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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 24, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the five to toss to the best evening news show in all of television in any country in any language. take it away special report tonight with chris rollins. contractors responsible for the obama care website fiasco say the administration was warned about problems but went ahead any way. this is special report. good evening. i'm chris rwallace. the exercise of fixing blame before fixing the problem was on display today on capitol hill. lawmakers wanted answers and a pound or two of flesh over the continued gas, goose, glitches surrounding the obama care website health we have fox team coverage.
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ed henry at the white house with growing problems. we begin with mike manual. >> individual components had been tested earlier. the government failed to check out the whole program until days before the launch. >> the adequate testing -- those results were made available and made aware of those to cms. >> contractors said despite that cms, centers for medicaid services told them to go ahead launching it october 1st. one pretended to be a consumer for texas and sign up. >> i logged on to create an account, was able to do so. i never receivered the con fir nation e-mail? >> so it didn't work? >> didn't work. >> cms is responsible for the
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blunder, she says. >> you have the opportunity to throw them under the bus. >> another lawmaker suggested the contractors owe the taxpayers something. >> i haven't heard one of you apologize to the american public. are apologies not in order? >> too many users caused the health to fail. >> there are hundreds of websites that handle volumes far larger their what health was faced with. you keep speaking about unexpected volumes, miscampbell. that sticks in my crawl i have to tell you. >> is volume really the issue as the administration claims? >> there were fireworks between the texas republican joe barton. >> i will not yield to this monkey court or whatever this
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is. do whatever you want. i'm not yielding. with lawmakers sending this letter to president barack obama calling for kathleen sebelius to resign. >> two weeks before this went live, why was the browsable website turned off? it's ready, paid for, good to go? >> we're going to find out who the person was, why and the impact on the inability to roll out this program if a way at least the administration promised many weeks ago. >> the house committee wanted sebelius to testify today. she decliend. aids say the administration refused to send anybody to answer question at the hearing. >> mike, thank you. members of the president's own party are now joining republicans and demanding a delay in the implementation of the health insurance mandate. meanwhile the president was changing the subject today.
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ed henry followed the action. >> playing defense as a fellow number of democrats demand heads should roll and changes should be made to his health care law, president barack obama tried counter programming talking immigration reform momenting after the session started. >> this is the moment we should be able to get the job done. >> republicans immediately tied the immigration push to health care giving that the house will not consider any massive obama care style legislation that no one understands. >> others used the hearing to rash up pressure on kathleen sebelius. >> the website wasn't ready, wasn't tested, couldn't handle volume. this administration which i think is in incompetent in doing this still decided to push the launch button. >> one of the contractors cheryl campbell of cgi pointed the finger at sebelius' department
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saying hhs was the quarterback. >> it was our client's responsibility for testing. >> carney said an unspecified number of people are being enrolled and there will be no monday morning quarterbacking at the white house. >> is the hhs responsible? is the president? >> the president spoke clearly from the rose garden about the fact he's wholly unsatisfied. >> but is he responsible? >> look. i have said this is on us. that goes from the president on down. >> sebelius says she will testify next week. today she travelled to phoenix to visit a health care call center. her office released video that showed phone banks without any sign of the secretary after she attended a mental health event last night in boston. >> what a great room to be in tonight for all kinds of reasons. i can tell you it's good for my mental health. >> not so funny for the
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administration. a surge of senate democrats suddenly demanding the enrollment date be extended beyond march leaving republican rubio to claim there could be by partisan support for the mandate in six months. the president has promised reasonable changes. >> i don't think they're filled with sincerity to improve the system. >> now a letter to the president said this. now your administration is suggesting that the only people who can propose changes are the ones that support it. unfair and irresponsible assertion. >> for now the white house decided to push back the deadline to enroll, pushing it back six weeks to march 31st, better aligning it to when fines kick in. that would be a bigger deal, can
