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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 26, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i'm eric bolling. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. it's "the five". >> kick back, put your feet up and get ready to be informed because we have a jam packede re hour of power, full debate. mother of all web failures -- did you like that? that hour of power? >> yeah. >> kathleen sebelius -- i don't work for you. russell brand showing off his commie chops gutfeld takes an ax to all academia as the liberal colleges advise to not wear -- not to
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wear offensive halloween costumes, like cowboys, indians or white trash.umes first, here is thatout rageiousa sound bite from kathleen sebelius. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign, i would say are people who i don'y work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place. >> your best and most awesomeork comments on that? >> i think she should go into hiding or witness protection program or something because she's become a national embarrassment. when i see her, i just like chagrin because it's awful. she should say, i'm sorry to thi american people. i'm sorry, mr. president. banish me to someplace where, i'll never be seen for the next five years because this couldn't have gone worse and there reallc is no excuse for g she actually doesn't seem to care. >> doesn't seem to wear.or i juan, do all democrats not realize they work for the american taxpayer? >> that's not what the lady said. >> what did she say? >> i believe she said the peoplc
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that want to fire her -- she's talking about a lot of the insincere concern coming from the right wing, to all of ag ab sudden for obamacare. but suddenly they're sosudd concerned that it work properly. gee, coming from. i wonder. >> we pay her. >> you know me, i'm a cynic. >> so that being said, who was she referring to, i don't work for them, i therefore, work for whom? >> i get the man who putnd her n that job, appointed her as cabinet secretary. >> who pays her? >> let me just say, she works at the pleasure of the president of the united states. >> at th. e pleasure.e >> the pleasure has left the room. >> on a scale of one to ten, how outraged are you at her? >> 11. that's because we heard foriu months about how great this was going to be, how proficient and efficient they were. they put out a web site that's a disaster. forget about the rising costs and rising premiums andebsi decreasing quality of care and all of those things. they put out a web site thatmium doesn't even work.
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where people now can't even gett on there and figure out options. people ares losing their insurance by the day. she should absolutely, 100% be fired immediately. somebody has to take accountability here.e if she won't, if barak obama is not going to take accountability, who can we poins to? ta who are we supposed to say it's your problem, you fix this? >> anywhere else in the privateh sector, she would have been fired -- we're almost four weeko into this and they still can't get this straight. she'd have been fired right away. >> she could not run a lemonade stand. god know what is she'd useno instead of lemonade. the creepy thing about sebelius is the unquestioning glassy eyed faith in government she possesses. when you think about it, it's the same kind of glassy eyed look you see valerie jarrett, pelosi, have these 1,000-yard stares that happen when they talk about government. they're obama stepford wives. they believe in the greatervern good, even if the greater good
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rolls over everybody on its way to this utopian dream that never happens. >> juan, i want to stay on this because she -- they blew the rollout. they absolutely bungled it.they >> no question. >> they should have tested it.dt they said they didn't have time to test it. but this is important. this is an important functionhae and it's important for us to point out that they can't handle this, $3 trillion piece of the economy and it's failing. >> look, first of all, you're right. in terms of symbolism, it is a killer. it's just bad news and remember, they got to get people enrolled and what does this do symbolically? it plays to yourm, these guys can't handle it. do government can't do anything. oh, how are they going to handle my information if i give it to them? you know, woe is me and a lot of people are going to maybe give e up. if that's the case, itm coulde have a terrible impact. let me just finish this -- te >> juan, this is the reality. nobody is playing anything. these are the facts. it's a failure across the board. >> it's not a failure across the
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board. >> we can't pay for it. there is not ones good thing about it. that's the >> kimberly guilfoyle is chicken little, the sky is falling. >> thanks to sebelius. >> i'm just saying. for what? a technological failure for a moment? >> it's not a moment!six- >> we don't know how much more -- >> okay. >> they can't sign up. we don't know how many people hw are going to walk away or opt t for the fine. >> plus the increase in premiums. >> juan was talking about- symbolism. what about foreshadowing? a i love that word. oba >> obamacare, i think juan, you're going to have to agree with me on this. it's not really about the site. in the long run, it'st about te law and the foreshadowing ise about what's going to happen.g f obamacare offers from being reverse robinhood in the sense that it's groping at all of us, but taking from the poor, young student who makes less money and giving if to theom wealthier olr
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person who has more health ailments. it's taking from the pooinr and giving to the rich. it's financial model that actually punishes people who voted for obama in droves, which i find hilarious! >> have they figured it out yet? >> you're enjoying >> the web site is a catastrophe. but this economic model is apocalyptic because it can'tel happen. >> first of all, dr. gutfeld, is it the case that normally you would be mocking the word foreshadowing? >> yes, i would. >> okay, okay. >> can i tell you something? this is for real. this is how sad this is. the domino's web site order ago pizza on-line is far superior. you can track your pizza. you can, order two medium sized pizzas. for 20 bucks, the tracking of your pizza to your door.
