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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 7, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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they have to pass the swim. one cub didn't seem too happy getting dunked. but he did pass the test. >> happy birthday john scott. >> they are swimming in your honor. >> thank you for joining us. all right. it has become what is called a crisis of confidence. it doesn't sound to good. that made senate democrats nervous right now. welcome to hq. i am martha mccowan in for alisyn camerota. >> and i'm bill hemmer. would you call it the martha- thon. democrats up for reelection worried about obama care will drag them down and they want the president to do something about. that chris is here and what are you hearing among the democrats today? >> considerable.
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we can tell from the meeting that the president had yesterday afternoon not on his schedule with almost all of the senate democrats that are up for reelection in 2014 and they are worried. they are worried about the all of the problems with obama care. they saw what happened on tuesday in virginia where mccoughive had a lead and cuccinelli talked about obama care and cuccinelli barely lost because of the emphasis on obama care. they worry they could face the same problem a year from now. none senator said there is a lot of pent- up frustration. when you listened to kathleen sebelius's testimony and heat coming from republicans and democrats, the issue becomes does the president do something about this and if so, what?
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>> the only thing he could concievably they deplayed the penalty phase from midmarch and when kathleen sebelius was asked about that she said no. there is a practical reason, forget the politics of it. if you give the young healthy people more time to sign up, then there's the danger they will not sign up and the premiums will go up for the older people. it is an income redistribution plan. young people put in their premium money and don't demand a lot in services and so that money will go to pay for the extra benefits for older and sicker people. if you don't have the first part older sicker people will get sticker shock and creates more political problems. >> is there a dead line for that end of november or first of the
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year or -- >> i would think. not necessarily. i think he could go into early next year. no one faces penalty in the individual mandate until the 30th of march. >> 16 democrats, of them are they all up for reelection or most of them? >> no. most of them. the 15 seats, 16 seats, democrats are defending and some of those in montana. max ba cchus retired. and every democrat who is up for election. and they are all there and the chairman of the democratic senate committee michael bennett of colorado met with the president first and prepared him and you will get a lot of scared and unhappy democrats nothing
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phases the mind of a politician than the theft not getting reelected. >> thank you. >> it started with the website meltdown and rippled out from there. and now there is newly released documents that show that the administration really knew that the site would likely crash and a report from hhs. shoes that stress tests were done on the system the day before the launch and they could only handle 1100 users coming in the site in any given moment and according to the official, hss was expecting to draw 60,000 users. do the math, that is a problem. >> we are learning that the state of delaware, four people reportedly signed up and enrolled and paid money for obama care. associated press said officials blame website glitches and background checks for the
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workers. they have created accounts and 31 completed applications without buying a health care plan. >> meanwhile, the number getting letters saying they are no longer going to be covered continues to grow colorado announced a quarter of a million people were notified their plans would not be affective. 22 statesor the list and the district of colombia. >> hi risk pools for people with preexisting conditions, they are gone as well. but how and why? jim angle has that angle now in washington. jim, what is up? >> reporter: aside of the cancellations, another part of obama care received little attention. it results in the cancellation of high- risk pools all over the counsel row aimed at helping those with preexisting conditions that find it
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difficult to get insurance. >> all of those people in the highway- risk pools will be shifted over to health insurance and that will raise the premiums. >> reporter: it was supposed to reduce the premiums. they were paying 813 a month for premiums and a te deductible 5200 each. they expected to get lower rates and stunned when they found out they were going up instead. >> we were shocked to see that come back than the high- risk pool. it was $950 a month for the policy that had higher deductibles than what we had in the high risk pool. nthat's because it covered obama care and maternity carine for those too old to have children.
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once the government allowed people to shop perfect enrolling, rates appear to cost half as much. the shrps company said actual rates are based on the age- zip code and county and other matters. but government officials note they are only sample rates, but jeff is miffed. >> you are going to be shocked. the casual browser will so the low rates that is misleading. >> the bottom line even the people obama care was supposed to help the most may be paying more than before. >> jim angle thanks on that story out of the washington. >> turns out thousands of small businesses facing a similar fate on obama care as they, too, could lose the current health policys. jerry willis joins me on that now. what is this going to mean? >> this is amazing.
