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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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care? >> i tell you one thing, being a politician is being another democratic voter. >> that's it for us on "the 5." thanks for watching. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. "special report with bret baier" is up next. one of the biggest voices in the democratic party added to the chorus calling for serious changes to obama care. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. what a difference a year makes. about one year ago, former president bill clinton was obama care's explainer in chief. clinton was not only in support of the president's policy objectives, he was the one to put those objectives in plain english, according to president obama. fast forward, mr. clinton says it's president obama who's got some explaining to do because of
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widespread cancellation notices. this as president obama's job approval rating is at its lowest since he entered the white house. quinnipiac university found american voters disapprove 54 to 39% of the job the president is doing. his lowest rating yet in that poll. we have fox team coverage. jim drills down into the number of cancellations and enrollees. but first our white house correspondent has the latest on a story that seems to add a major new development every day. good evening, wendell. >> reporter: good evening, bret. the pressure the president is now feeling on obama care is coming from democrats. dianne feinstein announced late today she will join mary landrieu in co-sponsoring a bill that would force insurance companies to continue to offer policies that obama care considers substandard. the white house doesn't like the idea but it adds to the pressure of the explainer in chief who's a fan of obama care but says the president should keep his promise. the advice came from someone who
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could hardly be more influential, former president clinton said president obama should make good on his promise if you like your health insurance, you can keep it. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> reporter: mr. clinton's call came just days after mr. obama said he was sorry people were finding themselves with cancelled policies. press secretary jay carney says the president has asked for options, but not options that let people keep plan that say don't meet obama care standards. >> we do not see that as fixing the problem, we see that as throwing the baby out with the bath water. >> reporter: carney suggests one option might involve subsidies for people whose current insurance policies are being cancelled and who can't afford the new plans they're being offered. house speaker john boehner said that's not what clinton recommended. he said they should keep their old plans if they want even if it takes a change in the law. former vice president cheney
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says he agrees with mr. clinton that the president should keep his promise but he doesn't believe he can. >> it's hard to think how you would implement that. i think what needs to be done is repeal obama care. i think it's a serious, serious foul-up. >> reporter: meanwhile the white house admits the number of enrollments is lower than expected but refuses to confirm it's just a small fraction of the target. officials say warnings that personal information might not be secure are premature since that part of the website isn't operational yet. jay carney said he wasn't aware of a democrats' call of an investigation of cost overruns for the website but criticized the subpoena of todd park, the administration's technology chief, saying hauling him up to the hill tomorrow would interrupt his work. >> we had hoped that the committee would work with us to find an alternative date to give mr. park time to focus on his immediate task at hand, which is getting the website fixed. >> reporter: carney stopped short of saying park would be a no-show but he complained four obama officials have testified
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on capitol hill in the past two weeks, more than two dozen overall and he suggested congressional oversight is becoming a distraction. bret. >> wendell, thank you. as wendell just mentioned, there's a big issue with these cancelled policies. several states have seen hundreds of thousands of cancellation notices sent in the mail. you can see the numbers right here. the three states with the highest totals are california, new jersey and florida. white house officials claim insurers, not the law itself for the problem. critics say the administration should have known about the consequences of the law's rules and mandates or, worse, they did. now to chief national correspondent jim engel with a look at who's enrolling in the exchanges, who's getting cancellation notices and why website troubles aside they are behind their target in the obama care rollout. >> reporter: while obama care forced the cancellation of more
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than four million policy that say didn't meet the new standards, it's only signed up roughly one-tenth that number. >> if 40,000 people enrolled in the federal exchanges, that calculates to about 1% of the folks who they would like to have enrolled. >> reporter: going out to next march, the administration's goal was to sign up seven million people overall. >> in order to meet the seven million goal that the administration had originally projected, they have to sign up between 25,000 and 30,000 a day irks after only six weeks they have signed up a few days worth of people and it likes to cite other programs in an effort to argue all such efforts begin slowly. one example was the rollout of the medicare part d drug program. but even that grew much faster. >> if you look one month into the medicare part d enrollment, about 10% of the total enrollment was completed. >> reporter: administration officials are also fond of pointing to massachusetts,
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arguing that when governor romney set up universal care there, his initial enrollment numbers were also low. those familiar with massachusetts, however, say that's not true, that in the first full month of active enrollment in just that one state, some 45,000 people signed up. >> that translated into 27% of the amount of people that ended up enrolling in that entire first year. if that were to be reflected at the federal level we would expect 1.89 million people to be enrolled in the first month. >> reporter: instead of 40,000 to 50,000. the administration has pledged to release its own enrollment numbers sometime this week. analysts worry the administration will try to make the numbers look larger by including those that have simply filed an application. >> in my mind no one is enrolled in obama care until the insurance company knows about them. and my conversations with the insurance companies indicates the numbers are extremely low. >> reporter: officials argue they will only include people who have applied and chosen a plan.
