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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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now. ♪ >> we want to hear from you this morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am answer linsley earhardt. let's get straight to the top story. we learned even more stunning new details about the state of obamacare. as kathleen sebelius is put on the hot seat once again. >> sebelius admits the government needs to fix hundreds of problems with the web site which raises the question can it really be fixed by the end of the month? no background checks. felons could have been hired giving them access to personal information. enrollment is quote, very low.
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elizabeth prann is live to tell us what all of this means. >> during her testimony she said it is better than it was in october. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius htod lawmakers the government is working to fix what see says is problems. th enrollment extensions they want to change. oo p oo juwhy can keep limping along why not shut it down and put it together in the way it should be put together? many have pointed out that your one off fixes tend to have unintended consequences down the road. >> while sebelius responded there's not much to gain in doing so. we heard similar rhetoric from the president during his stop at the lone star state yesterday. there he pushed the benefits.
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he voiced his own frustrations and said the web site failure is no indication of bad quality coverage. >> we are working over time to get this fixed. the web site is already better than it was at the beginning of october. by the end of this month we anticipate that it is going to be working the way it is supposed to. >> we learned the on-line platform is only able to use a thousand a day. elizabeth prann live for us this morning. thank you. >> the disaster of the obamacare law causes panic and worry in the white house. the president holding a secret meeting with vulnerable senate democrats to quote let some pressure out of the room. the vice president and the person brought in to help save the healthcare web site jeffery zion was there as well.
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sources say there's a lot of pent up frustration over the roll out. and now even democrats are demanding changes to the law. >> the frustration that there are in my state thousands of people can qualify for medicaid as well as subsidies in order to get healthcare. i am frustrated for them. they are not able to get through the process. i delivered that process on a fairly regular basis at the white house. today it was more direct. >> the president expressed confidence the site would be up and running in november but was met with a lot of skepticism. >> the owner of that ride involved in the north carolina state ferry accident will face charges. arrest warrants were issued yesterday for 32-year-old joshua jean mcroney. five people were hurt when they were thrown from that ride. safety equipment was tampered with. two adults and a teenager are still hospitalized with injuries two weeks after that accident. >> the tsa officer killed by a
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gunman at los angeles international airport honored in a ceremony there. a plane carrying the u.s. national honors flag for gerardo hernandez was greeted by a water cannon salute. a procession featured an honor guard and bagpipes. he is the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. the father of two was shot in an attack friday that wounded two other tsa officers and a bystander. >> florida stand your ground law expected to remain after the house votes on the democratic back measure today. the measure would repeal the law that allows you to use deadly force if you think that your life is in danger. florida house speaker will weatherford agreed to have that hearing after protests there at the capital. this after george zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges in july for the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the labor department wants workplace safety reports to be
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public. oshea is expected to announce a plan today to have companies states filing all injury and illness reports electronically saying it would help prevent accidents. it would only apply to 250 employees. >> the united states would ease saipgss for iran only if they halt the nuclear program. this according to the white house officials. the suspension would give negotiators time to pursue a comprehensive agreement as geneva talks continue. talks will reenergized after president row huhani wanted the sanctions to be lifted. yasser arafat might have been poisoned. a team of swiss scientists found the palestinian leader had 18 times the normal level of plutonium in his system when he died in 2004 at the age of 75. they do not address how arafat
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might have been poisoned or who might have done that. >> now to a fox business alert. twitter making the much anticipated debut today. the stock price higher than predicted. lauren simonetti is live for us in the new york stock exchange. what can we expect today? >> i am the first reporter down here bringing you what we know about twitter's ipo. if you look behind me you can see the white scares on the floor of the new york stock exchange. those are twitter symbols. they are listing and they will be traded at the barclay's booth right behind me. this is what we know. shares priced higher than expected $26 a pop valuing the social media site at as much as $18 billion. this is getting so much buzz because it's the second biggest technology ipo ever right behind facebook. this is a lot different than facebook, but a lot of people are comparing the excitement we are seeing today leading up to this ipo to what we saw last may. if you are a regular person
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sitting at your computer trying to buy computer stock, can you buy it at the ipo $26 a share. you have to know one who knew someone or you have to ride it as the market rides higher today. for first day ipo trading stocks have doubled in many instances this year. the average first day for a tech ipo is 35 percent. this one is going to be a big one. we will see shares move on very heavy volume. there's a lot of volatility but there will be a real human trader moving this stock, opening this stock. hopefully we won't see the chaoticness we saw last year with facebook. >> see what transpires today. you will be there. >> we have been asking you on-line since yesterday if you think twirt is a good investm--r
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is a good investment. >> keep the comments coming on facebook or fox and friends first or tweet them to the at fox and frienfriendsfirst@foxn m >> u.s. district judge shinnlan asked for a hearing in the appeals panel. the same panel that removed her from the stop and brisk case. if the three judge panel refuses to hear the judge's arguments after scheindlin's removal lisa torres was assigned to the case. >> his fight goes before the judge today. he filed a lawsuit accusing major league baseball and commissioner bud selig of going on a witch hunt to drive him out of the game over the use of performance enhancing drugs.
