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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 7, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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good night, everybody. the royale factor is -- the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> what we are talking about is insurance companies that chose not to keep the flan they could have grandfathered. >> the latest tactic from the obama administration is blaming the insurance companies for the obamacare chaos. karl rove and i will analyze. ♪ joy to the world ♪ the lord has come. >> another one by thes the dust after megyn he kelly and i school district they reversed themselves. ms. megyn will be here tonight. >> i am today announcing my candidacy. >> far left movie director oliver stone says he refuses to watch my movie "killing kennedy this wow.
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that might be good news. >> when does it all end, huh? how much is enough? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more excuses about obamacare. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the latest is all the chaos is being caused by the health insurance companies. >> the insurance companies that chose to strip away benefits from existing plans in the interim that cancelled existing plans in the interim. you know, they took away that grandfathering opportunity. and that's a reality. >> oh, but according to the "the washington post," mr. carney is not telling the whole truth. quote: the administration's effort to pin the blame on insurance companies is a classic case of misdirection
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between 75% and 95% of the problem stems from the effective date when obamacare mandates began but the white house chooses to give the focus elsewhere. now, they gave them three pinocchios out of four the "the washington post" did. and, once again, the analysis by a liberal newspaper, the obama administration is not telling the truth. so what, exactly is the truth? here it is. if you are a health insurance company, you are now required to offer a bunch of services that may not be good for business. such as, maternity and newborn care to 90-year-olds. and mental health and substance abuse coverage for everybody. so, some companies are simply canceling the policies because they can't make money on them or because the policies themselves don't comply with the new mandates from the feds. so they have to cancel. president obama knew that would happen and he actually wants it to happen. because it forces americans into the obamacare exchanges
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to get new policies, many of which are more expensive. remember, remember. the goal of president obama and the democratic party is for the government to control the entire healthcare industry. that's called the single pair system. if -- single payer system. if private insurance companies get out of the healthcare business the feds take on more power and will eventually run the entire show setting premium rates and dictating prices for medical services. but the president will never tell us any of that. now, the latest poll on obamacare from george washington university says 53% of americans now oppose it 43% approve. so most americans are finally wising up to the quasisocialistic agenda of the democratic party. now, my analysis is not ideological. in fact, as you may know, i think some right wing idealogues are actually helping president obama by attacking him personally. we don't do that here.
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and that has frustrated some factor riewrs. ann hammock who lives in dallas, georgia writes quote: i'm disgusted that you would soft pedal president obama's facts of obamacare. perhaps he didn't know he was lying when he said we could keep our doctors and our insurance. i seriously doubt it if everyone keeps america off the hook america will not be recognizable as the hand of opportunity. well, i appreciate your letter, ann, but nobody is letting president obama off the hook. if you watch us, you must see, you must know how effective we have been in dismantling the obamacare excuse-making machine. for example, rather than concentrate on the word lie, which polarizes, we have presented fact after fact after fact showing the new law is chaotic to say the least. that's why our ratings are are through the roof while other news agencies that apologize to the president are getting hammered.
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the way to overturn the progressive movement in america, is to vote the rascals out. that's the only way it's going to happen. and in order to do that, you have to defeat the progressives with facts. not throw out hate stuff. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington, fox news
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>> i think there is going to be a revolt. you saw that yesterday. 14 democratic senators? many in jeopardy of losing seats next year. they want a delay because of all of the problems. and president obama according to them, not very responsive. i think the pris president is
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goi gooding to have to be responsive. >> they don't want to year's delay. some want a delay of six weeks in penalty. others want a longer enrollment.? some want a year long delay in the mandate. nobody is saying let's stop, time out, let's take a year, six months to get this right before it starts getting to be implemented. and look. you have 15 people led by this was more about who we -- getting those people. >> who is that? >> bennett of colorado. once you start to say as you mention there is no mandates, then the whole thing doesn't kick in. going back to what we have now. i think that that is probably
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the best thing for democratic senators. that way they'd get without the stuff obamacare is going to bring. >> that is not going to happen the white house may give on something, sort of gave an indication they might be willing to delay the penalty six week buzz not going deal yat a year. what we're going to do is go through a year in which increasing numbers of people are losing coverage. then they're going into exchanges to try to get coverage finding out it's going to cost them more, and this is going to be a key point. part of the under lying policy is that in order to cut costs, policies have to provide fewer options for access. that is to say you don't get to see as many providers require more benefits, fewer options to where you get benefits, people going to be saying look i've got a policy. i don't get to go see my dock. >> if i do, very to wait longer. >> correct >> what you're -- see this, is
