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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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chess. it was so addicting he had to give it up. we will see you next week. fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news. a bomb threat forced the evacuation of the airport in alabama this hour. this is coming from the airport's website and local reports. we are working to do our own reporting on this, but this is the first of what we are learning. the threat was receivered around 4:00 p.m. local time there, and flights have been delayed and some have been diverted. some have had to go to other airports just to get on the ground because they did not have the fuel to stay in the air to wait this thing out. most of the roads around the airport have been closed down. most of the people in the airport are gathered outside now
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awaiting word. a bomb threat at the birmingham, alabama, airport. and under construction, and that's what the message is. we knew about it and now it's picking up. you have gotten one? what happens when you get cancelled and you get sick? are you covered? a former competitor of president obama is weighing in on all of this, and governor mitt romney suggests the bumpy rollout of the affordable care act has put the president's legacy in jeopardy. >> the fact that a president sold it on the basis is that not true undermined the foundation of his second term. >> in minutes, governor romney sharing who he thinks could go all the way to the white house next time, and who he left off his list of 2016 republican stars.
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also, you have heard the greatest claims about global warming. whether you believe it or think of it as a series, some scientists say they have the answer and know how to stop it skprbg the answer is on the right side of your screen. the former massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential nominee accused president obama of selling affordable care act to the american people as a lie. >> and the centerpiece of obama care over the last several years saying time and time again, fundamental to his plan was the right to keep their own insurance plan, and he knew that was not the case. >> he criticized the sloppy rollout of the exchanges online, and rejected the president's
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praise of the health care reform law, and he said he passed a similar one in massachusetts. >> in massachusetts we phased in the requirements so that there was a slow rollout, and that way you can test the systems as you went along to make sure there would not be glitches and perhaps the most important lesson the president, i think, failed to learn was, you have to tell the american people the truth. >> meanwhile, senior white house correspondent said the president did keep his white house and pointed the finger at insurance companies. >> if the president didn't intend to keep his promise, why would he go out of his way to make a provision. if your plan has been downgraded or cancelled, you can't. >> and steve, we heard from governor romney blasting the president today on his health care legislation that became one of the largest laws our land has ever seen and now what are other
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republicans saying? >> they want details on the website and what went wrong and the health care system and not just the health care website. one is urging action from the president. >> i am calling on the president now to say let's have a time-out on this, mr. president. you call a time-out on this. convene a group of bipartisan leaders to address health care concerns in this country, because this is not working. i am hearing it from my constituents and let's do it live as opposed to the way it was passed in the first instance. >> they said americans are frustrated with both sides of the aisle and want it fixed. >> what are democrats reacting to tonight? >> they say it will be fixed and many people that lose their insurance will get better plans at lower prices with government help to pay for them, and they
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admitted not as much people as they hoped are getting signed up, and they rely on the younger americans to enroll in obama care and if they do not it could collapse. >> if we don't get enough people signed up, by the way, it's not in just six months. my firm belief and everything we know from massachusetts is that we will get those people. >> and this week the head of hhs, kathleen sebelius testifies once again on capitol hill on wednesday. >> did i hear that correctly, he said we have a couple years to get this up and running correctly, and people are getting cancelation notices from their health care providers right now? >> that's right. the government said they want to get it working properly by the end of november as well. >> thank you. a triumph return for the new york city marathon. there was much at stake this time around with the cancelation of last year's race due to super
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storm sandy and the deadly bombings at the boston marathon a few months ago. it was a double win for kenya. one successfully defended his title, and then another kenyan for the women. they both finished the course in just under 2 1/2 hours. the police covered every each of the winding course. and bomb-sniffing dogs covered the city streets. >> it was a picture perfect and cold day as a record over 50,000 runners participated in this year's new york city marathon stretching 26.2 miles through statten i will through the
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burrows. we are standing ten blocks away from the finish line because this is as close as most people were able to get because security was extraordinary high. planning for security began the day after the boston marathon bombings, and over $1 million was spent on security this year, and that's double the normal, as well as there was secured designated reunion zones, and the finish lines had limited access, and runners are prohi t prohibited with running with backpacks, and more dog-sniffing dogs than ever before, and they relied on more than 1500 cameras and radiation gear throughout the route and it was clear all through the day that the runners and the security and boston marathon bombings were on everybody's mind. >> we saw a ton of police, basically every third mile you would notice that we would see a police officer standing there
