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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 30, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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anyway, you know what's up next. it's bill o'reilly in the o'reilly factor and if you got a few extra minutes, go to see you, good night. hello. welcome to "red eye." tonight, this. >> alligators declared open season on adorable kittens as part of an internet turf war? and albert eye stein. was he a genius? shocking evidence shows he was no smarter than a fifth grader. and is greek yogurt made from the phones of orphans? none of these stories are on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guests. i am here with brooke goldstein, founder of the children's right institute and ect of the law fair -- director of the law fair project. we believe these things are real. and andy levy, hiding behind something. and my repulsive sidekick,
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bill schulz and mike baker, former cia operative and current president of diligence, fine makers of diligence shower caps, french onion dip and nose rings. for all of your shower cap, french onion dip and nose rings. diligence, when we make eye contact, the bullet is already in your brain. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. [inaudible] >> thanks. should we put an end to spying on a friend? president obama, if that's his real name, may ban eavesdropping on leaders of allies in response over outrage over targeting angela mer ce l's cell phone. the move which the white house hasn't confirmed would signal a major shift at the nsa. a german official told the new york times, quote, if we want to return to a relationship based on trust, it will require serious effort.
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he said this while laying naked under a glass coffee table. don't know what they are into over there. u.s. officials said the white house okayed spying on allies which contradicts what obama and his top aides. this has thrown them under the bus again because again he is a kenyan born, lady hating interloper. our relationship will never be this close with our allies again. >> like i said, first gay marriage and mow it is dogs and dudes. i want to go to the expert here what did you make of the reports that obama was spying on allies? >> without getting into too many details, what we call this in the agency is called something nicey naughty
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pasamaquadey. first you identify who is nice and that is the president and naughty is nsa. naughty is here and nice right here. as far as pasamaquadey that's over there. >> that's a clear explanation. >> most of us with a background try to do that. >> a lot of people that come on these shows pretend to have expertise and hmm and haw. >> baker good to see you on the show. you worked with the cia. >> yes. >> what the hell is going on? >> go on. this will be good. >> bill is absolutely right. >> this has to drive you crazy. people are surprised we are spying on foreigners. >> not just surprised, but here comes the shock and the outrage again. >> what is going on here? why are we targeting merkel? >> it is speculation for me to
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say what the reasoning was. as to why we are targeting a foreign ally, the fact is we have a collection program that is expansive and we have good resources and the end result is that we are spying on our allies and our friends as well as our enemies and so are they. they are absolutely. >> they absolutely are not. let me tell you a funny story about the french. one time the french got a wild hair up their derriere and they decided they would bug every first class seat going from new york to paris. maybe they will get interesting information from businessmen sitting up there. if they got information you know what they would do? they would do up their hotel rooms. the french spy on us. the germans do the same thing. the spanish do the same thing. there is a quiet understanding among all of these people that this is what goes on. what we are seeing right now is political theater and it is playing to the public. the public is genuinely
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surprised. big [bleep] deal. in the agency that's what we would say. >> why is germany making a big deal of it now though? >> the snowden leaks shoved it from the shadows and this quiet understanding out into the spotlight. >> how embarrassed is she? she is basically the empress with no clothes. the u.s. was tapping her cell phone. what is fascinating to the story is, yes, everybody knows and there are treaties we have with certain countries countries and we entered into this. we will not spy. we don't have the treaty with germany. there is no international law that says they can't do this. germany is lobbying with the united nations to have a resolution to ban the u.s. spying. what does president obama do? he voluntarily relinquished his own power. this is completely unprecedented.
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this is super important. economically no countries are investing in the united states. nobody wants to store their data here anymore. they want a data secure bank of switzerland. it is totally ruining the industry. so we have senator feinstein and a lot of democrats calling for accountability. that's for the nsa spying on american citizens. where is the committee looking into the nsa and those protected by the constitution. we have a committee spying on foreigners. how about our constitutional rights. >> the idea that she doesn't know. she is talking about -- that's the thing, for obama to say that i had no idea about the strategic nsa program after years of being in charge that defies belief. the president will not have the day-to-day information. to say he is not briefed in on these 30,000-foot programs forget about it. and then for the senator to say she had no idea, either
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they are twisting the reality for political purposes and that's what i believe they are doing or they are the world's most incurious, uninquiz tiff and uninterested people. >> can it be both? >> it could certainly be both. >> isn't that the commander-in-chief playbook though? it is the iran contra playbook a lot of i don't knows and this person did that and this person did this. >> that is absolutely true. there is always going to be an element of deny and lack of understanding. that's the understanding. and then you get back to business. what i am saying is is it strange for a white house that has seemed to be politically savy, it is a strange route to take and to say i don't know about this. and particularly knowing there will be continued revelations from the [bleep] snowden. >> there is always continued revelations about this administration. it is always i didn't know. there is no accountability.
