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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 12, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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former members of the u.s. military for their brave service to our country. and special thanks also to their families for holding down the fort here at home. welcome to "red eye. tonight -- >> tonight on "red eye." >> spider people. dangerous freaks or the next stage of human evolution? and does president obama think americans are playing too much volleyball? >> the president has made clear that that circumstance is unacceptable to him. >> and finally the statue of liberty. is this national landmark really a see cruel -- a secret headquarters? none of these stories tonight on "red eye." >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with the tiny, but terrible dane gnaw paw -- dana perino. oh look it is tv's andy levy. and patrick milsap and next to me, tom shillue.
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his latest and hopefully his last comedial dumb -- comedy album is called don't force it. wish he want. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. what gives? >> many things do. they take note of what kids wrote. the new york times report that more colleges colleges are peeking at the on-line presence of its applicants. according to research from kaplan test prep they have checked out social media pages, a 5point increase from last year. 30% have gleaned info on-line that has hurt an p applicants' chances. quote, often false and misleading content on-line is taken as fact. for more let's go to the youth and education correspondent.
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>> i don't know about you, andy, but that has to be the most adorable dog i have ever seen. >> all dogs should do that. >> but that is clearly the greatest dog i have ever seen. hi, day gnaw. >> it is not american though. >> really? why are you -- well that dog clearly was not an american. >> it is a scottish terrier. >> it is a westy. can you judge a person by their twitter feed. >> do you want to be judged by your tweeter feed, greg? >> that's what is happening, correct? >> that's right. i think these people that are doing the missions would be a deriliction of duty and i feel sorry for those of those who are in a world they never had a private thought and they
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express and share everything, but i think there may be a business opportunity here. if you could create an app for, i don't know, however much money you could imagine, how much is it worth for you as a parent to completely erase your teenager's on-line social media life? you get one pass. you declare social media bankruptcy and you are done. then from then on you have to be a good person. >> you know what though, that will create a word arms race where there is another service that would pay even more money to keep it there. i put 10,000 to get rid of it and then somebody who wants the applicant's position will pay another $11,000 and they will never stop. >> it is alive and well. >> or it becomes body odor. >> i love this blazer. what is it? >> i call it phil it is short for philip. >> should they be nosing around facebook pages? >> it is out there.
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but i think -- i do feel bad -- like dana i feel bad for these kids. they don't know -- you are not thinking ahead when you are young. but it is interesting why don't you? you mentioned dana that the parents would be able to use this app you envision, but why not the kids? wouldn't they want to scrub their own feed? >> they don't well -- know well enough. they want to get into a good school and they say i will payoff your student loan and credit card debt as long as you are good from here on out. >> they are too involved in their kids' lives and these kids on their insurance until they are 26 years old. let them run their own lives. twitter is a profane medium. it is vulgar. to get ahead in twitter, you have to be profane and vulgar. >> or have a dog. >> it can complete the porn industry. it is the porn industry for your brain and i am disgusted. have you ever looked at the on-line presence of job
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applicants and not just staring at the picture to see if they are sexy, but look at them and find out what they are doing before you hire them? >> i have answered that question on my twitter feed which of course you and andy wouldn't know. day now knows the answer -- dana knows the answer. >> 25 bucks? >> no, this is -- everybody -- look, there are services now when you strike a jury -- when you get a jury pool they will scour th -- the entire social pool. >> you can throw something out to make sure have you never chosen on a jury. you could do that. >> like for example posting thousands and thousands of photos of your dog that suggests a psychosis that you wouldn't allow on a jury. >> who would ever do that? >> i would be fine with that.
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>> what would you say about the psycho sighs people suffering their face on the twitter feed? >> that's a weird thing. >> it is weird. >> no. >> masks, bags. >> it is something i like to wear on the weekends. andy, should teens know better or know worse? >> i like teens who know worse because that makes them vulnerable. >> i agree. it is good for colleges to check this stuff out. people's social media output is probably a lot more honest than their college admissions packets are. >> i think you are seeing the true person. it is person theyve -- they lead the story with, she was doing an orientation with other students. she was tweeting negative things about her fellow students and they caught her. if you don't want that negative energy -- >> right. that's a better insight into someone's personality than making up their extra curricular activities and charity work.
