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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 12, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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west coast but i've got to say there's something about a sweet southern accent that gets me every time. thank you so much to all y'all out there who tweeted us. we certainly appreciate it. and "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> bye. good morning, it's tuesday, november 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the numbers are out and they don't look good for the white house. new reports this morning revealing less than 50,000 people enrolled in obamacare. that's only 3% of their goal. >> i'm sure they've got a good excuse. if you did go on, you faced, quote, limitless risk. so why would the top obamacare contractor, an executive, left in the dark about the serious security risks? we'll talk about that. >> caught on video. a powerful racer crashes at 930 miles an hour.
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lives to tell about it. did i say 930? he was on the space shuttle and put it on water. let me go back again. thanks, steve. caught on video, a powerboat racer crashes at 130 miles an hour and lives to tell the tale. starts now. >> that doesn't sound as impressive. right? >> you're watching "fox & friends." sit up straight, brian. >> we're lucky he's fine. >> we know he survived. that's the good news. >> today is going to be the easiest day to write a check. >> why? >> today is 11/12/13. >> wow!
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speaking of news, let's talk a little bit about this. we had heard from the government that they thought by the end of the first month they would probably sign up 500,000 people, and yet the early numbers so far -- there are two news sources. "the washington post" says it's 40,000 people and the "wall street journal" says it's between 40,000 and 50,000 people. only six signed up on the first day and as i said the target was half a million by the end of october. >> in places like or orbgs apparently the -- in places like oregon, "the washington post" has said it has set up its own skhraepbg system. they haven't seen a single person sign up. apparently the administration, when they release some numbers, they are going to count those who have selected a health care plan but not sent in their first payment because those tphuplgs are -- those numbers are so anemic. >> it is in their cart. they just haven't written the check. >> they've got to see --
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there is a belief they're going to pick up speed once the website is set up and once people stop being apprehensive about signing up. this will make insurers more upset and more weary about the entire process because the healthy people who don't want insurance or don't feel they need insurance are going to be more reluctant than ever to sign up which makes insurers unhappy because that was supposed to balance out for those people with preexisting conditions and older people who in the past weren't looking to sign up. but here is the big story of the day and this is where this word scandal really factors in. there was a testimony behind closed doors in front of the house oversight committee yesterday for nine hours at which time henry chow, who is the chief project manager in charge of building up the website, testified what he found out, what he learned about a memo that was circulating september 3 made him concerned and was all about personal security and signing up for the website
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he helped to construct. >> what you've got to keep in mind is now we're talking about how safe was it. apparently he asked his team, we got anything we should be worried about -- >> september 3; right? >> before the launch. they said, boss, go ahead. everything's okay. but it turns out this guy who quit last week, tony, trinkell, the chief information officer described six security flaws. two of the high-risk issues which were redacted for security reasons, so you don't want hackers to know what the problems were, they said that the threat and risk potential to the system is limitless. >> and they did not tell the man -- >> they should not have gone up with it, but apparently the people who are working with mr. chao didn't feel he needed to know. he is the guy who signed off on it. he needed to know. >> we have chief information officers not
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doing two things. not relaying information and not getting information. scandalous is right, brian. you are not kidding about that. and they asked him how do you feel about being unaware. they asked mr. chao how do you feel about not knowing this happened, being unaware of these issues prior to putting your name on that memo september 27. and his response was i'm surprised, and i probably with that knowledge, i would have at least acknowledged what those findings were in this risk assessment. >> this is unbelievable. this shows an administration totally against each other. everyone in their own compartments trying to cover their own butts. no one is even thinking about the big picture which is your security and our security when you go to sign up for a website which is the president's signature achievement in his four and a half years in office. >> that's right. former insurance executive robert lasakowsky was on with megyn kelly last
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night. he said it has turned out to be such a disaster. his quotation is al qaeda couldn't run it worse. we'll run that sound bite in about an hour. also one of the people who helped the president draft the affordable care act, a fellow named david cutler, a harvard economics professor, he said that they knew back, i don't know, four years ago that people would lose their coverage. but he thought that they would choose better coverage. he didn't realize people were going to be squeezed out by the affordable care act standards. here he is. >> it was foreseen that there would be a lot of transition from policies that were less good into cheaper, better policies through the exchanges, but that that would be because individuals thought and wanted to do that rather than because they were being pushed and couldn't see what was in front of them. >> um-hum. they knew. they knew there were problems with the website and yet somebody said go ahead and tell everybody --
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this guy knew that people would be, and the president's men knew people would lose their coverage because they would choose to pick something better. but as it turns out they're going squeezed out. >> also the judgment there that they, the government, would know what's better for the millions of american people and assumed that the american people would then say, oh, yes, because you're telling me this is better i will then forego the plan that i'm happy with. unrealistic. >> that was promised you're going to get better health care, cheaper health care, it's not going to add a dime to the deficit. think about that. it's a great sales tool. we're in 2013, it couldn't possibly be the truth. it was said in may 2010, i'm concerned that personnel and processes you have in place are not up to the task and health care reform will be unsuccessful as a result. really? guess what mr. soothsayer, dixon, in 2013 it's not up
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to the task. >> there were concerns being relayed but stopped at some point. there seems to be a brake put on -- >> larry summers left with that knowledge. >> no information being relayed all the way to the top. >> of course at the top we've had the president of the united states how many times did he tell us that story where you know, if you like your care, you can keep it? sarah palin is going to be on this program in a little while. here she is, and she just calls it like she sees it. >> lie. lie. >> lie. >> lie. >> we've got to show sean hannity how to get his vcr fixed because he left that tape with us. >> she's going to be with us. >> we have ray kelly and laura ingraham both going to be here t and karl rove. in the meantime eight minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert, the death toll from the typhoon in the philippines topping
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more than 1,700 and that number expected to significantly rise as crews search the disaster zone. david piper live. >> reporter: good morning. bad weather is hampering relief efforts at this time. agencies say not enough food and medical supplies is getting through to the worst affected areas but there is help on the way. u.s. and british war ships now are steaming to the philippines. the carrier, u.s.s. george washington and support ships are going from hong kong and should be there between two to four days. defense secretary chuck hagel ordered the george washington and other ships, to make best speed to the republic and the philippines. it will be crucial in getting help to the people in need in isolated communities which haven't been reached yet. the aircraft carrier can produce 400,000 gallons of fresh water a day.
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at least 10,000 people are now feared after that typhoon struck. one city was hit hard by the storm surge which flattened many of its buildings. a detachment of marines is operating in that area and we understand more marines are coming from okinawa, japan, where they have a base. >> thanks, david. u.s.s. marines are there. we're the first ones there. china, they have 100,000 check. do you see the masses -- why even bother. hand that back to them. where's the rest of the so-called western world or the higher class, close to super power world that wants to be an economic titan? why aren't they writing checks? why are we always the first ones to lead? >> we are taking lead. ten minutes after the top of the hour. >> heather nauert, good morning. >> we're always the ones to do it, the united states. way to go. got some headlines to bring
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you. a north carolina man has been arrested at raleigh durham narcotic airport for for -- durum airport for trying to join an al qaeda related group. basit javed sheikh said he was headed to syria to join al qaeda fighters there. they put him on a watch list and made the arrest as he was about to board a flight to lebanon. if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. the owner of the miami dolphins breaking silence on the team's so-called bullying problem. he says he was appalled by jonathan martin's allegations of daily harassment by teammates specifically rich incognito. >> i know this is appalling to me. i know i'm capable of overreacting. i also want to get everybody's feedback
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because we know the football locker room is a different workplace than most of us are accustomed to. and basically i don't want to make any excuses. >> ross says he's been in contact with martin via text messages and plans to meet with him in person soon. >> the accused boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is expected in court today for hearing to determine whether he'll get access to ao television or phone. his lawyer claims he has been too restricted. they filed a motion asking for more time outside and possible electronic access to the outside world. tsarnaev has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction after last april's attack that left three people dead. no way to start your work week. a water tower worker in virginia beach left dangling in the air for 45 minutes while waiting for rescuers to arrive.
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the guy was working on the side of the tower when his safety rope snapped. a backup line saved his life. firefighters rescued that worker a short time later and he was not hurt. those are your headlines at this hour. how scared would you be? >> plenty. good thing they had a backup plan. >> for sure. >> heather, thank you very much. the numbers are shocking. the government redistributing more than two trillion of your dollars in one year, and who benefits from this? hint, it's not you. charles payne, oh boy, he's going to explain it all coming up. >> this story behind this photo coming up. can we get tickets, please??? ♪ sure how many? thank you, thank you, thank you!
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there's some startling new information about where your tax money goes exactly. >> are you sitting down? you should be. a new study showing the government redistributed more than $2 trillion in one year from the top 40% earners to the bottom 60% just last year alone. >> and that redistribution is not exactly fair. here to comment, charles payne from the fox business network. charles, your reaction. >> i'm not surprised but glad these numbers are coming out. we need to put numbers in front of the rhetoric. in other words, you're not paying your fair share, we just heard bill deblas i o run on that platform that u.s. rich people are sucking up the benefits in america but they haven't paid their fair share.
3:18 am
this report shows from the tax policy institute that you take the top 40% of taxpayers, essentially what's happened is their tax money has been redistributed. the bottom 40%, for every $21 they pay, they got $5.28 in benefits. >> for every one dollar they pay? -- for every buck they paid they got $1.48. the top 20% got back a quarter for every dollar. that infamous mean-spirited, 1 one percenters who keep sucking up all the money they got back six cents. for every dollar they paid in taxes they got back six cents. even this report i don't think takes into account the real world -- in other words, how often are the police called? how often is the fire department called? how often are social services called? we've got to be able to figure this out because this route we're on is unsustainable. >> what's the motivation to work if you know what
3:19 am
you're putting in is nothing coming back your way in terms of what your benefits are. >> that's why it's unsustainable. on one end we continue to reward mediocrity, we continue to sell people if you didn't do great in school it's not your fault. if you can't get a job it's not your fault. but that overachiever, that mean-spirited, greedy overachiever, we're going to find a way to suck more money out of that person. you're deincentivizing achievement and incentivize underachievement. >> there is going to be a backlash? >> with american d.n.a., you would hope that would kick in. there would be a backlash or we can become friends. right now what we're seeing in this country is a move, for instance, to a higher minimum wage. what is behind that? in this welfare society we've created we can't tax enough. what they're trying to do is get corporations to become a de facto pair of
3:20 am
the welfare system. if you hear someone say if you take the middle class workers, they make $46 billion in salaries. it doesn't mean we have to go back to our roots. >> three hours from now over on fox business this man is going to be hosting the "varney and company" today. "payne and company." >> charles, thank you. coming up, a fox news reporter may face jail time if she doesn't reveal her sources. our next guest went to prison for the same thing. so what should she do? >> caught on video, a powerboat racer going how fast? but with a happy ending.
