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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. this is geraldo rivera, reporting live on the crime of the century, the murder of our 35th president. >> do something! >> doctor. >> as the 50th anniversary of the assassination approaches, movies, documentaries and books, 59% of americans believe they have been lied to. >> the records do however document the cia's extensive
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search to see whether they were linked to cuba or the soviet union. we also document the extensive search to see if they were linked to organized crime. there are hints in those directions. >> to millions, the evidence is ambiguous. >> the warren commission says all that of the shots were fired from behind by lee harvey oswa d oswald. it's completely consistent with the shot from the front. >> so the single bullet theory is complete fashlt si and the biggest reason is that the horizontal trajectory just can't line up. >> the round that oswald was using, simply doesn't fit in that hole. if you look at the 5.6 millimeter, the round is designed to explode upon impact.
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that was in the secret service weapon, it fit perfectly. >> some believe our government did it. >> the telephones didn't work. to prehaven't the wrong stories from spreading, if anything went wrong with the plan. nothing was left to chance. he could not be allowed to escape alive. >> others believe it was the mafia. >> i think it's undeniable that the mafia was working in conjunction with the dallas mafia. they had just decided that they had had enough, kennedy was trying to put them out of business so they were going to put him out of business. >> or was it cuba with its own ax to grind. >> cuba, the united states must an ever closer and realistic look at the communist intervention and domination in cuba. the american people, are not
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come place sent about iron curtain tanks and planes less than 90 miles from their shore. >> here is the president of the united states. >> tonight a live special, the jfk assassination, conspiracy or simple act of murder. >> council, if you would please, if you would please stand. and i ask mr. nelson, if he would to please read the verdict. >> we the jury, find the defendant lee harvey oswald -- >> because lee harvey oswald was killed by jack ruby, before he could be tried for the murder of john f. kennedy, deep skepticism persists about the official version of history. but perhaps the best effort to put this mystery to rest is in this impressive, more than
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1,600-page book, reclaiming history, by the author of helter skelter, the former l.a. district attorney, the man who convicted charles manson, vince joins us. welcome to the program. why don't 59% of the american people believe oswald and oswald alone killed kennedy? >> well, the propaganda minister of hitler's third reich, which i'm not comparing the conspiracy theory what, but if you push something at people long enough, they're going to start buying it, particularly if they're not exposed to any alternative view. >> the american public has been inundated with a lot of this moon shine. they convinced the majority of americans that oswald was either a member of the high level
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conspiracy or just some patsy that was framed by an elaborate group of co-kconspirator-conspi mob, working in league with u.s. intelligence, but it's all nonsense. tonight in the very limited time we have, if you could ask me why i feel, and why i wrote 1650 pages, why i feel that oswald is guilty and why i feel there was no conspiracy. >> okay, why? >> let's talk about oswald's guilt. in my book, i set forth 53 separate examples of why i too i feel that oswald is guilty. under those first, let's go over just a couple of them, very, very quickly. oswald's rifle, a 6.5 millimeter rifle was proven by firearms
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experts to be the murder weapon. after there was a shooting in deally plaza, oswald was the only one in the book. shot and killed officer j.d. tippett of the dallas police department to stop him on the street to question him. a half hour later at the texas theater. oswald resisted arrest by pulling his gun on the arresting officer. during three days of interrogation, 12 hours, by the dallas police department, oswald told one lie after another, provable lies, all of which show an unmistakable consciousness of guilt. in my mind, i'm satisfied of his guilt, not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond all doubt. that's just on the issue of guilt. on the issue of conspiracy, i'll get into that.
