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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 10, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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factor. good night from washington, d.c. and don't you just love this new 7:00 p.m. time? i love it. anthony weiner 10:00 p.m. don't miss that one. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld and this is danish home furnishings today. we will focus on the scandinavian place mats and will have a quiz on candlestick holders. stay tuned for the bottom of the hour. let's welcome our guests. she is hotter than a big screen tv sold from the back of a truck inside of a volcano. i am here with kimberly gilfoil. she is one of my co-hosts on "the 5". and filling in for andy levy, andy levy. i am sick of it too and glad he didn't wear a a shirt. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was salsa he would come on a fajita.
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>> welcome to black eye. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. [inaudible]. >> all right. should the stand still help their treadmill? two house democrats are calling for the congressional gym to be closed until the crisis is over. you know what that means. it is day whatever of -- >> shutdown. >> bill foster and patrick murphy, if that's their real name say they should not have access while police go without pay and children are turned away from head start and veterans wonder figure their benefits will come. so the gym may be open for now, but it doesn't mean the shirtless for coz of the per -- shirtless torsos of the
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are without towels. without janitors look what happened to the locker room bathroom. >> wow. that came out of somebody's ass. >> wow. wow. >> do i have more stuff to talk about? >> i think you said enough, sir. >> meanwhile, seven days into the shutdown the u.s. army ordered a $47,000 mechanical bull. it uses it as a tool for recruiters. their old one apparently broke down. i am glad we stopped for that one. sherrod, let's go to the gym. should they close the gym or should they close everything but the gym? >> exactly. i think they should keep the gym open and make these congress people live in it.
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live in the gym like it is an episode of "lock up" on nbc. but them in the gym and reuse the towels and make them switch them. >> that's great. >> you have to switch out the towel. >> msnbc, the best thing they do is "lock up." >> easily. >> it is great. do you ever see people you know there? >> always, cousins and stuff. it is the next family reunion. you don't got to go no where. >> kimberly, something tells me you would not be okay using a wet towel that belonged to somebody else. >> only if it is wet because of me. i have my own collection from k-mart that has been amazing feeling to it. >> why can't they do what a lot of people do and bring their own towels? why must we pay for their clean towels? >> my kid goes to summer camp and it is a million dollars for the summer and they make him bring his own towel. >> i am right about the towel thing, andy. you are "red eye"'s wet towel. >> what does that mean? >> it means you bring everything down. >> like a wet blanket.
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>> can i point out that -- what is the show on nbc? >> lock up. >> it is on opposite us saturday night so don't give it a plug. >> what do you like after the second half? >> cheesy 101, don't plug the show on opposite you jie. who is hosting "saturday night live"? >> good news is i am on both shows. >> shutting down the gym and the whole thing is stupid. they are not staffing the gym so it is not costing anyone any money. if a privately owned gym let customers in without staff present sham health and safety regulations would that bring? congress has no problem exempting themselves from the laws they want to follow jie. it is one rule for them and another rule for us. that's called buttoning it up. i learned that from lou. bill, you go to the gym here at fox. but you hang out in the men's locker room and take photo.
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it is creepy. >> this thing was definitely aimed at boehner. he looks like he lives at the sauna. a scotch in one hand and his orange belly he used to put the scotch on. and every once in awhile the towel goes off. that's the way you show power. i can picture the whole thing. >> i have been giving this a lot of thought. >> put the cigarette out. you can't smoke in the sun. >> $47,000 for a mechanical bull. >> good. >> yes? >> do it. you know why? >> why. >> these guys are the national guard in utah. what else are they going to do? >> maybe the money can go to something else. >> maybe it is important. you never been in the national guard. >> have i haven't been in -- i haven't been in anything national. >> i was boy scout. >> were you? were you an eagle scout?