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a quick look at your headlines. top terrorist leader hakani shot and killed in pakistan. his death a serious blow to their network. wal-mart setting up its game starting the hol tkhaeu season early. stores open 6 p.m. thanksgiving day. other stores including best buy and toys 'r' us will also open up on thanksgiving day. elisabeth has got something totally different. >> thanks, brian. a crucial test for freedom
3:25 am
of the press. today a new york judge will rule whether reporter jana winter must appear in a colorado dort dort -- court to reveal her sources. she revealed james holmes psychiatrist's report. certainly a tale you know too well. >> yes. >> what's the latest in have you talked to jana? >> i talked to jana yesterday. she was headed out to albany to listen to the arguments in her case. obviously she's very hopeful. she really hopes that new york will protect her against the colorado shield law and the colorado courts. basically this is a sideshow. this is an effort by the
3:26 am
defense out in colorado to divert attention of the court to a reporter. i mean, why should jana winter face jail rather than james holmes, the defendant, the guy who is accused of massacring all these people? and this is happening because basically colorado's shield law for reporters that protects reporters against having to reveal their sources is not as strong as new york's. >> jana right now, she could face how much time in jail? >> it's indeterminate. that's the problem. you just don't know because it's as long as the proceeding goes on. in my case it was as long as the grand jury was in existence. >> 85 days? >> it was longer than that, but actually my source gave me a voluntary waiver and basically waived the pledge of confidentiality i had given him. that's not going to happen in jana's case. jana is fighting this fight
3:27 am
for all reporters. it is just terrible that a reporter in colorado should reporter in new york. but that's the way our system is at the moment because we don't have a federal shield law which protects all journalists in the country against -- >> basically this prospect of being hauled off and ask about your sources -- >> exactly >> why should every american care about this? >> if you care about a free and independent press, you have to care about this issue because the only way we can deliver you, the public, the news is by having people trust us and know that when we say we will protect you if you tell me what's going on, if you tell me how the government is cheating or lying, if you tell me what your corporation, how they're trimming, people won't do that if they think reporters are going to be put in jail and forced to tell their sources. that's why the first amendment is the first amendment to the bill of rights. we're hoping that jana's
3:28 am
case will shed some light not only on this kind of difference between all the states. there are 49 different shield laws or court rulings but jana's will basically push us over the edge to get federal protection for all reporters. >> she is seeking the truth for the american people and why should she be punished for that? >> she is. she is a brave young woman. >> you are a brave woman yourself and we appreciate you. coming up he's admitted to smoking crack and now toronto's troubled mayor has a message for those trying to push him out of office. >> these profootball rivals went head to head to raise money for kids for cancer. it's the official faceoff next. [ male announcer at red lobster, ♪
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man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side. it's so much better that way. [ male announcer ] have the right partner at your side. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. ♪ ♪ >> time for your shot of the morning. last night 200 feet from where we are sitting right
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now there was a big book party for brian's new book. it was across the street. as you can see, it was packed. you know what, brian, any time you have free food and drink for people in television, everybody shows up. >> they were also george washington fans. "george washington's secret six." there is bill hemmer now -- >> they were so drunk. >> that was before they started drinking. they are on at 1:00 today. >> who's that in the background? >> everyone and their family photos. >> by the way, you have an incredible family. >> jamie colbe showed up. one of those guys is bill o'reilly and one is eric
3:34 am
bolling. bill came in. he had to do a live show. he still came in. and there is elisabeth and doocy hanging out. >> i heard eric bolling was there, so i left the tie at home. >> a lot of hasselbeck in these pictures. >> can't get over how big your girls are. >> they are so sweet. >> they gave you parenting advice. >> last night i got up. i wanted to thank people and wrote down on a piece of paper who to thank. second on the list was steve doocy and elisabeth hasselbeck. and my worst nightmare came true. i get up and everybody was like good job. didn't mention steve or elisabeth. nobody has been more important to -- you read the book and i felt so bad and i apologize. thanks, steve and elisabeth. >> better. >> you got -- tonight you're going to be at book
3:35 am
review. >> in huntington, new york. if you're coming from texas, start driving. i'll be signing in huntington, new york, on new york avenue. >> it was a fun time. and hemmer was not drunk. alison was drunk. heather nauert has headlines for this wet tuesday. >> looking at that one picture of elisabeth, she was looking like she had a few pops herself. >> she had not head a drink. >> congratulations, brian. >> katie calls you elisabeth hassle. she thinks hassle means get back. >> no hassle with this lady. i've got headlines to bring in. toronto's embattled mayor says i am not going anywhere. mayor rob ford says he plans to stay in office despite pressure to step aside after admit he he smoked crack cocaine. the issue is at the top of
3:36 am
the agenda of the toerpbt city council -- top of the agenda of the toronto city council meeting tomorrow. voters may have the final say on his future. he's planning on running in the october 2014 mayoral election. new details about that newly wed bride accused of pushing her husband off the cliff after only a week of marriage. prosecutors say jordan lynn graham blindfolded her husband cody johnson. first she told investigators she pushed cody during an argument forcing him off a cliff in montana. his body was discovered days later. graham told friends she had second thoughts about that marriage. she pleaded not guilty to murder. >> an adrenaline junkie cheating death after setting a record on a speedboat hitting 132 miles per hour. brian thought it was 930 miles per hour but it was 132. he is okay. keith little is okay.
3:37 am
his boat somersaulted through the air before it smashed. he walked away completely unscathed. how did that happen? amazing. here is one bride who did not want to take the plunge. a woman in a bridal gown was captured hanging in the air. this picture was taken between two peaks at the in california at a national park. but she wasn't really left hanging. it was part of a photo shoot for an extreme wedding condition. pretty terrifying nevertheless. >> how many guys have left them hanging at the last moment? >> probably not that lady. >> in just a moment we're going to have two superstar athletes who are going to do something very special for the fight against cancer. >> god bless them for coming in today because here in new york city the streets are wet. and behind us people are walking to work with big umbrellas and stuff like that.
3:38 am
icy roads meanwhile. in the state of michigan, accidents including a nine-car pileup in detroit. buffalo seeing its first snowfall of the season making for slippery roads and power outages. the area expected to see an inch or so of snow and it looks like we could wind up with more precipitation, maybe a little snowflake or two in new york city. >> is that true, maria? >> that is true. we could be seeing snow flurries flying around portions of the northeast including new york city. we're not talking about precipitation. nonetheless, to be talking about snow before thanksgiving, kind of nice. we're going to be seeing temperatures dropping behind this frontal boundary. in parts of pennsylvania, parts of upstate new york and through the state of west virginia is whereby we can be seeing accumulation. you're looking at a couple
3:39 am
of inches. otherwise behind the storm system tonight we're expecting as far as actual temperatures tonight into tomorrow morning, widespread 20's. the low temperature in atlanta is forecast to be 26 degrees. that's the actual temperature, not the wind chill value. temperatures in parts of alabama, mississippi and into texas, we have a number of freeze watches and warnings in effect. expecting the 30's in minneapolis as well as the city of chicago. now let's head to you, brian. >> these profootball players were here a short time ago. they went head to head to raise money for kid with cancer. redskins, giants. >> mark is here of the new york giants. they bet whoever raised the most money got to shave the
3:40 am
other guy's head. >> over the past six weeks we've done an awesome job of raising awareness and raised a ton of money for kids battling through cancer. today is really about we want to make these kids realize they're not alone. we're going to shave this poor guy's head. once again, giants were on top. >> you know this all too well. here you are, an all-american college career, boston college and you find out you had what? >> i was diagnosed with bone cancer in may of 2009 of that senior season. i was told i would never be able to walk again and never be able to run again and never be able to play football again. i had support through people, through foundations and was able to regain that strength and be able to play football again. >> you talk about not being alone and telling kids. i remember everyone being with you and really wanted you to just get better. and that welcome you got when you got on the field was astounding. you guys now are going to
3:41 am
show kids you're not alone. i know this is tough because you're a competitor, but you get to shave his head. you actually raised a ton of cash? >> we did. >> so did you, pierre. of course what's your experience, mark, with shaving pierre's head? >> i do my own head, the sides. >> does that concern you? >> yeah. >> mine's not too even right now. >> fire it up, big guy. pierre, you did a great thing. after the bronco game you visited a ten-year-old kid in the hospital. there goes the hair. >> this is exactly what you guys told you you'd do in the middle of october. you said you'd come back and do this for a great cause. >> tell everybody about justin. >> justin is a great guy. he's a great young man that loves lego. >> a ten-year-old with
3:42 am
cancer? >> a lot he's been through. i told him i was going to win in denver but i let him down. >> i don't think you're letting anybody down. i think you're holding a bunch of people up. >> why is it important for you, pierre, for you to do this for children's cancer? >> very important. definitely help out little kids -- ouch! >> when do you guys play? december 1? >> december 1 we're going to be on the field together. this head-to-head challenge, the foundation has been eye opening for me and i know pierre as well to be only to not raise money but we've talked to so many kids over the past weeks who are excited to know we're there with them. >> absolutely. congratulations. three in a row? two more wins, you'll be a game out of first place.