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what is going to happen. if what you say comes true, what call rove -- karl rove is saying on the factor is going to be true, if republicans could run, they can run mily cyrus. >> and you know we've tried running the political equivalent of. that we've got to have good candidates there are other problems already we're starting to see in colorado, remember, they have assumed 7 million people will be put into medicaid. 11 million people signing up for exchanges. thus far that, doesn't look like that ratio is real. >> we're going to start paying attention. if numbers are bad next year it's going to have an impact on election. we're going
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to have higher costs per enrollment. think about delaware. delaware had four people sign up. four people. last month, month of act, the federal government paid four community organizations to be navigated. >> do you know why they only have four in delaware? do you know why? >> because it's screwed up. >> no. joe biden dragged them there. >> this is an important point we paid 333,000ses today four community organizations in delaware who signed up four people we paid $83,333 for each one of the people to be signed up. now, this, we're going to see more things like this. $600 toilet seat for the air force is going to pale. >> it comes back to the individual voter. if that person is getting hurt that person is not going vote democratic. thank you. next on the run down an
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honest liberal will reply to this, then, "time" magazine calling governor christy an elephant on the cover. he did it. are you kidding me? factor coming right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] united is rolling out global, satellite-fed wi-fi to connect you even 35,000 feet over the ocean. ♪ that's...wifi friendly. ♪
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>> so, you're an honest guy. your party is heading for big trouble. you know it. i know it. are you going to tell the folks that? >> well, bill, the american people are concerned about the inability of both political parties to deliver jobs and health care for all. to solidify retirement service. so i don't see this as a democrat-republican thing. a greater disaster is the fablth that you have 50 million people
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without health insure yavenlts >> that is theoretical. you know? the voters are seeing their premium goes up. and seeing all of the chaos. and voters going to react against the party in power, the party that thrust this upon them. >> we're not going to go back to a status quo where they're taking stock options and marketing and cost of paper work. because a trillion dollars in our economy goes for things unrelated to health care we don't need a health care system. it's run by insurance companies. >> if that is your position, shouldn't president obama be up front about that? he hasn't been. he's been deceptive. >> let me make the case. shouldn't he say, president obama, that dennis kucinich and
8:17 pm
i were pals and want a single payer system where the federal government provides health care for a fee, based upon income. this is what we want. that is why we're doing obamacare thing. why doesn't he just be honest about whot goal is? >> what the president developed is not a single payer system. he wants that. >> this is for profit, bill, it's not not. >> but they don't want it to be for profit. this is the first step. >> you're looking at the author of a bill that would provide for not for profit health care. >> yeah. you. >> and everyone would have affordable care. this proposal president obama put into law is for reform within the context of a for-profit system saying there are ten essential services including, maternity care, preventative care that ought to be covered. so it's a little bit different.
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>> you know, you're dodging the question. you know what the ultimate goal is. your bill. that is what the president really wants. he couldn't get it. it's too radical. >> let me give you a reason why not. because president obama had a chance way back in the debate. to have a public option included remember that. we could have had a public option. he didn't want it. >> saying well, well, wait a minute. 75 democrats signed a letter saying we're not going to have a affordable health care plan unless we have a public option. you're looking at the last guy standing here on that point here. president got what he want nod public option, insurance driven health care. that is the problem. there is more of a role for the government. the private insurers are still running premiums and the, how much is covered. they don't like it. you're probably right. they're bailing out,
8:19 pm
profit didn't big enough. but affect is chaos. it's going to hurt the democratic party. could be wrong.. i could be wrong. wi with -- we need to be careful of how people get into the system the bottom line is that people need health care. we've got to stop it pechlt goring bankrupt trying to get their health care bills paid. >> time magazine putting governor christy on the cover with the word "elephant". laura engram has thoughts on. that then, you're mad at hell. more letters from you guys that want to vent. those reports right after these messages. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go.
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new jersey governor chris christie easily won re-election on tuesday night. that prompted this headline "the elephant in the room" since it's well known that governor christie is rather hefty, some people are taking aback. joining us now from washington laura ingraham. >> what are they going to call him a donkey? it's g.o.p. the grand ole party the elephant. mark halperin has that new book out they didn't mean it that way. >> are you telling me the brain thrust "time" magazine putting the elephant in the room christie silhouette doesn't know how people are going to take that? is that what you are telling me? >> o'reilly the only thing they didn't do is put the trunk on him. actually have a trunk drawn on him like a big cartoon. >> it's offensive? is it satirical? what is it? >> it's a little tongue in cheek. someone like christie he will be in good humor about. this i don't think he will care about this one bit.