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>> i was an eagle scout in brooklyn. >> you were? that's a big deal. >> that's a big deal. and then i hosted a show on fox news. i am doing stuff black people don't do. joy from shutdowns to -- >> from shutdowns to evil clowns. they are not keen on halloween. a pennsylvania elementary school, is there any other kind, has canceled the halloween parade and other crud because of a ban on promoting religious beliefs. they sent a letter to parents saying, quote, some holidays observed in the community thought to be secular are viewed by others as having religious over tones. the district must be mindful. sensitivity of all of the members of the community. needless to say some parents think this is ridiculous. with one telling the local station wpve i can't even explain howen fiewr yaited i am with this. now they are taking out halloween with the pledge of
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allegiance. that was up for debate because we mentioned god in it. when are people going to stop and let schools be schools? obviously it is satanist. how much does the principal hate halloween? look at this video he made. >> you know what, as long as they are pumpkins i am okay. if he moves to water watermelons, stop. >> i thought the last one he would make sweet passionate
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love to a pumpkin. >> we cut it off early. >> you can get the uncut version. it goes to a german website. halloween for many was the only time they could wear a plastic mask to school. it seems like an attack on rubberbands and smelly plastic masks. >> sounds like an attack on school supplies and that kind of thing or on staples stores or office max. but i love halloween. everybody loves it. halloween is almost every friday night at my apartment. i have the pan am outfit with the white gogo boots. i have the dallas cowboy cheerleader outfit, one size too small. >> perfect. >> for me i love halloween. i try and reenact it and it is working ron deers. working wonder. >> why no photos? why no photos? >> i expected something as a mother saying -- as a child that goes to school, would you be upset if they banned halloween?
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>> i should have asked it straight up. >> oh my gosh, sorry. i forgot my talking point. i am outraged on behalf of the teacher's association united. >> wait a second. how is that better? >> because she used the word outraged. it means she will be back. sherrod, when you were a child i presume you were allowed to go to halloween and events like that. >> indeed. >> what did you go senate. >> different stuff. one time batman and one time robin hood. >> all white people. >> yeah, a lot of white people. i did do a shaft. >> that would be a good one. >> has the world gone mad? >> the world has gone mad. you know what though, can sell it. why should the pagans get their way? you can't do this with christianity, right? damn the pagans. >> they don't believe in hell. >> halloween is for sluts anyways. >> hey! >> take it off school and
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leave it for us adults. >> that's an interesting point. do you think it is a backward way of can selling because the girls are dressing too provocatively? >> i don't think that's a good point at all. >> thanks. >> i said this before, halloween or more accurately all hall hal low's eve is serious business. the window, the curtain, the veil between our world and the third world is permeable. in an interest to keep kids safe swree to stop -- we have to stop this. 7.8 million kids die every halloween. >> that's not true. >> yes it is. >> where did you get that fact. >> i made it up. no this is silly. it lost any religious connotation it may have. >> so has christmas. >> will you let your cats dress up? >> absolutely. >> what will they go as? >> i don't know. >> i liked it when last year they went as the wright brothers. you built a little tiny plane for them. they sat in the plane on your front porch and the children would come by and you get the
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candy from the kittens in the plane. >> you have odd dreams. >> have i a better idea. i will take them as my pom-poms this year. >> i am a dog person. >> i am looking forward to it. >> e-mail me or text me or tweet me. >> i think they would be great. sunny and cher, the smothers brothers. i am thinking a pair. >> sig freed and roy and you play the role as the tiger. >> i have a controversial one. hitler and mussolini. if not for historical reasons people wouldn't raise an eyebrow. >> bill, i am guessing your costumes is to dress up as a homeless person. in other words, no costumes at all. >> this is, something from a store of some sort. yay, let it go. halloween so cks. sucks. it is a horrible holiday. you worry your costumes will
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not be cool enough and you go into hypoglycemic shock. halloween was made for adults of the the tricks are women in cat woman costumes and the treats are cocaine. >> oaks my gosh. oh my gosh. >> that's the holiday right there. >> there is no halloween -- >> that's halloween! >> there is so much wrong with you i don't know where to begin. >> it has been awhile. >> as a child i dressed as a hobo. you put the stuff on your face. you have the cigar. can you dress as a hobo. >> they are actual hobos. >> did you carry a bindle. >> yes, i had a bindle and little suspenders that held my pants up and i had a pillowcase. >> they are taking you down from the train yard. >> go trick or treat through
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the country. >> exactly. and please get rides with strangers. strangers are the most caring people in the world. >> maybe hop on a cargo train. >> from parades to charades. should teams abide and keep to their side. kentucky's at lit particular -- athletic sanctioning body ordered high schools to eliminate handshakes from the playbook after two dozen fights in the last few years. teams can ignore the order, but they are expected to closely supervise any and all hand on hand action. meanwhile, one soccer coach has skirted the rule by having his players lineup and wish the opposing team good luck before the game. >> i had the thought if we can't shake their hand after the game, we should shake their hand before the game. coaches have to be the leaders. they have to be the ones who show public sports man ship. >> way to buck the system you sexy guy i could probably have a beer with, platonically, of course.
