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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 13, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thanks for watching. tonight on huckabee. >> denying military death benefits. >> putting military families, war which dose in the cross-hairs of a political shutdown someone should be fired. >> national park rangers using scare tactics to deny paying customers access. >> you can feel the element of fear. >> as washington plays political games, real americans are left to deal with the real consequences. and is health insurance went up to $10,000. he says obama care raped her future. real americans how the affordable care act is make life unaffordable.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. we have a great audience here. and a great show. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. all right the politics of washington is great theater. but the script being played occupant it's a tragedy. it's a story of egos, money, power and pride. on the last episode of "as the hill turns" they were worlds apart. >> do not hold people hostage or engaging ransom taking to get 100% of your way. >> i was disappointed that the president refuses to negotiate. >> while america suffers -- >> nancy, did you visit the people ram today? >> not yet. >> your going?
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>> washington plays the blame game. >> if congress happens to meet its responsibility it could deeply damage financial markets. >> the debt would be magnitude worse. >> will the president work with the speaker. can the speaker work with harry? will the shutdown ever end? tune in next week for the next episode of "as the hill turns." [ applause ] >> i mean isn't it like a soap opera. and while the actors on the stage of washington consider their importance across the great land much these united states are the stories of people who don't have the luxury of enjoying politics as a blood sport for spectators. they are the ones whose lives are impacted away from the cameras and lights. they are the ones who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the policies of the politician, but who are often crushed by them. i often say that the
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practitioners of politics tend to see thinks horizontally, left and right, liberal, conservative. democrat, republican. but most americans they view life vertically, up and down, better or worse. they care far less about the horizontal leanings of their elected officials as they do about the vertical direction of their own lives. their concerns are more pragmatic like will my child's school provide a quality education? will the trash get picked up on time? will our streets be safe? will the potholes get fixed? far too much of the political ruling class is focused on advancing horizontal purity. that matters little to someone without a job. or someone who has a family member with alzheimer. or somebody month w.h.o. missed last month's mortgage payment. if elected officials truly want to serve, let them first understand it is not about them.
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i learned early on in my political career as kind of a rare republican in a state dominated by 90% elected democrats that people cared most that i governed according to what was best for them not just the party. and i learned that good policy is good politics. when the policies of the officials truly lift people up, the party they belong to gets carried along in the updraft. i long for a time when people from all over the horizontal spectrum will care more about the vertical spectrum. it would be refreshing if the criteria for determining a good public servant is not how conservative or liberal he or she might pretend to be but rather how effective he or she is in solving problems and serving the people who aren't even big money contributors but who are getting kicked in the teeth by the hardships of life and they don't need government putting a boot in their back side. i don't think it's the job of government to be our collective
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nanny, but neither should it be a bully. people shouldn't go to washington for a career. they ought to go as a brief respite to serve. term limits would ensure they govern for a while and then they went home. and they saw how those laws that they passed actually worked. by the way there should be no congressional perks or pensions other than social security and an option to contribute to a 401(k) plan. a person holding office shouldn't be allowed to seek another office other than the one that he or she holds unless one is willing to resign, not use the taxpayers' money to campaign for another job. then require full disclosure of all political contribution. stop the cowardly anonymous giving. oh, here's one. any ad that mentions a candidate
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by name ought to be subject to liable and slander laws if proven to be misleading or false. that would be a game changer. [ applause ] well weapon don't need to just change the game, folks we need to change the country. and we need to do it now. [ applause ] tonight's show is going to be a little different. you won't hear from any politician, pun departments or strategist, columnist, none. because what's happening in washington has some serious consequences for a lot of americans. we're going to talk to a few of them. how have the actions of our lawmakers affected their lives, their families and their future? my first guest says that the government betrayed the families of american fallen heroes even as the president signed a bill to provide death benefits to military families on thursday,