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we are calling for the committees and nothing is going to happen. the nsa is turning on the obama administration. there is serious fissure right now and that is a dangerous issue of national security that our own intel is turning against the president and leaking that he did know. he was briefed every day on this. >> you don't have to cry about it. >> oh my god. >> i did that in one breath. >> i just remembered i am on this show. i have a couple points. the reason that we started listening in on merkel's phones was an accident. there was a meeting and joe biden looked at a picture of her and said i would tap that. >> did you watch the bier report last night? >> did they say that? >> yes. >> i did not watch colbert. since president obama did not think we were spying on allies
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and he thinks it is awful he should thank edward snowden for reviewing this. i think he owes edward snowden a little something. >> you do bring up snowden and baker you mentioned his name a couple times. what is going on here? why are we going to get him? >> here is the problem. this is a self-inflicted wound. if the president had done what you would have anticipated the commander-in-chief to do which is head to state to head of state and if he contacted the chinese authorities and said we want him back now, then i believe the chinese authorities with the right pressure -- it matters who delivers the message. but that moment obama said this is a legal ib you and i will have midlevel functionaries deal with. it do you think putin will look less manly than the
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chinese? it is not going to happen. now as long as he is in moscow there is not much to be done. if he makes his way from moscow to latin america, all bets are off. >> even you, andy, who have some weird homo-erotic attachment to snowden, you have to admit he is hurting this country. if you were president you would actual -- actually send a s.w.a.t team of happened so many young men to kidnap him and take him to your weird layer where you will probably have weird sex. >> i think you owe me an apology and the weird homosexual homo-erotic community an apology. i say every time we do this story that i am with snowden on the domestic stuff. i don't think the nsa should be doing that and i think it should be stopped and i am glad he revealed it. i am completely opposed to what he is doing in terms of the foreign stuff, the overseas stuff. he is hurting us there.
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>> instead of putting an end to spying on foreign leaders, i wish we would put an end on collecting data on american citizens and use that time to spy on more foreign leaders. >> you do the bulk data because there are foreign types contacting people in the united states which is why you need that. >> not buying it. >> you are wrong. >> not buying it. >> in the agency we call that wal-mart intelligence when we buy in bulk. i am speaking to a layman right now. >> are you going to next month? >> of course. >> i am surprised you got an invite after last time. >> there you go. was the comono a big no that? pottery barn apologized for selling a costumes of a sushi chef in a caw -- camono after saying they were offensive.
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check them out. anyway, they demanded removal from the on-line store plus an apology. and of course given it is 2013 they got both. explained a rep for the asian americans advancing justice or ag, our problem is not with the costumes itself, but the fact that pottery barn is marketing these outfits as costumes. a campaign started at ohio you have the -- university awhile ago that said we are a culture and not a costumes. the campaign spread including the mantra, you wear the costumes for one night and i wear the stigma for life. i had a house boy that told me that once. once. the society for wizzards is protesting this halloween-themed youtube video.
