd way to handle a government shutdown. >> now we are say together federal employees, we will pay it when it is all over with. right now we stay home, watch tv and play chess and whatever you want to do because we won't let you work. look ahead. you will get paid. right now it is the absurd tee of this. >> they see the legislation as well as the legislation passed
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by the house throughout the week to reopen various government agencies as a way to mitigate the difficult effects of the government shutdown. lawmakers continue to negotiate on the bigger, more controversial issues like obamacare. >> the democrats have calculated that by prolonging the shutdown and maximizing the pain they can bully republicans into doing whatever president obama and the majority leader reid want them to do. it is a cynical game. democrats have decided to play it. >> we are going to stay focused on trying to ease the pain of the shutdown while we continue to ask both the president and the senate majority leader to shut down and -- to sit down and talk. he said while they are shutdown he will not pay a, quote, ransom. and he said he would fund the government in one fell swoop. the president canceled his trip to asia because of the
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shutdown. but no meetings have been set up for negotiations with the house republicans. the republicans say they are here and ready to talk if the president wants to. greg? >> molly is live in capitol hill. molly, thanks very much. secretary of state john kerry is strongly urging congress now to end the government shutdown. >> it is not only in congress' power to prevent the shutdown, but it is also within congress' power to end it, to end it now and to end it today. >> and the secretary visiting indonesia and an economic summit there. he says the international community should not mistake the shutdown as anything other than a moment of politics. president obama originally scheduled to attend the very meeting, but he canceled a long-planned trip to deal with the government shutdown. >> the official obamacare website is now down for repairs don't you know after a
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bumpy first week. millions of consumers have been met with glitches and delays and all kinds of confusion as they try to access the exchanges on-line and now the department of health and human services is spending overnight hours debugging the system as they call it. they say the website will remain open for general information tomorrow. obamacare without a doubt at the heart of the budget battle in washington. we will talk to gop congressman from florida. he is taking a considerable amount of heat in the latest round of finger-pointing. his reaction to claims that he and others like him are standing in the way of a deal. powerful snowstorms and tornadoes tearing through america's heartland. witnesses report wide funnel clouds like this one in nebraska. look at that. iowa and south dakota also the same thing yesterday.
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waking up this morning to millions of dollars of damages and rooves collapsed and trucks turned over and homes torn from their foundation. many people like this nebraska woman ran for cover. >> we just knew there was a tornado and the sirens went off. my husband was out watching. i heard on the radio that it was going to hit the town and he ran in and we went to the basement. >> i would not have expected it to be like this when we got out. it was loud, but not -- did not expect this. >> and on top of the tornadoes more than 30 inches of snow fell earlier in parts of south dakota. the storms are expected to keep up and are making a mess over the weekend. janice dean is live in the fox weather center. >> there is lots to talk about including 18 reports of tornadoes yesterday. and you can see the snow flying as this low pressure center continues to push eastward and dropping several
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tornadoes, 18 reports as i mentioned yesterday in parts of nebraska and iowa. they are destroying homes and businesses. now in back of the very cold air, that's where we saw the record breaking snow, over 40 inches in the black hills of south dakota and then of course we have the associated cold front that is pushing across the midmississippi river valley and up toward the great lakes that could bring more severe weather. as we go further out in time, monday into tuesday, the cold front will push eastward and inching closer to the eastern seaboard by tuesday bringing a lot of rain. severe threat as we go through the afternoon in some of these areas from milwaukee to jonesboro where we can see some hail. damaging winds and isolated tornadoes and not an outbreak certainly and tomorrow around ohio up toward michigan is where we could see the severe threat. also tracking trooical storm karen. the good news is karen is weakening. we are expecting this will become a low pressure center over the next several hours.
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with it we will still see some impressive amounts of rain all along the gulf coast. several inches here and we could see some gusty winds. speaking of gusty winds one of the most gustiest set ups we have seen in years over southern calf catch. we are going to see the winds funneling through the canyons and the wind gusts over 60 miles an hour. red flag warnings are in affect and the potential for wildfire danger. we are busy here in the fox news weather center. >> all of a sudden, jd it is out of no where. >> it was quiet. >> snow, tornadoes, tropical storms, everything. >> we got them all. >> all right, we will check back with you. jd, thanks so much. gulf coast is on high alert as janice mentioned. tropical storm karen barreling toward the united states. it is expecting to bring strong winds and heavy rainfall and notwithstanding and weakening a bit off night. jonathon is live from pensacola, florida with the latest.
