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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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anything. >> that's it for us. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. hours after we brought you the news that just six people signed up on day one of the big health care rollout we are seeing a growing chorus of voices on the left saying the problems with obama care are all the fault of republicans. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we have had a week of huge headlines on the health care roll out. dramatic hearings on the still not working website. a string of material broke withen promises from the president himself. as millions of americans find themselves kiiked off of the health care b plans they very much liked which he promised repeatedly they could keep. last night, a dramatic document
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leak revealing the numbers the administration did not want to share. just six sign-ups on day one of obama care. we have new details on that tonight. with a growing number of democratic lawmakers now starting to worry b about their political futures we brought you the poll that showed the president's numbers falling. we begin the broadcast with a story at politico getting attention suggesting all the problems are the product of gop sabotage. here is a little of democrats giving voice to the idea this week. >> this continuous effort on the part of the gop to sabotage the aca, to scare people and bring up red herrings. >> they want to block the aca at all costs. >> the series of roadblocks and blockades and a lot of misinformation. >> republicans haven't been able to defund or repeal it. they have denied funding. >> trying to ignore opportunities presented and
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continue to throw up uh roadblocks in congress and in state legislators. >> you love what's wrong with the website. you detest what's working in the affordable care act. >> steve hayes from the weekly standard is a fox news contributor. good to see you. we see the narrative coming out. so how will they handle it? no questions is a disaster with health everybody admits that. we see perhaps the most material promise to getting the law passed if you like your doctor you can keep him, if you like your plan you can keep it. completely violated. completely untrue. in the wake of that, the democrats pull out a page from an old playbook which is, "it's not our fault." how does that play? >> i don't think it works. the president of the united states is on video dozens of times making the promise, repeating it, being emphatic about it.
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not that he said oegsally in passing if you like your plan you can keep it. he was saying this in response to republican claims that you would not be able to keep your plan even if you liked it. basically the defenders of the law have no arguments to make now. so they've got to choose two villains. one republicans in congress. the other, a valerie jarrett tweet, the president speaking in boston trying to villify insurance companies. you have now seen it in hearings the other day. >> they blame cancellations on the insurance companies who are obeying the laws they passed. >> right. >> the insurance companies are cancelling people because obama care requires them to. >> exactly right. >> it is an interesting argument by the administration. that's the one they have chosen. as far as blaming republicans they appear to be pinning the health disaster b on the gop. among other items they talk
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about republican lawmakers b aren't giving information to constituents about how they can avail themselves of obama care. is that their b job? is it the job of the congressmen we put in office to call constituents or take calls and say, let me walk through how to get the coverage. >> of course not. especially when you consider many republicans you are talking about was elected with the precise assignment of blocking obama care. if you look back at the 2010 elisabeth hasselbecks it was largely about obama care. people were with sent to washington, d.c. to slow this down. not for political interests. not to slag the president but because they thought this would lead to bad consequences. republicans predicted a lot of this. republicans said the website was likely to fail. republicans said you wouldn't be able to keep the plan if you liked it. democrats don't have anywhere else to go now. they don't have arguments to make. they are relying on two weak
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arguments. >> they say republican governors are refusing to expand medicaid while the supreme court said they had every right to decline to implement the medicaid expansion. democrats are upset they chose to exercise the right. they are taked off that the republicans didn't approve another billion dollars or so for the roll out of health and promotion of obama care. they say it would have helped. >> it's not -- the problems we are seeing aren't about promoting health if more people were logging on it would be worse. you would have more volume, more difficulty for them handling the volume which has been a problem all along. this is a desperation argument. the fellow who wrote the politico piece is a smart guy who leans to the left. smart guy. makes insightful arguments and
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persuasive. the fact somebody that smart wrote an article that was that unpersuasive suggests just the difficulty that supporters of the law are in now. >> he goes on. a pattern of massive resistance not seen since the southern state's defiance of the ruling in brown versus board of education. if you oppose obama care there is something inappropriate, cruel, racist i'm not sure where he's going with that. more than half of the country opposes the law. >> nothing like a little hyperbole. he argues the shutdown prevented people from warning people how bad it would be. that's the republicans' fault? >> we have dramatic re search on another issue with obama care. that's the swelling metd kad
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rules as states show a huge surge in medicaid applications. we pulled numbers from the nonpartisan congressional budget office. they say obama care will add 9 million people to the medicaid rolls in the first year costing $21 billion more than we would have spent. by 2023, it will include 13 million more people at a cost of nearly $100 billion more than we would be spending on medicare without it. look at the numbers of the people signing up so far. we talked about it the other day. here are examples. in maryland so far, 96% of folk who is signed up have been on medicaid. in oregon, 100% have been medicaid. washington state, 85% medicaid. kentucky, 80%. all the people signing onto state exchanges are signing up for medicaid, not the exchanges. the part that's supposed to fund
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everything. >> the administration pointed to the states if they are not enrolling in the exchanges, medicaid under cut it all. it was successful at the state level. they were enrolling in a different program which is medicaid. >> the way the medicaid rolls wanted to get people on who weren't insured. the people who were supposed to the sign up and pay money out of pocket which you don't have to if it's medicaid. >> their money would be used to do what? >> that would pay for it. if you don't have healthy people paying and the entire system collapses. you have a high risk pool of people and people on medicaid which are free. they are separate programs. when you look at the broader uninsured pool that's three groups. you have the medicaid eligible and the he will the think people. anyone going into medicaid is one less for the exchanges.