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no one has to pay a premium until december 15th at the earliest, so officials say they won't know who's actually purchased insurance until after that. but until the administration fixes the website problems, it may fall farther and farther behind, this means the numbers it reports could be shockingly low. even beyond that, though, the mix of young and healthy to older and sicker enrollments will be the key. bret. >> jim, yesterday you reported on potential fixes and how tough that could be. if the administration wanted to do what president clinton said today, keep your plan if you had your plan, that's still tough. >> if you still have it you might be able to keep it but a lot of people, they have already vaporized. so those plans are gone. all the insurance companies are governed by state insurance commissioners. they would have to write new plans, send them to commissioners, get them approved, get the rates approved and then send letters to millions of people. it's not an easy process. >> jim, thank you.
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it's been five days since typhoon haiyan hit the eastern philippine coast and became what looks like the deadliest disaster in that country's history. what you're looking at here is a before and after satellite image. the official death toll has risen to 1,774. the philippines president believes the death toll will probably be 2,000 to 2,500 and the higher estimates were influenced, he said by emotional drama. however, officials, other officials believe the number of dead could still top 10,000. william is on the ground in manila. good evening, william. >> reporter: bret, of course the typhoon is over but for many their suffering is actually getting worse. while millions in aid is promised, there's no promise many victims will see it any time soon. >> we need help. we need help to revive our place. people need food, they need
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rice. everything they need. if you can help, anybody who can see this, who can hear us, help, please. >> reporter: she is one of the lucky few that got out of the coastal city virtually leveled by typhoon haiyan. this woman nearly drowned before punching a hole in the ceiling. she clung to rafters for hours with children hanging on her arms until the water went down. >> i felt cold. they were crying, crying, because it was cold. >> reporter: five days later, many of the dead rot in the sun. >> translator: we have no clothes. we have nothing to cover our mouths and noses from the foul smell. >> very bad. very, very bad. you've got debris everywhere. you've got decaying bodies all over the place. the stench is horrendous. not a lot of food and water available. >> reporter: supplies from tents to medicine are on their way, but it's a race against time for thousands of hungry an homeless, hoping to get out of the
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airport. >> translator: we've been here for so many days, look at my children. we have nothing to eat. no clothes. others who just got here got on the plane right away. >> reporter: the u.s. and philippine military are flying supplies in and victims out daily, but a lack of communications and security on the ground are slowing the relief effort. bandits already hijacked a red cross truck carrying 25,000 meals. other aid groups are waiting until police can secure the roads. as for the priorities, 48% of cell service is restored, but others worry that the philippines is unprepared for 40,000 tons of supplies headed to an airport that is technically not open. bret. >> william, jeunesse live in manila, thank you. during today's briefing the state department confirmed that two american mariners were kidnapped off the coast of nigeria last month and they have been freed.
