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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 14, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> madelein mccann was 2 years old when she went missing from her parent's hotel. >> they have this commuter picture of a man they want to speak to. they used them using two eyewitness accounts of people who were near the hotel the night she vanished. >> her parents left her in the room as they dined with friends at a nearby restaurant. >> they came too the apartment and took a little girl. >> the british tv show crime watch. they hope the public will help them identify the man seen here. >> let's hope they can find her. >> that will be remarkable. oo a 9 years old now. >> fritz are back up and running after a bomb scare. authorities say a plastic bottle containing dry ice exploded in
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an employee's only rest room at the airport. the incident shutting down security and causing flights to be grounded. delays lasted about an hour and a half. they are trying to figure out who is responsible. >> 30 people rescued after a party boat tips over into the ocean near miami. the 45 foot kata mar ran was taking people to and from a columbus day celebration on a sandbar on a beach in the middle of the water. it was on the way back the boat began to sink. >> he didn't say -- he was like hey could you move back a little bit. this boat isn't enough to hold enough people. >> investigators say the person driving the boat was not a licensed captain. they think he was illegally charging people to take them to and from the beach. >> nfl star adrien pete son
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speaks out about his son's death. he played with a heavy heart against the panthers two-days after his 2-year-old son was killed in an alleged case of child abuse. the vikings lost 35-10. peterson says he never thought about sitting out. >> it is what it is. for the most part i have to be focused and go out there and help my team. >> the mother's boyfriend is charged with assault. those charges could be upgraded. >> the government will run out of money to pay its bills this thursday. talks between senate republicans and democrats are at a standstill. >> with the president, with
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senate democrats, senate republicans there's a will, we now have to find a way. we know the house won't find that way. so all of it rests on our shoulders. but finding that way is hard but we are not out of the ballpark in any way. >> we are not. some states taking it into their own hands funding national parks with their own money. new york spending 6 $1,000 every day to keep liberty island open through thursday so they can visit the statue of liberty. south dakota will pay more than 150,000 to open mount rush more for 10-days. >> they stormed the world war ii memorial and take on the white house. kelly wright is live in washington with the latest.
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world war ii veterans are the men and women who paid dearly for their freedoms the world enjoys today. protestors marched around the world war ii memorial all of them making their voices heard that closing the memorial due to the partial government shut down is unacceptable. >> hello america. this belongs to you. it doesn't be long to the government. it belongs to the -- the people. will we surrender our freedom? >> some are disgusted that they let this happen in the first
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place. >> this is for honored war vets. we won't let it sta-- stand by let it happen. >> they are punishing the citizens. >> we are at day 14 of the veteran shut down. it is a symbol of the fight between democrats and republicans and the president. they want the memorial to open up against the government. >> kelly wright autistic teen has been missing for a week. a 70,000 dollar reward fund is now in place for any information leading to his safe return. >> a new hampshire mother makes
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an emotional plea for help after her teen daughter disappeared. she went missing last wednesday as she was walking home from school. they are leading the search by land, air and water. abigail's 15th birthday was saturday. her mother urged for her return home. >> i think about you all of the time. we want you back with us, please. >> police say they are treating abigail's disappearance as a missing person's case. foul play has not been ruled out. >> a survivor of the boston bombings makes a triumphant return to running participating in her first marathon since the terrorist attack in april. leeann yani was standing 15 feet from where the first bomb went off. she under went three surgeries
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and was on crutches for a month. yani says she didnisn't going t letter wrists destroy her dreams so she ran the marathon to honor her father's memory and fight cancer. cowboys trying to get him a win on his birthday. he throws a touchdown pass to terrance williams and dallas gets their third win of the season beating the redskins p 1-1 bsh bsh 31-16. patriots hosting the saints. tom brady hits him for a touchdown in the final seconds. patriots win 30-27. close game. >> wow. >> a debt limit has yet to be reached in washington. the stand still has the markets reacting. lauren simonetti from the fox business network has that and the other top business news.
