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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 30, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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learned. >> dance tweeted people can't drink until they're 21. what made the teacher think teaching kids to make beer is a good idea? >> thank you for your responses. i hope everybody has a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning. it is wednesday, october 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. all eyes on washington today as lawmakers prepare to grill kathleen sebelius on the disastrous obamacare rollout. will she take the fault or keep pointing that finger. >> i think there are going to be a lot of fingers. no wonder these two didn't look very friendly. russians handing out goody bags that spy on people. clever. >> plus before you pay seven bucks for a latte, listen up because we've gotted best cup of coffee that will not break the bank. "fox & friends" starts next. >> hello everybody.
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this is tim conway, and i'm here doing -- doesn't tell me. don't tell me. friends with the fox. >> after tim did that one yesterday, then brian blum, our audio guy, said can you lit. tim conway on the show yesterday. >> he was on. he had a brand-new book out. i believe it is still out. >> people are loving it. it is funny stuff. problems with obamacare, another outage plaguing the website. we are live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: folks in connecticut looking to make accounts ran into trouble. the federal data service experienced a widespread outage with the health care exchange. couples were blocked from accessing remote identity proofing, the social security administration
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section and tax credit page, basically necessary to complete the sign up process. there was a release issued encouraging people to browse. she writes connecticut consumers can continue to create accounts as well as shopl anonomously for price comparisons. access health e.t. will provide a follow-up notification. verizon said they were doing maintenance on the system. lawmakers said it was days ago the same provider suffered a network failure. >> the website again was down for the day, as it was yesterday, as it was over the weekend. they say it's going to be fixed by the end of november. this is not ready for prime time. >> the state will notify customers when it's up and running. elisabeth, brian, steve, back to you guys. >> kathleen sebelius, who heads up the health and human services department is going to be on capitol hill today 9:00 in the morning. the website rollout was
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terrible, and now hundreds of thousands and even millions of people are having their insurance policies canceled. what's she going to do? she's going to start pointing fingers at the people the government hired. the contractors. >> she's going to be evidently reportedly in the pregame report, and the prognosticators will say that is where she's going to point fingers. she is going to say she's not an expert on software but we did spend a lot of money to get this up and run. we want to know are we going to hear speeches from the legislators or are we going to hear quick, direct questions? for example, did you know in the middle of september? did you have an inkling in the middle of august? there is nine republican senators that would like to delay obamacare. do you think he could have wished he could whisper in the president's ear?
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>> quote, not enough time to conduct adequate performance testing given the highest priority. >> that is a direct statement. it is not ready to go. panic time. not golfing time. >> why was that ignored? >> maybe she'll answer. they'll have four minutes each i believe to ask a question. >> and get an answer. if there is going to be speechifying it is going to be short. she is going to start blaming the people they hired, vendors, contractors. her prepared statement, we got a snippet of it. c.m.s. used private-sector contractors just as it does to administer aspects of medicare. c.m.s. has a track record of successfully overseeing the many contractors our programs depend on to function. unfortunately a subset of those contracts for have not met expectations. here's the problem. with the affordable care act, there are 55 different
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contractors. usually what you do with something this complicated is you bring in a professional manager, somebody from the industry to honcho everything. instead the federal government said we want to run this. and we saw how they ran it right in the ground so far. >> there's a couple of aspects to this too. we could get all hung up on the website. as bad as that story is -- and it doesn't end because it went down again -- the other story is what the policy looks like. what is in store for us. yesterday was kind of interesting. we had marilyn tavenner on center stage. we want to get an answer. i was curious, as much as you try to do the radio show simultaneously, i was trying to read the closed captions to the question of how many people have signed up. let's see if we get an answer. >> we will not have those numbers available until mid-november. we will have those numbers available in mid-november.
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we will have those numbers available in mid-november. we will get those numbers in mid-november. we will have those numbers available in mid-november. wewe will also have that information available in mid-november as well. >> are we losing our minds or did just say that a million times? >> she is. >> we're lucky she got to answer even that much because apparently it is reported there was so much back and forth during this committee hearing that she barely got to answer anything. but does that answer anything? we'd say no. mid-november? thanksgiving? christmas? you're not meeting our expectations as americans. >> the beautiful thing about the website is all you have to do, you can use your smart phone. i could go on my smart phone if i had the right access and i could tell you exactly how many people are on right now to the person. they know exactly what the number is. unfortunately it is so small, many believe, it's an embarrassment. >> how about this? this is what she said.
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this is what lost me. she lost me at -- >> hello. >> i think we've seen a lot of improvements. yes i do. >> the response from congressman buchanan. i hope you don't honestly feel the system is working. that is an incredibly bad rollout. i think the other story yesterday is what, it's not up and running, but what obamacare is doing. it's kicking people off of their health care plan. >> and they knew it. >> which they knew about and they promised would not happen. >> think about it. the affordable care act will not work with millions of people on those cheap policies. so what they've got to do is kick them off the cheap policies and push them into the exchanges. that's the only way the exchanges are going to work. meanwhile, as it turns out, one of the big contractors behind, that company, c.g.i., it turns out there is a little cronyism going on there. apparently the senior vice president to c.g.i., a
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woman named toni towns whitley went to princeton with michelle obama and they have been friends for a very, very long time. and she also, a political donor. >> not only -- she is the senior vice president of c.g.i. she was a political donor. she gave apparently $500 in 2012 election and another $1,000 to the victory fund. >> now everyone is running with that story but the daily caller was the first to have it yesterday. no one is deflying -- denying it. they were also at the christmas parties for the obamas. >> i think we were at the same party. >> really? three years ago? >> i've been one time. it's eight minutes now after the top of the hour. she's in studio e now with the headlines. >> good morning. i hope you're to have a great day. coming out of the state of arizona, a blinding dust
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storm leads to a massive pileup killing three people and injuring dozens more. this happening on arizona interstate i-10 between phoenix and tucson. take a look at this mangled mess. 19 vehicles, including cars, trucks and even a motor home, were all caught up in this mayhem. >> it was a chain reaction. that last tractor was driving pretty fast. he just pushed everybody over into me off to the side of the road. car after car, truck after truck, boom, boom, boom. >> it is not uncommon for these dust storms to consume this part of the highway. crews have cleaned up and reopened the lanes. >> a sherrif seizing public records in connection to the fair ride incidents that injured five people last week. the state labor department served with a court order asking for all the files on the vortex ride. operator timothy tutterrow is facing three felony
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charges accused of tampering with that ride. an update for you on the search for a suspected kidnapper in colorado. police doubling the reward to $20,000 for the capture of this man. take a close look. he tried snatching a little girl, eight years old, from her bedroom on early monday morning. she screamed for help and was able to get away. just as her dad ran to save her, police say the suspect drove away in a gray bmw sedan. police need your help there. there is no doubt about it. the uniform for athletes in the 2014 winter olympics will all be american-made. the american designer ralph lauren says he's been working for two years to make this right teaming up with more than 40 vendors from across the united states. they will be making 650 uniforms. they faced controversy in olympics 2008 when congress found out the uniforms were
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made in china. the olympics will be held in russia. >> good update by ralph lauren. >> ten minutes after the hour. straight ahead. >> the obamacare rollout one big mess but did the government know it wasn't ready? our next guest works with the obamacare exchanges and is giving us an inside look. ♪ ♪ good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can.
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plus your first month free. and ask about discounts for aarp members. adt. always there. offer ends october 31st. the obamacare rollout has been nothing short of a big hot mess and today health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius
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will probably get grilled up on capitol hill. from website glitches to the lack of enrollment, the disastrous rollout was the focus of hearings yesterday as well. >> to the millions of americans who have attempted to use to shop and enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> duh? so the answer all americans want to know is when is that website going to work? mike owens is senior vice president of go health and he joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> you bet. you're involved in the exchanges? >> our company is based in chicago, have a web base designation and we are closely aligned with the exchanges and the rollout. >> did you guys know the website was going to be such a stink bomb going in? >> in the summer indications were that based on tests we were seeing, this wasn't going to work as well as everyone hoped.
3:16 am
and we had our fingers crossed like everybody else. >> it sounds like kathleen sebelius later today will blame the vendors, the people they hired to put it together. >> i hope lawmakers on the hill today ask her the tough questions and the deflection stops and she accepts responsibility for what has happened because it is her responsibility. >> a bunch of lawmakers are watching right now. what's a tough question to ask her? >> when she knew and how soon should she have informed the american public, the people that were counting on this program to work for coverage and have that coverage in place. and more porch, -- more importantly when it will work with some definitive answer we can all believe in. >> initially we blamed the volume. we had no idea we were going to have so much volume and said the website will be fixed by the end of november. unfortunately that is when the volume is probably going to get higher because people are going to realize i've only got a month less. >> we believe websites with
3:17 am
high volume where you can buy books, those websites handle much more traffic. to say we didn't know how many people, when the government forecast nine million to ten million people would enroll in the first six months is irresponsible. >> it started out with the website and now it hit the fan regarding the fact that there are millions of americans who are going to lose their policies even though the president promised if you like your health care, you can keep the policy plan. that turns out -- i hate to say it's a lie -- but simply not true. >> right. the president should have said you can keep your policy if you like it. not. rather you can keep your policy if it contains the ten essential health benefits in a qualified health plan. those tension essential health benefits include -- those ten essential health benefits include pediatric dental plans and surgery. >> you look at what was going on in the united states at that time.
3:18 am
first he was running for president. then he was trying to get that thing passed. and so sometimes when you're in politics, you'll say anything to get through. >> there was euphoria at the beginning of 2010 when everybody said, wow, i don't have coverage and i'm going to get it in an affordable way and/or i have very expensive coverage and i'm going to be able to save some money. it turns out very few of those things have come true. >> there is an item in the "wall street journal" this morning that says that millions of people are losing their coverage by design because for the affordable care act to work you've got to have the people who have the cheap policies to go on to the exchanges because it's a numbers thing. >> i read that article on the way over here this morning, walking down the street here in cold new york city. it is a numbers game. it is pooled risk. if everybody who has an inexpensive plan are healthy, the unhealthy would be in the pool and it would drive prices up further. >> you've got to get two
3:19 am
million young people to sign up. their policies are going to go through the roof because they are going to pay a lot more. >> if you're not underwritten and you're put into a big pool, your rate will by science will go up. >> is it stkpw-g to work? -- is it going to work? >> i believe it is a lofty goal. i think it is a good idea for consumers to stop using the emergency room and to have wellness benefits is a good thing. i truly believet's see what hap. thank you. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the e.p.a. shutting down a cheerleader squad's car wash claiming the car wash hurts the environment. is that government regulation gone too far? of course it is. one of the cheerleaders here next. a russian operative put up front to spy on the united states. was it really inside a goodie bag they handed out at the summit?