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a state department spokeswoman did not provide further details. abc reports a ransom was paid to the pirates who snatched the sailors from their oil transport ship. up next, is it okay for a photographer not to shoot a ceremony for a gay couple for religious reasons? but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering across the country. wjbk in detroit has dramatic dash cam video showing a suspect and a state trooper falling over a guardrail. both men were injured in the 30-foot fall right there. wfxt in boston covering the hearing of boston marathon bombing suspect. and this is a live look from ksa z. the big story there the justic department will allow the merger
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the u.s. supreme court is considering taking on a case which could have major implications concerning religious freedom. at issue, whether you must check your religious values at the door when you run a business. correspondent shannon bream explains. >> they basically say that once you agree to enter the workplace, the marketplace, you surrender all your constitutional rights. >> reporter: jordan lawrence represents elaine and jonathan hugennin, christians who was sued after they declined to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony. not only did they lose the suit but were also ordered to pay thousands in legal costs to the
3:16 pm
lesbian plaintiff. in his concurring opinion, the justice wrote their refusal to do business with the same-sex couple in this case, no matter how religiously inspired, was an afront to the legal rights of that couple. he wrote they have to channel their conduct, not their beliefs, so as to leave space for other americans who believe something different. it is the price of citizenship. >> the idea that someone, a free people can be told by the government to surrender their beliefs that motivate their lives as a price of citizenship to enter the marketplace is very chilling. >> reporter: aclu leaders who filed briefs in the case satisfactory any often fight on behalf of religious freedom, but that this case is about something else. >> they're saying that they should be exempt from this rule an be allowed to impose their religious beliefs on other people, really on the customers who come into their business. we say that's going too far. >> reporter: the case is
3:17 pm
officially on appeal to the u.s. supreme court. both sides sound confident, though they don't seem to agree on the root issue the justices may consider. >> the issue is do we as a free people and free society under the first amendment protect people to dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy or are be going to allow the government basically to punish dissenters with a very extreme and expansive view of their public accommodations law. >> the court will be looking at this fundamental question of fairness and how much we're going to defend our principles to make society right for different kinds of people. >> reporter: at the same time this case was playing out in new mexico, a man who had styled governor martinez hair refused to provide further servishe, a did not support efforts to legalize gay marriage. he also openly encouraged other business owners to turn her away. he is not facing any legal action. bret. >> shannon, thank you. so what do you think? do you think the u.s. supreme
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court could take up this case? let me know on twitter. it is not yet zero hour for budget negotiations but many people worry washington is close to experiencing that old familiar feeling. but this time there is a glimmer of hope. associations will not fizzle. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on the hill with more. >> reporter: with one month to present a budget deal both sides want to find a better way of handling the sequester cuts but have different ways to get there. democrats led by patty murray said any deal should boost revenue, including closing loopholes and increasing fees. tom price says closing loopholes should be part of broader tax reform that would lower rates and new revenue isn't needed. >> i think that's a nonstarter for the budget committee. what could be utilized, the president in his budget laid out a number of ways to reduce spending at the federal level that would mitigate and make it
3:19 pm
so that the sequester is not that across the board spending reduction. >> reporter: but democrats argue closing the loophole on overseas corporate earnings and eliminating the mortgage exemption for second homes makes sense. tim kaine says everybody must give to get a deal. >> we have to tackle some reforms of the entitlement programs, especially medicare. so we'll have to be reducing some spending and potentially by closing loopholes getting some more revenue. >> reporter: lawmakers say with both the senate and the house back in session, negotiations could move quickly if both sides are open-minded. a senate gop confer key acknowledges it won't be easy. >> there's not to be a sweet spot out there. i have to think there is a point at which conservative republicans can get liberal democrats to agree to some savings in entitlement programs. that's where the money is. >> there's a lot on the line for patty murray and paul ryan. murray led the failed supercommittee and ryan the gop
3:20 pm
budget guru hasn't been able to get the senate to take up his plans, so they would both like to deliver. >> mike, thank you. stocks today were mixed. the dow lost 32, the s&p 500 was down 4, the nasdaq finished a fraction ahead. still ahead, jfk, the conservative. we'll explain. first the mainstream media seems ready for a hillary clinton presidency. is there now a serious potential rival on her left?
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vo: it's that time of year again.
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much of the speculation about the match uphas so far been on new jersey governor chris christie and former secretary of state hillary clinton. if clinton decides to run, conventional wisdom says she becomes the democratic nominee.
