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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 1, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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her. tell me if i'm unfair. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the afordable care act became law and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it. >> once again yesterday the president not telling the nation the whole truth. why does mr. obama continue to mislead us? tonight, we will tell you in the talking points memo. >> i don't know how you keep your cool, madam secretary, you know, with this continuous effort on the part of the g.o.p. to sabotage the aca. >> almost desperate now, the democratic party is trying to blame the republicans for the obama care debacle. will that work? we have no spin analysis. ♪ joy to the world ♪ the savior reigns. >> once again, school
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district tries to ban christmas carols even though a court has refute united stated -- repudiated that. megyn kelly on the case. the factor. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the end justifying the means. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we are in the twilight zone. america has entered another dimension. yesterday in boston president obama continued his campaign of mislead leading statements. >> now, if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. >> but that's not true. you can't keep it even with
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the word substandard introduced, it's not true according to the "the washington post" the president's comment in boston rated four pinocchios, that's deception at the highest level for the paper. so why does the president continue to do this? here is the answer. in order for the u.s.a. to become a progressive nation, the primary goal of president obama, the federal government must control key aspects of american life. healthcare and the economy being the top two. thus, the end justifies the means in trying to do that. thus, mr. obama keeps saying you can keep your old insurance plan if you like it. even though you can't. ifyour plan doesn't include the federal mandates that are being imposed. now, talking points and many others have pointed that out again and again. we pointed out that obama care will cause many americans, perhaps most, major inconvenience and higher healthcare expense. rarely does the president mention higher deductibles
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and co-pays for his health program. even though mr. obama's propaganda has been exposed, he doesn't seem to care. instead of being chastened he is emboldened, why? because the president believes that his vision for america, including healthcare for all, is more noble than any truthful statement. and so he justifies his actions, even if deceit is involved. that was clear yesterday when the president said. this. toted the affordable care act requires insurance companies to abide by some the strongest consumer protections this country has ever known. a true parns patient's bill of rights. [applause] >> no more discriminating with kids against kids with preexisting conditions. [ applause ] >> no more dropping your policy when you get sick and need it most. >> so you can see that mr. obama is a true
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believer. he sees his vision as helping you, even if you don't see it that way. that is called paternalism. but instead of leveling with the folks, that national healthcare will require deep sacrifice for many of us, he continues to sugar it up. >> because of the tax credits that we're offering, and the competition between insurers, most people are going to be able to get better comprehensive healthcare plans for the same price or even cheaper than projected. >> we'll see. but so far most of the healthcare promises the president has made have not materialized. barack obama well knows that the democratic party and progressive americans don't really care how he gets there. they just want more government control. the president has to deceive to make that happen, so be it. but most americans are not progressives and are not happy with mr. obama right now. a new "wall street journal" says the president's job approval rating is down to 42%.
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his lowest showing ever in that poll. when asked if obama care is a good idea. 37% say yes. 47% no. nevertheless, the president forms ahead. >> i don't think we should go back to dropping coverage for people when they get sick or because they make a mistake on their application. [ applause ] i don't think we should go back to the daily cruelties and inindignitiys and insecurity of a broken healthcare system. and i'm confident most americans agree with me. >> but that's not true. if most americans agreed with him, his approval rating would not be 42%. or am i wrong? so, again, it's not about the truth. it's about the imposition of a secular progressive society apparently most americans do not want. but the president is undaunted by that. believing that he can change
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minds. >> there are debates about the role of the individual. and society and rugged individualism and sense of self-reliance. our devotion to the kind of freedoms whose first shot rang out not far from here. but they are also debates tempered by a recognition that we're all in this together and that when hardship strikes, and it could strike any of us at any moment, we are there for one another. and that as a country, we can accomplish great things that we can't accomplish alone. >> classic collectism, classic liberalism. talking points understands barack obama very well. i have studied the man intensely and my analysis of him has been accurate and fair. i have never demonized the president. insulted him, or tried marginalize him.
