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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 8, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." happy monday. welcome to day seven of the harry reid government shutdown. on the left. unwill to negotiate. a small group of gutsy tea party backed reps who are doing exactly what their base elected them to do. fight obama care at all costs. obama care launched tuesday anyway amid massive glitches. here's america's ceo on the
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number of obama care enrollees in week one. >> how many people signed up for insurance this week? >> i don't have the numbers were et. >> you don't have the numbers? really, sir? can you imagine apple not knowing how many iphone 5s were sold? the number was 9 million in the first three days. almost 3 million of you watched "the five's" last show. wonder why the president doesn't know. should we rename it obama doesn't care? how did obama do on rolling out week one? "saturday night live." the five wants to know. president "o," a winner or loser? >> loser, the obama care website, with technical issues because of too much web traffic. you can't campaign on the fact millions don't have health care and then be surprised that millions don't have health care. how could you not be ready? that's like 1800 flowers getting caught off guard by valentine's day. >> his name's on it. he has no idea how many people signed up.
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>> that's a really inpartial open on your part. a few brave tea party people. >> gutsy. >> and obama doesn't care. >> so what about it? >> first of all, the report -- why does he not know? i'm not sure anybody knows. the point is, come january 1, millions of people will have obama care. the other thing you don't understand is millions already are benefiting from it. those who get their parent's insurance until they're 26 and those like me who have pre-ex t pre-existing conditions. so you can go on about it all you want, talk about the glitches. the fact is, obama care is here, here to stay. >> -- any chance, call me a skeptic, crazy, but maybe he didn't know the number because it was so darn low? >> i think that's part of the problem. it seeped leak a reasonable expectation. how is it you can say you're going to provide health care for everyone? it doesn't work at all. nobody can get on. how many days later. to me, this isn't even a train wreck. it's a 787 with dream liner with
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screaming passengers running right into a mountain. >> president obama is the ceo of the country. any ceo with such a massive rollout of their product would know how things are going. day one, hour one. right? >> yes, and they would break it out into what kind were people ordering. wases it early in the quarter of the hour. just like we look at ratings. if he wanted to know, he would know. if the number would have blown all of us away, we would know it. the glitches piece of it, it's a significant story, but that's actually one that could be fixed. so the disaster is in the complete missed opportunity. especially when it companiy s c tort reform piece. and the ability to sell across state lines. you would have one big thing called the free market and it would work. >> they knew they were going to get people trying to sign up.
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they blew it. if i'm president obama and i believe in the product, which he clearly does, bob, you'd agree. i'd be angry. 46 of the 50 states not being able to get this up. he absolutely did not get it done. the fact that nobody's reporting to him with the numbers he wants. we watch this every day. i studied at the school of business. understand ceos sometimes delegate responsibilities. so people get fired and they demand accountability. why does the president try to soft pedal it? >> nothing's his fault, that's the problem. >> maybe, the scary part is, if they -- >> you would never say that? >> you cannot be my press secretary then. because you can't giggle in front of the press. think about this for a second. if they blow something as sip pell as a website getting open for business, how is it going to manage one-fifth of the $16 trillion economy? >> first of all -- not very well put together website.
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we made this point over and over about all these businesses with 15 employees -- do you know that 93% of the businesses in america have less than 50 employees, 93% -- >> that's a point, but you want those companies to have more employees. to grow beyond 50 employees. >> those people not get -- >> it's not off topic. >> it certainly is off topic. we're talking about president obama fudging the numbers. >> obama doesn't care. >> i got a better one. >> impeach him. >> obama must think we're playing stupid or something. can you imagine, hoping you have a spare? take a listen to this today. >> we can't fret an economic t catastrop catastrophe. so authorize the treasury to pay america's bills. pass a budget. pay our bills. prevent an economic shutdown. and as soon as that happens, i
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am eager and ready to sit down and negotiate with republicans on a whole range of issues. >> so let me throw this out here. there are two things on the table. it's the budget. and then there's the debt ceiling. president obama suggests republicans give in on the budget and give in on the debt ceiling and then maybe -- the only promise is to sit down. >> clearly, he got some bad data over the weekend. it's not working for him. he thought, i'm going to end it with, negotiate. hopefully people will say, isn't it nice of the president to give in? we know the president might be open to extending this an extra six days, a temporary refunding of the government. >> -- polling data on long island and the rest of america -- >> yes. >> you probably do. >> back to that original -- republicans are getting more blame. eric of course would never put it in his open.
