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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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♪ oh what a rain it would be. >> i would stand outside -- my crack producing team would stir that one up. thank you for joining us, everybody. let me know your thoughts on >> the president is now lying about his own lies. the obama care hearings rage on on capitol hill. >> i will stick by my statement. >> can i finish my sentence? >> as usual there are no answers and no shoogss from this clueless administration. >> i would not be the expert this. >> good afternoon. he has deceived the press and you. >> in response to the united states policy.
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in response to a video. >> we delivered the definitive indictment against the president's chief spokesman, jay carney. >> i never lie. >> "hannity" starts right here. >> the president of the united states of america is trying the rewrite history tonight for the entire hour. we'll be joined by a spirited bipartisan spirited audience and we'll turn thing over to them. first i want to explain fully to you the american people how the administration will say and do anything to cover for lves. and as one veteran washington journalist aptly described it today, this white house is now lying about lies they told. here's why. last night during a speech, president obama instead of just manning up like a true leader and accepting responsibility that he was not truthful to you, the american people when he promised that could you keep your doctors and your plans. instead he said this.
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if you had one of these plans and you really liked that plan, what we said was you could keep it. if it hasn't change since the laws passed. >> if it hasn't change? that was president obama claiming that he never made sufficient a promise? i actually remember him saying this oh, 30 times, this one example back in 2009. >> first of all, if you have health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> no if in that statement. how could he say this then last night? >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law. and you really liked that plan, what we said was, you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the laws passed. >> does the president not realize that we have dozens and
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examples of him saying stuff like this in. >> i have been as clear as i can be under the reform i've proposed. if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. these folks need to stop scaring everybody. >> turns out we're not scaring anybody. history now proves that we were the only ones who were being honest, unlike members of the administration, the senate and congress and all the left wing cohorts. >> hard working law-abiding taxpayers fgt country who are now losing their insurance or paying higher premiums thanks to you will forget any of this any time soon. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> for reaction to this and much more, we bring in our wonderful studio audience. good to see you. you admit he lied. >> no.
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>> you know this is laughable. you don't admit he lied. >> i just got back from singapore. i had to wake up in the morning and listen to you first thing in the morning. it was very difficult for my day. now i'm here trying to defend president obama. here's the issue. insurers are not keeping their word. president obama kept his word. insurers should have already protected -- wait. you asked me a question. why are you looking over there for help? insurers are not protecting the insured. >> suffering jet lag? >> somebody wanted to keep their insurance but they were not covered because of a preexisting condition. why should somebody be upset about that sf. >> what part if you like your plan you can keep your plan. >> why would you want -- >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. period, he said. >> if. he said if. >> he said if you like your plan. there was no if. >> he said there was an if.
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>> insurance company need to follow the law as well. and this whole grandfather clause is temporary. because the health care law was signed into effect march 23rd, 2010, three and a half years ago. policies change all the time. hhs says between 40 and 67% of policies change within a year. they only last a year. >> here's what he said. this is an interesting point. i don't often agree. this is one of the few journalists out there. joe trippi. he said the president is trading in a fragile commodity, his credibility. they won't trust the government to manage their health care and they'll wonder what happened to this reform-minded leader who said he would never lie to us. >> i agree that he is messing with his own credibility. the reason is, all the stuff they're saying now is what they should have been saying. they should have been saying most or the vast majority or --
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>> it's not even most. >> most people's insurance plans -- everyone's is going to change. we ever one's is going to change. there are add-ons. are there not on add-ons? >> it leaves people bankrupt. >> wait a minute. back in july of 2010. the government had their own estimates and they predicted 60%, 65% of small business. 45% of large business. and now we know 85%. that's 100 million people that won't be able to keep their plan. this is a great scam. >> the "wall street journal" did a terrific piece over the week and they talk about the debates inside the white house. >> should we tell the truth? and then you know what? it is confusing so let's stick with the lies and the lies continue. >> are we going to believe obama or all that lying videotape. >> i want to go to doug. what he is saying is true. they debated this in the white
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house and they decided to consciously lie. and then rather than admit it, the president lied about his lie. that's a lot of lying. >> and i have a different view on health care from you. what we need to do. we need to fix it. but you're right about this. i was there. ron christchurch christie was there. you may have disagreed with clinton. we did the best we could with policy to tell the american people the truth. >> i did not have sex with that woman. >> i said policy. >> this to me is now we've got a lot of lying. and i want to go back to this lying. i think the president is i go to with the fragile commodity. his credibility. how many in this audience, we'll go to you. think that the president is going to really take a hit? he is now at his lowest numbers ever. >> 30. the gallup polls show 30.
