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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 26, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> again! >> that's it for "the five." have a great weekend. "special report" up next. hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. well tom a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. protesters gathering at our nation's capitol over concerns with your privacy and now the world leaders are planning a trip to washington as well because they have those same worries. and the white house is saying today those obamacare glitches, well, they're just about to be fixed. but lawmakers are starting to take matters into their own hands. >> incredible cell phone video shows a tour bus after it burst into flames on a suburban highway. it's all ahead on "america's
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news hq." >> first, we begin with a new effort to free the pakinstani doctor who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden. according to new information obtained exclusively by fox news, pakistan's prime minister is vowing to review the case of dr. shaquille afridi after meeting private will he with lawmakers in washington this week. dominic denatale broke the story and he's live with all the details. dominic? >> hey there. the big question here is just how far reaching will the review by the pakinstani prime minister actual will he be and what can he really do in pakistan to actually free afridi? pakistan has been under pressure from the united states authorities. here is what happened in washington on tuesday of this week. there was a meeting that wasn't announced to the pakinstani authorities to which the delegation was bungled effectively and they were
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confronted by two people. one was the head of the house committee on foreign affairs and the other was bob losh, the founder of the free afreed yea campaign, based here in california. they cornered the prime minister and said what are you going to do about releasing him? he was very much caught on the hop. sew agreed he would review the judicial process that he's going through ask see what he could do to accelerate it. that is by far the most progress we've seen since he was apprehended by pakistan's spy authorities back in 2011. bob lawyer speaking to fox news earlier today, said this was a commitment he saw as sincere coming from the pakinstanis, but ultimately they had to live up to it. take a listen. >> i think the prime minister is in a situation where in our meeting and in front of the chairman of the foreign relations committee, he made the commitment to do it and then from what i understand, there was a full committee hearing where he repledged that commitment at least two or three
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times. >> now there is a wide ranging level of distrust between pakistan and the united states as they get complications in their relationships. so the chairman of the house committee on foreign affairs, ed royse, talked to fox news and told us that this should be taken with a degree of concern about how sincere the pakinstanis really are going to be. this is what he said to me on the phone just yesterday. he said, i'm hopeful that our strong message spurs action on this case, but there was nothing definitive from the meeting that justice is going to be done. we'll see whether the pakinstanis come up with the goods. it will be difficult because some of the challenges on the ground there. afridi is seen as an enemy. you can read more about that in the story we published on-line today. really the objective really is in the pakinstani hands of moving forward with this. the white house and state department i'm going told are getting on board with this.
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their efforts really have been fruitless in freeing him. back to you n dominic, thank you for that report. i know you'll stay on top of it. washington house and world leaders demanding answers from the white house over the spying scandal. angela merkel, among dozens of world leaders that say their phones were tapped and now brazil is joining germany to propose an anti-spying resolution at the united nations. all of this coming as american groups hold protests in washington today over our nation's privacy concerns. peter doocy is live in washington with more. peter? >> reporter: here in washington, several hundred protesters made the march from union station to the u.s. capitol and their message was simple: stop spying on us. check out some video i shot on my iphone as they were moving past the labor department. you see large crowds, long banners and a lot of posters with nsa leaker edward snowden's
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face on them. snowden himself submitted a written statement to one of today's speakers. here is part of what he sent in. >> we've also learned this isn't about red or blue or party lines and it is definitely not about terrorism. it's about power, control, and trust in government. >> reporter: something unique about today's rally, it was attended by protesters of all political persuasions. one organizer announced their event wasn't about right or left, but rather right or wrong. >> we know the monstrous national security state is a product not of a single party, but of a system of government which today bears no resemblance to the lofty goals of america's founders. >> the nsa has made a mockery of our privacy values. there is a record of every cell
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phone call and every internet transaction made in the u.s. today! this is just an absolute slap in the face to every serviceman and every service woman who has fought for this country. >> reporter: some thinks his leaks are being blown out of proportion. former secretary of state hillary clinton made that case this weekend. >> i think part of the problem has been arisen because the stuff ha has been leaked is bits and piece. it's not in context and it's not clearly explainable or understood. so we don't want to cause difficulties for our friends and angela merkel is a great friend, as is president oland and others in europe. >> privacy advocates take today for their march on washington because today is the patriot act's 12th birthday. gregg? >> peter doocy, thanks.