8:24 pm
>> let me ask you a hypothetical question here. i riewcial usually don't ask hypotheticals. i agree i don't think christie will be offended by it he will mock "time" smag green. >> right. who reads it. >> some overweight people will be offended by it what if you put on "time" magazine. >> rosie o'donnell or something. >> six years ago, all right, barack obama the black sheep of the democratic party. >> oh: >> this is why you have the number one cable show. you come up with those hypotheticals. >> it's the same kind of expression. >> right. >> context because he was an outsider challenging hillary clinton, all right, and a lot of the democrats didn't like that. >> a dark force in american politics. >> a dark -- anything. if you did that, "time" magazine would have been set on fire. >> of course. but this is the conversation we had, bill, back in 2008, remember, when the media turned on john mccain. remember, the years before
8:25 pm
when he was going on the "saturday night live" shows the media lovered mccain. he had that column about john mccain in the gutter. and he wrote a piece about how he was wrong when he called john mccain honorable. because when you become the g.o.p. favorite, right? the -- begins. chris christie, i'm sure, is is going to get used to it they are going to, i better not say this, bill, pig pile on chris christie like they did with romney. like they did mccain. >> i don't disagree with that the question is -- the question becomes because christie is so good at disarming that kind of stuff and confronting it, will right wing republicans in america rally to a moderate like chris christie? do you think they will? >> i think in the end if he is the nominee absolutely. i mean, look, the tea party didn't want romney to be the
8:26 pm
nominee, right? >> and 3 million didn't show up. 3 million fewer votes than mccain. >> they didn't want mccain to be the nominee but mccain was the nominee. the tea party types can be upset. chris christie is not conservative enough. in the end if you don't have the money and you don't have the, you know, any support in the establishment at all, you can win senate seats and you can win governorship, can you win house seats. but to win the presidency, you have got to be able to bring constituencies from both sides together. >> you are saying the conservative wing in the republican party in the end will rally behind. >> i think they want to win. i think they want to win badly. i think two terms of barack obama was devastating to our debt. devastating in many ways to this idea of a smaller more efficient government. obviously have obamacare to deal with. although you have a tea party presence that's fairly strong bill in the house of representatives, you still don't have the numbers, right, to transform government as they would like it to be transformed. so, it is either -- if it's not jeb bush, chris
8:27 pm
christie. if you had a gun to my head right now and i had to say who would probably given recent history be the nominee, if bush wants it his or chris christie wants it his. maybe scott walker. martinez. >> a more conservative candidate up against those men. >> or many. or many, bill. and then it makes christie's job even easier if there are many conservatives opposing him. >> all right, laura. thanks very much as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. jesse watters goes to the least sexy college campus in america. that should be interesting. and ms. megyn kelly on the supreme court deciding whether prayer should be allowed in town council meetings. another christmas win for ms. megyn and myself.
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mad as hell segment tonight, we continue to allow factor viewers like you vent. we have heather nauert. you see her in the morning. 2:00 in the morning,. >> 6:00 in the morning. "fox & friends." >> i will be on "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> looking forward to having you. i will bring some coffee. >> we'll begin with carol perry who lives in california. i am mad as hell about grants being offered to hollywood people promote scripts benefits of obamacare. what's this all about. >> the california endowment. a private foundation that was started by well point which is a large for profit health insurance company in the state of california. they started this
8:32 pm
foundation. they are providing half a million dollars to usc anninberg center people will promote obamacare to these writers and producers trying to get -- put it in their descroints try to get more young people and hispanics. >> they want to build it into the entertainment obamacare is great? >> this is a bigger story. that is that well point has a lot riding on obamacare. they are a major player. >> it's a corporate trick? that's what it is. >> i'm not somebody who says that normally and i used to work in the insurance industry myself. the company says it stands to make $20 billion. >> off obamacare. >> off of obamacare by 2016. >> it's a trick, heather. >> letter number 2 comes from marilyn. i'm upset that governor christie gave in and withdrew his appeal on the gay marriage issue. i thought he was a man who stood behind his beliefs so. why did christie fold on gay marriage? >> i think it's about politics, right? chris christie may be looking to the 2016 election and chris christie wants to show that he can win big in a blue state. he won by 60% of the vote.
