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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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a lot of tweets supporting edie sundby. check out our facebook page or tweet us. thanks for watching. here's hannity. welcome to "hannity." tonight she was summoned back to capitol hill for round two. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius went before lawmakers today where she was grilled by senators about the disastrous obama care rollout. they held her feet to the fire. ♪ >> in the last five weeks, access to health has been a frustrating experience. >> it is simply inexcusable that the members of this committee were not told earlier that these problems were occurring. >> people are angry.
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millions of americans are scared. >> you have been misleading the american people. the president has. over and over again. >> we know lying to congress is a crime. unfortunately, lying to the american people is not. >> more people are losing their insurance than are signing up on the website. they are being directed to a website that doesn't even work. >> i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay. >> it's impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired. it's impossible. >> we made a promise to ensure no one ever went broke just because they got sick. you, madam secretary, must make good on that promise. >> you have said america should hold you accountable which is why today i repeat my request for you to resign. >> now the secretary sat before the senate finance committee for a little more than two and a half hours today. as we have grown accustomed to, with we were left with more
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questions than answers. tonight on this jam packed edition we have ann coulter, bob beckel, andrea tantaros. one lawmaker who questioned kathleen sebelius, pat toome and also mike lee. good to see you both. >> hi, sean. >> senator, were you happy with the answers you got today? >> i wasn't happy at all, sean. there were no good answers today. you know, i was focused on how blatantly the administration has broken really dishonest promises. they knew they couldn't deliver that everyone would have more affordable health care when the administration was forcing people to buy more expensive plans. they knew it was not true you could keep the insurance plan you had if you liked it especially if the reality was you would lose it if the administration didn't like it. finally it was never true ta you
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would be able to keep the doctor you have now because the new plan that the obama care forces you into might not work with the doctor of your choice. we demonstrated this. she had no good answers to the b problems. >> you can't keep your plan or your doctor. you have rate shock on top of it. it's costing way more than $900 p million. we have played it over and over. the president said if you like your plan you can keep your plan. the president said we did it in slow motion so the people can really see him lie about his lie. >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law has passed. >> we did a slow motion of that
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because the president prepared, read the lie. it was preordained. rather than admit the truth. did you see him look at his notes? making sure he gets the exact wording. what do you think? >> it was scripted. it was a scripted act of deception, one that's resulting in an extraordinary amount of pain for millions of americans. at least 3.5 million americans, just from 21 states surveyed this week are losing their health insurance. meanwhile this thing keeps getting worse. the more we learn about it. today we learned from secretary sebelius that not only is big brother watching. not only is big brother collecting a lot of really dangerous personal information about all of us through the navigators but big brother himself might in many instances be an ex-convict. that's disturbing on top of everything else. >> that was an incredible revelation today. none of this, senator toomey is helping the president. he has his rlowest approval
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ratings ever. now in the 30s. his disapproval rate is worse at 53%. let me ask about your colleagues. you have all the blue state democrats, mary landrieu, mark pryor. red states up for re-election 2014. many on record saying the following. >> those individuals who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan. this is a very accurate description of the bill. >> many people say i like my health insurance now, senator. i don't want to change. i don't want the to go into med care or medicaid. i like what i have. would you please leave me alope? and the answer is, yes, we warrantee i-- guarantee it. >> we are working on protecting people's choice of doctors, choice of hospitals, choice of insurance plan. if you like what you have today, that will be what you have when
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this legislation is passed. >> i won't support a health care reform plan that will take away health care you have now or a health care plan you like. >> are any of your democratic colleagues speaking out against the big lies that they regurgitat regurgitated? are they willing to stand with conservatives and guarantee that if you like your plan you can keep it? >> that proposition will be tested. the real problems is the american people are reasonable. they are understanding to a point. if someone admits to a mistake, they will usually accept that and work with that. when people willfully deceive them, make a promise they can't keep, that's harder to forgive. i think this is going to come back and haunt the folks. >> senator lee, i know you came under fire. ted cruz came under fire. we'll get into it about governor
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christie. won a big election. he's been critical of ted cruz, rand paul, tea party conservatives. i have never heard governor christie call out the president for lying about the health care issue. does it bother you? >> it bothers me any time we have people criticizing fellow republicans, especially fellow republicans who are just standing behind the principles they believe in. while refraining from criticizing the president. the it is the president who shut down the government. the president refused to negotiate even one inch. it was the president who refused to allow the government to be funded unless he got everything he wanted including full funding for obama care implementation. we need to focus arrows on the president. he's lied to the american people. they are harming millions of people. it's time for us to hold them accountable. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next, the out spoken ann coulter is here to weigh in on the election results in new
