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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 10, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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huckabee in two seconds, have a great night. >> tonight on huckabee. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. >> with his credibility on the line the president apologizes after lying about the health care. you will be able to keep your plan, period. >> was the damage done? >> he would tell anyone who cared to listen, he would be a navy seal. >> betrayed and demanding answers from the white house. >> our president has gloried in their excesses and exposing them they have put a target on their back. >> partners of aaron vaughn
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searching for the truth surrounding the death of their son. >> and oj to zimmerman, media impact on high profile cases. >> plus. ♪ i am a girl >> the governor jams with the country grouchlt the a-- group the annie moses band. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) thank you, great audience here and thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, this week, the president apologized. i feel like i need to begin tonight a mea cullpa and a confession if i will. i hard on president obama and ridiculed his outrageous lies
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about keeping my health care and doctors. those were lies that he said over and over. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to cope your health care plan, period. >> if you like the plan you can keep. it >> if you like your doctor you will keep your drchlt if you like your health care plan you will keep it. >> if you like your doctor, you should be able to keep your health care. >> if you like your plan and you like your doctor and will not have to do a thing. >> you will be able to keep that insurance. >> if you like your doctor, keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan keep it? >> if you like your doctor keep your plan. if you like your $doctor cope your drchlt keep your health care plan.
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if you like your health care plan keep your health care plan. >> keep your health care plan. >> if you like your dra cop your drr. if you like your doctor keep your doctor. if you like your plan keep your plan. cope your mrn. if you like your doctor, cope your doctor. if you like your plan, you can cope your plan. if you like your doctor, you will cope your doctor. >> if you like your doctor, you can cope your doctor. if you have health insurance you will cope your health insurance. you keep your own insurance. said this once and twice and bears repeating. if you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance. >> yeah, of course you will. (applause) >> yeah he said it once or twice. at least 24 times.
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look, even the mainstream media knows that all of those promises were balloon juice. another way to put it warm and swishy aftermath of a bull's walk through the pasture. but those whoppers aside. i have to confess i failed to see and publicly acknowledge the important benefits of obama care and i want to be fair and balanced. it may cost me 400 percent more and raise my deductibles thousands of dollars and take my out of pocket extension to several thousand and limit my choice of doctors and hospitals to the ones that the government wants me to have, you know there are great benefits of my being on obama care and with these incredible benefits, i can't understand why president obama doesn't want to be on this plan and put his epitire fan and kathleen sebelius and congress. they want out of obama care,
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while they insist i get it, they don't want to seem selfish and put themselves on it, but i found things to love about obama care after all. no kidding, you know what, i found out under obama care, i am going to have dental coverage for children. i saw this spot by delta dental from virginia. >> okay, okay. >> great, great. weather where would you like the baby car seat. >> no, i don't have kids. >> it doesn't matter the government said you have to buy it. >> where should i put. it >> smile, smile. >> yeah, you know the fact that my own children are grown and on theiron and have their own children is immaterial. i am man dated to carry dental insurance for the children we don't have. and while you think that is unnecessary, i found out under obama care, i also have
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maternitiy benefits. yes, (applause) it is man dated and so i am going to have it whether i ask for it or not. some people complain the government forcing me to buy something i can't or don't need much i am a glass half full. i so it as a good thing. i am 58-year-old male, and while it is unlikely that i am going to get pregnant and give birth. i still believe in miracles. and think about it, having a baby at my age and being a male, that would be so expensive and so thanks to obama care, i am covered and if i have the miracle kids, thanks to president obama they will have great dental coverage. almost worth being the first male to give birth and i am recovered for a stint in alcohol
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and rehab. i am a tee totaler i never tasted beer. i never used illegal drugs or touched pot or inhaled it, no, i am covered and after watching toronto's mayor this week, i decided i needed to be covered. >> yes, i have smoked crack kro cocaine. tried. and am i an addict. it probably in my drunken stupor approximately a year ago. >> yeah, the drunken stupor. i know you are worried about the mayor, don't worry about him. mayor ford has a new identity and has a new job. >> first off, i am 35 years old. i am divorced. and i live in a van down by the river. >> does look like him, doesn't it. >> all right. you know, i don't recall drinking alcohol or being drunk or using drugs or smoking crack.
