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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> don't see the moon walk? maybe we should have closed in on that. all right that. is all of the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us, let not your heart be troubled. we'll see you again tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. live factor is on. tonight: >> the web site that is supposed to make it easy to apply for and purchase the insurance is not working the way it should for everybody. there is no sugar coating it. >> president obama admitting the obvious but still not taking much action against those who screwed up the rollout of obama care. charles krauthammer and brit hume on that. >> what would you say to the people who pulled the trigger? >> shame on you. there is a whole section of my heart that's gone. >> the epidemic of violent black youth crime continues. >> how would you respond to the veterans that are aoffended by the removal of these lights. >> also a wealthy town in
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maine disrespecting christmas and military veterans. jesse watters confronts city leaders. >> all they wanted was a christmas tree. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanksoror watching us tonight. it is personal between president obama and conservative americans. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. don't expect much compromise in washington for the rest of barack obama's tenure in office. that's because partisan feelings are so bitter detaunt will be difficult to reach. the president is a sensitive man and furious with people attacking him personally. the muslim stuff, the birth certificate. the socialist stuff the president internalizes that and despise those who dispense it. therefore he is on a mission to destroy the hard right. in those precincts.
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conservatives in turn despise mr. obama because they believe he is harming them and the country. some on the right even say is he doing it intentionally. those bad feelings are reminiscent of dallas, texas and the runup to president kennedy's assassination. here is what is going to happen. president obama will use immigration reform to once again hammer the right wing. at the same time, the illegal immigration debate, which is upcoming, will also obscure the disastrous obama carrollout, which the president addressed today. >> there is no sugar coating it the web site has been too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process. and i think it's fair to say that nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. >> being frustrated is not enough, mr. president. once again, your administration botched it. it's benghazi, libya reduction. you have not held anyone accountable and that infewer united states not only conservatives but americans who want efficient government. this is mr. obama's blind
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spot. he doesn't seem to believe that his administration should embrace high standards of competence. i mean, we saw it in the military family debacle. grieving americans denied money because the president and the secretary of defense hagel were not proactive in protecting them. we see it in the irs investigation which remains shrouded in mystery. so there is bad feelings in the situation is getting worse. but it is not worse than what president bush went through. however, there is a big difference between bush and obama as we found out when i interviewed bush the younger seven years ago this month. >> i understand politics. remember, i'm a man who watched a guy i love dearly go through the same thing i'm going through and that's my dad. it's. harder when you see somebody you love being criticized than when you. >> yeah, because you got angry about thamplet did i get angry about it. >> when it's you, you don't get angry. >> not really.
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>> don't take it personally? >> no, i don't. >> but, again, president obama does take it personally and he is after the right wing. no question in my mind. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume. so do you agree with me that president obama, he doesn't want to just get things done. he wants to damage the people that are opposing him. >> well, i think he wants to defeat them, bill. i think he would like to see them so badly defeated that he can win control of the house between and keep control of the senate so that he can go on to do many things in his second term that he looks at the moment that he would be unable to do. i don't agree with you, bill, that this is necessarily personal. i think the divide between the two parties and between him and conservatives is about as deep as it can get and i think it may, in some cases be bitter. i don't know that it is especially personal. >> i disagree with you. i think that some people i know who know barack obama, he doesn't like to be
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criticized ever about anything. that is just who he is. he doesn't take it well. and he does get reports from his people. he knows what we're doing here on the factor. i mean, we have talked to him. he knows we do. does he sit there and watch it? probably not. he gets written reports about what limbaugh sis and what o'reilly says. about various people. and you know when is he hearing this stuff about the birth certificate and themuslimf that. if i can, i'm going to go after those guys. we have seen it in his little fox news comments for example i agree he would like to prevail over these people. i just can't read his mind. >> there is a difference between prevail and damage. he wants to hurt them. >> think of this, bill. you used the bush comment there. bush 43 talking about his attitude toward his father. now, is he talking about something very different from what i think you are saying. he is talking about the way you feel when a member of your family is under assault
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and you feel both defensive of that person, you feel helpless to could very much about it and makes you angrier than it does when it is you under attack. i think it's characteristic human nature and certainly characteristic about the way all those bush men felt about their father hasn't been a lot of criticism directed at president barack obama. let me make this point. the irs thing was all about this, hume. come on. the irs thing was we don't like these tea party people we're going to use the federal government to go make their lives miserable. that's a personal thing. >> that's political intimidation of a kind is what that is in my view. it's about trying to keep these people from being as active in their causes a they would like to be. >> they wanted to hurt him. >> look. we can go around and around with this forever. we don't disagree about what the president is doing. we disagree a little bit about what his motives may or may not be. you know, i'm not sure how important it is that we regard it as personal or merely political hard ball
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which is what i think it is. >> okay. it's important because if you have a chief executive with the amount of power that barack obama has and he is going to use that power to the-to-wins a you say not only the election of 2014 but he will use that power to try to harm you that gets into richard nixon territory. >> it does. you know. i still would say, look, this is a man who thinks he is a smartest guy in every room. he doesn't think that -- and he is continually -- people describe him as always bored. he doesn't have a lot of patience for these people and doesn't have a lot of sympathy for what they believe. whether he cares about them particularly personally i don't know. i think he probably thinks they are all so beneath him it is not worth. >> it's hard to believe he would think you and i are beneath him. >> we think we are the smartest guy in every room. >> i know. i'm a simple man. >> yeah. i hear that you will at time. bill, come on. cut it out.
