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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 11, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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old glory rise above the uss new york. salvage from ground zero. that ship is in the big apple. >> ship's motto strength forge through sacrifice never forget. >> we will not. all the veterans thank you. i'm bill henry. >> here's gretchen. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks guys. today on the real story we're about to learn the real obama care sign up numbers prompting one republican to call the president's broken health care promise a big betrayal. students pull a one if on an intruder who tries to break into their home and their college punishes them even though they have a permit? we'll get to the bottom of that. shocking new allegations in the case of the newlywed accused of killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff. and today we honor our veterans and help them find jobs as well. hello i'm gretchen carlson.
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the white house expected to pull back the curtains and releasing the numbers for obama care's rocky start. will those numbers tell the real story? will we see young americans signing up which obama care desperately needs to keep traits down or will the bulk of the folks be older and medicaid recipients getting services for free? numbers so far disappointing as we have reported. oregon initially reporting zero enrollees. across the country much of the same story. four in delaware. hundreds in illinois. karl rove served as the senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. 's a fox board contributor. great to see you, karl. >> next time i'll bring the white board. and then i personally have to pay for the white board. >> so instead you wrote down some numbers on a white piece. paper. let's talk about between paying customers signing up and medicaid customers.
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>> remember, as of the end of october the goal, into hit the 7 million target by the end of the march 31st enrollment period they have to have roughly 1.2 million people sign up in the exchanges. and that doesn't look like it's anywhere close. you mentioned, you know, north carolina one. delaware four. colorado 3400. but 34,000 had enrolled in medicaid. in oregon zero had signed up for private insurance, 52,000 had signed up for medicaid. so what that means is that the medicaid is basically free and so it's much more costly per enrollee than the cost of the exchange. >> what will happen, karl. if you don't have anybody signing up what will happen? >> it will drive up cost. first, the people who are most likely to sign up are older and less healthy. which means their premiums are
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going uply. in the mid. an election year. we have these people who signed up by the end of the year. between february and june, insurance companies will figure their premiums for 2015 and they will do so on the basis of the people signed up this year. and if it is an older less healthy pop litigation that means we'll have pretty stiff premium increases forecast for 2015. they get locked in during the election year next year and people get their notices in the fall of the election year. >> what do you make of this report out today according to an administration source the white house looking at an administrative fix for the population of people in the individual market who may have an increase in their premiums but don't get subsidies. what they might do, karl, is give people money back? are you kidding me? >> look, this is all politics. i don't think this is a serious idea. they are saying all right these people in the individual market are losing their coverage because obama care forced them to and they are seeing a significant increase in their
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premiums for their new policies because of the bells and whistles in the affordable care act so we the government will step in and pay the difference between what they were paying and what they now have to pay. couple of questions. first of all, they have no administrative authority to do this. they have to seek legislation which leads me to believe it's all politics because if you're going to do that in the individual market, remember you'll have a heck of a lot more people in the group market that face the same complications. >> i'm getting a headache trying to figure this out. someone estimated 1.2 trillion that would add to the deficit. not that i don't want to give the money but obama care is supposed to be cheaper for everybody and reduce the deficit. >> this is happening because of a deliberate thing in the affordable care act which says we're is going to plus up the benefits, require lots of bells and whistles, make everything look alike and fight against health savings accounts and high deductible, people with high dedubctible and low premium
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policies and drive up costs for everyone. >> next time bring me the white board miraculous trend. >> first, i had to bribe myself on with a bottle of wine from the hotel. >> that's the real story about gretchen and karl. thanks so much about being here. we want to hear from you. what do you think we'll learn from those sign up numbers and what might they tell us about obama care. e maim us at the real story. tweeted us using the #real dsto. >> dems are pushing new bills. are these bills about a political cover? senator scott brown from republican senator and now fox news contributor. good to see you, senator. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of the fact we're hearing from senator landru, senator manchin, saying oh, my goodness we have to save
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these health care plans for our constituents even though they voted for obama care, every single one of them. >> not only did they vote for it, they also voted against delaying the implementation but the grandfathering aspect of it as well. you have shaheen filing a bill, manchin, others are filing what i call cya bills, you know what cover your behind bills to basically get through the election cycle, take the pressure off of them back home and say hey listen i filed the bill. people are smarter than that. they under these people are the architects of obama care. ram it through there. they delayed my swearing here in massachusetts for a couple of weeks so they could ram it through and did not pass one amendment to make it better for the american people and they should be held accountable. >> let me ask you this. let's say that they really do want to save health care for their constituents. it would be up to senator harry
