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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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translating in the republican party, we'll see. tune in tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. for all the latest news in special report g night from a busy election night. bill o'reilly is next. this is an election alert. voters picking new governors in new jersey and virginia. chris christie winning reelection against democratic challenger barbara buonon virginia gubernatorial race has been called. democrat terry mcauliffe beating ken cuccinelli and robert sarvis. in new york, democrat bill devalazio cruised to a victory, the first democrat to win
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since 80s and will replace michael bloomberg. and in boston, john connelly conceded to martin walsh. waits a hard-fought race. now, to o'reilly. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law has passed. >> the president getting in deeper and deeper contradicting himself over obamacare and drawing even more attention to the whole mess. perhaps mr. obama should remember these words. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> president bush the elder never recovered from that statement. we'll have analysis this evening about mr. obama's current status. [bleep] >> why is the national football league allowing thugs, destructive men run wild? this is becoming a serious problem and we have a
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follow-up report tonight. also ahead incredibly an american mother allows her 7-year-old son to go trick or treating dressed as a clan member. >> it's supposed to be white with white, black with black and men with women that's what it stands for. >> is it legal on the case. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi oil bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama getting in deeper and deeper. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the president and his administration mislead americans about obamacare. talking points is tired of hearing the president's past statements that we'll be allowed to keep our health insurance plans, period. that's not true. and the president should admit it right now. but he won't. instead, yesterday, he launched into a torturous
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explanation about health insurance plans in place before the affordable care act became law. >> so we wrote into the affordable care act "you're grandfathered in on that plan. but if the insurance company changes it, then what we are saying is they have got to change it to a higher standard. they have got to make it better. they have got to improve the quality of the plan that they are selling. that's part of the promise that we made, too. that's why we went out of our way to make sure that the law allowed for grandfathering. >> talking points submits there is not a grandfather in the entire country who knows what the president is talking about. the truth is, insurance companies change their policies all the time and if those policy does not comply with obamacare, you can't have them, period. as the president is so fond of saying. and here is the proof. in 2010, mr. obama said. this. >> actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep.
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so you could decide not to get in the exchange, the better plan, i could keep my acme insurance just to high deductible catastrophic plan. i would not be required to get the better one. >> not true. again, your insurance company does not comply with the obamacare mandate, you can't keep it few, if any insurance plans stay static. there are always changes so this is yet another slight of hand. president obama is making a huge mistake by continuing to petty fog the issue. the american people are not going to micromanage obamacare and the perception now is the president did not tell the truth. and when measures, even those who favor the democratic party believe they are not being dealt with squarely, they react. recent history proves this. you may remember that president bush the elder running against michael dukakis said this at the 1988 republican convention. >> i'm the one who will not raise taxes. my opponent now says -- my
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opponent says he will raise them as a last resort or a third resort. but when a politician talks like that, you know that's one resort he will be checking into. [cheers] >> and my opponent -- my opponent won't rule out raising taxes but i will and the congress will push me to raise taxes and i will say no, and they will push and i will say. no and they will push again and i will say to them read my lips. no new taxes. [cheers and applause] >> well, that turned out to be false. mr. bush raised taxes in 1990 to the tune of $140 billion. he explained to the nation he had to do it because of the huge budget deficit. by the way that deficit is minuscule compared to what we have now. anyway in 1992, president bush lost the election to bill clinton. in fact, mr. bush was hammered losing the popular
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vote by 6 million. the read my lips remark certainly hurt him. so president obama should take note that unlike fast and furious, benghazi, the irs and the nsa snooping, obamacare is a far different deal. americans are directly affected, directly affected. that is they are paying more money for something whether it be taxes or healthcare and they pay attention. now, let's deal with the l word controversy. talking points does not believe president bush the elder lied when he said he would not raise taxes. he sincerely did not think that would happen. so he did not actively deceive the public. however, he did fold and violated his promise. and paid the price for that decision. most americans are smart enough to decide for themselves whether president obama lied about obamacare. my personal belief? is that the president never read the law, did not understand the law, and did not care very much about the details of the law. therefore, he said what his speech writers wrote. that we could keep our health insurance and doctors if we want. that turns out to be false and certainly the president