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the democrats have asked boehner to please put a clean cr on the floor and let's have a vote and he will lose but he won't do it. >> of course he won't. >> why? >> why would he? >> because it's a cr -- the majority of the house of representatives -- >> here's what you're doing. you're talking to ou veers who maybe not -- don't understand the workings of d.c. do you think john boehner will actually bring that vote to the floor of the house? >> he has to have something. they have to -- they have to know this, bob, that they have to give him something. the rudimentary principles of the negotiation would say, okay, what can we give him? i would ask for two things. two votes soer's on record. the government has to abide by the same rules as the rest of america. and the second one asking for a one-year delay in the individual mandate. on those two things, even if he
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lose, then you have all those democrats on record and you're off to the races. >> last week, it was the wacos who were keeping this thing from being passed. now the wacos do not have enough whack yos to stop it. >> can you imagine bringing that vote and having 200 democrats -- >> having democracy works? >> don't worry, ain't going to happen. >> but here's what president -- >> -- cowards. >> he would like -- i guess bob thinks it's the right thing to do. go to vote and give us everything. without negotiating. who's going to go back and say, look what we got? >> nobody's going to do that. what was the whole point of this exercise to begin with? if you would go by bob's recommendation, it is not realistic or feasible. it's not going to happen. >> it's democracy. it's a majority of the house. a majority of the senate.
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>> i've got to get you an online class in civics. >> john boehner isn't going to bring that. >> he's a fool to bring it. >> the chief already -- >> phoenix college will -- >> yes, bob will. >> watch this, one of each. >> boehner doesn't have guts to put a clean bill on the floor to fund the government. why? he's afraid of the tea party. call boehner and tell him. don't let tea party radicals sabotage our government. >> i will not negotiate. >> in case there's any confusion, i will not negotiate. >> the president has made it clear he is not going to negotiate. >> isn't this insane? >> all right, so, bob, clearly, on left, they want that clean cr to go to a vote. if that's not the way to get it done. >> last week, the reason was you couldn't get enough votes to pass it. now you can get enough to pass
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it. and the republicans are absolutely going in the tank for the right-wing zealots like you who buy into this stuff. if you got enough votes to pass it, you pass it. boehner frankly is being a coward by not bringing it up. >> -- hamstring had torn on monday instead of friday -- or tuesday and i had filled in for hi, whatever the reason is he couldn't be here, i would say bob, you're right. i would say there's a lot of people in the house that were against what cruz did and were offended. i think the president's stance has made people like peter king rethink their stance. and say, wait, i don't like the way he's refusing to negotiate. i am not sure that john boehner was wrong on sunday when he said if i put it to the vote that i would not -- a clean cr would pass. >> by the way, who says it will? >> you're saying the same thing. >> because there are 23 that said they would vote in favor -- >> put it on the floor.
