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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 9, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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that you will get an agreement and then work on the new agreement right after that is something that people have had it up to here with. but we will see. coming up, 11:20 a.m. eastern time. martha: we will see tomorrow. happening now starts right now. >> brand-new store is the only see here. jon: iran makes a new offer to limit its nuclear program. but the devil is in the details. a disturbing new a medical fact. american women are living shorter lives than their mothers. what is the blame for this? and a woman the woman who gained fame now wants a new trial after she was convicted of murder. it is all "happening now." ♪ ♪ ♪
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jon: well, new signs of movement that you might say. but still no end in sight for the government shutdown. information moves closer and welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. jenna: and i am generally. a potentially happy no? we are hoping, of course, that the center of the revolution -- that what we are learning today that the president is making an effort to reach out to both sides as pressure builds a nine-day shutdown. in the deadlock over the debt ceiling which is coming not so shortly await next week. we will hit that mark. the president morning of dire consequences. >> we can permit this default, and i'm quoting here, insane, catastrophic, chaos, these are some of the most likely words.
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warren buffett likening it to a nuclear bomb. >> when it comes to the debt limit, i agree with the president that we should pay our bills. i think that i did not come here to default on the debt. there has to be a negotiation here. jenna: there is a new round of indication today and we will see our two congressional correspondent on capitol hill. mike emanuel, the senate has been open for business past half-hour or so. any signs of progress there? reporter: no change. the only thing new today was that harry reid brought new signage with him. talking about this timing being critical. >> the rhetoric is true and responsibility is here. we are happy to work with our public and and anything that they want. anything they want to talk
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about. reporter: but senator reid keeps talking about taking action now. raising the debt ceiling now and talking later. republicans are saying the complete opposite, negotiate now and take those actions later. jenna: about the government was shut down, where did we get the money to pay for those new microphones? we will see what other signs make appearances on either floor. there has been a big question throughout the shutdown about whether or not the republicans are united. what does it appear that the priorities for the gop today? >> they do seem more united as this fight has gone on. two senators writing a letter, johnson, orrin hatch, both republicans. including the consequences of default.
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senator thune and senator hatch called those difficult and could raise borrowing costs for families and small businesses. including conservative on the need to make the president negotiate. >> he has been president for five years and he has added $7 trillion in debt. the only time that he negotiated something good for the countries wanting sequester happened and he will not negotiate unless he is forced to negotiate. his mantra and everything is about as adding debt unconditionally in this country and i think that he is driving the country down. reporter: here we are on day nine of the partial government shutdown. we blew through the one deadline. the next deadline is the debt ceiling the next week and we will see if.forces action.
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at this point it feels like no one is feeling the heat just yet. jenna: that's interesting. thank you. >> hearings on capitol hill today over the irs rule enforcing the health care overhaul. and answering questions over the 18 new tax is being implemented and whether the irs must know this about your health and taking money out of your wallet. peter ducey is live in washington. why have republicans been so eager to question the only witness today? >> because her name is sarah hall ingram and she's in charge of enforcing obamacare. but in her recent task she also ran the office accused of unfairly targeting conservative groups that are acquiring requiring tax-exempt status. >> why does it take five months to get the lady that was there
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when the conservative group started, who has been implementing the affordable care act, why in the world should have taken five months to fund this? were they trying to hide? >> it is really important to understand the way that the irs is involved in enforcing obamacare. the ceo is predicting that americans who don't have health insurance will pay $45 billion in penalties under the individual mandate. >> are they saying that they are guilty of wrongdoing? >> the house oversight chair, republican darrell issa showed mitch ingram and e-mail exchange that she had with some folks in the white house last year where she shared information that congressman i said things is not supposed to be shown to political appointees. >> you have been intimately involved in implementation
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questions, including whether or not someone would be receiving a waiver, whether someone could or could not be forced to do something good is that correct? >> i have been involved in answering questions about how the rules work. that is what this exchange is about. it is not about what will the policymakers adapt or not they are going to start sharing taxpayer data and this hearing is still going on. so we hope to hear a lot more about this throughout the day. jon: more work for the irs and i'm sure that americans are just loving that. peter ducey, thank you so much. speak to the agency in charge of the bashar al-assad's weapons regime is scheduled to arrive in syria today. we are learning that there may be as many as 20 separate sides
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to negotiate cease-fires before anyone can gain access. we have more on this. reporter: who do you negotiate cease-fires between? i mean, many of them are still very fractured. we have a moderate secular and they are also fighting not only the syndicate groups, both of whom have a vested interest in chemical weapons deal to fall apart. on the ground from at least one chemical weapon team has begun the process would some of the sides set forth in the declaration. there is some that has ardent been destroyed. even under the best of circumstances they have been estimated 10,000 weapons to be neutralized or burn, plus there
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is equipment, military hardware, but also needs to be destroyed inside of that country and we are hearing that there is a second team that has arrive today and we are trying to inspect some of these other sites that are very contested areas. but before these can even leave the hotel and head out to the sides, there has to be a guarantee of safety from all sides involved that is becoming increasingly difficult because the battle line is becoming so blurred. the mandate said that all the weapons must be destroyed by mid-2014. we are realizing that it's difficult to get to this point. the u.n. resolution, they have everyone agreeing. implementing that it's going to be far harder. jenna: thank you so much for it without a doubt, progress in syria in terms of dismantling
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the stockpile. but there are certainly challenges as well. ambassador john bolton joins us to explain what he feels we should do to be cautious and what we need to consider on the movement as well. jon: two weeks after a jury found a florida woman guilty of murder, her attorneys are looking for a new trial that she is the same woman who gained fame as a teenager after suffering bouts of pickups that lasted weeks at a time. and republicans now say defaulting on the nation's debt might not be such a bad thing. are they right? i am today by luck.