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unless you want to question me further on the issue of guilt. >> i am convinced as you are that oswald was one of the trigger men. any evidence of a second shooter, a second gunman on the grassy noll or anywhere else on that night? >> none. absolutely none. there's allegations of course, but no credible evidence, absolutely not. >> 50 years later, how about credible evidence that it was the mob, that it was the kgb, that it was the anti-castro cubans, that it was the pro castro cubans. >> in my book, i set forth 32 pieces of evidence that point away from the existence of a conspiracy, we can't go into all those tonight. i can't go into all the theories. i do in the book. it's the only book out there that attacks every single conspiracy theory. but in the minutes we have, it's impossible. let me mention three things that apply to all conspiracies, we
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cannot ignore the fact that the house select committee and the warren commission on assassination, both did a massive, extremely intensive investigation of the assassination, they both concluded that there's no credible evidence, that's the keyword, no credible evidence that the mob or the cia or any other group was involved in the assassination. i just want to mention one point, all they found, of course, they did find unsupported allegations and naked speculation. now i use the word credible, i just want to show you how noncredible the conspiracy theorists are. can we have a second segment, i have some important things to talk about. it cannot be done, geraldo. >> give us your best -- no one's going to conspire with lee harvey oz waltd on the face of the earth. after he left the texas
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schoolbook goes tir building, if the mob was behind him, there would have been a car waiting for him to drive him to his death, you know that, instead, we know that oswald is out on the street with $13 in his pocket trying to flag down busses and cabs. that tells anybody that he acted alone. even the presidential motorcade rout, that route wasn't determined until november 13, four days before the assassinati assassination, does anybody really believe that a theory to murder the president of the united states would be hatched within four days of the assassinati assassination? that's just silly, geraldo. >> vince, thank you, later, it has not been seen in 38 years, my long buried interview with
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lee harvey oswald's rifle, this is the exact duplicate. the person who can only qualify by two points at the lowest rung of the military weapons proficiency test could take this piece of junk, and hit a moving target and find his side picture in 5.6 seconds is ludicrous. >> the mafia, the cubans, the cia, of all the conspiracy theories concerning the president's murder, there's more than one possibility. at least one, what if jfk was killed by a horrifying accident, shot dead by an inexperienced
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secret service agent trying to protect him. that's the basis of jfk, the smoking gun. collin, thank you very much for being with us. for the warren commission declaring that -- >> the commission found that the bullet struck president kennedy at the base of his neck, just to the right of his spine. exited his throat, below the adams apple. struck governor connelly beneath and behind his right armpit, shattered four inches of connelly's fifth wrist, exited below his right nipple and crashed into his right wrist, and lodging four inches deep into connelly's left thigh. >> the first round that lee harvey oswald got off missed completely. the second round hit jfk in the back of the neck, that was definitely this type of bullet
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and that is a full metal jacket round, 6.5 millimeters in diameter, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. this is about bullet performance, it hit in the back of the neck, clearly went through his throat. and the third shot is the one that hit jfk in the back of the head. that is a different round all together. the first shot was the 6.5 millimeter round. and the third shot is this other one, more streamlined, this is a 5.56 millimeter, that round was in the secret service weapon, the ar-15 assault rifle, a state of the art rifle that was used that day at deally plaza. >> you allege that that round was fired tragically by accident
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by an agent named george hickey. where was george hickey riding and what weapon did he wield? >> george hickey was a brand-new agent that had only been with the secret service agency four months. his job was to polish the cars. he was righting in the back of the limousine, the follow-up car, only meters away from jfk, the back of jfk's head, on the second shot, you can see there's photographic evidence, it's overwhelming evidence from the security agents from the secret service, they all say that hickey turned from that second shot, he then reached for his weapon, the ar-15, from his position in the back seat. when he went to stand up, the brakes were applied to the secret service vehicle. and he accidently stumbled, fell forward and backwards, at that point, the third shot rang out and that third shot was consistent in every way to be
