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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> i am heather childers. thank you so much for start rg your day with us early with us. appreciate it. >> disastrous launch of the obama care web site the president will speak to the nation today. he calls the site problems unacceptable. >> now many want an explanation from kathleen sebelius. kelly wright is here to explain. >> it is not looking good when it comes to rolling out obama care. the glitches have become a huge embarrassment and headache for the obama administration. the president will try to do damage control when he appears in the rose garden later today. he will discuss the troubles with the roll out of the affordable healthcare act. the white house says the president will acknowledge the technical problems of the web site. he will say they are unacceptable. he will discuss steps being taken to correct it but the
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initial problems are causing a lot of bangs against democrats but the republicans say it is a train wreck. >> how the technology is working is unacceptable. they are would bes r walworking correct that. it is affordable healthcare for our country. i am very excited about that. actually should be hearing from senator john mccain at this time. he went on to say of the fiasco... >> it has been a fiasco. send air force one to silicone valley fill it up with smart people and fix this problem. it is ridiculous. everybody knows that. >> at the center of the storm is health and services secretary kathleen kseb beal why yous. republicans want her to testify
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about it but she says she can't do this because of the government shut down and short notice. she will be attending a gala the night before. some republicans are calling for her to resign. they have scheduled a hearing for thursday. ainsley and heather? >> former nfl star aaron hernandez back in court today. prosecutors want him to step aside site ago history of an taggism toward macauley. the defense's request is ridiculous an intimidation tactics. the former tightened has pleaded not guilty to the murder of o ogden lloyd. the federal government is getting involved. workers hit saturday by a train which was running in automatic
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road during a transit worker strike one of the victims was crossing the ticket line to do his job when he was hit. the transportation safety board is responding. an employee reported seeing an unconscious women in a fire escape one week before a dead body was found in that exact spot. lynn spaulding was a missing patient and eventually found in that stairwell. spaulding disappeared from her room september 21st two-days after being admitted. her body was found in the locked stairwell. police belief she had been dead for several days and was not a victim of foul play. two convict the kidders who escap -- killers who escaped on a bogus paperwork are back in jail. more arrests are expected. >> the woman who works the front desk tells us she didn't know
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who was staying in room 227 until police arrived. that was the first she had seen a third man booked the room. >> che checked in like friday. friday night and saturday night. >> authorities say the men were about to get help leaving florida. >> we 3w4r50believe at the timee were to leave and transported to another state. >> top brass are piecing together how they managed to use phony release papers. interviews with friends and family helped them track the man who hooked up in orlando after word of their escape got out. a tip from a so-called associate focused the search in panama say. they appeared before the judge in the order they escaped from prison each charged with one
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count of escape for walking out of the prison in franklin county one week ago. held for a time in bay county jail. they will head back to prison next week. >> one charge against the convicted killers but more charges may be coming likely against the person who ep hadded them get out of jail and the people who helped them come here to panama city beach. reporting in pay county i am dana jay fox 35 news. stay with us. we will have a live report from orlando. that's coming up. our leadership tax funds lawmaker code for slush funds. congresswoman grace nap politan charged herself 8 percent interest. another family went on a family vacation for scotland. here's what they had to say about themselves. >> did your campaign contributors know uyou were paying back a loan? >> they know they have a
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campaign debt. >> what about the trip to scotland? >> i followed the rules met the standards and there is a matter before the house committee under the rules i am not to talk about the investigation. a lot of people talk about political slush funds. >> i believe we could have a clearer look on what they can and can't be spent for. >> they were originally created for a way to congressional leaders to raise money and distribute them to their leaders. they are no more than political slush fund. >> are you looking for a deal on television ice creep scoops and lookout machines? look no further than afghanistan. they are selling off millions of pounds of equipment each week. rurping the gear to the u.s. would be extraordinarily expensive. so they are leaving behind billions of dollars worth of
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supplies. most of the equipment will be destroyed before they are up for sale so parts can be made into bombs. new revelations about the nsa hackings. a report out now by germany's claims that the nsa has been spying on the mexican government for years now. back in 2010 the then president calderon e-mails the united states exploited a key mail server that had diplomatic serve for political instability. the nsa declined comments on these allegations. >> football headlines for you now. last night in indianapolis payton manning returns to face the colts. it was a barn burner. third quarter posted a lead andrew lutz runs it in for a 10 yard score. colts take the lead 23-13. indianapolis comes out on top 39.33.
