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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 1, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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at this time, the lax has treated sempb patients, transported six to area hospitals. we have 100 firefighters committed to this incident. as chief gannon said, the incident started around 9:20. 9:28, the first lapd resources were on the scene. the city's emergency operations center has been activated at level 1. has been for well over two hours now. so, the city is standing tall and leaning forward to deal with any associated issues that happen outside of the actual lax property. >> let's hear from the chief of los angeles police department who's involved in this. chief charlie -- >> briefly, i want to commend the men and women of the response of this incident. we have created a unified
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command with los angeles police department, tsa, fbi and other agencies. we will treat this incident with the unified command. many, many details as you are interested, will not be given out at this point. we will not speak about the nature of injuries. we will not speak about the identity of the suspects. the investigation is being handled by the fbi. with the cooperation of the los angeles police department. again, you know, tremendous unified response. i know that this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involved with various jurisdictions, was handled very well today. >> next hear from fbi special agent in charge, special agent -- talk a little bit about the investigation. >>. >> special agent in charge of the fbi.
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first off, we're working hand in hand with our partners here to include the los angeles, the l.a. airport police with respect to this investigation. this investigation is ongoing. we're working with the u.s. attorneys office as well as our partners. i'm not going to talk about the victims today. we still have people we have to be in contact with in the meantime. we are going to bring our resources to bear in conjunction with partners, which would include our response team and any other resource. at this point, we do not see any additional threats here at the airport. finally, last speaker will be -- want to take -- who's responded and helped not only with the traffic and traveling public it appears today as well. one last note, i want to say we'll take questions just after, i want to thank you those
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officers from the los angeles department, the police department here who saved lives here today. >> thank you. >> good morning, i just want to reiterate something the mayor said and thank the first responders here today. lapd, the los angeles world airport police, fire department, tsa, fbi there's a natural human instinct when you hear gunfire to flee or duct. the folks here today run towards them and save lives and to watch the unified command here today work together professionally and seamlessly is awe inspiring. the people of los angeles are in very good hands. want to thank the people for their cooperation so far and ask for that to continue throughout the day. >> chief gannon now to come forward for any questions. >> ucla has told us they have two fatalities and one critical.
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can you at least tell us the number of known fatalities? >> i'm not sure, to be honest with. the fire department is rectifying all of that information. >> could you explain why the fbi is the lead agency? >> this is an airport. it has federal jurisdiction. we have fbi assets here on board and it's a unified command involving everybody, but the investigative lead is taken by the fbi. >> is the shooter a federal employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> i don't know. >> does the fbi know? >> indicate why he was -- >> not that i'm aware of. >> chief, of course there were earlier reports of multiple suspects, 10, 15 minutes ago, we saw a person in handcuffs. can you explain? >> you know, in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly, and many people come in, there is, there's always chaos in any type of event like this. and there's always the, everybody's always thinking
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forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. as we stand here right now, there is only one individual that is responsible for this as we know as that active shooter in our terminal. and i want to follow up a little on what the mayor said. this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and confronted this individual in our airport. unfortunately, it involved an officer involved shooting, but that's what needed to be done in that particular situation and that was heroic. we practiced that this. not more than three weeks ago. we took every wup of our officers, our patrol officers and a couple of hundred officers from the los angeles police department and practiced this exact scenario that played out today. we played out today.
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and i was talking to the officers involved in this particular incident a few minutes ago and they said that that training was critical to how they responded to this. so, they're well trained officers. and all of the agencies that came in, whether it's from los angeles county sheriff's department, lapd's here on campus with us every day and works hand in hand. hawthorne. the sheriff. everybody in englewood. everybody came in to help us and we appreciate their help. >> why are you not addressing that? why are you not -- you must have that information -- >> well, that's not true. and one, i don't know, i don't know that information at all. we have obviously trying to develop information on the suspect. that the fbi is responsibility with the help of the los angeles police department and their follow-up investigation.