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you keep talking about these things to erase people. i think every social media type has a way you can make your account private. make your account private while applying for college if nothing else. lock down your twitter account facebook account and instagram and -- >> what's the point of having it private? >> only your friends and the people you want following you can see it. >> i would only have three people then. >> that is a shame, dana. we learned awhile ago you have no friends in new york. >> one of the problems is if colleges are going to do this and they will do it more and more, but i hope they are looking at the people's social media output in total. in toto. >> what does the band have to do with it? >> i true -- i try to name drop it as much as i can. it would suck if that ruined a
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person's chances to get into college. >> before we of month on, two -- before we move on, two things. we are lucky. th stuff didn't come along until our 30s or our 50s, tom. we weren't young enough to make mistakes. if i was 18, 16, i would have no future. the thoughts that i had were horrible and deaf yebt. -- and deviant. the kids these days -- if you tell them you can't say that, they don't understand that. the idea of decor has been lost. they swear wherever they go. they don't understand like why can't i swear on twitter? >> why can't they? it is all over television and movies. >> you're right, [bleep]. [bleep]. >> you said kids these days. that's great. >> i am extremely old and sad. they are shooting a lot of shooting. according to a new study, my favorite kind, the amount of gun violence has tripled over
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the last two decades. i blame "love actually." researchers at the you have the of -- at the university of pennsylvania say when the rating was established 30 years ago pg-13 movies had levels of gun violence similar to those of pg and g-rated stuff. now there are more shootings than the r-rated films. it has jumped from less than 1 to 3 per hour. what does that mean? we asked a film expert to comment. >> wow. that was amazing. men indeed. >> tom, are you a father and probably a horrible one. does it excite you that pg-13
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movies have become more violent? now you can take your kids and warp their minds without taking them to r-rated films. >> i don't take them to the movies at all. this is not real. it is not bad. pg-13 movies is not getting more violent. the violent movies that were rated r, the studios found a way to make them pg-13. no one goes to the movies unless they are a teenager anymore. there is a reason for that. movies are dumb. there is no reason to go to a movie. we have big tv's in our home. the only reason to go to the movies is to get out of your house. nobody wants to get out unless they live with their parents. >> how does that say the study is wrong? >> the study is wrong because the movies are not getting more violent. they say the violent movies used to be rated r. now they have squeezed them into pg-13. they found a way -- >> but they say pg-13 movies are more violent now.
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a movie pg-13 released now could be more violent in 1985. >> so technically i think that is correct. >> that debate paralyzed millions across the country. dana, you don't even go to g-rated movies because you find them disgusting. >> and i hate it when people shake the ice in their coke and rattle the paper and eat the popcorn. i don't like all of that. >> when was the last time you went to a movie? >> a longtime ago. i don't go. i watch movies. >> what are your thoughts here? >> my thoughts are that the movie industry has had to figure out what sells. this is no different to what video games are being sold that are more popular with kids than movies and it is all about shooting things. i don't think it is surprising. it is what the market is willing to pay. youth violence is actually much lower than it was 20 years ago.
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does that prove movies are movies movies and there is no affect on violence? >> let me get back to the rating system. >> yes, because that's the exciting part. >> does anybody care about pg-13 versus r? there is so much information when you watch the advertisement. you though there will be guns or something. does it prevent people from going? >> i look at pg-13 and r when i am going alone to the movie what kind of audience i would like to see there. >> that's weird. >> that's why you go to the weird independent films? >> what is really weird when he goes to the g ones. >> i will go to see indy films or foreign films because of the audience. if you go to see a film that appeals to teenagers it is a nightmare. >> i will not go to a mass market film until it has been out for six months so every kid has seen it. i can't sit there among a bunch of punks talking out lied -- out loud and tweeting
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whatever. >> kids these days. >> whatever kids these days do. we have to do a segment called kids these days on "red eye." >> i think we do. >> the movies you watch have that different rating system. i don't know if you can understand them. >> don't worry about the movies i watch. i learn what the letters and uh appreciations mean. i thought scat meant there was a lot of singing going on. >> that is cat. >> scott cat. scat cat. >> it looked at top grossing films and not all films. even the author admits the true result is not an affect on violence, but people want to see gun violence. the fact is it is gun violence themselves. i will keep talking until you cut my mic.