8:33 pm
>> new jersey is not a republican bastionian. he had to run as a moderate. he doesn't approve of gay marriage he just didn't approve the ruling itself? >> correct from last year he had voted against legislation and decided not to appeal. >> in america today if you want to get moderate and independent votes you can't be a zealot on these social issues. next letter comes from pamela nagger who says i am mad as hell when i see people in the grocery store buying lobster and over began nic food using ebt card. i am so happy that i can, as a taxpayer, supply their surf and turf dinner you can buy whatever you wanted. >> pretty much. >> you you can't buy cigarette and booze though. >> you can't buy that and household cleaners and dog food. you can buy lobster. can you buy organic foods all the stuff that's on your shopping list,you can buy. >> this entitlement is now growing faster than it's ever grown in this country
8:34 pm
before. >> yeah. 47 million americans access. >> getting cards. >> snap benefits. that's basically food stamps. >> right. >> under these ebt cards. four years ago 33 million people. this program has just grown huge. interesting some fast food restaurants will allow people who use their ebt cards in the restaurant. >> that's right. >> jack in the box in some states. friday chicken. >> a place put them in there and you get the junk food. >> there you go. >> letter number four comes from joe sample comes from snow can washington. mad as hell that let's attorneys file thousands of frivolous lawsuits. few can afford to defend themselves. cheaper to settle it. there will be no reform. you are right about everything except the democrats because republicans allow this to go, too. attorneys give big money to political campaigns. >> yeah. >> this is obviously destroying our legal system here. frif suits. >> republicans brought up a piece of legislation that passed the house judiciary committee in september. 17 voted for it and it would basically try do away with
8:35 pm
frivolous lawsuits. 10 voted against it all the democrats voted against it. it includes sort of the typical players. >> a scandal. >> conyers. >> scandal ruining the legal system in this country it. it is outrageous. >> finally dawn brink from san jose, california. why do we have to change our clocks twice a year? there is no good reason to do that. i am mad as hell that this is interrupting my sleep. i feel don's pain. >> if you have young kids all waking up at 5:00 in the morning getting you up. it started for agricultural reasons. the farmers liked it more light earlier in the day so they could work then. then interestingly enough, during world war ii they brought it back and world war i to save fuel for the war effort. they called it war time. >> so if you go to bed early because it gets dark at a:530 and go to bed 6, 6:30 you turn off the lights so you are not using electricity. heather likes it. >> and then of course the
8:36 pm
1970s the oil embargo, now it shows we use more. >> arizona is the only state that doesn't do this. arizona does not change their clocks. joe, if you move to arizona, you are going to get more sleep. >> see you tomorrow morning at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. >> bright and early. >> if you are mad as hell. we want to know that. email us at we come right back, megyn kelly on whether americans can pray in town meetings and another win for christmas. ms. megyn is next.
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thanks for staying with with us i'm bill o'reilly. supreme court hearing a case about prayer at town meetings. >> it is my prayer this evening that everyone here in any sort of leadership position, whether a politician, a parent, or even a pastor would lead according to the example of shepard leadership from the great shepard himself jesus christ, in his name i pray. >> i feel that the town has aligned itself by christianity by just having christian prayer givers. they have had a couple other people but primarily it's christian. >> all right. here now to analyze fox news anchor megyn kelly you see her after the factor 9
8:41 pm
eastern time she used to cover the supreme court. so this case was brought by which group? >> by an atheist and a just. >> two -- jew. >> two individuals. >> supported by people who like separation of church and state. >> it got all the way up to the supreme court. >> it did because there is a precedent from the 80's that said you can have a prayer before a legislation session and there is nothing unconstitutional about that but there has been some cure kerr kerr flufl. we are not going to get clarity. believe it or not, the justices really seemed to wrestle with whether that precedent that says you can have prayer before a legislative meeting is valid. is still valid. they got up there and said look, we have been doing it since the beginning of this country, and the judges seemed to reject that as a basis for upholding that principle. >> he they already made a decision. are they saying that the decision they made was erroneous?
8:42 pm
>> they seemed to be questioning whether they are going to live with this ruling that they made in 1983. if they don't li with this ruling in 1983, we could literally be at the point wherthe small towns cannot open up -- >> -- the supreme court of the united states of america might ban an elective prayer? >> yes. that is possible. i don't think they will, based on how they did it because they seemed to, after wrestling through it and thinking what are the alternatives and thinking how could we land this, they seemed to come back we should probably leave it intact because what a mess if we get involved in this. >> it's a speech issue and everything else. i think to be fair you should have rotating prayers from anybody -- >> -- anybody could come. in fact, we had somebody who was jewish come. we had a when i cannen priest come. >> wicken came. >> what did she say? he said she prayed to apollo. >> the god of the sun? is that apollo he? >> was it apollo -- >> all right. >> they awill you. that look, it was mostly christian because the town is 0% christian. the people who volunteered tended to be christian.
