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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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changed since the law has been passed. ♪ give 'em the old razzle-dazzle ♪ ♪ razzle-dazzle 'em >> thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. follow my on twitter. see you tomorrow. good afternoon. >> she was right. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> breaking details on the catastrophic consequences of obama care. what if a republican said this -- >> willing to hijack the party and the country and grind progress to an absolute halt. >> we expose the left's shameful rhetoric. another day, another big broken promise. >> i have a salmonella responsibility to protect our nation and our people. >> so who will be held accountable for the train wreck? >> i'm the president.
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the buck stops with me. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> welcome to this busy news monday on "hannity." new numbers tonight that prove we are just going to learn of the catastrophic and life-changing consequences, the real life consequences of obama care. a new bombshell report by the daily caller reads if obama care is fully implemented 68% of the american people with private health insurance will not be able to keep their plan. according to health care economist christopher conover. he went on to explain bottom line of the 189 million americans with private health insurance coverage i estimate if fully implemented at least 129 million, 68%, will not be able to keep their previous health care plan either because they already have lost or will lose that coverage by the end of 2014. let me repeat. he predicts 129 million people are going to lose their coverage. that's not all. states all over america are now facing what's being described as a massive doctor shortage crisis.
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in art ro in the new york post says good luck finding a doctor under obama care. new york and most states face a shortage of physicians already and won't have enough primary care m.d.s to serve millions of newly insured patients, data rereviewed by the post reveal. and a missed warning sign that team obama hoped you would never see. a four-page memo sent to the white house in 2010 from a trusted harvard professor named david cutler. he happened to be a seen kwor health care adviser to the president's campaign. he predicted the administration would be unsuccessful in implementing obama care. the memo which was b obtained by the washington post reads, quote, i am concerned that the personnel and processes that you have in place are not up to the task and that health care reform will be unsuccessful as a result. so clearly the white house ignored the word of caution. here with reaction to this, patrick j. buchanan. democratic strategist steve mcmahon.
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steve, every indication they knew. their own study pointed out that small businesses, 60 some odd percent of americans would lose their health care. big businesses 45%. vinls 85%. they knew in july of 2010 and the president continued to go out there and sell what was an enormous lie to the american people. how do you defend this? >> i'm not going to defend everything that the president's campaign did. clearly the president overstated or misstated or inaccurately stated. >> or lied. >> what the impact would be on a lot of people. that's inexcusable. >> wait a minute. or he lied. >> sean -- >> i can show you page 34,000 whatever of the obama reports. they knew. they all knew, steve. why are the american people lied to when everybody in government knew. >> you presume they knew. you accurately point out the fact that there was some evidence that perhaps someone should have known.
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>> in the record they knew. in the register they knew on page 34,455. >> right. how many people do you think read to page 34,485? here's the problem with the law in my opinion. the law actually should have required insurance companies to make these grandfathered policies available. they said they can but not they must. if you and all the good folks pointing out the problems were sincere and genuine in concern for the uninsured you would say let's support mary landrieu's fix that requires insurance companies to grandfather everybody in. if it's true 169 million can -- >> 129. >> 129. they shall be taken care of. we should pass a law that says
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companies shall extend the policies people like. that should be a bipartisan fix. we shouldn't be debating it. pat and i could go to the green room and work it out in five minutes. can we? >> patrick? >> it does appear the administration and the president of the united states i don't know what his aides told him but deceived and misled the american people. he gave a great many of us assurances that we can keep our doctor, our health care plan. his credibility as well as his competence over this website have been severely damaged. let me say this, sean. if it is true, even a fraction of the 129 million policies both individual policies and those provided by employers are going to be invalid and have to be