3:43 am
>> since we've been on this set we've had a pretty good season. >> you guys, this is incredible you teamed up for this cause. we thank you for being here and the kids out there will benefit. true teammates for our cause. thanks pierre garcon. >> mark, great job. >> there's a weird attitude in washington when it comes to requiring criminal background checks on employees. >> a convicted felon could be a navigator? >> that is possible. >> it doesn't end there. now the question, have you ever been convicted of a felony, may soon be illegal for any boss to ask of someone who wants a job. is it fair? we're going to dig into that next. >> you heard a roar. that's katy perry. the picture that's got everybody talking. this is the picture aoeupt to -- this is a picture i
3:44 am
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two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. a background check is required for many things except when it comes to how the government handles your personal information. and if some on the left get their way, background checks could soon be ruled discriminatory. here to break it down is national review columnist john fund. john, you say that if you ask somebody, have you ever been convicted of a felony, that is a -- that's discriminatory? it's a racist thing to ask? >> well, the employment opportunity commission which is the federal government's job czar for discrimination says last year in a guidance you have to prove, absolutely prove a business necessity in order to ask people questions like that and to conduct a criminal background check.
3:48 am
>> why is that? >> because of a theory called disparate impact which the supreme court may or may not hear a case on soon. it says if you have, let's say, 5% of black applicants who have previously been convicted of a crime, 4% of hispanics, 3.5% of whites, that's a disparate impact, affected groups differently. therefore it is potentially discriminatory because our criminal justice system is racist and all of that. >> i've heard that. >> therefore you can be subject to lawsuits. a lot of businesses are no longer doing criminal background checks because of lawsuits. there was a security that guarded nuclear power plants in pennsylvania that went after because they asked someone if he was convicted of a crime. they went after him. >> we heard on capitol hill
3:49 am
where kathleen sebelius said we might have felons working as navigators because we didn't do background checks. >> workers used to have fingerprints and background checked conducted on them. none of these navigators have had that. last night on o'reilly the guest had a video showing people applying for obamacare how to lie, cheat and steal in order to lower their premiums and get more subsidies. >> if you'd like to read more about this -- >> >> thank you very much. straight ahead, the president insisting he'll fix obamacare, but does he even have the power to delay or change the law? judge napolitano is here to weigh in next. good morning, judge. we're going to weigh you. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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3:53 am
the president insists he wants obamacare fixed. but does he have the legal authority to tailor the authority of the law once it's in place? here is judge andrew napolitano. he's already messed with his own law to this points. what will stop him from doing it further? >> i can't think of a president in your lifetime or mine who has taken the law into his own hands more than president obama and decided what to enforce and what not to enforce rather than to do what his oath says: faithfully execute the job, meaning faithfully enforce the laws,
3:54 am
meaning enforce the laws as congress has written them. not as he wishes them to be. he asp given exemption -- he has given exemptions to his friends. now they proposed this bill in an act to save 30 million people uninsured. they expected a half million to log on. >> even republicans or democrats, if they say we're giving you more teen-ager they don't have the authority? >> no, they do. if congress votes to extend the deadline, that will put the president to the test. will he veto it or understand that because the system stinks, people need more time to log on? can dee it on his own? no. but has that stopped him in the past? no. he's broken the law, changed the law, reininterpreted the law on his own countless times. >> here is a few times. climate change, he's already enacted some legislation there.
3:55 am
>> he has unleashed the epa on us to have the epa write laws that congress refused to write. >> the mini dream act. we know what he said to illegals here. >> he basically said if off high school education and you haven't committed a crime, i'm not going to deport you, even though the statute says he's supposed to prosecute them for being here. >> and gun control, he's put his stamp on. >> he's having the department of homeland security drive up the price of ammunition. they can't control guns. but if they can make that too ex opinionsive, they can prehave not people from the ability to buy and use ammunition. >> that explains why he's being bought up all over the place by the government. the internet regulation and fracking he's inserted himself. >> this is a president who believes he can rule -- that's the word, and he can do so by fiat. >> this is why this segment is important. he's losing his popularity by the day. democrats are deserting him naturally because he's a lame duck and now because of his popularity and this horrible
3:56 am
rollout of obamacare. the only way for him to get things done is to do executive orders. >> particularly democrats that have to run for reelection in 2014, like the 15 senators that tried to meet with him in secret until ed henry and our colleagues in the white house press room found out about it. they will begin to desert him in droves and he will start to do more and more. >> the executive orders will come cascading down? >> yes. >> unless congress stops him. >> unless congress stops him. brian, what a great book. >> thanks for coming. >> where is that picture of me kissing you? >> it's on the internet somewhere right now. >> i hope you sell millions of copies. >> thank you very much. coming up next hour, he was born with only one arm, but that has not stopped this basketball star from tearing it up on the court. this inspirational story you can not miss and you won't miss if you keep it here on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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4:00 am
good morning. it's tuesday, november 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the numbers are out and they don't look good for the white house. one critic says it's this. >> i mean, this just a disaster. al-qaeda couldn't have run this worse than the obama administration has run >> more on this dismal rollout coming up. >> and terrifying moments on the court. >> oh! >> wow. a harlem globetrotter narrowly escapes after that slam dunk. not all fun and games. >> is he okay? >> i hope so.
4:01 am
>> meanwhile, remember those mean girls? >> you're wearing sweat pants. >> it's monday. >> so? >> so that's against the rules and you can't fix them. >> turns out it's not their fault. we are going to reveal the science behind why women are, according to science, cattier. hour two "fox & friends" for tuesday starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin your day! >> you're concerned that steve doocy will be labeling women as predestined to be catty. >> this scientific study is going to reveal that in a moment. we've got a moment ago, as the judge was sauntering off, he mentioned that he kissed you at your book party last night. >> look how upset alisyn looks.
4:02 am
the irish side of me is very uncomfortable right now. the italian side, i'm a made man. >> brian had a book party last night across the street from where we're sitting. >> because you guys just got out. you stayed 'til the end and walked across the street. >> now it's raining. >> so let's talk obamacare. >> right. >> how great is it working out. >> not too great. "wall street journal" says early enrollment numbers and they're not good for the white house. as of last week, less than 50,000 people enrolled in private insurance plans on the site. now they actually thought by october they would have 500,000 by the end of the month. and six signed up on the first day, according to wall street. >> some say 40,000. some say 50,000. bottom line, 3% of what they thought they'd have enroute to getting 7 million by the time
4:03 am
the year ends. it's amazing as you look inside the numbers, the details of this program, it's not just the slow rollout, it's the program specifically that is blowing up. when people can get through, that's when the horror seems to start. >> so if the administration has known for a while -- and you can tell they've known for a while that the numbers would be bad because when a reporter presses them, they say we'll be end of november. in fact, that's what they said on capitol hill. we'll find outare much worse than anybody ever thought. they're about 3% of the target. there are a couple of interesting things about it, though. one of them is the fact that that number that they're going to be presenting to us this week actually could be a little inflated because that's going to include people who simply had looked through things and picked one of the plans and essentially put it in their cart. they haven't paid for it yet. the insurance companies don't know whether or not they're going to go with them, but they're doing anything they can
4:04 am
to get that number up. the other thing is -- this will be interesting -- will the government, when they release the number later this week, tell us about the demographics? how many people are young who signed up? how many people are old? probably not. according to spokesperson for the america's health insurance plans, which is an industry group, they say so far the people who signed up are significantly older than anticipated. >> think about this, 50,000 have signed up. three to 5 million lost their health care plans against their will. look at this in the big picture. last night on kelly file, the guest was a health insurance expert and consultant. he weighed in on where we're at right now. >> this is just a disaster. al-qaeda couldn't have run this worst than the obama administration has run >> that's a sound bite of the day. >> sure, stinging remark that reflects some truth. we have a situation here where we've interviewed individuals who have found their security
4:05 am
information in the hands of someone else. certainly americans are wondering why they should put their information on a web site if they can even get on, where it may end up in the hands of someone they don't know. we're talking social security, income information, your private health info just out there for anybody to get. and they knew that there were security risks. but the right people didn't know. >> the guy in charge asked, okay, you guys, any problems you're going to tell me about? no, boss. as it turns out, there were two security flaws deemed limitless risks on the system and yet, they rolled it out none the less. david cutler is a harvard economics professor. he helped the president's team figure out how to implement obamacare back in 2008 and he says even back then they knew people would be kicked off. but he thought and they thought it would be because people would see oh, look at these much
4:06 am
better all be it expensive policies. here is mr. cutler last night. >> it was foreseen that there would be a lot of transition from policies that were less good into cheaper, better policies through the exchanges, but that would be because individuals saw and wanted to do that rather than because they were being pushed and couldn't see what was in front of them. >> wow. so he thought everything would be out there. people would see the cheaper and they would jump rather than be pushed. they've been thrown overboard and without the ability to go back on and shop for the exchanges which 60% of the time have one company to shop against. he also said in 2010, he told former security secretary larry summers hey, you know what? he's no longer there as well. he says he warned that the rollout failing as far back as 2010. he saw this failing, told larry summers, i don't know what summers did, but he did quit soon after.
4:07 am
>> he said the government doesn't have the people or the process to do it effectively. fast forward to today. he was really right. >> yeah. therefore, we have the numbers that the "wall street journal" has released. people don't find it better and aren't able -- >> it will be interesting to see how they do put a happy face on this because the numbers are 3% of the target. >> all the people who came up with this have left? did you notice? we have these who predicted this problem, they helped script the problem and devise the plan and they're long gone, making their money on the speaking circuit and we're left with this mess. >> you have those with the title of deputy information chief when there is no information that's being given or shared or received properly when it comes to all of our american information when we're putting it out there. i think the irony is not laughable, in fact, it's scandalous. >> yes indeed.
4:08 am
let's see how the white house responds. 7 minutes after the top of the hour. in connection with to us alert. new video just in from the philippines, thousands of survivors seen here swarming the airport in one of the hardest hit areas by typhoon haiya. >> david pipe service live in bang -- piper is live in bangkok. what's the latest. >> reporter: as you saw, the situation is critical at this time. aid agencies are saying not enough medical supplies and food is getting through to the people in need. but help is on the way. u.s. and british warships are now steaming to the philippines. the carrier, uss george washington and support ships left hong kong and should be there within two to four days. the helicopter air wing of the george washington has on board crucial in getting help to the people in need in isolated communities which haven't been reached yet.