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looking at the crowd. >> i felt safer, but it definitely made it a lot more difficult. it's hard to get closer to the finish line and any other sites. >> we definitely thought about boston and our prayers are with them, but we are happy to be here. >> many of the runners running this year were running in remembrance of the boston marathon runner, like king. he ran the marathon and then went and operated on those after the attack. >> i hope they can recover and achieve whatever it is that they want to you a chichieve that wi make them as happy as i get when i have the opportunity to run a great race like this. >> it truly was a great race, and harrison for the final quarter mile, a yellow line was
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painted along the blue line that guided all the marathoners throughout the route in honor of the victims in the boston attack and first responders. harris? >> brian, thank you. today was a big day for a good friend of ours, and a producer here at fox news. jay ran and finished his eighth new york city marathon. 33rd overall. look at him there. after not getting the chance to go the distance in boston back in april. yes, he was there on the day that the bombings happened and thankfully he was not injured. the finish line is where he was just crossing over right before the bombs went off. today, of course, way to go, jay, he crossed off and we had a great day. ebay is facing international outrage tonight after it was revealed that holocaust memorabilia is going to be sold. holocaust memorabilia, sold online, on its website. stay close. ♪
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now to the situation we started off with here on fox report. we are just getting word the term tphaul evacuated at birmingham airport because of a threat has been all cleared. everybody is being told they can return to the situation as normal. of course this has already affected many flights on the ground there, and we want to let you know they will try to resume the skepbchedule there, and theb threat they first talked about apparently did not pan out or they found out the situation was not what they thought it was, and what wherever it was, it's safe to resume procedures there in birmingham. we will keep you posted on late developments on that, too, and just how many people have been moved around and moved to different airports and we will let you know what has happened
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with that as we learn more. and then the shooting at l.a.x. airport. the suspected gunman is facing felony murder charged with the death of a tsa agent, hernandez, the father of two and would have turned 40 next week, and he is the only tsa agent killed on duty. in his honor, the pylons were lit up in blue last night. and then the tsa is considering how best to coordinate with local authorities. as you may know, tsa officers are not armed. all this as investigators are learning more about the man that they say made a conscious decision to kill as many tsa employees as he could. dominic is live for us in l.a. >> reporter: yes, we are learning more about paul see
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answer yo. his father had tried to prepare him to take over the family business in new jersey, and his mother had multiple sclerosis and died a few years ago, and that apparently was a heavy toll on the family but we still don't have an explanation on the authorities as to what his motivations were specifically targeting tsa agents. and investigators may give us more information on the note they found in his tkufl bag, and apparently the wounds he suffered during the gunfight with police entered his jaw and mouth and also his teeth, and that's going to make interviewing him extremely difficult. and he is sedated and underarmed guard. he said he was acting alone and a friend dropped him off, and the feds say they have an idea of his actions once he got inside the terminal.
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take a listen. >> that video shows the defendant's activities during the crime yesterday. crime scend five loaded magazines, a host of unspent ammunition, bullet casings, and it was a very large crime scene. >> reporter: and the feds are asking for more digital media, any photos or videos that any passengers in the terminal took, and they want to collect as much as possible as the investigation continues. john kerry is in saudi arabia at this hour and it's the second stop for the 10-day trip for him. and earlier today secretary kerry met with egyptian officials in cairo. that's the highest level american visit to egypt since the removal of mohamed morsi.
4:17 pm
since then, the u.s. has sent hundreds of millions in aid. >> the u.s./egypt relationship should not be defined by assistance, and there are much bigger issues that matter to us and concern us and define the relationship. >> conner powell now has more. >> reporter: secretary of state john cakerry arrived in cairo a described the turbulent times. and kerry insisted today that the united states is both a friend and partner to egypt. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military over through the democratic elected leader.
4:18 pm
morsi will stand trial beginning tomorrow. and the white house has cut a large part of the u.s. military and financial aid to egypt because of undemocratic reforms, and some of the secular groups that backed the military coup six months ago turned on the government in cairo saying they are not doing enough to restore democracy, and kerry struck an upbeat tone today saying he sees signs the military will restore democracy in the near future, and there are fears the man behind the coup will try to run for president. >> conner, thank you. a rare find in a major city forces more than 20,000 people from their homes. we will tell you what it is coming up. whether you believe in it, a group of top scientists says they have a cure for global warming. [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day
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a 4,000-pound bomb left over from world war ii forced thousands to leave their homes. more than 20,000 people had to get out so they could defuse it. fortunately it was successful. bomb discoveries in germany not uncommon, but finding a device this big is rare. but there was a similar discovery found a couple years ago near the ryan river forced some 40,000 people to evacuate. in the wake of the nuclear disaster following the 2011 tsunami in japan some of the
4:23 pm
world's largest economies have begun to look at reducing nuclear energy, and now scientists are saying if the world doesn't go nuclear global warming will get worst. other wind sources won't cut it by themselves. we took a look at this with peter in washington. >> nuclear energy may be the most important weapon human kind has to fight dangerous climate change, and that's the argument four scientists are making in a strongly-worded letter and they don't believe wind and solar will produce power to meet the earth's needs on their own, and they explain while there will be no single technological silver bullet, the time has come.