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>> the other day on his radio show, sean hannity, at the recommendation of our president, called the obamacare hot line, the operator he talked to was oa honest and transparent. that honesty and transparency cost earline davis her job. the obama administration fired her the next day. she appeared on hannity last night and explained. takehe a listen. >> i got escorted to hr, which is human resources and it was four of us, including myself in, the office. and they locked both the doors and they waited until they had me on speaker phone with one of the head ladies and then they got in contact with her and i couldn't barely understand what she was saying. but she said, we can't have thah type of stuff at the job and that we have to release you and that's when i put my badge down on the desk. >> so she's fired by kathleen -- but kathleen is hired. is it backwards? oba >> absolutely. if you listen to that, she said and did nothing wrong.
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she was just giving an honest assessment of a web site that's completely broken and an honest assessment that people calling in were frustrated. what exactly did she do wrong? >> can i answer your question?bs >> the message is, if youit disagree with the obama administration, you may losehe your job. but if you fight to uphold what the obama administration wants, even if you're wrong, it's a keeper. >> can i just answer youru wi question quickly? e >> yes. >> which is tove say no company, including the federal government, says that you aretht authorized to start talking tott the media without authorization. >> i don't think she knew.>> i >> when you lie and cover up the administration's failures, thens you get a promotion. this poor hard work woman told the truth, was punished, and fired. >> a really positive thing here, now that she's fired, she's eligible for unemployment and food stamps, otherwise known as an obama spa package. >> especially for those college students. >> yes. >> by the way, you know those college students oftentimes didn't have insurance? >> yes. but you know what?
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what happens to a college student? generally they're really healthy or have some catastrophic accident, snowboarding or hitting their head. obamacare has nothing to do witt catastrophic health care.h they pay for something essentially they don't need. obamacare is the thomas edison of socialism. he keeps inventing new ways to transfer health. in this way it's health redistribution. it was moving health originally by people like me to peopledon' who don't need it. >> can we point out sean hannity has off the record to help earline and also set up sop sort of -- some sort of web site that people can. >> people called in to his radil show. there has been a lot ofed offers for jobs for her, for financiale compensation because she lost her job and making -- >> he also bought me a panda. >> wait, wait. >> he bought you a panda? >> something you mentioned yesterday was important. you said a lot of theht enrolles in the obamacare web site aren't actually enrolling forth
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obamacare. they're look for medicare and medicaid. >> exactly. medicine indicate is extremely expensive. 400 billion and it will be like 7 or 800 billion and states and federals paying for it. but at least it helps the poorog and it doesn't force people to get into it. medicaid, maybe the benefits of obamacare, the disaster of obamacare is turning medicaidid into a bizarre, overpriced expensive savior. e studies on medicaid shows it doesn't help. they compareds it to control groups. they don't see any benefits in health. >> you went a step too far. i should not have health care, you don't want health care. >> it's a bizarre, fact, but there is no evidence to show that medicaid actually improvesa longevity. >> human beings benefit from health care. b >> yeah, but let's have goodt
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health care. let's have competition across state let's have premiums that make sense, that aren't punitive. and then a when you can't get on the web site, let's not penalize people and tax them and fine them. that sounds like and sicker country. not a better off one. >> the truth is, without young i healthy people, this whole thinn collapses. if they don't have young healthy people, obamacare collapses. >> just imagine this, so gutfeld gets off the show, he goes outside. he opens the trunk and in it is a panda left by sean hannity an thehe panda attacks greg. where does greg go for help? he goes to the hospital. greg doesn't have insurance. juan gets the bill! juan doesn't want to pay for greg. >> instead, i'm 49. there is a 29-year-old who is going to end up paying for that panda accident. >> or the 49-year-old will say, i'm not gog pay. i'm going to take the fine andgn the whole system starts to collapse.apse