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our spy agency is facing even more problems. this time on its web site. was inaccessible for several hours yesterday. it claims the site was down for a scheduled update following an internal error in the system, but speculation is growing over whether hackers hit it with a denial of service access, keeping anyone with access out. republican senator ron johnson is trying to ease some of the pain of the health carrollout. he is now introducing a new bill that would allow americans to do what the president had promised all along. if you're happy with your existing plan, you get to keep it as is. well, this comes as president obama promises the cure for the crippled health care web site is only weeks away. molly henneberg has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama says okay. the obamacare web site isn't perfect. but it's getting fixed. and in the meantime, he says he'll continue to, quote,
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champion the obamacare law. but in his weekly radio address, the president did not repeat one of his most famous statements about obamacare, that if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. here is what he said today. >> everyone who already has health insurance, whether through your employer, medicare or medicaid, will keep the benefits and protections this law already has put into place. >> reporter: republican congressman says, quote, millions of americans are getting notices that, in fact, they're about to lose their health insurance because of obamacare. and he says something needs to be done about that. >> we should look for bipartisan solutions to allow americans to keep their current insurance. after all, that was president obama's solemn promise during the health care debate. >> reporter: meanwhile, the management expert brought in by the white house to fix the oakey's pet funeral home & crematory web site said yesterday, quote, there is a punch list of fixes and we're going to punch them out one by one. by the end of november, health will work smoothly for
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the vast majority of users. still, lawmakers want to hear from health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the disastrous obama web site rollout and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on it. she'll testify before a house committee on wednesday. gregg? >> molly henneberg, thanks. as mule molly mentioned, white house advisor jeffy zeints is in charge of cracking the whip to clean up the web site. who is he? he's a multi-millionaire. in 2002 he was ranked 25th on fortune magazine's 40 richest people under the age of 40. he is known as a fixer, helped oversee the efforts to smooth over glitches in the "cashin' in" web site for the used car buy back program in 2009. and before his work with the feds, he was chairman and ceo of a consulting firm. for more answers about the troubling health carrollout, tune in to fox news sunday tomorrow when host chris wallace
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will be sitting down with congress members. chris will also be talking to the louisiana governor, bobby jindal for an eye opening discussion about obamacare and the future of the gop. that's tomorrow on your local fox station. check your local listings for times. cooler temperatures complimenting the colorful leaves here in the northeast. but freeze warnings and frost advisories are putting a big chill on the southeastern part of our nation. for all you football fans, really nasty weather delayed the start of a big college game in oklahoma. meteorologist janis dean is live in the weather center. before you start your report, did you bring back the shaking thermometer? >> the chilly thermometer has returned. just wait. let's take a look at some of the storms, though. first in oklahoma and texas, we have the potential for severe weather in this area. let's look at oklahoma city and
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norman, oklahoma, we had that game delay. looks like it's on right now. but look at the storms cropping up west of norman. we will continue to monitor this and bring you the very latest. we're looking at the potential for strong to severe storms not only in oklahoma, but texas. we had an earlier tornado warning just south and east of abilene. right now we have severe thunderstorm warnings. but this is the area we're going to monitor in the next couple of hours into the evening where we could see some hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes. that's one area we are watching. and back by popular demand, it is the shaking thermometer. it's so cold outside, even the thermometer is shivering. look across the great lakes and the northeast where we're dealing with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler than average. and even a wind chill here. look at this, gregg. 28 in marquette. 38 in fargo. it's just too early for this kind of thing. >> oh, my! is that 28 in marquette? >> that's what it feels like.