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simple man. >> brit hume scolding me, i believe. next on the run down. president obama's approval rating beginning to fall. juan and mary katharine on that. watters town council in maine disrespecting christmas and american vets. we are coming right back. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
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and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. >> and in the impact segment tonight. according to a brand new poll by gallup. president obama's job approval rating now just over 44%. down 19 points since he took office. mr. obama's job approval numbers have declined in three consecutive quarters. joining us now from washington mary katharineham and juan williams both fox news analysts. all right, juan, how would you advise president obama to turn things around? >> well, i think he has got some things up his sleeve,
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bill. immigration is coming down the pike. i think it's going to be very difficult for republicans to deal with that issue. i also think that he expects that they are going to get something done on the budget. he has just got to show the american people that this second term is about some kind of progress that he can break through the paralysis in order to do it. but, before we go on. let me just say i think that's a very strange metric you are using there because five months ago barack obama was reelected. i think he got 66 million votes. the first president to get more than 51% of the vote twice in this country's history since eisenhower. first democrat since roosevelt. , his numbers are going to go down a little bit. right now george w. bush where clinton was this time in his second term. it's not bad. the republicans would kill to have his numbers. >> well, i think that a lot of things have happened, mary katharine, since the election. and i think that people are starting to now question whether the president has -- i'm searching for the right word, the leadership
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qualities to solve these complex problems. look, syria was an embarrassment. everybody knows it obama carrollout everybody knows it. nobody being held for accountable for anything. it's leadership question. go, mary katharine. >> i would give him the same advice if i were to give him advice. i don't think i'm getting called. in he should be transparent, be honest, deal with mistakes seriously. hold people accountable and keep your promises. obama care is a perfect example of none of those things happening. today's discussion he had about it with the the american people didn't do any of those things seriously. you have got to wonder hold on you have got to wonder if there is a point notify return for the obama philosophy which is let big government do big things. he promises all this stuff and it turns out in practice it doesn't go smoothly. he has gotten the love credit from the american people for try for five years. at some point you have got to hit the end of that and he obama carrollout might be
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that. >> once americans get hurt in the wallet. more than just a soft economy which is driving wages down for working americans, juan. >> right. >> if this obama care thing turns out that most americans are getting hurt financially, i don't think the president recovers from that. >> yeah, but i don't think that's going to happen. >> why would you not think it's going to happen when all the evidence rolling in now says that people in their new premiums are much higher than they thought they were going to be? >> that's not true. it's antidotal and, again, when you look at the actuality of it, bill. most people are not effected by over 80%. the people who don't have insurance. that's what this is about. trying to get coverage for americans. >> they are going to vote for barack obama anyway. >> wait, the people who had insurance in the individual market are getting notices by the hundreds of thousands that they're losing their plans which by the way was not the promise zero of them were going to lose it wait for it the site is not working for them to sign back up which is going to
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cause a serious problem. >> other ways to sign up mary katharine. >> that was the great vision for big government is to go into your community center and sign up on a piece of paper? this was not what was planned. they didn't have a plan b. and this is an ulings of how they are bad at doing big things. >> would you fire sebelius, juan? >> wait a second is, do you think they are bad at social security? do you think they are bad at medicare? no, they are terrific at it. people love those programs. >> they're not really terrific at it because we are going bankrupt in this country. >> no, you guys are changing the argument. >> would you fire sebelius? >> no. i don't think that she is -- she is worth firing. people got paid $600 million or whatever to put together that web site they should get fired. >> he she was overseeing the thing. why would you keep her if she has screwed up so badly why wouldn't you fire her and get somebody in there that knows somebody about computers? >> computers are not her responsibility. >> well. >> i'm sure she hired somebody to put that together. her responsibility is the policy. >> she is in charge of the
