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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 6, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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gunman, apparently the gunman gotten away they have given the all clear. students are free to do as they will at the university of cincinnati. then there is this. the dow just busted through all-time high bang, killed it never been that high, not ever. [cheers] whooping it up a year ago today. >> for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. [cheers] >> not so fast, mr. president. because for millions of americans losing their healthcare plans, the best is not coming. better call the doctor, because this is going to shock you. [flat line] >> we have got a bleeder! >> welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. the president's healthcare advisor today warping hundreds of fixes are still needed for the obamacare web site but the white house is refusing to take account saying it is not an option. each as the largest insurers
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only option. mark saying and i quote here. pushing the pause button right now would be a good thing. david kennedy agrees. david is the founder of the information security firm trusted sec. but, date, the indications are at least from the white house, that ain't happening. what happens if it doesn't? >> well, neil, you know i think if you look at where the web site is at right now and all the fixes that need to introduce into this, this thing is extremely complex. it has a the love moving parts. once it's up and running it's very difficult to actually introduce the number of changes that you need to fix something like this. that was doomed from the start. it's going to be a while. it's going to be a rough road. best way to shut it down and fix it there. >> normally one of the big technical and technological undertaking, it's a monster, right? i mean so you have got to get to the bottom of what's causing the monster to sort of growl. and i don't -- i wonder just shutting it down for however extended a period doesn't get you away from the realization that maybe the structure itself is what is bad. you have to start from
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scratch. what do you think? >> that's right. and actually i did an article a while back basically saying the exact same thing which is really just starting from scratch. if you look at like the windows 8 operating system which is one of the more complex operating systems that we have in today's society, it's roughly around 50 to 80 million lines of code. this is around 500 million lines of code. extremely advanced. complex. basically they had a bunch of different development people and piecing this thing together and at the very end shoving it out the door without majorly testing it there is major implications that this is going to have from years to go down the road. >> how different is this from just someone who in college was doing an all nighter or frantically putting together, you know, the final pages of a turn -- term paper and ends up getting a decent grade. is there hope that that could still be the case or no? >> for this site, i don't think so. i think from what we have seen the initial rocky start, which happens at love times in some major operations like this, but as it continues to progress and
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the more we learned about how this has actually developed. it's going to be a tough one to actually fix or solve down the road. you know, you basically have a company that, you know, sprawled together a bunch of different development organizations without any type of formal development process. for those of the folks that come in that industry it's a very keen process. look at amazon and google able to release these massive sites without a hiccup. this is going to be a major problem for years to come. >> all right, so for someone who knows this type of stuff certainly far better than i, is there a point at which people would have alerted higher ups or it guy to say look, this is not coming together? we are hurrying enough that were whisperings and problems with it everyone said once it's up and running it will dekink itself in that process. i think it was something like that. do you agree with that? do you believe that? >> that's the polar opposite though of what would typically happen in the private sector as well as what i have seen in the government sector. if you look at how development goes, if there is major hurdles, things not going to operate or work as
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it gets launched. it's not going to go to production and not go to the american people. so, you know, if you look at how this typically happens, you can have, you know, certain issues that may arise that you weren't able to test for. but the egregious errors that we are seeing here is a major debacle on anything that isn't going to be fixed soon and shouldn't have happened in the first place. >> david, thank you very very much. today's healthcare hearing wasn't just about the web site. look at this? >> the white house web site says if you like your plan, you can keep it, and you don't have to change a thing. >> due to the healthcare law, is that statement on the white house web site true or is it false? >> sir, i think the statement. >> is it true or is it false? >> it said if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it it, period. the president said that over and over and over again. and, yet, how you can go out knowing what you know and allow the president to continue to say that and you and other members of the administration to continue to say that? >> i really don't.