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jersey, virginia. see if she's still in love with chris christie though a democrat won the race in virginia, the white house should be nervous. we'll explain why and why the media has it wrong. later, behind the scenes. a book written by two insiders reveal secrets the administration hoped would never be made public. did you know team obama considered replacing crazy uncle joe with hillary clinton in 2012? quick programming night. tomorrow at 10:00 eastern a fox news special presentation. "my hope america" with billy graham paying tribute to him on his 95th birthday. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. i knew that i could smoke for the first 7 days. i knew that i wasn't putting nicotine back into my body to try to quit. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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welcome back. if there is a question b about how toxic the president is and his health care overhaul coming to the left, look no further
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than last night's virginia gubernatorial elisabeth hasselbeck results where the gop canada gnat near ly despite the fact that the gop was outspent by a whopping 1 million dollars, terry mcauliffe barely beat ken cuccinelli who was down double digits before making the obama care train wreck the big issue of the campaign. >> we said this race was a referendum on obama care. although i lost, tonight you sent a message to the president of the united states that you believe -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- that virginia understands that obama care is a failure and that you want to be in charge of your health care and not the government. despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of oh obama care.
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that message will go out across america tonight. >> i think it will as well. based on the impact that the law had last night, i think the effect on the upcoming elections will be catastrophic for the left. here the always out spoken ann coulter. how are you? good to see you. >> hello. good to see you. >> we learned the day of the election the libertarian candidate in the race is funded by an obama care bundler. that's issue number one. number two, we see all the money poured in by planned parenthood, labor unions, environmentalists, all the support of the democrats. the establishment seemed to abandon cuccinelli. they gave $9 million to the current governor when he ran in 2009. then you have a governor scandal plagued and the gop raised taxes. everybody is getting it wrong. what's your take? >> yes. i think all of the elections yesterday illustrate the point
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of the first part of my new book. particularly in virginia. you got them all. i'm a conservative republican but any republican is better than any democrat. and republicans have to concentrate on winning. cuccinelli was hurt by, p number one, the third party candidate, a libertarian. we find out at the last minute heavily funded by democrats. that's a surprise. i think the same thing of the alleged tea party candidate running in kentucky, i might add. you have for lack of a better term, the tea party activists who hurt cuccinelli for nominating a wonderful black minister for the lieutenant candidate spot. that's not a strong candidate in a state when running for election. you need soccer mom who is are not christian conservatives. the lieutenant governor, wonderful man, not a good candidate, lost by something like 54-44%. it was whopping.
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if we had a stronger lieutenant governor that would have helped cuccinelli. the rnc, the establishment let cuccinelli down. he got everybody being hurt by this. if we could move up north to new jersey, chris christie, everybody knew he was going to win. he's popular, congratulations to him. but he rammed the table. if he had not held a special election for the senate seat to replace frank lautenberg and last night the vote had been between steve lon gan and cory booker, the republican would have won. but his ego got in the way. there goes another senate seat. >> i'm aggravated. there is a coronation today for chris christie. the exit poll shows he wouldn't beat hillary clinton on the biggest night of his political life. how does he win with some of the appointments he's made, the economy in new jersey. it's nothing to brag about.
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he's wrong in terms of the conservative base on immigration, guns, the economy, green technology being the future. how does he win in a red state? everyone is making this prediction today. they are so wrong i can't believe it. >> as uh yyou know, i would def him on everything except amnesty. that's a mistake for the republican party. we are the party of the middle class, not wall street. when republicans come out for amnesty do the bidding for the plutocrats and the wall street crowd and not the working class americans, blacks and hispanics. that's our party. we are the populist party. it's wrong. >> hapg on a second. >> i say about christie, george pitaki won three times in a state bluer than new jersey. i know the media want to anoint christie, but we have to have the primary. he'll be a strong candidate and
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i will support any republican. >> he's lecturing washington that it's got to be more like trenton, new jersey. anybody knows about trenton, you don't want washington like trenton. what bothers me more and i'm with you. if i was in new jersey i would have voted for chris christie. >> of course. >> he's trashing rand. trashing cruz. i didn't hear him call president obama a liar on health care. he gives him a bear hug before the election with romney last year. i think christie -- >> in addition to wanting to run up some huge victory for himself so he has a special election to replace frank lautenberg a month before his election. so as i say lonigan was closing in on booker. a lot was coming out we didn't know. lonigan did incredibly well in new jersey. if it was held at the same time
7:18 pm
that chris christie is winning this massive victory, i think he would have won. in addition that how about chris christie spreading the wealth, going down and spending a day campaigning for ken cuccinelli. as we saw with chris christie's convention speech it's all about chris christie. that was the most disappointing keynote convention speech of my life. i flew into tampa just to see chris christie. he's bright, charismatic. we expected the street fighter. he has a lot of good things going for him. >> he's got problems. wait until they dig into the appointments. he can go campaign for lindsey graham all he wants but he seems to be at war against conservative tea party members. do you not see that? >> i do. it's not just the establishment. mott just the tea party. not just egos. it's all of these things.