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he is at 39%. this is the lowest that we've seen. the problem is that they came out and said we need to make this very simple so the american people can understand this statement. the problem is that it is dumbing down the american people. the american people want to know the truth will they misled on higher premiums. >> stop right there. this is important. what doug just said. they couldn't have passed it. so if a private corporation lied to do this, wouldn't their people be in handcuffs, perp walked? criminal fraud. ? they would be in handcuffs. >> let me put it to you this way. the fact heads are not rolling, the fact that there is not a czar in the white house to clean up and fix health care is a travesty and a tragedy. >> one other thing. i want to go back to mercedes. you said something. not only the the president lie
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about the lie, they wrote it down. we have a slow motion of the president. he read his lie. they planned his lie. >> and you know, also being in the white house interesting political people won the argument. the policy people were the ones that wanted them toy say the caveat. the political people won. he made a miscalculation politically. i think he will pay the price not only in the poll numbers but also, people are getting very anxious. not only from health care to the economy, they're not trusting the president on this. >> good policy is good politics. not the reverse. >> where we have to go, you say we have to fix it and i'm saying the american people were sold a bill of goods and the best thing to do to be honest with the american people is scrap it and start over. and let the country have an honest debate. an honest debate. >> we're going to put too many people at risk. if we do it bipartisan, health savings accounts. >> this was not bipartisan. i'm saying that's what we need to do. >> we'll take a break.
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earlier today cms chief marilyn taverner was grill about the downright embarrassing launch of health like so many other administration officials, there were far too little answers given. let's take a look at today. >> i want to give you a chance to answer. will you support jar johnson's bill? >> i would not.
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i have not even looked at the bill. >> how much more will it cost to fix the website and where will it come from in. >> if it is their fault to fix a product that did not meet specifics. >> i'll have to get that you information. i would not want to rely on my brain for that one. i will work with our contracting person. >> i would like to know whether 90% of the people are going on medicaid or whether it is 70, to know how cars and records are being sold, why cannot we know how many people are enrolling in obama care every day. wouldn't that bull confidence? >> we'll have that information next week. >> that's once. why don't we know it every day? >> we are in the process of putting together that information. ? we're the united states congress elected to represent the people. and we're entitled to know
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answers to these questions so we can make our judgments about what to do. so are governors and so are the consumers across america. >> i understand. >> joining me now, south carolina senator tim scott who was inside that room during the testimony. i mean, that takes your breath away. it is humiliating. >> unmitigated disaster. it was an awful, awful testimony from my perms. the fact of the matter is that the website should be the least of our concerns. we have to see health insurance coming up. we know that $400 million makes it synonymous with failure. one of my constituents had his information exposed. we could not get clarity on whether or not they would remove his information from the system. we tried over and over again. he tried and we were still left with no clear answers and she had no ability to guarantee during that testimony that our constituent would have his information removed from the
10:16 pm
system once they had already exposed him to other folks in north carolina. >> senator, there is an article in the atlantic with three guys who built the website better than this one that work with the capacity to take on all the people that wanted to sign up. they did it in 30 days. how does government justify spending hundreds of millions in taxpayer money for a failure like this in the year 2013? >> it is unjustifiable. you now know what you get. you get a $400 million website. you can get the iphone completely produced for $150 million, available or three time the cost and not be able to use the website at all unless you want your private information shared with people you do not know. this is a disaster. >> what about that this is no big contract and now the fix is going. another no bid contract and
10:17 pm
we're giving more money to cgi. why would we do that? nobody gets fired in all of this? nobody gets blamed? nobody gets any money back? >> i ran a business for the last 15 years and i will tell you, if i had a board of dregors who allowed this to happen, they would be gone. i should be gone. we should start from ground zero. give it back to the private sector. let the free market folk who understand with a they're doing build up a website. lower insurance prices. not by giving it to the government but by allowing for private sector free mark solutions to surface to the top and for to us implement those solutions. everything from medical tort reform. allowing association pools to come together. 34 cost of insurance and make health care more accessible to the common people. but instead of that, what we have is this administration showing us what should never be done. turning over something to the government that is far better