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rewritten and replaced. this whole thing will collapse. >> what do you mean by collapse, has been changed without having the program collapse. the politics respond to this. frankly in the democratic party in a hellish condition as of next november. everybody will be demanding changes. >> it's not just the washington post, steve. the wall street journal pointed it out. this angers me. maybe i'm old fashioned. i expect our government to tell the truth. they pointed out that the white house aides actually debated obama going out and telling the lie. they erred on the side of continuing to lie. >> listen, sean, i vice president seen the report you are referring to. >> wall street journal. >> if it's true it's outrageous. i agree that the government should tell the american people the truth all the time. sometimes the government gets it
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wrong. you will remember the iraq war. we don't have to go into it. but there was some -- >> i don't want to talk about bush. bush is out of office. nice try. >> sean, hold on. >> i'm sick of it. we have debated it ad nauseam. i don't want to hear it. >> okay. let me talk about the 129 million people for a second. if it's true and with all due respect i think i need more evidence than a daily caller and somebody -- >> wall street journal or cbs news. i'm quoting cbs. >> if it's true, sean, pat is right. if 129 million people really did lose their coverage, this would collapse under its own weight. i don't believe it is true. you will see everybody -- you know, insurance companies are doing what businesses do. >> bait and switch? is that it? >> trying to get them into a more expensive, better product. >> let me ask you a question. is it not now a good idea to
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kick over the individual mandate to coincide with the employer mandate? there are real problems in this thing to get a fix at least on these things so this disaster does not occur in the next couple of months. >> i think, pat, it's time to fix it. if you can fix it with a mary landrieu fix, that's the fix i prefer. anything like 129 million people are going to lose their policies. of course you should suspend those things. i don't think we are at that point yet. i think frankly we need to give this thing time to work. a lot of people getting new policies -- >> one more question, steve. why would they do this deliberately go out and say you can keep your doctor. you can keep your insurance policy, period. >> i don't know, pat. >> they knew differently. >> you know, i cannot --
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fortunately i can say i wasn't part of those conversations. i don't know what happened. it shouldn't have happened. i'm not going to make excuses for it. >> you mentioned mary landrieu. she's on the record december 22, 2009 before they passed this thing. individual who is like their coverage will be able to keep their current plan. >> that's what everybody -- sean, that's what everybody was told. that's what everybody believed. >> maybe if they read the bill before they pass it we would be in a better position. >> 34,000 pages. just a little nighttime reading. >> mary landrieu was sandbagged as well as steve. >> steve and gene shaheen and mark pryor and kay hagan. they're in trouble, pat. what do you think? i think they'll move very expeditiously to kick this thing over for one year. they ought to. it's obvious it ought to be taken back to the shop. >> sounds like a cya, pat, where i come from. what if it happened in the nixon administration, pat? >> it did. >> well, we had problems of our own, as you recall. >> that was my point. all right. thank you both. up next tonight on "hannity" straight ahead -- >> you have seen an extreme
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faction of the republican party that has shown again and again and again that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country. >> once again the president who pledged to restore civility is openly accusing republicans of hijacking the u.s. up next, reince priebus responds to the despicable rhetoric. quick programming note. tomorrow night "hannity" live feisty studio audience edition. you won't see it anywhere else on cable. fireworks like you have never experienced. liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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welcome back to "hannity." the left proves what they are up to when the backs are against the wall they will say and do anything to try to win. the most recent example comes courtesy of your commander in
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chief. he was in virginia stumping for democratic candidate terry mcauliffe. he had unkind words for ken cuccunelli and the tea party movement. >> you have seen an extreme faction of the republican party that's shown again and again and again that they are willing to hijack the party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. >> wait a minute. the guy that wouldn't negotiate? isn't president obama the one who said he would restore civility in american politics. it appears just another broken promise. a few states away harry belafonte was campaigning for bill deblaz. the liberal singer accused fundraisers of being part of the ku klux klan. watch this. >> those who belonged to the ku
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klux klan. [ applause ] >> to make matters worse deblasio arrived on stage and instead of denouncing it, he praised belafonte. watch this. >> why do you listen to harry? you are listening to the voice of a wisdom that's deeper than any wisdom we have in everyday life. >> he appeared to have a change of heart. probably talked to one of his consultants. then denounced the comments. joining me now with reaction, chairman of the rnc reince priebus is here. welcome to new york. >> hi, sean. good to be on. >> president, civility, really? >> it's the culture that the president has cultivated here.