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meanwhile, a long jumper from the cat track team. >> oh no. >> they had a private service, but a lot of people showed up. they knew the jumping cat. the jumping cat is no more and i don't care. >> sherrod, good idea or the opposite of good, but is bad and can also mean good in your culture. >> what are we talking about again? >> what are we talking about? >> halloween? >> have you to be adult and show these kids you can shake the happened and not fight. when i was in sports when we shook the other team's hand i used to do this thing, one of these. >> it had the opposite of the desired affect on me. >> remember how that was -- we can't get into it, but when you did that it was supposed to mean something. >> a homo homosexual thing. >> that's what i was going say, that's a pass.
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>> is that still around? >> i remember you were a former athlete. i imagine you a lot as a former athlete. usually playing lacrosse and the bus breaks down in the woods and i am driving along and it is raining. are you okay? >> i'm like get in the back of the van and they were driving for hours. we are lost and we don't have anything to eat. >> you don't want to get to the point he brings out the machete. >> machete is the name of the my air mattress. >> which is where he puts the body. >> you have a young son. >> you said you were kid p that that -- kidnapping. >> sherrod says it is important to teachers and sports man ship. >> absolutely. i tell them all the time. don't come home unless you win.
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who cares about the other team. they have parents who can hug them. sports man ship is important, but i said be a winner, baby. don't leave anything on the field. just do it. >> we had a long discussion. you were adamant of doing this story from a quote, germ perspective. it is to prevent germs and i thought it was sad and strange for a man who lives with his two cats. >> this is what i like to call the obamaficat oi n of the american woosie. you can read more about it in my book, obamafication of the american woosie. >> who wrote the forward? >> it is tbd. >> i know somebody who can do that. it is a strong voice. >> that would be you. >> i don't get this. the school district is telling the schools, we are telling you not to do this, but it is
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okay if you do it, but it is on you. this is ass covering 101. now if there is a fight and the kentucky high school athletics said we told them not to do it. i don't like. it i don't cotton to it. >> you shouldn't. handshakes are done by people as a method of greeting. if that person wants to meet the other person this is something you never experienced because people usually walk away from you shaking their head in disgust. sometimes they are holding their nose from the horrifying stench that eminates from your sweaty, decrepit body. >> you forgot when they point at me and yell out hepititis. they are warning hepititis. >> don't go! get out! jump on to tommy lee. >> terrible. >> at least you will have sex with some woman. >> watch tommy lee die tonight and then we will be laughing.
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>> that only hoped with dom dela wees. >> good for them. the handshake thick sucks. you are going down the line and people mutter hateful things while they prepare to say good game. it teaches sports man ship and when has that applied to adult life. remind me in the day when somebody is fair to you or kind to you or when somebody plays fair with you. that has nothing to do with being an adult. get rid of it and have them lineup and punch each other in the face. >> it is true. i hate people who talk about teamwork and family at the workplace. that goes out the window the moment you are fired. >> totally. >> look at "the five." on the front half you all look like a happy family. on the bottom half are you giving each other charlie horses. >> by the way, he gave me a charlie horse for christmas.