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>> wishful, wishful. >> i'm not wishful. >> it's just the numbers. >> we've been talking about this for the better part of three years that this was going to happen of the no one saw that the first step was goes to be ad the web site failure. we still have shoes to drop on economics. >> they pushed it through for partisan reasons before it wasuh ready to go. >> let me ask all of you -- >> you guys really want it to work? >> it cannot work. >> it's bad policy. >> impossible and not feasible to work. >> kimberly, the bigger issue, which is that -- people knew this was a problem and put it off like the benghazi stuff and the irs stuff to win an election.was that's the real scandal here. and also what about the panda? who is taking care of the panda? >> where did sean get that panda? there is a scandal. note, next, ex boy, toy commie wants to start a redistribution revolution. you'll hear his rant
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♪ all right. russell brand unhinged. in an interview with britain'sd news night. the 38-year-old actor and comedian called for a socialistn revolution and massivet" redistribution of wealth. here is the $15 million funnyr/o man in his own words. >> i think socialistic system based on the massive redistribution of wealth, heavya taxation of corporations andibut massive responsibility for energy companies and any companies exploiting the environment, i think the concept of profit should be hugely reduced. david cameron says profit -- i say profit is a filthy word because where there is profit there is deficit. ca why would anyone vote for it? why would anyone be interested in it? >> then give us yo money.
2:18 pm
if he's so against profit -- i get it. he's an intellectual, or prides himself on greg, you have a bizarre man crush on him.have >> i lived in london. found him highly entertaining,a but he's afflicted by studentitis. the intellectual capacity of a n student, not in a good way. no he's not capable of learning, but he's capable of sitting in a coffee shop and pontificating sh about issues that destroyed hundreds and millions of lives without thinking about it because to him, it's only wordsn he's a 17-year-old who comes home from college for christmas and thinks he's smarter than his dad. but he is advocating a totalitarian system that has killed hundreds of millions of people. i want to point out, after 9-11, the halloween after 9-11, hepeop came dressed at an mtv party as bin laden. this guy who is a pacificist, he's a hypocrite and used to be so funny. now he's just an ass. >> now he doesn't have katy
2:19 pm
perry, so he's like a nobody. >> russell brand begging for ann socialistic egalitarian system, where there is massive redistribution of wealth. look no further. you found it, president obama and the wizard behind the curtain, valerie irritate -- jarrett are doing it. >> are you y joking? >> massive redistribution of wealth, check. taxing corporations massively, check. profit is a filthy word, check. >> how seriously can you take>> this guy, though? thi he's a comedian. >> i take greg seriously. i thought that what greg said, this guy is a juvenile. that he's just going off. he's not a great thinker. built say this for him, how can you call america a socialist state? >> i'm saying we're headed in
2:20 pm
that direction. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. it's the word of the day.the foreshadowing. >> i'm having fun with it. a lot of women find himcaus attractive. we were talking about it. >> he hasn't bathed in tening years, kimberly. >> i know. >> let's go to this, we talked about this as well, which is owl wall street. his thoughts. >> you don't believe inha democracy. you want a revolution? >> the planet is being destroyed. we are creating an underclass. we are exploiting poor people all over the world and there are real problems with the people not being addressed by our political order.t the occupy movement made a difference even if only in that introduced to the popular public, the idea of the 1% versus the 99%.iffe people for the first time in a generation are aware of massivet corporate and economicnera exploitation. these things are not nonsense and these are subjects are not being addressed. >> class. >> you wereno talking.