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the outrage over this suspended payments for the first ten days of the shutdown remains. and there's an increasing chorus of calls for defense secretary chuck hagel to step down. jane horton's husband was killed in action in afghanistan in september of 2011. as a war which to, she knows firsthand. not only how important the immediate death benefits are to the families of the fallen, but that all who died defending our freedom are able to be given the dignified transfer they deserve and jane horton joins me now. jane, thank you so much for being here. a pleasure to see you again. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, governor, for having me. >> first of all, jane, tell us what happens when you get that knock on the door and they tell you that your husband has been killed in action? >> when i got the knock on the door by the two uniformed military officers, they immediately sat me down and told
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me that i would get death gratuity to pay for the immediate expenses of my husband's funeral. this money was used for pay my mortgage, to pay my car payment, put food on the table and also my family flew in the next day from ohio and that money came to cover that as well as the month and a half that it took to bury my husband and the several dignified transfers that followed. >> i know that's an important part of the process of recovering from the death of a spouse. but my guess is that's money you wish you never had to receive because it represented the death of your husband and a change of your life that meant things would never be the same. >> it was very horrifying to get. it made me sick to my stomach. it took me a very long time to accept that money. but it was something essential to give my husband the very best i could give him. he gave his life for me and it was the biggest honor and responsibility of my life to give him the best funeral i
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could give fitting of a valiant warrior. >> jane, 29 soldiers have been killed in action since the partial government shutdown. these families when they got the knock on the door they didn't get the assurance that they would receive that same benefit that you received. how did you feel for them when you found out that these military benefits for the families of those killed in action weren't going to be paid right away? >> governor, i was sickened. i felt betrayed. i was hurt. and to be honest it wasn't even about the money. it was that our country went there. they crossed the line that you don't cross. they inflicted pain upon one much our most vulnerable and sacred populations in america. honestly they disrespected the warriors that gave their life for our nation. >> when i hear the stories of these families, do you think this happened on purpose? was this -- could this have been
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avoided? >> i do not think it happened on purpose. i have some pretty good sources on that. i talked to a lot of people to try to figure out what went wrong. i honestly think our nation is in such disarray and so many people are bickering they forgot us. they forgot about one of america's most vulnerable population. it's unacceptable and should never have happened. when our country's priorities are so messed up we overlook a population of those that have given up everything for our freedom we need to look at ourselves and our priorities as a country. >> jane, i thank you very much for being here. you know, i'm so sorry for what you and your family had to go through. i'm embarrassed that other families had to go through without getting those benefits until finally after ten days congress woke up and decided they would get this fixed and the president would take care of it. but it should never have happened and we thank you and
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for your continued service to the other families because i know you've been out there traveling and meeting them and god bless you, jane, for doing that. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> coming up later in the show, hear country music stars laurie morgan and pam tillis. remember when the president said this? >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> well, period maybe not exclamation mark. coming up is a man who just signed up for obama care and he said that promise from the president is not being kept. you'll meet him next. i want to hear from you. go to our website, tell us what you think. or sign up on my facebook page and fo [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows all white meat chicken was made to be blanketed in golden breadcrumbs. with whipped mashed potatoes, topped with a thick homemade gravy.
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many americans have lost their pair chance after being unable to get on to the various government websites to sign up for obama care. but for the few who had been able to get through, there's a different kind of frustration. my next guest is a self-employed engineer who voted for president obama and was actually looking forward to the implementation of obama care. he thought it was a good idea. that all changed when he got his bill last week and found out that health insurance for his family of four is now going to cost him almost $10,000 more per year. tom joins me now. tom, thanks very much for being here and telling your story. [ applause ] you were fine with obama care, thought it was going to be a good idea. a lot of americans thought let's give this thing a chance and leapt it have some air. what happened when you saw what it was going to cost you and your family? >> well, to be fair, what we
2:16 am
found already isn't even the cost of obama care. what we found already is that just the risk pool sharing, the way they are not allowed to ask about pre-condition, conditions you may already have or how healthy you are to begin with, that cost increase because my family was healthy has caused my insurance rates to go up $10,000. just short of $10,000. i think we're still yet to find out what the cost of obama care will be. that will be shared by everyone in the tax pool, but just the way that insurance has shifted has caused a huge upset and the costs for me. what i'm finding is i'm not unique in this situation. there's a lot of people in my condition or my situation that have gotten really surprising letters recently. >> tom, what you're saying is it's going up.