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a conference is starting this morning. they are asking for dismissal. a separate has been filed to over turn his 2011 game suspension. an ash traitor will rule on that later this year. >> people in california got quite a light show when what looked like a meteor lit up the sky. according to the american meteor society it is active from october to december with the peak time starting next week. so flashes like that that you are seeing next to me might continue for a while. the 2013 country music awards celebrated the old and the new. miranda lambert and blake shelton proving -- look at them kissing. proving to be one of the country's most powerful couples. shelton won album this year and male vocalist for the fourth
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time in a row his wife also winning her 4th straight female of the year. florida georgia line the newcomers took home two awards. vocal duo of the year and single of the year. but still george strait captured the top honor winning entertainer of the year. y you you>> thank you. this blows me away. i cannot believe it. >> from san antonio texas it is his third time winning entertainer of the year but not since 1990, 23 years later and he's still got it. >> the award show got off to a swinging start you could say. two of the country's biggest stars brad paisley and kerry under wood they cracked a few cross examination at the white house expense. >> why is it spinning? >> it does that.
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>> why is it smoking? >> i don't. maybe we could restart it. >> ♪ obamacare by morning why is this taking so long ♪ >> but the jokes didn't stop there. they also got in a few jabs at miley cyrus routine from the mtv video music awards as you can image. time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. she is tracking a cold front moving east. >> hello everyone. we are tracking a cold front headed east. this storm system will be producing areas of rain across parts of up state new york, sections of pennsylvania and also across the mid atlantic. behind the system what you are going to be noticing is cooler temperatures as we shower those early this morning across alabama, northern georgia and eastern tennessee. you are going to need the umbrella. we are not expecting any heavy
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rain. further west the pacific northwest we have a brand new storm system with a lot of wind, heavy rain and even mountain snow. locally up to a foot or two feet of snow even possible in some of the higher elevations. windchill temperatures across the center of the country very cool. 19 the current windchill in rapid city in the 20's the city of denver. chilly down to dallas where it feels like 39 degrees. >> we will check back in with you later. it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. it looks like a scene from a movie. this is all too real for bank customers who came face to face with armed robbers. see how this all plays out on camera. >> one community taking a page from the movie "foot lose." they are banning a teenaged position. we report you decide. i'm beth...
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>> the lawyers levy suspect are asking for a new trial in the case. they can dishe credit prosecution witnesses. the lawyer will make a written question for a new trial. a dramatic hold up inside a pennsylvania bank. three masked men took it over this morning. those robbers still on the lose. >> you are looking at a violent robbery captured on bank sur ray lens going on yet businesses across the street had no idea. >> within minutes there were 10 police cars out here.
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>> they stormed the wells far go bank across the street from the food market. we kn one secures the doors another stands over customers forced to the floor. >> you hear about bank robberies all of the time. this was a little close for comfort for us. >> the leader standing on the counter and waving a gun. watch this woman as she basically crawls for her life to get out of the way. beth cooper says hearing what happened brings to mind other robberies in the area. >> there have been other businesses hit. the jeweler across the street was hit. the deli was hit. crime happens here. >> the men got cashed fr from t tellers. they went out the back door one still waving a gun in the air. >> it is scary. everybody feels vulnerable.