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that will be determined. if you're asking me whether or mott that information is clear at this point, i'm telling you, it is not and that's the official word of message. i'm sorry. >>ing you don't know who the shooter is? >> chief, how far -- >> the suspect got back very far into a terminal. there's a burger king that is quite a ways away from the screening station and he was able to get back there. i appreciate all the questions. we'll have more information shortly. >> i know a lot of people want to have other questions, let me say something briefly in spanish. folks can go offline. i promise you, give you as much information at least as soon as we have that. >> translato trt. >> it is seven minutes past noon on the west coast and this news conference has happened. i'll give you a tick-tock of
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what we heard. highlights, seven people treated, transported to hospitals. the shooting happens we believe at 9:20 and by 9:28, lapd was on scene. 100 l.a. fire department officers on scene and they still have this set up here. some pictures of, i want to go through the rest of it and explain why they were asking those questions. "the los angeles times" newspaper on its online version and twitter and other representable news organizations on the west coast are reporting that the shooter is a transportation security administration officer. that this agent was a tsa agent and that the tsa agent took this rifle out of a bag or as it's been described to us, the authorities called it an assault rifle. i haven't seen it, but that's what they called it so that's what we'll call it until further notice. took a rifle out of a bag and began to fire at people.
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shot and according to the report of "the los angeles times," killed another tsa agent. then walked down the corridor toward the food court and where all of these gates are together and fired off more rounds. an officer, they were not specific, but we believe we don't have any way to know, engaged this suspect and the reporting of the los angeles times newspaper is that the suspect is dead. now, that's the reason the reporters were asking these questions because these reports are everywhere. multiple sources have reported to multiple news organizations that he was. fox news con not confirm and the thourts did not confirm it for us. to get ahead of ourselves on the matter would be a mistake. reporters tried to get that information from authorities and could no, so for now, we'll see an unknown unman, said to be a white male, 20, i don't know, dressed in some sort of army
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jacket. some described it as camo. shot his way through the transportation security administration's screening station there. now, we've not heard any reports this person came in up to the tsa screening area. only that the shooting began there, then he made his way down the long corridor, which we can see. down this long corridor from the security check point to where the food court, for a weapon on the carpeting outside of gate 36. there's a sign in the birkhead, the gun is in the foreground, the sign and says 36. so, we believe this is the spot. we know that people went out under the tarmac here. we know that this suspect was engaged right here. by authorities. and yet, multiple witnesses who came out these doors and were out on the tarmac report they saw a gunman or saw a person
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subdued by authorities put into halves and taken away. we've seen multiple people in handcuffs and it's possibly they were people who they wanted to question. that they had at least some suspicious they might be involved in some way. but the gunman responsible ever went outside. i'm not saying witnesses were wrong because we have multiple witnesses saying they saw someone handcuffed outside the terminal and taken away. we have no reason to doubt that. we've seen pictures in that sort of situation, but the gunman himself was engaged inside and never made it outside. started here at security check point, came past the burger king, down to the food court. continuing shooting in this area, was engaged by an officer and taken down. there are conflicts reports. "the los angeles times" and others are reporting two people are dead. authorities are not willing to confirm that. fox news can't confirm that.
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"the los angeles times" and others are reporting the person who did the shooting was a tsa agent. william is one of our correspondents on scene and is there live. zpl i spoke to a red cross worker who was in terminal two. here's one thing she described, as those passengers, as we said, they went, the tsa check point, then just bull rushed and started going out any door they could. she said one guy was on his kneknew knee, his hands in the air pleading with the cops, saying it's not me, it's not me. i didn't do it and saying how scared she was for that individual. she did not see the takedown of the shooter. if there was one or if he was indeed shot, but that may explain how some people are describing people were handcuffed and taken away because as you know, cops don't know who's involved. so, this one guy came within a
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few inches of his life, appar t apparently, pleading that it wasn't him. i did speak to an airport sergeant who did tell me that the shooter did get reach security. we know he start ed in the lowe level. what's unusual there as you know, as you come through where you start putting your shoes back on, there's usually a little police chaos there. back to you. >> this is "the los angeles times" website. they're showing video from channel 5 in los angeles and this is their tick-tock minute by minute. you can look it up if you want. but at 11:36 a.m. pacific daylight time, law enforcement sources told "the los angeles times" the gunman was a transportation security administration employee at lax. he was killed by employees on friday morning. he allegedly shot and killed a fellow tsa employee. authorities will not confirm. fox news cannot confirm this.