2:17 am
you were a healthy family. your insurance actually ought to be going down not up because the likelihood -- but you're paying for all the sick people who are going to be coming into the system so you got to chip in. now here's the question. when you're going to be paying extra some would argue tom you're going get a lot of extra things with this new policy. what are some of the things that you're going to get that maybe you didn't have before? >> well, you know, i'm an engineer so i carefully went through and tallied up what were the differences between the plans. the woorts plan or cheapest is the bronze plan and it has a $5,000 deductible and allow mess to go to the doctor three times a year for $60 each. the alternative plan with health net allowed us two visits per year for $40 each and it was what we wanted. what we liked. in fact we didn't use those visits you know fully for our family.
2:18 am
now it's true that, you know, i am allowed to have a baby -- >> if you do, if that happens come on this show because we would love to see the first male having a baby on this show. that would be remarkable. here's a question. are you eligible for one of the subsidies? >> no. i'm not. and in fact that was one of the big shocks for me not that i wasn't. i work in silicon valley and, you know, i earn over the $94,000 figure that is four times the poverty level for a family so that meant that my insurance every month was now going to cost me $1470. the big surprising point that i found out was natural i earned under $94,000, say 93,000, you would expect that now subsidy would kick in and the big surprise was that my new rate
2:19 am
would then have been $271. even less than what i pay today. so there's a hockey stick curve that is in the implementation, and you know as you said going in, i am a big fan and, you know, actively would support providing health insurance for everyone who needs it, you know, i feel a responsibility if my neighbor's kids come down sick with things or my kids come down with sick. that's the purpose of insurance. the fact that such a hockey stick at $94,000, there's a lot of people who will appreciate this plan because they are going to get subsidies, but in the end those have to be paid by someone. >> you know, that's the harsh reality we're beginning to realize there. >> free lunch and no free health care either. tom i appreciate your story and thank you for coming in and telling us about your experience. great to have you here.
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[ applause ] >> tom story is not enough to convince you that obama care is maybe a cure even worse than the disease? oh, wait there's more. coming up a young woman whose
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my next guest is a 26-year-old woman with two college degrees. despite both diplomas she's not been able to land a well paying job that's full time and she's struggling to get by. that was before obama care even took effect. now she says things are worse under the affordable care act. her monthly insurance cost has risen from $75 a month to $319 a
2:24 am
month. she vented her frustration on facebook page of conservative syndicated radio talk show host. here's what she wrote. liberals claim this law would help the poor. i am the poor. the working poor. i can't afford to support myself left alone older generations and people not willing to work at all. this law has raped my future. it's going to keep me and kids my age from having a future at all. joining me now ashley dionne who wrote that very first facebook page post. [ applause ] >> ashley, when you went to college you thought okay i'll work hard, get a degree, get out, get a nice job, support myself. what's happened instead? >> unfortunately it's been a struggle and i think that i'm not unique in that regard. that all of the kids that i went to school with and friends from other colleges are experiencing the same thing.
