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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  November 10, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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welcome to healthy you. i'm carol alt. the liver. it's the seed of anger, the peskty organ that gets sclerosis when we drink too much alcohol. most people don't know where it was is in the body. do you? do you know an unhealthy liver could be causing you to be overweight? we explore several options to keep you healthy and fit. a lot have to do with the liver. lately a fight has raged between experts who say we should work out long and hard and the experts who say five minutes at a time is all we need. i'm going to propose a truce. here we me is tony greco of greco lean and fit to propose a
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third theory which i say i agree with, tony. so tell us, what -- first people say you work out really long and hard, you get this hard body and others people are saying five minutes at a time. i find if i work out five minutes at a time on a certain part of my body, i get better results. >> you do, because it's the work you do within those five minutes. most people rest and don't get their heart rate up. today we're doing something really simple that you can do every day for five minutes. you'll target your quads, your gluts, your problem areas. >> he's going to tell us how to get rid of the horrible nasty areas all us women are trying to get rid of when we're doing our exercises. let me get rid of my shoes here. show me. show me. especially butt, hips, my thighs. >> yes. >> why is it we have to give up our miniskirts when we become 40? it's like the legs go, tell me what i can do here. >> here's a piece of duct tape. it's really simple. we're going to work what we call our crossovers to get the heart
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rate up. we're going to have fun. start moving like this. do the crossover. that's all you're doing. >> so coordinated. >> you can slow it down and bring your right leg over your left and left over your right. >> i feel that in my stomach. >> you're going to have to start contracting those areas. here's the other thing. from there, the next exercise, we're going to work on balance. because it's important again, people do all this different exercise, but their knee is not positioned properly. they're leaning back. they're not engaging their abs. here's a simple drill. stand on your right leg. bring your left leg up. okay. now take your right hand and position it over your head. >> okay. >> close your eyes and eliminate one of the elements. good. good. you've got really good balance. >> you had to grab me. >> most people would be like this because they're not used to that. >> so basically what you're doing here is you're working your core. are you working your core on this one, also? that's for here to get rid of belly fat. >> exactly. >> and to keep your side smooth. >> you got it. >> those are really tough areas.
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i do find love handles creeping in now and then. >> people do sit-ups and crunches. you know what, they do hundreds and hundreds. but ideally, they don't engage their abdominals. so when you're sitting here doing these exercises, you have no choice. here's the next one. we're going to target quads and also the abdominals. take that same leg, bring it up. what we're going to do is squad down, pick up the pylon and then bring it back up again, and then bring it back down again. that's okay, that's totally normal. >> it's balance. >> exactly. >> it also gets your legs. it gets your quads, your sides and your legs all at the same time. >> exactly. >> how many minutes for each of these exercises? >> you can do one minute per exercise. >> right. >> one minute. >> basically five exercises that target your abdominal areas. and that's your five minutes. >> that's it. you got it. here's a water jug, for instance. you can put your leg down. you can use a can of soup. okay, so this is probably a pound, two pounds. so what we're going to do is this.