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reid whether or not he'll bring these bills to the floor for a vote. right? do you think he'll do that or so part of this political cya you're talking about. >> harry reid is a piece of work, that's for sure, when it comes to these types of things. he's all politics all the time looking out for his party versus our country. he has had many opportunities to fix this. when i got there, when i was there and since that time all these bills, yeah, he has a choice. will he bring it up and weaken obama care on one hand or bring it up and try to offer cover for the people that are up for re-election. i anticipate he will bring it up. and probably they won't pass and then the members, you know, shaheen and landru and all the others can go back i tried to fix it but the republicans wouldn't let me do it. bottom line all they would be doing is prolonging the agony, not addressing the systemic problems. 18 new tax. basically this one size fits all
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approach that's going to crush individuals and businesses throughout this great country. so, listen it's broken. ate mess. they have to pull it back for nine months to a year and try to fix it if they are going to do anything at all. >> i want to bring you over to some international discussions. big topic has been iran and john kerry. the french were upset. now they are saying not really it wasn't us. listen to prime minister netanyahu of israel. see what he thinks about it. >> iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal. i hope, i can only express my wish, that the five plus one use the time to get a good deal that takes away iran nuclear military capability. >> what's your take? >> listen i agree with the prime minister. knows this issue more than anybody.
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remember iran wants to wipe israel off the face of the earth. iran is a terror state. they export terrorism around the region and the world. and to give them any type of deal that does not hold them to the fire, and the agreements that have been struck prior to this, recognize the solvency and right of israel to exist and addressing a whole host of other issues, i'm hopeful that we're not going to just try to get a victory just for victory sake and take the pressure off the president when it comes to obama care because this very serious especially for that region. >> i know people are going see me interview you today and there's a lot of scuttle about you running for senate in new hampshire. now i know what you're going tell me. you're not ready to make the announcement. when you are, you'll come back here to the real story, right? >> sure, gretchen. i'm happy doing what i'm doing. leapt me say something. senator shaheen is a nice woman. taken some good votes but definitely a washington insider. new hampshire needs somebody who will be there all the time not
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just some of the time. that goes over tory other senator that push this bill through, every other senator who is up for re-election and pushed this bill through and not listening to the american people. it's shameful and people need to be held accountable. >> senator scott brown, always great to see you. and aid starting to get to philippines. survivors of the strongest storms ever recorded say relief supplies may not arrive in time. the super typhoon wiping out entire villages. up 120,000 people could have been killed in this. another 9.5 million people affected. 2 million of those kids. typhoon destroying as many as 80% of the buildings. one city left with one building standing. one of the hardest areas hit by a powerful earthquake just three weeks ago. could it get any worse? claudia, hello.
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>> reporter: in fact 4 million filipinos live in the united states. 640,000 here in the bay area alone. this is a tight-knit community and many are stepping up to help any way they can. we saw this man drop-off three cases of water here at the filipino community center saying he wishes he could do more. >> it's pretty hard to see that. i know the death toll is about to go up. and just seeing the pictures is pretty devastating. i can't imagine what people are going through right now. >> reporter: people are donating food, medical supplies, and much needed cash. operation blessing a charity group out of virginia beach is sending in state-of-the-art chlorine generators to help disinfect 60,000 gallons of water a day and doctors without borders is dispatching dozens of medical teams and hundreds of tons of supplies. churches are collecting
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supplies. philippi filipinos routinely send supplies. with communication systems and phone lines down members of filipino communities across the country are awaiting the word of the fate of their loved ones. in san francisco one local church leader who was visiting manila has not been heard of. member of his congregation are trying to track him down. others are relying on red cross volunteers in the philippines to track down their loved ones. these massive relief efforts continuing here at the filipino community center in san francisco and similar centers across the country. back to you. >> thank you. is the white house in crisis mode right now? the hits the administration are taking from the right and left in obama care's botched roll out. our panel will discuss that
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next. you may think veterans day is about store discounts and parades. for many it's about getting these heroes jobs. and the public face of the nfl scandal is speaking out. why incognito said what he did was out of love for his teammate. really? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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the white house taking fire from republicans and democrats about obama care. not just over the problems plaguing the federal website but also the president's broken promise that if you like your health care plan you can keep it. indiana congressman todd young during this weekend's gop address using the b word. >> this is what betrayal looks like. here you have hard-working people who were repeatedly told not to worry, that their coverage would stay the same and if anything their costs would go down. the >> so is the administration in full blown crisis mode now?