3:24 pm
but what if she faces a serious challenge from the left? chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at another possible contender. >> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is polarizing her party. the establishment is getting heartburn but the far left is pushing her to run for president with her attack on banks and corporations. >> we should not accept a financial system that allows the biggest banks to emerge from a crisis in record-setting shape while working americans continue to struggle. >> reporter: warren said she's not interested in the presidential run but the cover story in the new liberal magazine casts her as a nightmare for hillary clinton's hopes and the democrat's new soul mate. sniping at hillary clinton is under way. >> many of hillary clinton's positions remain frozen in the years 2007 and 2008. she hasn't come out with positions on many of the issues that have happened since the wall street crash. issues elizabeth warren has led on and been a valiant voice for
3:25 pm
little guy on. >> reporter: with president obama's approval ratings at record low, the left has found someone in warren. the democratic establishment worries warren could drive clinton so far left it could turn off donors to the party. >> if hillary is in the race, she has zero chance, she will raise zero money. if hillary is not in the race, she can be a 10, 12, 15 percenter. >> democratic corporate and wall street donors would likely flock to her if she takes a more moderate approach to business but that could strengthen warren with liberals who dominate the contensts in iowa, new hampshir and south carolina. >> what the progressives will be doing in the lead-up to 2016 is making sure every democrat who runs from office takes a position on the issues elizabeth warren is championing. >> reporter: warren's wall street rhetoric has elevated her to a candidate much as people like ted cruz and rand paul have
3:26 pm
emerged by gop contenders by stirring things up on the right. clinton was the heavy favorite in '08. clinton insiders this time say they are taking nothing for grand will keep a close eye on warren. meet the liberals who can't stand the green agenda. plus president obama looks like he's turning his back on abraham lincoln. we'll explain. "the grapevine" is next. , you k. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit.line
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. australia's liberals are taking a stand. ahead of a potential climate deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions. the australian reports during the ongoing u.n.-led negotiations, the country will not agree to a deal that involves payments from rich countries to developed countries in order to lower emissions, calling the measures, quote, socialism, masquerading as environmentalism. the liberal party in australia, which mopped up in the most recent election, is the country's center right party and has fans over at the conservative heritage foundation here in the u.s. so where does the u.s. stand on all this? special envoy for climate change todd stern said this. >> the u.s. will be providing or has provided for fiscal year 2013 $2.7 billion in public climate finance to support mitigation and adaptation in developing countries.
3:31 pm
>> president obama's admiration of abraham lincoln is well documented. he started his presidential campaign in springfield, illinois, using lincoln's name four times in that speech. he was sworn in using the lincoln bible twice. and he proclaimed the 16th president as his favorite. so some are stunned it will be the interior secretary and not the president who attends the 150th anniversary of the gettysburg address next week. one pulitzer prize winning historian is disappointed, saying it might have been an opportunity for him to say something important, maybe enhance a tarnished image. he's going through a rough patch right now. the white house has not given a reason for the absence. finally last week annapolis, maryland, elected a republican mayor for the first time since 1997. less than seven days later, a member of the democratic dominated city council considered trying to remove much of the mayor's powers. the uproar was harsh and the
3:32 pm
back pedaling quick for the councilman who floated the idea. quote, i'm getting hate calls from all over the country on this. they're calling me a fascist. there are no plans to file any le legislation. the mayor-elect and the councilman now agree the issue got blown out of proportion. 50 yore after his assassination in dallas, jfk continues to exert a powerful hold on the american imagination. liberals have long claimed him as one of their own. but as editor at large peter boyer reports, some conservatives are now insisting that's just wrong. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> his friends and aides described him as a conservative. the press at the time described him as a conservative. >> reporter: author ira stoll is one conservative staking a claim on jfk's legacy. he said there was nothing liberal about kennedy's view of
3:33 pm
america's place in the world. >> that's a concept that a lot of people will find pretty startling. he increased military spending. he was very tight when it came to government spending on everything else. he was very religious. he was very anti-communist. >> reporter: stoll says in the 1960 campaign, kennedy positioned himself to the right of republican richard nixon on foreign policy. and once in office, immediately increased defense spending to beat the soviets in the arms race. he launched the bay of pigs invasion, intervened in vietnam and stared down the soviets in the cuban nuclear missile crisis. >> he was a religious man and saw the soviet union as this godless, evil empire. he used the word "evil" just like reagan did in the way he was attacked for. that's the case for kennedy was a conservative right there. >> liberal reaction to stoll's jfk conservative has been harsh.