7:19 pm
republicans need to focus on winning. i commend you for continuing to bring up the red state democrats who voted for obama care. that obama care vote three and a half years ago gives the lie to any id cannot who says there is no difference between the parties. not one democrat voted against us. republicans, let's concentrate on winning the the senate and taking out -- as you keep pointing out, thank you -- mary landrieu in louisiana. mark pryor in arkansas, replacing the democrat seat in west virginia. mark begich in alaska. al franken in minnesota. baucus in montana. there are a lot of democratic seats we should be able to flip next year to the republicans but mott if republicans run very strong christian ministers who have said spicy things about homosexuality. we have to get the soccer mom votes and not if the rnc won't support a magnificent republican
7:20 pm
like ken cuccinelli and not if strong republican like christie are in it all for themselves and hold a special election allowing a senate seat to be sacrificed for no reason but so that christie can run up his numbers. >> ann coulter, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> good to see you. >> speaking of chris christie, an insider's account. the authors of "double down" explain what sources said about their new book that made mitt romney pick up the phone and apologize to the new jersey governor. had to do with the vp vetting process. we always want to hear from you. log onto the our special companion site follow the live show. vote on our online poll. we want to know how much you think obama care is going to hurt the democratic party.
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welcome back. they are without question two of politics ultimate insiders, both merchandise the belt way and on the campaign trail. their book "game change" took washington by storm. they have done it again. "double down" is stirring up controversy offering insights behind the scenes into the 2012 presidential race. what happens inside the obama white house. here with reaction to this the authors are mark halperin and john heilman. do you actually put this
7:25 pm
together while you are covering the campaign? are you building stories knowing you will write the book? >> we start theed working on it almost three years ago. we have jobs that take up our time doing magazine and television work. we are gathering string. but a lot of work takes place after election day when people are free and ready to talk. we'll sit down and work hard for a year from election day until the book comes out. >> i think one of the most interesting parts of the book was the intervention after the first debate with romney. by my account if romney had two more debates like that he would have won the election. you said the prep leading into the second debate that he was flat, disinterested and then he had the intervention. explain. >> one of the most dramatic scenes we have covered and one of the more insightful moments about president obama and his time in office is you said the stakes were high. the president told his aides barack obama i don't lose two in a row.
7:26 pm
i will do fine in the second debate. he had a bad rehearsal sunday night before the tuesday second debate on long island. his aides panicked. while publically they said everything was calm privately they were the most panicked in the country. they met with the president, top aides and said, mr. president, this isn't working. you're on track for another bad debate. david plouffe said people forgive one. if you are lethargic, don't look like you want the to win it could be a disaster. there is a monologue by barack obama in which he says how hard it is for him to perform. he doesn't like the artifice of politics and says part of the problem is i don't have a second term agenda. what can i talk about? that led them to people can read the book and see, shift strategy. he did have a good second debate. i agree with you and david said if you peperform in the second the way you did many the first
7:27 pm
we could lose this blaj election. >> they said, be fast and hammy. talk too slow, it's not -- punch romney in the face. >> that's surprising considering his reputation as a great speaker. one thing that caught my attention was the relationship with the clintons and obama. strained throughout their term. this golfing experience you describe where bill clinton and obama play golf. what was the comment he made? >> they came off the course in the the fall of 2011. two presidents, hardly any interaction over the furst three years. now president obama realizes i need bill clinton to get re-elected. clinton wanted to rehabilitate his imimage. they go on a golfing trip. president clinton takes a lot of mullig mulligans. they didn't finish the 18 holes.