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>> that's a tony greco pound. that's a carol alt five pounds. >> what we're going to do is using the line again to keep you positioned properly. we're going to bring this just underneath our chin. this is a rotational lunge. take your left leg and go forward. this is the common mistake people make. >> i want you to finish talking. >> they bend their knees past their toes. not good. you want to bring it back to 90 degrees. >> so what's happening is they go too far forward with their leg and their knee comes out over their toes instead of keeping lined up over their ankle. >> exactly. >> what happens? they don't get the same result. >> you can injure themselves. too much pressure. they can throw their knee out. you want to be able to put everything on the "a" frame i call it which is the hip, pelvis and so squat right now. >> what do you call it? the "a" frame? here. here. keep basically straight up. so you come like this, and basically it's coming straight down instead of going forward. >> you got it. >> oh, yes. >> just hold it there. now what you can do is, from here, you're going to keep this
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thing up, and rotate it over the left knee. >> oh my goodness, tony. >> and tone the obliques. >> and then the other side. >> and i work out. >> that's it. >> oh, my god. >> then come back up again. >> i'm going to have to add that again. wow. i can feel it after doing two. >> you see? the other thing, too, is -- i'm going to give you the lighter can here. here you go. >> that's a carol alt one pound. keep going. >> here's the next one. you're going to take your hand up. pretend you're chopping some wood with an ax. what you're going to do is step forward, chop the wood. watch this, push back up bringing that knee up. >> okay. let me give it a shot. leg up. chop wood. >> then up. good. >> wow. >> then again. so you chop down, and then all the way up. >> you do that so easily. >> it looks easy. right? >> it's not easy. >> when you come up, you notice you engage that whole area enter yeah, because you have to stay straight. you want to engage the "a" frame
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adds you call it straight down the middle and keeping your hips to keep your body upright. i find that's the problem when i come up, it's like, keep from not pulling back. >> you got it. that's the key, these exercises help you to kind of automatically engage that area which i find most people, like, i tried this, but, you know, my abs are sore and stuff, but you got to build that area because they are a muscle. that's why we're doing a minute. people do 60, 100 situps. >> they do them out of position and incorrectly and that's how they hurt themselves. >> exactly. >> i'm guilty of that, myself. >> we all are. >> my heart is beating a mile a minute. >> one more. we're going to finish up on our mats. one more. here we have our mats. everybody has home has a yoga mat. this one here, you can just start -- i'll give you a little bit of progression. people can try this at home. first one, you're just going to stand like this. and what you're going to do, take your left leg, extend it, then extend your right hand.
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bring your left knee into your left wrist and kick it back out again. it's just engaging a lot of the hip flexors and a lot of the groin area where many women kind of want to focus on. loose skin over here and everything. >> knee straight or off to the side? >> knee is straight, coming straight in. >> excellent. >> from there, a little bit of a challenge. go on all fours which is a plank. if you can, you want to lift that leg up. lift the opposite hand. what that's going -- yeah. that's okay. keep the spine in the neutral position. what that's going to do is put the pressure on the abdominal wall. >> you have thrown the gauntlet down. i'm challenged. tony, thank you so much for being here. >> that was amazing, you did great. but you usually do. >> oh my goodness. did you know the liver controls the amount of fat in our bodies and where it's located? it's true. plus the liver can also affect our hormone balance. a little nervous about that sentiment? don't worry, i was, too. when we come back, we have some
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it's the best gift ever. s "happy holidays" it's thoughtful, considerate, like the photos y love. create your personalized photo gifts on welcome back to "a healthy you." can the functionality of our body impact our weight? with me to help you understand the liver cause and effect is dr. bruce bond. hi, dr. bond. thank you for being mere today. >> hi, good morning. >> first of all, where's the liver? i don't think many people know. >> here, the lower part of your rib cage. >> so the right-hand side. >> and it shares a common bile duct, does it not? >> yes. >> with the gallbladder? >> yes. >> so you have the liver and gallbladder together. can you tell me, why is the liver so important? >> the liver is so important because if you want to have a healthy life, you need a healthy liver. >> why? >> because the liver, anything foreign that we bring into the
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body, which is any of the industrialized by-products some people call junk food, all those foreign chemicals, anything we put on the body that doesn't belong in there, the liver is a primary filter that should make it nontoxic so we either get it out of the body. >> so basically the liver is the seat of detoxing. >> yes. >> so when people are doing their detoxes, what they're really doing is cleaning the liver? >> no, they're actually, what's happening is they're feeding the liver what it needs, so when the toxins come out of the tissues, like out of the fat cells, the liver can make them nontoxic. it either goes out our urine or out our stool. by eating the right foods, we're actually supporting the function of the liver. so when these things come into the liver, the liver can get rid of it. because if the liver doesn't neutralize the toxins, the liver doesn't hold on to them, it gets stored in our butt and our bellies. >> wait a minute. when you can't get rid of toxins because your liver is full basically or not functioning