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let me tell you what's happening in the world. four bikers charged in the new york city road rage beating in court facing charges including gang assault in connection to the brutal attack of an s.u.v. driver. oklahoma senator tom coburn is calling out the government for what he calls wasted spending on national parks. coburn will join us later this morning on "fox & friends" to talk about that and how his new report is. >> a cheerleading squad's plan for the national competition are squashed
3:24 am
when the e.p.a. shuts down their fund-raising car wash claiming it hurts the environment. here to talk is a cheerleader and her mom. thanks for being up this morning, up early i know from the west coast. how disappointing is it, bailey, to know you guys can't raise the money that you need to just get a shot at winning a championship? >> i'm really disappointed because as a cheerleader, during profootball and basketball, that's what we work towards. we go to practice and practice three hours a day, three days a week. and plus games and then that's just our main goal. that's where we want to go. knowing that it's going to be that much harder to get there without the money is very disappointing especially because of all the hard work we put in. >> sure. you're a bunch of hard-working individuals there. elizabeth, you're the team mom, not only bailey's mom. i'm sure you found out in a way that was fairly serious. we have the info from the
3:25 am
e.p.a. that came in. how frustrating is it for you as a mom to see the kids want to work hard and earn their way? >> it was really unfortunate. we did plan for the car wash, and then a few days later i guess a few neighbors complained. and so the city of san jose environmental services department came out and spoke with our principal and let him know that we would be cited if we had another car wash. so it was really disappointing because it was one of our main fund-raising activities and it did bring in a lot of money for the cheer team. >> we have the call statement from the environmental services. anything not considered storm water or drain water is considered a pollutant. if it goes into a drain that pollutant will harm
3:26 am
wildlife. certainly your intention is not to hurt wildlife and your teammates will work hard. what are alternatives here? can you team up with the local professional car wash? they recommend that from the e.p.a. maybe there's a gas station out there that can help you. are you going to try that? >> we actually haven't thought about that yet, but we have other fund-raisers. we have one next weekend coming up at applebees where we're selling $6 tickets where $3.50 of that money goes to us. applebees will serve breakfast to people who buy tickets from us. >> we hope you can get those funds and we have faith you will, and good luck in all the competitions. bailey and elizabeth, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> it's the number-one question americans want the answer to. was the president really unaware that millions of
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earlier this week hackers from syria targeted president obama's twitter and facebook accounts. which got even weirder when obama hired them to fix the obamacare website. you guys seem to know what you're doing. >> you know, it's interesting. over the last couple of months have you noticed how many times the president when asked what did you know about that? well, i really didn't know about it ahead of time. for instance, what about the i.r.s. scandal? where they targeted conservatives. i found out about that from news reports. what about the department of justice targeting reporters? found out about it from news reports. >> what about security issues at benghazi? this is the first time hearing about it. what about knowledge of fast and furious? i'm looking into it the attorney general is on top of it. we know about james rosen and the i.r.s. as steve
3:32 am
mentioned. together you have the president saying i really didn't know. lately you have the n.s.a. spying, i wouldn't say scandal, but evidently there are reports that about 35 different heads of state feel as though we've been tapping their phone, meta dating their -- >> it would be a scandal if the president would be truthful. >> is this gross negligence? is this wild ignorance? we can't even figure it out. sooner or later the answers will come to the surface, but does it affect his credibility? if you have the president, the leader of the free world not knowing, not just one area, but all of this. karl rove said really no one is looking out for him. take a listen to this. >> inside the white house every remark made by the president, every prepared speech no matter how important or how routine is reviewed by the top advisors to the president in a process generally
3:33 am
overseen by the staff secretary. so the president's people had to know like the president knew this was wrong, that the president couldn't say if you like what you got you can keep it. yet for years smart people like bill daily and rahm emanuel and david plouffe read these speeches, knew it was wrong and none of them said to the president, mr. president, your credibility is on the line. >> of course he was talking about the president saying over and over again if you like your plan you're going to be able to keep your plan, from 2008 to the present day. that was another example of they seem to be off message. >> not knowing because they have blinders on heading towards a single-payer system? >> that the ultimate goal? >> that doesn't matter, any of this. let me get there. you guys take the fall for me if you know. i don't. i'm going to proceed ahead so we can get to that single-payer system. >> if they're being truthful, dana mill bank writes in "the washington post" about the president
3:34 am
says he doesn't know all this stuff. on another level it would be more disconcerting. he says is it better he didn't know about his administration's missteps or that he knew about them and didn't stop them? >> what do you think? let us know on facebook. to know or not to know, what's worse? that is the question. now we have some answers because heather nauert has headlines. >> good to see you. 34 minutes after the hour. some headlines to bring you. the white house may have missed the chance to nab a benghazi terrorist in libya. in two raids earlier this month they were able to grab a suspect but the white house never gave the go ahead, apparently because they were nervous about how the libyan people might react. as if relations with russia weren't strained enough, we're now learning that russia bugged the goody bags of world leaders at the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. russian operatives
3:35 am
reportedly handed out gift pwagdz that contained u.s.b. drives and phone chargers. the problem is the devices were actually trojan horses designed to download information and then send it back to russia. a spokesman for russian president putin denies these allegations. here in new york a politician is outraged after being told he had to ditch his american drag lapel pin. queen city council candidate joseph concanan, an air force veteran and nypd captain but that is completely irrelevant in the new york city law books. his u.s. flag pin was cropped out of his official candidate photo. what do you think of that? >> the best could coffee machine in america is the cheapest. mr. coffee $40 coffee maker
3:36 am
outbrews some of the best machines. mr. coffee is the topic. i love the mr. coffee. >> it is simple. you don't have expensive cartridges. you want eight cups -- >> all the fancy german ones. >> joe dimaggio was the spokesperson for them and he passed away. we've got to go with somebody else. i actually think the new genius thing is those single canisters. how genius is that? >> one cup. >> that office all you need. >> -- that's all you need. >> if anybody else wants coffee -- >> get in line children. look, we've got maria molina. it's wednesday. time for our science trivia quiz. >> good morning. today's question is, is lightning hotter than the surface of the sun? and if so, by how much?
3:37 am
the answer choices are a, the sun is hotter. b, lightning is two times hotter. c, lightning is five times hotter. or d, ten times hotter than the sun. this is the surface of the sun. >> not the middle. >> the core temperature is different. >> does the answer have to be in the form of a question? >> a, b, c or d. >> i'm going with b. >> i'm going to go c. >> i'll go d. >> actually, brian, you're right. the answer is c. lightning is five times hotter than the surface of the sun. the surface of the sun is actually about 10,000ees farenh. lightning 50,000 degrees farenheit. >> how do you measure that? >> thermometer. >> brian is right and out of sight. he got it right. i'm so proud of him. >> got sports in a minute.
3:38 am
>> let's look at the weather conditions across the country. today we do have a storm headed eastward. this storm does have the possibility of producing severe weather anywhere from texas up into kansas, damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes will be a concern. guess what? the storm is headed eastward. tomorrow on halloween, we could be seeing severe weather from texas into sections of ohio. so this is something to watch here. we have the possibility of severe weather, heavy rain possible as well. locally up to eight inches of rain, so flooding concerns here in eastern parts of texas watches are currently in effect. high temperatures very warm east of the storm. 70's and 80's today. behind it on the chilly side in the 40's. let's head over to brian. >> yesterday was the start of the nba season. the hottest league in the whole world up for another 82-game saga, including the president of the united states who sent out a tweet to derrick rose of the chicago bulls who sat out for a year with that knee injury saying essentially good luck.
3:39 am
the bulls have their hands full. they travel to miami who got their rings before the game for being back to back champions but it came down to all business, no more fun. the heat got their rings and took it to the bulls. final score 107-95. lebron james seems really good again, 17 points and 6 assists for him. the heat were victorious in game number one. some of the best football players have sordid trickery in it. let's go to high school football games where they should be studying but instead play tackle football. line up for an extra point and all of a sudden number 69 starts monkey-making noises and began hopping off. they snap the ball in the kicker, takes a page out of the tebow play book and does a jump pass. 62-7. >> meanwhile, the month of october which is coming to a close is national pizza month. as the month comes to a
3:40 am
close we're celebrating one last time with california pizza kitchen, c.p.k. >> here to show us the art of tossing dough and making pizza is the innovator and creator of c.p.k. >> why are we still tossing pizza? shouldn't we have a machine doing this? should we still be doing this in 2013? >> absolutely. there is a lot of fun making dough. >> you guys brought in a gluten-free pizza. i could not be more excited. >> mushroom, pepperoni and sausage pizza. it is gluten-free. we will rolled out four new pizzas, they are gluten-free. they are phenomenal. i'm going to make the wild mushroom pizza. i'm going to start off with extra virgin olive oil. we're going to brush the dough with this. >> need help? >>shannon: -- >> sure.
3:41 am
>> i used to have chef boy-ar-dee. we used to on sundays make pizza. >> i love the different combos you guys have. >> we have three different mushrooms. we have shitakes, pocicini and portabellos. we're going to scallion it up and hit it with fresh parmesan. >> you put it in the oven for how long? >> 550 degrees for probably about 6 minutes. >> what is the theory behind tossing the pizza? we want to get it bigger and -- >> we're going to go up and give it a little toss like
3:42 am
that. go as high as you can. >> you do what you can. >> that was up -- whose is higher? >> that's beautiful. >> if you get a hole, what do you do? >> pinch it. >> can't use that one now. >> all right. >> i'm going to start again. >> that's a problem. >> coming up next hour, brian sullivan from california pizza kitchen, thank you very much. >> while we're waiting for that to come on down we've got fun stuff coming up. right, brian? >> we've got a high school basketball team from an indiana town that continues to play on and inspire many despite not winning.
