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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 7, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. after weeks of getting hammered for his false promise that americans could keep thing plan they like the president is pivoting to a belated attempt at damage control. welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the president promised almost 40 times if you like your plan, you can keep it, period. now contrary to his explicit, quote, guarantee, 4.2 million americans found out the president's promise was false. that number, 4.2 million is expected to triple in coming weeks. we have reporting that the administration knew this three years ago. the white house knew it and debateded it internally
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according to a wall street journal report as the president was saying it. be but decided it would not sell as well to qualify the president's explicit promises. tonight, the president under fire from both sides of the aisle and from millions of angry americans tried to explain. here's a little of that. >> we're talking about 5% of the population -- >> millions. >> that's a significant number of people. even though a whole lot of them will be better off, there is going to be a segment who ultimately i have to make sure that i'm speaking to their needs and their concerns. i take that seriously. >> so the president now says he is concerned about those getting kicked off their plans and he takes the cancellations very seriously. but let's review a little recent history. ten days ago he spoke in boston. after the massive waves of cancellations started.
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here was his sentiment then. >> for the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it. for the fewer than 5% of americans who buy insurance on your own, you will get a better deal. >> did you get that? a week ago those folks were getting a better deal. now he's taking it very seriously and he's concerned. the complaints in between the two comments got louder. the cancellations went up. three days ago, instead of addressing the fact that his promise, his repeated promise which was critical to this law's passage in the first place was entirely false, he instead tried to rewrite his original words. here he is with his obama for america supporters. >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan what we said was you could keep it -- if it hasn't changed since the law has passed. >> of course that wasn't true.
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there was never an if or a qualifier on the original promises. to the contrary, he said "period" and "guaranteed" that people would not lose their plans. so one noted political writer called the sound bite we just played, quote, lying about the lies. washington watched as a virginia democrat barely won the seat after he had a double digit leads in the polls the week before. obama care got the blame. yesterday more than a dozen democratic senators, all of whom voted for the law and were up for re-election showed up at the white house begging for help. telling the president he had to do something, anything. and now we get this. watch. >> i feel like you owe these folks an apology for misleading them? >> you know, i regret very much that what we intended to do which is to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them as opposed to because they are forced into it, that we weren't
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as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. keep this mind that most of the folks who got the cancellation letters will be able to get better care at the same cost or cheaper in these new marketplaces. so the majority of folks will be better off, of course, because the website isn't working right they don't necessarily know it. it's a small group of folk who is may be disadvantaged but it is scary for them. i'm sorry they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> host of power play on fox live. chris, what do you make of that? >> it's not much of an apology. it's apologyish. he's sorry people find
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themselves in this situation based on essentially misinterpreting what he said. that they could have been clearer -- he and his team could have been clearer. but he didn't go to the core issue here. the apology. he wasn't facing torkamada in the questions. the point here is yours. a willful decision to hide an internal, ideological choice to blow up millions of insurance plans. they withheld that from the american people during an election. the president was asked are you sorry about misleading people. he said, i'm sorry if people are in a situation as if he's a bystander. >> a passive voice. like i can't believe this happened. i'm not sure how it happened, but he didn't take responsibility for making it happen by the misrepresentation. the way he put it was based on assurances they got from me.