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>> we have developments to tell you about in the hazing scandal plaguing miami dolphins lineman ritchie incognito. the dolphin coaches reportedly told incognito to tough inmartin up after he missed some of the practices. the nfl is investigating the allegations. the dolphins suspended incognito late sunday for misconduct related to the ladies and gentlemened harassment of martin. >> a school stopping all touching for kindergarten. they implemented this policy to avoid any injuries. staff notified parents about the new rule in a letter. part of that letter reads this. we have had to ban all forms of hands on play for the immediate future this includes tag holding hands and any and all imaginary fighting games. school officials say this new
2:19 am
rule is not a ban but a short term measure to allow teachers to teach kids how to play safe and play well together. it is time now to brew on this. some students in vermont aren't going to be foot lose any time soon. >> the school has banned dances for a year. the prints pal says the dancing is getting too risque. >> certain things can't be condoned. they don't represent the values we aspire to. you then have to turn that to a discussion that could hopefully engage kids in understanding it. >> the only dance that will be allowed this school year is the senior prom and that's next spring. we want to know if you think this will keep kids in line or will they rebel against the rules? >> send us your comments. you can tweet them to us at "fox & friends" or shoot us an e-mail at fox frienfoxfriendsfirst@fox. >> the time is 19 after the top
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of the hour. an may i seeing story parents you need to hear this. it's about baby's eyes and autism. you will want to see it. >> sink or swim for these baby tigers. the test zoo keepers are putting them through. with my friends, we'll do almost anything.
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>> welcome back. a doctor in new york pleaded guilty to faking thousands of surgeries. the doctor now faces ten years in federal prison for health insurance fraud. he has been fined 250,000 dollars and will also have to
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pay the government $5 million as restitution. >> new evidence out about dementia. speaking a second language can delay the onset of the disease later in life. even for those who were illiterate the study shows speaking two languages slowed three types of dementia including alzheimer's disease by an average of 4 and a half years. patients who spoke only one language developed the first symptoms of dementia at 61 verses 65 and a half for those who were bilingual. signs of autism might show up the first month of a child's life. it claims the baby's lack of eye contact is one of the red flags when it comes to this disorder. research at the markets of autism center use eye tracking technology to see how babies respond to social crews between birth and the age of 3 years old. infants who paid less attention to the eyes of others were later diagnosed with awe tiutism.
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>> video alert, is it sink or swim at the national zoo as two of the newest tiger cubs were forced to take a swimming test. the one male cub passing after making a splash. his sister not as willing to get into the water. she eventually passed, too. the two had to pass in order to roam free inside their outdoor enclosure which features a motor. that exhibit opens on november 18th. the public gets their first look at a brand new dinosaur species. the king of gore was discovered four years ago in utah. paleontologists calling it a great uncle to the t rex. it was 24 feet long 8 feet tall and it was covered in scales and feathers. researchers say the discovery offers valuable new insight into the evolution of the
2:26 am
tyrannosaur tyrannosaurus. >> the king of gore. >> victoria secret unveiling the fantasy bra. everyone look at the screen. you have got to. this time it has a $10 million price tag on it. it is the highest since before the recession hits. model candice showing off the 14 carat gold under garment. it is made with more than 4,000 precious stones. she will be wearing the bee jeweled bra for the annual fashion show. who is prettier the bra or this beautiful girl? >> does any one ever buy that i wonder? >> no one can afford it. >> it is 26 arch the top of the hour. one cancer survivor knowing first hand about the president's broken congress when it comes to obamacare. >> i feel like i am a loser in this because i have lost my medical insurance and potentially can lose my doctors. >> why she says she is gnot the real loser in this mess. >> too good to be true wal-mart
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>> it is november 7th. not only does the obamacare web site not work, turns out personal information is not protected. >> a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire personal sensitive information
2:31 am
to an individual unbee knowned -- unbeknownst to them. >> that is possible. >> there is something that is not possible. >> a police officer comes face to face with another accident and it almost cost him his life. >> do you want to date me? check yes or no. a little boy not getting the response he wanted. there's hope if he waits. the brutally honest love letter that is going viral. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> you can see the stars and stripes there in the wind in front of our studio right here on avenues of the america.