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>> wow! >> already. >> no wonder the thermometer is shaking. my goodness. >> gregg asked for this earlier. >> get some long johns for that thermometer. >> okay. you're so cute. >> thanks, jd. can i say it? timber! >> the chain saw massacre. no, just kidding. "consumer reports" reveals the best way to cut your way to safety this fall. we're going to look at the best new chain saws out there. >> and is this really the new york city tavern where george washington toasted his revolutionary war victory? what kind of beer was he drinking? we don't know. but the race is on to save this thing from the wrecking ball. >> also the boss of a top new york city management firm tells us why we americans are so good at accumulating debt and how we can start to save that money instead
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when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ time for a quick check of the headlines. a bus carrying high school studentsist abouting into flames in a tennessee highway. they were returning from a field trip. all 33 people on board managed to escape. the cause of that fire is under
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investigation. a man driving onto the philadelphia museum of arts steps made famous in "rocky." police say the car caused more than $8,000 in damage and the driver now facing a charge of criminal mischief. and marsha wallace, the voice of edna on "the simpsons" has died. the actress credits range from play ago wise cracking receptionist on "the bob newhart show" to mushy brown. she was 70 years old. the white house is shifting a couple of obamacare deadlines around. the president's advisor in charge of fixing health has now declared a deadline for making the web site glitch free. he says it will all be worked out by the end of november, november 30. this is the administration delays that fuzzy date for the insurance mandate.
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how are americans reacting to all of this? the democratic political consultant, former advisor to hillary clinton for president. former aide to george w. bush is here. richard, let me start with you. come on, even if this thing can be fixed in a month, that still leaves the millions of people who lose their insurance in the individual marketplace december 31, that gives them a scant two weeks to sign up. that's impossible, isn't it? >> gregg, let's kind of review the bidding here. first of all, 700,000 people have kind of registered already. so even with all the problems, this program is kind of unfolding. second, as we saw with romneycare in massachusetts, these things take a while. after the first month of romneycare, 10% or fewer had signed up and by the end, they had more than they had anticipated. >> do you think that nine to 10 million can sign up in two
3:19 pm
weeks? richard, really? >> they're not saying, gregg -- you're totally mischaracterizing what's going on. they're not saying it won't be effective before the end of november. they're saying by the ends of november, most people going on will be able to get through the system. so again, 700,000 people have started already and we know from history, these things build a crescendo over time. people don't sign up until they need to. >> there are 19 million people in the individual marketplace. it is estimated that half of them will, on the eve, new year's eve, they will cease to have that coverage. they're getting the cancellation notices. and they're going to have to sign up on this web site in two weeks? >> happy new year. i don't think so. there is not going to be champagne popping because let me tell you, this is such a disaster. you know they're going to try to move it back yet again. obamacare is like a -- death from 1,000 cut, it's a death from 1,000 glitches.
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it's not just the web site. that is just a symptom of the problem. this is a job killer. you've got full-time jobs going to part-time jobs. it just cannot be implemented. americans don't want this. we're showing poll after poll, people want to keep what they've got. >> i'm glad you brought up the polling data. how do you feel about implementation of obamacare? 60%, richard, think it's a joke. people are losing faith in this thing. if you lose faith in it and you follow the directions of "consumer reports," which says don't do it, if people don't do it, you got a death spiral and the whole thing could collapse. >> okay. quickly, just to the point that dd just said, "wall street journal," this week, october 23rd, part-time work still up, but health care isn't the cause. so let's get our facts straight, please. >> oh, they're straight. >> second, as regards the issue that you're kind of trying to raise here, look, gregg, the fact of the matter is, there are problems with this. but you know what a real problem
3:21 pm