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he is a committed left wing man. a person who believes the u.s.a. would be a far better place if only we would all listen to him. and he will say pretty much anything to make his progressive vision come true. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, we have reaction from both sides. later, another attack on school children singing christmas songs. megyn kelly warming up with that and
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bill bill in the impact segment tonight. reaction to the talking points and to the continuing problems of obama care. joining us now from long island, new york, christopher hahn, a democratic strategist. so did i make any mistakes in my memo, mr. hawaiian? >> well, you know, i think we are missing the knew ounce point here. it's not the president and the aca that's canceling plans. individual private insurance companies are deciding rather than meet the standards in existing plans
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to offer their customers new plans. the private sector is making the choice to cancel these plans and the president cannot do it. now, i know some in congress want to make the private sector do something but that wouldn't work either. >> but that's not really the debate. the debate is the president knew that these private insurance companies were not going to be able to afford to include all the things that are mandated by the federal government. thus, he knew they would cancel millions of plans and he knew that premiums for some americans, like myself, would go up. yet, he deceived us. did he not say that and, that is the crux of the debate. so then i advanced the story by saying the reason he did this is because he believes the greater good is served by having obama care, so o'reilly and the other people are going to get hurt, well, we can afford it he actually said that to me, personally, hey, bill, you can afford it and i the
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president are not going to level about it that's what's going on here. >> every politician trying to sell their ideas accentuates the positive and tries the negative. >> not every politician and we have a lively debate going on on the factor whether he lied or not. i say that there is not evidence that you can use that word yet but many viewers disagree. however, the "the washington post," a liberal newspaper, all right, gives him four pinocchios yesterday in boston for going back to the healthcare plan if you like it you can keep it? >> yeah. >> even there mr. hawaiian is a democrat. i don't know whether you as a democrat see the danger that your party is facing by having your head, barack obama, being called a liar by the likes of the "the washington post" do you not see the danger? >> i absolutely see the danger. i wish the president would stop saying that if you like your plan you can keep your plan. he should have said.
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>> you wish he would stop saying it. so why then -- >> -- absolutely. >> why then does he continue to say it? >> i think is he being insulated by the people around him and he has got to start fessing up to the american people. >> you don't think he reads the "the washington post" or knows what we are saying here on the factor? i can assure you he does. can i assure you every morning -- >> -- i hope he is. >> he gets a briefing of all the major media and what they are saying. i can aschurr you that he gets that. >> i am sure you are right. and i think it's time for the president to have an adult conversation with the american people and say that the plans that you are going to be order now are going to be more comprehensive and not have lifetime bans and limits and get dropped because you are sick. >> that's what he said yesterday. look, there are good things about obama care. all right? there are. but they all could have been accomplished by individual laws being passed not this big government colossus. however, the question that is bothering me and i think
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millions of people watching us right now. you have the president of the united states not telling the truth over and over and over again and even after is he exposed, he continues not to tell the truth. is that arrogance? what is that? i think -- >> i think it's the isolation of the office. >> i told you and you agreed he does see. >> but then he walks out on to the stage and everybody is patting him out on the pack and says go out there and say this. i think this is going to be a great thing for the american people a step in the right direction. years a year from now people are going to love it. >> a year from now we have you on tape you might be the smartest kid on the block. you might be desperately wrong. so far your side has been desperately wrong. spite of a billion dollars and three and a half years of preparation the whole thing is a mess. a chaotic mess. so you haven't been right so far. >> >> i think we are all open to discuss it make it better.