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jenna: welcome back from everyone. the florida woman who became famous for her hiccups is now seeking a new trial to weeks after a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder. reporter: that is right, she became famous at age 15 when she suffered pickups that lasted weeks at a time. four years later she became infamous when she was charged in the death of 22-year-old man. she was convicted last month of first-degree murder. but now her attorneys are seeking a new trial. the issue is motive. prosecutors say she was in st. petersburg and under under accusation of shooting a man to death in a drug deal gone bad. one has been convicted as the trigger man. under florida law, if someone dies during a crime involved during robbery, anyone can be charged for the lawyers say
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there is new evidence that someone posted online that she is going around telling people that she had her boyfriend killed, some say. it should have considered a the possibility that the two of them acted without knowledge. the lawyers notion has been filed. but now she faces life in prison. jenna: make you so much, patti ann browne. jon: president obama faces another deep recession of the nation defaults under the debt. a growing number of republicans question whether the u.s. default would be all that bad, including senator richard burr, and tom coburn of oklahoma. saying that it may not be an easy solution. a fox news contributor is with
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us now. gentlemen, let's get into the discussion of this new approach. charlie hurt come after watching the president's news conference yesterday, you had some thoughts about the level of stability in washington? >> that's exactly the word that comes to mind and the lack of it. you had a sitting president describing his kidnappers. he called on deadbeat individuals, accusing them of terrorism. we are talking about political opponents that disagree with policy and this is what we have resorted to. and he came out and called those opposed to the war as terrorist
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were suggesting that somehow they wanted to destroy the country. it has never happened and we have reached that level now. i think frankly it is why the debate has gone to the study uncivilized name calling. >> 's during that news conference yesterday, republicans are accusing them of hostage taking, things were not going to negotiate around the debt ceiling. and house and senate members from the white house today are having some kind of a negotiation. but now they are not going to negotiate. what does he expect to have them? >> i think all of this is trying to stake out a hand while using rhetoric to push speaker boehner and the republicans further into a corner. i might point out that if you
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were against the war, we are calling people traitors. >> but even republicans like peter king are calling ted cruz a scam artist. i agree with you that the name-calling is bad on both sides and that the president is guilty of it as well and it is outlandish on both sides, even against other republicans. jon: let's get to the question of defaulting on the default. here's what the president had to say. >> let me be clear that no option is good enough. there is no silver bullet or magic wand that allows us to
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wish away the chaos that could result in for the first time in history of we don't pay her bills on time. including downplaying the consequences of that and i think that that is really irresponsible and i'm happy to talk to any of them individually and walk them through this. jon: here is what makes my head turn, the senator of illinois voted against raising the debt ceiling. why was it a good idea then? >> that was six o $7 trillion of debt ago. we are worse off today than we were back then when we opposed the debt ceiling, went to the senate floor and argued against the debt ceiling and voted against raising the debt ceiling. the situation i think with
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republicans or is that we won't have a big deal if we do fall, they say, or a failed raise of the debt ceiling. but what they say is i have been here so many times before. and he tried everything at some point, you have to take drastic measures and i think now is the time for drastic measures. we have to do something about the spending and if we don't, we will be right here. and a month after that. if we don't do this. jon: the republicans seem to feel like nothing happens i like their feet are held to the fire. so why not do something? why not invoke some strong measures? >> because any of this on the past that, we'll find out
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unfortunately, as the american people will find out exactly how horrible the consequences will be. and they will not be little. it will be very big. but the republican party for some reason is trying to grab this from the jaws of victory. they have gotten a win on budget lover levels with the continuing revolution and their funding levels are target. and they can get the deficit that has been cut in half and things are moving in the right direction and instead we go to default in both sides don't want the trigger right now the republicans are the one taking the brunt of it. >> i still don't understand how the president voted against
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raising the debt ceiling and doesn't want to do it now when he voted against it before. yet he wants to do it now. jon: joe trippi and charlie hurt. thank you both so much. we will be right back with more of this mess to cover up.
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jenna: one of our top stories now coming to agency in charge of serious chemical weapons sending a second team to bolster the mission today. the goal of dismantling the as.chemical stockpile of next eight months. we should note that the local government is supposed to be responsible for dismantling them completely. we have a former u.n. ambassador and fox news contributor. we are learning that there could be 20 chemical weapon sites and
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are we safer now? >> i don't think so. some of what they have already scored, the equipment that syria used in fabricating chemical weapons is equipment no different than you would find in a chemical company in this country, although the equipment would probably be better. so it is easily replaceable on the open market. the actual agent, this is a dangerous complicated job and i think this is allowing some to be destroyed, some have been reported but not as much as we have reported. so i think that we are doing a superficial level of compliance with the agreement to buy credit, which secretary of state john kerry has already given to the saudi regime and it is pursuant to the agenda that syria and russia had to give legitimacy and the astonishing.
8:27 am
from their perspective, they are on track. jenna: what does that mean for us? >> this gives us the appearance without really doing much about it. i don't believe for a minute that syria has fully declared these chemical weapons as stockpile. and even if they did allow everything to be destroyed that they have, they could reproduce it in a heartbeat from iran or russia. since they came into force in the mid-1990s. this is a tactical move to give them legitimacy and it is working pretty well from their perspective. jenna: let me ask about the specialists. because it is also talking about iran. and today we are learning that potentially iran is going to author a proposal to restart
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negotiations about the nuclear program and one of the offerings is to allow inspectors to come into their country more freely than before. who are these instructors on either side and can also be tested to have our best interest in mind? >> the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons have experience and my expectation is in a professional manner, whether some of them are secretly in the employment of russia or china. likewise with a problem that is very diligent. the real difficulty is that if a country, whether syria or iran is determined to hide realistic programs from inspectors like that, it is very easy to do,
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especially in iran, this is another bogus superficial concession by iran, like the idea of stopping enrichment up to the level, which is also part of their proposal. >> that is right. they are saying we will take that extra rich uranium and that is what they are saying. but there is a response internationally to some of these negotiation tactics before this happens, including great britain think maybe we will open the embassy in iran. and maybe we should as a sign that this is our new relationship with this new president. what do you think about what is actually happening there? >> i think we are well on the way to a bad deal from the west. the british opening an embassy is just an example of that. it is actually very similar to what the west has proposed just under a year ago. based on the notion that certain
8:30 am
amounts of enriched uranium up to 20% level is much closer to weapons grade than normal grade uranium enriched to three to 5%. this is fuzzy math. it is a complete red herring and iran cannot be trusted with any uranium enrichment these last 10 years. and if the obama administration or european friends make any concession on that point, having anenrichment capacity, they have legitimized the path of nuclear weapons. jenna: we will watch that next week in geneva. thank you. jon: a video that shocked the nation. a pack of bikers surrounding a family and suvs. now there are more arrests to tell you about and the nypd, one of their own is under arrest.