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there false. that's the part that was left off, not acknowledged and never has been acknowledged in the days and weeks since we learned all these now millions of americans have been getting cancelled. >> he talked about it in thousands, not millions, by the way. but neither did he acknowledge the fact that it was a volitional, ideological choice about what he and his team thought americans ought to have for insurance. what he and his team thought americans ought to have to purchase for insurance that led to this moment. it was not a random abstraction. this is not a broken website. it was a choice. an ideological choice in which today said insurance companies need to sell contraception and not the other kind of insurance. it was his decision to lead to this moment only because he and his team cannot do the internet correctly. >> that people don't realize he's done them a favor. chuck todd asked repeatedly if
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he was sorry. first of all, he gave him many opportunities to say he was sorry and he didn't take them. i regret, it's regretful that people don't know how great the plan is for them, but oh well. he specifically said do you owe them an apology and in response to that did we get the answer that in some form had the words "i'm sorry" in them. is it an apology when delivered that way when it comes in the face of falling favorability for the first time in his term. people are starting to dishlike him and the storm of senator s coming to capitol hill. was it forced? >> it was forced. this is the motif for the administration which is buy time. how much longer. his belief is if he can keep democrats from absolutely freaking out, totally freaking out for just a few more weeks they can get over the hump, get
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into the holiday season, reboot the website and come up with metrics for what's good and what's bad. they will change the game. by that time -- >> it's already being changed. now the apology is for the fact that plans are being cancelled. not misleading the american people. not for the president of the united states. i don't care if it was a lie or not. i care, but for the purposes of this point, does it matter? the point is he misled. he gave false information, false assurances repeatedly. where is the account bability for doing that? where is the explanation as to how it happened, why it happened? we don't have it. i want to ask you about another thing. there was a slip of the tongue in the interview that already is getting attention on twitter and online. i want to get your reaction. >> you know, having said that, given that i have been burned already with a website -- well, more importantly the american people have been burned by a website that's been
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dysfunctional. >> "i have been burned". >> not ideal. not what you are looking for when he's trying to channel his inner bill clinton to talk about how disappointed he is with the bad website. oh, the american people have been burned. can i just say this? it reflects what i think in the interview with b somebody who's dragged to this moment. they get the guy from nbc to come over and say, okay, the president will apologize. the president seemed like he didn't want to do it, as you point out. as he's talking about what happened with the internet he says, they burned me. if i was kathleen sebelius i would not be picking out redecorating plans. >> he asked if she should be fired and whether she's still got his confidence. the president dodged it. he said do you have the full confidence of kathleen sebelius? he said, she didn't write the code. she would be the first to admit
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there would be a lot more questions asked. is she still the right person? he said the buck stops with me. if he were going to fire her, wouldn't it have already happened? >> no. we'll end up with a health care czar because they can't get b b somebody through the senate. they will let the whole rollout of disaster be her fault. after they are done they will launch her back to kansas and say, now meet this guy you have never heard of who is the new health czar because the evil republicans in the senate won't confirm our great choice. she needs to be there. if you're going to fire her, you have to keep her long enough to be to blame for everything. >> it's sick how things work in wash war. thank you. >> you bet. >> we are just getting started. the president's new effort to dig out from under the obama care scandal. up next, he went on again repeatedly about the sub par policies. how the vast majority of
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policies being cancelled were sub par, lousy. is it true? we'll take a look after the break. later the president addresses the bigger question of his credibility and whether he's sacrificed it for the rest of his term. first, we want to know what you think. send me a tweet or leave me a comment on our facebook page. we are reading your comments. we have much, much more coming up. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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breaking tonight, president obama trying to dig out from under the growing controversy over millions of americans losing their health care plans despite repeated promises that they could keep their plans. even the bad ones. over and over and over. listen. >> we are talking about 5% of the population. a lot of these plans are sub par plans. we put in a clause in the law that said if you have one of the plans, even if it's b sub par when the law was passed you can keep it. there is enough churn in the market that folks have bought subpar plans. i am deeply concerned about it. i assigned my team to see what we can do to close some of the holes and gaps in the law. because my intention is to lift up and make sure the insurance that people buy is effective.