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republicans should come to the table with their ideas. i haven't seen any of them yet. i would like it see them come to the table and negotiate and talk about things in an open and honest ways. >> republican idea is fairly clear delay the whole thing for a year until you work it out. that's the republican idea and that seems to be fair to me. >> owe only offer delay. no solution. they were not part of the process when we originally tapped it. >> mr. hawaiian, if you are going on a family vacation and there is a hurricane that hits the island of of aruba. you delay your vacation, right? you don't fly into the storm, do you? so you are saying we just want a delay. delay is the right thing to do you know we have a lot of experience with delay being a rhode islander. the rollout mistakes are not enough to delay the program. by december 15th if people can't enroll at will then of
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course we can talk about delaying the penalty portion of it i think it's time get the american people in a position where they have the rights that they deserve when they address their healthcare needs and i think this bill takes a step in that right direction. i would have preferred singer payer as would most democrats. look, this is what we have got. i think it's a good step and good start. >> you know most americans disagree with you right now and it will be interesting to see if that disagreement rises. mr. hawaiian, as always, thank you. directly ahead laura ingraham on whether the republican party cap tad tallizes on mad ms.. a man dressed up like barack obama has gotten his company in big trouble. those stories after these messages. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take
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week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight. ms. laura who joins us from washington. you heard the earl guests do you think the republican party can capitalize on what is going on today. >> it depends on how they react. if you look at the "wall street journal" poll that just came out, the president obviously as you pointed out did terribly, right, in the poloest number that he has gotten in the history of the presidency. the republicans' numbers are not much better. in fact, john boehner's numbers are truly bad, lower than the president's, and
1:20 am
that means they have got to be smart. right? if it looks like all you are doing is beating up on the h.h.s. secretary or if it looks like you are just, you know, taking advantage of the momentary crisis i think people will start to say political party system. i am going to stay as independent and i will make choices as they go along. i think the republicans can capitalize and they have to do it smartly. have to start talking beyond the web site and beyond policies being cancelled. we found out last month and the "new york times" did a piece about this, bill, that insurance companies are now limiting the doctors that you can see under their plan. so, when people try to go get a ct scan from their favorite office that does ct scans. guess what that office may not be able to take you. that's going to all start happening. >> here in new york state, medical organization took a poll, about a third of the doctors in the empire state
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not going to participate in obama care. 23% other, more, and that brings us up now to close to 60% may not. all right. so that if that holds and you would assume that it would because the chaos enrolling. >> is going to get worse. >> is going to extend to paying. you don't think you are going to have a smooth payment schedule here, these doctors, you are not. >> no. then we have a candidate situation where you have to wait and wait and wait particularly to see a specialist and then people are really going to get angry. but that's speculation. i don't know if the republicans can roll that out now before it happens. >> and, bill, you are exactly right. that stuff will happen organically. it's just going to happen. it's just a fact. all those things are going to happen. just like we knew the rollout would be difficult because of the size of this thing. but, the other thing that i think they have to do is they have to tie this to liberalism, progressivism, whatever you want to call it
1:22 am
it this web site really is a symbol of obama's failed promises on growing the economy. jobs, cash for clunkers, the story, of course, just came out yesterday that that really didn't produce any jobs. now they're doing more quantitative easing. they are out of trick in their magic bag of tricks. they are trying to do the same things that they did at the beginning of his administration and it's not producing the jobs and the growth that frankly we need to sustain and give a jolt to this economy. the web site is a disaster. the promising that people could keep their plans. a flagrant and fraudulent statement from the outset we now know that but so much of what the president promised goes along those lines. and i think the media they are finally sort of playing catch up to this. the republicans incumbent on them to tie it all together. this is beyond obama care. this is the whole economy and our foreign policy. >> but if there is no republican leader per se and
1:23 am
there isn't. it's a divided party. who is going to tie it together? who is going to be the one to present it to the measure people? it can't be job boehner. nobody knows him, all right? it can't be him. you have got cruise. you have got rubio. you have got christie. christie is a governor though. i don't think is he going to do it. you have got rand paul. it's very hard to get a cohesive message out to the american people when you don't have a messenger. >> but i think what they can do legislatively is they can say, look, there is so much chaos on some levels with what they're claiming their policies are going to do that, frankly, our role is going to be to block what they are trying to do. an extension of obama care. they have got to do that. >> didn't work -- >> -- no, that didn't work, bill, on other things that obama tried. he tried to pivot today back to carbon and the green economy. if he tries any more stuff on that, the republicans have got to say, look, they made you promises on obama care. they made you promises on
1:24 am
green jobs. the stuff doesn't work. obama thought his popularity and his celebrity status, bill, was going to translate into policies working that even europe today is saying they don't work. big government plans aren't working. sorry about my voice by the way. >> that's all right. i know you are waiting for a doctor to see but you can't. no mislaura has a battery of physicians following her around. >> thank you. >> last question, a minute left. have you called the president a liar on your program? are you calling him a liar? >> well, i actually had to go down to my old law school and give a speech a couple of nights ago. i started to think about this in a legal term, right? i said what he is really guilty of is fraud and the inducement when you promise something to someone as you are going
1:25 am
whether obama gives out a lot of candy tonight. there are too many tricks and not enough treats in their bag of tricks. >> oh, a halloween narlg, everybody. >> guess what i'm dressing up as, guess what? >> who? >> kathleen sebelius. >> is that right? >> i got the grim reaper kind of thing going. i got the gray wig. it's going it look great. >> take some pictures. we will share them next week in the neighborhood. >> laura ingraham. great letters tonight. some of you very teed off. then ms. megyn kelly on another school district trying to ban christmas songs for the kids. why are they doing that? we hope you stay tuned to
1:26 am
those reports.