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>> despite the government shut down last week turns out to be a great week on the s&p. lawmakers are coming close to a deal for the default but now just three-days away from a deadline to raise the debt ceiling or face the process of an unprecedented default investors are getting nervous. u.s. markets will open today on columbus day. they are expected to open lower. dow town .7 percent which is more than 100 points at this hour. any debt limit deal does not lock in spending cuts. >> netflix may be coming to your cable tv box. they are in talks with cable companies including comcast, time warner and sudden communications to make it available as an app on their boxes. the hang-up in the talks is
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netflix is insisting the cable temperatures take on special technology to improve the delivery of streaming video. this is a good one. macy's is telling workers they must report to work thanksgiving night. the retailer ranking with 155 year tradition of staying closed on thanksgiving day. it has reportedly told workers in new york and chicago to expect to be at work at 8:00 p.m. macys is expected to give an announcement. >> earlier and earlier. >> i can't believe we are talking about thanksgiving. where has this year gone? >> it is not even halloween yet. >> this is true. >> thanks, lauren. >> moving out of the rockies a storm could bring severe weather in the midwest. >> we have your first degree weather update. >> hope you had a wonderful
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weekend. it is monday we are talking about storm systems developing. it is impacting part of the rockies. anywhere from north dakota to texas you are looking at impacts. we could be looking at damaging winds large hail as well. make sure you have a way to get the warnings through out the day today. the bigger impact will be the rain and also the snow on the backside of this system with some areas picking up over a foot of snow across colorado and wyoming across the higher elevations. as far as rain goes several inches expected across the northern plains. if you live in minnesota, nebraska, in texas we showed you drought conditions. this is welcome news.
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flooding in texas and arkansas. do not drive through any flooded roadways. dal it wi dallas is cooling off. feeling like fall 58 degrees for the high temperature. northeast 50's and 60s expected as we head into this afternoon. >> thank you ma rae awe. the time is 11 after the top of the hour. coming up next on "the rundown"" it started out as a walk for charity. look at this. this woman ended up fleeing for her life. now she could be charged for trespassing. >> an amazing rescue after a 72-year-old hunter is lost in the forest for more than two weeks. how he managed to survive. ask me what it's like
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♪ >> a little janet jackson to get you moving and grooving this morning. we appreciate you waking up early with us starting your week early. hope you are going to have a great day. we are. we begin with this as we welcome you back. chaos escalates in syria. a team of red cross workers are kidnapped by gun point. the 7 aid workers were taken on their way to damascus after assessing the medical situation in northern syria. officials say the gunmen opened fire on the convoy and it is not
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clear who the kidnapers were. a scary moment for broadcasters on syrian tv. listen. (explosion) (speaking foreign language) that was two-car bombing that exploded outside of the studio. visibly shaken by the blast. >> those on the ground were wounded. >> major disappointment for tourists in france after the eiffel tower had to be evacuated. a threatening phone call prompted that shut down which lasted most of the day. authorities would not confirm. >> commuters are breathing a sigh of relief now that a bart
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strike is on hold. unions for the bay area rapid transit allowing a midic nig -- midnight strike so they could hold another round of labor talks. both sides say they may be close to finalizing the agreement. they shut down transportation for nearly five days that was back in july. >> take a look at this video. the florida woman who ended up dangling 22 feet high from this railroad bridge when it suddenly went up. she is in big trouble today. it's likely she will be charged with trespassing. wsbn reporter has latest on this story. >> a 55-year-old women dangles 22 feet high holding on for life from a railroad bridge crossing the new river in fort lauderdale this morning. >> someone was yelling there's a lady on the bridge. there's a lady on the bridge.
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>> adam cody says people gathered around the tracks and watched in disbelief. >> they were telling her to stay on the bridge and hold on not to jump not to lock her knees. >> she was waiting to catch a water taxi and watched the woman who many call wanda go up. >> the track was down. they went on the bridge. i hollered for them to go back. they didn't hear me. >> she called 911. firefighters responded moments after. she put up a 20-foot ladder and got her down. >> i think what happened the higher the bridge got she started to come back against it and clung to it. >> the woman was wearing pink. she participates in making strides against breast cancer 5k rock earlier in the morning. they say it is unclear why she was on the railroad bridge. >> it waudz really upsetting am
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people were crying and were concerned. it was a great relief to find out she was okay. >> police say they are thankful she wasn't injured she was trespassing on private property and should have been paying more attention to warning sans to keep pedestrians out of harm's way. >> maybe she learned a lesson. oo >> 19 minutes after the top of the hour. this looks fun into the water. dozens before walking across it. what led to this terrifying collapse. >> what do you do then? more controversy surrounding the redskins name. one common cater is weighing in. we will ask you to brew on this up next. [ tires screech ]
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>> welcome back. some terrifying moments for these people in southwest china. take a look at this bridge. it collapses as they are crossing over it. there are reports that at least 11 people are missing after this incident. the bridge was apparently under construction. >> also caught on video the united states coast guard rescuing an injured navy sailor on board of a submarine. the submarine was 13612 miles off the coast of san diego where the helicopter rescue took place. it is not clear how the 22-year-old sailor was injure. >> the family of a missing california man is grateful that he has been found alive after he was lost in the wilderness for 18 days.