2:21 pm
>> he's a student who took hisa first class. on ae more point 'cause i'm babbling. he was at thep gq man of the yer awards. >> do you stalk him?.q 'cause you seem to know what he's wearing -- >> at this this story lastu night. he linked hugo boss to nazi ties as a we to get the press' attention. but he doesn't care about the h consequence of putting your thumb down on the man. heum believes in enforcing socialism from above. >> but he doesn't put his thumb down in the voting booth because russell doesn't vote. >> he doesn't sound like a student to me. he sounds like a teacher academic. they're removed fromt, reality. what's interesting also is he's talking to young that's his audience. young people want to grow up and keep some of their hard earned cash. they don't want to w go to graduate school, go to college,c pursue a job and then hand all of their money over to someone else. so i think a lot of young people are going to look at this and say, what are you talking about? this makes no sense.
2:22 pm
>> wait a minute. >> i want to nice i want a car. n >> young people want upward possibility. they want the opportunity toan succeed. when you have an increasingo class divide in society and we w know it here in america, you have to start asking, well, russell is kind of daft, but it's not that he's out of touche with reality. >> how do you move up the incomi ladder, as you so speak, russell brand suggests it's government. >> no, no. i don't think i heard that. >> sure, he did. >> redistribution of wealth. >> excess. when you get into greed, that's a problem. >> he said profit. >> no, he was talking about the energy, the oil companies that make trillions and pay no taxesl >> and employ people. those oil companies employ an people. ioi hate this vilification of bg companies. people work for those companiesl it's likeif vilifying the wealt. >> no, i like corporations. >> we're talking about greed. greed.
2:23 pm
>> okay. but you can't -- >> that's you talking. that's notof what he said. >> he's talking about profit inm general. >> he said profit, period, is a filthy word. >> that's hypocrisy because thas guy is rich. >> exactly. >> where there is profit, there is deficit. so he's misguided in the beliefe that the pie, the financial pie is finite. so if you make $100, i will lose $100. he has no idea that the whole point behind capitalism is you build wealth so i can make 100 t and you can make 100. but he's a socialist. for them, the pie is finite. >> a little bit more of russell on voting, doesn't he?>> i >> it's not that i'm not voting out ofin apathy. i'm not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies and deceit of the political class that has been going on for generations. >> he's exhausted. i'mof so exhausted and frustrat,
2:24 pm
i can't vote. what is wrong with this guy? i can't take >> he's a little bit off, wouldn't you say? >> completely. he's influencing young people, but he doesn't even want to get up in the morning to go vote.d e >> when he's talked about exploiting people, don't you think he has something -- there is something there?th >> so vote! >> back it up. >> that's asinine. that's pure stupidity. g >> i think he should give all his money away. if he feels that strongly, give it all to charity. make it -- come to the u.s. and pay taxes.prac we'll take his money, right, greg? >> you know what? like i said, i find him>> entertaining. you always have tod look at the hypocrisy of the peacefulcris progressive, pacificist because at the end of their belief it's always force because you neverea realize this utopian world, so you have to force people into it. so what he's advocating is the same thing that all academics in
2:25 pm
mao's regime or stalin's regimea that caused theo' deaths of hundreds of millions of people, he's advocating that.eds >> because he only went to the first day of class. >> he just bought -- >> the widest margin between the upper class and lower class, socialist governments. >> you don't think we can rein in -- >> income inequality is at its widest point in communism. >> i don't want us to go there and i think we can rein in some of the excesses. however nutty he is --ow >> who defines excess?to the government? >> i don't want people who arese super rich living on top of the mountain while people are downa below in america -- >> then let's create opportunity for everyone. we're taking from one and giving to another. >> let's go for opportunity. an >> i think communities might be getting paid too much. coming up, halloween costumes are supposed to be frightening. but according to the pc police at the university of colorado, they shouldn't be hurtful.
2:26 pm
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ in another attack on our precious costume industry, the university of colorado, boulder, has asked students not to dress up in potentially offensive getup, including stuff linked to sex work. this is academic wimp speak for please don't dress like a sexy hooker and anger a lonely feminist. they said no to cowboy costumes.
2:31 pm
i spent four weeks crocheting sexy eskimo hot pants. i guess it's back to being a goblin. although i imagine that's offensive to the decease. the msnbc line - up.ut this is all part of what i calli cower power. schools pretend to carry about the sensitivities of certain groups when they're really terrified of victimhood.ied victimhoods are thuggish cryho babies who sit and wait for something it perceives as hurtful, even when it's dumb fun like dressing up. this is the politically correct recognized as a bullying mob. they aren't really offended byee costumes, it just feels good to have an impact, especially whenl you're a zero. they're intolerant. what am i going to be this halloween? i'm going to go as chris matthews. i'm not going to go to the bathroom for six days so by halloween i'll be full of crap. >> oh, my gosh. >> he started another fight.