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>> you think those 23 who -- >> find out, put it on the the floor -- >> they'll raise their hand, saying, i vote for -- >> -- out of your mind -- >> -- see if you have the guts to put it on the floor, you don't -- >> now, that's a floating date. jack lew, the treasury secretary, said on october 17th, we're going to run out of our ability to raise our debt above that limit. take a listen to jack lew over the weekend. i would say fearmongering. and then rand paul's response. >> the consequences are immediate and they're very bad. congress needs to act. >> would it be catastrophic? >> i know the direction. i know the direction is bad. there are a range of how bad. it is not responsibility -- it is irresponsible and reckless to take that chance. i think it's irresponsible of the president and his men to talk about default. we bring in $250 billion in
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taxtax s every month. our interest payment is $20 billion. tell me why we would ever default. >> here are the numbers. we crunched the numbers for ten months in 2013. servicing our debt, if we didn't do that, is only $24 million. it's $200 billion more left over after that. >> as i understand it, one of the things the treasury -- what treasury does is look at the day-to-day revenue projections, not the month long. you have to ask yourself, is this any way to run a business? that i think is going to feed into this shutdown story and debt limit story. and when there is something that is worked out, they'll do it together. i have a question about the story line that jack lew, when he was talking about the debt
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ceiling, what i don't understand from the republican side as well, so the shutdown was supposed to cause pain in order to get people to do something. but the pain has not arrived. >> can i push it back a little bit? president obama likes the pain. he's pushing for maximum -- >> there is pain -- >> when you talk about closing the ocean, down in florida, when you talk about world war ii memorial -- >> throwing people out of their homes? closing down the amber alert. i agree they're trying to do that, but i don't think anybody's quite thought through, the american people are sort of like, what is all the fuss about? because they haven't seen it yet. but the markets could react. >> you know, we did see the pain. with sequestration if you're in the military. the problem is the president oversold the pain. >> but that's population specific. so we're we're -- the rest of america really understand what's going on. that this is, you know, a bad
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situation. right now, they're holding firm. >> if you don't think that pain for a small business is not being able to process your loans and for students to not process your loans or for any number of programs not being serviced in america, if you don't think that's pain -- >> bob, there's not an overwhelming story line that has been produced that is going to spur action -- >> -- electric shock, and it's going to run into the debt ceiling -- >> your math, again, we've got to get you into phoenix university. >> it's the real math, bob, it's not the obama math. or the beckle math. >> what about the deficit? >> $225 billion are the federal receipts. we take in $225 billion per month. >> how much do we spend? >> servicing that debt is $24 billion. >> how much above that? >> well above that. the therein lies the problem.
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>> here's what you do. you get your paycheck every week. >> i understand. >> the first thing you do is pay your mortgage, right? the second thing is pay your electricity bill. the third thing is pay your -- >> water, garbage -- >> car, cable. >> then start paying, in my case, a bar tab or restaurant tab. if you don't have enough money to pay for that, you say, look, i'm going to get paid next week too, just hang in there. we'll be good. >> okay, since we know where the deficit is, then what you ought to say is, let's not pay social security recipients -- >> those are mandatory -- >> okay, then you've got mandatory payments so you've got to do that. there's not enough money to be taken out of discretionary spending for what you're talking about. >> there is. >> how? there's air traffic controllers, border -excuse me, you want to pick out of that which one you will cut? >> yes, until they figure out
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their act in d.c. or fight for re form, the retitlement program that would allow you to have more revenue. that was the paul ryan plan -- >> -- paul ryan evidently working on something behind the scenes right now. >> there's going to be a deal on the 17th. >> that's the point, use this as a unique opportunity to make cuts that are needed so we can work better as an efficient government. >> that was one kick butt a-block, guys. >> math was a little weird -- >> -- a brand-new prime-time lineup. look at that. "the five" will be part of megan's very first show so we'll see you in the 9:00 hour. tomorrow, we're headed down to d.c. to do the show from there. dana will explain. first, an explosive new investigation discovers a major scheme to defraud the programs. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
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today, oklahoma senator tom coburn released a expose
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of the social security benefits program. the fraud exposed by the senator and his staff played like a novel. lawyers, judges and doctors all gaming on vulnerable government program. here's the senator discussing the problems. >> while lawyers and doctors were getting rich by exploiting a broken program, the real victims were the american taxpayer. the claimants suffer because we don't do any favors when we wrongly award benefits and we will certainly hurt those who justifiably are receiving those benefits when the trust fund runs out of money probably in less than 18 months. >> okay, this follows on a little bit to what we were talking about. 18 months to go before this fund, which helps people that are on disability, and the question of how much fraud is involved in this was exposed by senator coburn and his staff by
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"60 minutes" last night. how much fraud do you think is in the program? >> i'm not sure there's enough there. remember, the social security trust fund has been looted. the $2 trillion trust fund. so now they're playing around with this one. to understand why this is important, yes, people pay into the disability fund. you do, when you get your check, money goes towards it. however, so many people are going on to disability now that may or may not need it, when it runs out of money it jeopardizes the people who actually do need it. when it runs out of money, the trust is blown, people who really need disability, they're going to start cuts back from $1,100 a month to whatever it may be. that's part of the problem. "60 minutes" did a great job exposing some of the lawyers bringing the suits. >> let's take a look at that. >> a lot of allegations out there about you that we wanted to talk to you about.