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and the best and most bizarre finish of the day. patriots at the jets in over time nick with a chance to win on a field goal he pulls it left threw there's a flag. the patriots pinl lied for pushing a defensive player through the line. that means the nets get new life. another go for the gold this one from 42 yards. he makes good on the second try for the game winner. the jets beat the patriots 30-27. lots of folks watching that one. >> they have a good team this year. >> members of the greatest generation received a hero's welcome upon arrival yesterday to lindbergh field in san diego. more than 80 world war ii veterans were greeted by hundreds of people as they retu returned. >> i saw so many great people to turn out for it. >> this is the first>>
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temperatures in some parts of the country taking a significant dive. >> what can you expect when you head out this morning? time for a first degree weather update for maria molina. >> we are looking at temperatures that will continue to drop for the next several days. this morning many of you are waking up to freeze warnings as well. all of the way down to parts of the southeast. northern part of alabama and mississippi. widespread in the 40's out here. you could be seeing a lot of
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frost. high temperatures mild in the next couple weeks. you will be noticing those temperatures dropping over the next several days even in memphis. take a look atom heather and ainsley. 64 degrees for the high temperature. that's d getting cooler out there as well. >> be prepared for that. thank you so much. thank you. the deal is in the works. jp morgan chase has agreed to settle a large sum for questionable security backed changes. lauren simonetti from the fox business network is here to explain. >> looks like jp morgan chase agreed to pay 13 billion to settle allegations surrounding the way it handled mortgage packed securities for the lead up in the 2008 financial crisis. the deal is not yet final but 9 million of the 13 billion to
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cover penalties and fines. the remaining would go to relief for struggling home owners. they will fine bank of america for 6 million in the role for misleading angs agencies. both are setting aside 10s of billions of dollars for legal aid sometimes that's more than they are bringing in. the bank could be taken apart disastrous for consumer and businesses that rely on chase for loans. a black eye for microsoft the company is pulling latest dwoins update called windows rk 1. the snafoo is a big embarrassment for can psych soft. the surface tablet was hardly a hit. the next edition the surface 2 come out tomorrow. gravity for the third week in a row took in another 31 million over the weekend.
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the only one i saw there was captain phillips. >> i want to see that and gravity, too. coming up the time is 12 mints after the top of the hour. a jets fan slugs a female patriot fan. we are live with a closer look at the video. >> she heard her nephew was being bullied at school and she took action. how this woman used social media to end the abuse and the surprising reaction it got from students. as we head to break take a look at the gasoline prices in the national average 3.35 a gallon. [woman]ask me...
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at angie's list. join today at >> welcome back. you don't err punish -- ever pu a girl. >> at a jet's game a man punched a woman patriot fan right in the face. he could be if you can image in big deal today. robert moses joins us live with the latest. it is all caught on camera, too. >> yeah, good morning to you. we are hoping to get fan reaction from to shocking incident that took place yesterday. let's show you that video. the jets enjoyed a triumphant win over the new england patriots inside met life stadium yet. outside after the game the situation turned violent. this video posted on youtube as well as dead spin.
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a shows a man wearing a jets jersey punching a woman who appeared to be wearing a new england patriots shirt. a jets spokesperson released a statement yesterday saying in part the team is aware of the situation. they do not tolerate this kind of behavior. the matter has been referred to new jersey state police. i just got off the phone with new jersey state police. all they would tell me is that this matter is under investigation. fortunately no one was seriously injured. guys it is shocking to see this shied video. for now that is the latest live from mid town manhattan this morning. unbelievable. i don't know why people get so upset about a game. >> a missouri woman being held in con at the presetempt of coue
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accommodated her son over jury duty. she can't do duty because her son needs to be fed. now she faces a $500 fine. >> it is not fair for us. we are trying to do what is best for our children p. we shouldn't be penalized and fined for it. >> a local senator is working on a bill that would excuse a breast-feeding mom from jury duty. >> there is growing concern over breast milk being sold on-line. many mothers spoupport it sayin it is a way to get milk to babies whose mothers can't produce it. now testing is showing it may contain dangerous bacteria. researchers found 75 percent of samples tested from a popular site contained high amounts of bacteria that could potentially make babies sick. the fba already discourages
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on-line breast milk sales. >> taking vitamins every day could help women survive. those who took multi vitamins were less likely to die from the disease. multi vitaminings and minerals helps fight off cancer cells. >> heather? is>> it is time now to brew on this. have you ever seen a movie so good that you can't wait to text about it? >> no, i have not. >> now amc theater is considering creating a texting aisle for people who can't put down their phones. the company says the aisle would be on the back road, it would be soundproof to silence the noise and there would be barriers to block the mobile phone glows. other theerts like regal entertainment and i-max are lacking for ways to allow them
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to enjoy that as well. >> texting isles good idea or mistake? send an e-mail to fox friend it is now almost 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a nightmare at sea. two men clinging to life after of their boat cap sizes. their amazing rescue caught on camera. >> baptist church vowed to protest another fallen soldier's funeral this morning. thousands in the town not having it. what they did to make sure the hero was honored. it's a growing trend in business:
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>> an aunt overheard a boy bullying his nephew telling him he didn't have any friends. she started organizing an event asking people to come over to the school during the lunch break to show their support. 100 people showed up. >> i now know whenever i get bullied i will raise my head up and say, sorry, i have too many friends to think i am being bullied. >> the group even walked with him to confront the kid who bullied him. telling him in fact he does have a lot of friends. heather? >> two women in new hampshire they are thankful to be alive after their boat capsized over the weekend. the men spent 14 hours clinging to the boat outside of boston before a group of fisherman found them. they had no stress equipment or communication devices and only one life vest between them.