3:43 am
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[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® as small towns across the u.s. struggle with a poor economy, medora, indiana, is no exception. a documentary on their survival and their school's
3:47 am
high school varsity basketball team. >> i'll never lose faith new guys, no matter what you did. >> hopes and dreams, they can let you down. >> when you come out that locker room, be proud that you've got a hornets shirt on. >> we're joined by davey rothbar, codirector of the film "medora." and a graduate of the school. who brought you to this project? >> i heard about this story. we heard about dylan and teammates on the hornets. we grew up in ann arbor, michigan. you don't have to go far outside ann arbor to find towns like medora. when you see these guys
3:48 am
playing hoops, trying to win and have not won in a long time and see the courage and resilience, it is inspiring. we filmed dylan and his teammates and coach for a season. we got to learn about stories on and off the court. >> dylan tell me about playing basketball, why is it so important for you? >> for the team, because we went to a different school and we transferred to medora to help. when we got on the team we became family and stuff. >> how many games did you lose in a row? >> probably about, maybe 20 or so. >> what do you think your team meant to your town sph >> that is like the only thing they have there is like basketball and everybody comes to the games. >> i don't want to give away the ending, but they do get to win a game. you struggled during that game. why? >> when i'm watching these games, i have tears in my
3:49 am
eyes. tphraoeuplg -- i'm filming them, we want these kids to win so badly. we've fallen in love with them. when you see the film you fall in love with them too. it is hard to pay attension to the film when you're rooting for these kids to win. >> when people see you with the cameras around the town they ask you how the team is doing? >> we got to know -- they were so generous and welcoming and opened their lives up to us. when you see the documentary you see how intimate it is. >> your personal struggle on and off the court was you had the big struggle should i talk to my dad. you had been separated for awhile. during the film we find out what that is like. your family struggle off swell on; correct? >> um-hum. >> you saw the film? >> um-hum. >> what did you think?
3:50 am
>> even though it is not a great big movie, i thought it was pretty cool. >> you're one of the stars. dylan, thank you. davey. this movie comes out in new york november 8, los >> thank you guys for coming in. on this show, she grew up before our eyes. carissa explains it all. live in our studio revealing behind the camera details. ♪ ♪ the day we rescued riley, was a truly amazing day.
3:51 am
without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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3:54 am
she grew up right before our eyes. >> melissa joan hart in the popular series "melissa and joey" is revealing her hollywood experiences and her life growing up in a new book called" melissa explains it all, tales from my abnormally normal life," actress and now author melissa joan hart joins us live. good morning. >> good morning. >> i like how you talk about in the very beginning, you would go out on auditions and you had a lucky dress. >> i did. >> you were four. >> i had a lucky dress. it follows me around with me still. >> do you still have it? >> i meant to bring it along with me. it's this big. some day i hope to have a little girl to wear it. but yeah, i used to go on auditions with that dress and i get jobs. it seemed to work. >> the book is great. i love -- 'cause you are so normal and down-to-earth. you actually, for work, you travel with the whole family out
3:55 am
west. >> yes. >> you believe in keeping them together. >> i do. i try to keep them in connecticut because of the great school system. >> look at those kids of yours. >> i haven't seen them since yesterday. we try to stay together as much as possible. i do work on the west coast but live on the east coast. i love their life here and for them. we are picking up on friday and going to l.a. for five months to work on "melissa and joey." we stick together because it's getting harder and harder with school. >> is it getting harder the more successful you get? >> gosh. i think that just the bi-coastal thing is the hard part now. i think had i listened to my business manager and stayed in l.a., he said, you shouldn't leave. i'm like, no, i want this life for my kids. we made a commitment, my husband and i, to move to connecticut for our family. but then now as a family, of two keep going back. >> the great thing about the book is even though it talks about your abnormally normal life and it's good to seees in
3:56 am
the fact that you are the one able to reveal them. >> yeah. i mean, the thing is, i feel like -- people keep asking me how did you end up so normal? that's such a strange world. >> it's a compliment. >> you're not working at the grammies. >> absolutely. it means how did you not get so messed up. it's a very long answer. so i kind of wrote in the book -- i started at the beginning of my life and it ends around now when i had my baby tucker last year. so it just follows me through my life and the path i took and what i learned from my parents, the way i was raised and the people i surrounded myself with, my friends. i did speak in one chapter of my partying years, during my sabrina years, in college. it was a normal experience. >> we all have our sabrina years. steve is still in them. >> if i didn't have them, i wouldn't be normal. >> exactly. >> it's a great book. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> the name of the book is "melissa explains it at all
3:57 am
attention." >> thank you. >> it's a fact, the health care web site does not work. but the people behind it, let's just say their glass is half full. >> working, you thought the system, the aca is working? >> i think -- oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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4:00 am
save your coffee from the artificial stuff. ♪ switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. good morning. it's wednesday, october 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. all eyes on washington where hours will lawmakers will grill kathleen sebelius on the disastrous obamacare rollout. >> no wonder these two didn't look friendly. they're not. the russians happening out goody bags at the g-20 summit to spy on world leaders. that doesn't sound like the russians i know. >> famous foody guy fierie attacked by his hair stylist. the story behind the video. i wonder if we got that from tmz. "fox & friends" hour two from new york city starts right now.
4:01 am
>> it's time for "fox & friends." >> we will not have those numbers available to you. >> you got to wonder what the administration is thinking. they've locked themselves into the end of november to get the web site going. why would they do that? in the middle of november, we're expect to go see numbers, why would they do that on a date certain? >> i think they know everyone really doesn't depend on what they say anymore. >> s that gotten to that point? >> it has. sebelius will be forced to answer some questions about the failed obamacare rollout. she hasn't even sat down. she's already blaming the contractors. she's pointing that finger away. listen to this. >> yeah, she's going to say in prepared statements, she's going to say cms, the centers for medicare and medicaid services used private sector contractors just as it does to administer aspects of medicare. cms has a track record of successfully overseeing the many contractors our program depends on of the an evil subset may
4:02 am
have not met expectations. the problem and people in the i.t. world say, look, they had 55 different vendors, gigantic the way it all had to work. but rather than farm it out to have a professional manager, what the federal government did was instead, they said, you know what? we are smarter than them. we're going to manage it. also according to politico, what they say is hhs refused to bring in outside help to fix the site because they were worried that republicans were going to subpoena the new contractors and expose the site's problems and mismanagement. you got to figure that that line questioning will be directed at the secretary later today. >> so their priority is protecting their information rather than forgetting the american people's information that they're putting on there. they also did -- they seemed to refuse and i hope she answers this, why did you refuse the advice of the contractors at cgi
4:03 am
that said, quote, there is not enough time to schedule the adequate time for testing. >> that's the key. unless you want rhetoric, democrats saying you did a great job in an impossible situation and republicans going after her, questions like that have to be asked. you were told about this in july, why didn't you have lengthy test runs prior to this? but if you want to get a preview of what today would be like, you had to tune in yesterday when you had marilyn tavener, the administer for medicare and medicaid. she must be on a different planet. she was asked by congressman vern buchanan, basically how it's going. i can't believe what we heard back from marilyn. >> i think you said -- i'm trying to quote what you said -- you thought the system is work. did you say that, you thought the aca is working? >> i think we've seen a lot of improvements from the aca, yes, sir. >> let me tell you, it's a
4:04 am
public relations nightmare. i hope that you honestly don't feel that you think the system is working. this is just an incredibly bad rollout. there is a lot that needs to be done. i can't imagine how you can think that the system is work. >> how well is the system working? well, last night the information hub blacked out once again. account users couldn't log on to their accounts and if you were interested in opening an account, you could not do it. despite what the manager said, the system is down. look, they're working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. >> that's just the web system. what about the real system, the actual system of obamacare, as they put it in writing, they knew 40 to 67% of americans were going to lose their health care. >> i think it's almost comical that all of a sudden other networks are starting to look at obamacare and are shocked that it's not like the president promised. you have 14 million americans who buy insurance on the individual market also have
4:05 am
their policies canceled. major companies walking away from obamacare because it doesn't make financial sense. the president is on record at least 12 times, we caught him on tape saying publicly, if you have a plan, you'll be able to keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. what if your doctor leaves your business or not accepting your plan anymore? who is advising the president on that? and man, does he look like he's out of touch with the entire process. here is brit hume on beyond the web site. this program is in trouble. >> the value of the shadow of debt through which the president and his health care program are now traveling looks like it's going to continue for a while. it's not good either way. if you look at it he didn't know, there is a list of people as long as your arm who undoubtedly did. so if he didn't, that looks terrible. if he did know and i think suspicion is increasing in this town that he had to, that looks even worse.
4:06 am
so either way you slice it, this is ugly. >> so right now what's happening is the white house is trying to spin it, well, you know, all that stuff was right, but he probably should have had some caveats where he would have said you can keep your health care if it lives up to the new standards of the affordable care act. >> they're blaming the insurance companies. >> well, what they're doing is they're trying to spin themselves out of this hole that they have dug themselves into. they also said if you have a policy, you will be grandfathered in. but then a couple months later, what they did was changed the law. what's interesting is -- i think today with sebelius, we're going to see tough questions not only from republicans, but from democrats as well because the democrats have been pretty much hung out to dry. in the beginning, the whole thing with the web site, that caught them off guard. now with all these people who are facing cancellation, apparently the democrats want to defend it and they're trying to get information from the white house. the white house won't give them guidance on how they should spin themselves out of this hole.