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>> i understand. i'm not normally a shy person but i think it's best i speak in the legal realm rather than here. know ya'll have come a long way. i don't mean to be inhospitable. i just think it's probably best now. >> you can't talk about your relationship with this person or your incredible success in disability court? >> that's tempting. oh, i would love to comment on some of that. but no, sir, i really don't think i should right now. >> as a lawyer, what he does is he tells clients, if you've been turned down for social security, i can help you. he's got like a 99% approval rating. guess who pays for it? the social security administration. smart lawyer or crooked lawyer? >> that's what we call a racket. he's got a whole operation going there. he should be investigated. he's smart enough and probably dishonest enough to avoid the questions that "60 minutes" wants to hand him because that will nail him and he could involve himself with criminal liability. >> let me ask you, would think
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liberals who support this program and what people in need to have access to funds, wouldn't liberals be the most mad about this? >> and they are. i mean, they're now servicing about four times as many people as they were supposed to. the villains here are not just the lawyers, it's the doctors they sign up and pay off. to say this person's got a disability. so you've got doctors and lawyers being paid. if you took them out of the mix, people who needed it could get their liability. but these doctors are just -- these are the same doctors who worked for medicare and medicaid, always complaining about not getting their payments from the federal government when they're ripping off the federal government. >> this is something everyone can rally around. if you go ahead and start suing some of those people, start looking into some of these different cases, and then you start putting these people in jail, demanding a refund, that is going to just send shockwaves throughout the whole situation. and stop it. and what happened to people's
1:25 am
integrity, honesty and conscious? how could you go home every day knowing you're 100% healthy and you're getting free money from taxpayers? go right from unemployment to fake illness, going through the court system? >> can i answer that? i think that dr. coburn had a good answer on it "60 minutes" last night. if you get $1,100 a month, it's not like you're living large. a lot of people when they run out of their unemployment benefits. maybe say you're 58 years old. you're not old enough to qualify for your social security yet. so you ned a bridge. people are going to have to eat. what senator coburn says is why don't we just be honest about the problems in our economy and try to fix those, rather than having a fraudulent program? it will cost american taxpayers in 2014, $135 billion. obama care's expected to cost $49 billion. i think senator coburn and his staff are the ones who did the investigation -- >> holder and the justice
1:26 am
department, this wasn't a stinky enough scandal for them? >> he did say expect a call from the doj of this guy. >> they have to investigate it. >> also, for binder and binder, you see their commercials. who said 50% of their claims they knew were bs. >> they're not all 59 years old look foorg a bridge. they're 39 years old looking for a free pass to go fishing all day. >> there aren't enough lawyers at doj because we're cutting them because of budget cuts. >> good thing we have a lawyer right here, kimberly guilfoyle. >> we have a brand-new web page. next, new information on terror raids on forces in africa over the weekend. that and much more ahead.