4:24 pm
but one thing these scientists do not focus much on is cost. >> if a nuclear power plant can be built and produce power at a rate that is competitive with coal and gas, then i think the industry has a bright future. if it can't do that, i don't think that all of this talk about global warming is going to matter very much, because we really can't afford to pay two or three times as much as electricity as we are paying now. >> public perception is another major hurdle pronuclear power leaders fear? >> we have had oil spills that did not shut down the oil industry as awful as they have been, but nuclear is fragile that way, and it's fragile because of the politics and because the public underbly so is fearful of radiation and
4:25 pm
anything nuclear. >> the key moving forward is not just what we do to reduce emissions but what growing powers like india and china do as well. >> thank you. the last man to run for president for the republicans says he knows for sure who can win next time. he has a list. not on the list, texas senator, ted cruz. what do you think about this? we will have a discussion as the fox news political insiders join us inside the "fox report." tweet me. we will include some of your comments live. plus, if you really want to make an entrance, this is probably not the best way to do it. you know what? now police want to talk with you about your driving.
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this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. mitt romney says he made a list of republicans who have the most potential to be elected president in 2016. who made the cut? governor romney's former running mate, paul ryan. he says chriss christie stands out, and then who did not make the list? ted cruz, falling short of haupl r romney's criteria. you will find them on twitter.
4:30 pm
a former congressman for new york, and a pollster for president jimmy carter, and a pollster for bill clinton, and fox news contributor as well. good to have you here tonight. timely, too, because of the comments from governor romney. doug, i ask you first, he left out senator ted cruz. why? >> he represents a different strand of republican than romney, but despite the controversy he moved close to the top of the republican presidential trial heats indicating a couple things. first, the party is divided. two, there is no clear frontrunner, and three mitt romney, who lost the race he probably could have won is really somewhat out of step of what is going on. >> we want to hear from the governor on who he actually would pick from his party to run. in his own comments about senator cruz, let's watch that. >> paul ryan, jeb bush, marco
4:31 pm
rubio, a long list of capable people, but chris christie stands out. >> does ted cruz stand out to you as a potential in the republican party? >> i will not disqualify anybody, but i think i indicated some of the names i think would be most effective and we'll see where it goes. >> what role does senator ted cruz play in the republican party? >> he is the voice of the anger against washington, d.c. and obama care. i have to say the verb that was used there, who is mitt romney to disqualify anybody for anything? he ran the worst campaign -- right, the worst? >> this is unbelievable. i thought nbc must have had a strategy meeting how to help obama. this man ran with the most
4:32 pm
incompetent campaign. he is going to tell people what to do? do the exact opposite of what he says. unbelievable to me. >> a year ago, the day after tomorrow, he lost, and the republican party was a mess, right? >> still is a mess. >> a year later, it's more of a less. >> you blame one person for that? >> no, but he is sim ballic of it, he is the establishment wing of the republican party and he doesn't get it. >> before we went to break i asked people to weigh in on it. one woman says anybody that leaves ted cruz off their list is off my list, and the public perception of him is he is a fighter. >> the government shutdown that was unpopular and hurt the republican party, inside the republican party, they love ted cruz, and that's what they were saying, the divisions which have ripped the republican party under. >> you can't get away from ted
4:33 pm
cruz when you consider the millions of americans that would love to see his name on a presidential ballot. i will ask my team to put up numbers here. this a is a poll, and it shows what party they would consider voting for in 2016. the numbers there are close between the republican and democratic, but the one that stands out, a third of america says we will go with an independent or third party. >> yeah, somebody picking other than their party is higher than we have seen. it reflects the frustration. obama is morphing into i can't decide what he is morphing into, bush or worst, but this idea of the corruption and lying to the
4:34 pm
american people is just appalling to voters, and our party, doug, our party, what are they doing? they are getting up and saying by the way, don't get up and look at what we did, anything to win. who represents us? >> i think this is significant. we watched the republican party self imalate with the shutdown. they are third behind independence for who people would vote for. it's close. >> but they are third. >> now, we are watching the democrats self imalate. >> you heard pat just annihilating your own party, the democratic party, and you didn't interrupt him. >> he is right. right now as we sit here, the high numbers for independents that you were citing are emblematic of the fact that
4:35 pm
there is nobody on the scene that is providing real leadership. >> not one name comes to mind? >> i could say somebody like chris christie, but here is the real problem. president obama's strategy is to double down with a tax the republicans and to shade the truth or ignore the truth. the republicans are just attack, and bottom line, american people, incredibly angry. >> and pat, you were comparing president obama and hinting at his disapproval rating, i believe. let's put the numbers up on the screen. this is a very recent poll taken in the last week or so, and weight shows is that the disapproval number has ticked up above 50% now, and continued to go north. >> yeah, and the approval rating is the lowest in the poll. let me tell you, i was the youngest person on the rich nerd nixon's list, and whether it's