4:07 am
>> they think they were going to be wrapped up by noon, they start at 9 a.m let's hope they use those four minutes wisely. send us, what would you ask sebelius based on how you've been affected. >> yeah. if we're not here, we're going to go on facebook this hour. so if you don't see us out on camera, we'll be back talking to you via the facebook. that's what the kids call it. i thought it was interesting in the "wall street journal" today, they cite insurance provider flax fellow blue, who are canceling 300,000 bare bones insurance policies. if the insurance companies walk away because they can't meet the standards of an act that was forced upon them, who is to blame? according to the administration, it's the insurance companies. >> that's the grand design of obamacare. to squeeze everyone out of their existing plan, to squeeze insurance companies so they have an option to cut and run from the american people and put everyone into the system. why? because everyone in the system who is there has to pay for it. so if you don't have anybody in the system, you got to get them in will. how? you squeeze them out of their
4:08 am
existing situation. >> where do they have to go? the new federal exchanges. and that perhaps will be the saving grace 'cause a lot of people can't get on-line. so they're waiting in line now. meanwhile, she's patiently waiting with a fist full of headlines. >> i'm waiting for you to solve the world's problems. i have some headlines. there was a blinding dust storm in arizona that led to a massive pileup that killed three people and injured a dozen more. this happened in arizona on interstate i 10 between phoenix and tucson. take a look at the mangled mess. 19 vehicles, including cars, trucks and even a motor home caught up in the mayhem. take a look. >> it was a chain reaction. that last tractor there was driving pretty fast. he just pushed everybody over into me off the side of the road. car after car, truck after truck, boom, boom, boom. >> that highway was closed for five hours. a north carolina sheriff is now seizing public records in
4:09 am
connection to the fair ride incident that injured five people last week. the state's labor department was served with a court order asking for all files on the vortex ride. also the man at the controls when that accident happened was back at the fairgrounds yesterday. he was talking with investigators. he is facing three felony charges accused of tampering with that ride. an update to bring you. police in colorado doubling the reward for the capture of the man who tried to snatch a little girl from her bedroom. $20,000 is now being offered in that case. the eight-year-old screamed for help and she was able to get away early monday morning when the intruder tried to grab her from her bedroom. police say that he drove off in a gray bmw sedan. police need your help there in colorado. guy fieri taking the heat out of the kitchen and putting it on the street. the whole thing caught on camera. look at this. >> (bleep) (bleep) (bleep)
4:10 am
(bleep). >> a whole lot of bleeps. that's because they were using some foul language we can't use on tv. but they're punching each other. the man he was so angry with was his hair stylist and you can see the stylist punching through the door of the suv, swearing at him and then guy going right back at him, kick at him. his rep says the guys were messing around and things got out of hand, but they're all good now. that never happens around here. >> we don't punch our hair stylist. that's one thing great about fox. >> no, we hug them. >> we also don't like spiky blond hair. so that's another advantage we have over guy fieri. >> there you go. i'm looking at "fox & friends" in-box for our regular e-mail. a number of you are wondering regarding kathleen sebelius
4:11 am
whether she'll take the fifth. >> we've seen that before. >> can you imagine? >> the lois lerner i plead the fifth and get paid to take the summer off? >> lois lerner did apologize for targeting conservatives and then she started taking the fifth. yesterday we had the cms administrator who apologized. i wonder if that's just to set the table for sebelius. keep those questions coming. they're good. coming up, russian operatives putting on a front to spy on the united states. what was really inside the goody bags they handed out at the g-20 summit? >> wait 'til you hear. and he promised you to keep your doctor. but the president's word proving to be no good. is his broken promise the point of in return? we'll take a look back in history as we roll on live from new york city. ♪
4:12 am
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4:15 am
if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. this law will only make it more secure and more affordable. >> that was just one of the times the president has said most americans learning the hard way that he couldn't possibly be telling the truth as we find out more and more about obamacare, as more and more people actually lose the coverage they were promise to do hold on to. with this new broken promise to the american people, has the president reached the point of no return to this point? nothing has stuck. he went through three scandals at the same time and got through it fine. let's ask presidential historian and author, jail hampton cook. jane, this is a big turning point for president or a bump in the road? >> i think it's a turning point because the l.a. times over the weekend reported that a woman
4:16 am
whose health insurance is increasing by 50% said i was all for obamacare until i found out that i was paying for it. so i think the difference here is that people who supported president obama and obamacare are starting to feel that he's broken a promise to them. that's a real dangerous point for a president, when some of your supporters are starting to turn on your policy. >> being an historian like you are, certain things stand out from other presidents. for example, president carter malaise speech, where he talked about our country plateauing. >> that's right. it was called the crisis imcompetence speech and it was a down. i counted one time, he beat his fist on the desk more than 30 times. it was such a downbeat speech, there was very little optimism. people elected jimmy carter because he could feel their pain and also share their dream. there was no dream sharing in that speech and it was a turning point for him. >> it was a turning point, so was he going to turn it around or was he going to go down the
4:17 am
hostage crisis, did away with that. you pointed to gerald ford making an important speech that boomeranged. when he said our long national nightmare is over. >> yes. when he took the oath of office, when nixon resigned, he said, the long national nightmare is over. and then a month later, he pardoned nixon, which forwarded that policy, that idea. but a lot of americans felt nixon didn't get enough accountability, that he should have gone through some sort of judicial process or some sort of investigation. ford was just trying to put it behind americans, but a lot of americans felt there was some injustice there. >> you look at george bush's iraq policy. after the successful invasion, what happened after wasn't going well. in 2006, and a lot of people who supported the war started turning on president bush and the war. but it forced a policy change and that was the surge. >> that's right. the democrats ran in the 2006
4:18 am
mid terms on anti-iraq policy and won. president bush, though, took that and he changed the strategy. he invited people to come talk to him in december of 2006, people from the state department, military advisors and implemented the surge in january of 2007. so he used it and showed that he was going to change and alter his policy. >> reporter: the year is 1968. lbj comes forward with a speech about vietnam. says we reached a point of no return. >> that's right. lbj resigned -- i'm sorry. he did not resign. he chose not to run again in 1968 because the policy in vietnam just wasn't going well. he couldn't get the north vietnamese to the peace table like he wanted. it was a broken promise to a lot of people. sew just chose not to -- so he just chose not to run again. >> you bring up james madison's war policy in the war of 1812. he ends up outside on a horse by
4:19 am
himself while they burn all of washington. he was too fixated on canada and not defending the capitol against the british. >> that's right. i wrote about that in "american phoenix," that he had a point of no return in his presidency, meaning the british burned the u.s. capitol and the white house. but madison did turn it around and he became a much more decisive leader in the months immediately after that. he had been rather detached. it will be interesting to see what president obama does. if he follows madison's model and gets more engaged. >> yeah. madison made a personal contact changed the way history looked at him. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> straight ahead on our show, and we have a lot more show, just when you that the the irs scandal could not get any worse, taxpayers, well, you're about to get the bill for all of that. and you know him best for his role as the psych on "l.a. law" and his next role, he's spreading a message of faith.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
time for news by the numbers. first, 19 bucks. that's how much social security benefit payments are expected to go up. nineteen dollars. it's the tiniest increase since 1975. great. next, 200 bucks. that's the hourly rate for the irs's legal fees. a federal lawsuit filed against the agency claims it unfairly targeted the tea party for extra screening as part of the tax exempt status application that they made. finally, 300 million. that's the undersupply of cases of wine the industry is facing this year.
4:24 am
according to morgan stanley research, that sounds like a great job -- the problem is only going to get worse. last year global supply for wine barely exceeded demand. this year, it's much different. in the new faith-based film "beyond the heaven," a 12-year-old boy is caught in the tug of war between the mental of science and the message of christianity. >> the other stuff, maybe not so real. >> like what? >> i don't know. like stuff we learn in church, kind of wonder what role god plays in all this, if any. >> i think it would be early to take that leap. >> do you think god had something to do with it? >> wow. car bin bernsen stars in the film as the young boy's father and joins us this morning. welcome back to the couch. >> good to see you. >> we got a new couch for you.
4:25 am
>> i know. it used to be in that direction. >> it was over that. >> yeah. >> i love that clip. >> thank you. >> it was great because i think it's so real and so relatable. what was your goal with it? >> my mother, who is on "the young and the restless" for 40 years and passed away this year, she always taught me to look at things from all sides. don't accept what anybody says, don't become this or that because you've been told to. create your own relationship. investigate. go in. challenge, debate. we were talking earlier, people say, oh, how could you go do this show, it's so conservative. i said you know, let's look at things from all sides. let's not end the debate with what we think. she encouraged me to do that. the story of this, i've been making faith-based movies. i think it's important to reintroduce that into a community. that's just my thing. and one of the biggest things is science and faith. what role does god play? i think they do work hand in hand. i think ultimately for me, there
4:26 am
is a faith that sort of pulls us through it all. but really this is a movie about exploration and encouraging people to explore. >> i love the fact that the kid is looking to -- that's a teacher, right? >> right. >> for some answers and the kid seems to have more answers than the teacher. but you know how schools work. in many cases, they're trying to scrub god completely out of them. >> well, in this case this teacher is the atheist, but he has -- if you see the film, he says i have a nagging thorn in my side. he has that little piece of doubt that won't quite let him fully believe what he believes. but i put it out there very clear. i don't say hey, it's all god, it's all faith. in the middle of this movie, the boy says there is no kind of need for a god. >> why did you want to be in control of this and direct it? >> i've been here on the show several years.
4:27 am
always is. i worked, acted, said the words of other people. i knew there would be a time in my life -- i'm 59 now. my mother passed recently. my father is gone. i have four sons i'm delivering into this world and my mother always talks about truth and i have to speak truth. i just have to speak truth. that doesn't mean i'm right or you're right or they're right. but speak a personal truth. create a personal relationship with that which i feel, put it out there and it's for people to explore. >> your mom pretty proud of you? >> yeah. >> she enjoy your success? >> she did. it's interesting, now i still -- i can hear her looking over me. i had someone last night on facebook say, how can you go on "fox & friends"? your mother would never like that show. >> your mother has been on the show. >> i went back and said, are you out of your mind? first off, how dare you tell me what my mother would like. i think she more proud than ever
4:28 am
and it's interesting that this is coming to me after my parents are passed, after my mother is gone. so they don't get to be here. now it's really me. it's not like mom, what do you think? >> you're on your own now. >> i go to my wife and kids and i try to get support. but sometimes they don't get. >> not totally on your own. >> yes. >> at least on her birthday. >> i did. her birthday was october 25, a couple days ago. with the small movies that are streaming, you can google my name, it's very hard, we don't get the big premiere. i released on her birthday and that at least got us a hook to get it out there. and the dedication to her. >> it's appropriately titled "i don't understand the heavens." so we are look for a movie to watch. check it out. always a pleasure. >> great to be here always. >> thank you very much. >> and cool jacket. just my opinion. >> it is a cool jacket.
4:29 am
>> yeah. it's debatable. >> it's a big star jacket. >> we're coming up on half past the top of the hour on this wednesday. coming up, new york city's top cop boo'd off stage. heckling ray kelly. wait until you hear why and where that happened. >> got to be embarrassed, students at brown. >> then this guy might just be able to find a new gig dancing. that is what this inspired performance is all about on the showroom floor. ♪
4:30 am
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♪ it's a bird. it's a plane. it's a witch? just in time for halloween. it's a witch on a broom stick soaring through the california skies. >> just the right time of day. >> what a nice sight. >> and this is from the witch's creator, check out this life size radio control superman. remember that? this is from january when the guy who designed this impresssive model joined us live on "fox & friends." >> it's not the producers of "bubble boy"? remember him? >> sure. no. >> "bubble boy" was a different story.
4:34 am
>> you would hope they would wrap the balloon boy in bubble wrap. >> yeah. >> those are spooky aero dynamic. we've got some headlines on this wednesday morning. >> i got something on that. remember bubble boy? that was john travolta. >> what happened is he hopped on that horse at the end and we never saw john travolta again. we don't know if he survived. that was it. i don't know if they ran out of time or the local news was coming in, but we never got the next episode. if there isn't a cry for "bubble boy 2", i mean, we have porky 6, but no" bubble boy 2". incredible. what happened to bubble boy? more on that later. >> i got work to do here. serious news. authorities in nashville are trying to determine how a deadly plane crash at the airport went unnoticed for hours and hours.