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beautiful flag right there on your screen this morning. it is thursday, you almost made it through the workweek. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> we are learning more stunning in tu details about the state of obamacare as health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is put on the hot seat again. >> here's what we know this morning. sebelius admitting the government needs to fix hundreds of problems with the web site. no background checks for web site workers which means felons could have been hired and enrollment is quote very low. doug luzader is live to tell us what all this means for you. high, doug. >> on that last point we are trying to lower expectations before the numbers are released. we learned yesterday there are a couple hundred problems on a crunch list to fix the obamacare web site. not a good start for kathleen
2:33 am
sebelius who told them individuals should not expect delay in the individual mandate despite all of these problems. >> delaying the affordable care act wouldn't delay people's cancer or diabetes or parkinson's. didn't delay the need for mental health services or cholesterol screenings or prenatal care. >> even as she spoke and said problems with the web site were being addressed the site itself was facing more problems yesterday sluggish performance as many americans could not access their accounts. sebelius continues to take heat for the president's repeated and de bunked claims all americans can keep their current insurance plans if they like them. >> to me this is a dishonest mistake. this is a dishonesty. you have been misleading the american people and the president has over p and over and over again. i would much rather you come up and say yeah, we were wrong, yeah, we didn't tell the truth. >> and more problems for sebelius. a senator from her own home
2:34 am
state of kansas republican pat roberts said it is time for her to resign. heather and ainsley. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. >> the disastrous obamacare law prompted worry in the white house. a secret meeting with vulnerable democrats to quote let pressure out of the room. that's his words. the vice president brought in to save healthcare. the healthcare web were there and sources say there is a lot of pent up frustration over the rollout. now democrats are demanding changes to the law. >> one healthcare story is getting international attention. it is related to this. edie is seen here in photos with her youtube channel. she is a cancer survivor and she is about to be kicked off to her insurance plan. she wrote about her struggles in
2:35 am
the wall street journal the white house challenged her directly turning to a link titled the real reason the cancer patient writing to the wall street journal lost her insurance. they suggest she lost insurance over her insurance company's greed. she slammed the tweet on "the kelly file." >> i feel like i am a loser in this because i have lost my medical insurance and potentially can lose my doctors. i think the biggest loser here is trust and respect for government. trust and respect for our leaders. >> sundby says the white house instead should be focused on fixing the obamacare web site. >> ten people shot and two killed at a detroit barbershop. this happened on the city's east side. the detroit police chief says all of the victims are males. no ages or names have been
2:36 am
released yet. police are looking for at least two suspects and two-cars. a black chevrolet impala and a white impala possibly with bullet holes in the back. the owner of the ride involved in the north carolina state fair accident will face charges. arrest warrants were issued for joshua jean macaroni. safety equipment was tampered with. twoed a dults and a teen are still hospitalized with injuries and it has been two weeks since that accident. >> florida stand your ground law is aexpected to stay in tact after they vote today. it would repeal the law that allows deadly force for someone who believes their life is in danger. will weatherford agreed to have the hearing following protests of the capital after george zimmerman was acquitted for the death of trayvon martin.
2:37 am
>> the torch is on the way where no flame has gone before. a rocket carrying the flame blasted off toward kazakhstan. it made the olympic flame the first space walk in history. >> we have a live look at the international space station. pretty cool where that rocket is now going to dock. in addition to the olympic torch the rocket is carrying a few knew true membe-- crew members. it is the first time that nine people are at the space station without a space shuttle. >> and ainsley, what about this? pop diva, a poppive doo diva pr for an act that is truly out of this world. yes. lady gaga expected to perform in space as part of a music festival. gaga is slated to sing one song on the third day of it.