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officers learned what he did at the scene. also, markets reacting to the dysfunction in washington. we will tell you why stocks are slumping and how one woman is on the move. we will tell you that next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things?
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study out showing many american women will not live as long as their mothers. scientists are baffled. we'll ask our medical panel what could be happening. plus this was no electrical fire after a group of masked men firebomb a tv control room. we'll tell you where and why. diana nyad back in the water for another historic swim. this time the 64-year-old who broke a record swimming from cuba to key west is swimming for charity. we'll update you coming up on "happening now." jenna: past the 24-hour mark. quite impressive. stocks feeling the shut don. today doesn't look too bad on wall street. sluggish moves if you will with stocks. the dow has been down over the last two days. the deadline for the debt ceiling is only getting closer. that is certainly something investors are watching. lauren simonetti is here with our market outlook. lauren. >> hi, jenna, if you're keeping track and we are, we're nine
8:36 am
days away from the government shutdown and eight days away from potential default on our debt. where does wall street stand? they were down 160 points yesterday and now we're down about 22. investors are looking for some relief today. not sure they're finding it. the positive is the expected nomination of janet yellen at next head of the federal reserve. if confirmed by the senate she will be the first female to lead the federal reserve and first democrat since paul volcker in 1979. she is proponent of more money printing. that is why the stock market likes her. that is not what we're talking about today. we need to know what will happen today and next three hours from now. the fed will tell us why they sided not to taper last month. you remember how that decision surprised everybody on wall street? in the next few days if there is no kumbayah moment in d.c., and debt limit is not raised, we could see stock markets around
8:37 am
the world sink and interest rates spike. we saw some of that yesterday. the yield on the one-month treasury bill surged to the highest level in five years. that is a very clear indicator investors are worried in the short term the u.s. may not be able to pay its bills. this game of chicken continues. many investors hoping, wishing for an 11th hour deal. as we get closer to the 11th hour, that deal is looking less and less likely. if you're looking at wall street, you're seeing guys, no one really think's it is going to happen. jon: we're down, what, 5, 6% since the peak of the market? >> september 18th was the height of the market. we're down since then. they're getting rattled. jenna: i like that. that is the expression we'll use, kumbayah moment on wall street and every where else. laura, thank you very much. jon: wouldn't that be nice. an off-duty new york city police detective expected in court here in is accused of joining in on the horrific biker road rage attack.
8:38 am
investigators say the undercover cop punched suv's window before the driver of the vehicle was dragged out and beaten in front of his family. it all happened more than a week ago. we're also learning a that sixth bike earlier is now under arrest. david lee miller is keeping tabs on all of it. he is live in our new york stock exchange newsroom. to the cop, first, david, what do we know about them? >> reporter: the officer arrested is 10-year veteran of the nypd. officer wojceich braszczok is charged with rioting and criminal mischief for shattering the rear window of suv. he was caught on video smashing the glass at the time he was wearing a glove on his hand. he is expected to appear in criminal court in manhattan in the next few hours. his arrest was not unexpected. the officer waited three days after the incident to tell his bosses that he took part in the motorcycle raid and he denied being a part of the melee. he was on modified duty and had to turn in his gun and badge. he works under cover and report
8:39 am
he had told superiors he didn't help the suv driver because he was afraid if exposed as cop his own life would have been danger. authorities questioned that explanation because when this incident happened, he wasn't on duty. jon? jon: and what more is there about the additional arrest? >> reporter: as for this sixth biker charged in the assault, he is identified as 32-year-old, clinton caldwell. he is being charged with gang assault. he is reportedly seen on video that was reviewed by investigators beating the suv driver. the nypd has also released now four images of persons of interest that they would like to speak with regarding this ongoing investigation. the prosecutors office released a statement saying in part, and i quote, the nypd and the district attorney's office are methodically scrutinizing the evidence to build the strongest possible cases in our continuing efforts to hold accountable those responsible. bottom line here it seems likely that more arrests are going to
8:40 am
take place. an interesting statistic here. so far this year police here in new york city have seized more than 1400 motorcycles that were being illegally operated. 57 alone were confiscated citywide on the very day that this road rage incident took place. jon? jon: we are going to have a legal panel on this cop and the other arrests coming up later in the next hour with our legal panel. david lee miller, thank you. jenna: well up next surprising new research that many american women are not expected to live as long as their mothers. coming up we'll tell you which part of the country is most impacted and why researchers are hard-pressed to figure out why this is happening. we'll explain. plus things can get pretty heated in the control room but nothing like this. this is at television network where this explosive scene unfolded next.
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jon: fox news alert. a number of democratic senators have taken to the podium on the capitol steps. where better to get a little publicity. there is senator barbara mikulski of maryland. they're talking about the situation right now with regard to the debt ceiling earlier. senator harry reid, the majority leader said let's reopen the government, pay our bills, in other words, lift the debt ceiling and then we'll negotiate. republicans might change the order of that. they would like to get a negotiation to reduce some spending, maybe change some federal programs before they agree to lift the debt ceiling. some are saying, maybe hitting the debt ceiling wouldn't be such a bad thing at all. we'll continue to keep an eye on all of this. keep you updated on any development throughout the day on fox. jenna: still have money for the microphones. jon: they do. jenna: keeping track. jon: lots of little things get
8:45 am
spent. jenna: alarming medical report revealing a shocking trend for women in this country. just take a look at this headline from the atlantic online. u.s. women are dieing younger than their mothers and no one knows why. the article quotes two medical studies. one found between 1992 and 2006, female mortality rates steadily increased in nearly half of all u.s. counties. another found, another study found between 1958 and 2010, women's life expectancy either stagnated or declined in an equal number of counties as well. the studies claim this is strictly a female problem. not an emerging trend among men. while researchers have their theories there is no real explanation as to why in these counties women are dieing younger. we want to talk about it with some doctors. dr. nina radcliffe is practicing physician and erica tolbert,
8:46 am
emergency room nurse practitioner and we have a natalie, from a physician at nyu langone medical center. this is quite a topic. your read on this article. what do you think? >> this article was definitely surprising and definitely was a little bit disheartening. i think it highlight ad couple of important potential variables including cultural and socioeconomic factors. they certainly highlight the level of education as being a significant factor that can lead to not only joblessness but that lack of education also contributing to decreased access to good health care as well as poor health behaviors such as smoking. there is also then, you know, also associated with a rise in obesity rates and thinks like that, so. jenna: interesting, when you take a look at the country, the cdc looks at mortality rates. erin, i would like to ask you a little bit about this. nationwide we're all living longer. women are living longer than we did 10 years ago, and so are
8:47 am
men. if you look at specific counties in the south, cotton belt, the great plains, we're seeing the mortality rates rise. meaning women are actually dieing younger. why in these specific regions? you're in the south. what stands out to you? >> well, jenna, in tennessee and we're notorious for unhealthy living. we're sedentary of the we eat more fast-food than other areas of country. i see this in my practice. i see a lot of young women that smoke and obese and overweight. they have problems like diabetes and high blood pressure in their 20s and 30s. we wouldn't usually see these until 50s, 60s or not at all. jenna: dr. radcliffe. are we much that worse than our mothers? are eating habits worse than they were 50 years ago? >> this is the first time in american history children are not living as long as their parents. this is complete blasphemy. the researchers went back and double-checked their statistics.