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it opens the door ohs for more people to be on medicaid and less healthy people on insurance which they need for the law to succeed. >> they say, look, these folks rushing onto medicaid were getting sick, going to the hospital, running up the bill. now it's out in the open. the numbers there are and it is working as they expected. >> a lot of states disagree because a lot of them are worried about the finances. or they haven't budgeted for extra millions of people in every state. the thing to remember about states is states are different from the federal government. every state except vermont has a balanced budget provision in the constitution or state statute. in georgia there is a balanced budget amendment written into the constitution. they can't exb pand spending. to have to kafr for people on medicaid, they have to raise taxes, raise income tax or cut spending for roads, schools and
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things like that. there are a lot of people who still need insurance so let's expand it to help people get on. but real costs come with it. it's taxpayers. 26 states signed up for this. federal money is paying for them. you're still paying. >> if you think you're, you're not. you're a federal taxpayers. if they have a swelling of the medicaid rolls and don't pay from the exchanges guess who pays. here's a hint. ready? we have been digging into the rule causing millions of americans to lose health insurance. democratic senator mary landrieu is leading an effort to make sure the president's promise will be kept that people can keep their health care insurance if they like it.
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wait until we show you what she said about this specific issue just a couple of years ago. plus, he was a successful businessman with hundreds of employees but now not a one. he'll join us live with his warning for working americans in the wake of obama care. breaking details tonight on a deadly shooting at one of the nation's busiest airports that sent passengers running for their lives. the news from l.a.x. on a busy "the kelly file." >> they just said keep running. there was probably another 15 to 20 shots we heard behind us. we just kept running. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> as millions of americans worry about losing their health care plans, a growing number of lawmakers may be worried about losing their jobs. senator landrieu is up for re-election in louisiana in 2014. back in 2009 she was a vocal supporter of the president's law although her vote was controversial. and how she maintained it would allow people to keep their health care plan. >> those individuals who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan. this is a very accurate description of this bill. >> fast forward to this week and the reports of millions of people getting kicked off
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insurance plans. the senator said, i had no idea this would happen. we have to do something. now she's introducing a bill to help people keep the plans they had and liked. but wait, we did some digging. it turns out that republicans had foreseen that an hhs regulation, health and human services, passed in 2010 after the law was passed, a change in the regulation would guarantee that all of these people would lose insurance when the law kicked in, just as they are and we all know it now. republicans warned about this in 2010. they read the federal register up like regular people. they went to the senate and said, we have written a law to protect people and stop this from happening. here's senator mike enze. >> the reality of the new regulation is if you like what you have, you can't keep it. that's why i'm concerned about the grandfathered health plan regulation and why i introduced
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a resolution we are debating today. my resolution would force the administration to actually keep their promises. >> what did senator landrieu do? she voted against that proposal. they predicted what would happen but she sided with what the white house wanted. now she says, i had no idea that covered people would lose their plans. really? joining us now dana laesh and richard fowler. thank you for being here. >> thanks, megyn. >> thank you. >> her vote was controversial. critics said she had to be bought off with what was called the louisiana purchase. for her to say, i'm shocked that people are losing their plans, contrary to what we promised. when now we know she was specifically warned that this hhs regulation would do that and voted against a proposed fix on
6:17 pm
it. it's the kind of thing people hate about politicians in wa washingt washington. >> completely agree, megyn. it's even more disingenuous when you consider that senator landrieu's recorded remarks from august saying she would vote for obama care all over again. she said, i would vote for it again tomorrow. this is after the 2010 battle, after the enze resolution that we need to keep it so insurance companies aren't cancelling them. she knew about it and there is no other way to put it, she's lied twice so far. >> it was on the this specific issue. they said, hold on, hhs tightened the noose such that almost none of the plans will be grandfathered and the promise of you can keep your plan if you like it will be completely broken. she said, i vote against it. i don't like your fix. did she propose a fix saying,