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rollout. the controlout is screwed up why would you keep her. >> the policy. there is a difference you think anybody who is anybody getting prepreventative care. they don't care about a web site rollout. they care about the coverage that they are getting. >> i see that anybody benefiting is going to support it. >> three weeks. >> you, i'm sure, would fire sebelius and everyone he has never nope, right, mary katharine? >> somebody should be held accountable if you want to fix the problem. cms which is part of health and human services appointed itself head contractor. they didn't know what they were doing. very complex problem and project and they totally muffed it. this is not working the way it is supposed to. in fact it is hurting people who are supposed to be helped by this law. that is an actual fact. you can blame it on my ideology six months ago juan but these are actual facts and you have to deal with it. >> spend 600 million to get something up and running and juan wouldn't fire the person in charge that's
8:17 pm
depressing. >> i said i would get rid of the contractors. the contractors who got all the money they are the ones that should be blamed. >> deal with cms. >> i don't see there is any problem with right now with obama cample the problem is that republicans don't want to fix anything. they just want toe throw the whole thing out. >> no, republicans want a year delay so that the government itself should fix it. it's not the production' responsibility to fix it. >> bill, a minute ago you were talking about hatred of obama, right? >> yeah. >> i have got to believe that is right of pa is hating on obama in a care. >> obama care is part of that. i have got to go. i think obama care is part of the disenchantment, juan, but if you are a fair man you have got to know that this is a giant screw up and right now no one is held accountable. >> and if the web site doesn't work it ruins the policy behind the web site. you don't have to take my word for it as burton says. >> directly ahead a vicious attack by a grouch black young people on a white couple in brooklyn, new york. police say it was racially
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10 black young people. one of them is a 12-year-old girl severely beat a couple in new york. mr. rousseau suffered a broken nose and other injuries. as we have been reporting for many months violent crime fueled by young black americans is a serious crime all over the country. here now to address the situation young former aid to martin luther king jr. ambassador to the united nations under president carter and mayor of atlanta, georgia for two terms.
8:22 pm
mr. ambassador, i have been saying that the root cause of black sigh venezuela among yong people is the dissolution of the family. >> i agree. >> do you agree with that? >> a. agree but the u.s. government, we might agree on this, too. and the whole welfare state really they stopped the mothers from living with their mothers so it separated children from their grandparents by government policy in the 60's. >> so you couldn't get the entitlements if you were living in extended family situation. >> yeah. and you couldn't have and couldn't get any benefits for children if had you a man in the house who was unemployed. >> >> a lot of people have pointed that out and now correct me if i am wrong or you you see it differently there is a culture among african-americans that is accepting of the fact that fathers abandon their children. >> it's not accepting. i think it's an understanding that this is
8:23 pm
the effect of a 200 years of slavery and 100 years of segregation. now the segregation problem in mississippi was when they stopped the agriculture policy, when they stopped farmers from growing food or fiber, it flooded a lot of people who had had been share croppers into the cities. >> right. they went up to the cities for jobs. >> with no education and it broke up the families. >> that happened about 50 years ago. >> just about 50 years ago. >> there doesn't seem that there is any improvement it seems that the culture in the inner cities and the poor precincts not onlyby the wo kleining. >> you have a different thing with hispanics and you have a different thing with asian families which came here intact. the my congratulation north migration. >> haitians do well coming
8:24 pm
to this country. >> i write about it in "killing kennedy" look at this peterson. he has got what 8, 9 children by five, six, seven wives. nobody says a word about it. and kids see this. they see this. wanted they see the rappers. you don't like rap, do you? do you think rap does any good for these young kids? >> no. but i will tell you what it did for kids in atlanta? i see rap probably prevented terrorism in some of these areas. these kids express their violence harmonically and made money on it. and we -- i have watched them and i vrkd would them one at a time. i have watched them grow up. given two or three years of success. they are migrating into starting businesses, promoting their own films. >> what about the people who can't do that and who idolize these people and jay-z a crack dealer. that's where he came. >> from yeah. >> they all know that. but there is no one to it
8:25 pm