7:28 pm
obama's aide said, i like president clinton -- in doses. >> they poll tested replacing biden with hillary. >> right in the same time period where the obama white house is at the depths, a year away from election day. they think they could lose. they think, what can we do to change things? bridge brink in bill clinic -- bring in bill clinton. they said, could we replace biden with hillary and improve our chances? people have tried to minimize this. you have the white house chief of staff, david plouffe, david axelrod. they did that poll. the poll came back and there wasn't much of an impact. they didn't go forward. make no mistake. they were looking for a solution. if it looked like hillary clinton would help they could have gone to the next step to consider pros and cons. >> that's the behind-the-scenes stuff i find interesting.
7:29 pm
let's talk about the vp vetting process of governor romney. christie was considered. became problematic. there is almost a coronation after his win yesterday that he'll be the republican nominee. i think he has more problems than people anticipate. >> they looked at him. governor romney wanted him on the short list. crossed him off when it seemed chris christie wasn't responding to the questions of the vetters. romney said it will be a problem. we don't want to do this. stuart stevens said, we are in a street brawl here. the obama campaign is pummelling us with negative ads. we need the best street fighter. we have to reconsider chris christie. they spent 11 days in a krcrash vet. almost like on sarah palin. they looked at what was many the public record and things that were in the public record but
7:30 pm
not known broadly in national politics, beyond the confines of new jersey. they found things they thought were troubling. there were a series of things they wanted more information on from governor christie that he was slow to provide or oh didn't provide to the vetters. stuff about health, lobbying clients, household help. a variety of different things. they went to governor romney, weighed it out. we quote from the vetting report in large chunks of what the vetters' concerns were. they handed the document to governor romney in july of 2012. he looked at it and pulled the plug on chris christie. >> they would have had a problem with the conservative base, romney would have if he picked him because of immigration and where the governor stands there. i don't think the economic story in new jersey is what people think it is. on top of that controversial appointment you are well aware of. >> there is a range of things. one of the things we like is the history of the last campaign. you said the behind-the-scenes real story of what happened on things that people remember from the headlines. there is a lot that projects
7:31 pm
forward including about governor christie. mitt romney's judgment was this guy has a lot of strength. even his critics admit he's good with people. he's got a certain ability. at the same time there are real questions not just from the vetting report but his political judgment, how he performs in public. how he treats constituents. governor romney got a dvd showing christie yelling at constituents. >> i like that part. there were five guys considered. marco, rob portman, ryan -- >> polenti and christie. >> the thing about chris christie is he's a huge character in the book. he may run but there is stuff about rick perry. >> that was interesting, too. >> rick santorum, paul ryan. a lot of guys thinking about running and mike huckabee. if people want a window into what's going on forward there is stuff in there, too. >> i love the research. gives you a good snapshot.
7:32 pm
good to see you. >> thank you, sean. >> up next tonight here on "hannity." >> when i stand up at the podium in front of the white house press corps i never lie. i never say something that i know is not true. >> really? is that so, mr. carney? up next we deliver the definitive carney indictment with a trip down memory lane. we'll show you why this man needs to be fired for lying. then the new war on women. it was declared by none other than secretary of state john kerry in of all places saudi arabia. will the national organization of women denounce his reprehensible remarks? introducing new fast acting advil. with aultra-thin coating and fast absorbg advil ion core™ technology, nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil.
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only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. welcome back. tonight we are delivering the definitive indictment against white house press secretary jay carney. the man this administration sends out every single day to speak on behalf of the leader of the free world. think he needs to be fired and here's why. while obama care may be the
7:37 pm
latest and greatest lie to the american people, in my mind it's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how he's masterfully deceived the press and the country since taging the role as the president's chief spokesman. we put together this little montage. >> they get on the phone and call and the paperwork is filled out for them and the process is taken over from there. >> when -- >> when it's processed through health >> regarding the allegations you mentioned that the u.s. national security agency intercepted communications of the german chancellor and the president assured the cannes lor that the united states is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. >> the you say nobody at the white house and nobody on the president's political team had knowledge or was involved in any way in the targeting of tea party groups by the irs? >> yes.