is? for the tens of millions of people who could go bankrupt if they get sick or get injured. a real problem is somebody who has a great idea for the next google, but can't start their own company 'cause they have a preexisting condition and they can't dare leave the job they have now. that's a real problem is the u.s. being the last industrialized country without universal health care. so you can -- >> kirsten powers and our viewers know her. she's on the liberal side. she said this is epic imcompetence. how can the white house now be trusted to do anything? does she have it right? >> yeah, she's smart lady. she tends to certainly be a good representative of the left. i think she's being more of an american. this is an american problem. forget politics. democrat, republican, people are not going to have health care. people cannot make this implementation work. people don't want it. this is like the ford pinto. this is going to grow up. it's like new coke. look, prohibition is a bad law and sometimes the democrats say
3:22 pm
it's the law of the land, it's a bad law. >> according to secretary sebelius, the president didn't know there were any problems until a couple of days after the launch. my goodness, this is his signature achievement. is he an unserious, incurious bystander, as one critic put it? >> gregg, if you remember, a couple days after the launch, the government was shut down, no fault of his, and you had some big things to worry about. i think the fact of the matter is, these are pretty -- he's a smart guy. he showed it during his campaign that he could get ahead of this tech stuff. but at the time a couple days after the launch, he had some pretty big things on his plate just then. so i don't really think you can fault him. look, the fact is, again, we were the last industrialized country to not have universal health care. thanks to him, we have that. since truman with republicans and democratic presidents alike we've been wanting to get it. he's got it. so yeah. >> dd, what wrangles a lot of
3:23 pm
americans is how they got this. it was purely partisan. there wasn't a single republican vote. you look at medicare and medicaid, social security, other big entitlement programs, there was bipartisan support. americans grew to like it. this is different, isn't it? >> yeah. very unpopular. this is ram rodded through, hook or crook. and barely happened. and it shouldn't be a law now. i don't think it's going to last. i don't see how it can. the rule of health experts say i don't see how this can work. it will go away. here is the good part, it's probably going to heparins win the senate, then win back the white house and guess what? obamacare is out. >> up to $600 million spent on something that doesn't work. how about a refund? thank you, richard, dd. good to see you both. >> take care. >> thank you. a possible slice of american history right here in manhattan, what could be the remains of the tavern where george washington toasted the end of the american revolution. many believe this could be the
3:24 pm
pub, but the clock is ticking to save it from the wrecking ball. brian is live in our new york city news room. so what's happening with this? >> reporter: hi. the bulls head tavern was built around 1750, which would make it the oldest building found in manhattan. as the story goes, in 1783, george washington triumphantly led the continental army into manhattan and stopped at the tavern to have a drink with new york governor george clinton to celebrate the last of the british troops leaving new york after seven years of occupation. now amateur preservationists adam woodward says he believes the site of the watering hole is located at 50 bowery in lower manhattan. today it's a demolition site slated to become a hotel. but the address has long been suggested as a location for the tavern. and adam says these photos he took in the basement of the building prove it. author and historian david freeland says the photos seem to show the tavern's colonial era
3:25 pm
hand cut wood beams, bricks and stone foundation walls of the bustling social spot in town. >> during the 18th century, the bull's head tavern was an important stopping place for many travelers, it was a place of recreation for new yorkers. it was probably one of the hot spots, if you will, of its day. >> one of the hot spots today, several local organizations are working with the owner of the building to put the demolition on hold just long enough for a proper orc logical dig to be made. >> it's also a very rare reminder of the recognize of the revolutionary here. a symbol of triumph, of the success finally of this long struggle. >> the city's landmarks commission says they have no jurisdiction on this site. so it's really up to the owner of the building who just this week has agreed to let a
3:26 pm
cultural resource firm start a preliminary evaluation. arthel? >> fascinating stuff. thanks so much. >> disturbing new numbers about american household finances. new stats on just how many folks can't seem to escape the cycle of debt. coming up, we'll explore some ways to reverse the troubling trend. and it's the time of year to start chopping firewood for the long, cold winter ahead. we're going to check out the best chain saws on the market today [ woman #1 ] why do i cook? ♪ because an empty pan is a blank canvas. ♪ [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. ♪ [ man #1 ] to remember my grandmother.