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a culture of dishonesty, of hatred. look at the president's record. you can keep your doctor. you can't. keep your insurance, you can't. he is the master of talking and talking. now you are looking at him throwing darts to confuse the american people as to what is going on in the white house. >> he give it is same speech. republicans want dirty air, water, hate grandma, throw her off the cliff. cuccinelli is a tea partier. he didn't want to mention health care. >> no. he doesn't want the election to come to obama care because he'll lose. i think the president should take ownership not just of what he's said and promised the american people on obama care. he should take ownership over this divisive culture he created. the kkk analogy you saw trey
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grayson roll out. no democrat is out there in in an organized fashion denouncing this. look, the democratic party has the shameful history. not the republican party. we can't let these guys rewrite the history of equality, freedom and opportunity which is what the party is about. >> it seems to be coming to a head with the government shutdown. personally, i think you were supportive of ted cruz and the effort of mike lee. yet there were people like john mccain, whacko birds and comments by other people. what's your reaction to the battle with n the party? >> i spoke out about that. when senator mccain called some of the senators whacko birds i came out against that as well. i'm for everyone in the party. i supported ted and mitch mcconnell and speaker boehner. i think in the end we have to focus on the things we agree
10:18 pm
with. we a gree that this rollout has been a monstrosity. we have to focus on that as a party. ultimately if the you look at the issues we are uniteded. i believe it. we had ted cruz and rand paul helping out the rnc raising funds a couple of weeks ago. this is not a divided party. it's not the establishment versus the tea party. we were with ken cuccinelli on saturday. i don't see it, sean. i know that's what people want to play up in the media. i think we are united but have to focus on the things that bring us together. >> the latest report showed this conservative group that helped elect marco, ted, mike lee, rand. that if they are being used that apparently the nrsc, i think it is, is going to cut off their funding to those companies that, wo with them. what's that about? >> i don't know if this particular group did a lot of work with the nrsc. i think there is a little bit of blood boiling over spending more money attacking republicans than
10:19 pm
going after democrats. it would be nice to spend money in virginia helping ken cuccinelli. the fact is there is a role and there is a role that groups have in holding candidates accountable. it's a role we have at the republican party in promoting a permanent ground game. every republican running benefits from it. different groups have different roles. it's important for people to remember to stay in their lane and do the best job they can do for the organization they represent. >> >> i want to see a conservative coalition caucus that wants a balanced budget amendment, a full repeal of obama care. one that's really pushing and educating on energy independence
10:20 pm
in the country. a lot of people call my radio show.ican agenda? i know you have opinions. i know ryan is an ideas guy. do you think putting it all together, packaging it and selling it as we'll do these things if you put us in power in the senate is a good idea? >> i agree with that. the contract with america was brilliant, easy to understand, smart. we have to be the party that believes in unlimited opportunity for everyone. not just believe it but sell it. what does growth and opportunity mean to people? it's something i don't think we do enough of in the party. the branding and marketing of a party that believes in unlimited opportunity for every person in this country is something we
10:21 pm
need to defend and promote. but part of the problem, too, is you see people that say, listen, i'm not a republican. i'm a this. i'm a that. you're a registered conservative and that's unique in new york. but people say i'm a conservative, a libertarian, this, that. the problem is the word under scott walker's name, paul ryan's name, rand paul's name. the word is republican. it has to mean something. >> do you think in virginia this libertarian candidate was pushed to hurt cuccinelli? >> they have a history of having a lot of third party candidates on the ballot. we'll see if people show up. most of the time on election day that doesn't happen. it deps down to 2 or 3%. it could make a difference tomorrow. >> we'll see. good to see you. thank you very much. up next, in recent weeks we told you about countless examples of the administration trying to silence opponents of obama. up next a disturbing report about how it may be expanding to twitter. and later -- >> ultimately the buck stops with me. as president i have a salmonella responsibility to protect our nation and our people. when the system fails it is my responsibility. >> obama's words coming back to