7:38 pm
>> this is a fairly volatile situation in response not to united states policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video. >> when i stand up at the podium in front of the white house press corps, i never lie. i never say something that i know is not true. >> really? joining me now with reaction are the co-hosts of "the five" dana and andrea tantaros. >> nice accent. >> pretty good. i would say maybe you have more sympathy because you did that b job. >> definitely. >> okay. >> i also think communicators get blamed for everything. it's a communications problem. no, it's not. they have a serious policy problem. they have a fundamental problem of allowing the political decision-making to overtake good policy for the united states. that's not the press secretary's
7:39 pm
fault. i wouldn't call for his resignation but i think it looks like he's not having fun up there anymore. >> when the president says you like your plan, keep your plan -- >> he's in a position to have to defend the indefensible. that's his job. i do think on some things like when they say president obama didn't know about x, y, z that at some point he could say, i don't know why he wasn't told. if i had known, i would have told him. that's something a press secretary can do. >> don't we know the president lied and then he lied about the lie when it comes to if you like your plan you can keep your plan? he was defending it. >> as the president's mouthpiece he has to echo the words of the president. i was never white house press secretary but i was a press secretary on campaigns and for house republican leadership. it's tricky. giving jay carney credit, it's going too far saying he intentionally deceived. i blame the media.
7:40 pm
they sit in the briefing room. they can do research. they haven't held jay carney accountable. he deceived on benghazi -- >> why do you say deceived versus the word lie? >> he lied. i will say it. i have no problem with the l-word. he lied and so did the president. where was the media holding jay carney accountable on benghazi, on obama care in the early stages when anyone with a functioning brain could see what was coming. reporters sat back not writing down anything. >> dana, i have known you a long time. you are a person of honesty and integrity. >> thank you. >> if the president went out and said again and again if you like your plan, keep your plan, and you were put in the position dr. >> i couldn't have done it. i wouldn't have allowed it.
7:41 pm
let me peel back the curtain. before the president gives a speech a draft goes to the offices. they go through a fact check process. i remember at least in the second term in particular we were just overdoing it sometimes to say, that's not quite accurate. but, you know, it will serve us well in the long run. remember the 16 words that was used? president bush said it in the state of the union. >> if you like your plan you can keep it. >> 17 words. >> it is indefensible on its face. i don't know how they reset the clock on this one. >> you can't. >> i don't think it is a jay carney problem. if the president of the united states -- >> if he repeats it, it's his problem. >> it goes back to president obama. when president obama gets the final speech and leaves that line in there, he knows it's wrong but he said it anyway. >> the fish stinks from the head, my greek father used to the say. >> i thought the word was rot.
7:42 pm
>> if the president is lying the whole administration is lying. we never used to lie as press secretary. the one thing you didn't do. >> coming up next, secretary of state john kerry took the easy road and said it is up to saudi arabia to determine whether or not women should be able to drive. talk b about a war on women. that's coming up neck. t this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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welcome back. there is a new war on women and there is no one to blame but secretary of state john kerry. rather than stand up for what is right america's chief diplomat said it is up to saudi arabia the to decide whether women should have certain basic fundamental rights. >> with respect to the issue of women driving in saudi arabia,
7:47 pm
it's no secret that in the united states of america we embrace equality for everybody regardless of gender, race, or any other qualification. but it's up to saudi arabia to make its own decisions about its own social structure, choices and the timing for whatever events. i know there is a debate. we talked about this at lunch. there is a healthy debate in saudi arabia about the issue. i think the debate is best left to saudi arabia and the people engaged in it. all of whom know exactly where we many the united states of america stand on this issue. >> while the democrats regularly accuse the gop of waging a war on women it's staggering to hear those remark trs a former presidential nominee of a party that claims to care about women's rights. talk about a gutless, spineless coward. here with reaction to that and more author of "black book of
7:48 pm
the american left" david horowitz joins us. how are you? >> doing good. hypocrisy is their middle name. here he goes to saudi arabia, bar baric country that won't allow women to drive an automobile. when he goes to the middle east he tells israel which is a democracy that they have to be tolerant toward palestinians supporters of terrorism. they call openly for pushing the jus into the sea and destroying israel. his opinion is stick it to our ally, israel. >> i feel that the administration between supporting morsi, muslim brotherhood guy. gets elected. we are giving him f-16s, tanks, $1.5 billion. >> 100% right. if franklin roosevelt armed adolf hitler and paved his way to power, that's exactly what
7:49 pm