2:38 am
what exactly does she need to prepare for performing in zero gravity? a month of vocal training is what she says. >> before you leave the house this morning let's check your first degree weather updates with our own out of this world maria molina. >> what can we expect today? >> we are tracking a cold front across parts of the east coast. from new york city to the morning hours we are going to be getting a little bit of rain. that rain coming out across parts of up state new york, pennsylvania all of the way down into eastern parts of tennessee and georgia. the real significant story with that cold front is going to be how much cooler it is behind it once it moves through. as we head further west. we have a new storm system in the pacific northwest. this system has a lot of heavy rain. a foot possible and also significant wind in places like seattle, portland and parts of
2:39 am
the northern rockies. travel will be tough out there through out the day today. current windchill temperatures in the center of the country very cold. feels like the 20's in kansas city, minneapolis. feels like 19 as we head out the door in rapid city. 39 degrees the current windchill temperatures in the city of dallas. heather and ainsley it looks very mild along the east coast ahead of the cold front. feels like 60s in new york city. am>> nice to get outside and walk. >> in rapid city bundle up. >> 39 minutes after the top of the hour. joe biden has a classic foot in mouth moment. >> chuck graham state senator is here. stand up, chuck. good to see you. god love you. what am i talking about. >> why the vice president's latest gaff might top them all. the cutest video we promise you will see all day. double trouble at the zoo when a young tiger discovers a new
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>> dwat taw center, floating research lab? turns out neither. google coming clean after weeks of speculation over this barge in san francisco and a similar one in maine. they do own them but they will be used for something far less spectacular. they will be turned into showrooms to demonstrate new products. fr treadmills for 33 bucks, $600 projector slashed to $8. those deals on wal-mart's web site were just too good to be true. the retail giant apologizing saying a technical error caused certain products to be priced absurdly low. by late last night wal-mart sent customers an e-mail saying their
2:44 am
order had been canceled but they offered a $10 gift card. >> abercrombie and finch promising more styles and sizes for women. the company shares lost 30 percent of the value this year. the retailer expanding women's tops by offering larger sizes and more color. right now they don't carry any size above a women's large. the change is expected by the spring. >> to a fox business alert for you now. big day on wall street as twitter is about to make its public debut. >> exciting day. lauren simonetti is live at the new york stock exchange. >> a lot of people are wondering today if twitter is a good investment. you have to scanner a few thing. first do you think it's a cultural phenomenon? do you think we are just scratching the surface of mobile advertising? 2013 has been the year not only for ipo's but also for social stuff. take a look at the gains we have seen from some this year.
2:45 am
yelp consumer review site is up 250 percent linked in nearly doubling and facebook is up 85 percent. i briveng facebo bring facebook because last may when facebook went public on the nasdaq stock market. it priced at $38 it opens late at 11:30 in the morning at the end of the day it closed at 3823. not much movement there. >> thank you very much, lauren. we will see what happens. >> do you think twitter is a good investment? here is what some of you responded. >> it is probably okay for a short term investment, i wouldn't hold it for a long time. >> eric tweeted i don't like it at 26 right now but twitter is a winner. i am a big fan of twirt. >> also on facebook cynthia said, this is not something i will be investing in. >> it is now 15 minutes to the top of the hour. a police officer responding to
2:46 am
an emergency on the highway comes face to face with another accident that almost cost him his life. >> the shocking new dining trend, restaurant seating customers at tables based on their looks? we will tell you where that is happening. you will get the best table in the house. >> the window seat, brian. >> after waiting 90 minutes. let me show you what i did today. president clinton is talking about the advice he would give to president obama being there are some discrepancies about how he described obamacare as opposed to what we are experiencing with observe care. we will give you the highlights and low lights of our testimony yesterday and find out what the president will be talking about. also on tap john stossel, cortez will be here live.