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is responsible for the deception. now, part of my analysis is speculative. maybe mr. obama did read the entire 974 page law. but i don't think he did because that's not the way he rolls. to use a current expression. but in the end it really doesn't matter, does it? americans were mislead, obamacare at this point is chaotic and most of us will have to pay more to protect ourselves and our family. that's not going away. finally, the president's ardent supporters continue to defend him and some of the rationalizations are actually amusing. on television the more the apologists rant the lower their ratings go. nobody is buying. this talking points fully expects to hear that the malfunctioning computers are racists or something. that's how insane this whole thing has become. right now, there are a number of pieces of legislation in the senate and in the house that would delay obamacare. that's the best solution? president obama should give the country a break. fix what's broken and level
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with the folks. if obamacare really is best for most americans, most americans will come to that understanding. but right now it isn't. and the whole thing has descended into a farce. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from an mit doctor who helped design obamacare and who whomself is now under fire. that report moments away. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex® can help your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. ♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint.™ osteo bi-flex is also available in joint & muscle and joint & bone formulas
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for his expertise. the doctor joins us now from boston. we will get to the compensation later. but since you were last here, things are gotten worse for president obama. the polls shows that is he now below 40% in one poll in approval. and we have the lie accusation in the how do you assess what's going on. >> bill you raise two issues. one is the poll numbers. on that it's too early to say. look at medicare part d widely accepted popular program. it was actually less popular than obamacare before it was enacted if we hadn't enacted part d millions of seniors would be suffering today. same with obamacare if we teenage time to enact it will be popular as it is in massachusetts. >> you may be right but it's speculative. even if you -- even if you are right, doesn't it seem logical as i said in the talking points memo to just give it another year and iron it all out, explain it, i don't see a downside in that. i really don't. i would allow people who
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want to sign up to continue to sign up, all right? those who do the no give them a year fix what's broken it doesn't make me unhappy unlike other commentators it does not make me happy to see the president of the united states, no heart who he or she might be to be accused of being a liar. a rank liar that doesn't make me happy. i think we should get away from that. give it a year, it's our fault, we screwed it up. we will unscrew it and then we will go next september or whatever. doesn't that make sense to you, doc? >> two responses. one is the reason we can't delay it bill it comes to the most poor par part of the law. discriminate against insurer discriminate by charging sick more than healthy. you can't do that without the man date. you can't have the mandate without making insurance affordable. it all works together.
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you can't have just the good parts of this law. how many years have we had insurance companies not insuring those preexisting. >> since the 1970s. >> roughly since the revolutionary war, okay? that's how long and i think for the greater good of the nation we can go another year or nine months. come on, doc. >> it's easy for you to say but you are not someone living every day with the risk of going bankrupt or dying because you don't have insurance coverage. we know in massachusetts we save people's lives. >> i'm talking about the greater good. i'm talking about the greater good. okay? i understand there is suffering. and if -- there is any way that i personally can alleviate it, i will. i give beau coup money to charity to try to -- the greater good is served by having a law that is being mandated, all right? , imposed on the population
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clear number one and functional number two. and neither of those things are happening doctor. >> bill, you have to remember this law is not effecting the vast majority of the population. vast who get insurance from employer or government are not affected by this law. this is not a takeover. >> we don't know that yet. the law is only six weeks old. we don't know that yet. but the evidence rolling in is that the suffering being caused by the law is much more intense than the help it is going to give. all right you and i have a gentleman's disagreement on that. that's just what we have $400,000 taxpayer money given to you. you earned it. i'm sure that you spent a lot of time on this. but now you are being criticized for it that's. >> go ahead. i was technical consultant to the department of health and human services.