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>> you don't care about that data? >> i care about the data, sir, but you asked if i could give you that answer, i can't tell you for ohio. >> all right. to ohio republican senator rob portman on whether, no matter how much secretary sebelius tries to explain this mess, she just seems to be creating a bigger mess. senator, after hearing what you did today, do you think she should go? >> no. because i don't think that's the problem. in fact, i think in some respects, neil, that might lead people to think that solves the problem. you know, i don't think she has done a great job and obviously she has to be held accountable but it's a much deeper problem. and, look, i don't typically call for someone's resignation unless it's egregious and personal to them. in this case i think it's the problem that the president has put upon her. which is that he promised he was going to provide universal coverage which hasn't happened. i asked her today about the 30 million people that aren't going to get covered after all. this fury, taxes new costs, what about the promise that
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people could keep their healthcare. what about the promise that it was going to be 2500 bucks cheaper when it's 2100 bucks more expensive on average for a family in ohio? so, that's the fundamental problem with this is that the system itself is not the web site but the healthcare system itself that's being created here is not in the interest of the american people. >> well, apparently senator, to your point in a prior visit here, and you were saying this a year ago the numbers were not adding up, that all these things that you wanted and demanded insurers covers that invariably the numbers would go up, you pay for more because nothing is free. you can't get a free lunch. >> yeah. >> i understand the wisdom of this. apparently it was lost on the creators of this. or do you think that they knew it? i'm wondering whether those in power, and i said this of the president this was just not their area. basic economics was not their area, understanding the cost of something like this was not appreciated. wasn't so much deceit as much as it was just ignorance of basic economics. >> well, it was some of both
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as you know because now we are hearing reports that they did know that people weren't going to be able to keep their own plan. >> but i don't think the magnitude -- i don't think the magnitude of which those are not getting coverage now. >> yeah. well, i don't know, i mean even on the individual coverage where we have obviously seen a huge problem there about 12 million people are going to lose their coverage. we're told. i i think they had data but certainly had it for the employer side because they knew that a lot of employers were not going to be able to meet these mandates and others were going to do an economic analysis and say, gosh, maybe it's better to pay the fine. so, i think the statement itself, you can't just excuse it by sort of ignorance and not understanding economics. i think there was adequate data available not to have made that promise that couldn't be kept for the american people. on some of the other issues, maybe so. >> maybe right. but the worse is yet to come, right, sir? >> yeah. >> a year from now employer mandate kick in. >> exactly. >> a lot of concern that a lot of employers will look at the expense of running their plans in and the new requirements and they might push a lot of their
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employees, even their retire years off to some exchanges private or public or otherwise. >> absolutely. >> do you think that's a legitimate worry? >> it's a totally legitimate worry. and you will remember a few months ago when we saw these big numbers of people who were part-time workers coming up, it happened to be just prior to the president's decision to put off that mandate for a year. i don't think that's coincidental. i think it's not just about employers saying gee, i have done the analysis, it's better poor me just to pay the fine than to continue to cover healthcare expenses that say 14, 15,000 bucks a year. that's the encouraging of the part-time work which is bad for the economy. certainly bad for those families. that's happening as you know. the one year reprieve does give the administration a chance to change their mind on this. but, if they don't, i agree with you, the employer mandate and the employer provided coverage that people are going to lose is going to be a much more serious problem than we have
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seen even in the individual coverage. >> if i could queue say quaw say alert this as well as a final question to you. the dow was better than 128 and a half points. now well in record territory. 33rd so far just this year. nasdaq is moving up. s&p is moving up. obviously if the markets are concerned by any of what you just talked about, they have a funny way of showing it what gives here? >> well, look, you are the expert, not me, and you have got other experts on. but my sense is i think janet yellen is going to be even more dubbish than bernanke was and they are assuming interest rates will be kept artificially low. assuming the equity markets will be a better investment. also corporate profits that are decent. we have got a weak economy. we have got high unemployment. but, we have got the this notion that the feds are going to continue to be very interventionist. that is what is pumping up the market right now. it's not, to me, something that's sustainable over time unless we deal with the
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fundamental problems in our economy. that's getting the unemployment number down. that's getting the economic growth up above 2%. that's beginning to do what we have done in every other recovery in the history of our country which is to have a real robust recovery after a deep recession. >> you know, senator, that is very well explained. please keep your day job because i value mine. you are very good financial outlook. that's exactly what's going on. senator, always a pleasure. >> on the one hand, on the other hand. >> no, not at all. you got that right. thank you, senator, good to see you. >> good talk, buddy. meanwhile you think this guy's victory in virginia prove that americans don't hate this healthcare thing at all? better look at his margin after this.
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are of paragraph in virginia the democrat is the winner so that means the healthcare law is not a loser. >> if republicans think they can just get on this obamacare kick and win in 2014, on that, i think they are mistaken.