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it is bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. fox news learning exclusive details about the hero doctor who alleged will he helped bring osama bin laden to justice. pakistan's prime minister now promising to reconsider the case of dr. afridi who is now serving a 33-year prison sentence for
3:31 pm
aiding the united states. protests today in washington, d.c. on the national mall rallying against the patriot act and the nsa spying on people. the statement from nsa leaker edward snowden was read to the crowd. brand-new photo of the littlest royal. isn't that nice? prince george at his christening with his parents, the duchess of cambridge and prince william. >> perfection right there. i love that photo. very good. there is a new study now finding that many americans are accumulating their debt faster than they're saving for retirement. according to the research, three out of five workers now owe more money than they have stashed away for their golden years. what's causing this and how can we fix it? let's ask elle caplan. first of all, good o see you. >> good to see you. >> this is really important information we want to impart. first of all, i think you're saying that in terms of the first step of turning the tide
3:32 pm
around would be to use cash. mean green. >> yes. this is something that i did when i was on a really strict budget. every sunday i would go to the atm and take out what i could spend for the week and put it in my wallet. you can literally see how much you have left. you feel pain as you're spending, those last dollars, and when you're done, when your wallet is empty, stop spending. >> that's right. so easy to just swipe, swipe. that's a better idea. >> leave the credit cards at home and that way you don't have the option. >> very good. so then you also suggest that we should lower those monthly credit card payments. >> so often with credit cards, we end up with whatever is in our mailbox. we respond to offers. so what i'm going to suggest is that we take a more pro-active approach and say, what's the best deal? how do i lower my interest rate and how do i find a more flexible plan with a credit card? so one great option is to go to your local credit union. their interest rates are often
3:33 pm
dramatically lower than the major players in this arena. so google your local credit union. you can often end up with a much better deal. >> that's a good suggestion because a lot of times, people are saying, go call the credit company and have them lower your interest rate. a lot of them aren't interested in doing that, quite frankly. so this is an alternative to go to your local credit union. let me call for a brand-new fox news poll which underscores the problem. less than one fourth of americans have money at the end of the pay cycle to put away for savings. more than half are living paycheck to paycheck. another one fifth are just simply falling behind. so how are you advising your clients? >> so we use what i consider a common sense approach. and that is to come up with a plan. just like you would never get into your car and hope to arrive at a destination, you would map out a plan. we map out plans with them in terms of budgeting, saving and investing. this is especially critical for
3:34 pm
retirement because you're not just going to magically have the right amount of money and the right asset allocation in your 401(k), your roth ira, your retirement savings. you should say, these are my goals, this is when i want to retire and then come up with a game plan to get there. if you don't have that, i highly recommend you call whoever is advising you in your finances and you develop one. >> even if you don't have someone, can you just put it on paper, you have a monthly budget, this is what's going out of my account. this is what's coming in and kind of do even simple math? >> you can certainly start by doing that. but if you don't have someone that you work with, you can often call a 401(k) plan and ask them to help you with this. they'll have tools or calculators they can point you to. so they're typically are resources. in terms of a budget, really the best thing is to -- it can be overwhelming and complex. so to set it and forget it. establish what you need no terms of groceries and the monthly
3:35 pm
musts, what you can save and what you have left to invest. and once you've established that, just set it up and forget it. >> you guys offer that? >> we certainly. >> what if -- >> you're welcome to call us. we have clients all over the u.s. and we certainly help them in a very wholistic fashion. so developing a budget plan, developing a savings plan, and coming up with retirement savings and retirement goals. so we do all of the above. you're welcome to call us at lexion capital. >> thank you. ceo and founder partner of the company. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gregg? good advice. check this out, how would you like to get back at least five minutes of your life each and every day? guess what? here is a new app for that. douglas kennedy has details. >> reporter: limo driver john getting his customers to new york city fast is his top priority. how fast is john?