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the work of this round that explodes upon impact. and as you remember, and as you broke to the world back in 1975, with the zapruder film, you can see that jfk's head was blown. >> so you're making the stunning charge, that a well meaning but inexperienced secret service agent, picked up his weapon, as he went to wield that weapon, the car jerked to a halt and he fired and killed the president of the united states by accident? >> i'm making that charge certainly, but let's be honest about it, there's 11 american people that are making that observation, collectively they all say, and some of their statements got through the warren commission, but some of them didn't. they all say collectively, these good american witnesses that they saw this secret service agent, stand, pick up the
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weapon, accidently fall back and some of them said they believed he had fired the weapon. >> a an accident that you believe killed the president of the united states? >> absolutely. and if you look at it further, geraldo, there are 22 american witnesses as well, that are standing around that parade, around those two cars, the person's car and the follow-up car on the day. ten of them said adamantly they smelled gun smoke at that third shot, just after that third shot. another 12 gave evidence that they saw smoke at the crime scene, a at the street level at that third shot or just after the third shot. that cannot be the smoke of lee harvey oswald. it's impossible. he's six floors up. 295 feet behind. hidden behind a window, firing an old blunder buster, with these particular bullets as i showed you before. 22 witnesses smelled or saw gun
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after the first shot, the secret serviceman raised up in the seat, with a machine-gun, and he dropped back down. >> my next guest, attorney mark zaid, a represented secret service agent george hickey, hickey we referred to in the last segment, the secret service
10:23 pm
agent accused of actually killing the president with the ar-15 rifle. mark zaid who's tolding the gun just like the one used by lee harvey oswald. but jfk killed by a weapon like the one you are holding, or by a modern style ar-15 like your client held on that day 50 years ago? >> certainly all the evidence or at least i know are -- that resulted in the shots to president kennedy. we have to look at akham's razor, for one thing. all the theories, all the medical doctors, pathologists, lawyers who have examined this, investigators and very few people have ever come to the conclusion that secret service agent hickey fired any shots whatsoever. think of the hundreds of witnesses that are standing just feet away from the limb
10:24 pm
limousine, this would be the most massive cover-up of all time, every doctor that was involved, every lawyer that was involved, ever doctor that was involved. jean hill that was closest to the limousine, she thought that jackie kennedy had a poodle in her lap. >> how were they resolved. >> we ended up settling the cases and the publisher admitted what i would say amounted to an apology. unfortunately george hickey is no longer around, he died a few years ago, to be able to respond to these resurrected absurd
10:25 pm
theory. defamation dies with the individual. now another client of mean, tony somers, the title of his book, and he's one of the most respected researchers out there, he's the author of "never in our lifeti lifetime" we won't know really what happened. what i can tell you didn't happen, secret service agent hickey didn't shoot the president. >> did hickey die vindicated or did hi feel he was forever cast in the shadow as the man who might have killed the president? >> i lost touch with him in the last few years, and he had health issues i know. we had given something to his grandchildren and his descendants that he would have at least even felt vindicated. it's really unfortunate that
10:26 pm
this came up. again, the evidence that just is lacking out there to indicate that this weapon, this 15-6, the machine-gun as we call it. that the ballistics didn't match to it is just inge credible. >> did you ever ask hickey if he fired his weapon that day? >> i'm never allowed to, even when the client is deceased, but i will say that he was very adamant that he never did it, as was the other secret service agents in the car, who worked with us, to say that he never fired the shot. >> mark zaid, thank you very
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10:31 pm
while his wife and daughter watched. is it happened after that driver bumped a bike that slowed in front of him. i'm mary ann rafa ter now back to "geraldo at large." w ba. history was changed by this one disgruntled man? >> that's right. and it wasn't even hard because if you see, if you go to dallas, to dealy plaza and see how close that building, the schoolbook depository is to where kennedy came down in a very slow, slow ride. you can see how it happened. >> killing kennedy, the movie based on o'reilly's best selling book airs tomorrow night on the nat geo channel at 8:00 eastern. who was lee harvey oswald, why did he murder the president of the united states? craig investigates.