2:25 am
they don't have work in their field. they are taking whatever they can get. we're really competing with kids who just have geds and high school diplomas for low paying jobs. >> you said in the facebook post that obama care had raped your future. what do you mean by that? >> basically, i actually was given a hard time for my use of the word and i mean it in, you know, a simple definition as far as to plunder or to steal. i feel our future has been stolen in that we don't have a choice in this. they are saying you have to buy this whether you want it or not. and whether you can afford it or not. and i'm someone who has always worked hard and i'm being told you have to get on medicaid. i don't want to get on medicaid. i want to work. and i feel were it not for obama care i could get 40 hours, i
2:26 am
could support myself. >> you paid $75 a month for a health policy. that was a very reasonable cost. now it's $319. >> yeah. >> why has it gone up so much. what do they tell you? >> i called my insurance company and i said, you know, i need prescription coverage and what do i have to pay to keep this plan because this is the plan that i want. and they said you're going to have to get this preferred bronze plan with your deductible it will be 319. it bothers me so much that we heard over and over, if you like your plan you can keep it and that turned out to be completely false. >> you liked your plan. >> yeah, very much. >> but you don't get to keep it. >> i don't get to keep it. >> if you get a new plan with your existing coverage it will cost you about $6,000 deductible. now can you afford that? >> absolutely not. >> what do you do? >> i know that it goes against
2:27 am
my beliefs to get on medicaid and i really am just leaning towards paying the penalty. and just not having that coverage that i need just because i can't see myself taking aid that i know other people are much more deserving of. >> the penalty is a lot less expensive than the cost of the health care? >> absolutely. >> how much is the penalty going to cost you versus the 319 a month? >> it's 1% of my income which is not a lot of income. >> so right now that's a real low figure? >> exactly. >> that's frustrating. you want to work. you want to provide for yourself. but government has created a policy which almost pun judiciary and penalizes you because you want to do it for yourself. >> ah-ha. >> how does that make you feel about the government right now? >> i feel awful. i feel like we're being set up for failure because so many of us who have worked so hard don't
2:28 am
have the opportunity for success any more and at the same time they are punishing people who are already successful. >> ashley, i'm afraid your story will be told just like that all over america but i appreciate your coming to tell it here. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> coming up we have some more stories about the government shutdown direct impact on the american people. we'll hear from a tour director that compares the treatment he received to the gestapo. received to the gestapo. that's next. i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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huckabee. [ applause ] stories of the government shutdown affecting real americans, making headlines all over the country. in north carolina's blue ridge parkway, park rangers blocked the entrance to the inn, a privately owned business on leased government land and that caused the restaurant to throw out thousands of dollars worth of food in what usually would be a very busy fall season.
2:33 am
in massachusetts, the motor lodge, a private business leasing land in the cape cod shore had to cancel and refund an entire month of reservation. instead of welcoming visitors the lodge's owner is spending his time sending out reimbursement checks. in wyoming, park rangers barricaded paths and denied access to visitors who planned their vacations and spent thousands of dollars to tour yellow stone national park. bus tour director gordon hodgins some park rangers use tactics better suited for the gestapo. i want to tell you about the experience that you and your tour group had at yellowstone. >> a pleasure to be here. i've been working as a tour guide forring about eight years. best job in the world taking people into our national parks.
2:34 am
always had a good experience with the national park service, the rangers, the concession people. to have our group treated the way we were our last trip in was amazing. we were prevented from accessing any of the wonderful sights in yellowstone national park, g geyser bay since. i tried to take my group out that they were promised they would see. we saw a group of bison along the side of the road and stopped to take pictures of them. immediately a ranger pulled up and asked who was in charge. he said you need to get back on your bus no recreating in the park. i said we just want to take pictures of the bison. she said sir there's no recreating in the park. are you traveling through the park or staying in the park. i said we have rooms at the old
2:35 am
faithful inn. she said go back on your bus and go back to your hotel. >> some people were from other countries. how did they feel? >> i don't know if they were frightened. they were amazed and disappointed. i had people from canada and australia in my group that had paid large sums of money to come here and tour national parks. to them it was very discouraging, you know. a chance of a lifetime to visit these national parks. and they were very upset about it, as well as others on the bus also. >> you know, i can only imagine if you had some tourists from north korea they might say we're gets out of here. you said they were almost some of the gestapo tactics. what did they do? >> well, to be threatened with arrest to me for visiting the national park. now i've been in the national parks many times. had a good relationship with the national park service the
2:36 am
rangers, the concession people. there was a complete about-face and took me by surprise. but to be threatened with arrest and then as we went back to our hotel as we were ordered to do we could not access even the boardwalk to go watch old faithful geyser go off. they said we don't have money to maintain the board walks. i said we have known have rangers riding around on four wheel towers keep us from taking photographs can't we go out and watch old faithful geyser go off. he said sir you step across that line you could be arrested fortress passing. on the signs it said entry punishable by law. >> it's a shocking thing. this is the story we're hearing all over america. i'm sorry it happened you. having been on the show, they may not be that nice the next time you show up.