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>> joining me now, david webb, conservative commentator and cofounder of tea party rosenber progressive think tank. when you hear that, david, most of them were subwar pennsylvaniaer plans and it's only 5% of the american people, what's your reaction? >> my first reaction is that it's 15 million americans. they like to throw out the 5% to make the number seem low. that's roughly 15 million americans that will be affected just based on their numbers and what the president said. they ignored the fact that this president, while he makes promises and unfortunately we have to the say it. the president lied to the american people. he did so because in all of these statements, or most of them, he ended with the word "period." he made it clear that you could keep your plan, period, and the attempt to walk it back today. we can't have more benign ways
9:16 pm
of saying the president knowingly lied to the american people when we find out in 2010 they knew it through other analysis, in the exemptions they gave. we find another exemptions to the unions. they add one for most of the unions. we have an administration that's misleading and a lie. >> the business about it was all subpar. that's not necessarily true. we have had so many testimonials from viewers saying i had a fantastic plan and now i have worse options available to me. b, trying to criticize the plans that are being cancelled contrary to his explicit promises undermines his alleged apology. does it not? >> look, i think that what's lost in this and i think the president was beginning to acknowledge this tonight is that the white house simply did not
9:17 pm
explain to the american people what was going to happen with his health insurance plan, with aca. make it really plain and simple. call it misleading. it also prevented the administration from actually talking about what was going to happen, right, to the people that even the 40, 50 million people that can buy insurance in the market who couldn't get it before. this has been a disaster for the effective rollout of the t overall aca. not just the 14, 15 million people affected but the 40 or 50 million people that will be able to buy insurance on the exchanges when they are working. this is not good for the president. what's important for him is he's starting to take responsibility for this part of the mess, not just the part that had to do with the website. >> i'm surprised to hear you say that. >> this is not taking responsibility. >> you are normally a staunch defender of the administration. i hear you seeing part of the problem for them, at least on this issue. david, the thing with the apology though, i put it in
9:18 pm
quotes because when you apologize and you say, i'm sorry i hurt you, but you kind of deserved it and you needed to be hurt because i knew what was better for you and once the website is up and running you will see how right i was. it doesn't make people feel apologized to. >> there is no mea culpa here. this is the progressive model of the ends justify the means. they have achieved their ends. americans aren't able to get on the exchanges and the president is right. this is not about the website. they may fix the b problems. it is about obama care and the effect on americans. it's what it will do to americans who can't get their health care, increased deductibles which the average middle class person can't afford. who can afford a $10,000 deductible for a better or worse plan if you have a catastrophic event? you will go broke. so much for not being bankrupt. they knew what they were doing. carve out.
9:19 pm
they had the waiver, carve outs, the waiver for the unions, businesses that fit into that t t category. >> i want to get one more question in. he sits down with nbc news in a relatively friendly interview. does he not have to address directly the millions of people who are losing plans and perhaps have a presidential press conference where he can take questions from more than one person? >> that's a great question. they have to start all over again explaining what they were trying to do in the individual market. there are 40 to 50 million americans who do not have health insurance today that are going to be eligible to get insurance through the exchanges. another 13 to 15 million whose plans will change because the overall individual market using competition by putting more people into the marketplace will drive down costs and provide better care. that's the theory. the policy is right. the implementation has been a disaster. i think the challenge for the them now is they have to start all over and go back and say,
9:20 pm
look,s this is what we are trying to do. we screwed it up in the beginning stages but we think two, three years from now, tens of millions of americans,s far more than the 14, 15 million will be in a significantly better place and we'll have a better health care system. they've got to make the case now. >> the problem for the president now is that he has sacrificed so much of his credibility by making the promise which was clearly not true. instead of coming out and owning it, he's done what he showed in the beginning of the show. we'll talk b about whether he's got credibility and can save this law coming up. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> ahead is the president's apology enough for the millions of people losing their insurance plan? they have been told even tonight it's subpar. it's only 5%. but, you know, i'm sorry they got cancelled i guess. we'll speak with a cancer survivor losing his coverage ahead e. plus, after a couple of country stars made an obama care
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> more now on our top story. the president in full damage control mode tonight. >> i regret very much that we weren't as clear as we needed to be. the majority of folks will end up being better off. of course because the website isn't working right they don't necessarily know it. but i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> joining me now, mark hannah,
9:25 pm
democratic analyst and veteran of two presidential campaigns. mark, we weren't as clear as we needed to be. the problem with that is it ignores the nearly 40 explicit promises of "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period." if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. i guarantee it. it's not that they weren't as clear. they were extremely clear. they were saying something that was totally false. >> right. i think he absolutely acknowledges that. he doesn't ignore anything. what he acknowledges is he made assurances to the american people and when you played the clip of him saying i'm sorry for the way this turned out because of the assurances that i gave people, that's a direct apology. >> wait. let me read toyota the viewit t. he says, i am sorry that they --
9:26 pm
meaning the people that were cancelled -- you know, are finding themselves in this situation -- passive voice -- based on assurances they got from me. that's what he said. go ahead. >> right. so he acknowledges. the first person. he talks. look, we disagree on a lot and probably will on most of the interview. but let's agree that the president was right to actually make an apology. that the president was right to take accountability and that's the mark of good leadership. >> an apology and accountability would be welcome for the american people. the question tonight is whether that is what happened. >> right. we can parse it to bits and say, well, he said mistakes were made instead of my administration made mistakes. >> where was the discussion about when i came out and said almost 40 times if you like your plan you can keep it, period -- >> megyn, he was on the campaign
9:27 pm
trail. >> 40 times before the law was passed. >> it was part of the stump. >> who cares? >> i have been backstage bored by hearing things over and over again. >> does it not need to be true on time 36? >> eight of them were probably on the same day. >> who cares? >> all i'm saying is you can dramatize what 40 times means and -- >> still on the white house website right now. right now. as he's going out there and telling people it was wrong, it's on his website. >> right. so we should probably get the low level person who is responsible for monitoring the website and get that down off the website. >> we agree on that. >> i agree with you there. >> the point is when you -- if you really want oh to take responsibility, don't you look people in the eye and say, i said this. at the time, b i believed it.