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>> well, rand paul says they are not mistaken and not so fast. former congressman and presidential candidate joins me now. congressman, you think a lot what was going on in voters' minds had a lot to do with from us frustration in healthcare, right? >> i think so. you know, a couple weeks ago ken was way behind and nearly caught up. so, i would say it was still an issue. but i think government workers was a bigger issue. sort of like throwing in d.c. people into the race because of northern virginia. that's a completely different story. >> do you think if we didn't have that government shutdown, congressman, that he might have pulled this out? >> yeah. i think so. well, i don't think -- no, i don't think that's the deciding factor but i think in northern virginia it played a role into it i don't think that makes it right or wrong. i think all this race did was prove high expoint that the worse rise to the top. and i think this is the case
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of what happens so often that people who can be the most negative and appeal to the lowest common denominator and i think this is the reason some people can win and mcauliff had a lot of money. he had corporation money. this whole story, you know, that the rich always support the republicans and the conservatives, i think this proves the point that you know, the democrats, like many republicans are in bed with big corporation. in this case, you know, mcauliff raised, what, 30 some million dollars. military, military industrial complex in northern virginia, you have to be realistic, i think if anything you should say that obamacare is going to decide -- is decide itself with the american people because they are not happy now, he they are not happy with the web site. if somebody wants to say oh yeah this is a victory. obamacare is actually better
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than a lot of people were saying. they will be kidding themselves. >> you know, chris christie wracked up a big re-election as governor of new jersey and he more or less was saying this sort of telegraphing 2016 presidential run that follow me, i found the way. i found a way of coalescing what do you think? >> if he wants to go by the way of mccain and romney, i guess he can go ahead and do it. maybe he can become the nominee, about but i think he will be saying the same old stuff again, wishy washy stuff. chased all the constitutionalists, limited government, libertarians, chase them home. why vote? you know, if that's what he wants to do. i mean, i don't think new jersey is is a litmus test for the united states of america. i think what he is saying, congressman, he is a republican in the bluest of states imagines to rack up huge coalitions and reach
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out to groups that would not vote republican. you are not impressed? >> no, i'm not. i don't think that means we all have to be like new jersey as a matter of fact -- >> -- be careful, i live in new jersey. you go slowly there. >> well, you also admire texas, too. >> what do you think of how nasty it's getting your son rand paul is senator. everyone has been chasing him. you know what, that is he a majorrist. and it's starting early it seems to me. what do you say to him when you talk about b. him about the he is getting. >> i don't get into this advice business. the fact that there are more attacks now means he is doing pretty well. that is usually what happens. they like to ignore you if they can. but they can't. when they start attacking, you know you are having an effect. i think that's a good sign. >> you are not concerned when the "the washington post" dumps him as a columnist? what do you think of that? >> i i don't think the "the washington post" has much to do with much opinion across
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this country. sometimes that's a negative if he they start praising you then you better watch out sentiments built in different way now and built on the internet and rurally and regionally. i don't think the "wall street journal" i don't think the "the washington post" has much to say about establishing opinion. maybe in the washington, d.c. area. maybe in northern virginia, you know. maybe that's what they did. but, you know, if they love big government. but, no, i think -- i think, you know, just getting somebody in the mushy middle advocating big government and not really challenging things on principle is saying well, if we concede a whole lot to the democrats we are going to be victorious. i don't buy it. >> i'm going to put you down as a maybe then on chris christie. >> yeah, okay. >> ron paul always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >> here comes bill and here comes the bills. this guy might not be your mayor but our charlie gasparino can still cost you a lot of money. >> my fellow new yorkers
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>> that's called the smack down dance. ♪ compared to the financial smackdown the guy is about to inflict on financial world. that fellow is new york city's incoming mayor bill deblazio. charlie, you have been warning and saying that this guy is to the left of left. and makes prior liberal mayor's pale by comparison.