8:48 am
jenna: what is your feeling on the reason why? >> what i'm seeing in my practice that uninsured and underinsured have higher rates of obesity as well as smoking. obesity is responsible for number one cause of death in the united states which is cardiovascular disease. the number two cause cancer as well as number three cause which is stroke. jenna: dr. azar, obesity, cancer, smoke, these are things guys do too, not just women, right? >> you raise a good point. could be there is certain susceptibility among women to heart disease in particular. rise in heart disease which could raise metabolic syndrome women may be more vulnerable. we talked about the number of prescription narcotics medicine prescribed more frequently to women. that raise as psychosocial component and women are more depressed and self-medicating. remember, women are not the primary breadwinners. lack of education and lack of being in the workforce could
8:49 am
also be contributing here. there are many variables that will be looked at. jenna: it is interesting, the article started talking a political view with the affordable care act but when you look at the research, one of the researchers said, health care is far from the whole story. more and more people are beginning to realize that the non-health care factors are at least as important. >> absolutely. jenna: erin, one of the questions become, is it just about health care? is there not only access to women or is that not really part of this conversation? >> i think it definitely is part of the conversation but anytime you talk about longevity, lifestyle is a huge factor. you know, regardless of what health care services you have available if you eat a healthy diet, if you exercise regularly, if you can avoid smoking, avoid becoming obese, you're going to live longer. whether you do that on your own or with the help of a health care provider it is going to help you live longer. so i think regardless of access to health care, living healthy
8:50 am
on your own is really an important factor. jenna: i'm so curious about this, dr. radcliffe, because this is one thing, one of many things women have been able to lord over many the past decade, we live longer, we live longer than then and men are catching up to us. men are catching up to us because they're actually living longer and that gap is closing. so, again, just your final thoughts. is there anything specific to women where this is happening in these counties where it is not happening to men? >> i think there is a different face of poverty we see in the generation compared to those before. we see higher rates of snowing. back in the 1920s, no respectable woman would be caught dead smoking. women's lib gave us great opportunity. we have three women physicians on panel talking to you but it is not good to smoking rates. women are smoking as much as men are now. jenna: i wish we could then coin -- continue the conversation. an interesting topic. not clear why. it is a little baffling. great to have you all. thank you so much. >> thank you.
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jon: well, whether you have noticed the government shutdown or not it is having a major impact on folks who live and work near the grand canyon, leaving a canyon-sized hole in their local economy and the situation is getting dire for thousands of workers actually stranded inside the park with little food they say or money to leave. will carr is streaming live from a closed entrance to the grand canyon national park in arizona. wil? >> reporter: hi, jon. what the government still shut down the doors, the gates to the
8:55 am
grand canyon won't open anytime soon. some of the local business leaders tell me it is killing their bottom line and if it continues it could devastate their community. >> millions of dollars are being lost every day. >> reporter: the superintendent of the grand canyon national park isn't mincing words. the government shutdown is crushing the area especially the town of tuesdaysy i don't know, which depends on tourist dollars. >> truly sad to drive around grand canyon national park and it is like a ghost town. >> reporter: gates to the grand canyon remain closed, hotels sit empty, gift shop revenues plummeting and the local rafting season is deflating, forcing companies to bring their season to a costly end. >> we're loseing a million dollars between our companies and all the other companies that run october trips. >> reporter: business owners and local leaders are so fed up they staged a protest outside of the gate tuesday. >> open up the park.
8:56 am
>> reporter: they're offering their own money to reopen the tourist attraction. so far they have raised almost $400,000 but the superintendent says it is not that easy. >> only congressn the gate. >> reporter: according to the mayor, until that happens, the fissure in washington will continue to hurt a community that depends on the grand canyon. >> put on your big boy pants, guys. come on. you're fighting in national politics and you're not feeling the pain. >> reporter: the shutdown is not only painful for the local business community it is also painful for tourists. i actually spoke to one woman who came from the netherland. she spent a lot of money. she is not getting into the grand canyon. needless to say she is not happy. back to you. >> put on your big boy pants. that's a good word for everybody in washington. will carr, thank you. jenna: off-duty police officer expected in court today for his alleged role in the biker road rage attack here in new york city. our legal panel weighs in on what we just learned about all of this. plus as we await a vote in congress that could reinstate
8:57 am
death benefits for grieving families of our fallen soldiers, one lawmaker is speaking out about the injustice joins us ahead.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
jon: coming up we'll bring you all the breaking news from capitol hill and the white house and new fallout from the shutdown standoff. how it is affecting the investigation into the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in texas and how it could impact your safety. also a new suspect in the disappearance of madeline mccann. the little british girl who vanished during a family vacation in portugal six years ago. what scotland yard is saying now. a salmonella outbreak in chicken t has sickened hundreds. why this new strain is so dangerous. jon: there is some new action to tell you about in the government shutdown standoff.