4:09 am
the aircraft carrier also produces 400,000 gallons of fresh water a day from its water distilling plants. at least 10,000 people are now feared dead after typhoon haiyan struck the philippines friday and that number is likely to rise considerably in the next few days. one city hit hard by the storm surge which flattened many of its buildings. u.s. marines are now there helping the relief operation and more marines are now going from okinawa, gentleman unanimous where they have -- japan where they have a base. they also were struck today by a magnitude 4.8 earthquake. rough for them at the moment. >> when it rains it pours. david, thank you very much. >> certainly, those are tough images to watch. we thank you for the updates. heather nauert, good morning. you have more updates is it. >> yeah. a lot going on back here at home. in north carolina now, the f.b.i. using facebook to nab a
4:10 am
would-be terrorist from the state. he was arrested at raleigh-durham international airport. he told an undercover informant on facebook that he was headed to syria to join al-qaeda. the feds put him on a watch list and then picked him up just as he was about to board a flight to lebanon. if he's convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison. we'll keep watching that story. also today, the accused boston bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev, is expected back in court later this morning. it's a hearing that could determine whether or not he'll get access to television or a telephone. attorneys say their client, a self-proclaimed jihaddist, has been too restricted. they're asking tore more time outside and also electronic access to the outside world. he was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction after last april's attack that left three people dead and more than 200 others hurt. katy perry cause ago commotion about her love life now. she stepped out of the mtv music
4:11 am
awards wearing a gorgeous diamond ring and if you take a very close look here at her on the red carpet, you can see this ring on her finger. no confirmation from the singer, but some hollywood insiders speculate that she and her boyfriend may be headed for engagement. >> love is fine. >> all right. thank you very much. >> i guess she's over that other guy. who was she married to? >> russell brand. >> so she's over him? >> i hope so. she's moving on to somebody else. >> we'll talk about it in the break. >> hope she finds happiness. >> coming up, despite a disastrous rollout, one top democrat claiming that the dems will be running on obamacare, as well as it's going. what does that mean for 2014? karl rove walking in here now to talk about it. >> plus, her love doesn't cost a thing, but will her new dog. how much a j-lo barbie is going to set you back this holiday
4:12 am
season. >> oh, man. >> wait a second. is karl rove reading? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at progresso, we lieve the second chapter of your life should be just as bold as the first. try the new bold flavors of heart healthy so from progresso.
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4:15 am
between disas truss web site glitches and 5 million americans losing their plans, it seems the obamacare rollout couldn't get much worse. but top democrat debbie wasserman schultz says it's a success for her party. take a listen. >> a peace of mind that those american also have knowing that they can never be dropped or denied coverage for that
4:16 am
preexisting condition, the preventive care available without a co-pay or deductible, those are benefits that americans have been feeling and will increasingly feel. democratic candidates will be able to run on obamacare as an advantage leading into the 2014 election. >> they're going to run on it or run away from it? karl rove joins us right now. what is she talking about? >> i hope every democrat paid careful attention to the chairman of their party and between now and next november, they diligently and enthusiastically and energetically follow her advice and make obamacare the centerpiece of their campaigns. every one of them. i hope they listen to their chairman and follow that advice. after all, the president's job approval on health care is 37% and this is the only major piece of social legislation in the modern history of america that is less popular 3 1/2 years after it was passed than when it was passed. every democrat, listen to debbie wasserman schultz, do exactly that. obamacare every single day. it's a great thing.
4:17 am
don't pay attention to those ordinary people. there are a few malcontent, but by god, push this issue! every single day! >> i'm reading in between the lines. so obamacare will be a major factor in the next election? >> after the 2010 election, i had a cup of coffee with two democrat pollsters separately. each one of them said the same thing. they hadn't been talking to each other. they said deficit, debt, stimulus, poor economy, that was what drove most of the vote. but what drove independents into the republican column in 2010 and gave thaws huge victory was the affordable care act. that was in 2010, months after it passed. now that we're seeing -- when we say 5 million policies have been dropped, remember, most policies have more than one person on them. so we're talking about a very large number of people already who have been adversely affected. >> talking families? >> families. you're talking about families. it's going to grow. one newspaper this weekend finished a huge analysis of the june 2010 rules and their forecast is that the number of policies that will be canceled
4:18 am
is between 32 million and 52 million. a lot of those will be rolling out next year and you know, you showed the footage from cutler last night. they can't help themselves. he said cheaper, better. one thing that we do know is that these policies are a lot more expensive. they're not cheaper. >> you look at the numbers are out this morning, the "wall street journal" and "washington post," both taking a peek at the number of people who have enrolled. it's somewhere between 40 and 50,000. it's 3% of the target so far. >> and remember, that target is low. >> right. if you take look -- >> they want 7 million by the end of march, which means if they were doing it 38,461 people a at this, by the end of october, they would have had 1.2 million people signed up instead of the goal was i think 400,000. >> they're way low. >> wasn't that the grand plan, to put the squeeze on the insurance companies with the tightened up language within obamacare so that those people would be forced off their plans and buy default sign up for
4:19 am
obamacare? >> sure. they wrote the law in such a way that it increased the amount of benefits that had to be offered, including maternity care for 50 and 60-year-olds, and then it limited how much the insurance companies could raise the premiums to pay for that. so if the insurance company says we can't make any money offering a that benefit at our current premium and can't raise the premium by law to recover that, then they cancel the policy. a lot more people will be canceled. >> what advice would you give republicans? i know you talked to a lot of them. should they go ahead and try to delay it or should they implement it, because the quicker it gets implemented, the more people are going to realize, wait. this is a stink bomb. >> this is a tougher question than you might think. president obama is going to probably come -- we saw this this week. the white house said, we've got these people who are paying bigger premiums. maybe what we ought to do is provide a fix for the people in the individual market and pay their premium increase for them. that's a lot of money. this thing -- half of this is paid for by borrowing money from
4:20 am
medicare, which is going broke. so if you start doing things like that, what do you to the deficit is skyrocketed. so i do think republicans have got to have a good strategic approach to this that says you know what? here is what we're for. here is what we think. here would be a better system for you. allow people to buy insurance across state lines. make insurance affordable. give tax benefits to the people who has tax benefits. let small businesses pool their risk. have transparency in pricing so you know how much that's going to cost when you go to the hospital. have medical liability reform to get rid of junk and frivolous lawsuits. there are a whole bunch of things that can be done. but we need a positive vision as well as a response to what the president is doing. >> that's a good outline. they should take that and run with that. >> i wrote about it a couple weeks ago in the "wall street journal." >> welcome to the new curvy couch. >> it's sort of more rounded. it's not so curvy.
4:21 am
>> you're right. we can't fix it. we're going to leave it. thank you. check this out, a police chase caught on camera. a suspect trying to outrun police goes over the edge and the officer followed. how the whole thing ended coming up. wisest kid, am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
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24 minutes past the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers. one in four. that's how many people surfed the web while driving, according to a new poll. this practice has steadily crept into older age brackets. perhaps because more older drivers own smart phones. 3300. that's how many birdies will tie -- not birdies. bride also tie the knot across the country. nearly eight times more than on the same date last year.
4:25 am
and 2995. that's the price of the new jennifer lopez barbie doll. for that price, you can buy one of two special collector dolls. the jennifer lopez world tour doll or the jennifer lopez red carpet doll. >> now smile at the birdie. >> say cheese, then look back at your old yearbook photo and smile. it may be your key to predicting your happiness in the future and now and could predict how long you will live. >> our next guest says there is a direct link between the picture of you smiling as a kid and how you're going to grow up. joining us a the author of "the tell, the little clues that reveal big truths about who we are." good morning to you, matt. thank you for joining us today from indianapolis. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> so there is a connection between a big smile in childhood and happiness throughout your life? >> yeah. so we did some studies where we looked at -- first of all, we
4:26 am
looked at college yearbook photos and we looked at two muscles in the face. the muscle that pulls up your lip, sides here and then another muscle that surrounds your eye. those told us something about our propensity for divorce or marital stability. >> that's really interesting. so if someone is faking it, you can see they're faking it and that could mean something different. we have our pictures that we'll show you. >> i saw those quickly before. >> wow! look at that. steve doocy. >> first of all, my hair is like a helmet. but i -- >> like hannity hair. >> you had the bieber before the bieber. >> how long will steve live? >> forever. >> he's doing pretty well in that. that looks like a nice, good, genuine bright smile. i'd say he's doing well. >> genuine is around the eyes. look around the eyes. the eyes as opposed to twinkle? >> right. the eyes, when that eye muscle contracts, that's difficult to do if you're just trying to fake
4:27 am
it. when that eye muscle contracts, it really predicts some positive things. >> does brian have twinkle in his photo? >> let's look at brian as a cowboy. you can't see your eyes! what's the matter with you? >> they asked me for a picture was at halloween. >> this is whole nother set of analysis here. >> how could that help? it's the wrong picture. i'm wearing a mask. >> i think we have one of -- that's one high school picture. >> wow. look at you. >> that's pretty. >> she looks happy there, am i right? >> i was dyeing my hair brown in those days. >> it was incredible. >> what do you know about that picture? >> yeah. elisabeth definitely has a full bright, warm smile. so we would probably give her a really high score, or pretty high score for the muscle in the cheek and around the eye. she has a big bright smile in
4:28 am
that one. >> you know what? i think people are going to go to their annuals, yearbooks and take a look. was i smiling or not? for the people not smiling this those photographs, what does that say about them? >> well, in our study, i mean, there has been several studies. but in one of our studies, the people in the yearbook photos who smiled least were about five times more likely to get a divorce at some point in their lives. >> oh, my goodness. >> compared to those who smiled most. and so those are the yearbook photos. then we found a similar trend in the childhood photos. so we took photos of kids doing a variety of things, blowing out candles, opening their easter basket, whatever it might be, and the average age was ten years old and that also predicted divorce. so there is something about a photo and capturing a thin slice of time that is predictive of something later in our lives. >> what about mile reluctance to -- reluctance to show my smile that age? >> he has issues.