2:24 am
he could survive while eating squirrels, lizards and snakes. >> an ordeal started on september 24th after being separated from his hunting partner and tripped and lost consciousness in state terrain. another group of hunters spotted him after a week. they were able to bring him safely out of the forest. >> how about that cuisine. >> the redskins controversy just got more complicated. bob costas weighed in. >> think for a moment about the term redskins and how it differs from all of the others. s ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed toward african americans, hispanics, asians or members of any other ethnic group. when considered that way, redskins can't possibly honor a heritage or a noble character
2:25 am
trait, nor can it be considered neutral terms, it is an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent. >> this has nfl commissioner roger goodal believes the washington owner daniel snyder may not have closed the door on changing the name. he says this, i think that dan snyder is way down the road on doing that. i am confident that he is listening. i am confident he feels strongly about the name but also wants to do the right thing. >> this leads to the brew on this question of the day. do you think the redskins name is a racial slur? >> send us your comments as always. tweet them to us at fox and friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox and new jersey governor chris christie flipping his decision on in state tuition to illegal
2:26 am
immigrants. what he is saying that is getting people fired up. >> tough times in washington. why even the white house gift shop is having a hard time baying its bills. first on this day in history in 1981 chariots of fire was the number one movie in america. >> great movie. was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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>> it is monday october 14th. we start with the case of missing madelein mccann. they released these images of a man thought to be of vital pa s importance in the investigation. >> they stormed the world war ii memorial and take on the white house. fed up with how they are being treated in the government shut down. is washington listening to our nation's heros? >> listen to this a warning for moms to be this morning. water bottles may put your pregnancy at risk. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. it is monday october 14th. welcome to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 30 minutes after the top
2:31 am
of the hour. the case in the missing girl madelein mccann. remember her? she was 3 years old when she disappeared from her parent's hotel room in portugal back in 2007. >> the man they want to question in connection with her disappearance. they created the images after accounts of people who were at the hotel. when she vanished. >> they run into the apartment taking a little girl away from the family. >> these new developments will be aired tonight on the british tv show called crime watch. it hopes it helps them identify the man here. >> a bomb square at an airport.
2:32 am
a plastic bottle with dry ice exploded in an employee's room only rest room. it caused some flights to be crowneded. investigators trying to figure out who is responsible. >> 30 poeople rescued after a party boat tipped over in miami. it was taking people to and from a columbus day celebration at a sandbar beach a few miles into the water. it was on the way back when the boat began to sink. >> he wasn't like the boat is sinking. he was like hey, can you move back a little bit. this boat isn't enough to hold enough people. >> the driver was not a licensed captain. they think he was allegedly charging people to take them to and from the beach. >> the stakes for the government shut down are rising.
2:33 am
the government will run out of money to pay a bill this thursday october 17th. talks between senate republican and democrats are stale at a standstill. >> with the president with senate democrats senate republicans there's a will. we also need to find a way. we know the house won't find that way. so it is right in front of our shoulders. but finding that way is hard, but we are not out of the ballpark in any way. some states are taking things into their own hands now. for instance new york spending 6 $1,000 each day to keep liberty island open through thursday soy folks can visit the statue of liberty. arizona spending 16,000 to keep grand canyon hope. they will open mount rush more for 10-days starting today. >> they are fed up with how they
2:34 am
are treated they storm on the memorial and take the wake house. -- take the white house. >> what does it take to open up barricades like this if you can't reach a political solution? one group of veterans figured out how simple the process will be. take a look at what they did. it was called the million veteran march. numbers were short of that. but they removed the barriers outside of the world war ii memorial which is one of several open air member yams the government choose to close down. >> this is for our honored war vets. we are not going to stand by and let it happen. >> who do they blame? some of them walked the barricades over pennsylvania avenue where they were deposited right outside of the white house. they were closed some say for political reasons.
2:35 am
>> our veterans should be above politics. enough gain. >> they point out 300 national park service workers were furloughed as a part of the shut down. these gates will remain in place or put back in place for some instances during the duration of the partial shut down. >> hopefully they will figure something out to get past this. >> the clock is ticking. thank you. >> runners hitting the road around valley forge national park to protest the closure. john bell was the inspiration for the rally. his run-in side the park ended with a $100 ticket from park rangers because he used the national park during the federal shut down. >> pretty much shocked people died and shed blood here under 10 years ago to keep something like this, now the government wat wants to keep everybody out.