2:32 pm
>> kimberly, aren't these people covering their tracks by saying like, you can't be a cowboy because they don't want you to be an indian or a geisha, but wr don't want you to be a criminal or cowboy because they want to be seen a as like equalthey opportunity controller. >> they're the killers of fun. this is just bad. look -- we were having a halloween festival at my little boy's school and in all caps it said absolutely no costumesow allowed. now the whole idea is we're supposed to have a little festival or halloween, but there is no halloween in it. i guess you just bring some treats and just talk about the good old days. but when you're five or six or seven and never been able to do that at school, it's little and disturbing. >> you should have your son dress up as me. we'reneho b about the same heig. >> actually he's a little talle than you when i comb his hair a certain way. >> thank you for that. juan, is
2:33 pm
this activism than offense? >> active. >> activists coming and yelling and picketing? >> to me, they got to have something to be angry about. this is foreshadowing because sm they don't have an actual offense. but i will say the only time i've heard about this before is there was some frat boys dressing up as pimps and hookers and people thought it went a little over the line with the black stuff. >> right. >> and it was caricaturing black people. i thought, well, it's a little insensitive. but i don't think it's anything to put a warning out about. i don't know. that's the way i feel. but maybe --t an >> students can be idiots. that's why you're in college, tn be an idiot. i was an idiot for almost tower years. no memory of it, eric. at all. >> this segment is over. >> isn't halloween now an excuse
2:34 pm
for men to get women in sexy costumes? that's what it's about. >> here is the thing, i love halloween. everyone is like, you're aowee christian, it's a pagan holiday. i have ada question, though. how cangn you dress up as white trash? what do they mean? >> i think what they're talking about, didn't we do a story of people dynasty and somebody got in trouble for that? dressing as when bob would say as a red neck. >> yesterday, what's your thought on this? >> i taught for years and theec. list would get every yearlongert longer of what kids couldn't dog you couldn't have face point. you couldn't wear anything religious. you couldn't dress up as a nun or priest. it got to where you have parentp saying this is halloween, give my kids a break. i think the pc world is starting to get a little out of control on all levels. >> i dress up as a priest, but not on halloween.
2:35 pm
>> i'm going as you. i'll. i'm offending everyone.ut >> fantastic. your knees will hurt because you'll have to get down on them. all right! someone stole kimberly's outfit for tonight and she wants it back.she the bride of sponge bob. the answer is coming up. >> how attractive [ sneezes, coughs ]
2:36 pm
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♪ before caylee anthony, there was jon benet ramsey. she was found murdered in the basement of her family's colorado home the day after christmas in 1996.irl her parents, john and patsy, fell into great suspicion, but always denied they killed theire daughter. >> i did not kill my daughter, jon benet. >> let me assure you that i did
2:40 pm
not kill jon benet. >> we together are not going to rest until we find out either if this person is still living, we're going to find him. or if this person is deceased, n we're going to know that.his 'cause i'm not going to rest until that happens. nor is he.and >> 17 years later, the case remains unsolved. but a previously sealeds indictment of her parents has just been released. kimberly, what can you tell us about the indictment? >> this is really interesting because grandnb jury, based upon secrecy that it's supposed to remain sealed, but now we're having that an indictment was reached, true bill to indict tht parents for child abuse resulting in death and accessories to the crime, which is pretty powerful charges. but more interesting, is the fact that the district attorney at the time elected to not proceed with charges against the parents and it seems because they felt they couldn't win the case. sofe all of the evidence and information and there was 30,000 pieces of evidence that the
2:41 pm
grand jury had a presented in front of them to consider atnd j arriving at their decision isidr going to remain sealed. so we still are left with a lot more questions than we are answers at this point. >> she would have been 23 years old today. >> thank you for the update. ha now on to another story making headlines today, the attorney general of maryland has a lot oi explaining to do after a photo surfaced on the internet of him surrounded by a slew of teenagee drinkers of it was taken at a party over the summer. >> i could have investigated whether there was drinking goini on and then taken action on that and for that, i probably should have done that. hindsight, certainly. >> democrat admits he made ain mistake by not investigating whether the partiers were underage. >> okay. that wasn't your fault. i was waiting.