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well, it gets stored in fat cells? is that what you're telling me when you say your butt? >> yes. the government did a study and found in every surgical specimen in every cadaver that the fat cells were loaded with toxins. and the conclusion is really saying that the liver's not doing its job. so we've had a double whammy going on in america. you have an obesity epidemic and toxic people. so really, they're really toxic waste dumps walking around. >> so the liver is really your filter to clean the body, it gets all clogged up, all these toxins in it. we have environmental factors, air pollutions, we have water pollution, heavy metals in our fish. all these things going on. and the poor little liver is trying to do its job all by its lonesome? that's what you're telling me? >> and it's really struggling today, because people are making the wrong choices as to what they're putting into the body, they're not eating foods that typically support their liver. things like kale and brussel
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sprouts, red beets. most americans, you mention beets and kale and they get a deer in the headlights look. >> kale has an upsurge. a lot of people are eating it because it's heart healthy. >> sure. i tell people, food is actually your health insurance, because what you eat today is going to ensure your health for years to come. >> but really what you're saying here is if your liver is toxic and not cleansed, it can actually relate to how big your butt is or how wide your waist is it. >> well, in part, because if you put more food in the body than it needs, more fuel, your liver is the organ that turns it to fat. and then that fat ends up all the places we don't want. so the liver has a lot of roles in that -- >> i'm hearing two big ones. it's a filter to clean the body, and it converts the fat. which should be converting to good fats so we can use it as energy. instead what it's doing, it's taking that fat if you're eating too much food and convert iing
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to bigger butt, bigger waist. >> exactly. that's why people who are overweight, even if you're 10 pounds overweight, you have a fatty liver. it's nonalcoholic liver disease. it used to be years ago that people who drank only had fatty livers. now people who are ten pounds overweight have a fatty liver. it produces hormones. when you come overweight, especially for women, one thing fat cells do, they take what your ovaries produce and adrenals produce, the technical hormone turns into estrone. so women who are overweight are estrogen dominant. it's a vicious cycle that kind of keeps going. >> this is incredible. so you're telling me that this organ is helping the body to store hormones because it's creating more fat? so -- >> right, the liver turns it to fat. and when we gain weight, we actually make more fat cells. >> that makes more hormones.
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>> fat cells are now an organ, so we're making more estrogen. men, too. fat cells convert testosterone to estrodiol. you have men who are estrogen dominant. breast cancers are going up in america. we're living longer today but living longer in ill health. people don't understand -- >> say that one more time. >> we're living longer today, but living longer in ill health. >> but that's a choice. >> but there's ways to get around that and that's what this show is about. >> yes. >> thank you so much for explaining that, doctor, because my next segment is how easy it is to clean the liver and to help support the liver in terms of having better health. so stay tuned. , listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein.
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welcome back to "a healthy you." so now that you know you have a dirty liver and can cause a big waistline and bigger butt and can give you many health problems such as headaches, have you ever wondered what do i do now that i know that? how do i clean my liver? with me is dr. linda isaac. with a technique or two to help you clean up your insides. thank you for being with me today. i'm a patient of your office. we talked yesterday about liver cleanses. so we understand that if a liver is fatty or if it's not functioning well, it can lead to a bigger waistline. or in worst-case scenario, it can also lead to gallstones because the liver and gallbladder are closely associated inside of our body. so why don't you tell us what special technique you cake up with in order to help the liver?
1:21 pm
>> well, i can't really take credit for the liver flush, it's been around for a long time in a lot of different variations, as you mentioned, the gallbladder sits off the side of the drainage system from the liver. what can happen is the gallstone, the gallbladder can develop stones. this happens when the bile gets very thick. the bile is how the liver gets rid of waist. but the bile is also used by the body to digest fat. when you eat a big meal, the gallbladder squeezes out bile. to help you digest that fat, but if there are stones in there, what can happen is the gallbladder tries to squeeze but it can't. >> nothing comes out. >> people get abdominal pain every time they eat a fatty meal. >> what they do these days is take the gallbladder out. >> 750,000 people every year in the united states get their gallbladder out. but there are other possibilities for ways to get rid of those gallstones. >> better than surgery, of course. >> simply better than surgery.