3:34 pm
adam wolinski said what they miss is that jfk was moving to the left when he was assassinated. >> he's the guy who decides that he's made a fundamental error about the way that the united states should deal with the rest of the world. >> what evidence do we have of that? >> well, the first and most obvious evidence is in the american university speech. >> reporter: he delivered that commencement address in june, 1963. >> we all breathe the same air. we all cherish our children's futures. and we are all mortal. >> it was the first great fundamental spiritual turn away from the whole idea of the cold war. >> he's talking about reassessing our relationship to the soviet union. >> reporter: jeff greenfield is another liberal who discerned a new jfk in the speech. in his book "if kennedy lived" greenfield concludes that among other things kennedy would never have escalated the vietnam war.
3:35 pm
>> it's the start, i think, of an effort by kennedy to begin to reform the way americans think about the world. it's not just us against them and one of us is going to win. >> why did the liberals consider jfk's person, politics and legacy so available to them? >> well, i think some of it is just wishful thinking. some of it is dishonesty. just distorting what happened. >> reporter: stoll notes just two weeks after his call for harmony, kennedy gave another, even more memorable speech. >> he showed up in berlin, the front lines of the cold war, and he said anyone who thinks we can work with a communist, let them come to berlin. >> there are some who say that communism is the wave of the future. let them come to berlin. >> so which was the real jack kennedy? >> the berlink that really represents the real
3:36 pm
john f. kennedy. >> it's not only about a loop he faces it is demonstrable. in the context of the cold war, he was a conservative. >> in some key ways jfk was the model for a later president, ronald reagan. we'll tell you about that in our next report, bret. >> peter, thank you. we will drill down into the numbers and continuing problems for obama care with some big democratic names now weighing in for big changes. fox all stars are next after this. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico.
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president clinton, who made the case as only he can. after he spoke, somebody sent out a tweet. they said you should appoint him secretary of explaining stuff.
3:40 pm
i like that. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> i think as you saw the president say in an interview with nbc last week, the answer is yes, the president has tasked his team with looking at a range of options, as he said, to make sure nobody is put in a position where their plans have been cancelled and they can't afford a better plan even though they'd like to have a better plan. >> former president clinton essentially saying president obama should make good on his promise, the promise that has received so much attention. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. what about all of this and how it factors into a big day, especially when you have another democrat, one not in a red state, coming out and saying that she's in support of mary
3:41 pm
landrieu's plan to keep your health care plan and this is senator dianne feinstein. she said i have decided to co-sponsor senator landrieu's legislation keeping the affordable care act promise act. she said since the beginning of september i've received 30,842 calls, e-mails and letters from californians, many of whom are very distressed by cancellations of their insurance policies and who are facing increased out of pocket costs. too many americans are struggling to make ends meet. she goes on, we must address this in our effort of reform. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, kirsten powers and george will. what about this, george? >> well, everyone is talking about extraordinarily complicated act as though it's a tinker toy. if you don't like this part, just plug in another part. it's much more like a calder mobile which he called a kinetic sculpture. if you touch something over
3:42 pm
here, things jiggle all the way over here. it's very hard to change this piecemeal and that's about what they're about to find out and this is why you can probably only have this created by a president who had never run anything larger than a senate office. and that is why we generally prefer governors as presidents. they have at least run something. >> you know, the white house today was asked what are the options for doing this. they are not signing on to these pieces of legislation that are essentially you can keep your plan if you like your plan. listen to jay carney today on that answer. >> what is not, i think, an effective fix is one that is envisioned on the hill by some legislation that would simply tell insurers they can sell substandard plans to anybody who might purchase them because that would cause more problems and create more problems and do more harm than any good it would do for individuals in this market
3:43 pm