2:42 pm
i'm sorry.>> eric, i have to ask you, you are a father. if you had walked into the beach house and you had seen the drinking going on, obviously kids were on top of tables,and there were plat tick cups out. how would you have handled this? >> here is the difference andha i'll be honest with you, they're college age kids and allegedly beer is in cups. i definitely wouldn't havelege called the cops. i wouldn't have done it. but i'm not maryland attorney general top cop and running for governor. those are th ae reasons why you make a different decision, not as a father, as a guy who wants to be governor of the state. this guy has proven himself,wh he's incapable ofo that job. >> juan, he has come out and said this was a mistake. i shouldn't have done that. do you think this is somethings voters should look at and say s this is water under the bridge,t and not hold him responsible or a bad judgment call? >> bad judgment. i'm admiring eric 'cause i thought eric told you the truthe
2:43 pm
which is most adults, they walk into that situation, bunch of college kids are out of control, people aren't going to call the cops. i don't o think, technically, yeah. it's under age drinking, something is wrong here. and the idea that he's in thehe picture in the midst of thist he chaos, which looks like an out e of control party, and he's not -- he's just like lookingnd around, the problem is it adds the image of he wants to be governor of the state of maryland. he said the party took place in delaware, so technically he didn't have any legal responsibility. >> what about as a responsible adult? i'm sorry, when you cross state lines, you go, forgot mylity responsible adult card at home. plus he said i wasn't really whe sure there was any drinking going on of the when you have like the little red plastic cups, that's flag. that's a flag. >> and they're shirtless. feeling themselves. like come on. >> there is a picture of him taking video or pictures.msel >> yet the other thing -- what makes it kind of a problem here
2:44 pm
is that his son was there and he claims his son wasn't drinking,n which is hilarious. he was having ovaltine. he has done psa's againstri underage drinking. it highlights the thinking there are different rules for different people. it raises another question, is there such thing as being off-duty? when i'm at a party, i don't go sit down at a table and demand that everybody talk politics, you know. >> no. i think cops are on duty even if they're off duty. he's the top cop in the >> yeah, that's true. all right. have you ever called out sick from work without really being ill? maybe with a hangover? coming up, we'll read some ofrha the most outrageous, over the top sick day excuses that folks are i have go -- giving their bosses nationwide. stay with us.
2:45 pm
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♪ hey. it's friday. you ever feel like playing
2:49 pm
hooky, not going to work? just about everybody thought, aboutit that. according to af new survey, nearly a third have done it. career builders just compiled a list of some of the mostled ridiculous, bogus, sick day and excuses. so here are a few. my false teeth flew out the window while driving. how about this? my favorite football team lost on sunday, so i needed monday to recover. i bit my tongue and i just couldn't talk. and, i couldn't decide what to wear. >> that's for real. >> that's for d real? >> that's for real. if you can't decide what to wear, that's a problem. >> wait a minute, put somethingn on and go to work.. >> you could do that, but ifl, y you're trying to pick out an awesome outfit, then you call wardrobe. i never personally used it. >> i must say, have you ever called in sick when it was
2:50 pm
bogus? >> no, i don't call in sick ever. >> ever? >> ever. >> that's actually an interesting point. a lot of people call in sickg that shouldn't, but there are a lot of people who don't call in sick that should, that come indh and infect everybody. all of a sudden the entire flor has some strange virus. >> that's bob!r ha >> yeah. >> but you have explosive things flying out of every orifice. by the way, the best way to call in sick is use the camera phone. what you do is always have ath stock of dents in cars or broken windows and you send a broken window, apartment got broken window, waiting for the locksmith. you always have that picture or a minor fender bender, and you're waiting for the tow truck. so you always have these tow trucks on your phone.ow >> jedidiah, you're always aones straight person. but i think maybe you woke up one day and thought, you know, i really don't file like dealing with those schools today.