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>> when we do stories with studies you are hung up on what the study is. >> that is so weird. i am a [bleep] weird owe. >> it is an excuse to talk about things we wanted to talk about. >> guns are now the salt you put in the movies. >> that was my point. the point is guns are popular. >> do you realize your voices go up an octave when you have an argument. >> no they don't. >> you know what is funny, if you look at commercials for crime drama on tv, any kind of drama whether it is law and order or the good looking guy, "the mental list"? say there are seven or eight, they always use one scene with guns in it. you watch it and nothing happens with the gun. they know that people -- there
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is something in people's heads that go, oh there is a gun in this. i have to watch. right? >> like the hunting scenes in down "downton abbey." >> yes. excited about that. she smoked a joint on stage and twerked with a female space dwarf. hillary clinton is keeping busy, but so is miley cyrus. it is another edition of -- >> on sunday, a day of the week, the 20-year-old pop star slash attention seeking swig lit up something. >> i will put that right there for right now. i couldn't fit this award in my bag, but i did find this so thank you guys very much. good night, everybody. thank you.
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thank you for having me. >> she couldn't even wait until the concert was over and she was back in the dressing room. it is legal in amsterdam. it is sold in coffee shops. she performed her song "we can't stop" in a spacestation surrounded by aliens including this tiny dancer. turns out it was all a dream of the aging otter. >> are you a huge miley cyrus fan. has she gone too far? >> she will never go too far in my book. it does seem like she is a circus act. you pay your $25 or probably $125 now to go and see the freak show. i also never heard the word spliff before. you know when you come on "red eye" you learn a lot of available things.
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you never learn this t as a white house secretary. >> that is a giant joint popular rised in jamaica. >> what is its origin? >> i don't know. >> spliff? it sounds strange. >> it does sound strange. >> tom, i think i will move on to patrick. you have been following her career since the beginning. do you love her even more now? >> i think we have proven that letting your child appear on disney channel per say is child abuse. that's just the road to hell right there. the big joke was it was clothes and not marijuana. back when music was music we were listening to bands from the 70s and 80s and they actually have a good career. her career will be over at the end of this year and we will stop talking about her. she has bln playing the -- she has been playing the country like a drum since the first
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twerking and now here we are again. andy, she twerked with a space dwarf. is that disrespectful? >> i don't think so. my first reaction was oh thank god i thought milely would stop finding ways to outrage people. she took a puff of a joibt. would you care if she took a sip of beer? >> at the age of 20. >> in amsterdam? her edginess and phoniness is phony and calculated that you have to laugh at it. she is the most inauthentic punk -- with the exception of bieber. >> they look alike. it is weird. >> they look like 12-year-old boys. >> at a certain point we sound like the people who said elvis was hip shaking. >> and she says all you haters out there. no we are not hating.
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we are laughing at you. what i hate is she disrespects the awesomeness of drugs and drink. you have to earn your high. you have to earn your high. >> i agree with you and i agree with patrick. we like the good old days where they had the self-respect to die alone in their own room. >> on that up lifting note, more stories coming down. why dana? why? >> should civil servants be shamed for watching poignant work?
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he faked his race to win one. dave wilson on the left was considered a long shot to beat incumbent bruce austin for a seat on the houston community college board. in a district that is overwhelmingly african-american and democratic. the republican won by 26 votes after apparently tricking voters into thinking he was black. he sent printed fliers with black faces with the caption, please vote for our friend and neighbor dave wilson. and somebody said he wassen rs dod byron will -- was endorsed by ron wilson. for more let's go to the liz word and the cat -- to the dis swrerd and the -- lizard and the cat. oh i was hoping he would put his paw on the lizard's head. >> stay tuned.