10:32 pm
>> i'm not a communist. >> according to former "washington post" reporter jefferson morley, editor of, and author of "our man in mexico." jfk was well kno oswald was well known to secret service agents. >> at the height of the cold war for a former marine to say that he wanted to live in the soviet union, those reports were heard even here in the united states. >> so the man two would allegedly go on to murder the president was known to u.s. intelligence, a defector to the soviets at the height of the
10:33 pm
cold war. >> he had kind of leftist sympathies, even when he was in the marines. he told friends that he admired castro. >> oswald meets maria, a 19-year-old pharmacology student, they marry six weeks later. in february, 1962, a daughter, june is born and the brash restless former marine decides russia is not radical enough, the family returns to the united states. >> how is it that he was able to leave russia after he denounced his citizenship as a united states citizen, come back to the united states, with a russian wife in hand? >> he had threatened to renounce his u.s. citizenship, but he never really followed through. so he was still a u.s. citizen when he came back. how he was able to come back so quickly with a russian wife and not be interviewed by the cia is a puzzle. >> oswald was involved in another assassination attempt
10:34 pm
seven months before that awful day in dallas. >> someone took a shot at general edwin walker, a right wing -- oswald later told his wife that he had done. >> general walker was lucky, a bullet fired from the same mail order rifle oswald used to kill the president strikes the general's window frame as he sat in his home office. bullet fragments strike his forearm. >> i'm not a communist and i think that the red herring is rather ridiculous. >> are you a marxist? >> i have a marxist philosophy and other other philosophies. >>. oswald continues his pattern of treason during the pro castro fair play for cuba committee. >> he says he wants to set up a chapter in new orleans. the leaders of the fair play for cuba committee write back and
10:35 pm
say, that's not a good idea, that's a very conservative city, we don't want you to do that. and oswald says i'm going to do it anyway. >> oswald is arrested during a fight with anti-castro cuban exiles. these documents show the agency is tracking his every move. >> his 20 months in the soviet union had a maturing affect on him. so 42 days before kennedy is killed, five cia officers sign off on a cable that says oswald is maturing. >> what are you advocating? >> we advocaed a voe >> we advocaed a vo -- >> we are concerned about the lone wolf, the person who has no identity until he does something drastic like the boston bombers. but here you have lee harvey
10:36 pm
oswald visiting russia, and trying to get into cuba. so he was a well known entity just months before the president was killed. it couldn't have gong any higher, these were the top officers involved in counter intelligence, which is protecting cia operations of anti-castro operations.n service those officers in the western hemisphere division and the counter intelligence staff of the cia are the ones that are paying close attention to oswald, just seven weeks before president kennedy is killed. >> it was a violation of the most basic -- >> since jfk, oliver stone's controversial movie is released, the jfk records act is passed to quench speculation about the assassination. documents are released, but morley says there are still thousands more secret documents concerning the assassination so he sues the cia for their release. >> is there a possibility that
10:37 pm
these documents withhold some kind of a plot against castro who's still alive? >> there's a couple of possibilities, additional information about the cia's plots to kill castro. some of these files concern men who were involved in the castro assassination plot. another possibility is that there was an operation involving oswald, a cia operation involving oswald that has never been disclosed. these extreme claims of secrecy, after 50 years that this is national security information. i really question that. >> 50 years later there's still a lot of questions. definitely. >> craig, thanks, a long time ago i visited with lee harvey oswald's mother marguerite who died 30 years ago. >> did your son in your opinion, kill president kennedy?
10:38 pm
>> i don't have an opinion whether lee killed president kennedy or not. i happen to know my son was framed. i have stated so in my testimony. i have spoken out for 13 years and so i find the question have upsetting. >> over the last several years, especially, there have been reports that your son was actually an agent for one of the intelligence agencies here in the united states, the cia, the fbi, the secret service, something like that. what do you think about that theory? >> well, yes, when lee went to russia, i thought then, which was in 1959, i thought then and just for the fact that he had shown up in russia, but in thinking about everything, i was convinced that he was sent to russia. and i made a personal trip to washington, d.c. in 1960.