10:18 pm
done in the private sector. >> senator, good to see you. thanks for being with us. now, how long have you been a doctor? >> gosh, 15 years. a long time. >> a medical there in. >> no. ph.d.. >> is it impacting your business? >> it absolutely is. you will see that people of less, less letters behind their name you can say are taking more patients. he pooh with ph.d.s finding other professions. you alluded to him being delusional. these are classic symptoms of narcissism. the lying about lying about lying about lying. it's not going to to that. there it is absolutely not going to stop there. >> why are you laughing so hard? >> more lies. even if he apologizes it won't be genuine. >> honestly. i think all the delusion is really partly in this room. i think that the challenge is, the challenge is, when you're talking about the free market
10:19 pm
system, the free market system failed us. that's why we're here. there were 45 million people who were left uninsured. >> hang on. hold on. >> i've got the pitch on obama care. i know all those arguments. here's what i want to know from you. the most abysmal rollout of any website in mankind. this is embarrassing. the cost factor and the president of the united states stating things that are untrue. we can prove it is not true and then lies about the lie. i'm wondering, you're an intelligent person. an intelligent woman. how you can sit there and defend what you wouldn't defend anybody in your personal life. if your children lied to you this way, they would be in huge trouble, wouldn't they in. >> what i'm defending -- >> answer that question. i like my question. what i'm trying to defend is the right for all americans to have
10:20 pm
access to have health care. >> did i ask you that? >> the challenge is we have not gotten rid of any other of wall street's -- >> this is the president of the united states of america. michelle, quick, respond. >> i've got like an obama storm trooper behind me. the people who will be hurt the most is the middle class. it makes too much money to qualify for government six disthemselves don't make enough to not suffer under the high premium. so hair the ones who will be accept rating. this president always talking about how he helped the middle class. >> rose? >> thank you. obama sold obama care to the american people based on promises he never, ever intended to keep. not ever. and right now, if he wanted to make good on those promises, he could and he won't. and the problem with all of this is, it changes the fundamental relationship between the state and the citizen. that's what is scary right now. >> go ahead.
10:21 pm
>> there are many. especially the most important ones. the most important ones being about preexisting conditions. but wait. i know, i know. it tickles all of your fancy to focus on a stupid sound bite. >> no, no. >> wait a second. >> hang on. >> opportunity mitigated disaster is actually the fact that 60% of bankruptcies before obama care were caused by medical costs. and we cannot sit here and say that insurance companies -- >> i know you want to respond. >> that was faux insurance. what will happen under the affordable care act, they cannot be kicked off. >> we have to take a break. we'll get their reaction.
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last night we told but the smoking gun memo send by a senior health care adviser to the president's campaign. harvard professor david cutler. and he warned the administration about how disastrous the health care rollout would be. it reads in part, i'm concerned that the personnel and processes that you have in place are not
10:26 pm
up to this task and that the health reform will be unsuccessful as a result. today it is unclear why the smoking gun was ignored and programs this is just more proof the president is nothing more than a stubborn idealogue. you said something, and i'm going back to you. you said this was not big a deal. when you say you can keep your plan and 100 million will use it. >> it is not 100 million. >> yes, it will be. it is rolling out throughout the year. number one, the average -- >> would you lose your health care if you got sick. >> i feel like a school teacher. the average person, they're not going on save $2500 a year. it is not costing -- it is not costing $900 billion as promised.
10:27 pm
these are massive lies. >> what i'm hearing from people on social media. they are telling me how it is affecting them and their families. don't forget, president obama is the one that drew the red line with syria. he blame it on the world. he has yet to take responsibility for anything. benghazi, fast and furious, the failures of obama care. how can you possibly defend this train wreck? what about your credibility? the man lied. he lied. [ yelling ] >> how can you defend that you would lose your home if you got sick? >> everything that you just said there is completely fraudulent. i'm sorry. you're trying to make a case -- >> what exactly? that people were not losing their home because they got sick? >> you're talking about a situation -- it would be illegal for them to kick me off that handled. >> not before obama care. >> you can carry on after the show.