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>> i think the cat is dead. >> he add long day of conjuring. brooke, have you ever dressed up as a sexy geisha girl and now that you know it is offensive will you stop? >> i will continue. >> good for you. >> there is a theme with "red eye" lately and i have been watching it when i am not on it. >> that's nice of you. >> you are talking about costumeses and offensiveness. >> that's because it is halloween, brooke. >> every corporation is apologizing to people whose feelings are hurt because they are sensitive. i don't understand. i don't understand what the harm is being claimed here. the costumes is a sushi chef so by virtue of wearing it you are mocking it because being a sushi chef is not good? if you wear a police officer costumes you are not mocking the police. i really don't -- >> you would have to do a
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police stripper thing. >> you are making them sexy. >> i am glad you said political correctness gone a muck. we needed that to be said for this show to get its political correctness run a muck funding. it is true though. i am thinking about what about a fireman or a police officer or any occupation? i know what you will say because none of those are linked to an ethnicity. >> no, i am going say the opposite. i said this on the show before. i totally understand why people get upset when clothing is worn in a costumes. i would link it to i don't like it when people dress up in military uniforms on halloween. it is a uniform and not a costumes. it is not the same thing, but it is a principal. i don't think pottery barn meant disrespect and i don't think they are pottery so i don't know why they are selling them. >> who made the decision to sell them? >> you wouldn't let your kids dress up in soldier costumes or costumes that are offensive? >> first of all adults shouldn't be dressing up
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anyway. >> what if it is a hot girl dressed as a sexy soldier? >> is that okay? >> it is more of a guideline than a rule. >> exactly. >> i am not an idealog. >> a little flexibility around halloween is helpful. >> especially as a sexy soldier. >> playing twister in private. i don't know what i am saying. baker, i haven't got to you yet. control yourself. is it offensive? it seems to me andy picks the wishy washy thing like it is not offensive, but i understand. i hate that. >> it is thought this, but it is that. i understand both sides. >> he doesn't sound like that. >> you know what, what do i care? if somebody wants to dress up in a sushi costumes, dress up in a freaking sushi costumes or comono. komonos are attractive on women i think. >> you are a racist. sexist.
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>> i never would have imagined -- >> wait, are you telling me men can't wear komon os? >> i look awesome in one. >> what is a shorty komono. >> with the dragon on the back. >> what about a dragon komono with a hole in the back? how would you like that? who is laughing now? >> pottery barn is not really a barn. did you ever notice that? >> not a lot of pottery. >> why would they sell these? who is in charge of ordering these things? >> should somebody be fired? >> somebody has ton accountable. >> this is what gets me mad. i don't care about this crap, but i care about people who demand apology when's they really don't want one. you have a group of people who ever they are. there might be five or ten people. i am talking 3w* numbers of people -- i am talking about numbers of people. why capitulate to the people who are feigning outrage. >> this is actually worse. >> this is worse than the nsa spying?
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>> maybe obama lying about obamacare. the director of the asian group, they weren't happy with the apology. they called it passive saying it would help to show they learned a lesson. they apologized and moved costumes. accept you won and move on. >> it has to be enough at some point. >> do you ever imagined ward snowden in a short omono. >> who comes off worse in the story? this activist group for complaining, pottery barn for caving or you for existing? >> unnecessary. >> necessary. >> especially during the season of love this halloween. i for one am team japan on this one. i sort of empathize with our former allies being of german dissent. i noticed a disturbing trend on this holiday. can we go to the pictures over here? lea michele of "glee" look what she was doing right there.
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dressing up like a cartoonish st. pauly girl. my lineage wore those specifically for very, very cultural reasons and her doing that makes me outraged. can we go to the next one? look at robert downey junior. not only is he doing a dance that we take great pride in, but he is doing it at the premiere of "ironman" in germany. that's like wearing a black face in harlem. i for one am completed outraged. i tell you something else ssments goldie hawn and kurt russell went dressed as heidi and her uncle in the cartoonish german duds. i would show you that picture, but we couldn't afford it because shepherd's news desk can't for himself. but you can google it. it is out there. anyways, hasn't germany gone through enough? stop it already. >> what was the point of japan?
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>> what part of world war ii were you not understanding? >> the part where you shouldn't have referenced it? >> it is called history. look into it when you are not making love to your snowden picture. focus, you freak. >> activist. >> shepherd's desk is expensive. >> it is so expensive. i wonder where he is going to fly tonight. >> have you seen the secret drawer? >> coming up, david beckham is dead -- tired of all of the questions about the tattoo. leave the man meat alone. the west side rents room to people. but these hot chicks have no interest in dudes at all.
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they want to put the 10 in tenant. they will let users rent their bedroom to only hot people. people like me. the founder explains the intent of the app is to give single people who travel often a place to stay where they might find love or sex. what happens if you think the person you rented from is attractive and vice-versa? are you in their home and you want to be professional? it solves that problem. here is the tape of someone who rented a room using the site.