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>> i am trying to get out of the segment. coming up, how can we fix america? sherrod small ships people off to earth. >> it is also an app. >> it is their number -- is their number one song deeply racist? we will take a nonstory and make it nonstorier. female announcer: through columbus day,
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on tempur-pedic through monday, columbus day. guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new light. well an american indian organization published this poster a bunch of years ago. the protest logos of teams like the cleveland indians and
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it is in this news because of the controversey over the washington redskins team name. you can see there you have the new york jews. >> they had a winning season. >> and the san francisco -- i don't think i will say that word. the text reads no race, creed orie lig general should endure the ridicule of native americans. help put an end to this mockery and racism. president obama said he would consider changing the redskins name. they say obama is interest pooing -- president obama is pointing out the obvious. it does not honor native people and it has no place in modern america society. you know what else has no place in modern america society? this.
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>> i swear i have seen that video four times now. >> have you? >> yes, i have. >> on your show? >> yes, on our show. i am getting tired of seeing the same video. sherrod, if those cats were real -- wouldn't you buy those hats because they are so offensive. new york jews. >> i would wear it. >> i think you would. >> it couldn't hurt, right? >> i don't think it would. >> there will be a counting time. >> i am pulling for the jews. it is like i am pulling for the jews. >> that's the argument for a lot of the people supporting the redskins logo. it is complimentary. >> but i have a question though. they said it is not complimentary because they used to use the redskins. people were buying red indian skin? what were they using it for. >> sometimes history isn't pretty. check out my blog. >> what is it used for? >> i don't know.
12:25 am
>> bad things, sherrod. check out my blog. >> the word is a racial slur, redskins to native americans. what should we do specifically, you and me? how should we hash this out in private? >> maybe over dinner. joy is this another i want to get you alone and vulnerable and roofie you in someway. >> i would never roofie you. >> i have no problem with the name. if people equip themselves with the fact the polling show that most native americans are not offended by it. >> i don't believe that. >> i think it is weird you wouldn't say the name of the san francisco team, but you will say redskins. >> i would have said it. >> how weird w-s it? >> it is very weird to me. it seems if you won't say chinaman you won't say redskins. >> fair point. >> and i don't know why the new york jews team are blue
12:26 am
and purple. they should be light blue for our homeland. >> would you wear the new york jews? >> i didn't see the rare raw couture. >> i can't see it up close from here. >> why would they write that for san francisco? >> that's that caracature. >> it wasn't a big hollywood sign? >> it just says media. >> bill, president obama wants you to change your name because it is offensive to the buffalo bills. >> yes. every time your name comes up the buffalo bills team is disgusted and almost everyone named bill is disgusted including buffalo bill from "silence of the lambs" and he is a fictional character.
12:27 am
>> he was making a lady suit. >> are you about a 44 inch waist size? sorry. one of the lesser known scenes. it has been made before, but bears repeating. can we look at notre dame? let's look at that mascot. that's the the caracature of a drunken irish guy who is putting up his dukes and calling out a nameless person. he is huh louse nateing for the fight for the honor of the hat he is wearing. i never hear anyone making fun of the character. >> i just see an irish guy on his way home to see his wife. >> send your letters to sherrod. >> he is black irish. he can say it. >> i know i uh febded half of you by bricking this up, but it is a point nonetheless. >> you are half irish and half puerto rican?
12:28 am
>> correct. is it this way or this way. >> either way, either way. >> we will take a break. i think this is kind of endearing. coming up, should you approach beautiful women in the street? kimberly discusses her new book "turn around and walk in the other direction when you see me you ugly losers. i hate you, gross." >> kind of long. >> why would you write that? do dogs have the same emotions as people? a neuro scientist said yes, but then again he says a lot of things.