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basically i have a computer model that helps the administration and congress decide how to structure this law that computer model involves a lot of nim my time and employees to essentially run as a technical consultant to the administration. >> that's not the computer that doesn't work, i hope is, it? all right. look. professional like you and people should understand that around the country, when you consult, you bill. that's what college professors do and i mean i get paid for other things than the factor. you know, and i deserve to. if i'm doing a service, and they hire me. but, it seems like you are in a very untenable position of defending almost the indefensible right now. in the are deception of the american public. i will give you the last word. >> the last word i'm not being paid to protect this law. this is a contract for technical support that ended three years ago. right now i'm not being
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paid. i was brought in as analyst to analyze the law to allow the law be made better. if they hadn't had this kind of analysis done. it will be back in a year talking how this law was a success. >> you are stand up guy for coming on. government run entitlement programs like obamacare is fraud, massive fraud. john stossel will have new information on that. and then another embarrassment for the national football league, a player emotionally assaulting another player. now some very disturbing videotape that surfaced. we will show it to you and we will show it to you and the factor do com i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough.
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unresolved problem segment tonight, entitlement by fraud estimates as much as 25% of all the tax money that federal and state
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governments give entitlements to low income americans is misused. recently the cbs tv station in sacramento, california did undercover report on food stamp fraud. >> two people both with the same idea, use craig's list as free advertising to blatantly and illegally sell their state benefits. our hidden cameras rolling. a woman we'll call lori tells you are undercover producer about her brilliant idea to game the system for a quick buck. >> everyone said i was crazy. say to me oh my god that's freaking brilliant. >> this guy we called joe rolled up on state board showing us cal fresh card he put up for sale on craig's list. >> rather than use that 116 bucks for food like he is supposed to, he offers to sell us the card for just $60 cash. he prime minister misses to
8:22 pm
give pin number so we can use his card to buy groceries in store that takes ebt cards. >> they don't take i.d. >> no. >> he has done this for family and friends. don't worry we won't get caught. lower doesn't think what she is do something wrong. >> i feel justified in what i'm saying and doing. >> he shield use the cash for a car to get to work. >> i figure it this way. they are already giving me the money, okay? >> here more on the fraud problem john stossel. there is going to be thugs and thieves everywhere. no system is going to run perfectly. the stats for medicare for example are just unbelievable how much money is being wasted. >> and the inspector general just came out with $29 million drug payments illegally in the united states. >> prescriptions? bogus prescriptions. >> or real prescriptions for
8:23 pm
people who weren't supposed to be reimbursed of for them. >> people's whose enemy are is so high. >> people are who are illegal aliens not eligible. more relevant, 23 million for dead patients. >> medicaid? >> medicare. >> medicare? >> 25 million more dead doctors 25 million dead doctors. >> the doctor has this book i treated someone for bill o'reilly disease and put all this in. somebody is figure it out for the doctor who has died. >> the doctor is dead. >> right. >> somebody is filling out forms that they have saying he is still alive treating somebody how do they cash the check in the doctor's name. >> they lie about who they are. >> so he they would have to have a whole i.d. worked up by the dead doctor and you could do that? >> relative of the doctor. i of these big programs this stuff is going to happen. hhs admits there is
8:24 pm
60 billion. these are just million. 60 billion in fraud on medicare just on medicare. >> $60 billion a year. >> $60 billion. fraud and waste. so if obamacare kicks into this 30 million people getting subsidized or free you have got to assume that the same kind of situation is going to be unfolding. >> it's a little harder because it's insurance payments but, yes, there will be people getting fake treatments, unnecessary treatments as these programs. at first needy people rush in and then the cheaters say hey this is a wonderful scam. >> they have got to figure out the scam. >> it doesn't take long. they see their neighbors do it. i'm a sucker if i don't sell my stamp card. >> food stamps are exploded we are up to astronomical amount americans getting them. is it that easy to sell your card? >> apparently. and we are mop torg the
8:25 pm
situation is what they said to the cbs reporters. >> monitoring? >> you can ride up on a skateboard and sell $116 worth of food stamps to 60 bucks a lot of people are going to take that deal. >> you want to cut people's food stamps? some people are needy. you don't want people to go hungry, do you? >> you are being facetious now? >> not entirely that's why it's so tough to reform these things. more people cheat all the time. you go after it you are harming legitimate people who need them. >> there has got to be more oversight. once obamacare kicks in the fraud is going to be hallway. john stossel everybody. another scandal in the national football league. a player on the miami dolphins suspended for terrorizing a teammate. this on the heels of a new england patriots player accused of murder. what is going on with the nfl. we have a follow-up report. a mother allowing a son to trick or treat as kkk guy.