8:43 pm
>> so your prediction is they are going to leave it the way it is. i hope they do. i don't like all this attack on religion. >> it is not a guarantee. >> okay. you may remember virginia tech massacre happened in 2007. 30 dead. some lone nut killed them. the state of virginia settled with 28, 11-million-dollar settlement in 2008. two people, two families continued their lawsuit, but now he they are not going to get anything? >> they opted out of the settlement and continued their lawsuit and apartments 4-million-dollar judgment. >> 4 million each or for both? >> each. but it was reduced to 100,000 by the appellate court. now it's gone up to the virginia supreme court. and the virginia supreme court has thrown it out all together. >> on what grounds? >> saying the university could not foresee -- their argument was that the shooter whose name i will not say, the shooter killed somebody in the morning and then three hours later showed up at the building where he did most of the killing. and their argument, the plaintiff's argument was
8:44 pm
that the school should have notified the student body in those three hours and their children wouldn't have been in that building. >> so the bottom line. >> the supreme court said no. >> 28 of the victims' families got compensation. the two that rejected the compensation, didn't get anything. that's going to hold. >> that's the way it works when you opt out of a settlement. >> you may remember when we last left ms. megyn on the factor last thursday we talked about the school district in bore done town. terrorizing the kids. telling them they couldn't sing christmas carols. there was a key moment this that discussion. do you remember what the key moment was. >> what was it. >> when you threatened to go there and sing. >> that's right. kelly is a lawyer. she basically just remembered it i threatened to go down there. and then. >> though strong armed tactics. >> as soon as that got out what happened? >> this is how it's done in left town. i'm going to make an offer you can't refuse. they folded to their credit. they folded. old candice who -- let's be
8:45 pm
honest you wasn't sure whether she was a woman or man when we put her picture. >> constance not -- >> -- same thing. >> you she decided you were right and she was wrong. >> now they can sing in the christmas carol. >> for now the fourth and fifth graders are allowed to sing the christmas carols at their winter concert. but, the overall policy, it's still under review. >> under review? >> um-huh. >> do you think they should invite you and me down there to help? >> how about i will dance if you sing. >> okay. i think -- kelly and o'reilly should come down, first of all, inject a nice bit of irish stuff. >> that's right. >> and help with the review. >> we could sing a little. we could open up the session with a little irish music. >> a little tour. >> we could do a little jig like river dance how high you can lift your knee. >> you can do that but i'm too old to do it. kelly is coming up right after the factor. watters world coming up
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight the. watters world, the least sexy college in the country at least according to the buzz feed website. earlier this week watters traveled to the university of oh wisconsin which leads the league in sexiness they say. the day before halloween watters traveled to the university of houston. >> university of houston ranked the least sexy university in
8:50 pm
america. >> i don't believe that! >> what? >> what are we going to do? >> we have to get better women here. i don't know. >> kid's got a good point. >> what happened? >> some people don't have eno h enough -- i guess. >> there are sexy people on this campus. >> find some for me. >> uh -- >> anyone? anyone? >> are you contributing to the problem? >> no. >> are you sure? >> sexy dorothy. is the wizard coming knocking? >> the wizard already came. >> what do you do for fun around here? >> don't even use that eyebrow move on me. it won't work. >> do you party? >> are you going to get me in trouble? >> it would be cooler if you did. >> do you think the costume is too tight? >> no. >> do you know what i mean?
8:51 pm
>> it's good. >> everywhere? >> everywhere. >> looks uncomfortable. >> it gets kind of itchy. >> have you tried speaking with a raspier voice? >> what do you want? ♪ happy birthday to you >> satin sheets. listening to marvin gaye. >> do you think i should? >> you need to be the paul revere of sexy. >> give me sexy or give me death. >> that's patrick henry. >> oops. >> play hard to get. it could work. >> i have to learn from the master. teach me. >> a good teacher. he really seems to care. >> let me see your sexiest look? >> like this? >> try it again. almost. one more time. much better. do you like guys or girls? >> girls. >> definitely? >> i'm completely straight. yeah. yeah. i like girls. completely. completely.