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will the marketing ploy bring box office joy? i speak of a prank video created to generate buzz for the upcoming "carrie" remake that hits thee tears -- that hits theaters this week. a man spills coffee on a young woman who then uses her tele kinetic power to scare the crap out of unwitting customers. let's roll some tape, tape rollers. >> $4.50. >> oh my god! >> i'm sorry. >> you just ruined my stuff. >> get some napkins and clean it up. it will be fine.
12:33 am
>> fine? there is coffee in my computer. just get away from me. get away from me. [creaming]. >> slept -- excellent acting. >> we will discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooooouuuu nu nnnnnddddddd.
12:34 am
lightning round. >> welcome back, dreg. greg. >> sherrod, this thing actually worked, right? >> first of all, i additioned to be the gay black dude in it, but i didn't get the role. >> how would you have reacted if you were a customer in there? >> i would have sat in my chair like this, white people. ruined my l a ate. >> see you look like a good gay black guy. >> i didn't think the acting was very good. but at the same time i wasn't there. would you have been scared? >> soccers you weren't there? i would have ran out the door and called 9-1-1. >> would you have left your child there? >> no, he would have been out the door ahead of me. he would have left me there.
12:35 am
>> don't tell me. i am a beautiful anchor. take the child! take the child! this could be a sacrifice. >> he takes out the garbage. take the child. you. >> i thought it was cool, but i was more impressed with the special effects and i liked the scream at the end. >> andy, would you have been terrified if you were there and would you have protected your cats? >> we are referring to psycho kinetic powers. i'm sorry, i don't like this, greg. there is nothing funny about psycho caw knee sis. it perpetuates the stereo type that people have violent tempers and can't control themselves. instead of mocking them we need to look for a way to help people with these powers. >> taking it from personal experience. >> i may actually go -- i don't know if i will see the movie because i have seen the original . judging from the trailer for this one in which by the way
12:36 am
they seem to assume that everyone has seen the old version because they give everything away in the trailer and it looks the same. >> the interesting fact of it being called a trailer because the coming attraction used to trail the movie, but no one would stay for it. so they moved the trailer to before the movie. did you know that? >> i did not know that. i thought the guy that invented them lived in a trailer park. >> isn't that an interesting fact? you can thank me for that. you know what doesn't need marketing ploys? good movies. >> but i am still thinking of that interesting fact. >> you will be so popular. >> no, that won't happen. it is interesting that such a creative and a good talker, such a creative thing was done to market a movie that is a remake. it is a summer and fall full of remakes and reboots and sequels from a hollywood that can't come up with anything on
12:37 am
their own anymore, why can't all of their marketing people start, wait for it, making movies. >> it wasn't that bad. >> what would happen if somebody had a permit to carry? if you were in there and you are like, holy crap, and you would shoot her because she was crazy. >> remember we did that story in the elevator with the ghosts and we said the same thing. if any of those people were armed you would have a dead actress playing the ghost. >> that's the problem with pranks. sometimes they go awry. >> that's why i shot that dude before. i thought he was a ghost. >> great defense. >> and then you took the ghost's wallet. >> and assumed the ghost's identity. >> as he would have wanted you to.
12:38 am
>> it is number one -- >> it will stand up in court. >> it is number one on the billboard hot 100, but is this song racist? the blogger says so which is enough for me because i love bloggers. it is a debut called "royals request it is 1k3 lorde -- stop laughing. >> oh lorday. >> she is talking about rejecting consumerism and every song is about gold teeth and luxury cars. >> ♪ gold teeth gray goose ♪ dripping in the bathroom ball gowns trashing the hotel ram ♪ sthoat we don't -- ♪ we don't care ♪ we are driving cadillacs in our dreams ♪ ♪ jet planes islands ♪ tigers on a gold leash ♪ we don't care ♪ we aren't caught up in your love uh fair ♪ ♪ >> the leer ricks -- get the women some coats.