1:23 pm
why are you worried? >> well, i call him comrade bill deblazio. one of the reasons i do that. i have always refrained from calling barack obama the president of socialist. he didn't nationalize the banks. he didn't want real socialism. he gave aid and comfort to the says continue miss san niece thats. he never disavowed his association with the communists. >> what does that mean for outsiders outside the city who don't care about manhattan how does that effect me? >> this is the epicenter of capitalism as your next guest will tell you base he is one of those great leaders bill degrasso. have capitalism held by potential socialist. that's a problem. the banks are going to suffer and pay more money in taxes. his grand plan is to do this preschool education for everybody. it's built on the notion that he can raise income
1:24 pm
taxes on rich new yorkers. that has to be approved by the state legislature by the governor which they are probably not go to prove. >> not an easy task. andrew cuomo the governor right now mayor elect's big check last night. the new york city voters have opened exciting new election of incoming mayor bill deblazio. which is not exactly an overwhelming ringing endorsement. he didn't say i'm going to improve increase in taxes. andrew cuomo wants to run for national office. he wants to get reelected. upstate new york is not manhattan. suppose he can't get that tax increase passed on individuals, he is going to go right to the business community and guess what that is? those are banks that are under pressure from washington. you could see a lot more bank layoffs. >> could you also see banks just pack up and leave? bank office stuff moving out of the city for a long time.
1:25 pm
you have got to have a presence in new york. higher less people. move all overseas. international entities to begin with. degrasso should be able to tell you about that the guy who should have been mayor. >> thank you, my friend. charlie gasparino twitter is expected to debut tomorrow. we are going to get its final offering price set in the next few minutes i want you to think quick what is different about dewitter and facebook. it's not launching on nasdaq it's launching on the new york stock exchange, there is a reason for that the twitter guys did not want any screwups with this the head of the new york stock exchange will be joining me tonight on fox business to explain how he is going to respond to that pressure and be ready for every second of this trade. the guy lead for my money the best chairman of the institution ever had or ever will, degrasso. how are you doing? >> hi, neil. great introduction. >> you did not run for mayor
1:26 pm
by the way when a lot of people wanted you to. now look what happened. >> well, you can't say what if, should have, could have. >> a career on it? >> i was a proponent of ray kelly running for mayor. he would have been a fabulous mayor. >> he made it clear he wasn't going to run. >> i think it was a little too late for me. one of the things my wife was very concerned about is that i might win. >> how is it how is it that they get these kind of folks. some nice. take nothing away but not the caliber you would think going for such a prestigious office? some running for years some that you have never heard
1:27 pm
of. bill has at the national level working for key congressional types. >> how do you think he will be with your friends? >> your platform to get electside going to be very different than the platform you govern from. what this incoming mayor understands as charlie just quite rightly pointed out, new york city is the center of capitalism. not just in the united states but around the globe. if the incoming mayor decides he is going to attack it, destroy it, or disable it, that means he is is a one term mayor, neil. i don't think that's his intention. i think his intentions are he wants obviously to do some things at the different social levels. but to do that you need a healthy capital markets. >> and you need a healthy stock market. twitter could be contingent side. market look at this melt up with what's happening with the dow and all the street around this latest twitter offering. what do you make of this market? what do you make.
1:28 pm
>> well, the market has been heavily influenced by the feds' intervention. we have seen as recently as may when there was a hint that that was going to go away that you could get a pull back. the reality is when people step back and really understand that a pull back from in essence fed liquidity provisions means the economy is strong enough to accept that. >> i don't agree. i will tell you. what as soon as we have seen this every time, dick, the fed has hinted that it's going to provide less gas to the markets. every time it's even hinted they have sold off, i don't think this will go down well. >> you are right. i think there will be a short-term correction of probably 5 to 10%. >> i think there will be more than that. >> when people step back and say what is the influencing factors in that decision? to stop feeding, if you will, the liquidity pool. >> it's all built on stand. >> if we have consistently predictable, economic growth between 2.5 and 3%, which i hope is what the fed is going to look at, i think
1:29 pm
the market will be just fine. >> even if you take that 85 billion a month away right now? >> well, they are not going to do it in one fell swoop. they are going to bring it down step wise, commensurate with one, economic growth and two the unemployment figure going substantially lower and i think they may well lower that target into the five range before they really take it away completely. you know, neil, i'm a great believer that this country you talk about politics in new york city. this country is the place everyone comes to. no one is trying across the border back into mexico. they are coming here because we are the model for the world. >> this keeps up the banks will. they will go. >> well, you know, to your earlier observation with charlie, you know, if there is punitive action taken in the city of new york against the big banks that are centered here, banks without bricks will become more prevalent. and the consumer can bank online, can bank. >> anywhere.