say don't do it. what they are saying is give them another opportunity. john bryant and operation hope. people model what they see. >> i agree with that absolutely. >> trying to get people to go into communities, bankers to work in middle schools to too much people about free enterprise. >> that's a good thing. the reason i got into the black family and black crime is off the trayvon martin case moynahan was on that case a long time ago they don't know who the late senator is he got on this base in the frafn martin case terrible for the country for everybody. >> for everybody the race industry, the grievance industry were putting throughout that white people are stalking black people to
8:26 pm
hurt them which is not true and deflecting the real cause of this fear they were deflecting it. >> let's talk as americans for a minute and not just black and white. the whole world is confused. there is more anxiety. there is more insecurity. america's problems can't be solved unless the world solves problems the world can't solve problems unless america takes the leadership. whatever leadership there is in this world has got to come from these united states. and it doesn't matter whether it's democrat or republican. that's what we were just talking about with hume. >> democracy and free enterprise are the only answers to the chaos in the world. >> i agree. >> it takes a long time to get that established. >> i'm going to hold the ambassador over because i want to ask him a very provocative question. what does the united states owe african-americans. i'm going to ask the ambassador the that question when we come back from the
8:27 pm
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>> andrew young, even though millions of african-americans are receiving. their economic situation has not improved much under president obama. >> the data is going to indicate sadly that when the obama administration is over it, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicated
8:31 pm
category. in that regard the president ought to be held responsible. >> and here are the stats. blacks make about 13% of the population and 23% of all food stamp recipients are black. 19% of disabled workers are african-american and 20% of those receiving medicaid are black. mr. ambassador, it seems that african-americans are still very dependent on the government everybody in america has been dependent on the government at some time. >> not me. >> g.i. bill. >> i never got a dime with from them. i'm not saying that with any kind of huber russ. >> the expressway system. i came up in the world war ii. and and everybody in my class poor kids, they huddle together because they were americans. and they and they save stamps. what we owe, everybody in america, is the right to vote. and access to capital.
8:32 pm
>> access to money to start a business i think when we get that and when we have the freedom to develop our ideas as we have done in atlanta. atlanta, i don't know whether you know this very well, but we had a million people when i became congressman in '73. we have gone over 6 million now. and it's still the same proportion black and white but we do everything black and white together. we became a free enterprise city though we didn't believe on the federal government i believe hard work can pay off. >>t wasn't hard work. >> a lot of african-american leaders think the system is rigged. >> no a lot of african-american leaders are not african-american leaders. >> what does that mean? >> that means that martin luther king was not an
8:33 pm
african-american leader. he led all of america. i think that the thing that i say is lit's make democracy and free enterprise work for everybody. >> there are some civil rights leaders today and i will name them if you want believe the system is rigged against african-americans. >> dick gregory says if you are black and slightly not slightly paranoid you are really sick. >> do you believe that it's rigged against it. >> yeah, in some sense. >> in some sense? >> there was an irish growry store on one corner and italian bar on 00 other and nazi party was in the third corner and i lived right in the middle. frankly i was better off. my father was a dentist my mother was a teacher. i was better off than any of those around us. so my family raised me to say, look, you have been blessed and to those to whom much has been given of much is required. don't hate the nazis. those are sick people. you don't get mad with sick
8:34 pm
people. you help them. don't hate -- racism is a sickness. and that was the message that lined me up with martin luther king and the message that transformed the south. >> we have you back mr. ambassador. i want to point out that mr. young's son is an entrepreneur just like his father and has open add restaurant called bulls in new york city. >> he has got about five or six businesses and maybe a payroll of almost 1,000 people. >> all right, mr. ambassador. will when we come right back. charles krauthammer on his new book destined to be a best seller. watters in maine where the waters are very controversial. upcoming.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight. once again, a member of the obama administration not held accountable for performance. kathleen sebelius, there she is, secretary of the h.h.s. now says she will testify in front of congress, perhaps next week. here now fox political analyst charles krauthammer whose big new book things that matter, three decades of passions, past time and politics hits the stores tomorrow.