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we'll continue to follow this and our breaking news coverage continues right after this.
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it is 16 minutes past noon in los angeles where still no flights have taken off. it's our understanding after the shooting that happened. excuse me. at 9:30 this morning in terminal three there. some pictures i want to show you in our monster wall here. these are live pictures coming in to us from kabc.
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you can see up on the roof here, there are still authorities who are watching over and we've been seeing that all over the place. some have been armed, some have been not, some had binoculars with them. just to make sure there's nothing more going on, authorities have told us they do not believe there is another shooter. they've canvassed the whole area and here, you can see this is the area outside terminal three where we have seen so many passengers. there's little ground tharaffic and the vehicles we've seen are pretty much law enforcement vehicles inside the airport itself and beyond. so, those are the live pictures. this is earlier. a viewer, a caller who was outside on that tarmac. i mentioned so many escaped out there to try to get away from the gunman. this is inside terminal three here. just loaded with people. as planes were evacuated after the fact. and they were trying to get people to secure areas. this is the same area.
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people have talked about being on the mezzanine level. you see this right here, this is that mezzanine, the foot court is in that area. the picture here with i believe that's a southwest airlines jet right here and southwest is one of those that was in this terminal. people out in their phones, carrying their luggage. people boarding buses. all the folks who had escaped this chaos were being taken away on buses and in addition, people on planes and kept on those planes after the shooting happened, all taken way on buses and that's a little slide show of some of the pictures we brought in. billy vincent is on the line with us, former faa security chief who's still in the private airport security business. your thoughts. >> well, skip, i'm immediately brought to mind that back in many, many years ago, a decision was made even before i took over
12:19 pm
security for the faa in the early '80s, so remove the armed individual at the security screening point and the philosophy at that time was that if a gunman came up to do what happened apparently today in los angeles in terminal three, the first person that that gunman would shoot would be the obvious armed individual. and what we did was we put the law enforcement officers on a roaming process. with the capability of instant rea recall or alert. they would have a few minutes to get back to a point, but the point was they had have a chance not only one to survive, but to counter any such attack.
12:20 pm
it appears that's what happened today. the police alerted, then responded. so, it appears to be a tragedy that would have been almost impossible to prevent unless you had everybody armed at that security screening point and even then, an individual that had the initiative on the attack, would still kill some people before he or she was countererred. >> that appears to be what's happened today. former faa security chief, who's still in the private airport security business. rest assured, there will be questions about whether more people should be armed there. but we still have questions about who this gunman was. "the los angeles times" and others as i mentioned have reported and i'm sure you're seeing on twitter and facebook and the rest, that this gunman, they're reporting this gunman was a tsa agent himself and that a tsa agent pulled this weapon
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out of a bag and shot another tsa agent, according to the "los angeles times." they're quoting sources and we should find out within a matter of minutes. our coverage continues right after this. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade-proud to be ranked "best overall client experience."
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past noon in los angeles, this is fox news continues coverage of the shooting that happened this morning at lax. i was telling you about the reporting of the "l.a. times." they reported at 11:36 los angeles time on their website that law enforcement sources told the "l.a. times" that the gunman was a transportation security administration employee at lax. fast forward now. to current time, 12:17 p.m.