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mad as hell segment tonight. five letters factor viewers who are supremely teed off. here now fox news anchor heather nauert to help us out. >> hi there. >> hi there, he heather. heather has to go to bed after this. she has to get up at 4:00 in the morning or something like that. >> something like that. >> when i'm sleep walking i see you. our first letter we begin with former jesse jackson jr. congressman who went to prison for using political donations mark sheehan was in will he grange will he le-granger he will get pension from taxpayers. >> we had to find out what the real deal is he should, in theory, lose his pension because of the crimes that he committed. but, he has to apply for it first when he turns age 62. he is 48 years old right now. he applies for it with the office of personnel
1:31 am
management. they have the ultimate deciding authority. >> so he could get it. >> he could get his pension. so unelected federal bureau craft will make the final determination. what they will look at is whether or not his crime was related to his work. and, remember, he was convicted. >> of course it was. >> wire fraud, mail fraud. >> his crime was he got gain donations and he used them to buy michael jackson's cape. of course it was. so we don't know and that's down the line. >> who knows what's going to happen with opm. they could say oh 14 years from now who knows. >> second letter, richard noss pa duke carks kentucky. obama care isn't the only thing driving healthcare costs higher. drink and take drugs we have to pay when they get sick and makes me angry. me, too richard. >> i agree. look at children we have fairly young kids. you see that so many children are starting to suffer from adult style illnesses. some are getting knee replacements literally. some have hypertension because some of these children are overweight.
1:32 am
>> bad diet, diabetes is crazy and all of that. but, you know what? here is what i always say, he is right, i mean, we have to pay for it but it's a free society. and that's what comes along with it if you want to eat twinkies every day you can eat twinkies. you have can't take drugs and all of that that's ridiculous. people who enjoy being overweight you can't condemn them but it leads. >> two skinny people o. ---too skinny you can get healthcare. >> you are going to end up paying the same amount. starting january 14, adjusted community rating under obama care takes effect. insurance companies won't be able to take into consideration health history. >> nobody everybody is on it. >> heavy and weighs doesn't take care of themselves. >> third letter comes from jennifer chicago. i'm mad at hell as michelle obama. banned cupcakes, christmas parties. grinch that stole halloween. no pizza?