6:18 pm
whoa, we can't break the that promise. no. now she wants us to believe she's shocked. >> i think senator landrieu is in a battleground state where she'll have to do political posturing. >> posturing? >> it takes away from the fact that what's happening with those losing their health care plan, it's been cancelled but they will qualify for a better plan in the health care exchange. >> stop that. i don't allow that. don't bridge to a safe place. stay on point. the point we are trying to discuss tonight is hypocrisy in washington. >> there is no question it's political posturing. >> is she being dishonest when she says there is no idea. >> there was political posturing. >> what does that mean? >> she's sort of -- i -- i don't know what you would call it. a flip-flop if you want. she's posturing to make sure -- >> liying? >> it doesn't take away -- >> what they don't realize, both
6:19 pm
forget there is a magical thing called videotape and contemporaneous recordings. here is one that senator brashley said only in d.c. can you get away with telling people if you like your plan, you can keep it and pass regulations six months later that do the opposite and figure people will ignore it. common sense will prevail in this town. now senator landrieu says, chuck who? mike who? i don't know what they are talking about. i'm shocked. >> she's faking this. she lied twice. now her state is trending red and the rosenberg political report said this is a toss-up state. these are one of the senate seats completely in place. she could lose. now she has to run back to make amends with voters rebelling in the polls.
6:20 pm
it's washington d.c. fakeps. i don't buy her excuses on this. i don't buy any of the excuses. i don't believe -- we are led to believe they are negligent, they passed this without oversight at all. we know the we have been called racists and terrorists over this. >> dana, you're going a step too far. we all know there are benefits to this bill. you can't deny the fact young people can get back on their parents' plan -- >> what benefits? >>we have been through that. you call it posturing. >> there was political posturing here. >> posturing is -- like this. posturing is not as egregious as this. we are up against a hard break. got to go. great seeing you both. >> thanks, megyn. >> lots of folks that focus on the fight in washington, we have new details on a new lawsuit from a doctors group next. and we'll speak with a man
6:21 pm
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new details on a doctor revolt against obama care. an association of physicians and surgeons filing a federal lawsuit to have the law declared unconstitutional. they are focused on the employer mandate but the bigger story is the number of doctors unhappy with this as we learn more about what is in it. dr. mark siegel is a fox news political a-teamer from langone medical center. hi. >> hi, meggyn. >> you said you can't keep your doctor if your doctor won't keep
6:25 pm
you. why wouldn't my doctor keep me? >> i heard it in 2009 and said, that's prop gan ta-da. nobody asked me. the doctor says, i can't play ball with these restrictions, my fees are cut. there are tests i want to order that i can't order them. the tightening noose you have been talking about. doctors can't practice. we have the opportunity to walk away. >> what happens? did you get a letter from the federal government saying we passed a huge law changing the health care system. here are your obligations. >> nobody notified us in 2010. no doctors received anything from the federal government. i call up insurance companies and find out one big insurer is no longer covering flu shots at a time when obama care wants all preevent tif services to be covered. $5 for an ekg. >> five bucks? >> i said to my office staff we can't work with this insurance
6:26 pm
anymore. insurers are struggling with the regulations. they are trying to keep the bottom line by cutting doctors, fees to doctors. >> they won't pay for certain services so you won't order the test because you don't get paid for it. >> doctors are angry. kathleen sebelius says she doesn't work for the critics. 700,000 plus doctors don't work for you. >> yet you are being controlled by the rules and regulations. >> great point. a survey came out this week. 40% say they won't play ball with obama care. what choice do they have? >> they have to go to a cash business. >> if they can, they will. all cash businesses are on the way up. more concierge medicine. they can join a hospital, if the hospital is playing ball with with obama care. you might get to keep your doctor, but maybe not your hospital. fewer hospitals are accepting -- working with this insurance. >> you don't even know.