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but maybe i don't recall because i was in a drunken stupor and can't remember. i know president obama admitted to serious issues of drugs in his past and he wants to protect people like me in case i am more like him than i can remember. thank you mr. president. and thanks nancy pelosi and harry reid and the democrats, you have me covered for just about anything. and i can't afford it or need it. i know you are going to bail me out with free government money and then you are going to let my grandkids figure out how to pay for it. and they are sure going to remember their paw paw. (applause) >> we sent ryan reese out in the streets of new york so we could ask what people thought about the president repeating that lie that you can keep your health
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insurance period? >> miguel. are you upsit for the president for lying about keeping the health care plan? >> absolutely. it is it a shame. it is really a shame. >> i believe he lied and misled the country. >> him lying is despicable. >> we are 14 million that lost it and we are upset about that. >> how do you feel about the president lying? >> i don't think he did. >> what do you think he did? >> i think he was promoting a program. >> what was the biggest lie you ever told? >> i never loy. >> you have dated for six months and he lied to you for 24ure times a row would you forgive him? >> no. >> i would say one more try. >> and then you would forgive him. >> we are done. >> and yes. we are done. and so thank you. you are saying america should break up with obama? >> yes. >> what are you doing for your living.
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>> i am an attorney. >> you believe it is all about hope and change? >> not at all. >> actually it is. you better hope your health care plan doesn't change. >> the president watches and it is his favorite network. nobama we would like to see better. >> president obama what are you doing right to make it right for the people? >> president obama, don't lie! and thank you ryan reese for going out on the street. >> and earlier this week, reported that 4 million americans received notices that their health insurance policies will no longer be offered in the new year because they don't meet the high standards of the affordable care act. look at that map. and realize we are talking about millions of americans losing it because they are unhappy with the policy? no. the government was not happy. it is not about health insurance. it is about freedom.
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it is about whether or not you or the government should make the decision for what is best for you and your family. i vote that you might know better than the government. just my thoughts. >> one hilo respected journalist called the president's back track on this loy an orchest rated
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president obama ended the week with an apology but not before modifying the cope your plan line on monday. >> we said you could keep it, if it hasn't changed since the law's passed and we wrote in to the affordable care act you are grandfathered in on that plan.
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>> my next guest wrote in the national journal in the video. watch the video of obama reinventing history with what we said. he's looking at notes, remarkably it was not the off the cuff remark it was written by white house officials and recited by the president. orchesterated deceit. joining me is the man who wrote that. ron fournier. the mark of a good journalist if you can't tell whether they like the person they are covering, they are a good jourpallist. and frankly, i never did figure out he luked me. ron, good to have you here. >> great to be here. i like being here. nit's a pleasure. that strong imagery. orchesterated deceit, you know, i have known you a long time, ron. and you don't go after public
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officials just to do it. you call it like you so it. and those were tough words. what put you in a position where you said the president has gone over the line here? >> first the disclosure. obama care already helped my family. i have older daughters that are on obama care. i wanted to work. but you know, i want the government to do it right and shoot straight with me. and something that bothers journalist that take their job seriously is being deceived and spun and lied to. and when the president of the united states not only repeatedly said that you can keep your plan. which we know the white house knew was wrong. we know they knowingly deceived the public and that is dictionary definition of a lie. that is bad enough. but the president comes out and spin us and insult, i think
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insulting our intelligence and said what we said was. that crosses a line that gets me a little upset and when ronald reagan and bill clinton and george bush tried it, i push back. if you had tried it, i would have pushed back on you, too. >> your colleagues in the media have been tougher in the last 2 or 3 weeks than the last five years of the administration. are they frustrated? are they up to here with the attitude of you know, obama people can say anything and we'll not push back? >> i never bought that the press corps and i know you disagree. i never believed that the press corps in general was in the tank. we try to cover what is happening in front of us. it is so obviously and bla at the present timely wrong and misleading and some cases lying that there is no way to ignore it. and the first year of the second
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term has been a disaster. and they have done just about everything wrong you can possibly do. we have to cover that. and you know, there is just no getting around it. >> does it hurt more than it promised to be what he promised most transparent. snshg yes. >> why does that make it worse? >> this is a guy who came to washington and elected and convinced a lot of people. 54 percent of us that he would change the culture of washington. this is not an opinion but a fact. what has happen instead. he had is a hostage of washington and he's now acting like and sounding like the very thing he ran against. people can understand when the president can't get something done. and they don't even agree with the president. but we want to respect the president and know that he respects us and we don't want to be deceived and certainly don't want to go against the core of