2:51 pm
what do you do? >> if i'm actually sick, i call out sick. if i'm not, i go to work.r. i hustle like everybody else. >> but eric, what about a menta health day? >> you're talking to the wrong guy. like kimberly -- >> he's mentally ill and very unhealthy? if he's not on four shows a day, he starts getting the shakes. >> couple quick thoughts, dana and bob -- did anyone check their excuse? >> i don't know.t >> vacation. they're not sick. >> bob's daughter has a soccero, game. ha not bob. >> dana took jasper somewhere. >> i get nervous about missing -- truehe story, i have perfect attendance in law school. i got a standing ovation from the class. i never want to miss. i don't want to a miss school, nothing. i would cry. >> what about those hospital residence who they make workhe
2:52 pm
like 72 straight hours when they fall down dead? they should call in sick. >> the mentality of if i don'tfl show up, i'm going to lose my job, everyone who tries really hard has that voice in their head that, like, if i just stay home, i'm going to be replaced.t employers love that attitude ane they feed that attitude into you. i got sick, i had to be -- when i had my apen sites, that was the only time. i was on drugs for a week. >> there was a guy at the>> the baseball game, he didn't call im sick in advance. he decided to go to the basebala gamenc anyway. he got fired. he held up a sign said, i quit my job or i got fired to come to this baseball game. swear to god. in high school, i took thego opening day, the cubs were opening day. i went right to the ball game.dy foul ball, someone snaps a and picture, i'm caught dead in the middle of the picture. and of course, i get in trouble at school.
2:53 pm
>> you know what the problem was -- >> that sounds like a bob thing. >> it was the girl you were with that your wife objected to.l, i >> oh! >> trouble maker! >> i had the moment. you've all been waiting for, thn big reveal. who is the celebrity behind the fuzzy mask of mystery? find out, one more thing, upis next the celebrity behind the fuzzy mask of mystery? find out next. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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time for one more thing.>> you're first. >> so this is a little bit of sad news here 'cause they have a child. orlando bloom and model and actress miranda kerr have separated. they have a little boy named flinn. they were married in july 2010. their baby boy was born a year later. they're going to try and do the best they can to co-parent. i wish them all the best. that's important to do when you split. >> how is america going to handle this news? th >> maybe she'll come back on your show.ent >> gosh, i hope so. you're up? >> yes. virginia woman, ashley owens, rode her horse, which is named sassy, to the department of motor vehicles to get her license reinstated after a paperwork mix-up. she got on her horse. how else is she going to get mo
2:58 pm
there? she couldn't drive because her license needed to be reinstatuted. so she thought, let me get on my horse. the thing this story how it has impacted me, now i want to pony. i think you, greg, should buy me one. >> you know what she said to the dmv employee? >> what? >> hey! >> all right. tomorrow "cashin' in" at 11:30 in the morning. last week we told you we found o that privacy issue in obamacaret this week we unearth another one, very important thing you> gotto to stick around tomorrow morning. put it on 11:30. pr juan will be on.thin we're conservative, kind ofck libertarian and wall to wall capitalist. greg? >> tonight's you can catch me on o'reilley. tomorrow you got "red eye" at 11 p.m that's me on the right. we'll have guest lou dobbs. you might know lou. sweet guy. and jedidiah.
2:59 pm
i have runoff steam. >> she is giving you her friday night. >> one is really hot and the other one is jedi ddiah. >> got to love him. >> i want you to look at this picture. i want to you help -- who is>> this? >> i think i can answer it for everybody. >> what is that on her head? >> that's called a bad hair day. >> no, no. what is it? it looks like a trikcuit? >> it looks like a mcnugget. >> is she relevant? >> she is actually. >> she had a tattoo of a panda on her leg and she had her pants up to -- >> a panda?too again! >> a unicorn.
3:00 pm
>> again! >> that's it for "the five." have a great weekend. "special report" up next. hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. well tom a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. protesters gathering at our nation's capitol over concerns with your privacy and now the world leaders are planning a trip to washington as well because they have those same worries. and the white house is saying today those obamacare glitches, well, they're just about to be fixed. but lawmakers are starting to take matters into their own hands. >> incredible cell phone video shows a tour bus after it burst into flames on a suburban highway. it's all ahead on


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