6:27 pm
i will tell the viewers. that our health care providers, our policies were cancelled here. we have to find a new policy. we have a new option. i called my physician and said do you take this insurance? no, no, no. i can't say it's due to obama care but it's a quince kens. haung. >> good to see you. >> "the kelly file" is investigating your obama care stories. maybe i just told you mine that's due to banl. i can't keep my plan or my doctors and i'm not happy. up next, a man who said he had to sell his business because of the health care overhaul. his warning for americans. and the latest documents on the terrifying scene from l.a.x. today as crowds of people scrambled after a gunman opened fire inside the terminal. ♪
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you have heard from some of our guests tonight obama care is helping to insure millions. it is also costing millions the coverage they had and liked. over ten million people who buy their own insurance could see their policies cancelled. what about the other 100 million who have employer-based coverage? are they in danger of losing their plans, too? is obama care already leading companies to hire part-time instead of full-time workers? the administration says no. >> i am sure that there may be some individual employers making some business decisions about how many workers they want full-time and how many part-time. i can tell you there is no economic data the or employment
6:32 pm
data that supports the notion. >> critics say the evidence that obama care is already hurting hiring is both unequivocal and abundant. >> it's simple. if you increase the cost of something businesses will use less of it. if you decrease the cost they use more. increase full time employment costs and there b will be less full time employment. >> andy pugser is the ceo of carl's, jr. and hardees. in 2012 the restaurant chain be began hiring part-time workers to replace departing full-time employees. they have an incentive to hire part-time because obama care's regulations apply only to those with over 50 full-time staffers. under the law full-time means just 30 hours a week. >> if you work over 30 hours employers have to give you health care coverage under obama care. under 30 hours, they don't.
6:33 pm
>> the company isn't alone. last month sea world announced it would reduce hours for thousands of workers. forever 21 reclassified some full-time employees as part-time. both deny it is due to obama care but industry experts suggest otherwise. others are directly blaming the law including some wendy's and taco bell franchises as well as land's end. the cleveland clinic says it will cut b jobs due to obama care. investors daily counted at least 351 employers. even some unions which fought hard to pass the health care law have voiced concerns. over the summer three of the largest unions sent a letter to harry reid saying obama care could encourage employers to
6:34 pm
spike part rolls. >> there is no data to support an uptick based on the impending affordable care act. >> the administration cite it is most recent report from the department of labor. it shows 27 million part-time wor workers in the economy. that's above historical norms. eight million say they want a full-time job. the other 19 million claim they want to be part-time. some predict the b problem will spike when the law starts to penalize noncompliant employers. that won't happen until 2015 thanks to a decision by president obama who was pressed to delay the date by unions and by corporations. not only will some employers cut back on employee hours, some will will cancel their health care plans all together. opting to play the law as fined which can be a better bargain for a boss. >> we can't. it's too expensive. too much of a burden on it. it's frustrating. >> debbie and larry own a
6:35 pm
staffing agency in georgia. they now employ and insure 18 full-time workers. but the company manages hundreds of part-time staffers who do not have insurance. under obama care the couple must now insure all employees or pay a fine. they say it is cheaper just to pay the penalty which means their full-time employees are about to lose their insurance plan. >> essentially what they are going to do is lose coverage and have to go into the marketplace. it's a sad situation that they will lose the coverage that we have chosen for them. they are going to the lose it. >> the law's impact is evident at some of the largest employers in the nation. home depot and trader joes say thousands of worker wills lose company sponsored insurance in part, it is believed, due to obama care. walgreens maetd a similar decision. ups will cut coverage for workers' spouses and time warner and ibm will move some retirees to the exchanges.