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over the weekend, american special forbeses carried out two terror raids in africa, and tripoli, capturing anas abu al libi. have been trying to find him for 15 years for the u.s. bombings in answer tanzania. and also the leader of al shabab, responsible for the mall attack in kenya. this is a very interesting terror piece. the timing of it. some have been a little bit skeptical about this happening. because some information that we have. they knew about the whereabouts of these individuals, but what about the timing? >> i'm fascinating we didn't
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knock on the door and say, excuse me, can we come in? this type, we said, there's a guy inside, we're going to get him. we're going to grab him. we're going to bring him on a ship. we might even question him. that sounds like an old policy i used to hear that was condemned and was un-american. so now, what concerns me is we're going to stop interrogating him when the ship reaches new york city port. >> and then we're going to hire the best lawyer and then we're going to have -- supposedly have violated his rights and we'll send him home with a care package or something like that. >> that's going to be the longest boat trip you ever saw. >> i hope so. >> it's going to make christopher columbus -- >> don't you hope it's a long one? you want to see him questions? >> the pocket -- by the way, how many al libis do we got? we have like four. as soon as we capture one, we
1:33 am
got another one. >> it's like a terror tree. >> it's like terror/libya. >> but we can't can't get the guys responsible for benghazi. what's going on with this? >> in libya, it's really not a country. i mean, it's totally run by gangs. there's no sense of government to speak of. in fact, i think they probably did get help from a few people in the government there. remember, the president of libya was brought in from switzerland to take over. that country is an outlaw country. that's one of the reasons it's pretty hard to get some of these people. all the drone arguments. i like drones, but if this works -- >> snatch and grab of a guy who has been there for how many years? >> go get them by all mean necessary. >> maybe he has evolved. >> especially when he's getting
1:34 am
bad poll numbers. >> are you worried about this operation? s.e.a.l. team 6. looks like they penetrated in there. now there's some conflicting reports. hopefully we'll get the real story in an effort to not hurt somebody that are civilians there or not be able to fight your way out. they had to bug out early because this guy wasn't there. in the risk of getting civilians, we baked out early. >> it sounds like they were pushed in quickly without a lot of time to prepare. the intel wasn't exactly as specific as it should have been. they take heavy fire. and now what? >> may i suggest obama did this to get some political points? >> ding, ding. >> dana, this is all you. >> i'm not listening.
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>> okay, look, i would say two things america doesn't forget. terrorists around the world, do not mistake america's domestic problems for forgetting about this. just two months ago president obama and president bush were together in tanzania and they visited that memorial. i'm happy for these actions although i'm concerned we're very reactive. these are after events. i'm curious what the policy is to go forward to proactively prevent future terrorist attacks. >> i think capturing these people and questioning them for the longest boat ride in history is the best way to do it. >> put them on the pinta or the santa maria. >> i'm glad we made time for it. because directly ahead, president obama inserts himself into the middle of the debate over whether the washington redskins should change their name. but does he have his facts right?
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there are a lot of things that need changing right now in the nation's capital. is the name of the redskins need to change? president obama thinks so. he just jumped into the controversial debate over that name. let's listen together. >> if i were the owner of the team, and i knew that there was a name of my team, if it had a storied history, that was offended a sizable group of people, i'd thing about changing. native americans feel pretty strongly about it. i don't know whether our
1:41 am
attachment to a particular name should override, you know, the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things. >> let's tell the braves and blackhawks the president wants your name to change. he is also the attorney for the redskins and he fired back on a morning show called fox and friends. >> what's that? >> president has better things to worry about. he should look at the chicago blackhawks who won the stanley cup and he's never said a word. he's unaware of the data. he's expressing an opinion. he happens to be wrong. if he knew about the data, i'm looking forward to him saying now that i know from him about the data, i favor the washington redskins because there's not a sizable group on my own criteria. >> there was a protest today at an nfl owners meeting by an indian group, a native american group, wanting the name change. >> he's a very good friend of mine. he also pointed out -- >> he supports you too?