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your brand. barak obama promised to change the culture of washington and he hasn't. and that is politically unforgivable. >> do you think that his apology was enough and did that cover it or let him off of the hook? >> he's still on the hook. he did the right thing about apology otherwising. you need to open up to it and probably gets credibility from the public with that. but when i say i am sorry, honey. she expects it but expects me to get my act together. he has to hold himself and his people accountable to fix not only the website but implement the law and to do that he has to convince young americans to buy insurance that they don't think they need so people like you and i, but people who don't have insurance, he has to be credible. his administration has to be cred ebl and right now government looks awfully
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incredible. >> ron pornier thank you for coming. >> coming up. media influences politics. but does media influence george zimmerman case and casy though thee, you bet it does. allen
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when big celebrities get in trouble they call my next goek gechlt allen dershowits. and now he's sharing the stories of the career. please welcome allen. >> great to have you back. i thought i would have you put
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your hand on the bock and promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. >> i do, i say autobiographer is like a defendant. if you can a right to say silent. but this bock has no false modesty. i claim credit and proud of what i have done and i will not sdoef my readers. let me give him the credit. false humiditiy is a form of literary perinjury. >> fascinating view. >> and you dealt with so many high- profile people. does media have an impact on how the trial comes out? >> absolutely. lawyers who don't know how to deal with media and social media and bock bock and twitter are
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playing with one arm behind the back. every judge comes home and wants to know what spouse and friends think. jurors are not supposed to talk but they do and the media is the 13th jouror. >> we hear they are sequesters and not talking about the case or read newspaper. but if they have an iphone they are likely to know the public perception and that will influence them. >> you never know which way. to ignore the media and reality that trials are part of a more general context is to blink reality. >> what would you advise to attorneys who have high profile clients. how do they handle that differently than somebody no one cares about? >> first of all, if you have a celebrity client, it will affect positively or negatively
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the outcome. people come in the trial with a perception and that influences how they hear the evidence. and you can help shape that perception. most of my clients rather not have the name in the newspaper. if you attack my client on the courthouse steps, i will respond. if you attack them on huckabee, i will present the other point of view. and the prosecutions picks the ven u and the difference attorney has to respond. >> should we televised trials? is it more sensationalizing than necessary? >> we should start by televoicing the supreme court of the united states. we have a right to see our justices in operation. when it comes to trials, televoicing them without making them kind of a subject of advertising. and have j- span like c-span.
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boring it could be. but we have the right to peek in and look. people tend to forget once they are on television for a while and focus on the juror i. but the public has a right to see warts and all. and i write about those warts in my book taking the stand. judges are not above criticism. and oh, the juriy found o.j. simpson not guilty. that means he is not guilty. the jury found a reasonable doubt. you the public make a right on the judgment and the history bocks are not determined by what goes on in the jury rom. >> the book is taking a stand. and our audience will get a copy of allen's bock taking the stand. they will be happy about it. >> coming up, the social media were around in the o.j. simpson
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simpson trial, would the jury have come back with a different verdict? allen will answer daughters tes
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their daughter who knocked out his daughter and let her drown in a bath tub. >> we are back with allen. his autobiograpy is called taking a stand. would social media made a difference in the o.j. simpson simpson. i think the jourors would have known how unpopular that verdict would be. it was won because the prosecution did a bad job and the police tried to frame a guilty man. the police believed that o.j. simpson did it and they tock one of his socks from the hamper and put it on a white rug, and took it and poured blood on it and the blood of o.j. simpson and the victims and i can prove that
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to you and your television audience. >> you talked about it in the bock. we think it was the glove. you say it was the sock. >> the jurors said it was the socks. the glove they thought would be excluded from evidence. >> so what happened. >> an officer took the sock out of the hamper and he took blood from the test town of o.j. simpson simpson and the victims and poured it on the sock. fourerancy. the video that was taken before the police search showed no black sock on the white rug. there was blood on the sock and it had edta not found in the human body but only found in test towns used to dekwagulate the blood and if you pour blood you will find mirror images and exactly the same mirror image on the sock where as if machine is
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wearing the sock, the league will interview and you will not find the mirror. that sock had four mirror images and so the police clearly tried to frame somebody. and the jury caught them. and they said if we don't believe that evidence we have reasonable doubt. >> i know it is in your book and talk about it. i have to ask you about this week. serious things going on in israel which is a big concern to you. >> right. >> iran continuing the nuclear program. what is this administration doing to say iran can't have a nuclear program and the palestinians doing. >> i am worried about iran. it poses a threat to 6 million jews. and christian arabs and muslim arabs. ife ran gets the bomb it changes everything.