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which means underlining the entire law. >> thank you. the fbi is investigating the kidnapping of two american citizens from a u.s. flagged oil supply vessel near the coast of nigeria. pirates are being blamed. authorities are expecting a ransom demand. pirate activity has jumped even as kbloglobal pirate rates have dropped. 35 world leaders after given phone numbers by a u.s. official in another department. the guardian newspaper sites nsa former worker snow den. allegations the u.s. has been listening in to phone calls involving its leader. >> at a european summit in brus
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sell, german chancellor, merkel rebuked the united states, the national security agency for monitoring her cell phone calls. she gave hint for how long and often she's been complaining about it to president barack obama . >> translator: spying among friends does not work at all. i said in berlin in july and also yesterday on the phone. we need trust among partners to be insured now. >> john emmerson is seen meeting with german officer in august. german officials couldn't recall a time the call was official for the united states. white house press secretary jay carney who previously affirmed the u.s. is not monitoring merkel now and wouldn't in the future, declined to answer whether the u.s. had in the past. >> revelations that appeared as
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of late obviously caused tensions with our relationships with some countries. we're working to discuss those with our counter parts as we conduct the review of our intelligence gathering activities. >> president barack obama had to call the president of france where revelation of widespread nsa activity have caused uproar. equally as damaging as the revelations is the growing concern that the united states buffetted by the disclosures of nsa leaker edward snow den and wikileaks before that may not only be leaking secrets but may not know how to keep the secrets. >> this is a challenge for the obama administration and also for future administrations and how you restore that sense of confidence and trust in hern
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le -- trust in american leadership. >> they weren't able to determine and the state department wouldn't address today either whether in eves dropping on merkel the nsa wound up eves dropping on president barack obama . >> thank you. up next, trying to figure out what spending to cut from the federal government. first, here's what fox affiliates are covering tonight. in tampa, they tell us congressional lawmakers use military aircraft to fly to a colleague's funeral. an exception was made honoring the late florida congressman. fox 31 in denver on the possibility oust air force academy may drop a reference to god from the honor both. this is a live look at boston. the big story there, game two of the world series at fenway park between the red sox and st.
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louis cardinals. you can see that on the fox broadcast net work starting at 7:30 p.m. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back. for over a decade
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we continue our look tonight at what should stay and what should go in the federal government. the latest fox news poll finds 86% of those questioned say officials have not done all they can to cut spending. almost three out of four are not satisfied with how things are going. this evening correspondent doug mcelway on the effort to put common ens into spending your and cents. >> republican senator jeff
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sessions wants answers from the national endowment for humanities. why did it a ward hundreds of thois in grants including $25,000 for the study of why are bad people bad? one of sessions colleagues is asking such questions often futile. >> i've actually spent the last nine years oversighting almost every segment of the federal government. none of us can be proud the way we spend the money. >> why does wasteful spending continue? consider parkson's law. the office got bigger has it has clonal got smaller. it helps to explain how a thousand page obama care bill can span 230,000 pages more. to his credit, even president barack obama undertook a plan to shrink government 12k3w4r6789 no business or non profit leader
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would allow this type of duplication or unnecessary complexity in their operations. you wouldn't do it when thinking about your businesses. why it okay for our government? >> americans balked fearing the graph. the government accountability office has undertaken three issue dissince 2010 th$2010 tha document billions of in waste. >> we try to shine a light on it to hopefully get the attention of the agency. >> congress's interest is tepid. >> congress has little incentive to make programs more efficient. each committee has jurisdiction over its own set of perhaps. >> as the white house undertakes a surge to sofl yet another bureaucratic, it might be wise to remember words of milton freeman that said "nothing is so
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permanent as a temporary government program." >> doug, thank you. stocks up today. dow gained 96, s&p 500 finished ahead 6. nasdaq 22. the white house regrets the misunderstanding durbin's claim that a house member told president barack obama he could not stand to look at him. it supposedly came over the negotiations of the government shutdown. yesterday jay carney denied it happened. durbin stuck to his guns. today the white house said there was a miscommunication but did not elaborate. join us tomorrow night for a special profile of our friend charles krauthammer. my colleague bret takes us behind the scenes. here's a preview. >> i was skeptical of tax cuts.