12:39 am
>> i have to finish reading this so you can hear him babble incoherently. the lyrics have troubled a writer in a feminist blog. she says the song is deeply racist, quote, because we all know who she is thinking when we talk about gold teeth, crystal and my backs -- >> maybachs. >> she says [bleep] on blacks folks and [bleep] on white. you will have to bleep that later. shorty trippin? >> she is trippin. she could talk about madonna and katie perry. with the gold teeth as well. >> they have like a grill. as it is called. >> this chick is an old chick and she doesn't know what young people do. everybody does this. it is not a black or white
12:40 am
thing. >> who is old? >> who ever the chick who -- gite singer? >> not the singer, but the chick. >> the feminist blogger. >> the feminist who complained. it is an old person that doesn't know old and young people do these things. >> kimberly -- >> oh those young people. >> isn't she saying this is what i am seeing in a lot of songs and it is stupid. how is that racist? >> your interpretation was pg and very accurate. >> miley cyrus did the same thing. >> miley cyrus is so much worse. >> she is great. she is a treasure. >> andy, you told me you loved the song and it is about time she calls out the super official consumption of our p -- rappers. >> use a different word than black. but everyone gets one. >> i said redskins. >> it is fantastic.
12:41 am
this writer accuses lorde of racism saying why not critique wealth by looking at golf and polo and central park east. then people from central new zealand are like, golf is super cheap in new zealand. it is not a rich person's sport. nobody plays polo here and why would a 16-year-old from new zealand write about central park east? this is a writer x florez, who is a cultural i'm pearl y'allist. she thinks everything should be about american culture. all i can say is check your privilege, veronica and shake my head head. >> bill, you were once a sex groupy for snow, the canadian rapper. we need insight into this. >> was that fun? are there opennennings? >> i am no informer. i won't tell you. >> you still got. it bill.
12:42 am
>> the whole song is based on all of these things that she can't have because she is not a rapper. that's what the feminist is saying. she is saying she can't have all of these things because she is a kiwi. they don't even have indoor plumming. it is a far off and very backwards place. >> new zealand is awesome. thank you swree land is an amazing place. we are not even on over there because they don't have tv's. >> no, i love new zealand. >> they all look like hobbits. she had to shave her face to make that video. >> everyone knows new new zealand is australia's new jersey. >> the garden state. >> i want to go on record to say i love new zealand. >> where was zeland? >> he was a base player for cheap trick. >> time for a break. more stuff is on the way "the joy of hate" a fantastic book. go to amazon and order.
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you order 70 right now you will get another 70 for the same price.
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next topic, should your late come with a hate? a barista has become a mime when an i cany video went voi rail, another word i hate. brody ryan got piper kennedy's number while working in an l.a. franchise. he sent her a clip of him posing and preening to the drake single "hold on, i'm going home." the actress forwarded it to her friends and the nugget known as star brocks -- starbucks drake hand was a thing. take a look. ♪
12:47 am
>> it is exhausting being a [bleep]. >> no drake. >> this is a drake free zone. >> we have to move quickly. she is going out with him. pity date? >> he is a good looking dude. good looking dudes do silly stuff too. she probably wants to hit him. >> no he worked at starbucks. that's a different story, sherrod. >> and the girl dwaif him the number? >> yes. >> good for him. >> yes, thanks for listening. >> she gave the number at the starbucks and he sent the video and then she liked it and they hooked up. >> this happens often? >> not the happy ending for the guy part. >> this stuff does happen with weird messages on the starbucks cup. starbucks awkward for the 15th time and these weird things and apparatuses. >> if she gave him her number and he works at starbucks she is really into this dude.