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...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪ welcome back. welcome back. it is no secret the white house has been working overtime to silence opponents of obama care. we are learning twitter could be involved the independent women's group signed up under @my
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cancellation. the account is also a web. they are asking the american people to post pictures of cancellation letters online. the twitter handle got more than 1,000 followers and received hundreds of letters. the group said they didn't violate any of twitter's guidelines which beg it is question, another example, instance of the obama white house silencing opposition? here with reaction from the independent women's voice, hadley heath who post had had this picture with her cancellation letter. also joining us -- why are you laughing? your president promised her -- >> we're laughing at each other. >> i didn't have my makeup on in the picture. >> she doesn't like that picture. >> you're making fun of how she looks? that's a war on women. >> you can accuse me of many things. would i make fun of the way she looks, i don't think so. >> i'm kidding. there could be 129 million
10:27 pm
americans losing coverage. rick, you're an honest guy. i would be shock fd you made a promise to me. in fact, you kid make a promise about a gift and you gave it to me. you have kept your word. the president made this promise over and over again. she lost her insurance. tell her why she should lose her insurance. >> first of all, 129, you have to be careful. that's not a correct number. >> millions. >> i said it friday night. the president didn't tell the truth. >> he lied. >> there was a way to put it that would have been far more honest. even if there was a company in the individual policy that went out of business in the time. >> it is predicated on a lie. then why don't we stop the legislation. that means the american people can relitigate the plan. >> because while that may impact on 3 to 5 million people it's a big number. that doesn't mean -- >> i gave you the number, the page of the register the over day to look up and you didn't do it.
10:28 pm
they knew in july of 2010 that it was going to be 85% of independent plans, 60 some odd percent of small business and 45% of large business. that's what the government knew. >> this isn't the first broke promise for obama care. this is a long list of broken promises. not the one selling point if you like your health plan you can keep it. many are are false. affordability. whose premiums are going down? most people, especially if they don't get protection from the tax credits or subsidies, they are seeing huge increases in cost. neutrality? are you kidding me? this isn't deficit neutral. we are adding trillions in expenses to the deficit. >> given how much it's going up. >> number one it's not even possible you could know it will add trillions to the deficit. >> that's what the gao says. >> no, no. >> we know the cost according to the cbo. >> i won't tell you it won't
10:29 pm
happen. it's early to know. >> okay. >> that's a fair statement. >> rate shock is real. cancellation is real for some people. it's not real -- >> $2500 per savings per year. who said that? >> wasn't me. >> what we can say is the associated press -- >> so disarming when he laughs. i wish you were angry. it's a lie. >> it's serious, personal. this is an increased cost for me personally. i represent millions. the associated press is reporting already three and a half million at least received these letters. >> how much more do you pay? >> at least a couple thousand dollars per year. >> more. >> yes. >> i'm not receiving any better benefit. >> rick should subsidize you because he bought into the lie and you didn't. >> my pleasure. >> take it.
10:30 pm
>> you say it will cost a couple thousand more. let me ask about the letter. what did it say? do you mind if i ask who the insurer was? if you're comfortable saying. >> it's care first. i don't believe they are responsible for this. i believe the affordable care act is responsible. >> what did it say? >> your plan will terminate. >> did it -- >> it gave me the option of going to d.c. health link, the state-based exchange and selecting a plan there. i went there and looked at the plans. the plans are almost double the premiums for a higher deductible. >> what about the other benefit? >> my benefits in the plan i had before covered hospitalization. preventative care. >> millions of people. they can't afford a couple thousand a year. i know you are a limousine liberal. you can afford it. >> i don't disagree with that. but i've been look into this, too. i grant you there are people -- >> millions. >> you are a young and healthy person.