4:29 am
>> send us your pictures, everybody, at home. >> stick around. maybe we'll have you analyze some pictures of our viewers. >> thanks for the update and all the analysis on the smiles and not. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> fascinating book. just think about that, if you're not smiling, five times more likely to get a divorce. >> right. and every parent out there i'm sure looking at their old photos are looking at their kids' own photos today. >> remember this, these are mean girls. they don't smile much. >> you're wearing sweat pants. >> it's monday. >> so? >> so that's against the rules and you can't fix them. >> turns out it's not their fault. we'll reveal the reason why women are catty, according it science. >> an elephant takes on a crocodile after it takes its trunk. who won the battle? we'll show that you next
4:30 am
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if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. the x factor had some problems with their computer voting system the other night. >> an x factor computer glitched caused some confusion when the wrong numbers were displayed on the screen. >> we had a graphics problem which meant that some of the voting information given was
4:34 am
incorrect. >> and the singers were forced to perform again for the revote. at the end of the show, the person responsible for the technical problems issued this apology. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> great. >> just a glitch. you deserve better. >> have you ever wondered why men and women are so different? turns out we're wired differently. when it comes to handling conflict, men for the most part handle it much differently than women. if you notice, women tend to embrace gossip and back biting and cat fighting. >> they are less likely, according to 100 evolutionary psychological surveys, women are less likely to yell and use physical aggression in any form and instead, refer to indirect aggression, which can be gossipping, back stabbing, shunning and just generally --
4:35 am
>> elisabeth. >> this is a scientific study. apparently girls and women will always use this indirect language, indirect aggression when it comes to other females. but then when it comes to being in mixed company, according to another study, they use it only half of the time. 52% of the time they use it if a guy is around apparently. but they're always use this because they assume less risk. so they're saying that the women know how to navigate the relationships, so they use this indirect aggression, because they think they'll come out unscathed. >> look at this from a documentary we saw. >> oh, my god! they love your skirt. where did you get it? >> it was my mom's in the '80s. >> vintage. so adorable. >> thanks. >> that is the ugliest skirt i've ever seen. >> sound familiar, elisabeth? >> yes. i was that girl in the skirt. >> according to the study, it
4:36 am
says that women use that cattiness to actually navigate through life. >> sure. >> to get ahead in competition and whatnot that you referred to earlier. if you are ever on the receiving end of it, though, what the study author suggested is just approach that person. hey, are you gossipping about me? stop it. >> sure. i mean, i remember teaching my daughter how to deal with it if it ever happens. are you saying that i'm this? just making the person repeat it over and over again until they're laughing at their own meanness. >> i can't believe it. >> men will at least be, for the textbook, will be more confrontational. some people have a problem with that. but women will be more cunning and biting because this stays with you, at least if a guy, you have a fight, verbal or physical, it's over then. but women keep it going. they maximize the harm inflicted on the victim while minimizing the personal danger involved. >> yes. >> you're dangerous. >> i'm dangerous. >> do we want to show another
4:37 am
clip from the documentary? >> okay. >> we have to talk to you. >> is butter a carb? >> yes. tina, you're wearing sweat pants. it's monday. >> so? >> so that's against the rules and you can't fix them. >> whatever. those rules are real. >> they were real that day i wore a vest. >> because that vest was disgusting. >> does this remind you of high school? >> i'm sweating. >> tell us, do you agree with this study and do you prefer direct aggression or indirect aggression? i prefer direct aggression. >> i don't like any aggression at all. how about you, heather? >> a direct aggression any day. who has time for that? but i think you're letting the guys off easy here because guys can be pretty catty as well. and such gossips too sometimes. >> you know what brian was
4:38 am
saying about steve the other night? >> i know! >> now it's time for headlines with heather nauert. do you the headlines and we're going to talk about that dress. >> it's beautiful! >> it's tuesday. >> it's vintage. >> thank you so much. it's a fun debate to have. gonzaga university now reviewing their weapons policy after putting these two seniors on probation for using a hand gun to ward off an intruder at their college campus. they have a legal permit for their gun. they're appealing their probation, which is set to last until the end of their senior year. their attorney says the school should consider students' safety above all else. what do you think of that. and this new video just released of the frightening end to a police chase in michigan. look at that right there. captured on dash cruiser cam, you can see the suspect, he goes right over and then the state trooper goes right after him. it was a 25-foot drop, yet both
4:39 am
men are okay. isn't that amazing? the suspect is now behind bars on a probation violation. and a middle school coach in portland is benched, but he's still fulfill ago promise to his players. he vowed to take the team to hooters if they won. they did win. the school district objected to this, but the coach took them there anyway. because of his decision, the volunteer coach was let go. >> i was here before the administration that is upset. i likely will be here after them and if the need for a coach presents itself, i very well may be coaching again. >> do you agree with the decision to fire the coach? let us know on facebook. brian, you're a coach. would you take the kids to hooters? >> i probably wouldn't because i got to worry -- one or two parents gets upset, it's just not worth it. especially when there is a bennigans or applebee's down the
4:40 am
block. but i can understand, a lot of kids ask to go to hooters. everyone asked to go if we won the division. we won the division and i went back on my word. >> this coach said the one thing he regretted was he didn't give them an option. >> are the dads okay with it more than the moms? that's what i want to know. dads and moms alike, let us know, would you want your kid going to hooters to celebrate? i'm going to split up that study. >> here is the best thing about it, hooters gave them 1,000 bucks to pay for the food. >> that's great. they're nice people. i've never been there and not got good service. i will say this, if you want to see tight outfits, remember al on "happy days." all those girls wore tight outfits and they wore skates in the 50s. at least hooters women aren't on skates. >> that was a tv show. this is real life. >> oh, i forgot. >> let us know what you think about that. maria molina, you have some
4:41 am
weather updates for us. >> yeah. i have an update. it's officially a bit of a wintery mix here in new york city. we're seeing -- >> you're wearing gloves. >> i am. it's cold. you need a scarf and we have a little bit of snow coming in, mix not guilty with the rainfall. we're expecting it to transition all to snow later on today across new york city. especially once that cold front pushes through and you're really going to feel the cold temperatures all the way down through parts of the gulf coast. 2003 have a number of -- 2003 have a number of freeze warnings and watches in effect. tomorrow morning all across the eastern half of the country, it will be a cold day. i want to show you the ray consider picture because it's not -- radar picture because it's not just new york city where we have that wintery mix, but pennsylvania, portions of new jersey and down to west virginia. otherwise this is what i was talking about, those temperatures as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. look at atlanta. talking 20s across parts of little rock, also up into kansas and all the way across portions of the east. again, it is going to be a cold one coming up very soon tonight
4:42 am
into tomorrow. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much at 48th and 6th avenue. coming up, the president said he would insure tens of millions of americans. looking at the math, is obamacare doing more harm than good? peter johnson, jr. on that next. plus, you've seen her model, take on commercials and now kate upton is adding actress to her resume. details on the blond bombshell. i also heard she's a great golfer. ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ detect hiddethreats... ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ process critical information, and put it in the has of our defenders.
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4:45 am
quick headlines. scary moments for the harlem globetrotter fans and it happened in honduras. throwing down a dunk, holding on to the rim and pulled down the backboard. it smacked him in the head. besides a small cut on his
4:46 am
forehead, he was fine. and the blond bombshell can do it all. kate upton reportedly joining the film version of hbo's "entourage." she has not been formally offered the role. they're watching the tide come in and out until they make a decision. steve? >> thank you very much, brian. rhetoric or reality? the president promised that obamacare would provide tens of millions of americans with health insurance. >> this is not just about the 47 million americans who don't have any health insurance at all. if you are one of nearly 46 million people who don't have health insurance, you'll finally have quality affordable options. 32 million people are going to have health insurance because of this legislation. >> that sounds great, right? but a brand-new report from the "wall street journal" says less
4:47 am
than 50,000 have signed up for private health care plans on so far. with so few sign-ups and millions of plans being dropped, is obamacare helping or hurting america's health care? peter johnson, jr. no longer giggling, joins us live. >> i wasn't giggling. i was laughing heartily. i'm vying for that entourage job as well. here is the problem, they must be running ats on cnn or msnbc because they only had 50,000 people that signed up. 50 million the president was talking about. 50,000 now. the target for this time was 500,000 plus. so we're at less than 10% of what they were seeking. they want 7 million in march or april in terms of signing up. you need to sign up by law and be set to go by january 1. you're going to face fines otherwise. what if americans decide, listen, we don't believe those 47 million. we're not going to go for this.
