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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that was fun. the must see moment, behind-the-scenes interview with judge judy watch it on kelly file. like and share it."the kelly f." thanks for watching. welcome to "hannity." tonight we need to set the record straight. the obama/reid shutdown. rising tensions. americans losing trust in elected leaders. this happened because of one thing only -- obama care. over the next hour with the help of the studio audience made up of distinguished guests and experts from both sides of the aisle we'll explain why. since washington won't have an honest conversation, we will right here on this show. >> i want to be absolutely crystal clear.
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any bill that defunds obama care is dead. >> the lights are out in washington. >> refusing the to negotiating, harry reid and the president are putting our country on a dangerous path. >> we are not going to bow to tea party anarchists. >> d.c. is closed for business because of oh obama care. >> this is playing with fire. legislative arsonists are at work. >> rising sentiment in the country to throw the bums out. >> if all the president wants is to drag us over there to say he won't negotiate that's not productive. >> tonight we debate the impact of the corner stone of the government's domestic policy agenda. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. "hannity" starts right here, right now. the writing was on the wall since day one the president's health care law has been one big
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headache after the other. with comments like this we shouldn't be surprised. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it uh away from the fog of the controversy. >> guess what. the bill was passed, americans found out what was in it and they hate it. every day there is another report of companies laying off workers, families not allowed to keep their doctors and much worse. why should americans have faith left in elected officials and what can be done? 60% said yes when asked if give uhhen the opportunity they would oat vote to are are are place every single member of congress. do you agree? head to and go to twitter @sean hannity. first we bring in -- hello, tamara. we'll get to you. i promise.
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polls say fire every member of congress, 60%. 37% approval rating. lowest he's had. most americans think obama is putting his political agenda ahead of what is good for the country. poll. barack obama, a. pchl most people see the president handling most issues and say he's not decisive, not strong, not honest, not reasonable. and barack obama, the person that made people faint, he's not inspiring anymore. 75% of americans think the sequester didn't hurt. it gets worse. couple more points and i will i bring you in. 634 million taxpayer dollars we spent on a health care launch that was a disaster. 17% of americans think we are on the right track. 83% think the wrong track. republicans now lead in the generic poll 18 points among independent i.
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what's going on here? >> there is a huge discrepancy between what people ex expected with barack obama and what i they got. what they department get was a lead er, someone to the bring the country together, left and right together, negotiate. you are seeing a lack of presidential leadership. that sticks out in people's minds compared to what they thought they were getting when they went to the polls for him twice. >> tamara, you're a democrat but have been critical of president obama. a president who will talk to iran and syria but won't talk to republicans. are conservatives that bad? >> well, you are. >> opened myself right up. >> there are legitimate concerns about the affordable care act, obama care, whatever you call it. we can all agree whether you're on the left or right. but the issue is that we have a democratic process here. we want to conserve that.
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the only way is not the tea party minority or people i trying to change this. it is through repeal the law, through the proper i chain of government. >> you're an attorney. i have to disagree . >> name one time we have repealed a law in our history. >> plenty of laws. >> throughout the democratic congressional process. >> you read the constitution? >> name one time, sean. >> i'm not on your show. we have a constitution. our constitution has separation of powers. the power of the purse is in whose hands? >> treasury. >> no. congress. wrong answer. >> the congress! >> the president said he won't negotiate. here we are with $17 trillion in debt. sequestration hit the military in different ways we haven't addressed. he says you won't negotiate. i run a vet group. he's using them as pawns. he 's over hyping things in the v.a. >> normandy.
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>> people killed, families not getting their payments. he could have fixed it with a stroke of the pen. he wanted the heat on. >> this is important. we have a petulant president acting like a child that won't negotiate. it's his way or the highway. one good reason the president shouldn't talk to republicans. >> let me ex plain -- >> i asked you a question. one good reason. >> 73% of the american people don't agree with what the republicans are doing and what they have achieved. >> not true. >> what they have achieved with the shutdown is almost impossible. do you know what it is? supportr from obama care is up 7 points. >> not true. >> 100% true according to the wall street journal poll. also according to the new gallup poll -- >> did i i ask you this question? i asked you a question. you're giving me polls, talking politics. wait a minute. hang on. >> people don't agree with you.