1:33 am
>> i don't know about no pizza in public school. we are talking about chicago public schools here. i you know how terrible these public schools are in chicago. 80% of 40 graders not proficient in writing and math. >> i respect michelle obama for wanting the kids teeth well. pizza. there is nutrition in pizza. got the little doe mate toe thing there. >> i guess you can get whole wheat. >> i have got to run. i guess i have got two more. check that out i want to know if chicago schools can have pizza because that's behind the pale. i'm mad that we need charities like wounded warriors. why won't the government take care of our vets? >> you and jennifer griffin have done a ton with the track chairs. that's a national disgrace that the v.a. isn't doing more. >> they should be buying them for them. >> that the private sector is having to do it and generous americans like yourself. so hearings are being held on capitol hill this week and i want to tell you about. this this is chairman issa's
1:34 am
committee once again. they are looking at the v.a. spending. the v.a., there were a couple conferences held a few years ago spent $6.1 million in taxpayer money for human resources conference. they even paid for some spa treatment. >> they're going to try to tighten it up so they spend the money where it should be instead of the bureaucrat garbage. >> as we reported a huge backlog, hundreds of thousands of vets whose claims haven't been. >> the whole v.a. isn't working doris troll. pennsylvania. i'm mad at bill because he makes everybody say merry christmas. ry have to stop watching the factor this time of year. he harps on the issue. some people do not want to be greeted with merry christmas. there is an old saying, doris, life is tough and then you die. federal holiday christmas. don't like it change it to winter soltis. americans like and respect the tradition. uses the word merry. for you to try to interfere with the free expression of the federal holiday is
1:35 am
wrong. my job is to look out for the folks, including you, doris, but when you intrude on something that brings joy to most of your fellow country men i have to step in and scold you. i hope you understand. say goodbye to heather, everybody there, she. >> i like that scolding. >> she has to go to bed. if you are mad as hell we want to know about it please email us at mad as hell at we come right back, megyn kelly on another school district trying to ban christmas carols, here you go, doris, also president obama costume getting his company into big
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1:37 am
>> thanks for staying with
1:38 am
us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. we have a holiday theme. today, as you know, halloween and kentucky jenny stuart medical center had a costume party. one guy dressed up as president obama in a straight jacket, of course, course,,ing the obama care controversy. now, over the years americans have worn richard nixon masks, ronald reagan masks, jimmy carter masks and monica lewenski masks. wait until you hear how president obama racked. program seen after the factor. what a lucky lady you are to have my lead? >> you are the luckest person. >> amen to that i'm not going to give you hard time on that. >> what happened in kentucky when the guy wore the obama mask. >> as far as we can tell nobody complained at the hospital. none the less, all 750 employees have been forced to take diversity training so they understand it's improper to hurt anybody's feelings including president obama. >> who forces 750 americans to take diversity training? >> the vp of resources at
1:39 am
the medical center. >> this jenny medical center. >> jenny stuart medical center in kentucky. >> they're the villains here because they see one guy doing this and it's satire. i mean, come on. and they order everybody to sit through. >> i'm not going to say they're the villains. do you know hot villains -- who the villains are. lawyers. there are no reports of complaints. what i'm saying no public reports of complaints. >> i don't think mitch mcconnell or rand paul. >> you know he who did complain outside of the hospital. >> who. >> this doesn't count legally the naacp, they came out. >> they complained? >> i don't know why they are making a mockery of president obama. >> did they complain about ronald reagan. >> out of his mind in these critical times. they say in this time where he has been do you humanized as much as possible, these employees ought to be suspended, warned or removed all together. >> oh the naacp, huh? >> that doesn't count legally. that's just like an outside chatter box. somebody inside the hospital. >> so hypocritical. >> here is the problem.
1:40 am
they have to worry about somebody coming back and suing and claiming they have been ethnically insensitive and affirmative defense as an employer if you offer this type of training to your employees. >> no. they don't have to worry about anything. this is stupid. they have paid lawyers on the payroll. somebody comes at you, you defend it you don't force your people to do that. >> this is why you are not running the fox news channel. >> no. there are many other reasons. [ laughter ] >> many, manier reasons. >> another crazy school district this one in jersey. we just got through wisconsin. didn't we solve this. >> we did good in wisconsin. >> we did. they had a fold and let the kids sing christmas carols and now in new jersey. >> they get to sing them in december. >> in the context of the holiday. >> they're good. >> yelled at doris same thing going none new jersey. what happened. >> fourth and fifth graders would like to perform winter concert that has some christmas carols in it and they decided that is not allowed anymore. >> who is they. >> couple parents suggested
1:41 am
we don't want to hear christmas carols in the winter concert and so the lawyers. >> do you have the name of the parents? >> no. >> come on. >> so they asked the lawyers go he review and th the lawyer came back the school district's legal firm parker mccoy came back and determined religious music. >> this is bortontown new jersey. >> outside of trenton. >> get the pinhead lawyers, come back oh no can't have christmas songs but enter the heros the alliance defense fund, correct? >> wrote them a letter saying, really? no christmas carols at the winter concert? what are we going to sing about like the snowflakes over and over and over. >> school district says you can't do that, that means something bad. >> in the past courts have ruled that public school children can indeed sing the songs, correct? >> so here is the deal. if you want to offer it and then somebody sues you to say you can't have them singing silent night, you will wins a the school district saying yes, we can. but if the school chooses
1:42 am
not to offer religious christmas carols, that kind of thing, you can't sue them to compel them to do it. so the school folded immediately and now the alliance defense fund and christian people or anybody who wants to hear christian carol cannot successfully sue them to make them include the carol. >> but as it stands right now, the wisconsin people that kelly and i were after, they rescinded in wisconsin the kids, i think it was wausau, they can sing the christmas carols in bordentown they can't. >> they stood their ground and said we can't do it because it might offend somebody. >> go to private school. >> dr. bauer, the person in charge. >> dr. bauer. >> the superintendent. dr. constance bauer says look it remains our celebrate the rich diversity of our community so long as this diversity doesn't include anybody who is christian. >> or mentioning a federal holiday of christmas. see, this is why everybody is off. this is why they have the season. >> yeah. you know, dr. bauer and he has got to be a pinhead. >> she. >> oh it's a she? she has got to be a pinhead.