9:01 am
we hope that's good news. i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, welcome to the second hour of "happening now." i'm jenna lee. and nine days into a government shutdown with threat of default days away. pressure is mounting on both sides in washington. in a few hours the president will sit down with house democrats in the white house. he is making plans to meet with the gop lawmakers in the coming days. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live with this story. ed, there is back and forth who is going, how they're going, all of that, so what is the president hoping to get out of these meetings? >> reporter: jenna, i think it's a sign they realize the position of not negotiating with lawmakers is not really tenable long term. republicans have their own issues as to whether or not their position in going after the president's health care law is tenable long term as well. that's why you're seeing speaker boehner and other republicans shifting argument away from health care talking a lot more about spending and debt, ground that might be more fertile for them but for the president saying over and over he is not going to negotiate over the debt
9:02 am
ceiling, et cetera, the public is suggesting it is time programs in some of these polls while republicans are getting more blame in the polls the president's taking a hit as well. the american people want to see somebody talk to somebody. so you bring these lawmakers over. i think it is noteworthy at the news conference yesterday that the president suggested he would talk to lawmakers and perhaps even sign into a law a short-term extension to reopen the government, extend the debt ceiling even for a few weeks while we have these broader conversations about the budget. take a listen. >> my suggestion to the speaker has been and will continue to be, let's stop the excuses. let's take a vote in the house. let's end this shutdown right now. let's put people back to work. >> reporter: so you can see there the president trying to keep the pressure on republicans. they still believe inside the white house they have the upper hand in this fight. but as you suggest, jenna. the fact he is bringing in all the lawmakers, not just house democrats tonight, but as you noted we'll see senate democrats, house republicans coming over the next several
9:03 am
days we're told is acknowledgement that finally some sort of conversation has to get going. jenna: they could do it all together and call it a party we'll leave it to them to figure out what is best in the situation. some movement from the president. that is notable. what about the republicans, are they signaling any sort of change? >> reporter: well that's a good question. so far speaker boehner is not signaling a lot of movement. shortly after the president's news conference yesterday you remember the speaker came out look, they had a phone call a few hours earlier yesterday we talked about on your show and sounded from the speaker that the call didn't go well. even though the president is saying publicly he will talk to lawmakers, in private he said in the call he would not negotiate directly over the debt sealing with the potential for default. so speaker boehner basically said, look if that is the case, he is not giving in. take a listen. >> well the president said today was, if there is unconditional surrender by republicans he will sit down and talk to us. that is not the way our government works.
9:04 am
we canned raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving us to borrow more money and to live beyond our means. the idea that we should continue to spend money that we don't have and give the bill to our kid and our grandkids would be wrong. >> reporter: so the bottom line is what the speaker is saying there, is that he is not going to sign on to a so-called clean bill to reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling without some other things attached to it. maybe spending cuts, et cetera. the president signaling he doesn't want attachments. where do we go from here? what they seem to be heading towards as a possibility is what the president hinted at in the news conference yesterday. try to separate two things, two tracks and basically have short-term extensions getting the government open, extending the debt ceiling while they talk about spending cuts and tax increases both side want. they're not there yet but that is what they're inching towards, jenna. jenna: we'll see if today is beginning of that change. thank you. >> reporter: good to see you.
9:05 am
jon: for more on the shutdown standoff i'm joined by juan williams, fox news political analyst. when you look at the last time we had a shutdown in the clinton administration, juan, bill clinton did manage to negotiate with then speaker of the house newt gingrich to get something done. this time around there doesn't seem to be any movement toward negotiation. what's different? >> well that was a negotiation, jon, largely about budget and spending priorities. and so they could in fact have that negotiation without the emphasis on something that was already established law which is obamacare in the mind of president obama. jon: what struck you about the president's news conference yesterday? >> well, i think it was pretty clear that the president as we just heard from ed henry was trying to offer something to speaker boehner that would allow him to claim some degree of victory in the sense, saying, look, we have forced the president to the table in terms of budget talks and the president now asks that we take off the table any threat to obamacare and the shutdown of
9:06 am
the government. so they would have a period which they could then have these discussions about the budget, about spending priorities, about the possibility anathema to republicans of increased revenues. jon: when he is using word like ransom-taking and hostage-taking and saying it was irresponsible and out of touch with reality, he said one party in congress might blow the whole thing up if they don't get their way. that doesn't exactly sound like a negotiating tactic. >> no. i think it is a negotiating tactic in the sense that it is saying you can't, you know, again this is the president's type of language. you can't hold a gun to our head in terms of shutting down the government or threatening to default on the national debt. there is increased pressure coming on to speaker boehner now i think from the business community. yesterday, chamber of commerce, national association of manufacturers, both pretty conservative organizations sent letters to the speaker saying they are upset at the idea of people saying, oh, it is not
9:07 am
going to matter if we default on the national debt. they say it will matter. would affect the bond market, drive up interest rates. that it has real consequence and that is not political rhetoric. i think that pressure is being felt on the republican side. in fact this morning, i don't know if you saw it, jon, but paul ryan, the budget committee chair, republican from wisconsin, had a piece in the "wall street journal" saying if we look at spending, if we look attacks code reform, that could be the way forward. jon: at least among some republicans this government partial shutdown is all about obamacare and trying to force some changes in it. and ironically we're not talk much about obamacare. the health care exchanges rolled out on the same day the partial shutdown began. so let's talk a little bit about obamacare now, juan. congressman robert andrews of new jersey a big proponent of obamacare says he is hearing from insurers there are real problems with the federal sites on which people are supposed to
9:08 am
register. >> oh, you can hear it from more than just the insurance company. obviously the insurance companies have their own agenda here, jon but i think lots of people are having trouble signing up saying in fact the computers are crashing. that the site just doesn't work well. and i think the obama administration is embarrassed at this point how slow the computer fixes have come. they have been using the excuse that, oh, this is just about the surprising volume of people who are reaching out. and there is some, you know, justification. they have had unexpectedly high numbers but at this point you would think that the fixes would have been made and they have not been made. so that is becomeing a bigger problem. again, if it wasn't for the shutdown, if it want for the debt ceiling, i think there would be even more media attention to the failures in terms of this computer system that is supposed to be the heart and soul of obamacare. jon: so in fact the thing that republicans want to call attention to, in part by shutting down the government, they're not calling attention to because the only thing, the only
9:09 am
story anybody is talking about is the partial government shutdown and the fiscal cliff negotiation. >> that's exactly right. it you is ironic, isn't it. this story has so many twist and turns it is constantly a surprise. coming back to what you said at the top i think there are some people on the right, heritage action group, for example, who are saying they will not be satisfied unless something is done about obamacare in any future negotiation. so you're seeing continued pressure on obamacare coming from people who were the backbone of the initial idea that the government should be shut down unless the president had a one-year delay in terms of the insurance mandate, the individual mandate. those people haven't given up the ship yet. although it looks like many republicans on the hill are moving away from that agenda. jon: but you know be the whole thing about insurance, obviously, you pool the risk. the white house doesn't even know or won't even know, it says, how many people have signed up and actually offered
9:10 am
to plunge down their money for this system until mid-november. >> oh, gosh, i think, you know, it will not be even then. i think they will start to -- jon: yeah, that will be the first number. their first read how many people have done more than just click on the website. >> yeah, that's what i was going to say. of course january 1st is when it kicks in. by then, by early january, you will start to see did this work? they need, they say there are 40 to 50 million uninsured. the expectation according to the congressional budget office they might get half of those people to sign up but not right away. the question is, how many do you get right away? jon: yeah. >> as you point out you need that pool of people to offset the fact that you're going to be insuring people without insurance and people who are elderly. jon: especially you need a pool of young, healthy people to sign up. >> yeah, that's the point. exactly right, jon. jon: juan williams. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you. >> thank you, jon. jenna: a daredevil jumps off a cliff, something he has done
9:11 am
many times before but this time the stunt goes horribly wrong. we'll show what you happened. plus the bodies of fallen american heroes are coming home today. but now the government will not pay for travel to meet the coffins of their loved ones. one lawmaker calls this shameful. >> that is the situation the government is putting these guys in and families and it's pure bureaucracy. it is shameful. it is embarrassing and they need to change it immediately. jenna: that is last night. what progress has been made today? california congressman duncan hunter weighs in on this issue next. [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil?