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>> lauren, let me ego to you. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> he department answer my question. isn't it pech lent of a president not to talk? >> absolutely. do you remember yesterday? we had the biggest point gain of the year. i know it's just wall street but it affects main street. when people make money they feel better. just the fact that the politicians were talking, people want to throw them in a room, close the doors and say, just agree already. >> the definition of leadership is not caving. the responsibility for why the world war ii memorial is because the republicans shut down the government. >> not true. >> they are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. first the shutdown was just a snow day, wouldn't have an impact. now they are picking and choosing different programs to re-fund. >> you don't answer the question
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either. this is a partial shutdown. it is 83%. and there is discretion in terms of where the money is spent. essential employees, nonessential. pete is right. they didn't have to take away the death benefits. [ all speaking at once ] >> hang on. erin? >> we are forgetting why health care insists. we are i trying to improve health care. as a health care provider the only good thing that can come out of this at this point is that it spawns a free market system. obama care is just a complete mess. we have got away from it. >> i want to ask in the back. sally, i know you are dying to get in. 634 million dollars to a canadian company is how much we paid for that system that they had three years to build that nobody could sign into. >> i love this. for years -- >> 634 million. >> -- the money so we can
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implement the money so it can work. if you don't like the law, let it fail on its own. >> we spent the money. >> as opposed to holding the money for implementation. >> we spent it. >> pectul people re elect the you still keep trying. do you know who doesn't agree? republicans. >> the bigger picture is that obama wants to transform america. one way for him to do so which are his words is to control our health insurance system. can i finish? i didn't interrupt you. for him to transform our country, controlling individuals, controlling american s, this isn't about choice and individual iism. it's about taking over, in my opinion, of what's going on in our country. it's absolutely outrageous. >> can we just point out at least 99% of the people who tried to sign up for this thing
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have been unable to do so because of his own failure? $600 million and three and a half years later they can't get a functioning website up. now they want to run our health care. that raises red flags. regardless of what you think about the law itself, the incompetence in the roll out is astonishing. >> do you know why the republicans ought to stand firm? the average cost for the average family -- and we'll have examples for you at home. you will have real life examples of people suffering under the law. premiums are up, not down as promised. companies are laying off, lowering work hours so people get below the 30-hour threshold. we'll talk to business leaders and people that are impacted by this. now, hang on. those of you that didn't get to talk. we'll have more with the opinionated, quiet uh studio audience. fist, three business leaders join me next to explain devastating changes they have had to make to the work force
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welcome back. before we bring back the lively studio audience we thought we'd look back at all the promises the anointed one, the president and his administration made regarding their brilliant health care over haul. take a look. >> under the re form we are proposing if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. and if you do have health insurance, we'll help make sure your insurance is more affordable and more secure. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.
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this is not some government takeover. if you like your doctor, you can keep seeing your doctor. cost-cutting measures mirror most people's premiums and brings down the deficit by up to $1 trillion over the next decade because we are spending health care dollars more wisely. >> re forms will lower premiums in a new insurance exchange while offering consumers protection to limit out of pocket costs. >> we know the promises have been broke. we are seeing more stories about the effects of obama care especially with businesses and their employees. coverage is cut, wages are being slashed, hours reduced lt. the list goes on. here to give you insight and explain what's going on inside the pork place of three very successful business leaders. tasty delight and pla net smoothie, white castle -- which
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i love. and president tony moss of jpm. because white castle is my favorite, no offense, guys, i will start with him. family owned restaurant. 406 in 12 states. >> right. >> and you offered coverage since 1924. i get extra onions, pickles and ketchup. you have a plan. you cover 80% of premiums and costs. >> we do. >> and full time is 35 hours? >> that's the definition of full time. >> what's the impact of obama care? you're going up 35% in costs? >> that's what we are looking at now. with the law as it stands that will increase costs 35%. while we work in castles we don't have a treasury room with $10.5 million to cover the costs it's a concern for us. one in four of the white castle team the members have been with us ten years or more. these are our friends, family.