8:39 pm
we'll get to the book in a moment. so, holder on fast and furious. hillary clinton on benghazi. chuck hagel on military families and now sebelius on the screw up of obama care. it's just one secretary after another. none of them are held accountable. none of them. >> that's because their president doesn't hold them accountable. in fact, it's hard to see where the president ever holds anybody in his administration accountable. on none of these has he ever said we screwed up today he did. you heard that today what he did is try to sell this thing. he gave this speech in which he said the product is great. the price is wonderful. that's the point. is he pretending this thing doesn't exist. it's a glitch and that somehow it's the republicans because of all the criticism
8:40 pm
of this had poison the well. fact is they had three and a half years and they completely screwed it up. and the product, i mean, in some sense, it's saving them because if people were able to get access to the product, they would know that it isn't cheap, ant it isn't good. >> they are going to know that soon enough which is why i think the republicans have stond back a little bit. >> exactly. >> we have discussed. this kathleen sebelius is going to get worked over by the republicans next week. they are going to come after her. we have had her in our innings with the former governor of kansas about the late term abortionist george tiller who was assassin natalled. sebelius enabled that man to kill babies for any reason. and the proof of that is that tiller has lost medical license. kansas authorities found that the whole thing was bogus. all of the reasons they gave, sebelius and sebelius was in on this from day one
8:41 pm
to terminate the late term fetuses, a lot of that was bogus and we knew it from the jump. so my question to you is, sebelius comes up there, she is going to be embarrassed. she is going to have to do the rope adope, i don't remember, this, right? >> first of all what's strike something her arrogance. the fact that she would refuse to appear in front of congress is elementary response. she goes a whole week. i mean, if we hadn't had the shut down, the big story of the last three weeks would have been why is she still in her job in it got overshadowed and that is an issue. she is in charge of this. and the reason -- some of the reasons that this thing is a disaster are the political decisions. she had made. for example, the element in hhs which runs medicare and medicaid. the centers for medicare and medicaid themselves the general contractors in charge of the 50, 60, 70 elements in this,
8:42 pm
which is utterly impossible because they wanted to maintain control. normally, you give it to a competent -- >> someone who knows how to do. this the second is this. they delayed writing the regulations until after election day last year in order that they would not present targets for republican attacks. so for purely partisan reasons, had they been writing the regulations and the codes in the spring, absolutely impossible to do. this is a political disaster. >> okay. you have been writing columns for 27 years. all right? and your book, things that matter are a compilation of the columns. and i have to say that reading charles krauthammer's books, it gets me thinking and that's painful for me, so it's -- you know, it's kind of a bittersweet. because, you are. >> you are a simple man. >> i am. way too complicated
8:43 pm
sometimes. you are a psychiatrist. i mean, you are a whole bunch of stuff. what is the headline? what do you want to take people? they are going to read a whole bunch of things that you have said about a lot of different topics. what do you want them to take away from the book? >> well, i think one of the arguments i make in all kinds of different ways is the superiority of limited government over the la lavianhian state for nostalgia. social security great achievement. medicare great achievement. but they haven't recognized that with the change of demographics and the change of the technology in medicine, this is completely unaffordable and we have to reform. liberals are essentially reactionary liberals. that's what they stand for. they won't allow a single dot or change in anything. that is catastrophic. and the other thing that i find interesting is exactly at a point in history where
8:44 pm
europe is showing how this entitlement state is a disaster. >> yeah, we see it. >> we elect the first social democratic president obama, a man who sees europe as the model as the most just society. the man who says openly he wants to redistribute income and a level between the classes exactly -- so we elect the one man who believes, i think he is the most left of the presidents obviously since f.d.r. probably in american history. exactly at a point when the left experiment of the entitlement state is in collapse. it's ironic and disastrous. >> and americans bought it. >> that leads me to the last question. i told letterman last week that i fear for this country because there is poor leadership. there is nobody that i see is uniting the country do you see the same thing. >> i do. i write in the book all these issues on which we had
8:45 pm
some consensus during the cold war when having an enemy helps to cement, particularly among conservatives, it held a whole movement together. you take it away and now all the fishers are showing. like a reagan nothing to hold. >> somebody might emerge but right now it's scattered all over the place. book is "things that matter." krauthammer, we appreciate you, charles. nice to see you. good luck with the book. it's going to be a big hit. i predict. and you know my predictions are always correct. >> i think i will climb to number two after a certain author. >> good can have something to do with that. >> who will remain unnamed. >> watters on deck. town in maine not doing the right thing for veterans or for christmas. watters is next.