2:36 am
>> the runners weren't alone in their outrage. citizens for liberty and a number of veterans also staged their own rally. >> nfl star adrien peterson speaks out about his son's death. he played two-days after his son was killed in an alleged case of child abuse. the vikings lost 25-10. peterson says he never thought about sitting out. >> i prayed about it. it is what it is. so it's not like the man disappeared. for the most part i was able to be focused and go out there and help my team. >> the mother's boyfriend is rg chaed with assault. prosecutors say the charges could be upped. >> she is pushing for stricter gun control. >> now is the time to come together.
2:37 am
be responsible. democrats, republicans, everyone. >> giffords and her astronaut kelly say they are second amendment rights supporters and they were making background checks for buyers at the gun show. their appearance was met by a few protestors. >> a vaet tan spokesperson says the pope is planning to visit israel in march. did leave the door open for a visit in the future. he was considering his first trip to the holy land in 2014 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1964 visit to jerusalem by pope paul the 6th. >> gravity still floating above the hollywood box office competiti competition. >> hit hard. grab a hold of anything you can. >> the movie landed in the top spot for the second weekend in a
2:38 am
row earning $44.3 million. captain phillips came in second place with 26 million. cloudy with a chance of meat balls finished third with 13.2 million. >> before you leave the house this morning, it is time to get your first degree weather update. >> strong storms. we have more with the forecast. >> we are tracking a storm system that today does have a threat to produce severe weather. 60 miles an hour and large hail. isolated tornado. you will have a chance to get the warnings across nebraska and kansas. this storm system is impacting a lot of people across parts of the midwest and down into parts of the south and even across the rockies. in the rockies they are looking for possibility of significant
2:39 am
snowfall with a foot expected especially around colorado. several inches of rain across sections of texas. we need the rain across texas. we are under a drought. we are talking about locally 4-6 inches of rain. flooding will be a concern out here. we have a sharp contrast 88 for a high in san antonio. 75 in dallas and 50's up in the city of minneapolis. back to you heather and ainsley. >> thank you maria. good to see you this morning. >> 39 after the top of the hour. hospitals cutting thousands of jobs despite the growing number of patients. could your next trip to the doctor suffer? >> why does facebook ceo mark zucker burg spending 30 million on four houses? is the reason reveal next. fighting constipation
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that's a trend we can all get behind.
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♪ >> welcome bark. maryland's attorney general is in hot water this morning for reckless back seat driving. state police say doug gansler who is running for governor ordered troopers to drive him around with sirens on and to speed and run red lights. the ag released this statement in response. a few of the 18 troopers who provided me protection felt my back seat driving made them uncomfortable. for that i apologize. >> the episode is the latest in what is expected to be a bitter
2:44 am
campaign battle for maryland's top office. >> look at this, ainsley. talk about going to the extreme for privacy? facebook ceo mark zucker berg buys four houses in palo alto. the total cost $30 million. he shelled out the money when learning that the developer wanted to buy the market and market the home. the 29-year-old ceo can afford the hefty price tag. he was worth estimated $19 billion. wouldn't that be nice? >> he doesn't want to be neighbors apparently. >> the white house gift shop will remain closed. documents filed shows the store is filing for bankruptcy. steps away from 1600 pennsylvania avenue it bills itself as the official white house gift shop selling commemorative items to cutouris. >> across the united states hospital they are cutting thousands of jobs despite the
2:45 am
growing number of patients. this year there have been 41,000 layoffs. healthcare providers say there are several reasons for the cuts including a reduction in payment from medicare and private insurance companies and a reduction in funding as part of the sequestration. >> small expectations for the second year in a row as millions of americans are forecast to receive history clae l-- histor low increases. >> diane macedo joins us with more on this. >> good morning, ainsley and heather. millions of social security recipients and federal rae tire res will get a 1.5 percent benefit increase come january which would be among the smallest increments since they were adopted in 1975. that's according to an analysis by the associated press which attributes it to consumer prices. the cost of living affects not
2:46 am
only 15 million retiree and workers and families that get social security benefits but benefits for 3 million disabled veterans 2.5 million federal retirees and their families and more than 8 million people who get supplemental security income. it is col lateed by comparing con um sooler prices in july, august and september for the same period the year before. due to government shut down september's report which is supposed to come out on wednesday has been delayed. we might have to wait longer than usual to see what the actual adjustment might be. they have given no indication the raises themselves will be delayed because of the shut down. they still expect their payment increases on time. >> smallest increase in 38 years. >> thank you so much, diane. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up a warning for moms you need to listen to how some commonly used items like water bottles can put your pregnancy at risk.