9:28 pm
here's why i believed it. i didn't know that was false. >> he did know it. >> no. >> he explained it. >> no, he didn't. >> i can parafrads. >> tell me. >> he said there were and are provisions for grandfathering plans that if you had it before 2010 -- what the obama administration neglected to anticipate was health insurance companies would change policies on people every year or so. >> not according to the wall street journal. >> but they would get out of -- >> the wall street journal reports an internal debate between policy people and the political people and the political people won. they knew what he was saying was not true and they decided to have him say it. he thought it was easy. >> maybe political people knew the insurance companies would do it and the conversation happened. but the fact is if you had your plan before 2010, you're grandfathered into the plan. it happens to be the case that
9:29 pm
the insurance companies in order to duck the provision and jack rates and premiums on people -- >> not true. >> some of them, be but not all insurance companies. >> that's not true. obama care passed in march of 2010. in in june sebelius changed the regulation so the president's grandfathering promise was completely gutted. completely gutted. the insurance companies went to the lawmakers and to the white house and said, if you do this with these regulations, almost no one will be grandfathered. it will gut any ability to grandfather plans. mike endze went to the floor of the u.s. senate and said this must be stopped, she can't do this. it violates everything the democrats promised before this law and the democrats accused him of fear mongering. every one of them voted against it and no one -- no one did anything to try to change it between then and now. >> i notice part of the clips
9:30 pm
you show are when the president said of the 5% of americans on the individual market the majority will qualify for better coverage less expensively on the obama care exchanges. >> that's what he said. >> yeah. that's actually the case. it's an important point for you to make. there are clear winners. there are millions of people who will benefit. i know you are the most fair and balanced person on the network. we have heard negative stories over and over again. i will talk about the flaws of the rollout, the shortcomings of implementation but when the history of obama care is written, october 2013 won't be the banner month necessarily. but there will be millions more people -- and i'm proud to live in a down kri where no one won't be able to get quality health insurance because they can't afford it. >> we'll leave it there. thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> the president was asked, quote, do you understand people will be skeptical of the next promise you make?
9:31 pm
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maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. breakingen tonight president obama finally says he's sorry for promising for years that you could keep your health care plan. no, he didn't. i don't know why we wrote that. that's not true. we played you the apology and told you what he said. then he was asked whether he now has a huge credibility problem. >> do you understand people will be skeptical of the next promise you make, of the next -- or are you concerned that people are
9:35 pm
going to be wondering, geez, what's the fine print he's not telling me? >> i i have not been in national public life for seven, eight years. i have been president for almost five. for the most part people know i speak my mind and i tell folks what i think. i have been very clear about what i'm trying to do. >> joining me now dana laesh, here to weigh in. your thoughts on that? >> megyn, i don't see how anyone is going to be able to take anything else he says with a grain of credibility. i'm a person that's been doubting any promise he's made. we have had fast and furious, the irs, nsa. this now with the website and with him saying, well, it's unfortunate basically that these people found themselves in positions without insurance. all of their policies being cancelled. they didn't find themselves there with a wave of a magic wand.
9:36 pm
they found themselves in this position because the president led th that's dis enfranchised these people. to me, he hasn't really had credibility. but i think the question is how many independents and how many moderates will lose faith in this president. that answer is quite a lot of folks are losing it. we have had 3 million people now lose their insurance policies. that will hurt come midterms. >> he says people know that i speak my mind and i have been very clear. he has been very clear. but what he was clear about was not true. we are sitting here at 9:36 wondering where the explanation is for why he was so clear and yet so wrong. >> well, you noted it as well with your discussion with mark hannah. he said it how many times? i don't like the excuse that he's on the stump so lying is okay. that's what politicians do.