8:26 pm
awful. we hope you stay tuned to those against barbara buono. in virginia gubernatorial race has been called. democrat terry mcauliffe beating cuccinelli. people are voicing their opinions on everything from taxes to minimum wage n colorado voters rejecting amendment 66 asking for tax increases for school reform. voters did ima.prove a tax for recreational marijuana expected to raise $70 million for school construction n new jersey jortz approved a
8:27 pm
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8:31 pm
the "n" word at a teammate named mike pouncey. >> mike pouncey [bleep] [bleep] listen,. >> who was [bleep] >> pounce [bleep] >> i will tell you that if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. the question why didn't head coach joe philbim take steps to stop the situation last spring when it first came to his attention last spring and why did he hire incognito in the first place? with us now tiki barber running bako founder of online web site that connects the public to professional athletes. i think this is a bigger
8:32 pm
story than sports. i'm coming at it from that this is a labor story. it's a story about danger to the public. aaron hernandez, the patriots guy on trial for murder. >> you are wrapping it all in, bill. >> i am. because there is a thug culture in the national football league. >> i wouldn't say it's a thug culture. it exists in some corners of the national football league. richie incognito is needed on some teams. they need that attitude. there is so many layers to this story. some of which we can't even talk about or explain yet. >> let me challenge you on you need the attitude. here is a guy kicked off the nebraska football team, kicked off the. >> university of oregon. >> kicked off -- bad guy. is he bad guy. all right? so the dolphins have a need. and they are putting their win-loss situation above common decency. this is a -- that looked like rode roid rage. >> it was alcohol-fueled use of the "n" word while never
8:33 pm
acceptable. i don't understand to say it's acceptable it was used. this wasn't used in the situation over the summer. >> this is dangerous. this guy is out of control. >> he is ultimately insecure. >> okay. i'm not here to psycho analyze him. i think he is dangerous. i think incognito i think he can hurt you. i think he hurt his teammate. i think he could physically do it dolphins team to do. >> would you hire this guy? >> every team wants a why like that. >> if you were a coach knowing what i know. >> probably going to be black balled in the national football league. >> i hope. so the guy is a bad guy. >> aaron hernandez is a. >> would you hire him. >> not knowing what i knew about aaron hernandez i probably would have. >> he was a gang member everybody knew he was a gang member. >> how many gang members are there. >> how many gang members are in the locker room. >> i played with at least a couple they found their way that culture in the national football league it was their
8:34 pm
vehicle to get out of wherever think were. >> how rough is it in the locker rooms as far as hazing and all of this stuff? how rough is it? >> it's not bad and it all all on where you are. >> does it depend on the head coach charles way who understands the players connected. >> he is a coach? >> not a coach. >> former full back. >> former player, exactly. he kind of reports up if something should go awry, if there is an issue in the locker room. every team should have at least that. >> he was um buds ombudsman, he is not going to put up that that garbage. >> of course he won't because he wants a safe environment. >> philbin in miami knew about. thisser how can we look at this miami dolphins team and almost all the players are in support of richie incognito. it's not understandable from the the outside looking. in there is a culture that exists in football. >> it doesn't matter. >> what we see here stays here when we leave here. if it there is an issue it
8:35 pm
is taken care of in the locker room. >> it doesn't matter whether the players like incognito or not. there is a right and a wrong. >> i agree. the nfl seniority pa of america. it's a business. >> but it's also bare barbarianism. >> most guys can separate it it they can switch that engine off when the game stops. >> incognito, you think he is gone forever, right? >> i don't know if he is gone forever. >> i believe he is. >> we have to see philbin should he be retained or fired? >> i don't know. >> i would fire him if i were the owner. the owner is a great guy. i know him i would fire philbin. >> i don't know if he knew. >> philbin knew because martin told him. >> now he they are saying he didn't actually tell him. >> if philbin didn't know that's a different thing. i think he knew. you have 20 assistant coaches. >> we need to hear from jonathan martin and we won't. only thing we are hearing from jonathan martin family talking about this. >> he will show up on "60