6:36 pm
still president obama insist it is law is good for all american, even those who are insured. >> so that's the affordable care act. better protections for americans with insurance. a new marketplace for americans without insurance. and no insurance company will be able to deny you coverage or drop you as a customer all together. those days are over. that's the truth. [ applause ] >> that is the truth. >> thanks to president obama's executive action delaying the so-called employer mandate until 2015 the full effects of obama care on the employer sponsored insurance market will not be with known for some time. certainly not any time before the 2014 mid-term elections. we have been asking for your obama care stories this week. and we have been flooded with them on kelly file and on twitter @megyn kelly, # kelly file. people have been writing in nonstop including bill lawrence, a former owner of a successful
6:37 pm
car wash company that he built from the ground up 22 years ago. he wrote to us. his post reads, megyn, my story rings so true to what you have been reporting on. on june 26 my partners and i had to sell the company because we couldn't afford the almost $400,000 in either penalties and fines or insurance premiums that we would have to pay as a result of obama care. well, we did read his facebook post. we read virtually all of the other ones. bill lawrence joins me live now. thank you so much for sharing your story. i understand you built the company from the ground up, employed 290 people. you sold the business, you say, because of obama care? why? >> we were forced to take about 200 of our associates and either provide them health insurance
6:38 pm
coverage at a significant cost or more likely pay the penalty if they didn't go into the plan or pay a higher penalty if they went into the egs change. the math was somewhere around $400,000. we don't have those margins to pay that type of penalty. >> when people have been talking about a lot of employers will do the math and say it is cheaper to send them to the exchanges and pay the penalty versus pay for the insurance. they forgot the other option which is, or an employer might say, i cannot afford either option. i'm getting rid of my company. >> it was sad. we started taking our employees to part-time associates under 30 hours. >> for the reason stated in the piece we did. >> absolutely. >> when you sold the business, did the new employer keep the
6:39 pm
staffers and did the new employer start doing any of the things you had to do in terms of part-time work? >> i don't know exactly for sure. i believe they are taking the staff to a part-time basis. we were doing it because we started doing it in march. are they full time or part time. >> on oh this date forward you have to -- >> no. >> start insuring people. you have to consider the look-back the law will have. >> right. there is a look-back period. we started doing it. sometimes what people don't talk about is what is the effect that has on the associates? they still have to feed their families. they have to provide income for their households. now they are working two jobs. what happens to the quality of their life? >> what happens to the people
6:40 pm
you were insuring? while many employees weren't getting insurance, some were and now they have lost their jobs with you and the plan you were offering, i take it. >> well, the company that acquired us agreed to keep most of the employee ifs not all of the employees. i don't know that all of the t employees have continued with them. we had a high percentage of people who had been with us the for years. i don't know if they continued to stay on with the new company. >> i know you built up the car wash company. bubbles enterprises, the aptly named bubbles enterprises. you paid your employees more. they worked at the car wash. you paid them above minimum wage thinking, i will give them extra for something like health insurance. you thought that got it done. the government disagreed. your thoughts on having your livelihood directly affected based on what politicians in washington telt was best for
6:41 pm
you. >> well, most of the people we employed were young males in great health who didn't want insurance and can't afford it. now the government will penalize and fine them, make them get health insurance. it's just a train wreck waiting to happen. >> i know in addition to being a successful businessman you are a republican. you raised money in the past. is this a partisan thing about disliking president obama? >> no. it has nothing to do with with president obama. this law is not a good law. i have never seen a set of laws that impacted small businesses the way this law has. everything from the regulatory process to hiring consultants, just so you understand what the law is. we know that our congressmen and senators didn't read it. how are we supposed to understand it? >> thank you for being here, bill. good-bye to bubbles enterprises.
6:42 pm
i know you sold it to mr. car wash, so hello to him. thanks for sharing your story. >> thanks, megyn. >> we want to hear your obama care stories. good, bad or in between. we have received thousands of them. two nights in a row we have had real people on who tweeted their stories or updated posts on you can go to kelly file or tweet me @megyn kelly, # the kelly file. i read many of them personally on my iphone, on my way home, on my way to work. i hear a lot of the stories. we are interested in what you are going through. up next, the man who says he has evidence of a criminal conspiracy between two federal agencies that he believes were targeting the president's enemies. enemies. k it out. . today i have new campbell's chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha!