4:36 pm
on benghazi or health care, and getting up and telling people, knowing you are lying and we now know from the reports they knew what they were doing, they could not have won the election -- >> you are talking about health care? >> health care. the red line, i am the sergeant of defense -- but the corruption is as great as under richard nix nixon. >> it's the line that if you like your insurance can you keep your insurance. >> how sticky is the perception problem for this president among his own party? they are going to be facing election, re-election, some of them, a year from now, and -- >> let me speak to this as a democrat. everybody stayed together until recently on health care. there has been break-away centers as we talked about last week on delaying the individual mandate, delaying the penalty, and now when the white house has acknowledged they didn't tell
4:37 pm
the truth, you are going to see democrats increasingly moving away from the president who for five years, five and a half years have unquestionable loyalty. >> and then even bill maher who said it, i thought as much of a problem that i have, he said it and he said i thought president obama was honest, and he's not and neither are you, and he tore his guest apart. the problem for the democrats is who is going to go off the cliff and who is going to start caring about their own survival. >> you mentioned benghazi, and there has been news made on this. the new push for answers in the deadly benghazi attack, and a top senator is calling for a witness to share his story before congress. what do you think about it?
4:38 pm
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news tonight being made on benghazi as a british man told his story and that has come to light. ambassador chris stevens, and tie ron woods, and glen doherty. as often is the case when somebody comes forward with information like this, a lot of discussion about whether his entire story is true, and in any regard widespread agreement that it's a good idea to hear all we can about that night. nobody said that clearer today than senator lindsay gram. >> i don't think it's over the
4:42 pm
top for us to be able to talk to survivors, and they were talked to the by accountability review board. the state department pick add team and interviewed the survivors, and as a member of congress that has to explain to the families, it's not too over the top. >> our political insiders are back. pat, i am going to start with you. benghazi still an issue that americans want to hear about? >> americans really care about thi this. four dead americans, not just the ambassador. this is outrageous. what lindsay gram said this morning, and i have my problems with him, but nobody has talked to any of the american survivors and the fbi covered it up and it's what nixon did with watergate and this administration has done it and 60% of americans including half of the democrats believe the
4:43 pm
president is hiding things about this crisis, and over 62% in the poll i was involved in said they need a special committee and that brings us back to john boehner has been in the tank not standing up for america either. >> we have 177 republican house members signed on for a 90-day committee to investigate this whole thing. and every one has been forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement where they are not allowed to talk to congress. that smacks of cover-up. >> it's a moral outrage. >> this lit up twitter. for those in the mainstream media that offten look at socia media to get a gauge, i think you have to look at the trend and this seems to be a trend. carla has tweeted to me,
4:44 pm
somebody should made account blg for the inaccurate information put out about benghazi. this is an opportunity, doug, for a democrat. it doesn't have to be the opposition party, for a democrat who might be facing re-election next fall to step up and say okay let's move beyond this point and find out who told the public what wasn't true. >> the democrats have stayed in lock step with the president on virtually everything all through his term. this is an opportunity that the president has been tapping down for the democrats, and it's watergate, he doesn't want the flood gates opened, and bottom line, he is scared to death of it. >> water gate, there were grave republicans that stood up to richard nixon and their country,
4:45 pm
and i am appalled at my party, nobody will stand up to politics. >> on the republican side, we had 80 tea party congressman that shut the government down, and boehner listened to them. 177 want this committee and he doesn't listen to them -- >> because they have something on boehner and they are using it. it's the only inclusion you can come to. >> we don't know that for sure, pat. >> that's the only logical conclusion. they must have something on him. >> your viewership, call and tweet and write their republican congress people and tell them we are not going to vote for you next year unless you get this select committee up and running. >> carolina girl, lisa, she says, she is saying that republicans and democrats right now need to get behind lindsay
4:46 pm
gram and push for answers. >> that's it. this is not about politics, harris, this is about four courageous men that lost their lives. >> perhaps that's part of the messaging that has been missed as part of this. >> do you realize republicans run the house. they have all the committees investigating benghazi, and they are getting nowhere, cnn, liberals, cnn and "60 minutes" and fox who uncover stuff than with subpoena power four standing committees with the house. >> if you had not said fox i was going to have to cut your mike. >> in the beginning it was only fox that asked the questions that had to be asked, and -- >> we were the lone voice in the forest. >> but you raised an important poin what is missing in the entirety bait now is bipartisanship, solutions on health care, and positive answers, and putting the country first.