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>> sat back-to-back. keeping warm. we kept talking and praying. >> officials say this story is the perfect example of why even experienced people need to always have the right equipment with them. >> one army ranger may rest in peace. they were a no show yesterday for oregon. even if they had shown up they would have had a hard time crashing it. that's because complete training strangers filled the streets to show their support carrying signs calling for love and respect. patterson will be laid to rest for family service for close friends. >> the time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. halfway done grand brand new revelations breaking about the
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nsa. why the spy program is under fire yet again. >> potential astroid strikes could it be on a collision course with all of us on earth? who would hit hit? what experts are saying about this. >> on this very day back in 2000 christina aguilera come on baby was the number one song. it would hold the charts. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here.
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>> from computer problems to low enrollment obama carolout has been a debacle since day one. after weeks of silence the president is addressing all of this mess. does he have a solution? >> gypsy communities. little girl trafficking. why this is raising questions for authorities. >> the shocking way retailers are watching your every move. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> it is monday october 21st. the one thing you should do is tune in to us. >> we appreciate it when you do. >> the president speaking to the nation today under mounting pressure to address thist disastrous launch of the obama care web site. he's calling the problems unacceptable. >> now many want an explanation from kathleen seb beelius. >> the white house will navigate through those who lived to tell the tail. the president will have to explain why one of the most expensive web sooifrts made it
2:32 am
running into one problem after another. >> i think there is no one more frustrated than the president as the difficulty in the web site. >> the web site was down over the weekend on what the white house calls glitches and what the web site says are second concerns for the information submitted them. health and human services secretary kathleen seb beal why yous is refusing to testify. although she is attending a big gala in washington the night before. the administration refuses to say how many people enrolled in a healthcare plan a number that may be embarrassingly low because of the set backs. >> enough people don't sign up for the exchanges the rates will be astronomical and undermine the entire health insurance industry in the country. her refusal to testify and be
2:33 am
transparent about it is undermining her credibility. >> in order to make them worse they need 7 million people to get health insurance in 2014. based on what we have seen so far it will be a tough hill to climb. >> maybe sebelius can go on the daily show again. she will have time for that. >> thank you, doug. two convicted killers who escape prison on bogus paperwork are back behind bars. this there may be more arrests in this case. this is a man murdered by one of the escape pees is now speaking out. ee advantage lena says she got a letter from the florida department of corrections saying charles walker had been let out. >> my heart dropped knowing my little one was lying down in the ground and he is getting out. it is just a kick in the face. >> she says that now that walker
2:34 am
is back behind bars she does have closure and say tuned because we will have a live report from orlando coming up in a few minutes on this. >> aaron hernandez back in court today. prosecutors want the judge in the case to step aside signing a history of antagonism toward lead prosecutor william macauley. the defense says the request is ridiculous. intimidation tactic of a possibility of favorable rulings for hernandez. cleanup continues this morning in new mexico after a flat train derailed ore the weekend scattering all over the area. no one was injured. a broken track blamed for the accident. >> with the gubernatorial race
2:35 am
it would not endorse either republican or democrat. the richmond times dispatch has a history of endorsing republicans for the race but they criticized him for his stances on social issues noting his opposition to same-sex marriage and apportion. meantime former president bill clinton announced he will spend three-days campaigning across virginia for mccullough. >> tum time to look who is tal. the recent improvement so his heart. he is opening up about his past poor health. the surprise move he made weeks before taking office. he said this last night on 60 minutes. >> basically i resigned the vice president see in 2001. >> how did president bush react?