10:17 pm
in the neighborhoods where we live and work it makes a difference. it may not in washington, d.c. it does in o neighborhoods. >> i was in the food industry since i was a little kid washing dishes at 12, busboy, waiter, bartender. i did it all. ef even did the shopping for the restaurant. it's a small margin. >> it is. >> in terms of what you get back on the product you sell at a reduced price because you want to compete. what is the real impact? will you make some full-time employees part-time, let some people go? >> the average profit per employee in restaurants is $750. for most businesses it's 10,000. for us looking at penalties and fines of $2,000 or whatever, our commitment first is to the 10,000 people who work ott white castle. if you are full time, you will stay full time. but it stopped our growth. before obama care we were
10:18 pm
opening '08 or nine restaurants a year. this year we'll open two. >> what about people who want to work part time, are working part time? you won't let them work above 30 hours, right? >> we'll protect the full time folks. right now we are looking at supporting everything we can. there is a bipartisan movement to make 40 hours full time as it reelates to the law. if we had a hot and tasty sandwich to put in restaurants and it wasn't right we would take a step back, talk about it, work together to solve the problems. that's what we have to do with the law. when you look at full time it's 30 hours per week. we hear about bifurcation of income. this will be bifurcation of scheduling and it will hurt every retailer and restaurant. we need an extra year the to make it right. we hope both sides will listen. >> tony, how are you? >> outstanding. >> you have 400 employees. >> we do. >> you have had health insurance
10:19 pm
for 34 years for your employees. >> we have 400 employees and we are growing, doing well. but the reality is over the last five years insurance has gone up 42%. more costs are laid into it. additionally, i got a business called the zone communication group, ten employees. a ministry i helped start ten employees. the costs are going up 100%. >> you heard the president say, you will save $2500 a year. keep your doctor if you like your doctor. keep your insurance. not happening. >> it's a shame that we are not doing it through the true american spirit. capitalism the way it is supposed to be. even infringing on relimbs liberty. start to cover drugs. >> contraceptive mandate. >> it mess es me up on where i need to be. >> so much for religious liberty in the obama era.
10:20 pm
>> how many employees do you have to let go or make part time. >> i can't say it will impact us in that way. >> the cost will go up. >> it will drain the bottom line. the less money you have, the less you can do. >> why do uh think i would like tasty delight as much as white castle? >> it healthier and will help you lose weight snm. >> are you calling me fat? >> you haven't looked at me closely. >> i just lost 20 pounds. >> i am proud of you. >> tell us about your situation. >> just listening to tony and the audience obviously and ja e jamie, sitting here thinking, having read the comments in zwrournl today about the real impact of obama care i was
10:21 pm
wondering if the facts make a difference anymore. the discussion goes on and on. we hear it in the audience. you hear it every day. we hear it from constituencies in the marketplace. and the troubling aspect to me, particularly as it relates to a couple of things. one is business. the negative diatribe that's come out of washington, d.c. for the last four or five years as it reelates to business, scapegoating people who provide jobs. and tax revenue makes you wonder what's going on, what's behind this when the american system or model of free enterprise pulled more people out of poverty and created more wealth than any economic system in history. why is that happening? i had the same feeling as i watched what happened with the veterans in the last couple of days? having spent tours in vietnam and worked for the last 35 years in support of veterans causes,
10:22 pm
particularly the hiring that's necessary now and the families that need help. how could our government, our administration or this president or anyone allow that kind of circumstance to happen. leadership steps up and solves it unless the real issue is the deep philosophical, ideological split about the way life works. if you're in business and private enterprise and you think it solves the problem then you will intuit things differently. if you have no understanding of what it means you will see it a different way. >> you guys have given us a reality check. during the reagan years when the president formed the grace commission, best, brightest, government didn't listen to one of oh their suggestions. they should listen to you. keep up the good work.