12:25 pm
a federal law enforcement official said the gunman was a ticketed passenger entering the airport. officials don't believe the gunman had ever worked for tsa. law enforcement sources earlier told the times the gunman was a tsa employee. we all heard the news conference where authorities would not confirm this stuff. the reason is the informatiowas. and there were multiple reports of all different kinds about exactly what was happening there. so, first, the "l.a. times" reports it was a tsa agent. now, the "l.a. times" is reporting sources say the person was a ticketed passenger. fox news -- frankly, authorities have not been able to get this information, they may not know. these pictures coming in from kabc in los angeles have been helping us out all day. there are still a lot of people waiting to get off of lax.
12:26 pm
this is a picture from a few minutes ago. arriving flights here and this is the room. security force is live in washington. >> these are government connected sources and what they said to us is that they have a firmer handle on the number of people killed or injured. one tsa. the transportation security officer was killed at that check point. shot and three others. at least three others were also shot and injured. in that check point area. it's not clear to me whether passengers were injured as well and on the this point on the shooter, i was told that the government had a name, for about 90 minutes that they've been running through the traps and scrubbing and that this name has no connection with the tsa. does not work for them, has not
12:27 pm
workeded for them in the past. based on my conversations, we're expecting a statement shortly from the tsa which i think will deal with this point. several of the things we talked about earlier really got flushed out in that news conference as being the case. that the shooting started outside of the secure area, went through the check point and then right down into that gate area. >> are authorities giving you any more information about who they think this shooter might be? >> no, they're not providing more information nor are they describing what one witness said on your show was screening or some kind of statement that was being made as they were opening fire. they're not giving us any kind of began larty or detail on that. except to say this was not someone who has had any work history with the tsa. also, they are being very vague on what, if any kind of motivation there might have been. they're saying the shooter is
12:28 pm
alive. is not deceased. there have been previous reports they were killed, but that is not the case based on our reporting here at fox and that there was no warning. warning in advance like a threatening letter or foep call or a note or even a statement approaching that screening check point. the thing that kind of has my attention is why the numbers have been so all over the map today. it may be because of the confusion at that check point. the kind of weapon they had, but it's been a little extraordinary how all over the map the reporting has been, but the latest information we have is that one of the tsa officers was killed, at least three others were injure d as the shooter cae through that screening check point. >> it has been a very confusing afternoon. >> more so than usual actually, don't you think? >> much more. part of that has probably has to do with the size of lax. it's an enormous facility. you know, in the early going, i
12:29 pm
don't know about you, but you get off a plane sometimes, especially if there are multiple terminals, you don't always know what terminal you're in. some said they were in terminal two, well, they weren't. they were in three. >> there can be a lot of confusion with eyewitness accounts, though if there are a couple of threads that seem to be consistent here at fox is that when we had confirmation of that first fatality, that it was in fact tsa agent who works as one of the screening check points and based on the picture we've been able to put together, based on your handling of the accounts, is that the shooter approaches and then opened fire and powered their way into that check point. i spoke with someone who deals on the law enforcement side and asked whether the agents are are armed or whether that was given consideration and that was not to their knowledge to be the case. they traditionally rely on the armed police officers in each
12:30 pm
and every one of the airports. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> this is the scene still. it's our understanding that all of this is now evacuated. began over here in the security check point area. and then made its way down and some live pictures in now from fox 11 for the south land and beyond and it's clear that the authorities are still there. so many california highway patrol on motorcycles. the los angeles fire department on scene. and still working against all of the people who need to go somewhere to the spot where they need to be. so, who is this gunman? the latest information we have is that this was a ticketed passenger. we shall see. but most likely, this person had some sort of identification and authorities know who this person is. at some point, we will learn as well. and what in the world was the motive to walk into a crowded terminal at lax and start firing at security agents reportedly killing one and then walking to
12:31 pm
the back of that terminal around all of those gates and opening fire on presumably people he had never even met. it's half past noon in los angeles and our coverage continues right after this. my customers can shop around--
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. continuing coverage of breaking news. we just got a tweet from the los angeles police department confirming a projected time of reopening. now 1:00 pacific daylight time, so just about a half hour from now. they're asking people in los angeles to please avoid coming to the airport if possible unless you absolutely have to be there. latest word from authorities, seven people have been treated. six have been transported to area hospitals after a dwun man walked up to security at terminal three and began firing. multiple report that a tsa agent there was shot and killed.