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a former political adviser to senator frank lautenberg, a fox news contributor and political editor for and fox news contributor. all right. julie full blown crisis mode? >> not full blown crisis mode in terms of the whole administration. obama care, yeah, i would say it's in crisis to the extent that we had a website that was supposed to work seamlessly. to the extend this is the president's number one domestic priority and it's not going as well as it should. it should be in crisis mode. if the white house doesn't fix it quickly it will continue to be in crisis mode that will affect not just the views of republicans who hate this program but really affect independents and democrats as well. >> maybe generations of people. guy, here's a quote from a white house source in a report today. if i had known, according to mr. obama, we could have delayed the website, he would have. do you believe that he would have delayed it, number one and
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do you believe he didn't know about the glitches moving forward? >> i think it's tough to figure out exactly how the president of the united states, gretchen could possibly have been in the dark and unaware about how badly his health care program was about to face plant. there were internal red flags. there were external warnings in the press for many months leading up to this. so the idea that the president would be aloof and out of the loop is hard to believe. let's say it's true. let's say the president really didn't know and now waking up to this horrible reality. that's a worse indictment much his leadership. what is he doing in the white house if he's not looking out for his number one signature legacy. it's a terrible statement in the way this man views his job. >> someone who may want that job is new jersey governor who just won re-election, chris christie. when he was on the sunday talk shows yesterday he didn't really
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want to go there on some of the most basic and interesting topics that a president would have to deal with. listen to this. >> i'm not going to get into the washington, d.c. game that you're trying to get me into. i'm the governor of new jersey and i'm focused on getting things done. there are people significantly better briefed than i am as governor of new jersey and it's dangerous for folks like me to get involved in the middle of this and to start giving opinions. the snags solution has to be figured out by the people in charge of the national government. my job is to fix what's going on in new jersey. >> he did not want to stick his toe in the water. why >> because chris christie -- let me preface this by saying i know chris christie on a personal level. that's chris christie's problem is that to keep people like me being fans of his he has to alienate the same people that nominate people for the presidential primary, that's the tea party and hard core
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conservatives. for chris christie to say out hey on immigration reform we do need a pathway to citizenship. in new jersey i support the dream act. >> guy, do you agree? the talk for at that long time that he's not conservative enough and he'll have trouble winning the primaries in iowa and south carolina dpop you agree with julie's philosophy why he doesn't weigh in on those topics. >> let's be clear. if chris christie plans on running for president he has to weigh in on these issues. he's been a strong conservative on a number of point points. i think he has some questions he needs to answer for the base and others if he chooses to run for president which i think he will. there will be plenty of time to hear the chris christie philosophy on immigration and iran and so on so forth. what he was doing on sunday and this is politics 101. in fact it would have been malpractice to do anything else. he was reminding people he's a
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leader that won 61% of the vote. he didn't want to get bogged down in washington nastiness. he was reminding the american people and new jersey he's a winner. >> america loves winner.and guy book. thanks so much. >> thanks very much. happy veterans day. >> a newlywed murder mystery. accused of pushing her husband off the cliff. plus, two college students show a gun to scare off an intruder trying to break into their apartment. now they are the ones being punished for having a properly permitted gun. and today we honor all of our men and women in uniform. jason tweeted this picture of his grandfather. send us more photos and stories of your heroes. . tweet it on our facebook page or e-mail us.
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shocking new details in the case of a montana woman accused of murdering her husband. how did she do it? she pushed him off a cliff? well she says she don't and that detectives are twisting her words. trace gallagher has the very latest. >> now there's this new blindfold theory and get this not being put forth by the prosecution but being fourth by the defense. in court papers the defense says the prosecution will claim they found a piece of cloth near the body of cody johnson and they are now testing that cloth for his dna. if it was, in fact, a blindfold, the prosecution would then argue the murder was premeditated. the defense is now fighting to get the blindfold theory removed
11:26 am
from this trial all together. now, other documents also show the wife, jordan graham alleges that during her interview with the fbi, the agent put his hand on her knee, was very close to her, made her very uncomfortable and then twisted her words. she says quoting here when i first read the complaint after i was arrested i was shocked. i never told the agent i started to walk away and then decided to turn around and push cody off the ledge with two hands. those are his words. she claims she and her husband were arguing and when he grabbed her arm she pushed him away sending him face first over the cliff. she panicked and did lie at first but now claims the whole thing was dental. the trial was supposed to begin in december. now there's word the prosecution is trying to push back that date to as far as february getting a little more time to maybe test that piece of cloth found near
11:27 am
the body for some potential dna. >> wow. that's an interesting twist and we'll discuss that more with our legal analyst coming up in the real story. thanks so much, trace. the botched obama care roll out and new questions is your fashion. we'll go behind-the-scenes at the white house for the president's reaction. plus on this veterans day the challenges that lay ahead for our troops once they leave the battlefield. why the skbroorkt is so tough and how you can help get vets back to work.