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>> sir, there is nothing sexy about that, my friend. baker, are you hideous. i can barely look ought. i look at you and i feel the bile moving up my throat until i projectile vomit. >> i am going off the script. this is geared only toward good looking people. sbt dash cash isn't this another kind of bigotry? >> yes and good looking people everywhere should be outraged by this and demand an apology. >> you mean ugly people? whatever. >> i wasn't really listening. >> that's the point. you proved the point of the story. people who are handsome they don't have to try hard. all they have to do -- look at your shirt. >> i don't have to read the articles because i am mike baker. >> to prove i read the article
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article -- leave us alone, man. >> i am feeling the pressure. >> this has been going on for a longtime. there is no gandhi for ugly people and you take advantage of that. >> what i like about the story is it is to get off that track completely. they have to confirm through facebook that you are single. that's their due diligence. because nobody would lie on facebook. >> you are a disgusting person. >> he is a self-promoting -- >> i know! how about only answer in morse code byway of jigly text. that's all you have to do. >> if you get tased in the ass your effects do jiggle a little bit. >> tas is code. >> brooke, doesn't this love room sound a little creepy and
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yet perhaps another front for perhaps the muslim brotherhood? >> it is funny you say that. i was thinking this is a great laundering mechanism for prostitution. i don't even know if it is legal. from a woman's perspective it is very scary. no woman should use this site and go into a stranger's apartment it is scary. >> it should be called bone room. >> that is very crass. but you will get away with it. >> oh handsome guy leaves comments. >> we won't sensor him and they won't bleep that out. >> you can say whatever you want. >> andy, you wept out your -- rent out your bedroom, but only to fat guys who play harmonica. it is a weird fetish, but there are hundreds of them. >> that's what i do and who i rent the room to is not your
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concern. >> when you show up late for work because you have big bruises on your back i worry. >> i realized it was something more like what bill would say. >> the good thing about this, i am positive not a single psycho path would use this. >> there is nobody that will put up a fake facebook page to lure attractive women to their apartment probably don't have a spare room. i'm sure there are no cameras in the shower or in any of these apartments. i am looking forward to renting it out. >> any success? not taking out ads of course. >> the meal was a success. hobo was delicious. i have to say i agree with the table. i get why guys are into this? let's face it, we are
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disgusting. i happened to get killed and i will tell you how this ends for you, with murder. badly. >> we are going to get sued by under minding his business. >> this is an opinion show. >> no what i said was fact. >> i said i am sure no psycho path would use this site. >> but you know what mike baker said? >> i don't have to say anything. >> i can just sit here and go wa, wa, wa. >> charlie brown's hot teacher. >> can you go back just briefly? that's my hand and you can tell it is not right for the body. >> now it is time for "red eye"'s bookshelf of the day. it is nice you can fit a lot
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of books on there. it is sponsored by cart wheels. the circular hand springs with the arms and legs extended. thanks, cart wheels. coming up, what is the "entourage" movie. it wonders the same thing about you.
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what is the meaning of their demeaning?
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new research from canada claims that women use, quote, indirect aggression on succeed and it is rooted in human's evolutionary paths. tracy valencort say females spread rumors rumors and back stab and take others out of groups. and they evolve that way because it works. because women were responsible for child bearing they were less expendable and couldn't risk settling disputes with physical fights. they found other ways clearly we must discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> brooke, i noticed one thing. you have no girlfriends. >> i am not a bitch. >> it would work the opposite. >> good one.
12:34 am
it just shows how basic this study is. women can be catty. oh my god. i love the historical finding for this. women are catty. they don't punch each other out because they don't want to bruise their faces. brilliant. academic research is amazing. i was a victim of mean girls in high school. >> really? because of course you were hot, right? and they disliked the hot girls. >> i wasn't hot back then. let me tell you something. what i have found in life is the women who are successful are the ones who are not catty. and no women who is successful will say she has gotten there without the help of other women. being catty does not help you. >> i believe you are right. i sense a deep feeling of pain and suffering when she uses the word catty in a do derogatory way.
12:35 am
do you find it offensive? >> i didn't take it in a derogatory way. >> she wasn't saying they were rolling around and playing with catnip. >> by the way, do you picture women rolling around and playing with catnip? >> if the women had mustaches, perhaps. >> men don't do this because we settle our conflicts the right way witnd fists. but then again you being handsome you want to protect your good looks. >> you have to strike first. >> do you buy this evolutionary angle? >> wow. >> do you see what i mean? >> it is an impression of you. >> no, what i'm going to say is i have three little boys. they solve their disputes with exactly that, their fists. there is no question. that's what they go to. you know what they do? they go back to business and
12:36 am
play with each other. they are fine. i think there is a significant difference. i raised a daughter who is now in college and it was. it was like a shark tank in her middle school with the other girls. >> it was a shark tank. joy that's illegal. >> that's how i kept her in line. >> i wanted to mention it, but i found that particularly in the government from what i saw that women managers, women bosses were tougher on the women working for them than the guys. it seemed like when i was talking to somebody who was a female. they would complain about their bosses and they felt as if they were put in the -- don't look at me so quizically.