4:48 am
we're not signing up. i don't want to sign up. the president said that i can get health care when i need it. there is no preexisting condition issues. i'm not going to sign up. so if i don't sign up and i got a lot of older people in the 40s and 50s in this system, next year's premiums are going to go through the roof. access is going to be limited, and does the system fall in on its own accord? at the same time, the white house is block mr. park, the chief technology officer who is allegedly working on this fix and saying no, you can't go testify before congress. can't go testify before congress? after you spend $600 million, the thing is a hot mess, you can't get on it and 5 million people, steve? >> that's right. >> we got a map. >> let's look at this, please. look at this with me. 5 million people have lost their insurance in the united states of america in the era of
4:49 am
obamacare. >> okay. so explain this to me, peter johnson, jr. debbies wasserman schultz, who runs the democratic party in this country, she said that democrats running for office should embrace this and run on it because it's working so great. >> i'm so sick and tired of her talking about democrats running for office and what democrats should be doing. democrats should show up after hours in congress and see what they can do to learn how it write a line of code so real americans can get on this damn thing. that's what they should be doing, instead talking about we're going to go over and make some contribution calls now. we're going to go watch house of cards and figure out how we should be figuring this thing out. kevin klein is our -- he's our model. we'll be looking at him. that's wrong. forget the politics. make it work. it's the law now. make it work. if it doesn't work, it's going to fall in on its own. some people like the former
4:50 am
senator judd greg says this is all a stalking horse, a trojan horse for single payer, socialized medicine in this country. i don't have evidence for that except to say that all of the democratic leadership said that it's their christmas present of all time to have socialized medicine, single payer in this country. hot mess. no one is signing up. let's see what happens. see if they get the system up at the end of november. my bet is they don't, unfortunately. >> all right. because it is a house of cards. it looks like -- >> hot mess, house of cards. keep making those calls. >> indeed. >> raise money. >> all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us right now. meanwhile, he was born with only one arm, but that hasn't stopped this basketball star from tearing up the court. he'll join us next with his inspirational story. don't miss it. new duracell quan. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
4:54 am
inspirational story of an athlete who has overcome all to play basketball. >> it plays out in a new documentary. joining us now, kevin lou. >> thank you for having me. >> the story of your basketball career. your dad dies when he was ten. he was a great athlete. but you had something happen in the womb. the cord gets messed up somehow. you lose circulation. so you're born without an arm. >> yeah. it was unfortunate, but my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck a couple times and my arm got in between and saved my neck from being cut off. so i joke it was a good trade. >> your arm saved your life. >> exactly. >> your dad was an incredible coach, from what i read,
4:55 am
competitor. and you use that as motivation? >> i did, yeah. very much so. he was very competitive and it's hard for any parent to leave their kids behind, especially at that age. he passed away at 40, which is unfortunate. it was a hard experience for all of us. but everything happens for a reason and we move on. >> you love basketball. no one is giving you a shot. so you go across town to another school that gave you a shot. when your mom got you the tryout, she didn't tell the coach you had one arm. >> that's true. the first time i ever tried out for a basketball team, they cut me and said it was a two handed sport. and so like you said, my mom took me across town to a different team and they put me on board and that coach coached me up to a pretty good player and i ended up playing against him in high school. so he regreated it in the end. >> but he drove your heart. >> he did. i owe a lot to him. coach mcknight, it's in the
4:56 am
movie. a tremendous experience throughout middle school and high school as far as basketball goes. >> the documentary, it's in real time? >> real time. the director started filming me when i was 16 or 17. >> you scored 28 points? >> that's right. he'll never forget that. yeah. but he filmed me for 4 1/2 years. it's a 7-year project. the documentary is a real time documentary story and it's up for an academy award this year. crazy. >> so you played division 1 basketball. >> yeah. i was the first to play division 1 basketball when i was a senior in high school, i was in the super bowl edition of "sports illustration" and president bush got hold of it and force out on air force one to meet me. when i was a senior, you can imagine what an experience that is. i broke my leg the same day and lost any scholarships. i got recruited here on a full ride. >> coming up, we wish you luck,
4:57 am
i cannot wait to see your documentary. >> hope you get these awards. coming up next, among our many guests, sarah palin and others my name is mike and i quit smoking.
4:58 am
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good morning. today is tuesday, november 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the numbers are out and they do not look good. could a lack of interest in obamacare ruin the president's prized legislation? >> and yet another security flaw for only this one they knew about in advance. well, not everybody knew. so why wasn't the rollout delayed? we've got shocking stuff to tell you. >> yeah. laura ingraham reacts to those stories. plus new york city's outgoing police commissioner ray kelly, and former alaska governor sarah palin. we've got a packed hour full of guests. if we don't start the animation soon, we'll never get it done. so start it. >> if you like "fox & friends,"
5:01 am
you will keep "fox & friends". >> what's wrong? >> let's bring in our first guest. joining us is laura ingraham. hi, laura. >> hey, guys. great to see you. >> okay. so -- >> wait a second, doocy. i got to ask kill knee if he understands something. sorry about my voice. what do you think these colors are, kilmeade? >> i think it's the team that you supported was victorious? >> saturday night in tuscaloosa, baby. >> she went to the game. she was tailgating on friday. >> big-time. saturday night in tuscaloosa. >> here is something else, you're playing hurt. you're not 100%, but you showed up anyway. >> got to play hurt, babe. >> all right. >> you look great now. i feel like you're 100% back. but am i wrong? >> i'm here. >> speak of hurting, the administration is hurting because "wall street journal" and the "washington post" have gotten their hands on the early enrollment numbers for obamacare
5:02 am
and it looks like fewer than 50,000 people -- they're at 3% of the target. they had, of course, signed up just six people on the first day. they had hoped for half a million by the end of october. this thing is a colossal failure, it would appear to some. >> wait a second. first of all, doocy, it's a judgmental here today on "fox & friends." >> you're right. don't lead the witness. >> i feel it. first of all, 500,000, it's so easy when you're typing fast to just add an extra zero. >> thank you. >> or two. i mean, honestly, i do that all the time. i just tweeted before i came on. so yeah, and i had to delete the tweet because that and was something else. come on. so 10% of the number that they had predicted, i have a couple of questions about that 50,000. first of all, who are those people? they must have some super secret password to get on to the
5:03 am
exchange. i don't know if they're all obama navigators. i guess that's a possibility. and the administration in all seriousness, they're going to clearly try to spin this and say, well, as we said, it wasn't going to be necessarily smooth at the very beginning. we were going to have some problems, but stay with us because the substance undergirding this policy is going to be good for everybody. so you might not like it now. you might not want to sign up now. you might not be able to sign up now, but just give it some time and you will come to love obamacare. that's the only thing they can really say at this point. >> you're right. >> another thing, good morning, they can't say. henry chow, one of the project leaders under closed door questioning, we find out he had no idea that there were security issues, limitless security issues here. we've got people with titles of deputy information officer when it comes to implementing
5:04 am
obamacare that had no information or gave no information. what are your thoughts on that? >> yeah. this is like inspector kluso. >> this is the scandal part of the story. >> if i hear one more person who says, well, if i had known, i wouldn't have been okay with the rollout. if i had known -- this is why we pay the salary of mr. chiou. this is why he has a fancy title and probably a big office at hhs because he's supposed to know. so forgive me if i'm not bowled over by his new proclamation that, well, this is outrageous that there were security issues. all of these people involved, the major people involved in this rollout should have already been fired. in corporate america, they already would have been fired. the fact that we're even hearing these excuses is ridiculous. >> henry chiou said i never asked about security. >> he should have.
5:05 am
>> the other thing, was there a concerted effort to keep that from him. was there an effort to say, we got a rollout in a few weeks, the last thing we need to do is tell him there is a problem. that's the scandal part of this program. this is all in house. >> yeah. of course. we don't know where the walls went up. obama when he campaigned, remember, he was all about tearing down walls. so agencies and staff could talk to one another. there would be a free flow of information. goes back, brian, you're right, to the president saying we're going to be transparent, far more transparent than that closed off bush administration. but when we find out much of what had been predicted, by the way, by a lot of smart people is that it wasn't about policy. this was about government control at all cost and if there was a little security problem, we'd deal with that later. if there was a little technical problem, we can't let that get in the way. we have to amos as much power and control over the little people as we can as fast as we
5:06 am
can. that's why they didn't delay this rollout. it was a political move to amos power in d.c that's why we have to take power away from dc and take money away from dc so that people have more independence and personal control over their own lives. that's what i fought liberalism was supposed to be. but in the end, it's not. toes about power. >> i don't know what you're smoke because debbie wasserman schultz says democrats should embrace it and run on it 'cause it's a winner. >> good. i hope debbie wasserman schultz and her words of wisdom emanate throughout the democratic area and i hope they permeate the candidates campaign structures because this is a wonderful example, for all the people out there who didn't already know, that liberalism fails the people every time. you can dress it up, but in the end it doesn't work. >> do you remember when the occupation after the invasion of iraq was not going well, the president said, i'm going to convene a bipartisan panel to give mengeses.
5:07 am
he decides to go with the small portion that recommends a surge. he designs the surge, implements the surge and sets military history. we're at the point with obamacare where you can't fine tune it. he has to decide whether he blows it up, he pulls it back, or he gets an emergency bipartisan meeting of smart people to come up with some answers. we can't continue like this. we know where this is heading. >> i think they're damn fundamental they do and damned if they don't. i think for the country's sake, obviously this needs to have stopped or should have stopped already. but i wouldn't bet on that happening of the i really wouldn't. look, as a political matter, if all you care about or talk being is politics, it's obviously better for republicans if this goes o. not good for the people. the people have to have this anvil off their backs and soon. >> right. are girls prewired to be mean? >> well, brian, if you're prewired to turn down the radio every time you get lost when you
5:08 am
drive up in new england or something, then yeah, we're prewired to be catty. >> catty and mean. indirect confrontation rather than head on confrontation. >> yeah. i think it's a little silly. but what do i know? i'm not a scientist. these people are always changing their concludes every other year so it doesn't bother me. >> she's not a scientist. she'll be on the radio 45 minutes from right now. >> laura ingraham, thanks. >> thanks. >> i know a girl who is not mean, heather nauert. >> how are you? >> fine. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, you notice it's snowing outside. >> yeah. >> all righty. got some headlines now to bring you this morning. new video in, just a short while ago coming from the philippines. thousands of survivors are seen lining up at the airport in one of the hardest hit areas by typhoon haiyan. they're trying to flee the
5:09 am
country as another tropical storm makes landfall there. the death toll stands at more than 1700 people this morning. that number is expected to rise as crews are still searching the disaster zone. right now u.s. marines are on the ground and they're trying to bring in food, water and medicine to the people who need it. we'll have the very latest on the aid to that region coming up in a live report. the f.b.i. using facebook to nab a would-be terrorist in north carolina. you can see him right there. he was arrested at raleigh-durham international airportful he told an undercover informant on facebook that he was headed to syria to join al-qaeda fighters. the feds put him on a watch list and then picked him up just as he was about to get on a flight to lebanon. if he's convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison. elephant against crocodile, trunk versus teeth. when will win this one? here is what happened. an elephant in a national park
5:10 am
in southern africa got snapped by a croc while taking a drink of water out of a watering hole. the elephant freed itself from the jaws of the crocodile. those are your headlines. >> survival of the fittest. >> exactly. >> ten minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. it's one of the most crucial jobs in the country heading the department of homeland security. but the position has been vacant since janet napolitano left. is a lack of leadership putting america's safety and security at risk? congressman mike mccall of texas here next. >> house chairman of homeland security. >> and then caught on camera, a power boat racer flips his boat at more than 130 miles an hour and he lives to tell the tale. >> that's why we giggle. ♪ ♪
5:11 am
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5:14 am
>> the department of homeland security sounds important, right? so why haven't leadership positions been vacant for almost three years? we've got acting leaders, but the law says they can't keep the job for more than 210 days. so what's going on here? can we really expect results from a department that's half empty? congressman and chairman of the house committee on homeland security joins us right now. he wrote a great op ed in the "wall street journal" voicing his concern and why wouldn't he, congressman mccall, welcome back to "fox & friends." >> thanks for having me. >> first, we don't have a chairman right now. you have a nominee. tell me what brought you to put pen to paper. >> well, nearly half of the top leadership positions within the department of homeland security, which is a national security
5:15 am
agency, are vacant. that, to me, is a signal from the administration that they're not taking homeland security seriously. they're not taking national security seriously. you had a piece just before this about a terrorist wanna be trying to fly out of the country and you know, every day i get warnings of terrorists trying to fly into the country. if we don't have a head of custom examines border patrol, if we don't have a current secretary, we don't have a watchdog. the inspector general watchdog position within the department of homeland security and so many other countless positions that we don't have time to go into, that's a failure of leadership. if you don't have leadership, the organization will fail. can you imagine if business, had nearly 50% of its top leadership not in place? i think it's a serious issue. >> if the president really gets up every day worried about our nation's security, how can he get up every day and feel good about the vacancies in homeland security? those two do not make sense.