10:28 pm
>> you've studied these numbers. absolutely. tell us how many persons in your opinion, you came one the figure on the individual health market. now we've looked at the documents back from july of 2010. the government's predictions about small employers, large employers, 65 and 45% respectively will lose their health care and be funneled into obama care. what are the real numbers? >> you mentioned earlier in the show, the lie on top of the lie. and one of the lies that jay carney at the white house press briefings has been every day this week is that only 5% of people are affected by these dislocations. only 5%. 15 million people by the way. it is not only 5%. it is actually more like 100 million americans who are going to be affected. that doesn't mean they'll be uninsured forever but the plan that they had that they like, let me finish. the plan that they had that they like is going to go away. it now illegal under obama care xfl the plan it will be replaced
10:29 pm
with, the obama care come plinlt plan will be substantially more spenlsive. 15 to 25% more expensive because the government is forcing insurers to cover a lot of service that's people don't need and people don't want. >> tom? >> he had to lie first to sell and it then towed lie because he knew he needed the private insurance plans to be canceled to drive everybody like cattle into the network. >> he didn't have to lie to sell it. >> i don't agree with doug at all. >> he had -- >> 100 million will be out of insurance and you have toog new plan, nobody would have voted for him. >> i'm not going to say anything until i get on say something. okay? >> make sense then. >> do you want to keep talking? >> sure. >> towed cancel those plans to hurt hundreds of million of people into the exchange to pay for the other people.
10:30 pm
>> joe. >> the fact of the matter is he passed -- first you say he passed the middle of the night with the the kraig votes in the house and the senate. okay. he did. he didn't need to say anything to anybody. he had the vote in the house and the senate. he could have that 96% of the people want to keep their plan and he didn't have to do that. that he was reelected. hold a second. the second thing is, the part of this i don't get is -- you want to do, he's narcissistic, a liar, yeah, yeah, keep doing it. it is feeling great. the problem is, the problem is, if half the stuff you guys are saying is true comes true, the democrats will lose in 2014 and you guys, and the republicans -- >> i have a question. do you have the -- joe trippi. he agrees with me the president consciously lied. do you agree with me in.
10:31 pm
>> i think the president -- >> that he lied? >> no. no. >> i think when you go back and you look at that debate that happened between the policy guys and the political guys, the political guys -- the political guys won. that was a mistake. >> you and i agree on it. medicare, medicaid. voting rights act were done bipartisan. this was done in a partisan way. we need to fix it in a bipartisan way. >> we'll take a break and come back.
10:32 pm
no major surprises. republican governor chris christie easily wins re-election in new jersey. in virginia, former dnc chairman terry mcauliffe is now the governor elect. also, three major american cities elect new mayors. bill de blasio over joe lhota. he was the first one to win since 1980s. and in boston, martin walsh will take over for long time boston mayor thomas menino. and atlanta mayor kasim reed was
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as more problems beginning ever are surfacing, we are seeing a big divide in the democratic party. there's nancy you have to pass the bill to see what's in it pelosi. and she said this about the implementation yesterday. >> all of the implementation has gone very well. there is a glitch in the technology and i'll come back to that in a moment. and so they're saying, well, he said one thing and another. the president said if you like your plan, you can keep it. for 95% of the american people who have had health insurance, that is the case. for a small number in the private market, they will do better. they will do better because of the patient's bill of rights that's built into our legislation. >> you heard that correctly. the delusional the impolicemenation is going
10:38 pm
very well. could that be because it is an all but guaranteed reelection for her come 2014, 2016? on the other hand, there's a moderate democrat in a red state. mary landrieu. she is fighting to keep her seat and she said this about the president's lie. >> this is a letter that thouss of people are getting and this letter never should have gone out. we said to people if you had insurance that you like, you could keep it. we didn't say if you had insurance that you like that did not meet the minimum standards or met the minimum standards, you could keep it. the president said over and over, if you have insurance and you like the insurance you have, you can keep it. >> clearly a tale of two democrats. so is the threat of losing an election the only real way to get democrats to admit a simple truth about what the president says? certainly seems that way. we bring back our studio audience. you're a medical doctor. >> and she is the shrink. >> correct. >> we'll talk later.