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by the end of the 80s, i began to change. as a doctor i was trained in impurl evidence. if treatment is killing patient, stop treatment. i looked at the view of the social democratic society like they had in europe was the right way. i moved gradually to the idea of a government. >> in 1985 his son daniel was born. two years later, he won the pull zer prize. >> a life that matters can be seen friday at 10:00 p.m. still ahead, the first of what will doubt be many hearing
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police near memphis say a national guard member is in custody after shooting his two commanding officers at an armory outside the navy base. the injuries are said not to be life threatening. the suspect reportedly a recruiter who had been relieved of duty. efforts continue to broker and end syria's civil war. government forces have seized a massive suburb as part of a push to sure up regime control around the capital. greg has an update on fighting
3:23 pm
and talking. >> reporter: flames in the damascus night, rebels at a power station knocked out power. power is just now being restored. a mid the fighting, efforts are well underway to deal with one aspect of danger. u.n. weapon inspectors are on track to rid syria of the chemical weapon stock piles. inspectors have visited 18 of 23 sites in the country and rendered inoperable many weapons. the deadline to get rid of all can be reached. >> we have one shared goal, elimination of the program. a benefit to all particularly syrian people. >> with the death toll reaching 115,000, islamist rebels gaining strength, secretary of state john kerry met again with other foreign ministers to try and
3:24 pm
build support for geneva 2 to meet next week. assad said this week he could see running for re-election this year. syrian people are still voting with their feet. u.n. says 4 and a quarter are inside and millions more have fled to neighboring countries. hundreds of refugees were rescued in the ship that sunk when they were trying to europe. >> it's difficult to do much about it. >> syrian president assad said he would be happy to welcome those refugees back to the country. most the locals are taking a bath. the obama administration is apparently not putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to the benghazi terror attacks
3:25 pm
that left four americans dead 13 months ago. katherine is here to tell us about the glaring omission in the program designed to catch suspects. >> thank you. the program calls rewards for justice offers up to $25 million to lead to the capture of alleged terrorists oversees. the department adds suspects after consulting with the fbi, justice department, cia and staff. the rewards are offered for the leader of pakistan, adam gadahn none of the benghazi suspects are listed. state department rank and file are angry and disillusioned because four of their own was injured and two others were murdered. >> i know the agents are very frustrated with the lack of reward being offered.
3:26 pm
i suspect there's a tremendous amount of politics behind the scenes surrounding this because in many ways, i think the white house and the state department just wants to move forward. >> the program has paid out $125 million to individuals since 1984. fox news and the associated press asked if the state department briefing why stop at benghazi? >> whether we pay a couple million isn't the point. the point is that we believe it's a priority. our intelligence community believes it's priority. people in this building believe. whether they're on a website or not doesn't change that. >> she said the deliberations are classified when asked if benghazi suspects are considered for the list. she told reporters she'd have to get back to us. >> katherine, thank you. vladimir putin may no longer
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be the toughest on the block. the wrestler and his brother holds four world boxing titles and have dominated the division for years. he says if he wins the presidency he will not resign from boxing. your tax meant to feed the poor are going to the highest bidder. the grapevine is next. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. turns out there's a black market for buying and selling food stamps on craigslist. fox news found a number of postings on sites offering deals like $500 in benefits for $350 cash. the coupons are not supposed to be transferred. craigslist bars the practice. unless someone flags the post, the site would probably not find out. the pentagon spent $300 million to supposedly hover over afghanistan three months at a time delivering intel. it fell eight months behind
3:32 pm
schedu schedule, $12,000 pounds overweight. it was scrapped. it was sold back to the $300,00 he is running for governor and gansler is shown at an underage party holding a cellphone. he tells he didn't see underage drinking and it's not his authority to intervene. gansler said he should have investigated and while he did not see kids drinking out of red cups, quote, there could have been cool aid in the cups. freedom of worship is one of the founding principles in this
3:33 pm
country. there are questions of principles on the part of the obama administration. >> this is a very powerful issue. the fact our government is not on top of it ought to be a source of deep concern to everybody in this country. >> new reports highlights threats to religious freedom are raising questions about how committed the obama administration is to combatting them. the liberty institute says instances of hostility in the u.s. doubled in one year citing efforts to tear down veteran memorials siting religious symbols. certain branches of military may take the words "so help me god" out of the citing. deadly places like pakistan, syria, egypt. the u.s. must send a strong