obama and kerry and hillary clinton, first of all, have done in egypt. they have turned the middle east over to the muslim brotherhood which calls for the extermination of the jews. christians are being slaughtered in the middle east thanks to obama's allies there. we have a mutant press now. it's terrible. if it weren't for people like you, there there would be no hope. >> you know, it takes my breath away. the way women are treated in saudi arabia, women not only can't drive. they have a morality police. women can't be seen in saudi arabia with a man they are not related to in public. what kind of backwards country is this? do you know why we do it? oil? we're too stupid to drill for oil here. >> we have a very left wing. a democratic party with politics indistinguishable from the radical new left of the '60s and
7:50 pm
my communist parents. in fact, the three key figures in this administration -- obama, valerie variety and david axelrod -- were born into the communist left, were trained >> i know that because i mean that is what my book is about. i left the left. i know if you leave a destructive movement first thing you want to do is warn other people. they haven't done that >> this is a story about, you grew up with communist parents. you became a conservative. your life was altered when members of the black panther party killed a woman he hired. >> that is right. the murderers traveled the university circuit. they get paid for doing so. when i -- i tried to write in this
7:51 pm
book. the story of how the communist movement marching to the democratic party after 68, behind mcgovern campaign, taking over apparatus of the party and tolerated by people so you have, what is obama care? if single obamacare? single payer? there is communism. it's a government controlling your access to health care, which is what this is about, tells you what you can have, what you can't have, that is communism. >> radicalism is now in the white house. >> that is right. >> who is that a picture of? >> me. >> i'm kidding. i'm teasing. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up next, president obama coming under fire in recent months but dunne george
7:52 pm
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or is it? introducing new fast acting advil. with aultra-thin coating and fast absorbg advil ion core™ technology, nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. and welcome back to "hannity". government surveillance in the debate over rights to privacy hot issues in 2013. many people don't know origins of american espionage can be traced back to the revolutionary war. our friend here is shedding light in his new book the spiring that saved the american revolution how are you? good to see you >> thanks for having me. >> i love elizabeth. she's doing fantastic. i hope she doesn't get sick of me. >> she's going to get sick of doocy before you. >> you think so? >> are you going to play this
7:57 pm
back? >> she's been fantastic. >> tell us about the secret sichlt so you grew up in long i'lledand? >> yes. in 89, i found out there was a spiring allowing him to get inside british headquarters in new york city. he put them in place for four years wchl out them, we won't have been able to find out the french were to be to be annihilated by the british. our guys and one woman in the middle of manhattan able to find out this information. this through a ring. they were able to get messages to washington. how long does it take you to get to work? when you lived back east? 55 hours, by horse going from the ferry, 55 miles back and forth. picking up supplies getting washington messages.
7:58 pm
with all of the nsa revelations and spying on americans and data mining i'm all for data mining and the patriot act and nsa. i don't care we spied on chancellor of germany. why are we spying on americans and getting data we'd never have capacity to mine anyway? >> i agree with you. from what i know that people that know keith alexander, i asked about the objective what. kind of guy is he? they say his objective is keeping americans safe. if our electronic advantage continues to grow and we don't you'll lies it because a bunch of people in caves with outsmart us, boy like an explanation in a way that doesn't sacrifice our own intelligence, clear-thinking people saying why is it necessary to megadata these
7:59 pm
calls? >> isn't this like the tsa? spending time on grandmas and babies? if there is a foreign exchange student from yemen, we ignore them because we want to be politically correct? >> i would say tsa being politically correct i look at guys in cia and nsa, i don't see objectives being anything but keeping america safe. >> do you what bothers me? obama said he knows nothing about mercyle. then who made that decision? >> i stopped german after my third year of high school. i can could not read their speech. i have to count on people to translate it for me. >> all right. start your day 59 to 9:00. you start at 6:00. >> yes. ainsley gets started first.
8:00 pm
>> yes. 5:00 to 9:00. you don't want to miss it. start your day with fox and friends we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 eastern a fox news special presentation, my hope, america with billy graham. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> you have said america should hold you accountable, which is why today madam secretary i repeat my request for so you resign. >> no one is being held accountable for obamacare. tonight charles krauthammer and i will talk about healthcare and last night's elections. >> -- i personally think he is a great guy. i don't think he was out of hand. >> miami dolphins hazing controversy getting worse now some players are defending this kind of stuff dennis miller and i will talk about it tonight. >> you can get off my driveway, please? can you get off my property, please? >> and if you think american politicians


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