10:39 pm
>> how is this going to impact your practice? >> we don't know. they never came to us to ask us what we think. we have no idea what we're signing on the dotted line. at this time most physicians are not comfortable taking patients under obama care. >> you're a anesthesiologist. tough work. people down out every day. >> what about the idea that you might be forced to taking medicare patients. >> we'll get medicare and we don't blank the reimbursement is. >> you know you'll get pennies on the dollar. >> 17 cents on the dollar for medicaid. that's not a way you can deem your lights on and you can't pay your employees. >> go ahead. >> i think at the end of the day, the rollout has been a disaster for the obama organization. but when you look at it, we'll have 139 million americans who don't have insurance, or -- i'm
10:40 pm
sorry. for uninsured -- >> no. 50 million americans who are uninsured are going to have the ability to have insurance. and at the end of the day, 159 million americans who, you know, nonelderly americans who have preexisting conditions will have access to health care. >> i look at this from a different perspective. i want to go back to about the lying about the lying. there are several of us who have had the privilege of working in the white house. there is something call the staffing process. you put the president's remarks through and senior staff gets to sign off. those folks knew the president was saying something not false. he said something that he knew was not true. it is a betrayal of the american people. that's point number one. i think the other shoe is about to drop. i think we spent so much time focusing on insurance, people lose go their insurance. i think it is what the doctor said. we'll have a doctor shortage.
10:41 pm
i think the doctors have no idea what is coming their way. >> the other shoe, too, if they like these two doctors, they won't be able to keep them. >> you're with the liberal group think progress. >> i wanted to caulk about pelosi's comments. in some areas of the country, in kentucky, rhode island, in the states that built their own exchanges, it is going well. people are coming in, signing up, 38 getting the subsidies and they hike the coverage. that's the true story. the states won't take obama care, it is. >> democrats are doing themselves a favor and saying we messed up. talk to the president and say mr. president, please admit that you messed up and let's start over. let me finish. if you look at the numbers, his approval rating is plummeting. this after we had a shutdown that was bad for republicans. now it is all on his shoulders.
10:42 pm
>> i'm very glad that kentucky has an example was brought up. kentucky is the reason we know this won't work. even when you have -- excuse me. even though you have people enrolling, it is the people qualifying for expand medicaid. those are the people, excuse me, excuse me. who actually have to take from the system. now we're paying more and you're not getting enough. excuse me. excuse me. >> one at a time. >> you need young healthies to enroll. it is great that you'll give to it people who cannot afford it. they're not enrolling. >> you need them to pay and they're not. that's why it is a failure. the economics have the whole adverse election where young people do not go into -- >> hold on. >> salvatore. >> we're saddled with the highest student debt we've seen in a long time. >> can i ask how old you are? >> i'm 25. >> 25.
10:43 pm
>> 25. >> 26 in april. i was shopping around three months ago for insurance. i found what i wanted. $175 a month. i did it today on the obama exchange? 340 a month for the same thing. >> yesterday the commonwealth fun, they release ad study themselves did a survey of all the people who tried to sign up for obama care and who didn't purchase obama care. they asked why did not you purchase it? almost 50% said the reason why was because it is too expensive and they a forward a plan. >> after all this, we're all going to need you as a shrink. most tv hosts already need them. >> imagine for a moment the mental health patient who is entrusting their mental health care now into the hands of an administration that has the kind of scandals and oversights and misuse -- >> and lack of respect. and lack of respect for -- >> stop yelling. >> the privacy issues here. we have never -- privacy as we know it is gone in the united
10:44 pm
states with obama care. >> by the way, how many worry about their medical privacy? not you? >> i worry about medical privacy. of course. >> that's the problem. >> we need a bipartisan process now to fix this, stop the yelling, the screaming. to get health care working for all americans. >> to get there we have to have the truth. we have to take a break. we'll come back. more with our studio audience coming up. need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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one of the things, we have the tape of jay carney? he is having an awfully hard time these days. would you like that job? >> no. >> why?