4:35 am
an engine cover was eventually spotted on the runway long after a single engine cessna burst into flames early yesterday morning and killing that pilot on board. according to the faa, there was low visibility at the time and also fog during that crash. that's why nobody saw it. new york city's top cop was boo'd off stage during a speaking engagement at brown university. nypd commissioner ray kelly arrived there to discuss the stop and frisk policy. that's when unruly students who were unhappy with the topic forced him to cancel. listen to this. >> you let him speak and you make your comments as part of the question and answer part of this program. >> we're asking to stop frisking people! >> kelly reportedly told the crowd, quote, i thought this was the academy where we're supposed to have free speech. >> $65,000 to scream him off the stage. >> another story, a cheerleading
4:36 am
squad plans for a national competition squashed when the epa shuts down their fundraising car wash, claiming it hurt the environment and now the team can't raise the money to go to the national competition. one of those cheerleaders joined us earlier in the show. >> i am really disappointed because as a cheerleader, cheering for football and basketball, that's what we work towards. we go to practice and practice three hours a day, three days a week and plus games and then that's just our main goal. that's where we want to go. >> all right. listen to this, according to the epa, quote, anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant. if it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife or habitat in the creeks. i guess we can't wash our dogs outside anymore? all right. explain that one. listen to the commentary over here. that's great. final story for you, if selling cars doesn't work out for this guy, he may have a career in
4:37 am
dancing. check this out. ♪ >> look at that butt right there. those move are going viral. the description implies it was for a commercial, if that's their way of selling cars, they're bound to draw quite a crowd. the video has had more than 140,000 views. that was down in alabama, i believe. it's kind of like a twerk, but with a little moon walk type thing. >> excuse me, sir, i would just like to know the sticker price on that impala outside. >> he's like, one more, right after the worm. >> and everybody else is cheering for him. >> i love it. >> thank you very much. >> see you guys later. let me tell you right now what's happening in sports. the nba season is officially tipped offment we head to the west coast, the battle of los angeles, the clippers have the superior talent.
4:38 am
but in the end, with kobe bryant out, it was the lakers that prevail. their bench came off very strong. scoring 76 points. the lakers win 117-103. rivers' debut, not so good. could this be a bad omen for the cardinals? they had to sit at the airport for nearly six hours while their plane had mechanical issues. now they're in boston ready to play your red sox, elisabeth. i look at you longingly. and they better be ready to put on a show because the fans are paying. the average resale, the highest in world series history, $1,800. rocketing to as high as 1200 apiece. game 6 -- 12,000 apiece. game 6 is tonight at 8:00 o'clock. better late than never. nfl hall of famer super bowl ring has been returned to him after 21 years after it was stolen. >> it was amazing.
4:39 am
i had given up all hope of ever seeing that ring again. so it was pretty special. >> he had a ring stolen 21 years ago. last month he got a phone call from someone saying he had a ring. he wanted $40,000 for it. he tracked the man down and three people were arrested in connection with the theft and hold up. tomorrow may be halloween, but maria molina had us scared last weekend. we were talking about this zombie and i was too afraid to go. how was it in. >> that's right. one of my favorite tv shows is "the walking dead" and this weekend i got the chance to experience my own zombie apocalypse. take a look. like a scene out of "the walking dead," hundreds of humans came to brooklyn on saturday morning and transformed into zombies. >> you will start right down here and zone by zone, you will encounter different zombie groups. get through the course with a
4:40 am
flag you and get a medal and t-shirt that says i survived. >> it's the run for your life 5 k. participants either signed up to be zombies or runners. admission is if you can survive a 5 k obstacle course without losing their life or flag. the race is a rags to riches story of two military members who turn what began as a struggling apparel company into a nationwide success. and although i signed up to run for my life, i still wanted to see what i would look like if i were a zombie. >> first we have to do the foundation to kind of pale them out. then we do shading to kind of give you that gaunt appearance, sunken eyes. then we do smattering to give different effect for skin tones, blood splatter. there is blood that we just put in the wounds. >> now it's time for the race.
4:41 am
♪ ♪ >> maria, job well done. if you get to the finish line but don't have any flags left, what happens? >> then you're infected. >> you still get a medal. >> but all for a great cause, right? >> yeah. all for a great cause. 'cause run for your life benefits the kennedy krieger institute which helps children with brain injuries and disorders and for more information, go to
4:42 am >> you're not really infected. >> i survived. >> you survived. >> job well done. and you said it was all hard because you would have to run and you would see the guy who is going to pull your flag. >> when you run a regular 5 k, you kind of keep a pace that you know you're okay with. >> for your own life. >> when you're sprinting away from zombies, you get off pace. >> you're even attractive as a zombie. >> thank you. >> someone who was pale. >> pretty zombie. >> i told them to not make me too ugly. >> that would be impossible to make you ugly. thanks. we told you how to handle those outrageous debt collectors yesterday. this morning how you can turn them into your friends. get that. >> i have enough friends. and the timing is right. bob barker making a television return. >> hello, bob. the trivia question of the day, born on this day in 1945, this actor is best known as the fonz.
4:43 am
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design a personalized plan that can help you achieve your investment goals. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >> the law is on your side. yesterday we told you how to handle those aggressive debt collectors, but did you know you can actually turn them into your pals? here to explain is fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> we're not overstating it. yes, turn them into your pals. know who you're dealing with in dealing with debt collectors. it's really important. number one, consider working with the original creditor or credit counseling agency when you've got a really tough debt. but also know that debt collectors have time limits. so they want to work out a deal just as much as you do, or
4:47 am
potentially they can lose a commission. finally, with regard to knowing the deal, there is a three to ten-year statute of limitations, depending upon the state you're in. meaning that they can't collect a debt that's too old. >> that's interesting. once upon a time, i guess we didn't pay a doctor bill or something like that, got a call from a debt collection agency and they said, you owe some money and send it to us. i said, can't i just pay the doctor? >> yes, you can pay the doctor. and you can work out a deal with the doctor, absolutely. you can go back to the original creditor. sometimes even when it's gone out to the debt collector 'cause as i said, they have it a limited time. if they don't collect it, they're going to be sent to another debt collector. >> then, when do you make a deal? >> some people say -- though it's a little bit of a mystery and now this is a highly federally regulated area -- think about calling around the last week of a month, when a collector's monthly goals may not be meeting expectations.
4:48 am
it's kind of similar to going to buy a car. sometimes if you know when they're quota period is up, then maybe you can make a better deal. the important thing, though, is to speak, is to not hide. if they get abusive, if they insult you, if they harass you, if they threaten you with criminal action, then report them. shut them down. tell them don't be sending these letters to me. >> toward the end of the month, they could be motivated like a car dealer. how do you make the deal? >> it's like any other deal. one of the best deal makers i know in the world is donald trump, the art of the deal. you can make a deal with anyone. begin by offering a a fraction of the amount. if you don't believe that money is really owing, if you believe that you can't pay it and that you're going to suffer bankruptcy as a result of it, try and make a deal because the debt collector would rather have a percentage than nothing if you go into bankruptcy. you may, in fact, be able to settle a debt between 50 or 60
4:49 am
or 70% of the actual debt. then it's really important. am i going to pay a lump sum or monthly installments? know this, don't pay more than you can afford and also know that you can extend the statute of limitations by paying the debt, meaning that if there is only three years in which to collect a debt, once you make a payment, that may, under state law, extend their time to collect it and then if you don't pay that, then it leads to other problems with more debt collectors going forward. >> speaking of problems, if you have a complaint, what do you do? >> if off complaint, there is a couple different organizations that regulate it. but this is the easiest way. go to you can file a complaint there. you can also go to a lawyer if it gets abusive or harassing. there is an ability to sue in the united states. and know what's happening with your credit. this is free in america. this is free in america.
4:50 am
go to you can get a free credit report annually with every one of the rating agencies by calling that number or going to the web site. it's a huge, huge tool. know where you stand in terms of these debts and what they've said about you, whether you've cleared them up or not. >> very helpful. i think you helped a lot of people today. >> make the debt collector your best friend. it can be done. just speak. >> that's all you got to do. >> don't hide. >> thank you, sir. coming up, her husband tracks her every move with a smart phone app. is that normal or is that nuts is this dr. keith ablow an opinion. then pope francis gets a mass crasher, a little boy taking over on stage. even candy can't lure him off and away from the pontiff. ♪
4:51 am
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welcome back. we have the answer to the aflac question of the day. it's sendry winkler and our winner is rose mary from kansas. you'll be getting a copy of brian's new book "george washington's secret six". who is normal and ho is nuts? it's a question we all ask ourselves once in a while. it's a question dr. keith ablow answers every week for us. he joins us now from bean town. boston will be a big night tonight, i think. >> it should be a big celebration. i've got my fingers crossed. >> i'm nuts about the red sox. thanks for being with us. we have an e-mail coming in right now. normal or nuts?
4:55 am
my husband has been retired for three years. over the last six months he has become very animated when he drinks. sometimes he's angry and starts kicking. i'm scared i might get punched. nor -- normal or nuts? >> it's not nuts. it's normal, but her husband is angry and he's not expressing these feelings during the day and she better help him get to a counselor to express them in some way other than a vicious right hook because she can get knocked out in her sleep. so there is an answer to this, but it isn't to just let it go on. >> okay. good advice there. we have another one coming in. my sister-in-law throws a birthday party for her son every year. he died 30 years ago. is this normal or nuts? >> well, it's a horrific tragedy. it would be normal to grieve for a lifetime, but it's nuts to have this event every year. somebody has to tell this woman and i'd suggest it's the person asking the question. let her know that this is
4:56 am
unresolved grief. she, too, needs help. >> it might be a tough discussion to have, but good advice there. my husband tracks me with the find my phone app. he checks my location throughout the day and calls me to see if i'm doing what i'm doing if i go out. he's furious with me for changing the phone account to my name so he can no longer track me. normal or nuts? >> this is true love. no. it's nuts! he's gone. he's a lunatic. listen, told him he either stops tracking you or he can get lost and you don't care where he is on gps. control and paranoia do not equal love. >> okay. dr. ablow, we love having you here. have fun in boston tonight's. it will be a wild one. >> i hope so. >> up next, will kathleen sebelius finally in the hot seat coming up at 9:00 o'clock. what will she be asked about the nightmare of the obama rollout? the man leading the questions, congressman fred upton joins us at the top of the hour. plus, get ready to take a walk on the wild side.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
check your credit score, check your credit repo, at america's numb one provider of online credit rorts and scores. don't take chances. go to good morning. it's wednesday, october 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. all eyes on washington this morning. just about one hour from now, secretary of health and human service, kathleen sebelius, will be grilled on capitol hill. are we already ready to know what she's going to say? we're not sure. will she be pointing the finger? we will find out. yep. and no wonder these two don't look very friendly. the russians as it turns out issues handed out goody bags at the g-20 summit and inside the goody bags, things to spy on world leaders. wait 'til you hear this. who is this kid? pope francis mass, crashed by a curious child there. he's up there making a scene of the he doesn't leave him.