10:23 pm
i love white castle. i will go to your place. >> crave on, sean. >> i will. >> up next, the studio audience responds to what the business leaders said uh. first a group of average americans hit hard by obama care. they have very emotional stories. that's coming up next. by the way, mr. president, if you're watching you need to listen to what your obama care is doing to real americans perhaps your talking points need to be changed. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires reech ] ♪ [ beeping ]
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now there is no question businesses are being negatively impacted by obama care. now they are not the only ones. average americans, their families are also feeling the pain thanks to the health care overhaul train wreck. six of them are here tole tell their story which, by the way, the media ignores. joining me curt and al son, paul and michelle cox and robby and tee that robinson. how are you? >> nice. >> denice, nice people. i like that. you're self-employed. tell us your obama care story. insurance story. >> well, we became self-employed three years ago. over the course of three years our insurance has jumped 49%. we just got our letter from our insurance carrier that our policy will be terminated and we will be transitioned to an aca
10:28 pm
compliant policy because it has to have essential health care benefits. we don't have insurance for our daughter who has a pre-existing condition. we are looking at $20,000 in premiums next year. >> up from? >> well, originally started at b about $740. going up to $1105 next year. plus our daughter will be about $600 a month. >> so you will pay $19,000 a year in had been health insurance with just you two and your daughter? >> yeah. >> which is how much higher than what it was? twice as high? >> twice as high. >> what happened to every family is going to save $2500? what happened to that? guys? el it will us your story. >> we got a letter from the insurance company stating we would no longer have our existing health plan despite the president's promise that with would be able to keep that existing plan. as a business we are jumping through more hoops, more
10:29 pm
regulation, more paperwork. we have also cut back on firing full-time employees because of the health care costs involved. even though we would lo to. >> you would like to hire full-time employees. >> we would love to. >> you will keep them below 30 hours. >> we had to keep them under 30 hours. not that we wouldn't want to pay it. we wouldn't be able to stay in business and pay it. >> it's happening all the time. people who work fast food jobs, work at mcdonald's 20 hours, then head to burger king, wendy's or white castle for the other 20 the. >> i have been self-employed for 20 years. >> you're the first guy to talk first. you're breaking the trend. >> for about 20 years now. heard from our insurance provider that our current policy will be cancelled, no longer available. our new policy that we can have won't have the same benefits. anything similar will rise between 50 to 72% and it will have things we have no choice
10:30 pm
like we have to have maternity benefits. we are not planning on having more kids. pediatric eye care, things like that. our kids are all away from home. >> it's not a plan that you need. >> exactly. >> and it will go up. states like california, 164%. 80% in ohio. 46 of the 50 states are seeing increase s in premiums. did any of you vote for obama? >> neither time. >> what does it mean to you when a president says you can keep your own plan, keep your doctor and it's not happening for you? >> i didn't believe it to begin with. >> it's a breach of trust. >> yeah. >> it has implications because what are we leaving behind for our children? we are leaving them a mess. we haven't been good care takers of our country as previous generations. >> including the debt,
10:31 pm
liabilities. >> the run away spending. >> i'm saving every pen y i can. i think my kids will need every dime. >> they will. >> to pay back the debt we are putting on them. >> it's a lack of common sense . we have to live by common sense in our family. when you are out of money, you're out of money. you don't spend more. i feel like -- i mean our health insurance had enormous problems already. this is not the way to fix it. this is going to hurt our country. >> you all did terrific. is this your first tv debut? >> no. >> oh, you're a star. >> not necessarily. >> you did great. it's important. >> i hope washington is listening. this is impacting people in every state, from every corner of the country. yet they are tone deaf. they will not listen to what the reality is. that's the shame of this. all right. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> up next, our studio audience is chomping at the bit.
10:32 pm
they will take over the program. things will surely get hot as democrats try to defend this horrible impact from the train wreck of the law. you don't want to miss it next. we want to hear from you on our companion site, follow the live show. you can vote in today's poll. should every member of congress get thrown out? [ male announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice. mexican-style chicken tortilla. if you think campbell's 26 new soups sound good, imagine how they taste. m'm! m'm! good! that we can find. if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't brinn.
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10:37 pm
their health care. wouldn't the prudent thing to be to stop now that we know what the reality is and let the nation debate the the issue before we force it down their throat? what would be unreasonable about that? >> it got through the house, the senate. >> that was three years ago. now the reality is different. >> it's taken 50 years to get to affordable health care today. sanctioned by the supreme court. there is no b reason to turn back when people with pre-existing conditions can get health care today. speaking to the panel earlier they can get insurance now -- >> how many americans under obama care will be uninsured? do you know? >> well, the goal of obama care -- >> wrong. >> -- and the affordable care act is to insure 30 million people that are today uninsured. >> the congressional budget office says 30 million americans will remain uninsured. emily, i want your reaction. >> i think the earlier panel