1:42 am
>> there's a 2004 study that polled native americans. 9 out of 10 said they're cool with the name. you bump that with the song that says hail to the redskins. hail. salute. we respect you. president obama, listen, you want to close the ocean, go ahead. you want to make more veterans don't go to the memorial? that's fine. but don't mess with the nfl and don't shut down -- >> haven't they had enough pain? >> we had this argument every single year. it probably does not help to have the president of the united states enter into it. there are protests every year at the headquarters. better idea, think about something else to worry about. >> and schneider is not going to change the name. he said flat out. >> he's such a well liked guy. >> if president obama thinks that redskins is offensive to people, you should hear what he
1:43 am
thinks about republicans. holy cow. i wonder if we would be having this conversation if it was red necks. >> probably not. >> now you've done it, dana. >> what about the fighting irish? >> that sounds like irish people just fight all day long. >> exactly. drunk all day long. >> now you've offended just about everybody on the planet. unbelievable. >> peter king -- not the congressman. only the washington football team. "slate" magazine also. two legendary redskins are thinking about pushing for a name change. does that change anyone's opinion? kimberly? >> yeah, i mean, no. i just think the name is the name. keep it that way. i like it. >> the cleveland indians have to change it, the blackhawks. hundreds of college football programs. >> the tomahawks. come on. >> the giants. >> probably the most popular former redskin by far. >> who? >> darrell green.
1:44 am
and he -- even with him getting in the middle of it, it won't change the numbers. >> not joe theismann. >> he's a great quarterback. >> all right. so the redskins name stays. >> i would wait until they have a really, really bad season. >> like this year. >> you mean like the giants are having? oh, gosh. >> i am just shocked that the president put himself into this. >> he could have taken a pass and he chose not to. >> what about a football metaphor? >> as a giants fan, can't believe it's happening. >> all right, when we come back, a look at all the highlights from the past weekend. only kidding. straight ahead, there are new updates on the motorcycle mob attack in new york city, including the first interview with the biker accused of starting it all when "the five" returns.
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test test an update on the biker mob
1:49 am
attack in new york city last month. yesterday, one of the motorcyclists caught on video smashing the window of an suv was in court. reginald chance flipped off reporters as he walked into the courtroom. turns out, he's had 21 prior arre arrests. we're hearing for the first time from the 28-year-old biker accused of starting the attack. here's christopher caruz. >> i feel responsible, but i don't feel -- i do feel bad for the family that got hurt. i didn't think i was doing anything wrong, just turning into another lane. my intention was never to make him stop. >> are you worried about what happens next? >> yes, i am. >> do you think you can win this case? >> i don't know. >> oh, now he's crying? please. >> chris, baby, read between the lines, okay. >> bob, you are so clever sometimes. >> i had to get around it because the producer said couldn't flip him the bird. >> obviously.
1:50 am
>> eric, do you think -- >> i understand there may have been a cop involved in this gang. >> cruz, you weren't trying to make a lane change. that video -- >> look over your left shoulder. that is perfect. that's a lane change, yeah, right. changing. so here is the issue. nypd, tough job all the time. however, when you're off duty undercover cops have the responsibility if they see a crime to immediately report it. uniform police have responsibility even off duty to get involved to take action. neither one of those things happened. so a little tarnishing on the badge. they need to get it cleaned up quickly. >> he's on modified duty, but that is shameful, conduct unbecoming. that is not acceptable. commissioner will not appreciate that kind of behavior. >> what about the revelation that they came to the passenger's side where the wife was with the kid and tried to pry that door open. >> do you remember last week when we were talking about three
1:51 am
strikes and you're outlaw in california and there were a few people who said we should get rid of it and i said i don't know, maybe we should. this is a perfect example of why three strikes and you're out was actually instituted in the first place because you had repeat offenders who eventually cause so much harm. they're calling the driver the victim. i actually think the wife and the child are just as much victims in this. i don't know what sort of harm they will have psychologically for a long time. but they were victims of this, too. >> these guys have been driving up and down the west side highway for years, this gang. and there is one very simple thing to do. you take a spike belt and run it across the west side highway. and that will take care of it. >> what about the other drivers? >> this one guy was selling drugs outside of a high school in brooke brooklyn. they found guns and drugs in his apartment and he still worked. i'm a liberal on a lot of things, but not that.