5:01 am
and you know what? candy didn't lure him in. didn't lure him out. he wanted to be next to the pope. the pope seemed perfectly happy with him right there. "fox & friends" -- i hope you're perfectly happy being right with us because we start our final hour right now. >> hi, this is henry winkler. you're watching "fox & friends." >> happy birthday, henry winkler. he is the answer to our aflac trivia question today. >> make him happy, buy a reverse mortgage. >> he sells a lot of stuff. >> by the way, the pope with the kid walking around, some people think, oh, he's not in touch with the kids. i honestly think that's how most moms handle things. you're on the phone and your kids are wondering around. >> just let him go. >> did you see at the end, i don't know if you saw it on the video 'cause i was busy attempting to read, he holds him on his hip, like hold him and pats him on top of the head and continues to talk. >> that's terrific. we'll tell you what we know about that kid and the story in a moment. but in the meantime, more
5:02 am
trouble. >> that's right. the problems with obamacare, they don't stop. another outage now plaguing the web site. kathleen sebelius about to face tough questions. will we get answers? elizabeth prann is live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. that glitch that you're talking about is the second one they've experienced in about three days. the government's data hub experiencing an outage last night. this time hitting the connecticut state's health care exchange. hack cess health ct. the state-run system has a particular application feature that does link up to the federal site which verifies a person's identity and that is the server which continues to fail. that requirement, among other failing steps, are included to complete the sign-up process. a spokesperson sending a release last night still encouraging folks to browse. she writes in part: connecticut consumers can continue to create accounts as well as shop for anonymously for pricing comparisons. as soon as the issue is resolved
5:03 am
by the federal system, access health ct will provide a follow-up notification. verizon, the data hub operator, said it was conducting maintenance on the system just days ago, the same provider did suffer another network failure. lawmakers are bringing attention to the fact that the rollout just continues to disappoint. >> this initial experience has not lived up to our expectations or the expectations of the american people and are just not acceptable. >> there is a disaster of a rollout that's occurring. not a hiccup, because disaster of a rollout that's occurring. >> about nine hours ago, a post on the facebook page asked people to, quote, hang in there. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. >> what choice do we have? leave the country? >> pay the fine. >> right. >> so while kathleen sebelius goes up to capitol hill, it will be interesting because you know what -- there she is right there -- while she's up on capitol hill, our president is actually going to massachusetts, of all states.
5:04 am
>> he's going to the red sox game? >> no, the president is going to massachusetts to point out to the folks out there and across the country the positive effects of the health care system in massachusetts, which the u.s., affordable care act was patterned after. how ironic. it really works great in massachusetts. i bet he doesn't mention oh, by the way, this is the plan mitt romney was pushing. >> the irony is laughable. >> no kidding. >> here is the deal right now, you have the problem with the web site, that's issue number one. issue two is the fact that the president over and over again continued to say if you want your plan, you can keep your plan. 1.4 million people, up to 14 million, will not be able to keep their plan. those in the private sector will not be able to keep their plan. those people in the l.a. times, are saying, wow. white house officials privately are saying they wish the president left them some wiggle room.
5:05 am
really? so cnn is now doing an expose. nbc is break stories on this. as if obamacare was hatched on sunday and they're realizing now what's inside it. >> right. like a sudden sticker shock is now plaguing the nation. certainly for americans and mainstream media just happens to be shocked by it as well. >> sure. >> jay carney is like wrestling cats, as they say. they used to want to focus on ed henry. now you have every reporter putting up their hand and you can't say, well, fox, the people at fox. now he's got to play it straight and answer these questions. and the president's going to have trouble shaking his repeated statements about keeping their plan. because the people he wrote were grandfathered into the plan, you can't force an insurance company to continue to insure someone if their math doesn't add up. >> because they squeezed the language in there with obamacare, whereas before they say, you could keep your insurance. no one will have to get out of it. they have to keep you. well, no, there is language in there that says if they even change their co-pay to $5 more,
5:06 am
they can drop you. >> they're out. >> that's what's happening. >> a total escape from responsibility here in terms of keeping those that are insured and we're going to maybe hear some answers from kathleen sebelius. who knows? those that are going to question her, four minutes apiece, to three some questions at her, right, steve? >> that's right. yesterday, a preview of coming attractions, we had the administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services, marilyn tavenor in the hot seat. all they wanted to know -- it was a simple question of that woman right there. how many people have signed up? it is a simple number. remember, we're at the end of the month. we should know how many signed up in october. listen to this. she is a broken record. >> we will not have those numbers available 'til mid november. we will have those numbers available mid november. we will have those numbers available mid november. we will get those numbers in mid november. we will have those numbers available in mid november. we will also have that information available in mid november as well.
5:07 am
>> before mid november. on monday, republicans are going to introduce the bill that would authorize insurance carriers to continue the policies -- if you got one right now, it's not going to get canceled. so the republicans are going to try to push that through congress. >> fred upton is leading that. it's his plan. >> we'll talk to him about that in five minute. >> here is the other thing. sebelius will get her wish, she's not a computer expert. she said, i didn't set up the plan. she's going to blame private sector. that's fine of the so get past that and let's get into the plan. let's find out what she changed after it passed and let's find out why the president said what he said and why so many people are going to be paying higher premiums against their will, if that's okay with you. >> why weren't more contractors looked at, right? >> there was one bid. >> exactly. we're finding out now that the company behind has ties to the first lady. and they actually campaigned.
5:08 am
the senior vice president at cgi federal was a princeton classmate apparently of the first lady. and she also, as reported by the daily caller, funded the campaign. $500 in 2011. >> she was a supporter. >> 1,000 to the obama victory. >> it's curious, but i'm sure it's a coincidence. a lot of people have donated to the obamas and just the fact that that web site, she works for it -- >> they both went to princeton. >> coincidence. anyway, it will be a big doings on capitol hill. kicks off one hour from now here on the fox news channel and we will have it live. in the meantime, some headlines with heather. >> good morning to you. got other stuff to bring you. a blinding dust storm leads to a massive pileup, killing three people and injuring a dozen more. this happened in arizona on interstate i-10 between phoenix. take a look at this. a real mangled mess, as you can see. 19 vehicles, including cars, trucks and even a motor home
5:09 am
were caught up in the mayhem. >> it was a chain reaction. that last tractor was driving pretty fast. and he just pushed everybody over into me off the side of the road. car after car, truck after truck, boom, boom, boom. >> how terrifying that would be to be caught up in that. that highway was closed for five hours. a north carolina sheriff is now seizing public records in connection to the fair ride incident that injured five people last week. the state's labor department served with a court order asking for all the files on the vortex ride. the man who was at the controls when the accident happened was back at the fairgrounds with his attorney yesterday and they were talking with investigators. he's now facing three felony charges. he's accused of tampering with that ride. an update now. police in colorado are doubling the reward for the capture of the guy who tried to snatch a little girl from her bedroom. $20,000 is now being offered in that case. the eight-year-old girl screamed
5:10 am
for help and she was able to get away early monday morning when that intruder tried to grab her from her room. police say he drove off in a gray bmw sedan. police need your help in colorado. this is perhaps my favorite story of the day. pope francis made a new friend while speaking at the vatican. look at this little boy. he's dressed in yellow and he made his way up to the altar to get a closer look at the upon active. the boy hugged him and then he tugged on his robe while pope francis spoke to the crowd there. a monsignor tried to bribe him with candy and get him to head back to the steps to sit down. the boy then -- had is a typical little boy. he took the candy and refused to leave. those are your headlines at this hour. how sweet is that. >> i love it. >> the way he hugs his leg and the pope -- >> quite a few people tried to get the little boy to sit down. he appeared to be about six years old. but the pontiff had a good time with it. he seemed comfortable waving, that little boy. >> he even sat in his seat. he sat down on the pontiff's
5:11 am
seat. >> i'll see new a bit. >> thanks. remember this story last year, u.s. olympic uniforms made in china? today that story is back. you think they learned their lesson? they did. and news breaking just moments ago, president obama bumped from the top spot of the world's most powerful people. he's number two. who is numero uno. find out as we continue live from new york city and washington, d.c we'll be right back good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
5:12 am
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5:14 am
today finally, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will answer
5:15 am
questions about the disasterous obamacare rollout and the plan as it's becoming exposed. what can we expect to hear? >> according to her prepared remarks, more of the same. she plans to point the finger at the contractors that they hired. joining us from -- that's part of her statement. joinings from capitol hill is congressman and the chairman of the house energy and commerce committee, fred upton. good morning to you. >> it's still fred, good morning. >> fred, good morning to you. we've already heard, she's going to blame the contractors. don't blame me. blame them! >> you know, the contractors told us last week that, in fact, they had the number of people who had enrolled. so there is no reason for this, the most transparent administration in history, according to them, for them not to share those numbers with us. one of the things that we're very concerned about is more people have received a cancellation notice than have actually signed up for the affordable care act or obamacare. >> what number do you have on the cancellation?
5:16 am
we hear it's in the millions. >> well, i think it is probably in the millions. it's certainly in the hundreds of thousands. i know that every one of us on the committee has heard from people who have been told in a letter that their policy is canceled. i introduced legislation earlier this week that we hope to have on the floor soon, co-sponsored by more than 50 folks that says if you had a plan, you will be grandfathered. we'll keep the president's pledge. if you had a plan in january of this year, you don't have to be canceled. you can have it throughout next year, too. >> sure. fred, so many americans were just shocked when they discovered in the last 48 hours that they got the cannulation notices because the president was very clear. if you like your doctor, you can keep him. as it turns out now, that looks like a lie. >> and when they try to sign up for this, if they're finally able to and the web site was shut down again yesterday as it was, monday as it was, over the weekend, they're finding their premium increases are as much as
5:17 am
100%, even 400% increases and the deductibles are going up in the thousands of dollars as well. that's not keeping the pledge if you like on ad your health insurance, you can keep it. >> you're drilling down on this, chairman. you want to find out today who changed what. what's your question? >> why did they make these regulatory changes? who decided to do that? and did they tell the president. >> the plan that passed changed after it passed? >> it did. when it was signed into law on march 23rd, 2010, it grandfathered existing individual plans. later in the summer, i want to say july -- a regulation was changed that, in fact, they knew would undermine probably as much as 50, maybe even 60% of the individual plans. yet the president was still out on the trail saying look, if you like your health insurance, you
5:18 am
can keep it. we know that's not true for hundreds of thousands of americans who are going to the mailbox and finding that cancellation notice. last week, the week before, next week, it's not a good thing. >> yeah. fred, do you worry that part of the grand plan -- and i know you guys on the republican side weren't in on it -- was to get a bunch of these low cost insurance policy holders, force them through cancellation into the public exchanges so that the affordable care act will be a success? >> that could be. we've had a dozen oversight hearings on this. it all started when, of course, they assured us, they looked us in the eye and said, you know what, the rollout is going to work just fine. but of course, as we've learned, they've got so many subcontractors, they never tested line from one end to the other until a week or two prior to october 1 and the system crashed, as it is still doing.