2:47 am
we will have highlights of the vma's. can't wait to hear what he says about obamacare and where we go from here. all coming up on "fox & friends." don't miss a minute. impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutuafunds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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welcome back. a close call for multitudes in washington, d.c. nearly hit by a drunk driver. take a look at this dash cam video. a close call. two officers had just finished a traffic stop when a car plows into the cruiser. both the officers are okay and the driver of that car was taken into custody and faces drunk driving charges. remember the rutgers basketball coach fired for being abusive to players? he is speaking out for the
2:51 am
first time. mike wright was canned six months ago when a video surfaced of him throwing basketballs and screaming in the faces of players. now he says that he has changed his ways. he says that he was embarrassed when he first saw the video. he blames harsh criticism from the video for tipping him over the edge at the time he explained he had a chip on his shoulder and he was just trying to make his team, quote, tougher. ainsley? >> congratulations for not being mayor. joe biden strikes again, this time calling the wrong person to congratulate him for winning the boston mayoral race. biden wasn't the only one. debbie wasserman schultz called the wrong walsh as well. young love is a
2:52 am
wonderful thing until you get rejected. a boy's love letter has become an internet sensation after he got a blunt response from his love, a little girl named ashley. it begins dear ashley, would you please be my girlfriend. i like you a lot. he of course gave her three options as all little boys do and she circled no claiming she has a boyfriend. but she did add when they break up she would be her next choice. the letter has received more than a million views. i love it. that is my favorite story of the day by far. next to you, of course, michael. >> the weekend is coming up and you're probably wondering which to see with your date. we have the answer. the newly anticipated film "the book thief." >> mama, they're coming. check in the basement. >> they will take you away from me and i cannot tell you what they will do to him. >> let's step into the fox light with michael tammero.
2:53 am
he has the details. >> good morning. >> how do you like it? >> love it. an old-fashioned period drama. it is about a girl who has everything going against her in life but find hope and escape in the power of word, learning to read and write. it is based on the bestseller by marcus zuckus. it is played by a newcomer, the star. we asked the cast what they want audiences to take away. >> germany has an amazing heritage of literature and music, great philosophers et cetera. this is a dark chapter where it had gone completely off the rails and krupgt a huge percentage of the population. if you look at the story, it is story telling, literature and poetry and music that become the
2:54 am
positive generous hope, healing the hopeful aspect of how people live their lives. >> the movie wasn't supposed to open up until next year in january but fox is so optimistic about its chances that they moved up a domestic release now so it has a chance at a potential oscar. >> it is a dark period in history. so what should people anticipate? how will they feel when they come out of the movie? >> it's a haunting movie but it's also -- there's hope and humanity and it's kind of -- it celebrates a life. you can cap it all on inthefox and follow me on twitter. >> which i do and insta tkpwraeupl and facebook and -- instagram and facebook and every place
2:55 am
else. thanks, michael. it is the cutest video you will see all day. double trouble at the zoo when a tiger discovers a new plate. taking a page from the movie footloose. they are banning a teenage back tradition. we asked if it will we asked if it will backfire.t the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet?
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house you need to know what's happening today. twitter is going public. shares are priced at $26 # for the initial public offering one dollar higher than the range set earlier this week. florida's stand your ground law expected to stay after the house votes on the measure today. it would repeal the law that allows the use of deadly force by someone who thinks their life is in danger. george strait at the country music awards winning entertainer of the year, his third time winning that but not since
2:59 am
1990. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. look at this. adorable play time. a toddler dressed as a tiger for halloween makes a new friend with a tiger cub. the two played for quite awhile running back and forth. >> up next, the bad. a british real estate company mistakingly shows a house that had an indoor marijuana farm. finally, the ugly. two restaurants in paris accused of seating guests based on looks. hostesses are told to sit good-looking people at the better seats. >> it's time for our brew on this question of the day responses. a vermont school is banning dances for the year. we asked if this will keep kids in line or will they rebel and go against the rule? sean tweeted us and says isn't banning dances a theory pretty much disproven by 80's cinema? hasn't kevin bacon taught
3:00 am
them nothing? >> blaine tweeted let the kids dance. it's going to happen any way. >> another said if their request to behave was ignored by students they have earned the ban. i agree with the principal. >> thanks to everyone who responded. another look at the best video you'll see all day as we go to break. there's dancing twin tigers there, sort of. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's thursday, november 7. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. obamacare gets the country treatment. ♪ obamacare by morning ♪ why's it taking ♪ so long >> just wait until you hear how that crowd reacted. >> george strait likes that. he wrote that song. although it was amarillo rather than obamacare. hackers may not be your


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