2:36 am
>> a little surprised. he thought it was a good idea. >> you were instrumental for many decisions in the country including going into iraq. >> and terrorist surveillance program and enhanced interrogations. >> he has had four heart attacks three@cath rideszations at this point defib rate tore and bypass surgery. did you worry about your physical health impacting judgment and cognition? >> no. >> not at all. >> were you the betts that you could be. >> i was as good as i could be given the fact that i was 60 some years old at that point and a heart patient. cheney struggled with heart problems for decades now and received a heart transplant at the age of 71. the man behind media matters. that's an organization that makes a habit of trying to take down fox news.
2:37 am
who has spent some time in a psychiatric facility. he has a new book if you are interested. it's called benghazi hoax. hillary clinton coauthored the 90 page e book as a counter with a i to criticism as the former secretary of state and president obama. the book offers a sweeping criticism of republicans and other what he calls hoax southboundisters in stores tomorrow. the biggest destroyer is finally ready to go into the water. the christening of the war ship bearing the name of the late admiral elmo bud. but plans are now moving forward. it is expected it hit the water sometime this week. the public christening ceremony featuring zumwalt's two daughters will be rescheduled for the spring. carol burnett receiving the nation's top prize for humor the mark twain award.
2:38 am
a ceremony waudz held fat the kennedy center for washington, d.c. julie andrews and tina fey along some of the people in the crowd. >> i was very shy and i was quite a nerd in high school. it wasn't until i got to ucla that i did a one-act where it was funny i heard them laugh and i thought, i like that feeling. >> love her. burnett says it's a thrill to receive this award. she says she is in good company with past honorees they include faye, bill cosby, steve martin and lilly tomlin. >> good for her. >> temperatures around the country taking a live. >> what can you expect when you head out this morning? let's get the first degree weather update with maria moline gnaw. >> good morning heather and ainsley. we are talking about a dip in the jet stream across the great lakes and all of the way down to
2:39 am
sections of tennessee. that's the reason why we are starting to see the cooler air from canada moving on southward. this morning we have widespread frost advisories and brief warnings in maid atlantic parts of virginia north carolina and down to parts of mississippi and also alabama. we have frost advisories all of the way down south. we are looking at temperatures that are 10-20 degrees below average for many of you. one of the spots already looking at dipping temperatures across the next several days is chicago. talking highs only in the 40's. in the nighttime hours only in the 20's. it has been so mild over the last several weeks that this is starting to feel like a little bit of a shock to the system even in the low 40's across parts of minnesota. areas waking up in the 20's across new york city. not so bad tad and tomorrow but the cool down is coming. highs only in the 50's by the time we head into wednesday. >> we will be ready because of you. >> i am ready for it.
2:40 am
ready for weather. >> 39 after the top of the hour. while you shop they are watching you. the shocking way retailers are tracking your every move. >> caught on video. the moment a big rig crashes on a crowded highway. how is the driver of that walked away unscathed.
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♪ >> don't you want to stay with us a little while? right here on "fox & friends first". we really appreciate you joining us brat and early starting your week early with us. two convicted killers escaped on bogus paperwork. they are back behind bars but authorities say there will be more arrests. we are live in hoerld doe with the latest. what's up now? oo i can tell you approximately 48-hours after charles walker and joseph jenkins are captured in panama city by federal agents this morning the investigation will intensify. which led to them from being released from prison. also who assisted them in the immediate days after they walked out of the orange county jail booking and releasing them 13 days ago. we have learned from agents here
2:45 am
at the florida department of law enforcement both men were able to meet up with one another despite being released separately and sepent several days in orange county before they headed 362 miles west to orlando where they were captured federal agents late last night. 5 federal state and local agencies including members of the u.s. marshal services bay county sheriff's office orange county sheriff's office ban ma city police and law enforcement spent days even hours into viewing several family members known associates of the two inmates. where the men stayed, who was helping them and why they were released from prison. take a listen to gerald bailey department of law enforcement. >> we believe at the time we apprehended these fugitives they were awaiting transportation from atlanta to be transported
2:46 am
to another state. >> both men we understand will stay up in bay county and will be transferred to another state prison. we also understand members of the board of corrections along with members from the florida court association will be meeting sometime to discuss ways to make sure it doesn't happen again. heather send it back to you. >> i am betting it won't happen again. >> think you are doing your shopping in peace? is turns out tabs are being kept on you as you move through out the stores. diane macedo from the fox business network joins usth mor. >> like it or not most of us are used to having our shopping habits tracked on the internet. the same thing is happening at the brick ant mortgad mortar st.