5:19 am
a pretty disastrous start, to say the least. >> for those who say this is exactly like the prescription plan the president bush put forward, what did you say to that? >> well, there is one big difference: the prescription drug plan, which i voted for, allows for choice. you're not forced into something if you don't want it. dozens of plans are available in most states. individuals as their health needs change, they can change from one plan to another. and they're not forced to participate as they are -- actually not only forced into this plan, you're actually fined if you don't sign up. how is that an american idea? >> good point. i'm sure you got lots of good questions on both sides of the aisle. >> i wish i had more than four minutes. >> no kidding. fred upton, the chairman of the house energy and commerce committee, he'll be presiding 40 minutes from now on capitol hill. congressman, thank you. >> thanks. >> the world will be watching. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, this politician wore an american flag pin for
5:20 am
his official portrait. but somebody thought that flag pin too political. so they cropped it out? we're going to tell you the story. >> get ready to take a walk on the wide side. the animals from the san diego zoo taking over our studio. so a lot of kids are going to the zoo and having nothing to look at in san diego. >> right now this really is the fox news channel at fox. ♪ stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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welcome back. a quick check of your headlines now. the white house may have missed a chance to nab a benghazi terrorist in libya. in two raids earlier this month, they caught a former al-qaeda operative. they were poised for a third raid, but the white house was too nervous about how the libyan people would react to get the go
5:24 am
ahead. uniforms for our athletes in the 2014 winter olympics are all american made. designer ralph lauren says he's teamed up with more than 40 vendors from across the united states to get it right this time. the label faced controversy after several uniforms for the 2012 games were made in china. >> that was embarrassing. >> that is settled. >> they picked it. meanwhile, some of nature's wildest animals have found a home at the san diego zoo. >> they're temporarily with us. this morning the zoo comes to you. yep. am i right, elisabeth? >> that's right. joining us now with some special guests is the global ambassador for the san diego zoo. welcome. >> thank you. >> is this a eagle? >> a bald eagle. the great story about the bald eagle. this is thunder. thunder is with us because, unfortunately, he's had challenges in the wild and could not be rabbited to be released. the ultimate goal when we receive damaged birds or animals
5:25 am
is send them back to the wild. he was not safe to be released. >> he's happy with us! >> the great story about bald eagles in general is that one time they were a critically endangered species. we almost lost them and it's our national symbol. but because of slight changes in our behavior, nothing drastic, nothing major, just change a few things on how we deal with pesticides, they're now off the endangered species list. he's well trained to hang out with the glove here. we have tresses on him. we do fly him short distances. >> that's a beautiful animal. >> let me get this guy over here . >> the eagle is a predator that eats small animals. the little gray fox, great for being on "fox & friends." we thought it would be good to have force. he's a gray fox. notice how he looks around
5:26 am
constantly. >> he's shaking. >> for good reason. in the wild, this is the smallest carnivore in the neighborhood. >> is that right? >> when you're the smallest carnivore, the wolves, mountain lions, all want a piece of you. >> why don't they make good pets? >> the main reason is because although when they're young, with most animals, they do behave like a puppy or kitten. in adulthood, that's when the maturity comes in, they want to establish their own territory and become aggressive in the homes. domestic cats and dogs are bred not to behave that way. >> they have a cat quality. >> they're known as the -- they have hooked claw, climb trees incredibly well. >> the fox is hogging the segment. >> okay. >> rightly so, right. >> here, kitty, kitty. >> oh, my goodness. >> this five-month-old lynx. a five-year-old, they get up to 60 pounds. >> he's growling.
5:27 am
to 60 pounds. size of the paws. the large feet are there, even as adults because they live in the snowy regions. we have another cat coming out soon, the african cat, in the grass lands, doesn't need the large feet. we have gave coming in. >> what a pretty animal. >> you can seat difference. we talked about the big feet and growing into the big feet. we've got the giant ears and they're always there for him simply because they are listening for birds flying. >> these guys aren't friends, i'm taking it. >> they are. they actually are friends. but they play so rough, unfortunately, it doesn't make for good tv. but they do get along. >> are you kidding? >> he ate pizza from the first hour. >> the difference in the cats is this one being the northern
5:28 am
hemisphere. be this guy leap -- this guy leaps and pounces on the ground. >> did you bring toucan? >> it's bill. >> bring bill out. >> does bill know we're on live television? >> usually we don't like bills. >> toss it up and he'll catch it >> make eye contact. just a blueberry. >> one more. he's not even trying now. he's had too much breakfast. >> i love the fact that the actual shnoz is the languagest thing on the bird. >> is it me? is it something i said? >> come on, big guy. >> the beak isn't solid. it's as long as the body is.
5:29 am
it's very lightweight, made of the same protein as your fingernails and hair. >> if people want more information about the san diego zoo? >> san, whether you want to learn more about conservation of animals or visit us. >> you'll be around for the after the show show along with the critters. >> thank you so much. coming up, he claims he can talk to dead people. >> there is an orb in the picture with my dog and it's with my two children. >> i would like to validate that orb being your dad. >> this morning john edwards stops by our curvy couch to talk ghosts. >> do you believe in them? we're going to find out from him, if he does. new york city's top cop, ray kelly, credited with making huge progress in preventing crime in new york city. so why did a group of liberal students sabotage his high profile speech? that's coming up next as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way,
5:30 am
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despite the fact that president obama has been saying that no one would lose their health care plan, now the white house has admitted, in fact, many, many people will lose their plan. there is a way you can keep the great coverage you have. just become a member of congress. then the taxpayers pay for the whole thing. fantastic. >> it's when the set-up is the joke. >> the big hearings start on capitol hill about a half hour from now. you'll see it right here on the fox news channel. >> let me tell what you else is happening. do you remember this horrifying
5:34 am
video of general petraeus walk to go his first day of class as they began to scream at him? yesterday ray kelly was asked to speak at brown university to a group of students who are supposed to be the best of the best. he wanted to talk about the antiterrorism tactics and fighting crime in new york city. not only was he not embraced, he had to leave. they boo'd him off the stage. he took himself away from work to go address these students for free and they boo'd him off the stage. listen. >> asking that you let him speak and you make your comments as part of the question and answer part of the program. >> we're asking to you stop frisking people! >> idiots. >> they don't like stop and frisk even though you look at the anecdotal information here in new york city, stop and frisk has reduced crime enormously. they hooted him down. he left. he did write in the pages of the
5:35 am
new york daily news, elisabeth, what he tried to say. >> seems to be inexcusable those students would have some sort of faux outrage over something that by his definition, ray kelly, is life saving. he's saying by concentrating our resources in the areas where they're needed most, we've been able to sharply reduce the number of young minority lives lost to violence. 25% reduction in the murder rate here in new york. okay? 1990 homicides peaked at 2245. last year? 419. so why are you booing a man who saved the lives of thousands? >> why wouldn't they want to hear that? >> if you are so courageous and so headstrong and so arrogant to think you know more about fighting crime and keeping the city streets safe, then have the courage to debate. how dare you make him go all the way up to your elite $55,000 a year college campus and shout him down when his service as a marine, what he did in haiti,
5:36 am
what he's done in the city two separate times is not for the money, it's legendary? and you don't have the courage to ask a question? you have to hoot and holler and tell your parents tomorrow how proud you are! >> if anything happened, god forbid in that room, guess who they would be running to. the gentleman that they boo'd. let's us know what you think on twitter, e-mail. >> proud to be in new york city. remember what they did to david petraeus. that's the same mindset of the next generation. >> a little intolerant, they are on that side. in the meantime, 24 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has some news about a bus crash. >> out of new york city area. fox news alert, we are taking a live look at some brand-new video, staten island, new york. you can see right here there is a school bus -- see that small school bus? that apparently overturned in staten island, new york. you can see the crews were just able to -- this is video. not live pictures -- crews were just able to flip that back over
5:37 am
and right it. reports say that eight people have been seriously hurt, including several children. it's 8:36 a.m that's the time so many kids going to school. we will hope for the best and bring you updates throughout the morning. this, out of staten island, new york, where a school bus flipped over. also new information coming in this morning. russian president vladimir putin replacing president obama as the most powerful person in the world. on forbes fifth annual list, the president dropped to number 2. this at the same time we're learning some interesting scuttle but the coming out of the g-20 summit. russia apparently bugged the goody bags of world leaders at that summit in st. petersburg. the gift bags contained usb drives and phone chargers, but the devices were actually trojan horses designed to download e-mails, text messages and phone calls and send all that information back to russia.
5:38 am
a spokesman for president putin denies those allegations. fascinating. then there is this, new york politician outraged after being told to ditch his american flag lapel pin. queens city council candidate is an air force veteran and a retired nypd captain. but that is all irrelevant in this city's rule book. they have a long-standing policy that forbids office seekers from wearing pins or buttons in voter guide photos or in videos. his u.s. flag pin was cropped out of his official candidate photo. what do you think of that? and then there is this: move over, puppy bowl. the kittens are taking over the field. the hallmark channel will give the kitties an opportunity to play in the first ever kitten bowl. it will air all day before the big game on february 2. yankees radio announcers john sterling will handle the play by play calls. some of this will be posted on the kitten bowl youtube page. those are your headlines. can't get enough of watching
5:39 am
little kitties and puppies. >> if it's john sterling. i would look for it, the kitties win! >> exactly. >> or if that's still politically correct. maria molina, you have updates. >> can you tell they have the red lights already up for christmas? >> yes. >> so that's great. we're seeing the christmas sights already being put up. it's only october. let's look at the weather conditions across the country now because we're talking relatively chilly conditions today across parts of the northeast. as we head farther west, we do have a storm system that's impacting areas from texas all the way up to oklahoma and also sections of kansas. for tomorrow, for halloween, unfortunately, we could be seeing more severe weather, including tornadoes from eastern texas up in through parts of ohio. that will be something to watch. a lot of heavy rain forecast with the flooding concern, locally up to eight inches of rain possible in east texas, into arkansas.