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>> reporter: small businesses were able to exploit a lop hole in the law that allows them to extend policys for a year and so come november, we could see another wave of people getting cancellations and millions of people getting cancellations that work for small businesses and employ 50 people or less. and happening right at the time of the election. it is anybody's guess if it will be changed or not. >> we heard so many things pertaining to the businesses. the employer man date would be extended and the individual policies. they will run in the same issues that individual policies ran into. and exactly right. and that's what is going to happen. a etna ceo said premiums could go up 50 percent. think about that come next fall when the small business policys get cancelled.
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i don't think anybody thought when we talked about individual policies were cancelled that another wave of people might suffer the same fate. it is a market that the insurers lochlt aenna and united and no way to keep it low for the individual employers. >> i wonder what the impact is on the small businesses. it is a huge part of the american economy essentially. and when those businesses find out, i can keep this plan or extend it, they will pay more and there will be a ripple in the economy, right. >> reporter: maybe they don't get new coverages and maybe they dump them in the obama care. and increased costs and employ fewer people and make less money. implications are not good. and also, martha, inflation, rising cost cross the board and insurance
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and extended cost now, too, because of obama care. and inflation pressure of obama care is amazing. we are going to have less productivity and higher costs maybe and this is yet to be seen and slower gdp growth. >> thank you. >> we are in such a good move jeri. can't wait to see your program. >> inflation and taking over the entire economy. and corporations and individuals and small business and corporations impacted. >> and she has more time to get more ideas. because she is not on for five more hours. are you concerned your health insurance could be cancelled? send us a tweet at bill hemmer. >> or to me at martha mccowan. >> make us feel better. there is a new twist in the
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controversy that is gripping the nfl. the players suspended over the accusations of bullying is pointing fingers himself who told him to do it. >> stepping up pressure one ran. and is iran truly willing to negotiate on the nuclear program? and the administration admitting that the obama care roll out hasn't gone as planned. and with the president's point person under fire, is anybody going to be held accountable for the mistakes. >> your main goal was to protect americans and insure their safety. and in your zeal to implement the law and not warnings or advice or counsel would deter you. you said america should hold you accountable and madam secretary, i repeat my request for you to resign. y. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
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new developments in the wake of the wild shootout in a barber shop? detroit. the shooting happen on the city's east side while a grouch people were inside gambling. somebody shot a high- powered rifle through an open door into a back room. >> at the time the rom had 20 or 30 people in it and the shooter struck nine of the individuals inside of the location ultimately fatally wounding three. >> we are told it was a result of an ongoing feud and the person in custody was wearing body armor and arrested on unrelated charges of felony. the u.s. starting another round of talks with iran over the nuclear program and a new push to keep up the pressure on iran. they are considering a bill to stop president obama from easing
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sanctioning unless teheran makes major concessions. a minuting on, the white house said it would consider limited and targeted and reversible relief to iowa ran if they show verifiable progress addressing the concern with nuclear program. what does kt mcfar land think about that. she is the fox news analyst. this is what you expected? >> we are being played and willingly being played. this is what the deal will look like. we are going to slowly and surely give up the list of sanctions and the iranians are going to pretend to stop the nuclear program and we pretend to believe them. why is it happening? any administration in the final years looks for legacy. obama care was going to be president obama's legacy. it is not working out so well and a u.s.- iowa rannian deal on
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nuclear weapon would be a tremendous legacy. but it will not do the purpose of the deal. proventing nuclear proliferation in the middle east. >> that is a problem. if you want your legacy to be a deal between iran and the united states, that is in the talley marks ten years down the road. if we have a nuclear middle east, that is not a good legacy. >> and here's why it will happen the way it will. the united states will have a deal with iran and some of former nuclear advisors said iran is 2 or 3 months away from being a nuclear weapon state and as a result of that, they are not going to step back. are they going to cut back on their programs and give it up when they are this close to something they wanted for years? no, but the administration will be eager for a deal. and frankly what will happen,
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democrats in the senate will pass a tribute and mainstream media will applaud. but the people in the middle east know what this is. they have said. the saudis said we are going to get our own nuclear weapons and buy them from pakistan. and turks will develop theirs and egyptians and united arab emietas if iowa ran gets to the point where it almost has nuclear weapons. they will get their own nuclear arsenals. >> what jay carney seemed to be saying moments ago, these things are reversible. we can't verify that you are stopping these production on the way to nuclear weapons, the game is over. we will hold it over your head and get tough again and you will be sorry. >> the minute you lift the sanctions, other countries in the united nations ornato allies they are eager to lift sanctions for their own economic purposes.