10:39 pm
and i think at the time of the assassination, when everybody was still so upset, if i said anything, people go, oh, that's a mother taking up for her son. so now i'm going to say to the public, no, no, in 1960, three years prior to that, i had already been to washington and i said then, if my son is an agent in the united states i want to know, and i think he belongs home. and sick wex weeks later, i rec notice from the state department giving me his address, but up until that point in time, i didn't know if lee was alive or dead for 20 months. i had been in contact with the state department, they didn't know where my son was. six weeks later, i get his address and saying he wants to come home. that, to me, clinches -- it
10:40 pm
doesn't prove anything, but after all, you do have circumstantial evidence. and this is what they base my son's allegedly killing the president on, circumstantial evidence. they built a case against him. i can also build a case. >> in an interview that you gave to a newspaper, about three weeks after the assassination, you said that the fbi came to you approximately 17 hours prior to -- showed you a picture of a man, that later you identified as jack ruby. >> the night before, mr. bart odom came to the motel where marina and i were staying and they wanted to talk to marina, and i wouldn't let them, because she had been under terrible
10:41 pm
strain. and my grandson was only a couple weeks ago. he had a picture of a couple in his hand and he asked me if i knew this man. and i said no, i have never seen this man in my life before, believe me. and off he went. and after ruby killed lee, and remember, i didn't know ruby killed lee. i walked into a room where we were being held by the secret service, and i casualty turned over a newspaper, and on the front page, the whole bottom of the page, was a picture of a man and i said, that's the man that the picture and the fbi man showed me. and he said ms. oswald, that's the man who killed your son. >> this is an extraordinary room, i wonder if you'll tell me about it. >> all these books are favorable to my son, lee harvey oswald. while some of them are sensationalism, most of them, all of them i would say, has
10:42 pm
some truth in them. these authors have the 26 volumes, they do have the documentation, but where they air is the evaluation of such. and that is where these commission members erred. all of these are opinions, assumptions and false documents because they came to the conclusion that lee harvey oswald was the lone assassin. i have said they were wrong, i have yelled they were wrong for 14 years and i stand here now saying they were wrong in their final analysis. and what is the final analysis? that is the commission report that lee harvey oswald killed the president of the united states. i say they're wrong . [ male announcer ] it's 7am and steve is already thinking about tomorrow.
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hi, geraldo, it's mike baker, former cia covert operations officer. yes, lee harvey could have made that shot. he had the opportunity, he had the motive, he a had the skill, he could have made those shots. but i'm not a conspiracy guy, i believe there were other forces at play. >> mike baker, thank you very much. with us perhaps the leading researcher and conspiracy theorist on the assassination of jim cantore. jfk. mark lane join us us from virginia. let's put evidence aside, i want you to tell me right now, who killed the president in your opinion after everything that you have researched, everything that you have been to over these long decades, who do you think
10:47 pm
was responsible for the death of the young and gracious 35th president of the united states, mark lane? >> start out by saying there is no evidence against oswald. i know people talk about his motivation. you're a lawyer and so am i, we know that motive is not an element of the crime. the question is what is the evidence. let's look at the evidence. there is no evidence that oswald was involved. >> mark, i want you to tell me who did it if oswald did ot? >> good question, the answer, i believe is the central intelligence agency. i don't know the names of the guys, but the central intelligence agency. we have the cia -- this is crucial. plotting in september of 1963 to leave a trail behind which would involve oswald and the
10:48 pm
assassination. they said he was in motiexico c, he went to the russian embassy, on and on and on. in september ---this is the crucial part. we know it's not true. even david atley phillips, he was in mexico city but was in charge of the russian embassy in mexico. he went there, he saw the soviets, he saw the russians, itself. but the cia set that up. david atley phillips did it, in september of 1963. so my question is, how did they know in september that the president was going to be killed two months later? and the answer, i think is a parrot, they knew it because they did it and they were planning to do it then. >> i don't understand how you