10:49 pm
>> because he has to defend himself to people like you. >> i'm not allowed in the white house. >> that's a good thing. i think that the obama administration has made a mistake in that they are not taking responsibility for serious errors. like michael phelps saying his speedo is the cause of him not winning an olympic gold medal. take responsibility for your failure to do something properly and failure to do something correctly. that being said, instead of calling the other side storm troopers and narsistic and liars, how does that help our country? the other front page story -- >> does it hem our country -- how does it help our country. >> let me finish, sean. >> the other front page story of the day is that we are seeing more and more food stamp assistance, less and less jobs. that's another reason people cannot get health insurance. >> we're running out of time. it matters if the president of
10:50 pm
the united states of america repeatedly makes promises and knows that what he is saying to us is not true. why is that so hard for to you understand? >> why is it so hard to have a conversation? >> you be the host. i'll sit down. go ahead. >> go ahead. violence. >> why is it so hard? why is it so hard to have a according about what we can do to fix these problems. >> as i recall, there is also a lie about chemical weapons in iraq. we didn't just -- >> let me bring up a quick point. the last time he was here he brought a letter. this is a cancellation letter. a friend of mine from pennsylvania. a friend who had a heart attack six weeks ago. thank god he survived. he had an operation vaefl scary
10:51 pm
time for the family. the federal affordable care act has been how americans get their health care coverage. 2014 represents the next big step. for many individuals like you with coverage, he runs the company he is the employer. it includes important changes. the aca requires to us make significant changes to our health benefits and plan designs. we cannot renew your employer's existing plan in 2014. you got that letter. >> did i. i got a letter like this a couple weeks ago. >> wait, wait. >> i got this a couple weeks ago. my man was canceled. i don't blame the insurance company. i blame the federal government which said these plans must have this, this and this. because it doesn't have those, it is canceled. people say don't worry. this will be a better plan. excuse me. it should be up to me to decide what i want. not up to obama. >> one at a time. >> we were in a system before when if you would get that kind of letter, it would say, your
10:52 pm
policy has been canceled. good luck. you're on your own. now if your policy is canceled. >> mercedes. >> we are talking about -- >> we are talking about million of americans. i want president obama to go to that cancer patient and say shop around. when she is fighting for her life every day. she was very happy with her plan. [ yelling ] >> senate democrats are coming out. they're in swing states saying we need to make sure the president keeps one his promise. that's where it is. >> give yourself a big hand. we're out of time of i'm sorry. give yourselves a big hand. coming up next, reverend billy graham's son franklin is here to preview an historic night of television. i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants.
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for decades, the reverend billy graham has delivered the message of jesus christ around the globe. his brand new book, the reason for my hope's salvation is out in book stores right now. and i recently sat down with his son franklin and much more. good to see you. you were a rebel growing up. >> he is, at 95, he is doing pretty good. and he has work a year on this book. >> 95. he's doing well. it gets tough at that age. how is he doing? >> his mind was sharp. if you were to ask him worker give you a whole list of thing that don't work right. as his family we're so happy that his mind is clear and he is able to keep working. november 7th, he has a new program that is being aired on fox news. it is, i think, the best video that he's done. 28 minutes.
10:58 pm
>> he was fire and brim stone, passionate, hard. and he had all these people come to him. why did he resonate when so many others don't in. >> he'll tell you, you will see this november 7th. it was god that did it. he gives god the credit. the billy graham you will see is bily graham sitting in his home saying complaining what he said 30 years ago but it is more of a grandfather talking to you. it is very compelling. everything he says in his book, it is a last call to america. trying to wake our country up. we have turned our back on god. we see the mess in washington and all the problems that they're having. we have taken god out. and you haven't heard one person in washington say, time out, guys. let's get on our knees and call on the name of the almighty god and ask him for help.
10:59 pm
not one politician has done that. i'm not talking about calling on gods. i'm talking about the god of the pilgrims, the god of abraham lincoln. not these recent gods introduced in recent years but i'm talking about the god of the bible who directed our founding fathers that built the nation that we live in. the freedoms that we have. and we have turned our back on all mighty god. and my father in this book is really kind of calling america back into the video, the film that you'll be showing on november 7th. it is a call back to the god of our fathers. >> well, listen, looking forward to the november 7th. billy graham, the arraign for hopeful in a world where there is not a lot of hope for people, as he good man. so are you. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. a quick programming note. make sure you tune this this nurse night for a special prenlation of "my hope america" billy graham for the entire
11:00 pm
hour. we'll pay tribute to the life of billy graham on his 95th birthday. thank you for being with us. start your day each day with "fox and friends." america's election headquarters. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law has passed. >> the president getting in deeper and deeper contradicting himself over obamacare and drawing even more attention to the whole mess. perhaps mr. obama should remember these words. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> president bush the elder never recovered from that statement. we'll have analysis this evening about mr. obama's current status. [bleep] >> why is the national football league allowing thugs, destructive men run wild? this is becoming a serious problem and we have a


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