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8:49 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight. watters world. the affluent town of bar harbor maine had a nice tradition going on. they put lights on evergreen tree paying tribute to american soldiers memorializing the christmas they never had. that description coming from the 1944 patel of the bulge in belgium which was fought in christmas. last month the bar harbor banned the tradition going forward calling the tree confusing and tacky. well, as soon as we heard that we sent watters up to maine. ♪ >> back in 2011, the perpetually lit memorial was dedicated to honor fallen world war ii and other veterans. >> the battle of the bulge it was christmas eve as the soldiers were dying around them and they started singing silent night. they were remembering that
8:50 pm
they wanted to be home with their families. >> wreaths across america says it represents the christmas they never had. >> the memorial is 'a historical event. and you can't wipe that away by saying away by saying, well, it's a christmas tree. >> this was not about christianity, per se. it was a symbol of piece, light and hope for veterans that never returned that year and were separated from their families. >> it is a complicated symbol that most people did not understand completely. >> a town council vote showed a majority in favor of not re newing the laease. >> it is disrespecting members of the community. >> we were not telling people what to think. we were offering a catalyst to conversation about veterans. >> you think a tree with lights is that complicated? >> it looks like a christmas tree. >> the freedom they took from us was already.
8:51 pm
>> that's a sad thing. >> how would you respond to the veterans offended by the removal of lights on the tree? >> i'm sorry if their understanding of their success in service depends on lights on a tree. >> i hope you would take the opportunity to address this and explain your rationale for receive moving the lights. i find it hard to believe no one here will say anything. >> it did not meet what i thought a memorial ought to be. it was a pretty vulnerable type of memorial. it tended to get blown around a lot. >> it was more respectable to remove the lights than to leave them because the wind blew them around. >> i'm not going to argue with you. >> i don't think a christmas tree belongs on town property as a memorial to vel vet rans. >> you are against the white
8:52 pm
house christmas tree the president lights? i want to address something the town manager said. he said it was tacky. >> it has nothing to do with veterans. it has to do with the display looking tacky. >> would you uh like to take it back, sir? >> all they wanted was a christmas tree. they never had christmas that year in 1944. they would have loved a tacky christmas tree. furthermore, i don't think any christmas tree is tacky. i don't think any memorial to veteranses is tacky. >> i'm actually a member of the military. anything that's related to the military as a remoirl shouldn't be tampered with. >> it's ridiculous. >> we don't do enough to honor the veterans. it shouldn't be up to the town whether or not we remove the lights or not. >> i understand where bar harbor stands. i want to wish everyone a merry christmas. thank you. [ applause ] >> here now is jesse watters.
8:53 pm
it's absurd. if they think it's tacky, upgrade it. get better -- >> do something on top. maybe an ornament. >> these are anti-christmas people. that's how they come across. >> it's not veterans. they think the symbol is offensive. one of the other town council members says the colors liegtss are offensive to people. we should make them white lights. >> why? >> i have no idea. and he said we should call it a memory tree. >> memory tree. >> much better. >> from you walking around, it is a nice town, particularly in summer. most of the people think this is luna lunacy. >> they think it is absurd. >> i asked if anyone complained. she said, we have had complaint s. i said how many. she said, i can't tell you. >> it's secret. >> one complaint, i think. >> bar harbor, maine, everybody. did they take it down already? >> they have moved it to
8:54 pm
columbia falls. there was a nice ceremony to move it. >> it's a town where they celebrate christmas to respect veterans. >> all right. back with the tip of the day. when people ask you for money what should you do? >> take it. >> the tip, moments away. [ male announcer ] raise your hand if you've got savings whiplash. you know, from car insurance companies shouting, "save 500 bucks over here!" "no, save 300 bucks over here!" "wait, save 400 bucks right here." with so many places offering so much buck-saving, where do you start? well, esurance was born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so they're actually built to save you money... and time... and whiplash. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call. [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design...
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varlet when writing in. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill please always remember stops here. we are definitely lo for you. tonight on "the kelly file," the white house in full damage control mode. after weeks of negative headlines and his aides failing to convince american that is the roll out is working the president takes to the microphone. >> nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. >> why won't the administration come clean on the numbers? >> i don't have specific data for you. >> b what about the hundreds of thousands now getting kicked off their health care plans contrary to the president's promises? "the kelly file" gets answers. >> and the breakthrough study on male baldness out just hours ago. is there a cure right around the corner? >> from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly.


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