10:31 pm
no question you will take the heat. me being an older guy and having pre-existing conditions, my policy is going to drop by roughly 40, maybe more percent. >> we can agree that young people are going to pay for this. >> you give heart attacks. you do. i have to roll. i'm sorry you lost your plan. >> thanks. you can find hundreds of letters. >> he'll subsidize you. >> we'll find you another one. >> up next, he told us time and again the buck stops with him. why is the president failing to take responsibility for the mess that's obama care? you can talk about rick ungar. write and ask if he'll subsidize your account as well. go to the special companion site. share your thoughts on this and more. we'll continue. just like zero cutle. and you can't beat zero. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years.
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10:36 pm
responsibility to protect the nation and our people. it is my responsibility. >> we have made steady progress on the fronts but not fast enough. i continue to believe that ultimately the buck stops with me. i'm going to be accountable. >> i ultimately take responsibility for solving this crisis. i'm the president. and the buck stops with me. >> oh, how times have changed. that was the president promising you, the american people, time and again that the buck stops with him. today while obama care, the corner stone of his domestic policy agenda is failing that's clearly not the case. the president has yet to take responsibility for his mess. instead we are seeing constant excuses and liberals running to the defense of the anointed one. one of the obama care architects happens to be the brother of former chief of staff rahm emanuel. he had this to say on oh sunday. >> it does not say sears drop
10:37 pm
coverage. sears decides what's good for them. the insurance company decides how to make money. when private companies decide to drop people or put them in the exchange you blame president obama. he's not responsible for that. >> you like your plan you can keep your plan, period. here with reaction to this and more, senator rand paul. period is like no qualifiers, no caveats. period is period, right? >> well, he's exactly wrong. he said it is the insurance companies. no, the legislation says specifically if you had your insurance before obama care and if it is never changed you can keep it. if you had it and it's changed at all, you have to take obama care. you get four choices whereas you might have had hundreds of choices before. under obama care you get four choices. you are being dumped. in my state, nearly ten times more people have lost their insurance than have gained any insurance.
10:38 pm
that kentucky is supposed to be the success case they are all touting and ten times more people have lost their insurance in kentucky. >> the daily caller found quotes from all the red state democrats from mary landrieu to mark begich , gene shaheen, kay pryor all saying if you like your plan you can keep your plan. do you think it plays a part in 2014? >> absolutely. here is the great irony. you remember the government shutdown we went through a month ago? the democrats refused to open up government because we wanted to delay the individual mandate one year because we all said it wouldn't work. they refused to do it and wouldn't open up the government. now half a dozen or more changed their mind and say we should delay the individual mandate. the president has already delayed it six weeks. my prediction is they need to delay it more. i don't think they can fix it in six months. >> two reports came out. one from cbs news, the other from the wall street journal. one white house insider warned three years ago that all of this would happen.
10:39 pm
they had all of the numbers three years ago about what would happen and white house aides were debating three years ago whether or not the president is lying. they knew. that bothers me more than anything. the president and his team knew that all the americans, millions of americans would lose coverage. what does it mean to you? >> i think it comes down to this. government is inherently inefficient. the other side thinks government can do anything. they have great faith that government can fix any problem. the way i see it is the private marketplace is miraculous in distributing goods because they have to have a profit motive. government doesn't have a profit motive. government isn't good at most things. you don't want to give government new responsibilities. another way to look at it in simple terms is medicare was $35 million short.
10:40 pm
why add new mandates and a new entitlement program when we can't fund the one we have? >> last week the number was 93 million americans will lose their current insurance. daily caller cited a story that shows the the estimate is now 129 million americans will lose their insurance. that's a far cry from what the president promised. >> you know what the number probably equals -- everybody with individual insurance or small business insurance because if your plan ever changes, it's no longer eligible. they usually change the plan just a little bit each year. any change to a plan makes it ineligible and you have to get obama care. when he said you could keep your doctor it's the opposite. no one is going to keep their doctor.