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9:14 am
jenna: this just in. defense secretary chuck hagel attending a ceremony at dover air force base moments ago. the transfer of four soldiers and a marine killed in combat in afghanistan back home. the transfer is happening right now. the pentagon though did not pay for these families. the families of these soldiers and this marine, to travel to
9:15 am
dover and meet the coffins of their loved ones. those grieving families will also not immediately get the death benefits owed to them, all due to the government shutdown. joining me now from capitol hill, republican congressman duncan hunter of california. he sent a letter to defense secretary chuck hagel regarding the death benefit problem and congressman, nice to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me. jenna: just want to mention to our viewers, we reached out to the pentagon. we asked for an interview as well. i know you've been on our network over last 24 hours. we haven't heard back. i want to point out to the viewers we were trying to find the other side for this. >> good luck. jenna: we're trying. that is our job. will this be resolved today? >> it will be resolved today in the house of representatives and senate will pass it but, listen, these guys need to do their job and need the department of defense and just pay these american heroes families because here's what make this is worse, makes me mad as hell, actually.
9:16 am
secretary chuck hagel is flying out to dover to meet the coffins in the government airplane but the families can't do it. that is what i was reading today. he will fly out there. so you will have the secretary of defense doing this nice ceremony, meet the coffin thing in dover, delaware but the families are going to have to use their own dollars or go through some charity to get their flights out there. this is, the dod can fix this and the president frankly can fix this with a pen stroke. would take him all of five seconds to get this done. jenna: we asked the pentagon about that we did get one statement from the dod spokesman said unfortunately as a result of the shutdown we do not have the legal authority to make debt grat taught payments. >> they're wrong. jenna: they're wrong? why. >> let me tell you why. on the 28th of last month the house unanimously and senate unanimously and president signed two days later, before the shutdown the pay our militaries act. that provides for subpoenas and allowances to our military servicemembers. that paid for this. they made a bad legal
9:17 am
interpretation and instead of correcting themselves and doing the right thing and paying these families, they doubled down on being obstinate to prove they were right. dod is wrong on this they have too many lawyers. they need more warriors, fewer lawyers and do the right thing. here is what they're doing. fundamentally the government is right now is breaking the sacred trust with our military families. that is the one thing during time of war that they can not do. they just did it. they could fix this with a pen stroke and the president of the united states could fix this in five seconds with just a stroke of this pen. what does it come out to? $600,000. that is a drop in the bucket for all the other stuff going on in this government. $600,000 so the families of the fallen american heroes can get what they need and deserve. jenna: well, in our research we asked the same question, can the president do this instantaneously? we were told because of funding from congress that -- >> let me show you. here is the actual bill we have. jenna: hold on one second. >> sure. jenna: there is something bigger going on.
9:18 am
you touched on it. you feel that there's a point trying to be proven here. and i'm just wondering, as, a veteran yourself, how that feels? >> well, let me tell you, i don't think, and i would hate to believe that anybody in the department of defense would do this to the family of a fallen hero, to make a political point. so, i'm not going to go there. i think you have to have good people in government because, that is what you have to have. i don't think anybody in our dod would do that. i would not put it past, at least some people in the administration. jenna: you have said it's a boneheaded decision. there is still a question about who is the one that made this decision and who is enforcing it. who is it? >> we don't know. bet me show you. this is the actual law. it is two pages. it is not complicated. it says such sums as are necessary to provide pay and allowances to the members about armed forces. that is what the dod is saying does not provide for these
9:19 am
families of the fallen. we say that they're wrong. moreover, we checked with them before passing this to explicitly make sure this stuff was covered. congress is a lot of things but you have smart people here. we're not all stupid. we checked on this last month preshutdown and dod said this works. for them to now come back and say it is on congress again is total baloney. jenna: baloney. we'll take the baloney. thank you, sir for that. we know your sentiment. that is all right. talk to me a little bit the timeline. i want to nail you down a little bit on that. >> sure. jenna: we're understanding the house will not bring it up until 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. needs 2/3 of the majority to get through the house. not a typical vote. are you concerned about it passing because there are political points being scored on either side? and number two, what is the timeline? if it is congress needs to fix this what realistically is the timeline it is fixed?
9:20 am
>> first if i were a the betting man, which i am, i would bet money it gets unanimous approval and passes the house this afternoon. and then the senate needs to go through their little procedural stuff to fast-track this. i would guess it could be on the president's desk tomorrow. jenna: and then, problem solved? >> problem solved. jenna: congressman hunter, nice to have you on the program. >> thank you. jenna: appreciate your time and look forward to checking back in with you. thank you. jon: the investigation into a deadly chemical plant explosion grinding to a halt thanks to the government shutdown. breaking details on that next. and, it's not a war zone but it may be just as dangerous. the american city that ranks first in violent crime. we'll tell you which one, live, coming up. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating?