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everybody will rush in to lift quickly and sanctions are the only leverage against iowa ran. we'll get a deal. president obama will get a deal that is not a good deal and in the middle east in five years will be having nuclear weapons and has one thing that the world needs for the economy is oil. our response should be missile defense and develop our own resources and we don't need to be in the middle of all of the crisis. >> very interesting to see if they go forward to this. >> he admyselfed presidents from ein einenhour to obama. and reverend billy graham is at it dpaen. his mission today. >> she disappeared as a teenager and her family never gave up hope that she could be found. a decade later, the discovery that is proving they were right.
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a 16-year-old from wisconsin vanished and just turned up in mexico. connie mcalister and 25 years old and disappeared in 2004 with a 22-year-old by friend. he dragged her across the border against her will. she got away from him and changed her identity to be safe. a church missionary saw her and told the authorities.
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>> a major milestone for a man known as america's pastor. reverend billy graham launching a crusade to the american people on the 95th birthday. today lauren grown is in ashville, north carolina with his story. >> reporter: 900 guests are expected here. 60 years billy graham has stayed on message to millions of people around the world. >> i do not believe that any man, that any man can solve the problems of life without jesus christ. >> he's preached in packed stadiums 2 to 15 million people in 185 countries territories. >> there is only one message. >> and now on his 95th birthday, billy graham is making a crusade with a video campaign in
10:25 am
thousands of churches and broadcast outlets. >> that's what my hope is about. >> he's preaching a simple message and many people have probably heard in one form or another. he does it compelling and makes it seem real. >> reporter: his message is not only for the common man. he cancelled every president from harry trumman to barak obama and transforming christianity from a stale concept to christianity. it is amazing that at 95 years old he has a lot to say and the video campaign is a way to share the message with a new generation. >> i remember the comment how much he still has to say today. happy birthday to him.
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thank you, lauren grown. the special my hope america airs on fox news channel. we encourage you to check it out. >> watch your dvr and save and watch it later. >> and a special delivery to the international space station. what was aboard? and why we are witnessing history in the making once again. kathleen sebelius said she is accountable and no signs she is going anywhere. what does it take to get fired around here. there are democrats that are uncomfortable with obama care. scott brown joins us on the campaign challenges that the law presents. >> this has gone wrong and we democrats like myself who supported the legislation, need to admit it went wrong especially president obama needs to tell the american people that he underestimated the number of
10:27 am
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fda bang transfats from food. they are found in frozen pizza and coffee creamers and baked
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goods. >> i love all of those. >> and the 2014 winter olympics torch is now in the international space station. it had a successful launch and the crew will carry it around the station and then take it out for a walk. >> what does it do in space? >> and the fossils found in utah in 2009. oldest down saur discovered in north sxheshg only 880 million years old. >> that is col. >> dog years that is like yesterday. nonly thing i can conclude, it is impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired. it is impossible. you can loy to the american people and consistently misrepresent the facts and it is impossible to get fired.