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>> patrick you worked in politics or so you claim. what does it say that a whole bunch of people voted for a guy because of his skin color without knowing anything else about him? when does that happen? >> this is a natural progression. this is where politics is going. this is the most honest politician in america. nobody else gives asterisk. no he is my cousin. only your cousin will. no new taxes excepted for everyone. this is a great campaign and obviously the first time it has happened and that's why we are talking about if. >> dana wilson never said he was black but is it his fault people didn't take the time to find out he was white. >> he ran as ron johnson, the distinguished he runs in florida and does all of the parades, but the guy actually died. he was a congressman forever and they say we like that guy. they voted for him and they didn't know they sent the
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first caver an american to coming and he was chairman of the energy committee. >> this may be the only movie dana has ever seen. "distinguished gentleman"? >> it is a great movie. >> when did it come out? >> late 90s. >> that was during that eddie more fee period. >> yes, it was geat. "coming to america." >> dana is the only one who likes the late period eddie murphy. >> "trading places." i don't know where i am. andy, were there maybe other reasons he was elected besides voters thinking he was black? >> his opponent was black. it is not like they said i am voting for the black guy. they are not even sure how big the role thing played. the community college system has gotten a lot of
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criticism. but they think it is the voters didn't like the incumbents. they were both black. >> it was like one of those placebo controlled studies. you have the real black and the placebo. people just are like, you know what, we will placebo. >> you always talk 3w* studies when we do stories that aren't about studies. >> i know. that's true. tom i want you to make sense of this. >> did you click through and look at these guys -- what do you call it? >> material. >> flier. it was fantastic. he didn't lie. he wrote his cousin in bold letters saying the guy endorsed him. it was clip art of black families. it looked like a pharmaceutical brochure. all brochures lie. when i went to college i
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thought i would sit on a grassy hill with an asian kid and a black kid and it never happened. >> that's true. and then you get there -- i got to berkeley and. >> >> i had a friend across the hall from upstate new york and she thought she was going to university of southern colorado and she thought she was going skiing, but it is in pueblo and it was in the total desert and she was stunned. >> was she your roommate? >> no, she was across the hall and her name was tara and one time she gave me $twenty -- $20 to write a paper? >> you did it for $20? >> i know. back then it was a decent amount of money. >> you you weren't the ta, right? >> the what? i was not the ra. >> the guy was like, yeah, i did it. >> he is creative.
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>> he can't lose his office now. >> it is only won by 26 votes. >> i don't think he did anything illegal. >> and now he has to perform. he has to show up to the job and get stuff done to win re-election fair and square. >> i think we learned a lot. lie. >> coming up, something we like to call the lightning round. tonight it is sponsored by fog, the dense water vapor that is close to the ground and limiting visibility. thanks, bob. >> you are welcome, greg. what about angela lance burr re say about "murder she wrote"? let's just say there was a lot of f-bombs.
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should they be shamed or go unnamed? a montana supreme court, they have that there, tom, ruled the city of billings doesn't have to reveal the identity of employees disciplined for looking at porn at work. they sued the city and arguing that releasing the names would promote fairness and crow kneism in the office. the smut watchers have a reasonable expectation to privacy and it clearly outweighs the limited merits of public discourse. i don't know about you guys, but it is time to discuss this in the -- >> lightning
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roooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> that doesn't put you to sleep i don't know what does. patrick, you claim to be a lawyer. is paperwork or wrong? >> the court is wrong. this is the katherine sebelius ruling of not knowing who you work for. the employees are the employees of the taxpayers and you have no right of privacy on other people's property. there is no national secrets to be disclosed. the underling thing is they are doing this on company property or county property and on county time a. the fact they are still work thrg is problematic. >> interesting. >> i like judges judges who use discretion. they are not making up the law, but they are looking at it and saying let's take a minute here. also i am from the west. have you been to billings,
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montana it is not hard to figure out who the five people are. they know. the paper knows who they are. they just want to go another step and publicly shame them. they already lost their jobs. the city of billings, montana has more important thing to worry about this. >> everybody has nicknames. >> everybody knows who it is. >> it is porno paul and slutty jack. >> do we know people lost their jobs. >> that must have been somebody from the obama administration. all right, tom, is on-line porn a symbol of crow kneism or a a symbol of being a lonely man? >> both of those things. i don't think -- we don't have a right -- everyone wants a right to know. it is just gossip. i don't agree with this.