1:52 am
>> but now they have the paralyzed guy talking and gloria allred making him a sympathetic figure. so this won't be any lay up for the dreiver. either all red wants the money or -- >> i like kimberly's answer that if she were representing the defendant who flipped the bird to the courtroom, what would you have done to him. >> swipt deft kick under the ta. >> i don't know why gloria is representing these guys. >> i'm going to say one more thing. >> thank you, gentleman bob.
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time for one more thing. five people, four minutes.
1:55 am
>> we mentioned earlier that the five whether be on the road tomorrow. we're going to washington, d.c.. why? there is a special reason. we'll do the show at 3:00. it won't be live. but it will be up-to-date. we're going because tomorrow night there is a very special dinner in honor of bob, he's getting the alumni award if all of his hard work of being sober all of these years. and we felt like it was really important for the show to be there to support him. there is a very generous bep fact fa benefactor that got the table for us and we're excited to be there. >> wouldn't miss it for the world. >> the impact you've had on other people's lives. >> my one more thing is for all the heat that federal workers often take around the country, i want to point out that there are a lot of them working today, they will get paid eventually. it's true. but they could stay home and not get paid. but those not working, air
1:56 am
traffic controller, federal courts, u.s. postal service, nasa, military personnel, prisons remain open, trademark office, on and on and on. you'd be saluted, you're good people, you work hard, you receiver the cup well. and i come ekcome congratulate . >> there is a big debate whether or not to give president obama another trillion dollars of our money. let's refresh everybody. >> the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> one more thing, from march 16th, 2006, we went back in the archives, this is president obama on the senate floor -- sorry, senator barack obama on the senate flor. quote, the fact we're here take to debate raising america's get limit is a sign of leadership
1:57 am
failure. leadership means the buck stops here. i therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. so what is it, president obama? >> do you want to bet any nominee in 2016 will be against the debt limit? >> condoleezza rice was named to the college football playoff committee. when her nam and she's a member of the panel and she said yes, this is what david pollak said. listen. >> i want people on this xlet i committee, that can hfr- >> play football. >> yes, that are around football, that can tell you different teams on tape, not on paper. >> so no woman belongs on the committee is that correct what you said? >> does that mean they don't belong on the sidelines doing all the reporter? >> he believes and a lot of people are offended by women don't bloelong on that committe.
1:58 am
she's very schooled in football. >> she knows more than he does. >> i have a happy story about a machete wielding clerk. this cheers my day up. take a look at this. this guy goes into rob this deli, right? he actually fires a shot nearly shoots the clerk, goes into the wall. the guy is like you want to try me out? kind of sdw like raiders of the lost akr. whips out the machete. the guy runs away crying for his mama. >> and the play by play. >> awesome. we'll have to leave it there. don't forget to catch us on the debut of the kelly file tonight. >> it's october 8th. new details emerging overnight about the terror raids in libya and somalia. this as we learn one of the fbi's most wanted terrorist could be on american soil by the
1:59 am
end of this week. >> a frightening new look at the moment of grand prix race care spins out of control and flips into the grand stand. >> one school does footballs and even cart wheels to keep the school safe. is this going too far? we report you decide. >> fox and friends -- "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> the night is ending and morning has come. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. we certainly appreciate it. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day
2:00 am
with us. new developments in a stabbing death of a soldier in washington. three more soldiers are under arrest and expected in court today. he was walking down the highway with friends when a car with five men pulled over. the group exchanged words. they were investigating this as a hate crime. no longer do they think that was the case. he jeremiah hill is accused of stabbing him while giving him a bear hug. he confessed when receiving medical treatment for a cut on his hand. >> you be trade your country and now you killed a man that was doing the same. you are a trader. >> he faces murder charges. two soldiers are expected to be charged for helping hill after that incident. two other men also in the car police say are cooperating and will not be charged. >> the


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