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welcome back, everyone. time to check some headlines for you this hour. nearly 100 u.s. marines arriving in the philippines bringing food, water, generators and other supplies to help search-and-rescue after that massive super typhoon that killed thousands of people. here's how you can help. make a donation to unicef. call toll free, 1-800-for-kids or text relief to 864233. for more information contact four americans are dead as well after a small plane crashes in
11:32 am
the bahamas. authorities say they were on a sightseeing tour when it went down a few miles offshore. amazon, i got to hear this. they are striking a deal now with the postal service to deliver packages on sundays. service began this weekend for premium customers in new york and l.a. the online retail giant said it will expand to more cities next year. the man at the center of the nfl bullying scandal sharing his side of the story. miami dolphins offensive lineman ritchie incognito giving his interview to fox sports where he says he and his accuser jonathan martin were actually great pals, exchanging more than a thousand texts including one right before the bullying allegations. >> a week before this went down, jonathan martin text me on my phone, i will murder your whole f-ing family. now do i think jonathan martin was going murder my family? not one bit. >> he left that text four. >> he texted me that.
11:33 am
i didn't think he would kill my family. i knew it was coming from a brother, a teammate. that puts in context how we communicate with one another. >> incognito admits using racist language but blames it on locker room culture. what do you think about that? >>. meantime president obama honoring america's heroes. the commander-in-chief marking this veterans day by going to arlington national cemetery and speaking about the extraordinary sacrifices of american troops past and present. a brief break for mr. obama as he face as new week of questions about obama care's rocky roll out. wendell, the numbers are supposed to come out sometime this week, right? >> the numbers of exactly how many people have enrolled and the white house is playing them down saying they will be very low. the latest target of the republican critics however is white house technology official
11:34 am
named todd park. we ill be grilled later this week why the website which is costing several hundred million dollars is working so poorly. here's south carolina congressman trey gowdy. >> i want to know why we were promise ad state-of-the-art website and we got an abacus and sun dial. can this thing be fixed in two months why didn't you have it up and running in three years prior to october 1st. >> president obama said to have been angry at being blind sided by the website's problems. the "new york times" quotes an unnamed aide as saying mr. obama told that person quote, if i had known we could have delayed the website. now there's concern here at the white house the president will be trapped by a daily unfolding bad news story like the deepwater horizon oil spill when republicans asked virtually every day is it fixed yet. bill clinton's former chief of staff leon panetta says the
11:35 am
mistake was entrusting the health and human services bureaucracy. >> you cannot rely on the bureaucracies to do this kind of work. i mean, you know, they are good people, they are dedicated but very freeze warningly they are not the ones that really have the capability to, in fact, get this done. >> but he said he would bring the website out of the white house with daily meetings until it's working well. well today's veterans day. folks tend to think of this day as being sometimes about store discounts and parades. but none of that is gets our veterans jobs. right now there are 22 million vets across the country and depending on their age their unemployment rates range from 10% to up to more than 20%. much higher than the national unemployment rate of roughly 7%. so what can to be done to help vets looking for work? the ceo of concerned veterans
11:36 am
for america is my guest. first thank you for your service and our former guest scott brown as well who is still active duty, national guard, the two of you have served our country so well. now we're talking about this issue of trying to get vets jobs. why is there a stigma, pete, about hiring vets? >> well, there shouldn't be. you know our country learned a lot of lessons out of vietnam how we treat those. we learned the wrong lessons then. our country recovered that in honoring those who served. but sometimes it has led to an over compensation or a stigmaization that veterans need to be coddled, they are damage goods they are i can ticking bombs. because we brought so much awareness about ptsd and there's guys and gals that suffer from it. we create the impression if you hire that vet they may be damaged goods or shaky. what most americans know is if you want to hire a veteran you'll get a capable leader with
11:37 am
more life experience than they got age on this planet who are hard workers. they are going to take the initiative. the type of employees any company want. hiring preference is important and there's a lot of great organizes helping vets out. >> i've done so many interviews about big banks here in new york city jpmorgan chase is one of them but there's many. walmart has an initiative to hire 100,000 vets. one interesting stat i saw today is that 93% of the u.s. population has never served. does that have something to do with the understanding of how capable veterans are? >> yeah. i think that is part of the disconnect. so when you haven't served it isn't that you don't appreciate it it's that you don't fully under. a lot is the skill sets you come out of the military with. how do they directly translate. i'm an infantry officer. that doesn't translate to the
11:38 am
corporate world. but there's values, ethics that come with serving that companies want and need. as a veteran you're looking for corporations that want to reach out that walmart and home depot are doing by pro actively findig veterans. they know we will have a hard worker. >> veterans tend to stake round at their jobs because of that loyalty and teamwork and leadership qualities they have. i want to show folks how you believe that you can help today for people who are watching. so how to help vets get jobs, >> two great organizations. our organization concerned veterans for america partnered with these two private nonprofits. is a social network.