8:52 pm
>> i think we understand each other. >> give me a wink. >> i don't know if i can wink. >> looks like you have something in your eye. more like this. >> i'll practice at home. >> lick your lips. no that looks like you have food in your teeth. do you ever do the thighmaster? >> it's easy to squeeze your way to shapely hips and thighs. >> get out there and be sexy. >> yes, drill sergeant! >> do you watch the o'reilly factor? >> i wish we would tone it down. >> it's not all b about me. >> what's your favorite part? >> watters report. >> watters world. >> watters world? >> fight! >> that's what we're talking about. >> was anybody upset? first of all, it looked like they didn't know. >> this was news to them. i don't know if it should have been. i was trying to give them a pep talk.
8:53 pm
>> we know what you were doing. >> hard to believe. i was unsexy for a period of time. >> was that when you had the collar up on the shirt? >> i had long hair. i wore played. drove a chrysler le baron. >> you're wearing played now. >> this is gingham. >> if i were the guy in the banana suit, i would have punched you, man. >> i said, listen, i have to split. i'm out of here. >> banana, split. okay. university of houston in the town, fourth largest city. i worked in dallas for two years. the best-looking women in the world are in texas. >> you would think so. >> yeah! >> there's oil money, hot sun, latino population. i don't know what's going wrong there? >> i don't know either. i don't know what's wrong at the university of houston. whatever. we're not telling anybody what your next assignment is. it will be on smonmonday. you will like it. in a moment the factor tip of the day. the day. a director refusingeigh bells♪
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas.
8:56 pm
factor tip of the day. oliver stone badmouthing "killing kennedy" in a moment. first the mail. dennis from florida. kirsten powers has no idea how the real world works. in industry incompetent managers are fired and escorted out the door. there is little accountability going on in washington. jeffrey reeves, denver, colorado. if kirsten was advising lincoln, grant never would have been appointed and the south would have won the war. harsh. susan from virginia. charles krauthammer is wrong. ken cuccinelli didn't lose because he was a weak candidate. he lost because the republican party didn't help him enough and a third party libertarian candidate got some votes. on the third party guy exit polling show uhs he took votes from the republicans and the democrats. >> toronto, canada. mayor ford's approval ratings
8:57 pm
were up seven points after he confessed to smoking crack. brian from toronto, the reason rob ford survives as mayor is he cut government spending and brought the radical left city council under control. i'm still with ford. >> from randy in toronto. i'm surprised that the you and martha fell for the liberal media machine here. kevin from north carolina. the manner in which you take on serious issues and still manage to have fun with miller, carolla, gutfeld and mcguirk is key to keeping the factor fresh. from washington, bill, we are coming to the see you in vegas. can i buy you a gluten-free dinner? nice, annette. i will roll into town just before the show. it's a sell-out but i hear they put 80 oh extra tickets on sale.
8:58 pm
mike from iowa. i have read all three of oh your history books and "killing jesus" was the best. i found it to be solid history. thank you for writing it. and grace from vermont. i am 9 and just ordered "killing jesus" for my mom. i'll give it to her for christmas. i wanted nerve the world to know what a good daughter you are. the factor tip of the day "killing kennedy" will be on sunday on the national geographic channel. oliver stone said he will not watch. stone made his own movie in which he put forth that jfk was killed in a professional ambush that involved multiple shooters. to be kind to mr. stone, that is rubbish. there is not a shred of evidence in support of that insane theory. i think oliver would do well to watch this sunday.
8:59 pm
it's a fact-based film that he may learn from. by the way, i will be on the cbs morning program around 7:30 tomorrow and fox & friends shortly after 8:00 if you want to check it out. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' we'd like you to spout off from anywhere in the world. o'reilly@fox name and town if you would like to opine. word of the day, do not be choleric. that's not a disease. cholera is a disease. this is a personality trait. i have 15 seconds to kill. the mad as hell website is different from the just regular website we use every day. mad as hell@fox i love the letters. that segment is working well and heather is doing a good job. again, thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next.
9:00 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. after weeks of getting hammered for his false promise that americans could keep thing plan they like the president is pivoting to a belated attempt at damage control. welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the president promised almost 40 times if you like your plan, you can keep it, period. now contrary to his explicit, quote, guarantee, 4.2 million americans found out the president's promise was false. that number, 4.2 million is expected to triple in coming weeks. we have reporting that the administration knew this three years ago. the white house knew it and debateded it internally


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