9:37 pm
this guy ran on hope and change. we don't have hope and we don't see change. the same promises made over and over again. they take trust and turn it into a commodity. now look at where we are. the excuse that, well, we should have been clearer. we could have explained it better. he explained it exactly right. that's why this was passed on a party line vote. it's never been popular with the americans. >> i don't know if that will work this time. thank you. joining me now, chris plante and alan combs. does that work? we didn't explain it adequately. >> no. as you pointed out he explained it perfectly clearly dozens of times. what he explained wasn't true. they knew it wasn't true at the time. starting with people forget about this one. we'll have all of the discussions and hearings on health care on c-span. they will be on c-span. it was done behind closed doors.
9:38 pm
i'm taking calls all day long from people. i have friend who is lost their doctor, their health care plan. i'm one of the lucky ones that's been grandfathered in. my rates went from 3:2 # to-- $ to $537 a month. six senate democrats raised hell on capitol hill because they are afraid they will lose their jobs and democrat wills lose control of the senate. in virginia they had an election on tuesday. terry mcauliff, the democrat, was to mop the floor with ken cuccinelli and they squeaked it out. cuccinelli won independents by nine points. that's why the apology. >> for those who opposed obama care they voted 80% for the republican. he comes out and says he takes the cancellations very
9:39 pm
seriously. we have watched him for two weeks go out there and say, you're giting a better plan. >> they are. >> go to tex changes. >> they are. >> assume that's true for the purposes of the discussion. that they are getting a better plan. >> especially in blue states. >> how can he come out now and say it's better, better. and say, i take this seriously and you should trust me to fix it. >> the only words conservatives would have liked him to say would be i resign. in terms of virginia -- by the way, i'm so happy to hear conservatives who never cared about the 47 million people who didn't have health care and now there are 20 million people, about 3% -- >> is it not relevant that he broke the promise? it's not relevant that he may have commit add fraud to get the law passed? >> if i could finish the sentence and i will respond. >> answering my question would be great. >> i think he could have done a better job explaining it. he should have said it's up to
9:40 pm
the insurance companies to not throw people off the plan. >> why did they throw people off the plan? >> they always do it. >> the plans didn't comply with obama care. >> there is always churning in the insurance company. >> why didn't he foresee it and plan against it with the regulation? >> you won't take yes for an answer. i'm trying to say that he should have said that it depends upon whether the insurance companies hoyle to what obama said. he needed to the say that and not say guaranteed you can keep your plan. what do you think, chris? i take it very seriously these people are being cancelled. >> takes it seriously now that they see political jeopardy in the midterm elections. we all have better insurance as a result. really? i'm paying for prenatal care. i have no children. i don't plan to have any. i play for pediatric dentistry. i don't think that will be an issue for me. it's redistribution.
9:41 pm
>> you pay for roads to schools, bridges. >> that's your excuse? >> not the point. the point is -- >> it is the point. >> that's not how it's sold. if he sold it that way we could have had an honest debate about it. he said if if you like your plan you can keep it, period. >> until now we were paying higher premiums to support those who didn't have. that's soc.lism. it is the sop uh sit of that. >> wouldn't it have been great to have that discussion? >> an honest discussion. >> instead of one based on assurances that weren't true. >> the facts. one of our guests is a man with cancer losing his health care plan. and the reaction to these country music stars after they dared to make a joke about the
9:42 pm
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9:46 pm
host of the richard fowler show and allison baker. i looked at the tweets. it's there. they felt that way. >> i'm interested to hear what richard has to say. i don't see where they are getting it from. they weren't attacking the president, him personally. no one cheered or yelled out any offensive names i heard. they were mocking a website and the only thing noteworthy here is they are late to the game. snl, jon stewart and jimmy kimmel have been doing the it since october 1. >> roll the clip. >> health is one month old and like most one month old it's still laying there pooping its pants. >> anybody try to sign up for the obama care website thing? now you can play angry birds. >> racists! racist white people who hate black people, richard. >> i've got to agree.