4:47 pm
>> put the country first and put truth before their political party. that's all we need. >> trending if you can say something trending on your own twitter page, a lot of people are talking about senator ted cruz, and we talked about his possible role in the republican party, and there is a question. was he born in the country? would that if he was not preclude him from running for president? >> he was born in canada from an american mother and nonamerican father, and most legal experts think that he can legally run for president. >> why? >> because the statement in the constitution is natural born american. if you came out of an american mother, they think that qualifies him as a natural born. it certainly -- >> let me rephrase that, if you were born to -- whatever, we got your point. gentlemen, thank you so much. twitter is alive, and i am looking at your page, too, a lot of comments on benghazi. pat, i will be interested to see
4:48 pm
as the conversation goes forward how much bipartisan support graham gets, too. >> don't hold your breath. you can continue the conversation with the political insiders on twitter at fninsiders. if you have not watched it, it's really fun, at don't miss it. a gator hanging out on his own at one of our nation's busiest airports. he doesn't look that harmful. well, he is a little bigger -- okay. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement
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the world's largest online
4:52 pm
marketplace is apologizing and removing 30 listings all believed to be from the holocaust. ebay is taking them offline, he says he got them from a dealer. among them is a prisoner suit, a yellow star of david, and a pair of shoes that belonged today a death camp victim. ebay says it was missed in the strict vetting process. our top story as we go across america. wisconsin, that collision happened in the north western part of the state near lake superior just as the nine skydivers were just about to jump. one aircraft caught fire.
4:53 pm
everybody jumped, even the pilot, but he was the only person hurt with minor injuries. >> very lucky. any time two planes collide in the air, it's a potential disaster for everybody involved so we rr all very, very lucky. >> the faa is investigating. connecticut, halloween night surveillance video coming to light. a woman driving a mini van slammed into this store in hartford. then witnesses say she got out and fought with a man that she knew. four of the people in the store were hurt if she was ticketed for causing the crash. illinois, a gator goes to the airport. >> he was right in a corner right there. a maintenance worker discovered the foot long alligator at
4:54 pm
o'hao hare's international airport. >> police to the rescue using a dust pan and broom. >> what if a little kid grabbed this thinking it was a toy? >> still don't know how he ended up in the airport in the first lace. that is fox watch across america. a big day with wild finishes across the nfl. peter, welcome. fox sports 1 goes inside. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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[ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. [ male announcer ] staying warmnd dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today. a pair of ot thrillers and another wild game. peter, i that have learn the theme. >> i love the programming. >> yeah, this week there was no teams that played each other in
4:58 pm
the same game that were both 500. some people said this is a bad week of football. sure enough this was an amazing week of football. let's start in dallas. they had an incredible game. they were losing to the vikings all game. tony romo comes back and scores in the final minute here. the cowboys go 5-4. >> he has a shake that image of not being able to do anything. he is starting to shake that maybe. >> it is a huge win for them. the redskins, here in this game, they go to overtime. look at this touchdown by alfred morris. robert griffin the third, and they were blow out by the broncos last week. but the cow boyes and red skins have not had a great start to the season. >> how is rg3's injury? >> he looked good today, right?
4:59 pm
>> yeah they thought something was up last weekend, it was nothing. the seattle seahawks almost lost in their own building to the tampa bay buccaneers. they came back and won. they maintained a hold on that home field advantage. >> any distraction for peyton manning? >> john fox is having heart surgery this week. if there was in quarterback that can handle the set back, it's paeyton manning. >> we hope coach will be okay. >> yes. >> fox sports 1. love having you, thank you. it's been a fun show. that is how fox reports on this sunday november 3, 2013.
5:00 pm
thanks for watching and have a fantastic week. "huckabee" starts in nine seconds. tonight on "huck bee." >> if you like your health care, you can keep your health care. >> how can presidents and democrats still defend obama care. and the president says you can keep your doctor, but can your doctor stay in business? plus, comedy icon i'm conway. >> if u yo look closely you can see harvey wetting his


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