3:36 pm
>> john is the fastest. he gets me there so fast, it's incredible. >> reporter: every day he stays with multiple choices. and a wrong one could land him in this. there are five different highways into the city and almost always one of them has traffic. >> yes. one if not more. the amount of cars on the road today, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: now he has a way to beat the traffic. >> heavy traffic reported ahead. >> reporter: it's an app called ways. >> there it goes. >> reporter: he says its traffic info is so accurate, it always finds the fastest route. >> my customers love waze. it gives me the most direct route to the airport. >> reporter: others have traffic info, but from street sensors, which can be hours old. waze gets its data in real time
3:37 pm
from other waze users, making it incredibly accurate. what's more, the more people who use it, the more accurate it becomes. >> we're getting a signal from everyone else that's on the road. so all you have to do is turn it on and drive and you're already helping us help everyone that's on the road. >> reporter: diane is from waze, which was recently purchased by google for close to a billion dollars. she says waze now has more than 70 million users world wide. >> we have lots of information, very accurate information about not just the speeds on the roads, but is there an accident? is there a hazard? >> reporter: it also allows users to mark traffic cans and speed traps. >> police reported ahead. >> reporter: a feature that's drawing the ire from some in law enforcement. but not from everyone. something tells me waze saved you more than a few speeding
3:38 pm
tickets. >> it has. with the speed traps and a -- at a mile in advance. >> reporter: enough time for him to hit the brakes and save both money and time. in westchester county, new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> douglas, thanks for that story. what an interesting idea. the app. i love the standup, which was a sit down. >> it was a drive by. >> yeah. don't do that. >> they are often described as second class citizens. now see how women in saudi arabia are fighting for their rights by taking the front seat. >> and the obama administration preparing to face some very tough questions from a group of european lawmakers who claim the white house routinely spied on them. >> not a secret that we collect information about what is happening around the world, to help protect our sidss, our allies and home land. so does every intelligence service in the world [ male ann] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her,
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? test test
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not sticking it, but driving it to the man in saudi arabia, saudi women getting behind the wheel to protest their country's strict policies preventing women from getting driver's licenses. it's the latest act in a movement that began in 2011 when a woman was arrested after she posted a video of herself driving. well, the protest is gaining attention on social media with more saudi women posting videos driving and adopting a new
3:43 pm
#october 26 driving. the obama administration preparing to answer tough questions this week, this coming week after landing in some hot water with members of the international community. the group of european lawmakers now planning a trip to the u.s. to talk with the white house about recent claims the u.s. has been tapping into the cell phones of top world leaders, including this lady here, german chancellor angela merkel. susan estridge is a fox news contributor and professor of law and political science at the university of southern california. okay, susan, let's go. what about monday's meeting, how is it going to go down? >> well, i don't think it's going to be tea and cookies, if you know what i mean. there is certainly a lot of tension at that table. but art, i really think the truth is that all countries spy on each other, even allies. my friend stu baker, who used to
3:44 pm
be general counsel of the nsa said it best, look, there is no country with which we're 100% aligned on every issue. obviously they're all in the intelligence business. they're all looking over each other's shoulders. i remember i'm sure you do, too, jonathan pollard, the famous case of the israeli spy who got life in prison for spying on us. an ally of israel. but it's ugly the way it came out. and it's embarrassing. john emmerson, the new ambassador to germany who happens to be a pal of mine, i thought you're ambassador to germany, you'll be giving a lot of parties. no, he was called yesterday to show up and explain why we were doing this. so at the very least it's embarrassing for the united states. and shows once again the dangers of having a loose cannon like snowden out there putting information out in part, at least. we don't know the full story.
3:45 pm
>> i don't know if it's just me or have leaks of sensitive information become more prevalent in recent years, or does it just seem that way? >> it sure does seem that way, doesn't it? i guess the truth is that, you know, we're not in the days anymore where there was a max machine and a xerox machine and copy the actual documents. we've got so much stuff out there electronically that if anything, our capacity to eavesdrop has grown and frankly, our security checks as you and i have talked about, has gotten really sloppy. you put those two things together and you're going to get some very serious leaks. >> should we as americans be concerned about security, susan, because as you said, these leaks are bound to happen and the spying they're expected friend and foe alike.