8:36 pm
minutes." >> i'm sure he. >> 20 assistant coaches if you don't know what's going on in the locker room than head coach. >> you have leadership council and incognito was on that leadership council. >> one foot note we were supposed to do an internet addiction story tonight. because of technical issues we have to postpone. is it legal on the supreme court hearing in adultery case? an an adultery case. mother allowing her little son to dress up like clan member. legal is next. [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insunce companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it. so what if instead ofjust a cheachoice, you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. that's what they've always ne. not just somhing they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance.
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ms. bond was sent to six years in a federal prison. attorneys appealed saying it should have been a state beef. here now to explain further attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly gill foreign oil and lis wiehl. first of all six years is a lot for a finger injury. >> right. behind it was chemicals, right? >> chemicals, arsenic, yes. the victim here was sleeping
8:41 pm
with the defendant's husband impregnated by the defendant's husband, obviously that made the defendant very angry. the defendant had access to arsenic which she gave to the defendant or the victim in various different ways to the point of a thumb burn. that would have been. >> she was attacking the victim not overtly but just putting it on surfaces. >> mailboxes. >> it would have been a top two year beef under the state law. >> under the state law. but the reason it was federal, guilfoyle is because chemicals were involved like chemical weaponry. >> just so you know they said this microbiologist who was involved essentially domestic dispute involving marital infidelity is akin to a terrorist someone who has chemicals or weapons of mass destructionenned should be treated as such. >> that's why the feds took it they considered it a terrorist act using chemicals. >> went to a 1993 treaty. >> the supreme court has to decide whether that's valid or not?
8:42 pm
that's a pretty simple coming down. >> question whether it's overreach by the federal government into an area that should be state prosecution. >> it's fascinating we will follow and let you know what the supreme court comes up with. in texas, they have restricted abortions to some extent and now planned parenthood which says it really isn't in the the abortion business, every time you call them, is filing a federal suit against the restrictions, pick it up from there. >> this is why this is very interesting. the planned parenthood some the strictest restrictions regarding abortion in the country. >> like what? >> this one saying unless have you admitting privileges within 30 miles you cannot perform an abortion. >> unless the doctor has hospital status within 30 miles you can't roll into town. >> here is what happened. doctors will go on planned parenthood and perform abortions at that clinic. planned parenthood the reason why they are bringing this case because it has forced a third of their
8:43 pm
clinics in texas to shut down. it's a business decision for planned parenthood, right? they don't like their business being cut down. >> they are saying it's a violation right of privacy. >> right of privacy. >> roe v. wade. >> wait a second. you can't curtail. you can't make abortions. you can't make them illegal and also can't make them so difficult to get texas is is a big state. maybe doctors can't get. >> what about the butcher in philadelphia killing people? don't you -- aren't you supposed to have -- can't the state have standards? standards? to protect people. >> a lot of these hospitals are not even admitting the physicians that want to come in and get these admission provision. >> always something. >> abortion is. >> we'll this will probably go to the supreme court too. >> yeah. >> now, this is a terrible story and i'm sorry i have to bring it to you but there are crazy parents all over the place and unfortunately the kid was allowed to trick or treat 7-year-old boy. 7-year-old boy as a clan member and his mother
8:44 pm