3:34 pm
message it will not. roughly 74% of the world's population, 5 billion people live in countries where there are significant restrictions on religious freedom. in many case threats to their lives if they pursue it. secretary kerry addressed the issue earlier this year. >> serious challenges remain, i could not be more optimistic about the prospects for freedom around the world. >> democracy alone free and fair locations will not give you religious freedom. the reverse is true. if you don't have religious freedom, democracy is not going to work. >> there's concern about the ambassador for religious freedom. last time the position was vacant, president barack obama took 15 months to name a nominee. chris. >> thank you. congress starts to dig into the
3:35 pm
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did you personally try to get onto the system. >> >> yes, i did. >> did it work? >> i logged onto create an account, was able to do so. i never received confirmation e-mail. >> so it didn't work? >> didn't work. >> federal contractors telling a house committee they had as much trouble on the health website as other americans. try to bring in our panel. columnist george well. moments ago, kathleen sebelius who said she had a scheduling conflict and could not appear at the hearing and went to phoenix to one of the hhs call centers
3:39 pm
had a brief availability question and answer session with reporters. here's one of her comments. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign are people i do not work for and do not want the program to work in the first place. i've had conversations with the president and committed to him my role is to get the program up and running. we'll do just that. >> what's your take away from the comments? >> she's right about those calling for her resignation. it's a matter of basic competence. she's failed and no question she should resign. republicans focussing on that, it's a distraction. it's not as important as the questions some republicans attempted to ask today. didn't get really many answer. one very interesting moment in the hearing came when cheryl campbell from the main contractor responsibility for
3:40 pm
the website, cgi was about asked the elusive enrollment numbers. she didn't say we don't have enrollment numbers. she said i didn't bring them here today. even if i had, i would have to get permission to share them with you. >> you don't think anybody doubts they have enrollment numbers. >> those are important numbers. it suggests they exist somewhere. so the administration continues not to release them and share that information with the public. it's inexcusable. >> there were a couple of other revelations, i don't know if that's the word. but interesting hearings that came out. no full test of the website start to finish until just a up couple of days before the october 1st roll out which is remarkable. secondly, the contractors said the obama administration decided
3:41 pm
in the final days to take the browsing function. the way it was originally set up, you browse what you want to look at, then decide to buy. they took the function and put it behind the enrollment that made it much harder to get on the website. >> right. they made a switch in the last two weeks. the contractors had to adjust to the switch or take the flag out or whatever the language of the contractors. that created some havoc for them. again, i don't understand why the contractors would have such difficulty meeting the needs of a client. it seems to me clients make demands all the time. i think it's incompetence on the part of the contractors. they say this created a problem. in fact what we saw from the lady, she shifted the blame to another contractor and said the other contractor should have done better.
3:42 pm
there's a lot of finger pointing and blame going on. it's been a real disaster. why would you seek to take credit. the good news i suspect is that sebelius said in her availability, 700,000 applications have been made. >> that's not enrollment. >> i think technological problems will boil away. there's a hunger and desire for people to look at this to see if it will meet their needs for health insurance in this country which is the real point here. >> george, is it just a contractor problem? >> no. it goes all the way to the top. it threatens the health care law itself. this has produced unintentional amusing moments. there was a headline in the new york times this morning that contained the word. it says republicans sensing weakness in health care roll out
3:43 pm
switch tactics. it's like saying the people of san francisco sensed there was an earthquake in '06. usually when we have a washington debacle we recycle the water gate question. what did the president know? this is why didn't they know it? the answer is almost everything. they were not prepared fair massive social experiment. they don't understand the complexity of what they're doing. the reason this poses a threat to the law itself is the problem of adverse selection. it's supposed too many signing up are sick. young people, and they're counting on 2.7 million healthy young people to sign up to have a good risk going. young people technological savvy are going to go to the site and say this is disgusting, turn away and get a latte. who's going to persist in this enterprise?