10:49 pm
can make that allegation, the carcano rifle was bought by lee harvey oswald via mail order, the rifle that was used to kill the president. the .38 revolver that was used to kill officer tibet 45 minutes later was lee harvey oswald's gun. we have pictures of oswald holding the gun in his holster. how can you say there's nod evidence? >> you don't have a picture of him shooting it, do you? it's not a question of who owned the weapon, it's a question of who fired the weapon. we don't know how oswald got those weapons. i brought in one action after another. most of the information is available is because i brought freedom of information actions in the united states district court in the district of columbia. but there is still a vast amount of evidence which is not available. if the government says all the evidence shows that oswald did it, let's see the evidence, why is it still being hidden after all of these years? what's the answer to that
10:50 pm
question? >> mark lane, i think maybe 50 years will pass and still we don't have another 50 years, all of the a answers. i appreciate it. up next, the lone scientist who disagreed with the forensic panel on the warren commission, panel on the warren commission, dr. ♪ panel on the warren commission, dr. i always wanted to design a bike that honored those who serve our country. and geico gave me that opportunity. now naturally, we wanted it to be powerful, innovative and we built this bike as a tribute to those who are serving, those who have served and their families. and i think we nailed it. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease.
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the single bullet theory is complete fantasy and the biggest reason is the horizontal trajectory just simply can't line up. it is thoroughly impossible. >> mark furman, thank you, you just saw my next guest, but for now, forensic pathologist, he
10:54 pm
knows as much about what happened on that november day in dallas than any other man alive. doctor wect, welcome, your position on the evidence is clear, you have made it clear over the years, you don't think oswald did it, you certainly don't think he acted alone. so i'm going to ask you the same question i just asked mark lane, who do you think killed president kennedy? >> okay, we'll have another hour some other time and talk about the forensic scientific evidence. who do i think killed kennedy? it was a group of people, three, four, five people, the cia, military industrial complex. they're not going to tolerate jfk any longer, the removal of the ground troops in vietnam, the events that are taking place in cuba. the cia was about to be dismantle by jfk. he got sick and tired of all the things that were going on. the cia was a separate government, geraldo, the assassinations and overthrows of government in iran, guatemala
10:55 pm
and chili, iran, anything that the cia wanted to do, they did. and who orchestrated it? it wasn't the russians, it wasn't the china. this was the overthrow of the government, it was a coup d'etat in america. it was the forensic scientific ed, which regrettably i don't have a chance to talk about. rob mcclellan, said unequivocally, that he stood there for about ten to 20 minutes, eight to ten inches from the head wound, a man who has seen hundreds if not thousands of gunshot wounds, he said that it came from behind the picket fence on the grassy noll. there's no question. and kennedy, after being struck in the back, he was hit a second time in the head. he was hit two times, two head shots. the war on commission report is
10:56 pm
a single bullet theory. one bullet producing seven wounds in two men. the bullet only lost 1.5% of its total weight. the bullet emerged near pristine. the government itself conducted an experiment shooting into goat carcasses, to simulate kennedy's head fracture, and they could not come one a bullet anywhere near the bullet 399. the bullet had to have broken both a rib and a radius. this is hard scientific evidence. the missing brain, the burned nose at the fireplace. the missing bullet hole on friday night. the whole thing is a total fiasco, it's a debacle. >> on that note, take a breath, dr. weblgct, we appreciate it. we know what you think.
10:57 pm
folks, lee harvey oswald owned the rifle used to kill the president, that's true. he owned the handgun that was used to kill the cop 45 minutes later. he ran away from the scene, that's true. even his own brother came to the conclusion, he killed jfk. did oswald -- anybody else had anything to do with it. no evidence. as jackie kennedy said of her husband's death, he didn't even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights, it had to be some silly little communist and that's the point, because history shines on the 35th president, he wanted [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace
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