10:38 pm
highlighted my favorite part of obama care. when we have business owners talk thing about the fact he doesn't want to cover their fornication drugs i'm happy he's not making the decision for he me. i can now decide for myself. i think that's clearly now my favorite part of the law. >> tamara has a puzzled look. are you okay? >> first of all, i'm confused. i feel a lot of the members of the panel were in favor of obama care but they didn't realize it. for example they were cut from pre-existing -- >> were you listening to the same people i was? >> i was. >> their premiums are doubling. >> let me finish. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you. >> i understand people's concerns. i understand the business owners and children with pre-existing conditions. debating isn't actually the breaking news. this is not the way the democratic process works through debating. we elect people. if we don't want them in office
10:39 pm
we vote them out. we don't have a low turnout like we have seen in 2010. >> jedediah. >> i need ed to re mind people that they wanted to work on pre-existing conditions but weren't willing to. everyone on the panel just told you why this is not an affordable care act. >> they work for the individual mandate. newt gingrich spoke on that. what i find interesting is that the republicans here, we talk about the people who are not insured anymore. it's the republican governors that are shrinking medicaid eligibility. >> wrong. >> so you have people in the south where a lot of republican members are that are not going to be covered by the law. >> not true. >> jennifer -- whoa, whoa. one at a time. who cut obama care -- medicare by $700 billion? >> barack obama. let's not forget he slashed
10:40 pm
funding to medicare as well in order to fund medicaid. let me point another thing out about medicaid. this is not helping the people currently on it. medical studies show people on medicaid often have worse health outcomes than those who are uninsured. they are 13% more likely to die from the surgery than the uninsured. they use the -- than the uninsured. >> tara, i got your name right. >> you did. >> here is a question i have. $10,000 swing is a lot of money. people aren't keeping their own plan. that's a problem. the republicans' final offer they sent to the house was eliminate exemptions for big business. they also said -- and unions and eliminate exemptions for themselves or subsidies. tell me what part of that is unfair. >> first of all, i want to correct a couple of things for the record. >> answer my question.
10:41 pm
then correct it. >> what part of the final proposal is unfair? >> the fact that they are tying to litigate something that was upheld by the supreme court. >> oh, my. >> voted on them 42 times using tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. >> i will give you a copy of the constitution. >> the supreme court is ash tor of the constitution. >> tara. >> they up he held the law. >> the republicans won the house. they have the power of the purse. >> and democrats won the senate. the bottom line is the law has been upheld by the supreme court, voted on 42 times, wasting taxpayer money.f items. >> all right. when we come back, i will play both barack obama, kathleen sebelius. we'll continue the discussion. the promises they made that actually now sound pretty fewy after the break. we like to call this mission impossible. ainsley tried to sign up.
10:42 pm
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oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex.
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sorry coach. alex! good call. welcome back to "hannity." americans agree that health is a disaster. according to a new associated press poll only 7% believe that the roll out has gone well. we want to check things out for ourselves. our own ainsley earhart from fox and friends first took on mission impossible not once but twice on the show. >> this is what you get when you try to apply in south carolina. we have a lot of visitors on the site now. please stay on this page. we are working to make the ex appearance better. >> she's trying to sign up for obama care. no luck so far. ♪ >> she's back for a second time to try to sign up for obama care. the first time it was mission
10:47 pm
impossible. this is mission impossible, take two. >> you have to answer three questions. what is your favorite toy as a child. i said doll. first manager at a job, cindy. favorite food, italian. i will click create account. we are waiting, waiting, waiting. >> why are they asking for your favorite cuisine ? >> you got me. i don't know. maybe they will charge me more for my health care. they know i eat unhealthy. >> maybe if fat burger in new york is your favorite you're doomed. >> your account couldn't be created at this time. the system is unavailable. try again. >> pretty entertaining. pretty funny. that was week one and two. don't give me that look, tamara. she's rolling her eyes. look t at what the president promised. $634 million of your dollars spent already to get that up and running. this is what the president said how great it would be on day one. >> i want to be clear.
10:48 pm
we are ready to go on october 1? >> most of the stories you will hear about how obama care can't work isn't based on facts. every time they have predicted something not working, it's worked. >> what is absolutely true is that on october 1, everyone will be able to enroll. >> one way or another. >> one way or another. >> so get covered at health and spread the word. the marketplaces will be open for business on tuesday, no matter what. >> red tady to go? it was a disaster. kathleen sebelius said health would be user friendly. watch what she said. >> it's health health the spanish version is quidadod, anybody can ak sesds ccess it t.