10:32 am
>> sounds like a good job, right. septemberor cornyn raising questions about the lack of accountability over the lack of credibility of obama care. >> there are no pink slips or firings. a democratic political consultant and former advisor to hillary clinton campaign. first question from martha. >> when you have a job to make a lot of mistakes in and we have seen it, it is a fact that you haven't had anybody fired in a number of the scandal and it is obama care situation which kathleen sebelius called it herself a debacle doesn't get the pink slip. >> it is early in the process. look at the prescription drug roll out under president bush, seniors were running around and tearing their hair out and no
10:33 am
idea what plan to pick and that worked out nicely. if you put it under the microscope in the exact same point everyone would have called for firings. >> you are okay with not firing anybody now. >> here's what i am saying bill. compare the millions that will get health care and don't have 245 and prescription dprul drugs filled. >> how about trust from the government. tony should someone go or not. >> there is no comparison. there is tone the prescription drug roll out and universal health care and demanded americans to enroll in a website that doesn't work after three years. we know that the october 1st dead line was not realistic. someone decided for political
10:34 am
purposes, i believe allowed that to happen and we have what democrat senators are calling. patty murray from washington and maryland. and no one is held accountable and it is a crisis. and that's why you have democrats defecting in mass numbers from obama care and they do want people held accountable. >> richard, from a leadership perspective. would it not be wise for the american people to come to the american people and do a honest discussion, as a chief executive officer, i am disappointed and i have to tell you that i have had to let people go in this situation because what i care about is you in the united states. i want you to have the health care and get on the website. they are good people and didn't complete the job and i am in charge and this is what i would do. >> in every speech he's given since we have seen the mess of
10:35 am
the website. he said it is unacceptable. >> that doesn't mean anything, richard. >> let me, finish, okay, the consequences he moved jeff ceiowa n and put him in charge and he said it was going to work for most people by november 30th. if you took people out who worked on it for years. a lot of them are contractors, barak obama can't just snap his finger. >> richard you are making an argument that you are okay with everything that is going on. you are the only person in a month who said that. >> sorry, bill. of course, it is not okay, of course, these people who are seeing policys cancelled and inability to get on the website are frustrated and match that against the joy, read the papers of people who never had health care and getting it the first
10:36 am
time. >> hold on, tony cut to the point here. the question is, why does there seem to be aversion to a termination in the administration. >> that's the culture bill from the president himself. we have seen it consistently in the administration. from benghazi, where not only no one held accountable susan rice promoted and she had the fabrication of a youtube video causing the raid on the embassy. she was promoted and the president tried to put her in secretary of state. kathleen sebelius went confidently. yes tis my fault. and hillary clinton in front of the senate. what difference does it make what caused benghazi? they know it is no internal accountability. they have taken a huge hit as a
10:37 am
result of the lack of credibility. it was such a debackul. >> and kathleen sebelius said i don't work for the people who want me fired. there is a belief that if you are inside of the circle, you get to stay and everybody else will have to wait until we figure it out. thank you very much. >> unless there is a miraculous recovery and website work like the apple websites by the first of december and that is unlikely and a way to get around the cancellation issue which i can't see at all. there will be a delay from the democrats in the senate who will get slaughtered 689 >> charles krauthammer giving voice of concern of the democrats that gave the president an ear full and many of them are up for reelection. and they face tough races and they are hearing from unhappy people at home in many cases
10:38 am
about their experience with health dare. joining me is senator scott brown. senator, welcome. and good to have you here today. >> thank you, margaret a. >> what is your take on it? we would like to be a fly on the wall. what do you think went on there? >> i thought charles was spot on, there is going to be ramifications, the democrats voted for it and rammed it through number one and then they voted against the provision that would allow for grandfathering and then voted against every other amendment to allow an opportunity to fix the bill. that's when i first got there. and number two, cya going on as you can imagine and a lot of the people in the white house right now are deeply concerned because they are finding that this is viseral. and people are losing coverage and they are getting higher bills. get in touch with me scott brown
10:39 am
ma and tell me if you are getting a check from the government and or your health care plan is not rising. please tell me. i don't know anybody getting the checks and i don't know anybody not paying more. >> let's listen to this. the debt she down period and what the president argued then especially given the argument that democrats are upset with him. >> republicans in the house of representative. refuse to fund the government unless we defunded or dismantled the affordable care act. they shut down the government over a crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions was americans. in other words, they demanded ransom for doing their job. >> wasn't the reason the republicans were so willing to put themselves on the line and do politically very difficult things for many of them, they were concerned that so many people would lose their coverage
10:40 am
and they felt it was that important? >> of course, that's the reason why. and don't forget when they funded the government, the next day or that same day, harry reid and the democrats found a bill to delay it for a year. it is it business as usual. and a lot of rewriting of history and blame and i didn't do this or that. and people going to go back to constitients instead of saying we made a mistake. and we'll put it back and put on hold and not just meet with democrats, but how about everybody and work together to get a common sense solution. the president said we use massachusetts as a template. and why is not texas and north carolina do what massachusetts did and get veried. why do we need the federal government, one size fits all approach
10:41 am
you very much. >> thank you, guys. all right. check it out. he said check it out. new technology making it easier to track anyone you want. you okay with that. douglas kennedy is in new york. >> reporter: bill we know the government is watching and recording us, but the question is how many other people are as well? a wayward husband kisses a mistress in a taxicab and another canoodling in an
10:42 am
elevator. both men busted by private investigator tom rufkin who uses an array of spy cams to collect evidence for his clients. >> you have dash cams and drop cams and cameras that go anywhere at any time. >> the level of sophistication of cameras and hd capabilities are incredible. >> spy cams are new tools available to private investigators. and what is more it is not limited to professional snoops and some fear it is making us a toemths surveillance society. you guys sell to everyone. >> we have combuft mers ranging from parents and husbands and wives and by friend exercise girl friends. >> reporter: he runs a spying super store in new york.