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and i am worried that it is our cham perlane moment. in the 1930s we could have defooted nazi germane and they negotiated their way to being a strongest power and killed 50 million people. i am worried that iran is negotiating its way to nuclear weapons. fighting ought to always be a last resort. we must cope a military option on the table. worst thing we do is not attack them and allow them to develop nuclear weapons. >> absolutely. and thank you, allen. >> i will get you a new sock. >> thank you and fascinating and if you are interested in the background of the legal system. allen's bock taking the stand. >> i am partnering with the vfw with our veterans and go to i
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support our you can find out how. and first, why was the sha nuck shot down over afghanistan 90 days after the death of osama bin laden. the parents of one of those seals said the obama administration put their son's life in danger. they will explain when we return.
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>> on august 6th, 2011, the lives of chinook passengers were taken. two on board was the navy seals. was it our own government who put them in harma way? >> just 90 days before that deadly crash, america was celebrating the successful raid that killed osama bin laden. but one thing that was decided that was forgotten quickly. >> frankly, a week ago sunday in the situation room, we all agreed we would not release operational details from the effort to take out bin laden. that fella part on monday, the next day. >> the incredible and phenomenal and unbelievable capacity of the navy seals and what they did
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last sunday. >> they here in fort campbell i had the privilege of meeting the extraordinary special ops and folks who honored that promise and chance to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. >> they are america's quiet professionals. and success demands secrecy. >> washington gloated over the victory. navy seal aaron vaughn was calling home in a panic, warning that word was out that he and felly seals were in danger and warning his family they may be targeted as well. >> this man got away with saying uncle joes gas. this is not uncle joe and senile old grandfather. he is the second in command of the most powerful count row in the world. august 6th. vaughn's concerns became a reality when he boarded that
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helicopter that was shot down and taking the lives of every soul on board. that single attack marked the did theedliest loss ever in the u.s. naval special warfare. >> that incredibly tragic day for your country leads us to ask, our the poll tugs leaving brave men and women with targets on their backs. joiny me is billy vaughn. he is author of the story. nbilly, i heard that snippet in the interview, it seemed evident that you feel like the obama administration in many ways, all but put a target on your son's back? >> absolutely. the families, of the navy seals, never tell who our sons are. if you asked aaron or these guys what they did. they simply say in the military.