10:41 pm
no one with an individual plan will have it within a few years. then the question is when we get the employer mandate, how many of those will have to change? if your employer changes and it doesn't meet the four things, this will be a disaster. we are talking 20% of the marketplace. what happens when the 80% that has the employer mandate, when that kicks in and all of those people lose insurance because it doesn't meet the four plans? this will overwhelm the country. >> i noticed maybe this is a sign that you are affected. i noticed the left is trying to accuse you of plagiarism. one of the charges is in your book you cited a heritage foundation study which, by the way, you footnoted at the back of the book. but i guess you didn't put it in quotes. do you want to respond to that? >> it's been a footnote frenzy going on. they have looked at my works including my speeches which 98% of those are extemporaneous. i can't quote everything perfect.
10:42 pm
i'm not perfect. i make mistakes. in the book it should have been blocked off or indented to show it was a quotation. it was footnoted at the end. we didn't try to pass off anything as our own. they are coming up with absurd dis. i'll give you an example. i love the story about lucky penny. on 9-11 she scram bled the f-16 to stop the final commercial airliner from hitting the white house. she took a suicide mission and would have had to ram her jet into the plane. that's a great story but i can't remember where i got it. am i guilty of not attributing it because i can't remember what a prgs story or newspaper told it? can a speaker not tell stories without remembering the exact citation? it's a standard no one is held to and it's politically motivated. >> obviously politically motivated. a footnote is attribution but it probably should have been in quotes. a footnote means you intended to give proper credit, in my mind. you know joe biden, i will tell
10:43 pm
you that. >> we have tried at every point to attribute things. nothing was ever intentionally used. we give credit to heritage 15 times in the book. do we always do it properly? maybe not, but we tried. >> coming up on "hannity" it's the campaign to force lawmakers to live under obama care like the rest of america. the senator behind the effort joins us next in studio to explain. and oliver north coming up, straight ahead. the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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now while millions of you are losing your health care plans and being negatively impacted by obama care my next guests have decided to take action. they are fighting washington's exemptions and they are demanding that the president and members of congress also live under the same law and burdens
10:48 pm
they are putting on you. the national media campaign is being launched by citizens united and senator david vitter. take a look. >> it was a back room political deal. barack obama ignored the law and issued a special rule. he exempted congress from the pain of oh obama care and gave them a huge taxpayer funded subsidy for their health care that no one else gets. while americans are losing jobs, health care, patience, congress gets a special exemptions and subsidy. insider deals like this are why no one trusts washington. but we can fight back by making washington live by the laws it passes on everyone else. let's end the washington exemptions from obama care by acting now. if you think washington should live by the same laws as everyone else, sign our petition today. >> joining us now citizens united president david bosse.
10:49 pm
and david vitter. >> great to be with you, sean. >> you're saying, the vitter amendment simply says the laws you pass, the burdens you put on us, the american people, the burden will be on you guys. >> first of all obama care itself say that is about obama care. it's this illegal rule by the obama administration gets around it. i think it is an illegal rule but the vitter amendment goes back to the statute and makes the chefs in washington eat their own cooking. >> the staffs of the president are still exempt. they don't have to get into the exchanges. >> not at all. the statute says members of congress and congressional staff should have to and the special rule even gets some wiggle room there and takes a lot of the pain out of that. >> they get the 72% subsidy. >> correct. that's not in the law at all. that's what this illegal rule -- >> they added it in later. >> correct. >> like the grandfathering clauses. i think this would resonate with the american people. >> we are taking it straight to the american people.