5:16 am
now talk about his nominee to take over for janet napolitano. he had some great people out there that are a political. for example, our next guest, ray kelly. he goes for jay johnson, a lawyer. >> i'm sorry. you called him what? >> a lawyer. >> yeah. this guy is the president's lawyer. i would have liked to have seen -- look, i'll give him the he actually called me yesterday, jay johnson did, after the "wall street journal" op ed piece i wrote, came out saying, i'm committed to filling these vacancies. so i certainly appreciate that, but i would have liked to have had a guy who was not sort of on the job training, somebody that immediately could come in, command respect and stature like a ray kelly type from new york who we all know and respect, like ed davis type from the boston police commissioner, after the boston bombing. so much of this job is dealing with state and local police. we saw how critical that was in boston. so this guy is going to have to
5:17 am
earn our respect, on the job training. he is kind of the president's lawyer. i don't want a political hack in that position. i want someone who can lead on national security issues. >> you think we might have a political hack going into that position as he starts the nomination process? >> he'll have his confirmation hearing on wednesday. again, i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. he does have good experience from the department of defense. he has good counterterrorism experience on the bin laden raid, cyber experience, all that stuff is important. but again, i don't want a yes man for the president. i want a guy who can jump in from day one and really lead this organization that is crying out for leadership. >> if you did not write this, we would not have known this. we look at the secretary spots, we don't look at the underspots, at least for the most part. i really appreciate you bringing this forward because it's not republican or democrat. it's being responsible for watching our back at the border and within our own borders. thanks so much, chairman, for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> by the way, stay tuned
5:18 am
because coming up shortly, it will be ray kelly. for the past year, more than 47 million people have relied on food stamps. so is the american dream actually dead? sarah palin is here live. and he's kept new york city crime at a record low. now police commissioner ray kelly leaving the department. where is he going next? who is coming in his wake? he'll be joining us next on "fox & friends." ♪ hey, i notice your car yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief
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5:21 am
new york city's top police officer is moving on. police commissioner ray kelly leaving the department after 50 years of service in total.
5:22 am
>> he joined the nypd in 1963 and since then has served in 25 different commands. but now after two successful terms as police commissioner, many can't help but wonder where is ray kelly going next? is he going to tahiti or not? >> joining us now to answer that question is new york's top cop himself, police commissioner ray kelly. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> good morning to you. >> do you know for sure you're not coming back? >> i'm moving on to greener pastures hopefully. we'll see. i haven't made any definitive plans to what i'm doing. >> we could tell you're looking for a job because he came in, sat down and logged on to secret information. >> can we talk about the great job that you've done, by the way? i know stop and frisk is always talked about, always in the news. let me tell you, when you look at these numbers, you can not dispute the success that your methods have had. overall, crime stats in new york
5:23 am
city, murder down 22.3%. robbery down 5.4%. shooting incidents, 21.7% down. >> look at the murder rate, too. >> this is what makes the most difference. when you look at this, you can not get over how well the system that you put in place has worked. it saves lives. right? >> i think it's important to emphasize the fact that what's going on in new york is saving lives. significant number of lives. that seems to be left out of much of the debate that goes on. we're not saying the end justifies the means, but clearly it should be a factor in the discussion of the tactics and strategies used in the city. if you look at the 11 years and nine months that mayor bloomberg served, actually more than that now -- compared to 11 years and nine months before mayor took office, 9,172 fewer murders. that is a remarkable number,
5:24 am
well over 50% reduction. those lives saved, quite frankly, are largely young people of color because that historically is who has been shot and murder on the streets of our city. so there is a lot of good things going on in new york and hopefully they'll continue. >> so i couldn't help but notice and we covered it here action there was a myriad of news that day. you get asked to talk to universities and talk about what you've done in new york. you show up at brown university and this is how you were received. >> it's not for debate! >> you make your comments as part of the question and answer part of this program. >> we're asking you to stop frisking people! >> they invite you there. they don't let you talk. had they allowed you to talk, you would have explained why it works and why it is not racism. >> well, i think obviously in the school of that stature you would think you would be able to have a free exchange of ideas.
5:25 am
that wasn't the case. i've gotten lots of policies from the administration up there. but the fact of the matter is that i wasn't allowed to speak and i think that it really harms the reputation of the university. >> you know security. you understand freedom of speech. they could have controlled that crowd relatively easily. you've done this, so you could do this in your sleep. why did that happen? you take time out of your job to go up to talk to those kids for free and that happens. >> yeah. i can't give you an answer. i don't know why it happened, but yeah, you would think a security would have been provided in sufficient matter to prevent something like that. >> was that a student only forum or were outsiders included in that audience? >> apparently outsiders can go into any speech that's given on the university grounds or any presentation. so it was difficult for me to tell if it was outsiders or students who were involved in
5:26 am
this addition corruption. >> the disruption was caused because they don't like stop and frisk. it is very clear that the new up coming mayor -- incoming mayor does not embrace stop and frisk. will that be a problem for people in new york city? >> it remains to be seen. >> what's your gut tell you? >> we'll have to see what happens in court. there is -- the city moved to vacate the order given in august by the judge as a result of the decision on part of the second circuit to stay the order. so it's somewhat complex. the appeal is still going forward. we'll have to wait and see. i think it's important to emphasize that this stop, question, and sometimes frisk or do a limited pat-down is a practice across law enforcement. it happens in every jurisdiction. that's what you pay your police officers to do. when something of a suspicious nature is seen or called in, you want your police officers to at
5:27 am
least ask questions and infringe on that possibility, i think, certainly raises the potential for increased crime. we'll have to see because it's one thing to say things during a campaign. it's another when you're actually at the helm to make -- >> the campaign would have to scare anybody who wants to survive a day in new york city because remember what it was like in the 1970s and '80s. you've had five careers already. as marine as well. you could retire. chances of you retiring and the chances of you going to the long rumored position at jpmorgan? >> i can't discuss any of that. >> what about between me and you? >> sure. >> fine. i can do that, good. how important is it if you have another chapter in your career? >> i want to stay active and i want to continue to do a lot of things that i've been involved in in the past. so yeah. i don't see myself as retiring. >> you're not retiring?
5:28 am
>> no. >> you got stuff left to do and we'll find out about it soon enough. right? >> i hope so. >> i have no comment on anybody -- any of the candidates for position. what if elisabeth asked you. go ahead. >> i'm not. >> thank you very much for your years of service and keeping it safe. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> coming up. >> he's admitted to smoking crack and now toronto's troubled mayor has a message for the people trying to push him out. >> ray, what would you do? never mind. then, he's been trying to sell his health care program. but now we know it's full of broken promises. we'll talk about it next with that woman right there, governor sarah palin next! ♪ ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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5:33 am
that some americans have lost their existing health coverage due to obamacare. you know, i think he's getting a little desperate. today he said if you like your complete lack of coverage, you can keep your complete lack of coverage. >> for more on jay leno, let's bring in governor sarah palin. are you amazed at the point -- we the way, welcome to the couch. do you like it? >> i love the curvy couch. you make nice. >> this is the first time with elisabeth. >> yeah. first time. >> we were on a bus together in tampa years back. this is the first time on the curvy couch together with our homework and backpacks. we're thrilled that you're here. >> thank you. >> we hear the joke from jay leno and he's been great staying on point there. and we hear the apology from the president. what did you think after they kind of apologized? >> grudgingly apologizing for a broken web site basically. the web site isn't the problem. nobody should give a flying flip about the web site fixer uppers that are coming in to save the
5:34 am
day for obamacare. that's not the problem. the problem is this collective socialized medicine program that we're being led into. that's what the problem is. >> the numbers aren't good, right? they're kind of sucking wind. >> oh, yeah. how many billions of dollars will be spent on the failed rollout and the failed web site. but again, more importantly, it's the overall program that we're seeing coming from the white house. >> governor, you ran a state and now a lot of republican governors decide i'm not setting up exchanges. now the democrats are saying, id play politics, we wouldn't have this problem. >> yeah, well, speaking of playing politics, it's funny that a lot of those democrats who had been supporting obamacare, and even some republicans who were kind of squishy on obamacare now, they who are running for reelection in their states where a republican governor isn't setting up an exchange, those democrats are running for
5:35 am
political cover. they're scurrying like little rats -- >> mark begich in alaska, they have ads running in their home state saying, hey, obamacare is fine. i'm going to sign up and we're going to -- it's going to be good for the country. but now, in fact, i've seen fox news ding senator mark begich with a walk and talk asking him candidly what do you think of it and he's like, uh, uh and it's not so good and i'm chewing out the president every chance you have. no, you're talking out of both sides of your mouth because you're running ads in your home state saying it's not so bad. i was for it before i was against it. >> that's going around. what about the fact that -- and on the channel we talked about how it seems like we're becoming more of an entitlement nation. right now something like 47 million, approaching 50 million americans are on food stamps. that is a heart breaking number. some people go, well, there is probably some fraud in there. maybe it's too easy to get.