12:37 am
>> this is a load of crap. men do this stuff too. it is just when men do it we call them cunning or sly or clever or spies, mike. >> or snowden. >> we call them spies as they go around skulking in the darkness and stabbing them in the back. >> we are talking about when you can talk about somebody behind their back. >> oh i still say this is garbage. >> as a victim of direct aggression would you rather we spread rumors about you in the feminine way or do you prefer being called worthless on a tv show and then beaten up afterwards? that's common. >> i believe this story to be absolutely true. i believe it sucks when women gang up on one woman in high school, but i also don't believe i feel sorry for them at all. i would rather have my feelings hurt any day of the week than lose a tooth. you can get your feelings back. this apt fake. this ain't fake. i ain't never getting this back.
12:38 am
this nose looks like a lightning bolt for a reason. that's not being catty. that's using your fists to make me look like a piece of meat. >> there are a couple guy who go around and say nasty things about you, agreeing and i thought he is a good guy and i don't know why you are doing this because have i an hr meeting tomorrow. >> just don't mention my name. >> i don't want to be catty, but i have a letter from this man who is a fan of fox news and has a new book out. he wants me to promote his book and find ways to generate interest and create a buzz by being on this show. each morning our day starts with "fox and friends" and
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ends with sean saying good night. you send a book to me and ask me to promote your book and your night ends with sean? are you crazy? your book is -- >> greg in fairness maybe they live with sean hannity and they are up until 3:00 and he kisses them good night as they all three go to bed. >> that's quite the visual. >> we have to take a break. don't think we are leaving. "joy of hate" now there is a real book., autograph what aim saying? i am losing my
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as adrian grenyay made
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them say yay? the cast members of "entourage" doug ellen announced on tuesday a movie version of the hbo show is indeed a go. the gig couldn't come quick enough for aka vinny chase who was reportedly begging bartenders for free shots after a failed speaking engagement at a st. louis college. anyway, the staff of the three kings said they refused to accommodate the stupid, ugly actor and that he was acting like a douce. acting? no, he is a real douche. >> that's being catty. >> i know you are a fan of "entourage." do you blame the muslim brotherhood? >> can we talk about the muslim brotherhood on the show? >> how do you like
12:44 am
"entourage"? >> who says i like "entourage." >> you love it. >> i didn't say i like "entourage." i am being air was stick. sarcastic. i can't wait to see the him. >> oh, sarcasm. i'm sorry for reading into that and thinking you cared about the story. >> baker? >> she sounded like me. >> insiders maintain that jeremy piien who was concerned about readvice sig tig -- revisiting his character ari gold. >> never watched the show. i think he is a fine actor, but i don't understand the actor who says i am afraid to reprize the role. is it the fear of the big paycheck? or was it people thinking you will be that person? there are few who were pigeon holed. william shatner as captain kirk, a handful, but most never understood that. >> and you know there are thousands of actors who would
12:45 am
die to be pigeon holed or holed in anyway. you know what i am saying? being pigeon holed means you are getting a steady paycheck and you are phenomenally rich. any actor who is a waiter would love to be able to say hey, it is norm from "cheers" that means norm from" cheers" made millions of dollars. whereas you are just norm from the local bar waiting tables. >> if you have enough money you can do that. you never see actors still climbing up saying i am worried about getting pigeon holed. >> i would hate to see him get pigeon holed as a fast talking schmuck because of all of his other roles. >> "entourage" is awful, but there will be a hit because there are a lot of beta males who want to pass themselves off as alpha males.
12:46 am
>> and i will hear whoa, whoa, whoa to the inhas been fors of the earth. -- to the inhabitors of the earth. >> you made this happen. make it unhappen. >> i like the hot one, turtle is his name? i like him. >> bill, if "red eye" was mapped on the" entourage" crew you would be the guy that hangs out with turtle. >> so just sort of a guy that does president have a speaking role and they only refer to him in l.a. guys like this show because everyone calls it the male version of "sex and the city." and "sex and the city" has cancer and break ups and adultery and guys don't want that. guys want to say awesome, awesome, awesome all the time. the worst thing that ever
12:47 am
happened in the five-year history of "entourage" is turtle worrying whether or not he will get free shoes. that was the big thing. whether or not they will sell enough bought -- bottles of tequilla that vinny was promoting. all of those dudes looking for nothing because that is what it is -- "seinfield" was about nothing and funny and this sucks and is about nothing. all those guys will lineup to watch the suck in the movie theaters. >> i feel bad i never saw it now. >> you know what it is though? that's what "entourage" is great for, identifying losers. anybody in line to see an "entourage" movie is somebody you don't want to be around. can you imagine as a woman if your boyfriend or bo says oh let's go -- let's have a guy night. why don't you take me to see the "entourage" movie.