12:34 pm
then the gunman walked into the terminal and down by the gate and continues to fire. according to the los angeles, an officer engaged that suspect, conflicting reports on his condition. coverage continues after this. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
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call 866-905-6500 now. plus, drivers who switched saved an average of $498 a year. just a few more ways allstate is changing car iurance for good. [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. fox news coverage continues of the shooting at los angeles international airport at terminal three, which has now opinion evacuated. we've now gotten word that the police department is suggesting that a partial reopening of the airport will happen about the top of the hour. chris here has some new photos that have come in from ap. >> there's a cop outside directing traffic. people who are frantic. they're bringing their luggage with them. we have an official who looks like he's you know, keeping off the scene. chaos right outside the terminal. more --
12:37 pm
>> folks on the phone. >> everyone is on their phone. they're tweeting pictures. we've got some great images in from witnesses on the scene. you know, some more officials. >> air new zealand, a lot of international flights in that area. dominic is on scene now at around along the exit route, the evacuation route if you will for the airport. dominic? >> it was down here which is the entry ramp into terminal one where most of those evacuated from terminal two and three were actually brought out. behind me, actually, you can see hundreds of people waiting hopefully to go back to the airport. the authorities were saying l k look, flights this afternoon, please don't come if you haven't already arrived at the airport because those flights are going to be arrived for many hours. i think that was interesting while ago is how the attack was described. even though we didn't have any details on the attacker himself, we understand from what they
12:38 pm
were saying is that the gunman went into the terminal, he opened up a bag and bruced this assault rifle. he opened fire on the ground level at terminal three where a lot of people check in usually. i've traveled to terminal three many times. there is a short escalator that runs up to the tsa check point. he opened fire there, then ran through that security area. just had halloween, a lot of people traveling this weekend. the authorities have that turned into a chaotic situation. engaged quickly with the gunman and exchanged fire. we don't know much else besides then. i spoke with some of the people being evacuated from terminal three. they were being routed through
12:39 pm
two. some details were coming through not just officials, but from family and friends bringing those individuals in the terminal, warning them there was a gunman, but of course, the gunman had been taken by the time that a lot of people had learned about what specifically had happened. but clearly, just a few moments ago, we were still seeing people comie ing out of the terminal a just a while before that, there were still being moved out of terminal two. >> you mentioned the distance from terminal three from this escalator you mentioned down to the burger king. how far of a distance is that would you estimate? >> it's round about that. he must have sprinted. he probably ran, we don't know if he was firing after he got
12:40 pm
from the check point towards the burger king area. but we know that it happened very, very fast. the authorities were actually, less than eight minutes, the authorities were engaging with the gunman and exchanging fire. >> it seems to be pretty calm considering all that's gone down. >> there are people still sort of coming out bit by bit, but behind us, we can't show you the shot at the moment for a technical reason, but there are i would say about 200 people sort of gathered on the corner and they're all hanging outside the raddison hotel, clearly hoping they can catch their flight. we know flighting will be taking off, but there is no timeline for that. the estimate is that there are
12:41 pm
some hours. maybe four, maybe six. we haven't seen any aircraft take up into the air in the past hour or so from where we're standing here, we were seeing some, even though the airport was stranded, it was a grand stop along the time and no aircraft were taking off, but i've had reports, word from my colleague at terminal two and he was saying he's seen i believe china air take off and a few other international airlines going off into the sky, so there is some hope people will be on board and heading to their designation. some flights are being routed to ontario airport. >> dominic, live for us on scene. "los angeles times" right through now in their latest on this. the gunman armed with a high powered rifle opened fire, terminal three, but didn't reveal his condition. we've talked about that here. the motive, unclear. federal law enforcement firms said the gunman was a ticketed
12:42 pm
passenger. they don't believe the gunman had ever worked for the tsa. that's new. antiterrorism officials were on scene, but they say there was no indication of any terrorist groups and they believe he acted alone and the police chief said he came in at 9:20 a.m., pulled out an assault rifle and began firing. authorities tracked him down and shot him. near a burger king restaurant that we've been mentioning just a short time ago. it's still quite a scene outside as people are trying to get back to home in some cases. you see folks with their bags with them and the chopper shot pulls out a bit and again, thanks to kabc in los angeles. you can see it's become sort of a media staging point right along what looks to me like century boulevard.