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when they publish the johns oh yeah those johns, you are ruining the lives of their families. they have a daughter in junior high and you are ruining her life. >> just because the guy wants to get something. >> just because we are -- i am saying it does no good and we are voyeuristic. >> it feeds into our own urge to -- what is that german work? it means like getting pleasure out of somebody else's miss fortune. i could go for some ice cream. andy, i agree with tom 100%. i feel like it is not about crow kneism. it is about finding out who is guilty. >> i don't know. i am closer to what patrick is saying. the point of the cronisim thing is they were not fired. the idea is -- the paper was saying unless we know who these people are, we don't know if the punishment fit the
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crime. maybe they got off too lightly because they had power or were buddies. until we know who they are, we don't know if the county did the right thing here. it seems to be to be reasonable. where do you have an expectation of privacy? >> it is a fair point. i feel like it is wrong. at any moment it can happen to me. >> i know why you feel it is wrong. you could never work for the government. >> why couldn't fox do that this. >> fox couldn't, the government. fox as a private employee can choose not to. >> the great thing about "red eye" is you have to search for all synds of stories. you get eight stories a day and we have to look at hundreds of them. that means a lot of looking at prurian sites. i am totally cover i had by
12:37 am
this. covered by this. >> wouldn't you want to know if your teacher -- if your kids' teacher was looking at porn while educating your child? >> can we assume everybody is looking at porn? >> it is a little much. it is embarrassing people for the embarassment. i hear it all the time in the streets. you work for me. the taxpayer, i want to fire half of them anyway. hire them and then leave them alone. >> that's true because i do this. we have to do an important story because it was driving me crazy. 88-year-old actress angela lansbury says it is a mistake to call a new show "murder she wrote." the evil network announce they had he will be making the show with octavia spencer taking the role of mystery writer and
12:38 am
professional sploof. she said, i wish her well, but i don't wish her well in "murder she wrote." >> it could be a story line. >> this is the story line. a woman who used to play an am ma few sluuth on tv kills the person to play it. >> they always have an opening name of the segment -- of the story. it is murder she wrote, she wrote. >> they could change it a little bit murder she had written. >> or murder she typed. >> murder she texted. >> murder she texted. >> murder she tweeted. >> and they wouldn't follow her because they are not verified. >> that's not why we don't follow you.
12:39 am
>> let me live in my own world. she has a recent history on her side angela lath sbury does. do you remember the amazing stupendous remaking of "ironside". if she wants to protect the legacy they can call it something else. >> "ironside" was played by a black ago customer? >> yes. >> is it aping law lansbury character? >> yes. >> she is a white supremecist. >> oh my god. >> it turns out she probably think had "12 year of slaves" is a comedy. shame on you. >> you know, by the way, i am not a big fan of -- i would like to see a remake. banicheck. who is the blind guy?
12:40 am
>> i don't remember him. >> barnaby jones was great. they have to do columbo. >> the equalizer. >> i am not a big fan of the hawaii 5-o remake. it shows an amazing lack of creativity that they had to bring back all of the oldy, but goodies. >> they also don't do remakes of say the comes. >> they try and then they have a reiewn should i and it is disasterous. >> remember after "mash." >> i think this segment is dead. >> "frasier" worked. >> how about lou grant and then he was not funny. >> that was amazing. and he was an hour long. meanwhile phyllis was great, roda was great, but a fat, left wing freak, see yously. everybody about the show was awful. enough. time to take a break. we will talk about something,
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lots of things. joy of hate, if you haven't purchased it yet i don't know why i am talking to you. it is over between us. order an autographed copy at g go now president come back.
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when it comes to man they are not a fan. swedish movie theaters, they have them there are introducing a feminist rating system to highlight gender bias and films. to get an a-rating a movie must have two tee male -- female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. that's technical for me. one theater manager says the ratings have nothing to do with the quality of the films, but notes the film is to see more -- the goal is to see more female stories and perspectives on sin cinema
12:45 am
screens. a scandinavian cable channel is on board and will run an a-rated super sunday showing films that pass the test. 16 hours straight of "love actually." >> she is -- is this based on some american cartoonist test? >> i think hollywood would do mise miserably in a test like this. jada pink cet smith, she is asked about this. she says a feminist rating system? that's so interesting. we should see if it works. she thinks it is stupid. if you get asked about the feminist rating system it is like global warming or any of the other social tests. you will have to say i am for that and then you can be a part of our club. >>- q. i and that will open the door to exist. >> as soon as that happens all
12:46 am