3:44 pm
sick people that need it. exactly right. this poses an absolute mortal threat of adverse selection. >> more and more democrats in congress are now calling for a delay in the deadline, the enforcement and implementation of individual mandate. since you were sitting here 24 hours ago without calling it a delay, late yesterday the white house announced it's extending the deadline six weeks to march 31st before people actually face a penalty. is this beginning to fall apart? is it just -- how serious is this situation? >> it's a bizarre political decision. it means there's another drama in six weeks. they should have kicked it down the road further than that. it's six weeks mid february to the end of march. >> six more weeks before the drama starts again. who believes this is going to be fine in the middle of march?
3:45 pm
>> steve, perhaps the most serious of element is nothing to do with the employer mandate or the individual mandate. i think a lot of the most serious problems has to do with coverage mandates. i want to put up statistics. this week, 300,000 people received notices from florida blue cancelling their existing policies because they don't meet obama care standards. 160,000 got notices from kaiser from california for the same reason. house speaker boehner said more people in the month of october may end up losing coverage than signing up and getting coverage. >> it's an extraordinary development. not one that wasn't predictable. it was and many predicted it. what makes that interest is the president's most often repeated promise to health care. if you like your insurance, you can keep it. it's not true. it's not the case any longer. people in the individual market are now not able to keep their
3:46 pm
plans. they're being cancelled immediately. the big question for me going forward is what will republicans do to make this argument? will they say or could they come up with legislation and in effect say we're going to pass a bill in the house of representatives saying people can keep insurance if they want to? this would put democrats on the defensive. >> you look your doctor, you can keep your doctor plan. next up, bugging the germans and driving the rest of the world crazy. the latest on the spying scandal. before you book it and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? i don't have a cat. save up to 50% during priceline's fall hotel sale. use promo code"fall5" for even more amazing sangs on any express deals hotel. like all good deals, this is one you'll want to pounce on. express deals.
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the spying among friends does not work at all. that is what i said in june when
3:50 pm
he was in berlin, in july and yesterday on the phone. this is is in the interest of the german citizens. this is not about me specifically but about all citizens. we need trust among partners. this needs to be restored now. >> german chancellor merkel tapd her cell phone. we are back now with the panel. the edward snowden leaks keep coming. earlier this week it was that the nsa may have collected, hoover dam up as many as 70 million french phone calls late last year. now that they may have intercepted angela merkel, the chancellor of germany, a supposed friend of ours, may have intercepted her cell phone calls. george, should would he be shocked by this or is this just what big countries do to both their enemies and friends. >> put me down as not shocked. office scation is off if offification -- interesting
3:51 pm
when when jay carney says the united states is not monitoring and will not monitor her phone calls which leaves open the past which might have well said we have done it so what? we have come a long way technologically and morally since secretary of state simpson famously said gentlemen, do not read each other's mail. well, they do and they listen to their phone calls and she knows, this probably. and she also knows that germany and france and all the rest are very dependent on american intelligence. so, this is a case of, i think, more she has to be one way in public and mortar tolerant in private. >> but, we have to say that the list is growing. and let's put up some of the names. brazil's president postponed a state visit to the u.s. after reports the nsa intercepted her messages. and then there are also reports that the u.s. gained access to communications of mexico's former president while he was in office. juan, it may be standard
3:52 pm