12:48 am
girls care where you work. dudes don't care where you work. you could be homeless. >> good for him. >> bill, you sent a similar video to lars-alrich, but it was not metallica. it was a box of your feces. >> it was my subtle critique of their last album. it was not up to snuff so i sent him poop. the only good looking guys can do that. even if it wasn't a completely ugly guy, but a fat guy sending a video and he is going like this and halfway through he goes goes -- like he just woke up and did that on video? there is no way. only the model looking type dude can do that. >> can you believe, and he, woulded at starbucks. >> what bill just did he does every night to hundreds of thousands of people. last word to you.
12:49 am
>> oh, i just want to -- i had stuff to say, but we don't have time. i want to read this from brody ryan's website. this is his bio. initially he was a member of an electro hip hop group. it was then that brody ryan, dopplerly under the alias shy fame developed his powerful stage persona and found his confidence, tabla, blah, blah. one of the members was arrested and the band fell apart. >> and then he worked at starbuck. >> he moved to l.a. and he is trying to get a selfie on and if the girl can't handle that shy needs to get out. >> are you like a male feminist to men. >> you go, guy. >> all right, we have one more topic. it is about animals. >> ♪ good girl you know it
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12:53 am
e block. the last story. that's the last story. >> is there more to study about man's best buddy? a neuro scientist studied mri's of dogs and they experience emotions the same way humans do. gregory burns reports many of the things that activate a
12:54 am
region associated with positive emotion with love and attachment in humans do the same for our furry friends. that means dogs are people too and should booy afforded the same rights and perhaps like voting. meanwhile, a new study found that petting a cat could stress the cat out. professor daniel mill -- mills says while some enjoy the attention some tall rate -- tolerate and some dislike it. cats must be eaten. rights to dogs and no rights to cats. >> it makes sense. dogs depend on humans to eat. they will be acting like us. you know who doesn't act like us? wolves. >> they start mimicking and it makes sense. we live in the same quarters. >> kimberly people laughed when women got the vote. so are you laughing about dogs voting and it seems doggist. we had a bunch of these in san francisco. they want dogs and cats to
12:55 am
have more rights than anybody else. it is really too much. it is like my nanny is like, oh we have to play with bella because she had shame and a poochy. she doesn't care. she wants a treat. >> i know now you have a nanny. >> and a dog stylist. >> andy you have been cutting yourself all day after hearing petting cats could stress them out. >> this guy spent two years studying dog mri's. so i guess when you take yourself out of the dating world you have a lot of free time. my guess is cats would show the same things dogs do, but cats robert stupid enough to stand in an -- cats aren't stupid enough to stand in an mri machine because a human wants them to be. >> when there was a conference there were all of these cats and it was a prickly situation, ladies and gentlemen. bill, how does it know -- are
12:56 am
on how does it feel knowing dogs are actually more human than you are, you pathetic, freaked out unloved piece of fillet? >> that was affection gnat for you. >> it is interesting. i found while i like dogs i am a cat. anytime anybody tries to pet me, yuck with the claws and i have dander. >> and ring worm. >> that's what happens when you live in a box. >> if you could just learn to use the litter box it would be fine. >> it is so true. we have tried so many ways to get him to do it. >> i think we need to bring him back. >> i had to do that one time. >> we have 30 days. >> not after what i just did. >> interesting. well, it was interesting. i think that's it for now. >> let's go home. >> that was rehearsal, right? >> it was rehearsal. we will think kimberly and bill schulz and tv's andy levy
12:57 am
and of course sherrod small. that does it for me. i am going to be sick. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. in the meantime, i want you to think about me and nothing but me for the rest of the night.
12:58 am
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breaking tonight on "the kelly file" plunging poll numbers for the president as the fallout from the shutdown showdown gets worse. plus -- washington scramblinging to find a solution to the story that was first on "the kelly file." families of soldiers killed in combat not getting paid the death benefits they were promised. the question tonight -- >> why won't you tell us what day you learned -- yesterday, the day before? >> ed henry, brit hume and karl rove on the search for answers. plus -- >> have you been consorting with the devil? >> consorting with the devil? why did one lawmaker try out his comedy routine as


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