1:22 pm
surgery is not as bad as it used to be with the now labroscopic techniques. >> you want your gallbladder to digest fat. >> it has a function. i'd rather have a gallbladder that worked well than no gallbladder. >> what do we do in terms of clen cleansing to help the gallbladder and liver to function better? >> the liver gallbladder flush has been around for a while. >> what is it? explain it to us. >> there are a lot of variations. the ingredient that's common is oil. specifically olive oil and the version we use. drinking a large amount of olive oil stimulates the gallbladder to squeeze out material. that clears it out. >> there is a procedure to do that you can do that's very easy. it's four days. use apple juice with fosuric acid in it, you can get at a wilners or online. it softens the stones. over the course of the four days. last day, take epsom salt to
1:23 pm
clean out your interestistine ae olive oil. in four days you can help your liver function better. i was on the "howard stern" show. he started giving me a hard time. thank goodness for robin because she said i actually do that. and that is, what? the coffee cleanse. it's a coffee enema. and you use that quite a bit in your practice. why don't you tell us a little bit about that and why you use it and why it's so important. >> well, the bottom line with the coffee enemas is people feel better when they do them. i feel better when i do them. my patients feel better. coffee enemas are something, another technique that's been around for a long, long time. coffee has been documented to help bile flow from the liver and the gallbladder. and enemas also have been documented to help bile flow from the liver. the two things together help the liver work better. >> basically what happens is that the caffeine from the
1:24 pm
coffee is absorbed by the blood vessels in the intestine and they help the liver to squeeze out and that forces this old bile. because the body is brilliant. it reabsorbs this bile again because it's economical. what you're saying it's better to get rid of that bile because it's full of bacteria, full of toxins, get it out of the body and the coffee enema helps do that. >> that's right. >> i would assume it's good to take probiotics? >> i think it's good to take probiotics regardless. >> the enemas don't affect that much of the intestinal tract. it's ten feet long. the large intestine. there's a lot of room beyond where you're going to get to. >> this is for the large intestine. you told me this has been around a very long time. in fact it was in the merck's nurses handbook. is that not true. >> it was in the merck manual until the mid 1970s. >> why did they take it out? >> they took it out because of space reasons. that's what they told another doctor i worked with who asked
1:25 pm
them. they took it out because of space reasons. >> this is something that's been a health tool for a very long time. it gives you great results. it helps to de-stress the liver, clean out your gallbladder. it does so many amazing things for the body. you are big proponents of it. you and dr. gonzalez. i am, too. i must say. i can't get up in the morning without one. thank you very much to come in and talk about this. i think you're going to make a lot of thinner waistlines and smaller butts when the livers are working better. thank you, dr. isaac. >> thank you. up next, get your science books out. i explain the importance of being ph balanced in today's "ask carol." stick around. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪
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welcome back. it's time to ask me the question of the week in a segment aptly named "ask carol." if your blood has a ph of 7365,
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why did you say most people are acidic? that's a good question. most people are in a state of acidosis. meaning that their blood ph is below 7.365. another way to say it is most people aren't alkaline enough. 7.365 is ideal for the overall health of the body. at that ph, our system works at its maximum. this ph can change slightly but at the expense of a person's health and energy. an acid person will be more tired than a balanced one and he or she will have a harder time fighting diseases. for example, cancer thrives in a acid environment. and, yes, we would be dead if the ph of blood drops below 6.8 or goes above 7.8. an interesting question would be, are most people full of energy and health? if not, check your ph. don't forget, if you have a question that you would like me to answer, just send it my way via my twitter page or facebook. that's it for today. thanks so much for joining me.
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and until next time, i hope you learn to be more of a healthy you. hi, everybody. i'm jamie comeby. it's time now your "sunday house call." >> joining us today as always, dr. marc siegel, at nyu's langone medical center. author of the "unlocking the secret cold of secret and health." >> dr. manny alvarez. professor of obstetrics and gynecology at new york university's school of medicine. whose baby have you not delivered, doctor? >> right now if they're in labor. >> things are all calm on this side of the desk. i'm going to start with dr


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