5:40 am
temperatures, mild east of the storm. across the southeast and texas, highs today will make it into the 70s and 80s. behind the storm, a little chilly. only in the 40s in rapid city. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. straight ahead, billions of dollars being wasted on new national parks while our nation's most prized locations are being neglected. senator tom coburn here to talk with elisabeth on how we put an end to that waste. >> and plus, sorry, coffee snobs. the best machine for your brew has just been named and it's not going to cost you a lot of beans. joe dimaggio would be proud. ♪ ♪
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5:44 am
quick headlines now. four bikers charged in the new york city road rage beating. they're in court today facing numerous charges, including gang assault. they're accused of beating an suv driver in front of his own family. facebook can tell a breakup is coming before you do. the theory comes from cornell university and facebook's senior engineer. the study found the more connected a couple's mutual friends are, the more likely they are to break up. sorry, coffee snobs. "consumer reports" revealing the best coffee maker machine in america is the cheapest. one of, anyway. mr. coffee's $40 home drip coffee maker outbrewed some of the world's most expensive machines. i'm going to go try it. thanks, joe dimaggio. >> maintenance for our national parks are underfunded to the tune of $11.5 billion. this year congress is adding 256 million to that backlog. senator tom coburn says wasteful spending in washington is the
5:45 am
cause and is hurting our nation's most popular parks. he's here to tell us what really needs to be cut. good morning, senator. thank you for being with us. certainly a busy day in washington today. >> good morning. >> i want to get to your parks because i think the proposal and report you put out is certainly startling. but monday you were asked about working across party lines and today given all that's going on in dc, it makes sense to ask. you talked about having a great relationship with democrat chuck schumer, but had some choice words for harry reid. my guess is you're not alone in that sentiment. but what is it about harry reid that makes you so uncomfortable? >> it's just the fact that the senate is not doing what it's supposed to do and the leadership of the senate has set it so they can form consensus. my words weren't appropriate, but my frustrations are real. our founders designed the senate to force consensus and you can't force consensus if you don't allow amendments and people's
5:46 am
voices to be heard. >> well, we thank you for answering that question, too. and certainly expressing frustration that many americans are feeling. how congress misplaced priorities and trashing our national treasure. you say instead of opening up a new park on the moon, why don't we take care of the great treasures we have. correct? >> it's a real problem, elisabeth. we started the parks system, we had 35 national parks, real treasures for the country. we now have 401. a third of those aren't real treasures. they never should have become parks. so what's happening with the limited budget, the very pristine, great parks like yosemite and grand canyon are all having difficulty maintaining what they have today. we're adding land, we're adding new parks. we're spending money that we shouldn't be spending rather than taking care of what we have today. >> exactly. so why would you cut?
5:47 am
>> -- where would you cut? >> put a prohibition on any new parks. let's first of all take care of what we've got. the second thing is the parks department, parks organization spends half of the money that we give them every year not on the parks, but on administering the parks. not on park maintenance, not on the actual operations of parks. the other thing is if you're a senior in this country for $10, you can buy a lifetime pass to every national park. that's not an appropriate fee. so there should be some fee increases. but there should be better management. the problem isn't really the parks agency. the problem is congress. congress always wants to make themselves look good to their parochial interests and so we add parks. they're going to push through a couple more parks this week in the senate that we shouldn't be passing that are certainly historical events, but probably should be state parks or state areas. and so out of the $2.6 billion
5:48 am
that spend every year, less than half of it actually gets spent on the parks. >> senator, you gave us some specific examples about what could be cut. you say, first of all, you could cut this $3 million for three acres in the virgin islands instead of independence national park repair funding, right? >> right. or the grand tetons. we're going to add $100 million worth of land at ridiculous prices versus average cost of land in wyoming and that would take up for 40% of the shortfall of this year's national parks backlog and maintenance. just that one purchase. >> two more examples you gave. cut this, $217,000 to restore 29 neon signs instead of not that fund to go repair transcanyon pipeline. you say cut this, 107 million to expand the grand teton national
5:49 am
park and not that, fund to go clean up gateway national recreation area. >> sure. we just have lost our priorities. congress doesn't make good decisions. they make parochial and political decisions. it's time to return common sense to washington. let's not expand any parks, let's not add any new parks. let's clean up the parks we've got. go look at the national mall. here in washington. it has almost $400 million in backlog that we're not taking care of. we're not even taking care of our nation's capitol. what it is is a lack of priority on the basis of congress of actually making hard choices to get the right things done, to preserve what we know are things need to be preserved. >> senator joining us from the russell rotunda. thank you for taking time out. >> good to see you. coming up, do you believe in ghosts? just in time for halloween. celebrity psychic medium john
5:50 am
edward is here with the answer. let's check in with hemmer. >> i want to hear what he has to say, too. >> i know. >> thanks. good morning. this is the main event, kathleen sebelius testifies under oath in ten minutes. how will she explain the issues? what are her solutions? millions losing insurance they were assured they could keep. listen carefully for the questions from lawmakers. that's where you will find the story today. martha and i will see you at the top of the hour, ten minutes away [ snaps finger ] [ wisest kid ] campbell's tomato soup with grilled cheese. perfect together. what should we do next? i'm liking braids. [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good! ♪relaxed music♪ go take the trail less traveled. go spend a little more time and a little less money. go to bass pro shops for great deals. like this camo and blaze orange reversible jacket for under $35. plus, bring the kids for a free photo in the pumpkin patch.
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5:53 am
you know him as the psychic medium who connects with people with their loved ones who have passed on. watch this. >> really cool stuff happens with photography. you guys had that happen. >> yes. there is an orb in the picture with my dog and it's with my two
5:54 am
children. >> i would like to validate that orb being your dad. >> now, somebody and you'll probable will he not want to validate this, but i'm going to say it -- either owned this strip club. >> yes. >> there we go. >> oh, my god. >> this is their way of coming to you. >> he was on the case there. today he's here to answer that question that might keep you up at night. is there such a thing as ghosts? >> psychic medium john edward is here. and i'm the one who has the strip club. let's just get that off our chest right now. >> very honored to be here to bring your freak to workweek. >> talking to people from the dead. you see people and see -- >> yes, i work with energy. for 28 years now, i've been talking to people who have crossed over and come through and hauntings and paranormal activity and ghosts and energy and all these things really come to the forefront at halloween
5:55 am
because people like to be scared and they like to come from a place of fear. >> so you say there are ghosts out there, spirits, if you will. if you're bothered by them, you suggest -- >> get rid of them. >> get somebody to help with you that. >> there are people who do that type of work. they do ghost busting. >> what if you don't want to get somebody involved? what if it's just you and you don't want a ghost near you today? what do you do? >> prayer. i'm a big advocate of prayer. i pretty much think if you have somebody living on your couch, a squatter that shows up, you would remove them. you wouldn't allow them to stay in your house. energetically, it's the same thing. you say you're not supposed to be here. you're need to leave. surround yourself with prayer. >> describe what you feel, what you do and what your message is. >> my message has been the same for 28 years. life and love, people in the physical world what they leave the physical body are connected tho toes who cross over.
5:56 am
tethered by love. we're all tethered by energetic networking on the other side. >> if somebody is on the other side -- there are a lot of people who don't believe in this particular stuff. but if there is somebody reaching out to you that you pick up, why are they reaching out to the other person? >> they're actually not reaching out to the medium. they're with the people -- >> you just happen to be nearby? >> the medium is just that. i get in the way of what's already there. >> you get in there and you really do help people connect. i've seen that. i've seen emotional experiences that you bring about. how do you know if you're really experiencing this? is it something you wouldn't question? you know, okay, there is somebody in my house, like my grandfather is trying to get in touch with me? >> i think what happens is everybody has a little bit of an interest in what happens when we pass. everybody really wants to know about their loved ones who crossed over. usually when they've left, it's not a positive thing. something happened. we want to know they're okay. they want us to know they're okay. i think the important thing is
5:57 am
to recognize that you don't need me or anybody else, by the way, to be able to connect you with what already exists. but you have to pay attention to how they can communicate. >> new set, new co-host. >> i like it. >> you've been here from day one in the early 40s when we first started. are you getting a good feel, good vibe? >> actually, this is the best it's felt. >> really? >> yeah. >> wow. >> look at that. >> if people would like to check you out, you got a new web cast? >> i do. i do a weekly show where i teach all this stuff. it's on john and i just joined twitter. >> you'll have millions of followers here and beyond. >> thanks. >> always great having you on. thanks so much. >> happy halloween. >> in the meantime. >> big day. >> it is on capitol hill because we've got a camera in a hearing room, very, very shortly, kathleen sebelius is going to sit down in the hot seat. there are a lot of republicans and democrats who are going to want some answers. >> guess what?
5:58 am
they're going to be cut to four minutes in terms of a preamble to their actual questions to get more in in a shorter amount of time. chairman upton already briefed them to be ready to ask questions, not give speeches. >> right. bill and martha will be covering it and they're standing by now. >> thank you, fox news alert starting a couple minutes early because on the hot seat, moments ago, kathleen sele beihlious arrived on the hill. she's the one charged with implementing obamacare, finally facing questions today. that's where we start. good morning, everybody. it's going to be an interesting couple of hours here. i'm bill hemmer and welcome to "america's news room." >> i'm martha mccallum. it's going to be really perhaps a historic day today. you can bet that it will get very heated in that room. as we have seen in the past several sessions, but today it's kathleen sebelius who will be there and we expect the finger point will go continue. in fact, we've seen some of the testimony that she's expected to deliver and as you saw the
5:59 am
contractors say, you know what? it was the white house's fault, the administration's fault. we gave them everything we were supposed to. expect the opposite from kathleen sebelius. she will blame the contractor. >> these bombshell revelations claiming her department was warned. heal care.goff was a no go, was not ready for launch one month before the debut on the 1st of october. fox team coverage starts with our analysis from chris, and steve hayes, senior writer, fox news contributor as well. gentlemen, good morning. steve, i want to start with you. you thought yesterday's witness was a disaster. will sebelius take more responsibility than that witness from yesterday, do you believe? >> it certainly doesn't sound like it given what we've seen in her opening statement, which has been released to the media. it doesn't sound like she's going to be doing much apologizing. doesn't -- there will be much con tricks. as -- contrition. sounds like she's poised to
6:00 am
really point the finger at contractors and stark, or accelerate what's becoming a pretty significant blame game. >> you wonder how many people accept that. why do you believe the stakes are so much higher today? >> i think people know cath sebelius. people know who she is. she's the secretary of health and human services. even if marilyn tavenor was the behind the scenes head of the rollout, kathleen sebelius is much better known. people have been call she couldn't answer a very basic question, about why not suspend the individual mandate. bill: that is fred upton, the chairman of the committee who was with us


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