5:36 am
but a number like that does not speak well for the country. >> no. the deal is there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. so the freebies that are being given that, are -- the idea of them being sold by the obama administration obama administration because food stamps increased so greatly since president obama was elected, it's such a marketing tool. it is such a seductive lure into supporting a politician or a program if you think you're going to get something free out of it. >> people love free stuff! and then vote for those people. >> it's seductive. but again, there isn't no such thing as a free lunch. everyone learns that. what's free today, where are getting money? we're taking it from our children and grandchildren. we're borrowing from china. when it comes time to pay the piper, we're in a world of hurt. >> sure, maybe what you're saying is free doesn't mean freedom.
5:37 am
it means dependency and stuck in that situation. what are republicans supposed to do right now? let's think about obamacare, entitlement nation, are they supposed to let it just fail on its own? then we want to get to some good news because your book is good. >> it is failing on its own and more and more americans are opening their eyes to that failed state that is coming down the pike. and it's a huge agenda of this entitlement mentality. it's an i agenda of making people more and more beholden on government so the government can have more control over all of us individuals, our business, our lives. so that's a sad state of affairs. but more and more people are opening their eyes to it and -- i tell you, if it were not for fox news, how would people be opening their eyes to it? because the mainstream media out there, they continue to go along with the dissension for far too long. >> so let's talk about your book. >> just in time for christmas.
5:38 am
>> yes! it's jolly. it's really good. >> sarah palin "good tidings and great joy." a wonderful, wonderful tribute to what christmas really is. >> yeah. >> stories, recipes. >> i love the way, in the very beginning you talk about how growing up in alaska, you never had to worry about a white christmas. >> oh, yeah. it just was. >> we're hoping we get a few snowflakes here and we'll be lucky p that. what do you want people to know about the book? >> there is an inherent link between faith and freedom and if we are not allowed to exercise our expression of faith, whatever that faith may be, then we will be a less, less free country. and much of this has to do with the ability, the right, the opportunities to celebrate the real reason that we have christmas. jesus is the reason for the season and those who are so politically correct who would say you can't say that anymore. you're going to get sued. well, i'm empowering people to
5:39 am
understand that no, we have our constitutionally protected rights to stand up and celebrate the way that we deem. >> the thing about the book is you talk about what it was like when you were growing up as a child and your many christmases on your snow machines and stuff like that. this could be the only book you can buy this season where it has a recipe for merry christmoose chili. >> so throughout, it's not a political lecture, in your face type of narrative. it talks about faith and freedom and what it means to be an american and exercise our faith, at the same time some quite festive little things. >> i got to ask you, you can duck it, real tree or artificial tree? >> it's got to be a real tree. >> thank you. letter, good. >> you cut it down yourself? >> we used to. but the last couple of years we purchased. but we used to get it off our own property, yeah. >> or the neighbors.
5:40 am
when it's dark. >> that's the good thing about living on the tundra. >> governor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> i hope i get new the grab bag >> exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has the headlines. >> remember last week we were having a conversation about what our families all prepared for christmas and elisabeth did lasagna, yours did pheasant. governor, what did your family do? >> hunting a moose. >> see? organic protein. >> i went to pathmark and got myself a turkey that was wrapped. the little thermometer that plumped when it was ready. that's what i did. >> your dinner came wrapped in cellophane. ours came wrapped in fur. >> there is gun powder in my giblets. >> thank you so much. got some headlines to bring you.
5:41 am
toronto's embattled mayor says i am not going anywhere. mayor rob ford says he plans to stay in office to fight pressure to resign since he's admitted to having smoked crack. the issue is now at the top of the agenda for the toronto city council meeting being held tomorrow. ford says he can't be forced out of office since he wasn't convicted of a crime. voters may have the final say in this. he plans to run in the october 2014 mayoral election. we'll keep you posted. new details about the newly wed bride who is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff after only a week of being married. prosecutors are saying jordan lynn graham had blindfolded her husband, cody johnson, before he died. graham initially told investigators that she pushed him during an argument, forcing him off the cliff in montana. his body was discovered several days later. graham told friends she had second thoughts about marrying him. she pleaded not guilty to murder. and here is another bride story.
5:42 am
one bride who does not want to take a plunge. a woman in a bridal gown captured hanging 3,000 feet in the air. this picture was taken at the top of lost arrow spier in california yosemite national park. but don't worry here, the bride wasn't left hanging all together. it was part of a photo shoot for an extreme wedding company. those are your headlines. >> for sarah palin that's extreme. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, three people died and hundreds more are hurt after the bombing of the boston marathon. now the accused bomber wants a break. what his attorneys are asking for in court today. it is the battle of the buildings. which city is fighting to keep its title, saying the world -- of the new world trade center spire doesn't count. would that be the second city? that's coming up. ♪
5:43 am
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three fingers things you need to know. attorney for dzhokhar tsarnaev will be in court for a hearing that could determine whether or not he'll get access to a tv or a phone. attorneys for him says he's been too restricted. the hacker who tapped into the web cam and watched her private moments is expected to plead guilty in the california courtroom. her former classmate facing 11 years behind bars. today we will find out which building is the tallest in the country, the world trade center tower or the willis tower in chicago. a committee will decide if the needle on the world trade tower
5:47 am
should be included in the measurement. keep your fingers crossed, new york. >> i bet it's chicago. meanwhile, fox news alert. this morning typhoon survivors in the philippines fight to hang on as more than 600,000 people have been displaced in what's likely the deadliest natural disaster on record. >> at this hour, more than 1700 people have been killed. david piper has been following this story from the beginning. he joins us live from bangkok, tie land, with the latest. david? >> reporter: hi, elisabeth. yes, rescue and relief teams are struggling to cope with the enormity of the disaster. there is some help on the way. u.s. and british naval forces are steaming there and the carrier, uss george washington should be there within two to four days. its helicopter air wing should be very helpful getting those supplies out to those isolated
5:48 am
areas because at the moment, they can get those food and medical supplies to them. they're also carrying distillation plan to distill 400,000 gallons of water a at this which is crucial. at least 10,000 people are feared dead after the typhoon haiyan struck the philippines on friday. the center of the strike was, the marines are there helping and helping the relief operation and we understand more marines are coming from their base in okinawa, japan. it's a real struggle for the philippines and they've also had an earthquake, 4.8 magnitude earthquake in the last 12 hours. so it's really tough for them at the moment. back to you in the studio. >> no kidding. david live in thailand, thank you. coming up, a frightening diagnosis for one of football's greatest receivers and he joins us next. first, let's check in with
5:49 am
bill hemmer for what's coming up. >> a nice get together last night. >> thanks for showing up after your long day in your multiple shows. >> are you number one yet? >> i don't know. i haven't checked. >> we're going to get him there, aren't we? >> we'll see. >> matter of time. >> stunning stories from the philippines. updates from manila on that. obamacare is failing. how will this law be changed or will it? senator rob portman is here on that. the cancellations continue to climb. will a fox news reporter go to jail and for what? we'll see you in ten minutes ♪soft music with sleigh bells remember writing letters to santa? scrawling hearfelt words to the big man in the red suit who could make all your wishlist remember writing letters come true. bring those memories back at santa's wonderland in bass pro shops. with crafts, games and a free picture with santa. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
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5:52 am
>> the dot finishes took the -- dolphins took the field last
5:53 am
night. >> the latest story isn't about players taking the field. it's about dolphin who hung up his injuries year more than 20 years ago after ten years with that team. mark duper, along with tony dorsett and others are the most recent former nfl players to test positive for chronic traumatic, degenerative disease of the brain. you took one of the tests. it was a pleasure watching you play all those years. thank you for joining us. when you take this test on your brain, it turns out you do have some damage. what's your reaction to that? >> first of all, it's kind of scary. it made me sit down and made me think what is going on. you know, like i want to live a long, productive life. i really want to live a life where i can understand what's going on after football. it was very scary and first
5:54 am
thing you normally, being a family man, i thought about my family. >> of course, mark. i mean, three-time pro bowler, certainly so successful in the nfl, fun to watch as ever. when you think about cte, there is connection between the amount of concussions that players have incurred. do you think the nfl and other leagues are doing what they can to protect players? >> well, when i played in the nfl, like you say, 20 years ago, it doesn't seem that long, but that's a long time, i feel that they're doing more now as they're aware of what's going on with concussions. back when i played, it wasn't a big deal about concussion. you get your bell rung and then you come out one play and then you go back out there and you start playing again.
5:55 am
the knowledge wasn't there as the knowledge is today. >> got you. mark, what are you experiencing right now? you say you're experiencing some memory loss, a little bit of depression? >> yes. i experience depression, memory loss sometimes, aggravation. as far as pain, body, i have headaches. as far as my body, after you play so many years of football, you're going to hurt, you know. that's a known fact. >> do you regret playing? knowing what you know now, do you wish you didn't play? >> absolutely not. i would go back and play nfl again if i had to play again. i mean, i wasn't only a player, i was a student of the game. i didn't play high school football. i didn't play college football. i never had all -- i've never to worry about all these injuries
5:56 am
and stuff like that when i played nfl. >> mark, thank you for joining us, telling us your story. we'll keep on top of this as it develops. thanks so much. >> one remarkable guy. >> "fox & friends" to wrap things up in just a moment e knor clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to all right. special thanks to everyone who showed up for any book signing, especially my family. we were at dell frisco's last night and there is elisabeth photo bombing us. >> so wrong. >> so cool of you to come, all you guys. >> there is bill o'reilly who had to do a live show, but jetted to come and say hello. eric bowling was there. there is elisabeth entertaining my girls, who were with adults all night until elisabeth showed up. >> we had the best talk. they solved all their problems with the kids. how nice. >> i'll be at a book review today in huntington, new york. steve, thanks so much for
6:00 am
coming. >> it was a great party. >> i had my lab. i really wanted to go. >> you were at school. i understand. >> i was in school 'til 7 p.m. >> all right. >> we got a busy show tomorrow. we'll see you then. bill: good morning. fox news alert. awaiting reaction from the white house. we get our first look at the obamacare enrollment numbers. the "wall street journal" reports fewer than 50,000 americans signed up, even rolled, committed their money in the 36 states using the troubled obamacare website. good morning. where does that stand now? welcome to america's newsroom. martha: that number very bad news for the white house. it's a tiny fraction, it's 3% of the 7 million


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