9:47 pm
listen, i don't think this is racist at all. they are making candor t at the website and the rollout. no question. ef even the president said the rollout needs to be better. it cease satire. the same we saw when miley cyrus did her republican party "we do whatever we want" spread at snl. it was funny, cute. no racism here. >> bf i go back to ellisson, the five talked about it. there was a suggestion that the left doesn't have a sense of humor. >> i have a sense of humor. i think a lot of my friends on the left have a sense of humor as well. >> what do you make of it, ellison. the racism card. again? really? >> i think it's -- obviously richard isn't on board. that was a small group of people who didn't have a good defense so they went to name calling. but it's like it was with the snl skit with miley cyrus. it's funny. it's fun to poke fun at the
9:48 pm
government. you have an hour to kill. everyone agrees that there are b problems with the website. it's the easiest middle of the road thing to mock. that's the least offensive mocking thing i saw. no one out outraged in 2004 when chris rock used his oscars monologue to mock bush. >> if you think it's funny, you guys are race is, too. >> don't get me wrong. there are people that say crazy things. ted nugent makes crazy remarks and you can raise eyebrows there. this is just funny. >> they're right that they are rich. >> no question. richer than me. >> thank you. >> thanks, megyn. >> up next, more on the breaking news. the president trying to explain his broken obama care promises. our next guest says, too little, too late for him. and "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> come to the cross.
9:49 pm
>> god has done this. >> christ is alive in many dern america today. >> our country is in great need [ male announcer ] has your phone turned you into a control freak? like, scoring the perfect table? ♪ or getting a better seat? ♪ or let's say there's an accident. if you he esurance, you can use their mobile app
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9:52 pm
president obama trying to dig his way out from the growing president obama trying to dig his way out from the growing controversy over millions losing their plans despite his promises plan was cancelled after his cancer treatments and he doesn't know what to do. bill elliot, i'm sorry b about your cancer diagnosis. you were treated and you found out your plan was cancelled.
9:53 pm
why do you believe it was due to obama care? >> thank you, megyn, for being on the show. i believe it was beyond the catastrophic previous condition. >> okay. i'm sorry. my question for you tonight is whether the president who has now come out and offered an apology, your reaction to it. >> i believe that was more of an insult the to me and other people who were cancelled than him saying 41 times, period, you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance insurance, period. to me now he's like a doctor that said, i cut out the wrong kidney, but i'm sorry about that. there's nothing you can do about it now except get on my website if we can ever get on the website. i have try three times. there's nothing you can do b about it.
9:54 pm
>> do you feel that the president knowingly misled you? does it matter to you? >> absolutely. he misled me. in fact, i voted for him because of that fact. you know? governor romney come out with his facts, but when president obama come out and said, you know, you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance, i liked my doctor, i loved my insurance. it was paying just about everything including medications and medical devices. now with obama care, the man that i've got looked into it, they are not going to pay for pharmaceuticals or medical devices. mri that i had last month before i got cancelled was $3,000. now if i have to have another one it costs me out of my pocket
9:55 pm
$3,000. >> your decision now faced with these costs is to do what with respect to your insurance? >> what i'm going to do now -- and i have thought about this long and hard -- is that when my insurance comes out it's going to be -- just for me -- it will be $1,500 a month with a $13,500 deductible. i'm not going to pay that. if i make it that long i will pay $95, whatever fines and i'm going to let nature take its course. i'm not going to put a burden on my family to pay this $1500. what good is it going to do? when i was paying almost $180. now it's $1500 and will take money out of my kids' banks, my family. i'm not going to put up with that.
9:56 pm
whatever happens, i believe i'm doing the right thing. i thought b about it and prayed about it. i'm not letting this -- that's a catastrophic event, previous event. i'm not going to pay it. to me it's saving my family money and they will have money to spend instead of throwing it down the drain like president my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these,
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twitter. here is a question for you. do you believe that was a real apology? let me know your thoughts. follow me on twitter. check us out facebook. kelly file. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to this special edition of fox news tonight. for the hour we pay tribute to the incredible life and everlasting legacy of the reverend billy graham. following the presentation, my hope america with billy graham, i will be joined in studio for a panel discussion about the reverend. sit back and enjoy this special commercial-free broadcast. >> for 60 years, my father billy graham preached the gospel of jesus christ and at 95 he has


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