9:21 am
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jenna: right now new information on a few stories we're watching around the world. we'll start in china where a very experienced flyer plunged more than 2,000 feet to his death after he veered off course jumping off a cliff. his parachute never deployed and gusty wind and equipment failure being eyed as a possible cause for this deadly horrific accident. to the u.k. now where scotland yard is appealing for new information about a new suspect in the disappearance of madeline mccann. the little british girl as you know vanished more than six years ago while on vacation with her family in portugal. they're looking for a man near the vacation villa and doing it now. back to china. leaping lizards one escapes from his cage in a animal park. it was a short run as they
9:25 am
nabbed the little guy before he. >> a federal board suspends its investigation into that deadly chemical plant explosion there back in april. patti ann browne is on it from the breaking newsdesk. >> reporter: the city of west end, texas was devastated by an explosion at a fertilizer plant that killed 15 people. the chemical safety board a federal agency that probes such disasters has been investigating ever since but now the csb is idle due to the government shutdown. in fact the csb confirmed yesterday that 15 chemical accident investigations are on hold nationwide. csb share, rafael arasso emphasized the urgency of these investigations saying the findings are important for the security of our nation's energy supply and for communities and businesses. there are hundreds of fertilizer sites across the country that are similar to the one in west. csb managing director daniel
9:26 am
horowitz tells nbc news the board planned to conduct a hearing late they are month to introduce new safety recommendations for ammonium nitrate. for example, the storage of this chemical in wooden bins as was done in west is still common practice nationwide according to horowitz. the board wants to rye consider that practice. but if the government shutdown continues, those recommendations will have to wait. and arasso says if a chemical accident happened in an american community tomorrow we have no ability to respond. jon? jon: patti ann browne. thank you. jenna: it is one of the most dangerous places in our entire country quite frankly. camden, new jersey, ranking first in violent crime last year. the numbers are staggering with folks living in that city have a one in 11 chance of falling victim to a violent or property-related crime. who do you send a story on this? veteran war correspondent steve harrigan is used to tough situations and live in cam dem with more on this steve?
9:27 am
>> reporter: jenna, this neighborhood we're in camden now is called challenged by officials. a few minutes ago we saw a young woman arrested for buying heroin. she was put in one of those squad cars. camden currently holds two records. one the most murders per cap tax more than anywhere else in the u.s. two, the lowest income. just $21,000 a year here. the chief of police knows that he faces enormous challenges. >> last year for us, we were 87 per 100,000. now to put that into context, el salvador was 70 per 100,000 and hon durus was 82 per 100,000. according to u.n. statistics last year, honduras was the most violent third world country on the planet. >> reporter: when you walk around their command center here in camden, it is really familiar to anyone who spent time with u.s. troops over in iraq. when you hear them talk, almost like colonels talking about
9:28 am
counterinsurgency, who controls what different neighborhood. they're going at it in a low-tech manner. in some sense they are trying to get more troops, more patrols out on the street changing the environment. going at it in a high-tech way. they have a series of microphone, something they have called shot spotter. they tell them where a shot is fired within 10 feet. this is important in a place called camden as you hear sirens with an ambulance going by. for every three shootings in camden, just two of the times people call police. the other times they don't even bother. that is how used to gunshots people here are in camden. back to you. jenna: thank you, steve. jon: what a sad story there. gold prices skyrocketed during the last debt crisis. what will happen to the precious metal this time around? we're live with more information on that. plus court action in the biker road rage case as an under cover police detective faces charges. there is word he might have thrown some punches. our legal panel weighs in.
9:29 am
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9:33 am
business network with more. reporter: that is right, back in 2011, leading up to the last debt ceiling deal, we saw gold pricing again and standard & poor's downgraded the u.s. credit rating. but this time the price in gold has been declining ahead of the debt ceiling deal and it's actually down 1.3% since the shutdown went into effect and it has lost more than a fifth of its value. about 22% since january of this year and not put this on track worth the annual performance since 1981. 370-dollar decline has been the biggest annual dollar drop ever. they do not expect gold to jump this time around. president obama's nomination
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
is are is and will and her son at it and it is time to back off, probably been consistent all the work that he has done thus far. >> the civilian who stepped in front and ended this confrontation then he didn't have it done in he didn't have anything couldn't this undercover cop have done the
9:37 am
same thing? >> that's right, motorcyclist actually the motorcyclist actually contributed to the violence at the end. they are driving for a long time before they get to the area, he could have tried to defuse diffuse the situation, that is the training and also accused of not reporting it in-line to supervisors about this. and it could result in criminal charges and him losing his job. jon: taking a look at what was happening, when this pack of bikers is surrounded on the westside and he slows down. and you can see that he is quite obviously slowing down with the suv and here is the moment just before the suv then goes on to bump his tires in that moment of
9:38 am
it was not caught on video. but when i took drivers ed, you always learn that if you are the vehicle in the rear, you're almost always going to be charged if you rear end somebody and is that the case here? >> that is not the case, but the way is that it was set up is that it doesn't look as that he had the option. that is why he has not been charged with us anytime thus far. more video has been obtained and you might still see charges against him. there will certainly be a civil count for the biker that he ran over. i don't see criminal charges for not stopping. he didn't have the opportunity to stop is what it seems like. jon: if i am the suv driver on the westside highway for people who don't know it, it's the closest thing that there is that is interesting in new york and
9:39 am
manhattan. i think the speed limit is 50. sixty-five, 70 miles per hour. if i'm driving and suddenly surrounded by a swarm and there a they're a couple dozen of these guys on by, they might've been looking out of the side mirrors, the rear view mirrors, who knows? >> that's right, the allegations after the attack are striking the vehicle and puncturing the tires and that is what led him to drive off. whether he reasonably believed that there was a threat of physical injury with himself or his wife or his toddler come up based on what we know of. he thought that his family was going to be hurt, that is a question that he has to look at. >> it sure looks to me like that guy in front who claims that he was just slowing down to look things over. it looks to me like he was trying to intimidate the driver and me eating try to cause the accident, which resulted. >> i agree with you completely.
9:40 am
it was called brake checking and i think that ultimately the facilities has dropped, i would most definitely join the beach bikers and the person who did the brake checking. if they started the ball rolling, they would not have had the ball rolling. a. jon: that's right come after he got bumped, that is when the other biker try to be puncturing the tires and all of that. the guy who is driving takes off, runs over the biker and the mayhem starts from there. we thank you both and we will continue to watch the strange case. jenna: it certainly it certainly is. he. jon: six people arrested so far in a couple of cops involved. jenna: we will continue to watch that story. in the meantime, a historic bridge coming down today. look at that, we will show you where this is all happening.