1:30 pm
email, snail mail, you call it. high net worth individuals, they can have their banking facilities anywhere. so i think you are going to have a very different bill deblazio as mayor. i'm hopeful. the really first key to the success and the sustainability of new york city as the shining light on the hill is who he picks as police commissioner. he has got to pick someone who is going to make our streets safe as ray kelly has done for 12 years. >> we shall see. dick grasso great to see you, my mind. >> are you a follower of twitter? >> i can't explain characters. i couldn't explain it in 70 characters let alone 140 characters. >> i look for your hash tag. >> many do. dick grasso, thank you. i don't know what that means but that's how hip he is. i already knew that the president watched my show. a very prominent democratic senator does as well. he just won't admit it but something he let slip proved it customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
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guess that's not the case. >> she looks like that. >> good thing to say on national tv by the way. >> somethin' tells me tom harkin was watching. he said he read it in the paper. please. >> there was a story in the other day about a paper somebody said well gee now i have to take this policy that covers maternity care but my wife and i aren't having any more children. i don't know if they were older or something like that. why should i have to have a policy that covers maternity care? i got to thinking about that i thought well, you no what? maybe because my wife and i don't have any more children and they are grown up, maybe i shouldn't have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools. huh? >> huh? that's exactly what george schwabb said after he heard that. george, what do you make of
1:36 pm
it? by the way he was watching you and listening to you and recounting your experience even though he didn't want to give credit to here, that's my thought, opinion. what do you think of the way is he trying to justify you paying a higher premium or because it helps a lot of other folks? >> if you are in your 60's and just had your insurance cancelled because you don't have maternity coverage, it's kind of a slap in the face. everywhere i ever lived it's been a state law that children have to attend school. but there is no laws that i'm aware of that women have to have children. to compare property taxes or state income taxes which are collected, you know, by the government and allocated by elected officials for municipal services, police, fire, schools. insurance premium is
1:37 pm
something that you buy from insurance company, or pay to the insurance company with a contract to protect you from risk it's not a requirement of the government. >> a good analogy. it's a little grading. he sort of doubled down on it. i want you to react to this from senator harkin. >> no, we are better than this in this country. we are talking about being a part of our society. it's to our benefit. my wife and i, to pay our property taxes, to support our local schools because that's our next generation. we want them well-taught. we want good paid teachers, well-paid teachers. same way with healthcare. it is a value system. >> all right, but do you think, george, if it was billed this way suck up paying double more for premium but it's for the good of society and others will benefit, do you think it ever would have even become law if that was the
1:38 pm
pitch? oh absolutely not. it sounds like to me that senator harkin believes that the insurance premiums that have been increaseside a new tax it's not a new tax. individual risk to cover yourself. it's like people that live in the mountains don't have to pay high flood insurance premiums because they don't have flood risk like somebody at the beach or somebody who lives along the river. >> i wonder too in the end if the way to repackage this now, if you are selling this healthcare law it is your responsibility to pay those higher premiums because look at the good you are doing. that it's been turned around as making a negative into a sort of a social positive, that, of course this height be the case but you have to, george, suck it up. deal with it. do the country some good. you and your beautiful wife, and quit whining about it what do you make of that? >> well?
1:39 pm
>> well, when you think of the fact that our premium is four times as much, maybe i don't mind or we don't mind paying a little bit more, but four times as much? i mean, what are we paying for four other families? i'm willing to help but that's a little extreme. >> i don't see the senator giving up what he has got to run into this system. but i could be wrong. george -- >> -- well, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> incredible. anyway. i don't know if this miami dolphins on facebook, but i do wonder whether he is charged with doing prompted some big changes at facebook, cracking down on bullies who won't let up.
1:40 pm
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maybe the bully was taking audibles from the coach. miami dolphins coaches asked richie incognito to toughen up jonathan martin.