10:50 pm
citizens united is starting live by your this evening. we are really excited about this. being able to take it to the american people so they can rise up and say, look, enough is enough. congress, you can't pass a law that, by the way, is so bad and can't be rolled out in a competent way for everybody but themselves. that's just plain wrong. >> it's >> right. >> i can't believe we have to -- >> sean, this should be the first rule of american democracy. what washington passes on america, it should have to live with in the same way to the same extent. >> a number of your colleagues are in trouble. red state, mary landrieu, mark begich and kay hagan. they are all in trouble. >> absolutely. so far all of them are resisting this common sense approach that the american people -- >> even mary landrieu? >> so far. we need a vote on the senate
10:51 pm
floor so that no matter what the outcome, every senator can either stand with america or stand with washington. >> i'm not even sure it's a good idea to give them the delay at this point. they seem to want to get past 2014 and their elections. that's why people need to go to the website and sign up. senator vitter needs all the support he can get, from americans all across the country who are feeling the pain of obama care. those folks getting their policy canceled when congress is taking care of themselves. >> and you're asking people to sign up. >> books everybody, hope you sign up. coming up next, my good friend colonel oliver north is here. he's going to give us a first-hand account of the brave men and women who volunteered to serve our country. he'll also comment on china. they're giving out maps of american cities they'll attack. they're making death estimates of americans and how far radiation will fall out across the continental u.s. we'll ask him about that straight ahead also. also.
10:52 pm
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welcome back to he's dedicated his life to defending our great country. his brand-new book, american hero is on the home front, hearts of hero, colonel oliver north profiling men and women who have proudly defended our great nation. how are you? >> i'm glad to be with you my friend. i'm grateful you went with me down to walter re eer reed and these guys. they lost so much and a resilient spirit that inspires both of us. >> i've got to be honest. i'm a little disappointed. it seems we've lost some of these guys. i don't think you're going to be happy unless you're shot on the battlefie battle. bet betsy, you're not listening to this.
10:57 pm
this is sean's son's school tie. i said i'm going to wear it. right next to the grummon works. >> i fear we've forgotten them. >> the american people who sent their sons and daughters off to fight with them. here's the tragedy, the white house has forgotten them. and unfortunately the bureaucracy in washington has forgotten them. so when you see youngsters like in this book, and i can say they're youngsters because they're a third my age orless. they've committed themselves to something much bigger than themselves. and their families have, too. a hero is a person who put themselves at risk for the benefit of the others and their families have done the same. >> we have met how many over the
10:58 pm
years. >> hundreds. >> they lost their legs, then they have the courage and the strength to come back and they get these prosthetics and artificial legs and arms. and it's an enormous -- >> and the best part of it all is, when you see the picture of the mike corman. he bandaged me up and he was himself terribly hurt. jack right there in the introduction of the book is still treating guys in this war. he knows more about pts and con chronic pain and tbi than anyone i've met. he's the one who said we've got to tell the rest of the story and the love of the families who have also maeds a great sacrifice. >> ptsd is real. i've met too many guys. are we doing enough to help them?
10:59 pm
>> no. and one of the things the v.a. has done and you and i have some personal experience is the phone call. do you remember that day? i called you a number of times about individuals. not just once. >> that was very early in the morning. that first up with. look, jack is would tell you, they've overmedicated these guys. they've decided that psych troepic medications are the way to go, when in reality, what really helps the most is having someone who is trained to work with them through the terrible injuries that they've suffered. you can see a severed arm. you can see a prosthetic limb. what you can't see is the damage done inside the brain by stheez massive explosions. a lot of these guys would have died in other wars. they're living today so you're seeing more of it. and the good news is that at least in the military, if not the v.a. there is help for them. >> you're doing a big tour. >> freedom alliance has the site with all the travel on it. >> thank you.
11:00 pm
safe travels, it's a great book. called "american heros on the home front. the hearts of heroes." good way to end the show. we thank them for all they've done for us. start your day each weekday morning with "fox & friends." -d unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. press secretary jay carney, we have video cameras, they record what you say. >> i never said that you wouldn't -- that the process the end point of point of the process would have to go through health care .gov. >> the website will be the easiest way to buy insurance through the market place and it isn't the only way. >> there are four ways, not just on-line. >> you said there are fourys t ways to enroll the exchange. you said there were fouryo different ways. f there is one way and it has to go through, as you just said, health care .gov. >> i said and everybody said, and you can have this


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