actually justified it roll the tape. >> when i asked jackson black where he had learned of the costume, he said he saw in the movie friday green tomatoes. his mom maintains there is nothing wrong with the costume or 00 ku klux klan which she says still exists in creationville. >> it's supposed to be white with white, black with black, man with woman and all of that that's what the kkk stand for. it raises money every year to go to the saint jude's. >> you are an idiot. i think this might be child abuse beef here, no? >> we looked at it. >> i agree she is idiot. as far as the law goes i don't think it's child abuse as far as virginia law. doesn't rise to the level of inflicting mental injury. >> parents in the united states can dress their kids up as little nazis little kkk, little mao. anything. it's freedom of expression, rift? >> in the state of virginia, yes. >> you can impose the costume on a 7-year-old. >> the 7-year-old said he
8:45 pm
came up with it this is a parenting issue. her conduct, her character is abhorrent. >> it's not criminal. >> this is her right to be able to do this. >> the law. >> doesn't rise to the level of substantial risk of physical or mental injury to a child. >> this woman is so blatant to go on television and stop this garbage. got to feel sorry for that kid. >> i do. >> sick person. >> so do i. >> ladies, thank you. on deck a few weeks agricultural alan corms told us little evidence of voter fraud in the u.s.a. now a new report says that may be wrong. crowley and colmes after these messages. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose.
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>> basket book segment tonight, voter fraud as you may know some states are passing laws requiring voters to show ids at the polling place.
8:49 pm
in fact i voted today. i had to sign my name in front of the poll workers who verified the signature because new york state does not have a photo i.d. requirement at least did i something. some liberal americans say voter i.d. laws are suppressing the votes of minorities and that the laws aren't needed. >> there is not a serious voter fraud problem in this country. it's people that will not accept that they lose elections. >> and they claim that there is widespread abuse and voter fraud, but nothing documents, nothing substantiates that. >> why are you addressing a problem that doesn't exist? there is not a problem of voter fraud at the voting booth. >> but a recent report by news day on long island says there are 6100 deceased people still registered to vote in nassau county. and 270 of the deceased actually cast ballots after they died. [ laughter ] here now to react monica crowley and alan colmes. both are fox news analysts. it's a microcosm. >> who was that last guy on there? >> that was you, colmes, the
8:50 pm
usual blather. now we have facts and what do you say now. >> what say you? what i say is that this is clerical fraud for the most part. >> clerical fraud? >> what the newspaper reported fraud. what news day reported, these were clerks that misidentified people and often used the names of people that were deceased that were very similar to the people voting. not voter id fraud. >> but many cast ballots, that is a facts. why don't we make it easier for the people doing the clinical work, by having an id, doesn't that make it easier for everybody? >> how about the people doing the clinical work, having them actually match the names and addresses. you don't need a voter id law to do it. >> i actually voted today in new york city, and i wanted to take out my new york state driver's license. and they said oh, no, not necessary. not necessary. let me give you some facts, according to true the vote, which is one of the nation's top
8:51 pm
integrity election organizations, just last year you had 46 states prosecuting voter fraud. you had 8 million dead people still on the rolls to vote. also, 24 million voter registrations in america are invalid, and yet they're still on the rolls. >> that is not voter fraud. >> but coombs, look -- >> all i want is logic. >> it is clinical error, not voter fraud. >> but it makes it easier for the system to operate if the person voting as monica did takes out some kind of id and the -- >> and i'm saying there is a better way to do it. because the net effect -- >> what is the better way. >> you could match a con-ed bill -- >> you can get a bill from anywhere. >> it has to match the address on file. the reason they do this, the head of the party in pennsylvania -- >> it is not going to match the
8:52 pm