1:43 pm
what is not exactly clear whether that included the racial and bullying tactics for which the vp incognito. very hot topic and facebook even hotter one. the social networking site today implementing a series of new anti-bullying policies. to our diane with all the details. >> facebook is now strengthening its efforts to curb bullying. the company launched new bullying prevention hub today designed to help users deal with and report bullying both on and off the web. facebook says in the announcement, quote: we will be arming bullying victims with information on what they can do when they see harassing content. recommendations to adults who want to help, each guidance to the person accused of bullying on what he or she has done and how he or she can do better. one of the cool key features is button photo to facebook to anonymously report the issue to an adult in their
1:44 pm
network. in addition the hub also offers separate sections for parents, teachers and law enforcement with tips like how to create a facebook group for your family so you can share photos and post privately. one notable absence from the overhaul is the photo sharing site instagram. while it was bought by facebook last year, instagram still maintains its own policies on things like safety and privacy. so these new tools don't apply there privacy and child advocates say given how popular it is among users instagram should offer new bullying prevention efforts. facebook did confirm that the bullying hub is currently directed at facebook users specifically but the company adds that it does offer other bullying resources for instagram and that as always, neil, it is looking to improve bullying prevention resources even further. >> diane, you were on the air at 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> 5:00 a.m. i love it here. i can't get enough. what can i say? >> great job. thank you diane. diane macedo. all this talk about bullies. should parents take so.
1:45 pm
blame. a new york city student thinks. so she is reportedly set to sue her bullies and parents claiming years of torment. can mom and dad be punished for child's actions? attorney randy and michelle says yes, she is. you think that's a ground? >> absolutely. >> really? >> yes. first of all just like judge whopner says when you have a problem take them to court. >> you are quoting judge whopner. >> absolutely. great judge, great show. take them to court and settle your matters out in court. you don't want the parents going head-to-head out on the street. second of all if you create the lawsuit that in a way first you put the parents on notice that their kid is a bully. most reasonable parent will be upset and try to get help for their kid. bullies are not happy people as we saw with incognito. not a happy guy. he has a lot of problems. any reasonable parent would seek the help that their child needs to get over. this and move on. if the parent doesn't, then the parent now has breached a duty to take care of
1:46 pm
whatever the problem is to the victim of their child bullying. and leave themselves open to lawsuit, absolutely. >> what do you think? >> this is why shakespeare first said kill all the lawyers what a bully he was. not everything deserves to be litigated. that's the problem in our country. no one is taking responsibility. let's put the blame some place else. >> where do you put it? >> it all depends on something called knowledge. a parent cannot be held responsible for what his or her child does. another human being. >> what if they are underaged children? >> well, what it comes down to is did the parent know? should the parent have known? then, if the parent knew or the parent should have known and could have done something to prevent it, then, yes, i agree with michelle. absent that to go from here to there without the bridge, no way. you can't do it. >> that's why part of the lawsuit has to be putting
1:47 pm
the parents on notice. second of all, patients are held responsible, especially in cases like educational neglect where the parent basically has no control over a kid that skips school every day. nevertheless, it's that parent that's dragged in a family court to face educational negligent. >> what are the legal response if you have under 18. you as the parent are responsible for what they are doing. >> not whatever they are doing especially since its intentional act. >> they are your kids. if they are harassing other kids that falls upon the parent. >> as a parent your duty is to your child. not necessarily to other children. >> yeah, but if my child is adversely affecting or making life miserable for other children -- >> you have to create the legal basis for that you have to create the duty that is breached. that is why the lawsuit should be prefaced with a notice to the parents which could then create the duty to do something about it. >> what do you think of that. >> i agree. once the parent knows. >> good. because i didn't understand what she said. >> well, in other words, it's like everything else.
1:48 pm
if a parent knows that his or her child is being a bully. the child -- the parent is on notice. if the parent should have known but doesn't do a damn thing to keep an eye on his or her child, then, once again, yeah, i would agree with liability. absent any of those things, you can't simply say hey, you beat up my kid, i'm suing you. >> so there you go. i'm right. >> kind of. you are kind of right. >> i know my sons are watching right now. boys, unty -- untie your mother this second. hey, you husbandy, the mrs. ain't happy. now she is taking to the web to make you history. this is beyond the beyond after this. when i first got shingles it started on my back.
1:49 pm
and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was-
1:50 pm
it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed.