of the hollywood executives that don't give the female roles come check the box and they will say, oh, we had stwo female characters talk -- two female characters talking to each other in a movie. they won't worry about it anymore. >> you know who will make a killing out of this? female chinese twins. it is easy to get them into a film. >> you would have to pay -- wait that's two people. >> it is two people. >> you pay both of them. >> they had one social security number. i looked it up. >> not true. not true. >> it is conjoined. >> they have a joint bank account, but -- >> that's a terrible joke. >> it is a con -- it is a conjoined bank account. >> patrick, will people care if the rating has nothing to do with the quality of the film? i would look for a movie with a high rating and not go. it would be my way of steering
12:47 am
clear with move vees where there is a lot of talking. >> this is an entire country's over reaction to our opinion of the country after we read "girl with the dragon tattoo." that's all they know about sweden and how they treat people. they are like, no, no, no. we cooler than that. i agree with you, greg. >> i don't know what my opinion was. i don't know how you can agree with me when i haven't said anything. this is why i don't follow you on twitter. >> don't most movie trailers give you a good idea if this is a female centric story? >> if the gals are dancing, you know the gals get together and they dance and dance and dance the night away? i wonder if that counts as feminism they are just dancing. >> what if they are lip syncing to a song with kitchen
12:48 am
utensils? >> the two groups getting together the swedes and the feminists. >> i used to go to the movies. they are the art house theaters. >> i will be watching -- bringing up baby in the philadelphia story. and then the college girls behind me would say something that wasn't politically correct. >> a woman's place in the home. >> what are you doing? >> go back to harvard. >> that was me. >> they look like you but -- >> andy is one of our -- he is one of the few sphem nighses we have -- feminists we have here. >> do you have any thoughts on this? >> the swedish government is not doing this. it is a bunch of theaters getting together. people can ignore the ratings. >> you are like a buzz kill on every story.
12:49 am
>> it is more information that moviegoers can use or not use. you are all just a bunch of pigs. >> why don't they have a rating system for transgender individuals? >> i imagine we will soon, greg. >> spear head that mr. open mindedness. >> i don't have time. >> how many would you send to a transgender person? >> i have no idea how to answer that question. thank god i am going to a break. dana, you are a terrible human being. got a video of an animal doing something in go to fox eye. a dude marrying a tree. my favorite story. love.
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coming up, tomorrow on the next "red eye" oh my goodness, miss new york, usa will be back. and for her first time, stacy dash. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> i hope stacy dash does all right tomorrow. i don't know. >> i love her. >> i don't know.
12:54 am
i just don't know. you can say i am clueless. >> she follows me on twitter. >> that's out of sympathy. a man in argentina married a stupid tree. richard torres, an environmental activist dressed up in a suit and hat. he read vows and switched rings and this is to pay attention to environmental concerns. good for you you, sick, weird owe. >> first gay marriage and then it would be trees. >> what a sap. >> very funny. by the way that was johnny depp. i don't know why he is pretending to be richard torres. that was actually a scene from an unreleased tim burton movie. >> me and my tree. tom, what do you think the wedding night will be like? >> fantastic. obviously he got married in the daytime when he married a
12:55 am
tree. good for him. do you remember julia butterfly hill? >> no. >> she lived in a tree for two years and she never proposed marriage to the tree. she went on her merry way. the tree i have on good authority is desyl single. >> they were basically living together. >> it is out in the woods. it is blowing in the breeze. he says, when somebody loved me ♪ >> oh my god. >> dana, that is scary. >> it is. i really hope there are more environmentalists like this. i think we need many more in the world and they film it and all of the videos go vie -- viral. as i branch on you possibly -- >> i am hoping right now you are not thinking of another one. frankly i will throw it glass
12:56 am
of water. >> i am completely stumped. >> very good. >> why don't you just leave? >> can we branch off into another direction? >> i used that one. >> do you have an actual answer to this story? >> if he marries a female tree i am fine, but a male tree no. >> i don't know about that. what is the difference? >> oh there is a difference. >> is love. what is love? >> there are different measures. >> we are not bleeping that. >> what happened to dana perino? >> i am just trying to join in. >> that's what she said. >> i apologize to dana's parents for whatever i have done to her by having her on this show.
12:57 am
we have to go. dana perino, always a pleasure. patrick. >> can i say i am rooting for them? >> tom shillue. that's it. >> i once said pining. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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hello, everyone, i'm dana this is "the five." ♪ >> happy veteran's day everyone. we have a lot to get to tonight. chris christie the latest politician to compare himself to ronald reagan. vince vaughan talks about what it is like to be a conservative in hollywood. george clooney takes a shot at any one who doesn't believe . the white house is in crisis mode. the president's poll numbers are way down


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