11:39 am
to resonate. to network. when they get out of the service they got a network of -- they know who their buddies are and network with them. american corporate partners, i know a good friend that found it. started the group to provide membership to veterans in fortune 500 groups. a veteran can sign up and get linked up with an executive from fortune 500 and help traverse the job market. really important tangible things that vets need because they will go out and find a job. it's about getting there. >> networking is so important for everyone in the job market. let go to a little bit blast from the past. today we're honoring veterans and here you are. when you were serving. temple us about this picture. >> well, you take a lot of them in different -- >> you can't see it. this is the one you sent in. you're with three other guys. >> three other guy, couple of
11:40 am
guys i served with in afghanistan who are good friends of mine, i stay in touch with since. we were instructors at the counter insurgency academy in afghanistan. certainly guys i think about today. one more thing to mention. there are still 50,000 folks in afghanistan right now. so veterans day means the folks that are here but the youngest crop of veterans who are in the dirt holding the line for freedom, defending us. so we're cognizant of them today. >> a huge thank you. great talk towing. more than 90 tons much food being recalled from some trader joe stores due to contamination concerns. what you need to know. two college students pulling a gun to defend themselves against an alleged home invader. but guess what? they are the ones now in hot water. >> my roommate's life, my life, anybody's life is worth expulsion in my book.
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welcome back to the real story. here's what america is clicking on. trader joe's recalling 90 tons of prepackaged of salads containing cooked chicken or ham. the product shipped to stores in california, arizona, nevada, new mexico, oregon, utah, washington and texas. whole bunch of them. can you find the full list of recalled products on the fda's website, lady gaga showing off her newest outfit. i got to see this. where is it? where it is? it turns out it can fly. just another day in the life of a woman who once wore a meat dress. all to promote her new album. there she is. you never know. two students at gonzaga university in washington state, get this, they are on probation facing expulsion after using a
11:45 am
gun to defend themselves from an intrud intruder. eric and dan said they pulled a gun on a man who tried to break into their apartment. the suspect took off but was arrested later on. police identified him as a six time felon. but they took dan's gun saying he violated campus policy despite the fact he had a concealed weapons permit. joining me now is doug burns and a criminal defense attorney. doug, i know that there's something called a student handbook at gonzaga. i didn't know they had a policy on guns. gonzaga. but now we got a problem with their student handbook. off campus housing owned by the university even though he has a permit. >> interesting tension between criminal law and university policy. the student did absolutely nothing wrong under the laws of the state of washington. however, the university has a policy saying you can't have a gun either in a dorm on the
11:46 am
campus or in university owned housing which i believe this apartment was. so the point is, i can certainly understand critics wait that makes no sense. the university is re-examining the policy. >> they are under probation, facing sanctions, they might being expelled. it's better they might have been killed. >> that's right. the intruder that came to their door was a six time felon. this campus should introduce them to the second amendment. they did nothing wrong. and he was licensed gun holder defending himself. now if probation is the only thing, school probation, if that's the only thing that happens to these kids i still don't blame them for appealing it because that will stay on their academic transcript. >> your guys agreeing on this? >> well -- >> let's try this one out. this is the next story.