12:48 am
what would you do? >> sadly this is the case for most of america. >> i don't believe that is true. be careful what you say. when we leave this studio i see a lot of turtles and very few gregs. they will attack. >> this movie will tank. it will absolutely tank. >> like aqua man? it was a plot point. i like to do my research. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? i never get tired of saying that. go to fox eye. i will say that. you have a video of yarr animal animal -- of your animal. i would like to come over and look at it. click on submit a video and we might use it. coming up, a look at mike baker's new project. don't know why.
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i am where lee harvey oswald was positioned on the faithful day to take his three shots. this is essentially the vantage point for oswald that day.
12:53 am
he has a clear point has the motorcade rolled through. bam, bam, bam. >> they wouldn't let you hold a gun, would they? >> no, i did. >> that's a clip from america classified with mike baker premiering sunday 10:00 p.m. on the travel channel. it investigates the hidden side of the united states. it includes conspiracy theories and secrets and mysteries like what does mike baker look like in a speedo? some of the things you will be investigating you went to alcatraz. you do realize there are tours there now? >> we had no idea. we when we walked up on the rock wrised when it was completely crowded. we spent hours shooing them away. >> you did the stand up, we are the first to set foot on -- >> i was like all of these people are there. no alcatraz was fantastic.
12:54 am
the escape from alcatraz in 1962, november, frank morris and the anglin brothers and they spent about a year getting ready for this escape and set off in the bay heading for angel island on a homemade raft and never to be heard from again. some people are convinced they made it. >> no, they are at my place. >> quickly about the show and i want to ask you, 20 seconds what is the show about? >> the idea is we take viewers to places they just wouldn't be able to see on their own. >> like alcatraz? >> disney world? >> that was the wrong way to phrase it. we are taking them to places like white sands missal range and the only place forayed yow active waste. >> cracker barrel? >> cracker barrel. who dwoas there anymore -- who goes there anymore? >> we will get letters. >> tell me about the less than lethal weapon episode.
12:55 am
>> very interesting if by interesting you want to watch mike baker get shot in the ass with a taser. phac noising stuff. >> -- fascinating stuff. >> is the strangeness your ass? >> you find a taser and of course it is 1800 volts pulsing through your body for five seconds and locks you up. you want to hit him in the back and in the ass because those are the major muscle groups. you look at taser, pepper ball. a lot of interesting technologies designed to control crowds and not have to force law enforcement to go into lethal weapons. the taser part was funny because just before they shot me over at taser headquarters, great guys by the way one of the guys who was there at the beginning says just relax. just relax. i said [bleep] and they fired. for the next five seconds i i was on the ground and all i
12:56 am
could say was -- it is about five seconds. they got 30 or 40. it went on and on and on. the point being is they are going to fascinating places. it was the production team on this and they really took their time in choosing these stories. i am not just blowing smoke. you find yourself wrapped up in these places that are surrounded in a conspiracy. what we are trying to do is peel back some of that. allow the viewers to make up their minds. >> who is smoke? >> mike with kennedy -- we have 30 seconds do you believe oswald killed kennedy? >> from an operational point of view he had the opportunity and he had the ability and the motivation and the resource. was he acting on his own? well, we interviewed some interesting witnesses.
12:57 am
>> "american declassified" premieres this sunday. that's on the travel channel. that was interesting. >> thank you. >> great job schulz, andy levy, mike baker and that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. i shall see you next time. fool
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you're our fool. >> i love you, too. >> okay. >> what are you wearing? >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gatt field along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel and dana perrino. this is "the five. "hey, you want to get depressed. watch "the view." >> this morning's headlines had some people worried that they are going to lose their medical plans because of obama care. are you worried? >> no. >> yes, yes. >> they are not worried? >> that's not low information voting. that's no information voting f.knowledge were water, that audience is death valley. but now we're reminded of old news, the white house new


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