2:37 am
gordon great having you here. >> thank you very much. >> a high school senior and avid fisherman had knives in his tackle box. it was on school property. he got charged with a felony and face ad ten year prison sentence. we'll find out what happened to him and we're going to ask what happened to common sense. that's next. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...' ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i nging? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering
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[ applause ] schools adopted zero tolerance policies when it comes to having we response on property. the purpose is to keep children safe. but when these zero tolerance policies are put into effect it seems like it's causing some school administrators to lose their common sense. you may remember back in may when 8-year-old josh was suspended when he accidentally nibbled his pop tart into the shape of a gun. or the 5-year-old girl who was suspended after using her hello kitty bubble gum. it was listed on the record as a terrorist threat. stories of jared from west virginia and haley from california who both were taken to the principal's office for simply wearing nra t-shirts that depicted guns.
2:42 am
just in the past month there have been several more incidents like a 7th grader in rhode island who was suspended for three days for tearing his t-shirt in the shape of a gun. or another child suspended for using his thumb and finger in a gun. three students were playing with this pellet gun on one of the students own front yard despite the fact the game took place on private property the school suspended all three boys for the entire school year claiming the property was too close to the bus stop 70 yards away. hard to believe. can you believe this? on september 17th, georgia high schooler cody was arrested. he was charged with a felony. why? fishing knives were discovered in his car on the school parking lot. despite the fact that the knives were locked away in a tackle box among other fishing equipment. the school had no choice but to
2:43 am
arrest him and charge him under the school's zero tolerance policy. joining me is his lawyer. this is shocking stuff. we read these kids getting suspended from school. their futures upended. i understand there's a positive development in the case for cody. tell us what's the latest. >> yes, sir. i appreciate the opportunity to speak. cody, identify had an opportunity to meet with the district attorney in cobb county and he agreed we'll dismiss the charges and after dismissed cody's record will be expunged so he won't have a record. his ultimate goal was to go into the air force and it looks like we can achieve that upon his graduation from high school. >> that's good news. but here's the problem. what if he hadn't been able to obtain an attorney who could have represented him. what if he had been charged with this and these charges had stuck with him.
2:44 am
>> well, that's a dilemma we have. as a result of this incident, at least in cobb county we've taken positive steps to install just some good old-fashioned horse sense back into these decisions. our legislators, i believe, through well intended laws, probably weren't completely well thought out, they were designed to protect school children. they took all the discretion away from the arresting authorities. thank goodness once the district attorney's office has a chance to look at this, they can establish the facts and do the correct thing and in cod chip's situation he was fortunate. what would happen in another situation in another county i can't say. i hope that the same result after cooler heads prevail and people can look at the facts and review them i hope it would, the same result would occur anywhere. >> this would have ruined cody's
2:45 am
life. he would never have been able to go to the air force or take a lot of jobs if i want required a back ground check. this is something only because he had representation. and yet had he not had it his life effectively would have been ruined, wouldn't it? >> could it have been, yes, sir. it could have been. that's the negative impact of these zero tolerance laws. there's no question about it. they need to be reviewed and need to be corrected. >> joel, i appreciate you being here. great to see you. i'm glad cody had you as a lawyer and i'm glad he was able to get out from under this ridiculous kind of charge. thanks for being here. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> it's truly unbelievable to think a kid would be in trouble because he liked to go fishing. i don't know. it's hard to go fishing without having a knife to fillet the fish. somebody needs to fillet these laws and cut them up and bring some common sense back to america. or we'll be criminalizing a lot
2:46 am
of kids for blowing bubbles and using their fingers and eating pop-tarts. look, america had better wake up and get its act together and i hope it's very, very soon. [ applause ] all right. well coming up, both fathers are country music legends but these two beautiful ladies have blazed their own trails into the anals of country music. lauri morgan and pam tillis joined force. they will ro ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires reech ] ♪ [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. toyota. let's go places, safely.