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new details tonight about two federal agencies unlawfully sharing information about cohesive groups. e-mails sent by former irs official lois lerner who was at the center of targeting of conservative groups. the president of judicial watch and author of "the corruption chronicles," his group heard about the alemged behavior, filed a freedom of information act request for the documents and got them. what is she accused of doing whand do the documents show? >> as head of the branch of the
6:47 pm
irs, no irs official can discuss confidential information about a taxpayer including tax organizations that are c-4 organizations involved in political fights and campaigns and things like that. >> those are the ones that were at the heart of the irs targeting scandal. >> that's right. >> hay had their nonprofit status held up by the likes of lois lerner. >> it's clear from the e-mails over the course of years beginning in 2008 she was in communication with the s.e.c. about the tax exempt status of the organizations. >> let me stop you there. why would the irs be talking to the federal election commission about a tax exempt group? >> the fec wants to know about the one organization, the america's futures fund, in the middle of 2008. >> conservative group. >> they have a conversation.
6:48 pm
they follow up with the subsequent e-mails of 2009. they have a conversation, information faxed over to the fec from the irs. lois lerner's staff starts poking around the databases looking for information on that and other organizations they were interested in. listen to this. in 2010 they are talking again about the america's futures fund. it looks to me like there is a google news story about the organization's involvement in harry reid's campaign fight. you see the attorney ask his colleagues, oh, ask the irs again about this group. >> to see if they are too political? is that what the fec should be looking into? >> they have a regular way of investigating organizations. the irs has a regular way of
6:49 pm
responding to requests for information. this is not the regular way. >> as i read the law they say the irs can verify whether an organization is exempt. she disclosed supposedly whether they received an exemptions letter or not. why is that not okay? >> there are handwritten notes. much of which is redacted. lois lerner and supposedly the fec attorney talking to her, they were talking about what was be hi behind their ak a tifts. it was more than if they were tax exempt. if the fec has a question, they are supposed to ask the irs after an investigation is approved by the commission itself for information. the irs can't the do it in this
6:50 pm
way. >> the organization says they didn't disclose information from other public sources. >> no way that's true based on the e-mails. >> if they crossed a barrier that would be a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. we'll continue to follow it. tom, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> a terrifying scene at one of the busiest airports in the country today. crowds of passengers running for their lives. the latest news from l.a.x. is next. and "hannity" is at the top of the hour. >> i have gone to look at each one individually, checked what it would cover, what hospitals i could go to. there is nothing that's the same. any way i do it i get less care for the same money or i have to pay more. [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities.
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hundreds of flights grounded, delayed and cancelled at l.a.x. after a gunman walked into a terminal and opened fire today. adam? >> reporter: a deadly morning at the nation's third largest airport. now a chaotic night as l.a.x. is trying to get back to normal after the loss of the first tsa agent in the line of duty. the video coming in from cell phones there are thousands of people here when it happened at 9:20 a.m. to after noon on the east coast. you can see the cell phone video. people running in all directions as the gunshots were heard. we heard b about people running on the tarmac, hiding behind counters in restaurants. we talked to witnesses including this couple. one woman had taken off her one shoe and hadn't had a chance to
6:55 pm
get the other off when the shots came down. listen. >> we heard the shots. we just all fell to the floor and on top of each other. it was like a dream. it wasn't real. it was like a movie. it was so intense. it wasn't normal to hear that. we all just panicked and started flooding through the screening x-ray machines and tsa was with us. >> tsa agents aren't armed. they ran also. they were on the ground and took off running in all directions through security, wherever they could find cover. another witness was upstairs looking down on what was taking place. >> there was a lot of screaming and people running. people laid down on the floor and the suspect calmly walked upstairs and through the checkpoint and fired a few more
6:56 pm
shots. then just walked around the corner. >> reporter: this will have security effects around the country and flight effects. terminal three is shut down by law enforcement. that will continue into tomorrow. megyn? >> adam, thank you. we have chosen not to say the name of the gunman. that's a policy we on this show will continue as the shootings continue. we'll be right back. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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more than 500,000 followers on twitter. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. i would like to thank the academy. follow me @megyn kelly and send me a tweet using the hash tag # t# # kelly file. thanks for watching. today, health insurance reform becomes law in the united states of america. >> the affordable care act was to be his greatest live achievement. according to a report only sigs people signed up for obama care on day one. >> the website wasn't working on october 1. that's a dog bites man story. >> with this change with insurance possibly going the way it will go and the medical field changing. >> our week-long series on the missed obama care warning signs continues. >> i don't know if i would be talking to you now. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight for the hour


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