12:43 pm
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try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat. we're hearing a news conference now from the hospital. three male victims. listen. >> families of the victims and at this time, that's all we have to say. thank you very much. >> from the hospital, three male victims at that hospital. moments ago while we were in the commercial break, we got word from the l.a. coroner's office now confirms one person is dead in the shooting at lax. something we've been reporting here for quite some time. catherine harris has been reporting that the gunman, whoever he was, shot and killed a transportation security administration officer at the screening area as he has been described with us as he burst his way on to the place. the authorities have not
12:45 pm
confirmed it's a tsa agent, but the coroner's office said one person is in fact dead. many of you will recognize this area. these welcome signs in multiple languages and the palm trees and the rest. this is a sight i've never seen. people walking away from lax carrying their bags. they're not allowing cabs to get on to the site, so people are just having to walk out of there. just to get home. it's my understanding that somewhere nearby, there's a place where cabs can pick people up, but a very difficult day. that scene reminds me of the day of the blackout here in new york when you couldn't get to and from the airports and people would be just walking off the airport property. the hospital is actually now answering questions from reporters there, so let's listen. >> there are patients -- critically is not. there's someone ahead of her that had a question. i think you did. >> fbi agents on site visiting with the victims and were --
12:46 pm
>> i can't comment to that. i'm sorry. i don't know. yes, sir. >> can you talk about how big a trauma that was? well, in an event like this occurs, we prepare for as many as 50 victims, so we clear out rooms and get ready. we get all of our personnel. this is something we are well prepared to do and as it turned out thankfully, we received only three. >> did you receive any patients who have died? >> no. three patients. one critical. two fair. i'm sorry, i don't know that right now. >> can you tell us more about -- >> unfortunately, i can't due to privacy concerns and actually, they are details i don't have. like i said, they come with really very little information and we just take care of the injuries and move to the next patient. i'm sure that will be released later as we gather more information.
12:47 pm
no, sir, i'm not sure about that. >> are all these people -- >> it's not clear to me at this time. i don't really know anything except they came in, they were injured and we take care of them. that's it. i really can't. i mean -- adults, no children. three male. >> what is the range of their ages? >> i don't really want to es mate there. i'm sorry. i don't want to misstate it. >> when would you expect the two victims in fair condition to be released? >> it's unclear, but generally, patients in fair condition after such a traumatic injury situation would maybe be in the hospital for one or two days. >> would it be fair to characterize their injuries as nonlife threatening. >> it's always hard to estimate what can occur, but at this time, they appear to be life threatening. not life threatening. >> not life threatening. >> two people in fair condition.