2:47 am
locking the code stores can keep that and look at shopper's movement. the data cannot only tell how many times they are returning but how long the average wait time is at a particular register. the technology can help customers navigate the store and find deals more easily. find particular products? with the right app your phone can guide you there. forget clipping coupons get an app to send you promotions for items as you walk by them. gathering data always comes with privacy concerns. while exports say scores can gather -- they can't gather personally identifiable information in this way pros referencing can find profiling detail. even though they can remain anonymous. for those who want to skip the convenient check out the store's policy to see if they have an opt out feature.
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>> you would think they would keep track when you swipe your credit card they would know what you bought. >> what they want to sees how people are moving through the store so they can put promotions in the most effective place or put extra cash here at one particular register that is more busy than others. >> women might have come a long way when it comes to the work force. but there are still five bigwig jobs no women has ever held. that is chairman of the fed real reserve ceo of a top bank, chief justice, vice president and president. this list could be marrowed down to 4 if janet yellen is the first female leader of any major central bank in the world. >> interesting. >> i like learning information like that. hopefully we continue to narrow it down. >> almost 10 minutes until the top of the hour. these firefighters sur rouped by
2:49 am
a wall of fire. how they escaped just ahead. oo could we all be wiped out by an astroid coming to earth? first let's see what is coming up on fox and friends. >> are we going to be wiped out, if so stay in bed. i will be too psyched for that ladies. coming up on the program 10 minutes from now donald trump will talk about the u.s. debt despite being above $17 trillion. how bad is that bad for business? i have a feeling he is going to say really bad. special report host bret baier on the obama carol out mess. the president himself will address that later today. a couple high school sweet hearts football teammates and now homecoming king and queen two. that dynamic duo joins us here long time host of "inside edition" deborah norville has a book on the 25 years of "inside
2:50 am
edition." . that's why they are set up right over there. see you back here 10 minutes from now. [ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms. that's why there's new duracell quantum. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core. and that means more fuel, more power, more performance than the next leading brand. new duracell quanm. trusted everywhere.
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this next story is bizarre, frightening and very sad. police in greece looking for this little girl's family. she was found in a house in a gypsy camp in greece last week. police think she was taken from her family, and they arrested the couple the child was staying with after d.n.a. proved she wasn't related to them. she was found during a crackdown on illegal activity in gypsy camp. this story is giving new hope to the parents of madeleine mccann who disappeared in portugal in 2007. >> parts of australia, including sidney, under a
2:54 am
state of emergency. 56 fires raging across the country. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and now we have some absolutely chilling video to show you. look at this. the view from inside a day care center as a wall of kpwhraeupls completely -- flames completely enveloped that building. the woman filming this said she didn't think she was going to make it out outside. she was trapped inside with co-workers incredibly despite 20% to 30% of the building being destroyed they survived. >> an asteroid on a collision course with earth. the asteroid discovered earlier this month but now nasa says the odds of impact are very low. in fact nasa says the odds of earth being hit one in 63,000. despite the low odds nasa say they are still going to keep an eye on this asteroid. >> a good thing. the time six minutes before
2:55 am
the top of the hour. we told you about a movie theater chain considering a texting aisle for people who can't put that phone down. what do you think about that move? your e-mails next.
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it is about three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. president obama scheduled to address the rollout mess of obamacare. he's expected to lay out what is being done to fix the website problem. more arrests expected in the case of two escaped killers down in florida. authorities now focusing on who helped them get out. a jets fan is detained after punching a female patriot fan in the face. sunday's fight was caught on camera. new jersey state police now investigating. >> time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we're going to start with the good. this ball of fur likely the world's fluffiest and cutest and biggest rabbit
2:59 am
known as an angora turkey rabbit. they are mainly bread for their wool. -- mainly bred for their wool. the bad. on a california highway a big rig crashes into the divide and flipped over. the driver walked away unscathed. the ugly, a 24-hour wal-mart in florida goes on lockdown after this ago gator spotted out front. after a short time is wandered back into the lake behind the store. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we told you about a.m.c. theaters planning to create a texting aisle for people who can't put down the phone in the movie theater. we asked is a texting aisle in the movie theater a good idea? >> your responses aren't movies supposed to be an escape from reality. dumb idea.
3:00 am
>> if you cannot watch a movie without texting, then you have a problem: adiction. >> i agree. get away from it. enjoy the moment. watch the movie. >> absolutely. it is just two hours. put it down. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is monday, october 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. nearly two weeks after a disastrous rollout, today president obama will address the obamacare disaster website. but will he admit the failures or can we expect more white house spin? >> the spin stops here, doesn't it? meanwhile, if you're h.r. fed -- if you're already fed up with the government this story will make you angryer. >> the charge the campaign 16% interest? >> lawmakers using campaign cash we give them for their own personal slush funds. wait until y


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