address at the polling place -- >> this is done to keep the democrats from the polls. they admitted that is what -- >> i don't care why, the republicans and democrats alike would have to show the id. >> they are trying to keep the minority, elderly, and young out of the polls. >> give me a break. >> i'll give you the last word. did you ever hear the phrase "the soft bigotry of low expectations?" >> yes, i have. >> are you telling me that americans can't come up with photo id? >> yes, minority americans are often the poorest, they go to the offices hundreds of miles away and can't get there to vote. >> in every state they have made it very easy for anybody to get a free photo identification. that is correct. >> free identification. >> voter fraud in this country is real and it is relatively widespread as we laid out here today. and look, voting in this country
8:53 pm
is the most sacred thing any citizen can do. the integrity of the voting process is critical to the future of the country. it is this very basic thing -- >> you know, i really don't know about this voter suppression thing, the only thing i can figure out it looking at it from the illegal alien vote, that -- there is that. >> and for alan to talk about t the suppression of the vote -- >> nixon versus kennedy, we perfected it. >> do you have a mouse in your pocket? >> speaking french, a french word. >> fox news dominating in the publishing world. and it is not just me. the tip, moments away. fighting constipation by eating healthier,
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. factor tip of the day, fox news guys dominating the publishing industry in a moment. >> but first, michigan, bill, i don't much want you anymore because you talk over people. but while you have juan williams on, you constantly shout him down. you know, the volume on your set must be faulty, roger, when juan and i debate, strongly, there is no shouting, wise up. and california, mary catherine is right, saying that president obama lied, you are spinning. i see it differently, matthew, i could be wrong, intention to mislead is at the heart of a lie. right now as we said in talking points, we have deception, no doubt. everybody has to make up their own mind here.
8:57 pm
heather oliver, australia, bill, if you're uncomfortable calling president obama a liar, you can always call him a perpetrator in exactitudes, got to love old winston. and bill, you pointed out the decline on the median income with president obama, but neglected to say that income has been on the decline since 1999. expected that from the right wing website, nice of you to pass it along. the median income was flat this country, to the analysis was correct. he didn't mention benghazi in the third debate and didn't campaign well in the final week. from new hampshire, it was the media who ensured that mitt romney would not get traction on benghazi. the governor had a face to face
8:58 pm
in front of million, peter. he could have hammered him on details and asked for an explanation of the assassination. governor romney chose not to do that, it was a huge error in judgment. kathleen, in florida, o'reilly, you think the coach in florida should have stopped the hazing? somebody else getting involved in somebody's personal problems? you know you might be a liberal. you know, you need to take a long walk on the beach, kathleen, nice in florida. and delaware, bill, your analysis in your book "killing kennedy" is compelling. so what do you think of the notion that the secret service agent actually killed the president? pure nonsense, nick, pure nonsense, and a reminder, if you become a bill o'reilly member, you get "killing kennedy" for
8:59 pm
free. and don't forget about the special town hall meeting on thursday, 7 eastern time. on billo', everybody will be discussing "killing jesus." and on the factor tip of the day yesterday i was looking at the book section of and noticed something surprising, fox news guys have three nonfiction becauooks in the top, and just out today, george washington's secret six. both krauthammerer and killmeade putting out excellent books, you may want to check them out. the factor tip of the day. it is not all about me. that is it for today. please check out the foxnews
9:00 pm
website, o'reilly @ fox, again, thank you for joining us tonight. ms. megyn up next, i'm bill o'reillythe spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking news tonight on the health care overhaul, the kelly file just learning about a tense meeting regarding the health insurance as the angry grow over losing their health insurance. the numbers are getting bigger tonight. our research team just came up with new figures suggesting more than 3.8 million americans are now getting kicked off of their insurance plans. and that is just so far. as we first told you last night in the wake of the backlash against his repeated promises that americans could keep their plans, period, which we now know were false, the president


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