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they are both daughters of hall of fame country singers that grew up in the music industry. while their fathers george morgan and mel tillis were making great music in nashville our two guests didn't know each
2:50 am
other. that changed over the past couple of years and have becomvp to make music and tour together. they have a brand new album. please welcome lorrie morgan and pam >> lori, you have been on our show before and pam the first time. either one of you individually would be fantastic to have and to get the two of you together, it's really a remarkable thrill for us to have you how did you meet and start working together? you are both in the business and didn't really do this before. >> no. we didn't. actually, pam and i worked together in '94, '96, something like that. we did a kraft tour with car lien carter another generation of country music. we didn't get to know each other then because we all had our own buses and we just kind of pass in the middle of the night and just go do our show. and, about two and a half years ago, i ran into pam at the opry and we hadn't
2:51 am
seen each other and she is lunche need to go to and talk about touring acoustically, just us two and we went to lunch and her genius came up with the idea and here we are. >> pam, you still speak to each other off stage. >> we still get along. we are going on three years. it's sort of like a rolling slumber party. we have the most fun. and, like she said, the last time we toured together, we only sang together at the end of the night. we did the big finale but this time we do the whole show together. it's very much like a musical dialogue and the audience is kind of eavesdropping on two old friends. >> talking about life, love, money, and kids, and everything in between and then our hit songs that we do for the audience. >> we sing with each other harmony and play on each others' songs. actually we get along better than we ever have. we realize how much. >> she learned to do what i tell her to do.
2:52 am
>> >> that's exactly right. >> sounds a lot like marriage. >> not quite. not quite. >> tell us about the song we are going to do today. >> the song was actually written by miss mary sue england back here and tom shepard. mary sue recorded this song a couple years ago and pam and i both heard the song and we wanted to record it. so, rather than fighting about it, who was going to record it, we did a duet together on the song and we are glad we did. it's just a beautiful, beautiful song that i think touches every woman's life. and it's a great song for men to listen to as well. >> play with which is what we are going to do right now so let's do the song. ♪
2:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am bold ♪ i am shy ♪ i am true ♪ i'm a little white lie ♪
2:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
2:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:56 am
♪ i am faith ♪ i am hope ♪ i'm miss pink ribbon that i wear ♪ and i am brave ♪ ♪ no matter what you take away ♪ i am a woman ♪ >> i love the song. i love these two wonderful ladies. pam tillis and lorrie morgan. thank you so much for joining us. i hope you will get the entire album. that song is worth it but all of them are fantastic. that's it for us tonight. we have got to say goodbye. from new york, this is mike
2:57 am
huckabee. good night and god bless. ♪ ♪ a [ male announcer ] when it comes to doing what you love, more is better. that's why we designed the all-new nissan versa note, with more technology, to get you into, and out of, tight spots. and more space so that you always have your favorite stuff. and, just for good measure, an incredibly efficient 40 mpg highway. so that when you're doing more, you're spending less. the all-new nissan versa note. your door to more. now get a $139 per month lease on a 2014 nissan versa note. ♪ now get a $139 per month lease on a 2014 nissan versa note. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit.line customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy.
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hey there, good morning to you. it is sunday, the 13th of october. i'm anna koiman. republicans push a plan to compromise but senate democrats say no deal. now our nation's military heroes have had enough and today they are fighting back. >> does it all still come down to obama care and how much it's going to cost us? we have the new sticker prices you'll be forced to pay.


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