3:46 pm
but what about national security and perhaps these leaks if they would have any impact on military strategy, in your opinion? >> you know, art, you're absolutely right. of course we should be concerned because what we've seen already, as we've seen a poor job of doing a security clearance on at least one guy, the snowden guy, has embarrassed us all over the world. we saw a poor job on doing a security clearance on that guy in the washington naval yard, which cost people their lives. and it has become even more important in this age where there is so much intelligence out there for us to make sure that the people who have access to sensitive data are people whose loyalty and trustworthiness is beyond question. and if that means spending more on security clearances, so be it. it is at the very least
3:47 pm
embarrassing and as you point out, every time i would sit in an airplane or talk about defense issues, you say to yourself, gee, i wonder who is hacking into whom right now? we got to be careful. >> indeed. susan, i know you have a lot more to talk about. love to chat with you once you talk to your friend, he's in some serious predicament right now. but susan estridge, always good to talk to you. appreciate it and we'll see you next week. >> thanks, art. >> going to remind you, don't forget you can read susan estridge's syndicated columns in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. gregg? >> i am auditioning for the next edition of the texas chain saw massacre. >> really? >> no. >> do i have to come over there? >> don't do it. i'm dangerous with something like this. it's getting colder outside, meaning you may need to gather some firewood. "consumer reports" is here to get you the perfect chain saw that will not cut into your
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. welcome back. in case you haven't noticed, the weather outside is turning a bit nastier out there and while the leaves are changing, the wicked wind, wet, heavy snow can cause branchs to fall and leave a huge mess. >> that's true and it's time to release your inner lumber jack. some chainsaws that make the cut. hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> good. >> you brought three here. this is the kafts man 18 incher. it's heavy. >> it's 14 pounds, not as light as the others but $100 less. $150. consumer's best buy. >> really. >> 18, versus 16. it's capable of big stuff and fine for most homeowners. >> easy to handle? >> easy to handle and pretty quick and mostly a good price.
3:53 pm
>> you got a couple squirrels -- >> you can take -- >> no, you're cutting trees -- >> what if you don't like your neighbor? >> smaller trees, bigger trees? >> the 18-inch can handle bigger stuff. >> okay. >> so this is pretty good especially for the money. >> and then this one. >> this is electric. >> it's the top scoring cord electric. it's lighter, 11 pounds and $100. for most homeowners in the suburbs, it will do it for them. powerful. very little maintenance, no fuel and tuneups and i really like you got tools free chain adjustment. you have to be sure the chain has a little play and not too loose and instead of needing wrenches, you twist a knob. >> that's good. i like this next one that looks like a pair of scissors. >> think of it as a hybrid of an old fashioned and a train saw. it's limited to a 4-inch branch.
3:54 pm
by the time it closes, that's a little safer. >> yeah. >> you can cut over your head which you would normally do with a normal chainsaw. >> electric. >> electric. $75 and black and decker for light duty, good choice. for limbing and that kind of thing or sta that small fallen branch. >> before we get to the safety thing, give me the prices again this is 150? >> $150, consumers reports best buy. this is $100, also a consumer reports best buy and this is the black and decker lp 1,000, $75. >> one of the things you have to be careful with and you've been queezy, haven't you? >> stand back. >> the normal chainsaw, 30,000 injuries a year caused by kick back. most chainsaws and recommended
3:55 pm
models have a chain break and that's that. the idea it comes toward you, it would trigger it and stop that chain. if you start a gas saw, do it on the ground both hands on the saw. with a normal chainsaw never cut over your head. never cut on a ladder. people do it. but all it takes is one missake. >> safety items? >> this is great. these are all over the place for about $30 or so. helmet, face mask in case it kicks back and ear protectors. we found even the electric saws are loud enough to require these. you really want that. these are kevlar chaps. they protect your thighs and legs. they sell vests. you want steel tip work boots. >> steel tip work boots. >> exactly, for many runs. you can kick in a car door,
3:56 pm
whatever. >> we can check it all out online at consumer reports. >> thanks, mark and rich. the fox report is up next. >> notice i was like okay. >> have a great week. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] havg a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go vis my family, which means lot to me. ♪
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