10:49 pm
it is designed to be friendly and easy to access. to get ready for the marketplaces on october 1 visit health i have good news for you. it it isn't your typical government website. we have made it, i think, very easy to use, very easy to understand. >> any liberal want to defend the website? come on. >> first of all it's a website. second of all, republicans blocked funding over and over again, funding requests. >> not true. we spent $634 million. >> people are trying to sign up. the reason we are having the argument is because the law is popular. when people know what is in the law -- [ all speaking at once ] >> let me finish my point. people don't want to be kicked off for pre-existing conditions. they support the law, including republicans. >> so not ready for primetime. there is a house committee now
10:50 pm
wrote a letter to hhs and contractors who did the website and said how did uh you drum this up? it's not working. 1 in 10 people have successfully purchased -- >> it's so they keep shifting the goalpost of what success means they sold this as a panacea. sit anything but. >> it's worse than a regular government web site. how long do they have to do sth this? they need this day was coming. they weren't ready. >> before obama care, insurance companies cherry picked to get coverage. before obama care, you were at the mercy of your employer for
10:51 pm
health insurance and one illness away from bankruptcy. yes, there are technical glitches but. >> one at a time. >> hang on. >> one thing you're right about now, there will be elections in 2014 and 2016. more americans see they don't have choice, how much data they're giving away and how much the cost is increased they're howling about costs go up before obama care. the market bakes in the cost. that is why costs have risen over three years. >> go ahead you heard stories of the faces of individuals who are being harmed by obama care. these business owners, these families, this is what this, is just a snap shot. clearly it's a train wreck. we know that people are ignoring facts. >> i agree with you.
10:52 pm
i'm listening to the nice people. seems like no matter what evidence you give they're going to defenld. is this because this is the holy grail of liberalism they wanted and it doesn't matter if there is a $10,000 swing? >> there is no concern of the consequences of this obama care. we know what -- that it's not working. it's a train wreck. you have individuals and numbers that don't lie. >> we'll continue. more with our studio audience right after the break. and some final thoughts coming up straight ahead. ♪ from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece,
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well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month. as we continue, jennifer stefano, question. i want to you debate tera. explain is, there anything in spite of the evidence that is not working? that will convince tera or anyone on the left that obama care is a failure?
10:57 pm
anything? >> no. because fundamental principle is that they love to pat themselves on the back for good intentions while refusing to focus on disasterus results. they refuse to accept responsibility. they'll probably blame obama care on bush at some point. there is a fundamental lack of responsibility on the part o of -- . >> tera, respond? >> i will respond as a small business owner. i can tell you 50% tax credit for people like me to purchase insurance for people that. is an incentive that i can grow my company. two. if you're an individual. you're eligible -- you're eligible, 50% tax credit. you guys love tax breaks why all of a sudden -- you don't like tax breaks? >> do you think it's three times now what the president will be $900 billion, it's $2.8 trillion going higher.
10:58 pm
>> those numbers are based on if certain things don't happen. don't occur. >> it's three times higher. wait a minute. the president said $900 billion. does that impact you? facts we throw at you. $10,000 more, you don't get to keep your doctor or plan doesn't seem to have impact. why? >> i zront a problem with businesses being proflt maximizer buzz the fact of the matter is that businesses have been rolling back their health care coverage for 20 years or more. for them to point fingers and say this is because of obama care, it's nowhere near obama. >> you know, what are the things there are two things that are really keeping us supporting this law. one is that we know the people. we see faces of the people that are no longer getting kicked off coverage. if they have a preexisting condition they can change jobs. we know these people, we
10:59 pm
couldn't be more thrilled for them. the second thing is that this issue is litigated. it's not like it was not before american people in 2012 elections. and people support it. >> here is my question. facts have changed, david. that is why, you know, i think republicans are smart now that we see the cost of much higher and benefits are much less? what is going on? >> i'm not going to go there. >> we've seen eight million people trying to get into enrollment on exchanges. it's going to be a six-month period to get into it to, see imexact get the stories that you should have on the show after having the crew you did here before. with regard to favoribility it's gone up to 38% in terms of it being a good law. >> 38% is not high. >> well, what seems to -- lower. >> the public favor yikt of
11:00 pm
republicans? >> it's a key, if this goes down as legacy goes down. they'll do whatever they can to up hold it. greta goes on the record right now. have our politicians lost their minds? is washington nuts? the government already delaying death benefits for the families of dozens of fallen soldiers until you screamed holy hell about it, and then it got fixed, but now it's about to get worse. >> this administration has made life so difficult for our veterans. >> shouldn't we be embarrassed about this? shouldn't we be ashamed? >> in 1940 and got out 1945. >> 1942 to 1945. >> i was in okinawa. >> this hearing will come to order. >> if the shutdown does not end in the come weeks, the v.a. will not be able to assure


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