1:43 am
you don't like it, like i told doris go get your congressman to try to rescind. oh no, she has got a picture of it look, you, hey, you. you don't like it, stop taking it out on the kids. get your congressman to introduce legislation to ban the christmas federal holiday. all right? that's how do you it? >> i have got a favor for you now. this is a tip of the day from me to. >> you apparently when you do that gesture i did in the italian history. >> what i meant my chin is very itchy. >> don't worry about it. if they don't like it. come on. >> arthur aidala taught me that italian phrase. >> don't do anything malicious. i'm mad about this bordentown. i may have to go down there. i may have to go. >> >>s that borrow plan the last time. sure enough they reversed our decision. >> i want everybody to know, i might have to go down, watters and me. >> let's hear a little silent night.
1:44 am
>> no, i want to save it big microphone. i might bring some friends with me. lots of friends. >> okay. >> bordentown. ms. megyn, everybody. catch her in 20 minutes. >> we have got something big coming up. 9 p.m. >> okay, good. carolla has update on college student vandalizing 9/11 memorial. tell you about that and the factor tip of the day about the boston red sox and terrorism. factor is coming right back.
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back of book segment tonight, rolling with carolla. update on the middle bury college 9/11 vandalism situation also some halloween advice and here he is carolla from las vegas. >> what are you telling the tykes about halloween? >> well, i have a little
1:48 am
problem where i live and i don't know if this goes on in your neighborhood, but kids get bust into our neighborhood to get all the good candy and they go back to their crappy neighborhoods. i don't like it. i think it sends a horrible marriage. it's sort of halloween gerrymandering. when i was a kid you would walk around your own neighborhood and you would get whatever you got. now there is this thing at least in los angeles where the kids in the bad neighborhoods hop in a minivan and go to the good neighborhoods and pilfer all the candy and i just think it's a horrible message to send to your kids which is hey, go get more free crap from the rich guy up on the hill and, by the way, get used to it, this is going to be your life. i say those kids need to stay in their own neighborhood, step over the carcass of a sofa in the dirt lawn, walk to the front door, find the guy with the ankle bracelet and gets a 3-year-old candy corn with a cat hair in it. >> that is harsh, that
1:49 am
really is harsh. >> how bad their neighborhood is. >> all right. now, i have the completely opposite from you. when i was a kid, trick or treating, and leavitt town was not a lavish neighborhood. one year we decided to go to garden city, it was about two miles away. one of the guy's kids older brother drove us there. we got cheap garbage in leavitt city. good stuff. the working class homes gave better stuff than the rich people, plus a lot of rich people had big dogs, and you couldn't even get there. carolla? >> i have got to get myself a dog and i have got to get some crappy candy corn. >> no, give them good stuff. no. i hated that candy corn. give them good stuff. i got good stuff i'm giving out good stuff. >> how could you go wrong? it has the word candy and corn in it, two greatest things on the planet. >> as soon as that stuff hits your tooth, your tooth
1:50 am
falls out. all right. >> yes. good news is you can replace it with another piece of candy quorn. corn. one student desecrated a 9/11 memorial if you believe it, all right? >> one of the students at middle bury college anna sureman row bowski was the ringleader and what happened to her? carolla? what happened? >> oh, you are asking me? i have got to give you something to do in this. >> i'm sorry. she got suspended for a year. and i just thought it was ironic that her last name was grabows scmplet i. -oil refinery grabowski. i would say put those flags back. >> well, it took middle bury a long time to do it. good school. but, they did come through,
1:51 am