9:41 am
nearly 300 people sickened in a salmonella outbreak affecting 17 states. the doctor is in with what you need to know to trust yourself and your family.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
jon: a very sad scene at the dover air force base in delaware and that is the place where american service members killed in action where their bodies are brought to american soil after service overseas and there are four members of the army whose vehicle hit an ied while conducting operations in kandahar province in afghanistan on sunday. those bodies are being returned to this country right now. and there is disagreement as to whether their family should be flown to greet the incoming coffins as a result of this arguing over the federal budget
9:45 am
deficit. so there you see some coffins coming in now. and it is not entirely clear whether they have been able to pay for. there is no money in the government to pay for those family trips. we will keep an eye on this very sad story. in all, 17 service members have been killed. these are just the latest for individuals. single macko. ♪ be two federal agencies hopefully controlling federal illnesses as they scramble the new outbreak is what is being described as drug-resistant salmonella. the agricultural department operating with just 87% of the staff has issued a public health alert this week saying that raw chicken products from three foster farms facilities in
9:46 am
california are the likely source of the outbreak. the advocates warned about this kind of problem when the government shutdown last week and the cdc is also operating with fewer staff. they actually call people back to help deal with this problem. doctor marty mccleary is a professor of public health at johns hopkins. the shutdown did not cause, just to be clear, the salmonella to emerge and they think it was tied back several months, perhaps another outbreak a year ago was tied to it. what is the goal of the government and how important is this? >> we rely on the government to pass on medical information. when there is an outbreak, we don't have individuals that go out and inspect them look of the bacteria under the microscope. what we're learning is that this is actually different strains that are resistant to some of the common antibiotics that we use out there to treat salmonella poisoning.
9:47 am
it is good to watch out for it and be aware of it. jenna: what if you do have a case like this? what do you do and how dangerous is it? >> the common symptoms are crampy abdominal pain, sometimes bloody diarrhea. when someone comes in with a history of this that is an exposure to something like chicken that is raw about two or three days prior, we think about domino a, we have to test for it, doctors need to know about this and we hit them with heavy-duty antibiotics in light of the finding. it looks like it's on the west coast and his company had three facilities in california. so it is relatively traceable. jenna: i'm not going on, talk to us about where is the role of the medical professionals and the government moving forward? they are calling back employees. it is a little bit unnerving. do we not know because we do not have the employees out there to tell us how big of an outbreak
9:48 am
is? >> a lot of folks are considered nonessential for what that term is worth. considered nonessential government employees. so some of the public health promotion and the web promotion and transfer of information that we rely upon, we don't have teams that go out and investigate these epidemics. 300 or so people got this infection. we rely on the government to pass it on to us read what if it were a thousand or 10,000 and it triggers out that we need to follow this and for everyday people at home, they need to know to be extra careful with salmonella until we get the facts. jenna: when it comes to this, is this new wave of food poisoning? >> it is a sign of the times. everyone comes to their doctors demanding antibiotics now. that means more resistant factory farming techniques with
9:49 am
animals packed in small spaces. that results in more mutations of bacteria. so be careful about cutting boards and the timing of when you get sick and tracing it back to the salmonella. because there is good treatment out there. jenna: doctor, what do you do with your cutting boards at home? without the right way to clean a cutting board? what you do for food safety at home? >> sometimes i want to burn my cutting board. so be really careful. jenna: we could always use a reminder. doctor mccarry, thank you so much. >> thank you. jon: the kidnapping of a california teenager. what can anderson is saying about her terrifying ordeal at the hands of amanda $2 a family friend. we have the breaking details coming up next
9:50 am
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>> would you have ever? yogurt jon: house democrats on the shutdown. jenna: and showed the colorado lawmaker who used a fake statistic about gun violence lose his job? single macko. jon: after burn off some yogurt as well. the former amelia earhart bridge. this implosion kicks off earlier this morning. the blast was scheduled for a monday but had to be delayed due
9:54 am
to high water levels. it is between kansas and winthrop, missouri, and it will take to marx would've to bring the bridge down. they are set for october 11, and october 29. things can get pretty wild here fox news, but nothing like this. this huge explosion that got a practically this entire building, police say that it was targeted because it is known as supporting the country's opposition leader. luckily there were no injuries in the fireball. jenna: can anderson, a california teenager kidnapped after her mother and brother were brutally killed, we are learning more about her terrorizing ordeal. patti ann browne is live from new york city right now. reporter: that is right, back in
9:55 am
august when the nation was captivated by the search for can anderson come to california teenager disappeared. a 49-year-old friend of the family had taken her after the mother and brother of ken anderson was found dead. james dimaggio and hand damage than were found in idaho. he was killed and shot. hannah said she was held against her will read and authorities say that there is no doubt that she was a victim. but skeptics doubt some of the evidence because of text messages that were exchanged between the kidnapper and can anderson. but hannah anderson is now telling her side of the story and tomorrow she will give her testimony. she said that she started crying
9:56 am
and got freaked out, and the thought of dimaggio makes her disgusted and angry. she also said that she had no idea that her brother and mother had been murdered. her bodies have been found in the home of dimaggio, which had been burned to the ground. her father, brent anderson will be an interview tomorrow. jon: take a look at this. snow on the ground in colorado in the high country. those of us who skied love seeing pictures like this. you have everything changing in the foreground, you have the snow coming. more "happening now" is just ahead. when you have diabetes like i do,
9:57 am
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will >> earlier in the hour or show, i said something about my head was going to explode. this is a picture of the morning commute in colorado wanted to keep my head from exploding and
10:00 am
he sent me a photoof the morning commute. >> it worked your head is doing just fine. >> lasted two hours. >> in rapid city, dacotta you might not like that shot. >> that is what happens. >> thanks for joining us. nbill and ally are next. nhouse democrats are heading to the white house today. welcome to hq, i am bill hemmer. nhard to seat progress in the naked eye. >> or at the end of the tunnel. >> i will allyson camerota. the talks are ridiculous to outrageous. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill for us, hi, mike. nhouse democrats visit to the white house. and still to be determined, but there was a co meeting of the top four


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