10:43 am
he has cameras and keys and clock radios and pins and coat hangers and even in the reading glasses. he has sophisticated apps to down load the entire contents of a computer in minutes and a gps tracker that is attached to any car at any time. >> you can track the video in real- time. nevery year it gets better. battery life and average consumer going down. >> it is safe to say that we are all watched far more often than we think. >> oh, yeah, private investigators and friends and family nothing is private. he said you should assume you are tracked and recorded by somebody, somewhere. back to you. >> thank you. >> we got you covered.
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. . . . . . ish before the website and obama care website crashed. he will tell us. and the cover of the magazine calling chris christy an elephant? and my old pal from fox and friend brian kimede has a book about spies. i will grab a cup of coffee. >> you will need that. >> no comment right now. we will weather the storm and that's it. >> so that is miami dolphin
10:48 am
starting guard richey incognito. and a new report claims that the general manager of the dolphins was aware that johnathon martin has an issue with the time mates. and jim graves fox sports caster back with us. and more reports that martin wanted to quit football and the players are supporting incognito. where is this now? >> he is getting tremendous support in the locker room and basically all of them came out, his time mates came out and said they like richey incognito and he is a good teammate. and ryan tannehill said if you asked a week ago mart and i know incognito was best friends and he took the back for martin. it is a unique story and martin is getting clobbered because it is like he went to the principal
10:49 am
and broke a code. and we don't have all of the facts. it is too early to jump for this. it would be difficult for both of them to find a job. >> martin is not talking. and the gm's report jeff ireland report suggest that he to theed martin to straighten it out and get physical with incognito. and the league now is involved in this and take its to a new level. the nfl is investigating what happened within the dolphins. and it is tough to say what the league will find and say. >> the commissioner has a signed a lawyer named ted wells who will take over. he's looked into a number of things in the past and he has experience in these type was issues, not only in sports. and he was ininstrumental in the nba players association and getting changes there. he will have his way now and
10:50 am
have a total open book. what is going to happen here, this will change the culture, all of this is acceptable behavior and with all of the bullying and hazing and being open in the public, football will have to change. but these guys policed themselves for a long time. and so many players are surprised it came to this. we don't know how league are surprised that it has come to this. we don't know his emotional state. he checked himself into a hospital for a short time and now he is in la. but he is 320 pounds, 6'5". the general manager told his agent he ought to punch him in the face. >> it is all the talk in the world of sports this week. and it will be too this week end. >> thank you, good to see you. >> important story coming up.
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new information today shows that the fight against cancer research shows that the cure could be right within our own bodies. hi, mark. >> cancer has been treated by poisoning the tumor with chemotherapy or radiation. but it is using the body's own immune system to fight back. new vaccine removes the tumor from the body and uses it to
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design a personalized plan that can help you achieve your investment goals. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. i'm not feeling sorry for them. owner took snake out of its carry onto feed it on the flight. >> the two foot snake was confiscated when the plane landed. the passenger got a slap on the wrist. two feet? he was a skinny little guy. thank you for watching.
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gretchen is in for gretchen today but you and i are back tomorrow. but first you get a triple dose tonight. we'll see you at 7:00 p.m. great to have you with us today. here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> today on the reet stoal stor jaw dropping real numbers of how not ready the website really was. time magazine, our power panel weighs in on that. >> why are there no women on the twitter board? plus my fox and friends panel will be here. he's fired up about how the obama administration handled obama care. remember the guy who admitted to using crack cocaine. we have video o


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