1:51 pm
well, apparently you should
1:52 pm
think before you cheat because you could find yourself in a worldwide web of trouble. a new site, shesa encouraging scorned women. asks for pictures, names and locations. guys, you're not off the hook either. another version of the site focusing on cheating boyfriends and husbands. is this really the best way to settle a score? dr. cooper lawrence says, no. tamara doesn't have any problem with this. really? you don't have any problem with this? >> well, i went back to "the scarlet letter." and there's a comment by nathaniel hawthorne. we must not always talk in the marketplace of what happens to us in the poorest. and i think it's unfortunate that -- >> did he have a website? >> he didn't. in 1850, i don't think that www. -- >> yeah, wouldn't have cut it. >> i think it's unfortunate as a
1:53 pm
lawyer, you have serious issue about libel. accusing a woman of something she possibly didn't do. and where is the proof? just a text message or a picture may not be enough. it may be -- >> if it was guys you go after and follow-up site. >> well, then, i think you file for divorce. >> you're not giving me a double standard for men or women here? >> i think that, yes, there's always a double standard. >> i thought so. >> it's weird to go after the woman. she's a stranger. this is not the first -- >> the hussy. >> yeah, the hussy is the stranger. >> the home wrecker. >> i'm sorry, i think the husband is the one that destroyed the marriage. >> i'll let you finish. >> a man can't be -- >> she's not necessarily always a stranger. i've read these posts. one woman was invited in the house and watched a movie. >> she's not the one who made the vow. >> where is your issue here? >> my issue here is the fact
1:54 pm
that you're digging in the dirt with these people. you're making yourself a low life. what happens is, you know, this is basically your -- your internet footprint. so this goes down -- >> wouldn't it stop this sort of behavior? >> no, this is your legacy. your legacy is the scorned woman who posted pictures of the hussy and all these horrible things instead of being, like, i don't know, reese witherspoon or halle berry and walk away with your head held high, move on and find somebody else. >> all right. well, we did get an update from the website. it's a platform and a voice for the women who have dealt with the devastating effects of infidelity contrary to the negative reviews of our site, we find women appreciate having a forum where they can share their stories with women. >> well, i agree with cooper, not only is this a digital footprint for the woman, but also the children i'm a mother of two children and a
1:55 pm
grandmother of three children. and some of them say the names of their children. i think the men and women upset -- >> well, the husband's got children. >> right. but long-term down the road, you're say a college recruiter or something and typing in a kid's name and you see there are issues with your mom and dad are having cheating issues. i just think that -- >> what if they get the wrong person? what if it turns out -- >> that's a legal issue. >> the comment, first of all. this isn't a support group. these aren't women that sit around and talk about how they've been hurt. and by the way, there's no shame in being cheated on. you didn't do anything wrong. the fact that they get a chance to post all this and be just as dirty as everybody else, i think is really -- >> well, if your spouse is cheating on you and -- >> it always feels good in the moment. in the moment it feels good to post that stuff, but later on you feel just as bad. you feel even worse because now you've shamed somebody, now you're just as guilty. >> i've been quoted as saying i
1:56 pm
believe about 80% of men cheat. and i believe that. >> you're incredible. incredible. the men that are targeted in this follow-up site, what are you going to say about that? >> well, i think it's fair play. but the interesting thing -- >> you've been hurt. something happened to you. what's the matter? >> i'm always hurt. i'm always hurt. >> the doctor's in the house. >> i need a lot more than talking to you. but as a website owner myself, one of the interesting things is the advertising. and if you go to this website, the first thing there is the advertising opportunity and this is a great place for women to make money. >> i'm pushing this to the brink. i want to go right to the heartbreak here. now, if this goes -- what does that say about society? >> it says that society doesn't know how to speak to each other and communicate. the fact that you go online to voice -- >> people are angry. >> i realize they're angry, that doesn't help you. these are faceless people.
1:57 pm
get therapy, get an actual group of women together who -- get a support group. >> someone needs a hug. >> hug. see, this is the problem. >> we'll have a lot more on this on fox news. not really, but 8:00 tonight. watch. 0
1:58 pm
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president obama moments ago met with a group of very frustrated democrat senators. ed henry with the breaking details on that meeting. don't go anywhere. but first, it was a busy day on the hill today where the woman many see as the face of the obama care failures was taking heated questions from senators frustrated senators. and republicans who warned that obama care was an atomic bomb about to be dropped on america. >> i am accountable to this committee and to the


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