11:47 am
we got this newlywed couple, all right. they are on their honeymoon even i think. the guy gets pushed off of a mountain side at glacier national park. the wich arrefe arrested. new revelations they may have found a blindfold at the bottom of his body. what does that mean? >> think it's worse for the wife. how weird are these facts. seriously. who goes mountain climbing with a blindfold and somehow now her defense is wait a minute it was his idea all along to blindfold himself and walk along the edge of this deadly cliff. how is that going to fly? who is buying this. >> her attorneys are painting her as the victim saying when she was interviewed the investigator touched her leg with his hand and made her feel uncomfortable. >> makes the kardashian marriage harmonious which is difficult to do. joking aside and you shouldn't joke because somebody died. it's hard to prove that she
11:48 am
specifically intend to shove this guy off a cliff. >> why? >> at the moment of encounter, she gave conflicting stories which will hurt her. but if you think about a dust up on a mountain cliff, they are yelling at each other. >> a blindfold means premeditation. >> i agree. by the way, guys, the defense jumped in, they thought the prosecutors were going use it. they are trying to block it. they know it's going to hurt. >> in the beginning she said she didn't know what happened at the beginning. >> she told a lot of conflicting stories at the beginning and didn't immediately notify -- she said her husband got in a car with somebody and went away. meanwhile she knew he tumbled off the side of the cliff. >> she admitted she lied initially. >> she was trying to defend herself when he went over. if somebody i love is going over -- >> oh, oh. the real story. >> i'm divorced.
11:49 am
>> that's the real story. okay. thanks. the tie matches the dress. thanks much for these two very hot legal cases. a 9-year-old boy given a special gift from his uncle. we'll tell you the lengths he went through to reunite a family with his dog tags lost more than six decades. janice dean in the florida with some patriotic people. what's coming up? >> hi, gretchen. we're at the villages. we got the 1 millionth package coming up for operation shoe box. all these wonderful volunteers putting these things together. what's your name >> margaret. >> what are you in charge of? >> i do yellow ribbons and american flags with yellow ribbons. >> more coming up gretchen with your story.
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welcome back. veterans day story that will warm your hearts. adam, nine years old, reuniting family with a map's dog tags. he was shot down over france in 1944 and died in 1969. he got the tags from his uncle who visited france last summer. >> i think it's going to be pretty neat, and they're going to like it. and say thank you. >> i'm just so emotional because when i imagine that an american people came to france and now my son tried to do something to thank the family. >> the family finding robin's family by googling his name and learning handhistorian was doing vive on robbins for a book on world war ii pilots.
11:54 am
he'll present the dog tags to the family today at his school. another act of kindness veterans day. volunteers giving back to the troops who sacrifice so much. and as they spend months and years away on active duty,y a group bringing a little home to the frontline. janice dean went to the villages in florida tell us about operation shoebox. everyone likes to get a package. >> reporter: it's so heart-warming this story. right here you're seeing, this is the writing room where hundreds of volunteers write hand-written notes to our troops. so hasn't for them to get these notes of -- so important for them to get these note office encouragement, and i want to show you the other rooms. we have rooms where we have people sewing, making hats and is to is to -- stockings, and toothpaste, soap, things we take
11:55 am
for grant but are treated like gold. earlier today they took a moment of silence from packing to honor veterans day. congressman nugent was here, three sons serving, and mary harper, the mom who started the organization ten years ago, hundreds of thousands of packages have come from the villages to troops in war zone and we have the millionth package coming up, and we'll bring that to you on fox. this is barbara, and you have been -- how many hand-written notes have you written? >> 21,000. >> 21,000, and tell us how important this is for you? >> it makes me cry to tell you how important it is to me. it's very, very important. i write with my heart. >> and you have had troops that have come to you and said, thank you for your alert.
11:56 am
>> -- your letter. >> and this little souvenir, mother came to my house on behalf of her son and said thank you, barbara, for what you do. >> gretchen, this woman has written 21,000 hand-written notes to troops. if that doesn't warm your heart, i don't know what will. >> tell he thank you on behalf of all the rest of us here at fox as well. today we're paying tribute to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. and the father of our book ex-ashley, served in the cold war. when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health.
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♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes. it's the best from glucerna. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. advancing nutrition for diabetes.
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>> we're honoring all veterans past and present.
12:00 pm
one says, my uncle ralph was a navy vet. he went into the hospital and we took him off life support yesterday. the real heroes. >> mormoner toking several developing stories today. the head animal keeper at a wildcat sanctuary is dead after a cougar mauled her in a cage. members of an iranian rock band here in new york are dead now after a former member reportedly killed them in a dispute over some money. those band members have fled the repressive nations so they wouldn't go to prison for playing their music. and the united states marine veteran today finishing a 3600-mile run across the country to raise money for his fellow vets. and we'll talk with him live on this veterans day. so let's get to it.


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