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hi, jonathon. >> hi, greg. we are on pensacola beach right now and we have been watching lifeguards driving up and down the beach. you can see a vehicle with a lifeguard warning people to stay out of the water. there are plenty of people enjoying what has been a beautiful, sunny day today. if you pan over into the gulf, other than this gentleman over here wading in the shallows, you will not find anyone swimming in the waves. that's because even though tropical storm karen is still well out in the gulf of mexico and weakening, the weather conditions are creating dangerous rip currents. and so lifeguards to be safe are telling people not to risk it and not to go in the water here on pensacola beach. and the hard to predict nature of the storm lead to the cancellation of some major outdoor events in three gulf coast states including the soldout santa rosa triathalon and the blakely bluegrass festival in alabama was canceled for the first time in the 30-year history and in louisiana the fun concert in
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new orleans has been rescheduled for october 24. here in the pensacola area they conducted an aircraft evacuation to protect the planes against possible storm damage. many were flown to air force bases in arkansas and new mexico. fema has called many employees who were furloughed in the government shutdown back to work to assist with the storm response. federal officials are urging residents not to let down their guard because even though this is a weakening storm system, it still has the capacity to produce on the coast these dangerous rip currents. and even further inland. as it moves inland the potential of dumping heavy amounts of rain and creating flooding. greg? >> and it still looks beautiful. jonathon -- >> absolutely gorgeous. >> spectacular, always. thank you, jonathon. we will check back with you. rough weather forcing crews to
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call off a search for victims in a migrant boat accident off the coast of italy. the coast guard has been helping save people who were tossed into the sea when their boat suddenly went down on thursday. at least 150 rescues and -- 150 rescued and hundreds more missing. to honor them a float till law threw a bouquet of flow -- flowers into the sea at the site of the disaster. why the media may not have to access gavel to gavel coverage during the jodi arias sentencing retrial. and we will talk to one tea party-backed congressman about the current government shutdown and the controversial new health care law coming up next.
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and a quick check of the headlines. a-rod, alex rodriguez, filing a lawsuit against the yankees' team physician, the new york city hospital and everybody in new york city. claiming the medical staff failed to inform him an mri revealed a tear in his hip joint and allowed him to play injured during last year's playoffs. attorneys for jodi arias seeking to bartell phone coverage during a retrial to determine the sentence. back in may jurors convicted her in the death of her former boyfriend, but they decided to to -- they failed to decide on whether she should get loif or death. get life or death. pope francis is now on instagram.
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the pontif already has three million followers on twitter and now he hopes to use instagram as another way to connect with the faithful. well, the tea party is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. the government shutdown drags on and on and the new york times is referring to tea party-backed congressman as one of the, quote, hard line conservatives standing in the way of speaker boehner's efforts to reach a deal. well guess what, he joins us now . he joins us now from washington and congressman, good to see you. so what is the deal? you are the guy that is standing in the way of a budget deal that could put almost a million workers back to work and end the shutdown, right? are you the bad guy, right? >> that's what the president's narrative is. the new york times will take that and run with it. the bottom line is you can't have 20 or 25 people holdup
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the house if you have 400 house members that want to move forward on this. the fact of the matter is republicans as a whole are united in saying that if harry reid and the president simply say their way or the highway, not only will they not compromise, they won't even sit down and discuss anything with us and then i think we would be foolish to bow down at their command. we have the constitutional authority to spend money in the house of representatives. it is not a dictatorship. the president just doesn't get to tell us what to do. >> well, you do have to deal with the executive branch that is in the constitution. but let me ask you this. the cbs new york times poll shows that most americans blame your party and you, you are a republican, for the government shutdown. this is really stunning. there was that cnbc poll that found by a 40-point margin that americans do not want the
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shutdown. 40 points, congressman. maybe your district likes it and the supporters like it, but by 40 points americans do not like what you are doing. aren't you hurting your party? >> i would say a couple things. if i was asked about a government shutdown i don't want the government shutdown either. we have a slow down where nonessential folks are not working. we have continued to try to fund all of these core priorities. we passed individual bills to fund the department of veteran affairs and clinical trials for kids with cancer and we did a military active duty pay bill that the president has accepted and signed. we want to move forward on the thing we all agree with. and then we can fight over things in the irs. >> your critics including some conservatives in your party say your strategy is absolutely flawed because it is really not likely to achieve anything at all.