and she should have been suspended for a year. this is outrageous act. what do you think should happen to brown kids who shouted down ray kelly last night? did you see that? >> i didn't even know. >> police commissioner in new york city goes to brown, they shout him down, he can't even talk and he had to come back to new york city. i think those kids should be expelled, carolla and bussed into your neighborhood to get garbage candy. >> i agree. >> expelled and bust carolla's neighborhood. how about that for a punishment? >> listen, when you said what do you think about those brown kids who shouted out. >> no, brown university. >> oh my gosh we are going racial. i wish he went to yale or rice? >> no, brown is falling apart. adam carolla, everybody. factor tip of the day. the world series and terrorism. the tip moments away. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief
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>> tip of the day. boston terrorism and victory in a moment. first couple of factor notes even thom in the national press are ignoring the huge success of killing jesus trade papers cannot. in publishers weekly it was announced the audio of killing jesus is breaking records. my new book is the best selling nonfiction book in the world. that's all thanks to you and i really appreciate it. now terry kilpatrick, mr. o'reilly you are part of the reason why the president gets away with lying to the american people. you say there's no way he's lying. that's a falsehood. did you lie? did you just lie then or did you misunderstand what i said last night. go to bill o' and read it again and tell me if i should say you lied. gary matthews, i just listened to the talking points. your thoughts disturb me greatly. the president lied to get
1:55 am
re-elected. >> if somebody in the obama administration comes forth like john d. did with richard nixon and provides evidence president obama knowingly lied about obama care, president would be impeached. that's truth. craig, dana perino is a liberal in disguise. i didn't know that. i don't think she knows it either but i'll tell her. >> terry, bill my son is a senior at brown university and those students thought down ray kelly were despicable. but i disagree with you that brown is no longer a great school. the overall atmosphere at the school is off the chart left. chris bryant, charlotte being north carolina, as a brown graduate i'm ashamed by the way the school treated ray kelly. tim o'hara, you and rob lowe have good chemistry. how about a segment called lowe on the left. snappy title, tim but lowe is a
1:56 am
little too expensive for us especially after winning an emmy for "killing kennedy." >> now that your book "killing jesus" is a phenomenal success, who can you see playing jesus? >> we're casting that and there's no shortage of actors who believe they are god. get your orders for signed copies of "killing jesus" as soon as you can. big, enormous, demand for christmas. and mike who lives in canfield, ohio wrote this letter to the independence fund. just received my track chair and played a game of hide and seek with my son. going duck hunting in a few days. i'm glad you got it mike and hope americans will help more wounded vets get these hi-tech chairs. contact independence
1:57 am
finally tonight the factor tip of the day last night the boston red sox won the world series. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox, are the world champions. >> this is for you, boston. you guys deserve it. we've been through a lot this year. than is for all of you and all the struggle with the bombing this year. it's for all of you. >> funny how life works. at the beginning of the baseball season the boston terror bombing casted a negative pall over the city. now the city is triumphant. life is like that. having lived in boston it's one of the aggravate cities. the world series victory sends a message to the whole world. you can attack us.
1:58 am
but you'll never win. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, very scary on halloween. different from billo' which is scarier. and o'riley @fox name a town, name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, indolent when writing to the factor. have a great halloween. stay safe. don't let the urchins go crazy. miss kelly up next.
1:59 am
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it is friday november the 1 sz. extreme weather turning deadly. rescuers try to save dozens of people but flooding turns roads into rivers. >> water sweeps away a school bus packed with children plunging it into a creek. we will tell you what the kids did to save themselves and each other. >> the military turning to hollywood to protect our troops from the line of fire. we will tell you how iron man is heading to the battlefield. "fox & friends first" starts right


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