12:48 pm
authorities don't call people in fair condition if they're -- that's not how this works. so we're getting what we can. really because of privacy concerns, you can't say things about people's medical condition without their permission. they have three males, two in fair condition. sounds like they're doing a little better. we have confirmation from the coroner's office that at least one person has died. we've gotten more information from reuters. a man approximately 40 years old has been confirmed killed. it is not immediately clear is that fern is a gunman or victim. let's get to anthony gonzalez, who was outside lax when all of this happened. and kind of got the perspective of what was happening as everyone was rushing in and rushing out. anthony, are you with us? >> yes, sir. >> where were you and what did you see? >> i was on my way from off
12:49 pm
topic to the airport and all of a sudden, undercover police truck pulls over in the middle of lax, which was a scare in itself and an unmarkeded man jumped out of a vehicle. like stopping traffic and redirecting us and we got forced on to the on ramp on the northbound side going to terminal one with southwest and it completely stopped and then we were there for about five, ten minutes. we heard all this stuff on the radio and sirens then a guy getting off the shuttle. some people were leaving their shuttles walking down a deserted on ramp. firemen, policemen, all over the place. it was just hectic. we walked all the way up to the airport. a quarter of a mile walk. we saw employees leaving, being sent home. letting us know they were closing down the whole airport. not just terminal three. we were still trying to figure out what was going on, then finally tsa representatives in their car leaving was the final
12:50 pm
confirmation we needed. there was nowhere to go. traffic blocked in and out down century boulevard and the on ramps and emergency vehicles were using the exits as a way to get in the freeway and so the people started people were still trying to understand what was going on and full severity of what happened. >> it sounds like chaos. anthony gonzalez on scene and watched all of that happen. i'm watching this feed coming into us over here. first one on the left, john, if you can get that. everybody walking out of lax getting to the street corner with all their bags. lucky they were not caught up in the middle of what was absolute chaos at lax this morning. our coverage continues right after this. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today?
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> seven minutes before the hour on fox news channel's continuing coverage of the shooting this morning at los angeles international airport. our station there is fox 11 news. kktv for the southland. let's listen into their local coverage. >> a tsa agent hurt himself. witnesses tell me he sprained his ankle. that type of injury. not sure how that happened. >> we imagine the chaos that occurred afterwards, there will be a lot of injuries like that. >> elderly people trying to get to exits and things like that. >> you know, being out here as we were sitting in the car trying to get out here just being out here for the last few hours, there have been so many ambulances come and go. the sirens have just been constant. maybe within the last hour or so that -- half hour or so that has died down. at this point people are just waiting. they are very determined to make their flights. all of the folks here by terminal one are trying to make a flight. it's not people coming in but people trying to get out of town. >> what do they know?
12:55 pm
do they know if they'll make a flight? >> that's the thing. most people are just really frustrated. i can't tell you how many people are coming up to me and asking me, can you tell us will we make our flight? i wish i could help them out. they themselves aren't sure if they'll make their flights. some have been rebooked initially. they just were rebooked on the other flight that was going out after they missed their original flight. the rest of these folks are just waiting to see what happens next. they're not really getting answers from the airlines but again their best bet is just to be patient and try to get answers from the airlines or again lax underscore official is trying to tweet out information. there will be delays today but it looks like most of these people will be able to get out of town. as you mentioned, so many people probably have booked rooms at hotels. i was going to make calls to see if there were any availabilities. these people will have to wait.
12:56 pm
a lot of people inside now because it's incredibly hot out here and the rest of the folks, well, they're by terminal two waiting to get past this point. at this point no one is going past terminal one. >> lax twitter handle lax underscore official. jetblue will operate all of its service to and from long beach today instead of lax. >> to and from long beach. >> they already had an operation there. it's relatively easy for them -- >> something else i realize as we look at this. we're looking at lax which is such a big, huge, important airport. it is physically small. when you talk about the other large airports and major hubs in this country, just in terms of the land mass, it's very, very small. >> very compact, yes. i just got a text from a friend, robert parker, who by the way has appeared on our program. >> fox 11 news coverage from the
12:57 pm
southland. i'm shepherd smith in new york. the suspect is at a minimum in custody and may have lost his life today. co this is fox news channel.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
one month in now and the president's health care law is still down and out. welcome, everyone. i'm neil cavuto. early enrollment numbers are looking more than just dismal. they're getting frantic about it. word just today that some top hospitals are opting out. even if they fix this website, you cannot fix all of these other problems that go way beyond the website. doctor, this sounds to me the most alarming development of all. explain. >> absolutely, neil. thanks so much for having me. so, you know, the president's called in some google