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>> it could achieve the operations up and running if they would take the bills up and the president would sign it and then we could fight over the irs and what role they have in people's health care. we can fight over whether members of coming should have to live under the terms of the law that they passed. i believe they should not get a special bailout. i believe the individuals should get the same one-year delay in the individual mandate that the president unlawfully gave to employers. this is a matter of fairness and no special treatment, but it has nothing to do with the veteran defense department. the house has passed the year long approprations bills months ago. they have been sitting in his dust bin for the last three or four months. he has abdocated his responsibility and says he has to take this big bus. that is not the way congress is supposed to function at all
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jie. is it true that you are not going to appeal or end obamacare? not until the party takes control of the senate and the white house. you are losing votes every day the shutdown continues. the polling data shows that. >> here is what i would say. our position was it should be de funded and that did not carry the day in the se we have been willing to compromise and move in other directions to try and get something done. all it asked was that there be month special deal for congress and that individuals would get the same one-year delay. that is all we were asking for. >> it has got lost in the crowd, congressman. isn't this your classic victory? of course it is a short-term win and they love you and they love what you are doing, but it could have a devastating cost amoung all of the voters coming up in the mid-term
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election. that could amount to a defeat. again, a classic victory. >> when you have people saying they will not talk to us and they will not compromise when we have been busy this week >> the posture that reid is taking, his way or the highway, no compromise, that is actually not what we've done in the house. we've tried to move to try to get some progress. >> gregg: he told npr, the president did, i'm happy to talk to republicans about any issue. and literally seconds later, he said, he would not talk with republicans about obamacare. i got 20 seconds left. your response? >> well, you mentioned, yeah, he is the president. of course we have to deal with him, but the idea that somehow we can't listen to our constituents who are having problems with this law or really
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any law and bring those to the public forum, he's just going to brush that away? that's not what a representative government is all about. >> gregg: congressman, good to see you. come back, would you, please? >> sure, thanks for having me. >> gregg: we will be right back with more. don't go away
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>> gregg: while washington fights for a deal on the shutdown, across the country, the republican party, for example, in california, is focused on a reboot there. the party hoping to reenergize itself with some brand-new faces. dominic dinatale streaming live in the annual convention in beautiful anaheim, california. hi, dominic. >> hey there, gregg. the new face of the republicans could be latino, at least that's what one group here is trying to do. the grow elect group is
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specializing in finding appropriate latino candidates and putting them in small municipality seats as a way of actually starting to change the face of the republican party here. we spoke to one mayor here who basically actually won against fierce democratic opposition. jack guerrero was saying he had to go out and meet people face-to-face to show them that indeed the republican party can look different. here is how he described it. >> i would knock on doors, speak with families. they would invite me in. i would speak at length sometimes about my policy proposals around education reform, immigration reform and some families could not believe that i was so sensible and so approachable. >> the republicans have got some way to go. out of the 15 congressional seats that the republicans have, which is just a tiny amount compared to the democratics, those districts have at least 30% latinos living in them and by the end of this year, they're
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anticipating that really the majority demographic here in california is going to be latino. so the republicans have really got to make great in roads. grow elect, this organization that we've been talking to, says at some point what they're going to have to do is consider ousting republican well established and traditional faces of republican candidates from those strongholds they've had. here is how the founder of grow elect described that to us. >> we don't expect the current office holders or party leaders just to roll over or to appoint folks just because of their ethnicity. what we expect are for well-qualified republicans that happen to be hispanic to stand up and say, we want to be a part of this party. >> the keynote speaker tonight at the california republican party convention is actually texas governor rick perry. we asked him what he thought about groups like grow elect trying to muscle in on those traditional candidates we had.
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he says he doesn't think it's a good strategy, but clearly he's aware that the latinos have a future in the republican party. >> gregg: dominic, thanks very much. that's going to do it for this edition ♪ [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. ♪ [ man #1 ] to remember my grandmother. [ woman #3 ] to show my love. ♪ [ woman #4 ] because life needs flavor. ♪ [ woman #5 ] to travel the world without leaving home. [ male announcer ] whatever the reason. whatever the dish. make it delicious with swanson. [ woman #1 ] that's why i cook. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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blow you away. we've got it covered excuse me, bob. we have a show. we're live. hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros long with bob beckel and the others. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". >> if you listen to president obama and his allies, you might think they're t angry about thee government shutdown. >> take a vote, stop this farce and end this shutdown right nowe >> republicans put a legislation on the floor that was intend too do shut down government. for them, that's a victory because they're antigovernment ideologues. >> we have a simple message today for speaker


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