2:47 am
what you need to know. >> then remember this guy? why another monkey might soon be making them out of this world. >> i feel sorry for them. >> let's check in with ryan kilmeade. >> sending more monkey into space. >> all of the monkeys are volunteers. >> they don't have a choice. >> three hours of monkey call coming up. in between we will try to focus on this. fox and friends debt ceiling, roadblock, we will examine all of them as we look at the debt sealin ceil guess who we booked? a billionaire who wants to run for governor? will he actually do it? bret baier is here he's a super star. we are going to talk about your schools with one of the best in the business former dc school chancellor michelle reed on the common core and then we have some fun.
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a canine houdini makes a greatest scape from a shelter to find his forever home. that dog and his owner joining us. we have a 6 foot alligator and 100 found turtle. i think we squeezed a penguin in the bottom of a station wagon all coming up on "fox & friends." [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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♪ ♪ >> what a beautiful shot with the wind blowing the american flag there in the distance as you look down avenue of the americas in new york city. and we hope that you are going to start a great
2:52 am
week. we appreciate your joining us here on "fox & friends" first. an american arrested for violating a curfew has been found dead in his jail cell in egypt. the man was identified as jamesçóñr lund. an investigation is underway to determine if the death is a suicide. lund is the second foreigner to die in egypt in custody since last month. >> he's occasionally known for flipping out or speaking his mind. now new jersey's governor chris christie seems to be flipping on the issue of immigration. christie is apparently now backing the idea of giving immigrants in-state college tuition. christie, up for reelection in november, says he's going to try to get the issue through his legislature in a lame duck session. a certain chemical found in many plastics and canned foods may be putting women at risk for a miscarriage. researchers say the chemical is called b.p.a.
2:53 am
it is found in water bottles, sunglasses, even shopping receipts. they suggest pregnant women should lower their exposure to the chemical by avoiding those items and stop heating food in plastic. that's because heat helps the chemical seep out. monkey astronauts? iran is planning to send another live monkey into space. the country claims to have already successfully doneñr this. you might remember back in january but that mission was disqpted when picturesñi of a different monkey were released after landing. this new monkey is said to be ready for launch within the next month. how do you feel about that? >> i'm sad about that. >> these cute little guys. when they did this last time a different monkey shows up in pictures which makes you wonder what happened to the original. >>ñi the time now is 53 after the top of the hour. coming up, the key to losing weight, it could be
2:54 am
indulging in one of your favorite sweet treats like chocolate can help you slimñr down. apparently there is research to prove it. >> your brew on this question of the day about the redskins name. more controversy after a commentator weighs in on this issue. your e-mails next pouring in on this one.
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can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month. ♪ ♪ >> three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today.
2:58 am
a brand-new lead in the 2007 disappearance of then three-year-old madeleine mccann. police released computer generated images of a man they want to question in connection with they are disappearance. the florida woman who ended up dangling from a railroad bridge when it suddenly went up is now in trouble. likely she will be charged with trespassing. commuters in california safe for at least one more day. unions for the bay area transit allowing one more day to pass so they can have another round of labor talks. both side say they might be close to finalizing an agreement. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. wantñr to lose weight? well, keep eating chocolate. apparently researchers found 86% of people who lost weight were still eating the sweet treats. researchers seko cocon -- say cocoa contains an antioxidant which preventsçó-9
2:59 am
badçó cholesterol from clogging your arteries. the bad, an inmate from montana he escaped during a bathroom break pit stop but he wasn't on the run for long. he was found hiding in a bush nearby. finally the ugly. some new zealand rugby players not so tough afterñr a snake slithers into their locker room. the athletic man scatter while a snake handler tries to take the snake out of their room. >> time for your brew on the question of the day responses. we asked you if you thought the redskins nickname is a racial slur. açó sports anchor weighed inñiñi saying yesterday that he felt it was.
3:00 am
we're getting a lot of responses. >> theresa saying it was ridiculous saying they demand they change their name. it was never meant to be a slurs. >> would the devil's hockey team be antichristian? >> thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. >> good morning. it's monday, october 14. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. she went missing years ago and this morning añi major break in the case of madeleine mccann. why the police want to know who and where this man is. >> tear down these walls. veterans storm washington,ñiñi d.c. stacking barricades and demanding the freedom that they fought for. >> bob costas talking politics at half time again. >> think for a moment about the term redskins and how


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