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our president has gloried in their successes time and time again, and by exposing them and exposing the names of the unit and then by also making agreements with the afghan government, allowing them, the a afghans not to be vetted properly, they have put a target on the back. >> inside information from afghanistan's forces could have tipped off the taliban as to where that chen okay was and who was on it chinook? >> i believe that. in fact the military will not say beyond a shadow of a doubt it was not an ambush. the best we were told by general jeffrey colt we don't believe it was an but everything we have seen points to the possibility and probability of a set up. >> but the fact is, your son
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believed that once the president and vice-president went out there and started to spike the football, that he believed his life was in danger because of that? >> aaron did, and now we found out the rest of the special operations community did, too. we saw clips of secretary of defense gates talking and answering other operators questions for them and their families, governor. >> tell me about aaron. as a mom, i don't want to lose a fact that this is not just a navy seal. that means a lot to us and wow, he's the best of the best and these guys train for the impossible. he's your son. >> you are going to make me cry. >> you are going to make me cry. he's your son and remind us who aaron is as a person. >> thank you for personalizing him. gosh, you know, the most important thing i can tell you about aaron, is that he had
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a personal relationship with christ and because of that, he never doubted where he was spending eternity should something happen to him if he was working and he felt he was honored human being and created to do it. i tell you, by the time aaron was eight years old. one day he would be a knaveev seal and he overcame unimaginable odds to do it and aaron lived 90 years in 30. we have others, and aaron taken from us. but we have no regrets over the life he chose and proud and honored and he chose to honor his country and god and family and community and he was an incredible human being. nbilly, you make it clear you didn't want to write the book but you had to, we deserve to know the truth and american people deserve worries and our government steeped in denial needs a wake- up call.
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are we any close tort truth today than we were? >> we have a lot of the truth. we know that they were flying an antikuwaited helicopter because we don't have enough special operation's choppers captain corn strategy was adopted in afghanistan and from the time we entered afghanistan under president bush in 2009, we had a thousand deaths. >> in the first nine years, it nine years to have a thousand. when we adopted the coin strategy we roached the corn strategy. >> counsellor insurgency. winning the hears and mines of the afghans. >> rather than winning the war. >> that's right. and we are told we are winning
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their hearts and mine -- minds. aaron never told us that. >> carren, tell me about the last conversation you had with aaron? >> we were in a hotel room just before aaron deployed and his daughter was born three weeks prior and we were there to so him and her because she was just born and be with him for his 30th birthday. and the most memorable thing that i remember, son, i guess you will be safer now than you have been sense you are a member of seal team six. he said it is the most dangerous deployment as i have been on. there were a lot of warning signs, and aaron hugged me longer and differently than he hugged me good by. i turned to walk in the hotel and i could feel he hadn't moved and he was staring at me.
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and i will hold that for the rest of my life. he anyhow it was going to be very dangerous because he anyhow a target was put on the team's back and they were all concerned about it. they are not concerned about the safety. they just anyhow it was extraordinarily dangerous where they were working and fighting the pakistane taliban and it was bad. >> made worse because the president and vice-president went out and let the world know these are the folks who did it. they didn't want the publicity. >> absolutely. >> i thank you for your story. it is powerful. you have a son you will never get to spend time with. i don't know if it could have been avoided but it might could. i hope people as they read your book will understand that it is not just the seals, it is about aaron who is son to billy and
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carren. >> thank you, governor. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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i want to say happy birthday to ruby partage of lindsay, california. ruby turns 100 years old this weekend. we all want to say happy birthday ruby, on number 100. our next band is the award winning song writing parents together with their six children and together they make great music based on faith and family. robin wilber also has a song out, called the song of annie
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moses. please welcome the annie moses band. great to you guys. you talk about in your book of how god really gave you a vision of how children could be a wonderful part of the message. did you ever dream that you would have six all with -- or did you just whip them into submission. >> i was mama and i was driving that ship. and we got up very early and practiced together. >> oldest daughter is annie, not annie moses. but annie. what are we going to do today? >> we're going to do an old mountain tune. this is the girl of constant sorrow from our new album pilgrims and prodigals. ♪ i am a girl
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♪ of constant sorrow ♪ i'm going back to california ♪ to a place where i was partly made ♪ ♪ all through this world ♪ i found a rhyme that's not been ruined ♪ ♪
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♪ your friend may think i'm just a stranger ♪ ♪ based on the promise that i've been given ♪ ♪
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♪ i'm a girl of constant sorrow ♪ ♪ ♪ #. >> the annie moses band. i hope you'll get robin's book, it will bless you and their beautiful, beautiful music. i hope you'll say a prayer for the people of the philippines as
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they recover from the devastating typhoon. good night and god bless.
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i'm bill henry, reporting from the museum in washington, d.c., and this is a special photo exhibit on the legacy of president kennedy. they're gentle reminder of president kennedy's 36 days in the white house. why do so many people have questions about what happened during those six seconds in dallas? you're about to see why.


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