operating procedure, but when it becomes public, it becomes messy. >> correct. and that's why snowden's revelations are so damaging. they are hurting relationships, they are hurting networks. i mean, you think back. i think it's post world war ii they had the spy by agreement. the swats and four other countries including canada, new zealand and most notably the british agreed not to spy on each other in this way. but, the fact is spying is part and parcel of international relations. as george just said, we may be a little better at it because we are more technologically sophisticated but it's all understood that this is what takes place. so you have to be literally naive -- i mean you have to be the little girl with the curl to somehow think, you know, nobody else is looking. nobody else would dare do that rude. >> so you really aren't shocked at the idea that we might be intercepting angela merkel's cell phones. >> that was swept up it
3:53 pm
wasn't as if they targeted angela merkel and saying we want to know what she is saying to her husband and friends. this is a large sweep apparently and her cell phone was among them. the larger point here is that you have to understand the damage being done by snowden because it's not just these -- snowden's refusings and what he may have given the russians, he is still over there what he may have given the russians is damaging america's national security. >> as part of our tweet, the panel feature we got a tweet, which i'm going to ask to you answer, steve, it's from stephan hart. during his first campaign, president obama said he would change the negative way the world looked at us. has he succeeded and, steve, how would you answer that especially in terms of the revelations of nsa spying? >> no. he has not succeeded. and i would say that the nsa revelations have done some damage, but much more damage has been done by the policies that he has affirmatively coach and had little to do with the nsa scandal. i have to say, i'm not at
3:54 pm
all scanneddized by this particular aspect of this. i mean, of course, we were listening in. we would be negligent if we weren't listening in. and what troubles me most is jay carney says we won't be doing it in the future. that's what the nsa does. we know they are going to be listening in our enemies and gathering intelligence. we want them to listen in our spies. strategic advantage and allows us to exir what was being said in private. i think it's perfectly fine. i hope we won't make commitments that we won't be doing this in the future because we should be doing it. >> the foreign minister of germany called in the u.s. ambassador, this would usually be handled at a much lower level. they said this kind of thing is reserved for countries like syria and iran. the foreign minister called on the u.s. ambassador. all just for show? >> of course. because you have to deal with the domestic political fallout and the idea is that nobody should cow tail to the united states and nobody should say it's okay to spy on us. that what they should view themselves as piers to the
3:55 pm
united states. you said this was a very uncomfortable carpet i heard you say, chris. i was thinking maybe they were bare footed. >> all right. well, george, i say sometime here at the end because last night, with great confidence, you predicted that the st. louis cardinals were going to win game one of the world series and then go on to win the world series. well as a red sox fan i took offense, and just to set the record straight, we compiled some clips from last night's game. here they are. >> can they turn it? out at second, now they are going to stay out. let's watch. >> oh, no. not even close. >> jammed him. on the mound. adam wayne right says. gets under it will it carry? at the wall it's gone.
3:56 pm
7 to nothing, red sox lead in game one. >> welcome to fox news. given the fact that you pointed out that with with remarkable consistency the team that wins the first game wins -- you don't look amused wins the entire series. would you like to reply to your prediction? >> no. i will not my prediction. i will go down fighting midwest virtual will prevail when the cardinals learn how to field a pop-up between the pitcher's mound and home plate. >> putting leather on the ball would help. >> demand of george's stature is not used to be secured by you, chris. skewered by you. >> what's going on with obama care. well, did you know the ancient pyramids
3:57 pm
were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> well, we had two to amuch fun with george will and the st. louis cardinals. we don't have time for the kicker tonight. we do want to show you you
4:00 pm
an unusual picture. the white house lit up in pink, lit up for breast cancer awareness month. and that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. "on the record" with greta van susteren is up right now. this is a fox news alert and moments ago cath lean sebelius responding to calls for her resignation. her answer may want her to have a do-over. she says she doesn't work for you. no one has been fired. my goal is to get the web site up and running. >> you have offered your resignation, ma'am. >> people calling for you to resign. >> well, the majority of people calling for me to resign i would say are people who i don't work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place.