broadly speaking. that applies to the upton legislation broadly speaking, that we do not see that as fixing the problem, we see that as throwing the baby out with the bath water. >> how about that? >> my blood pressure goes up every time they say that they're protecting us from substandard health insurance plans because there is nothing to support what they're saying. i have talked to about how i am losing my health insurance. if i want to keep the same health insurance, it's going to cost twois as much. there's nothing substandard about my plan. all of the things they say that are not in my plan are in my plan. all of the things they have listed -- there's no reason for doubling my premiums other than it's subsidizing other people. they need to be honest about that. they're basically taking the people who are responsible enough to get health insurance in the individual market and asking them to subsidize other people. so they're taking young healthy people and asking them to
3:44 pm
subsidize other people. i don't think that's going to last. i i think they're trying to buy time until they reach a deadline. >> this is november 30th? >> yeah. when they don't reach it, i think there is going to be an absolute -- you have now not just senators who are up for re-election calling, you know, for this to be fixed, so i think they're going -- they're going to have to respond to that. >> what about bill clinton weighing in? >> i think it's a big deal. not necessarily unexpected. i mean the next thing we were looking for is when do these nonred state democrats start running from the president. we're now seeing this. it's a trickle right now. it will soon be a flood. the question is whether that happens before november 30th or in the aftermath of the continued failure of, whether that happens after november 30th. but it's going to happen. you can mark it down, it will happen of the and then the white house will have to come up with another plan. and what's amazing about what jay carney said today is some
3:45 pm
version of what bret upton is proposing or mary landrieu is proposing is going to have to be incorporated in the plan even if, as george right repoints out, you can't just pull one part away. >> so at some point they'll have to throw the baby out with the bath water? >> they'll have to do something. they're talking about an administrative fix but also talking about a fix that would require house republicans to vote in favor of more spending for obama care. there is absolutely zero chance that that would happen. >> what's the baby? i mean what is the precious little thing that we're trying to save here? the country doesn't like any of the part of this. and every time they talk about something that's substandard -- look, anything is substandard is someone else writes the standard. that's the problem, they didn't let you write the standards. but every solution has to be more subsidies. just at a moment when the people who have to enroll and subsidize
3:46 pm
this, the young people are running in rational terror. >> the newest polls out from quinnipiac, job approval rating has taken a hit for president obama. it's at its lowest in this poll at 39% approval. disapprove 54%. is president obama honest and trustworthy, that has flipped in a month. now yes 44%, no 52%. as you can see the flip from october. an finally will the website be fixed by november 30th. to your point, kirsten, not a lot of people think it will be. >> yeah, it could be, who knows. but they have bigger problems than that. they have bigger problems than fixing the website. they have bigger problems such as the fact nobody believes anything they say anymore of the and even the idea that they think that 50-year-olds should have maternity care is very concerning to me. you know, people are being forced to pay for things that they will not use. it is not for them to tell people i don't need to be told i
3:47 pm
have mental health coverage. if i wanted it, i would have gotten it. i think people are getting a little fed up, even democrats, with this stuff. >> back to joe the plumber. remember the interaction with joe the plumber. mr. obama said spread the wealth around. this is all part, the whole obama care legislation, is a vast wealth redistribution machine. that's not ancillary, it's integral to the whole project. >> last word, steve. >> even if the website were to be fully functional on all cylinders, it won't be, but even if it were, their best case scenario is then you have four million people who have had cancellations rushing in the first two weeks of december to input theoretically all of their sensitive information onto a website we've already demonstrated has tremendous security problems with the hope they will get more coverage by january 1st. that's not happening. it's not going to happen.
3:48 pm
>> okay, next up. elizabeth warren versus hillary clinton. possible? stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. . . ons. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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3:51 pm
powerful interests will fight to hang on to every benefit and every subsidy they now enjoy. even after exploiting consumers lauding their books with excessive risks and making bad bets that brought down the economy. >> elizabeth warren every week is creating new oxygen in the room for things like wall street and making sure between don't cut social security benefits. she is having an impact whether she runs or not.
3:52 pm
if hillary clinton does not take off the table cuts of social security benefits and cozies up to wall street that would leave a lot of political space for some candidate to run. >> elizabeth warren. the front cover. the story is called "hillary's nightmare with" what about this? sit possible hillary clinton if she chooses to run for president, i believe she will, will get a challenge from the left? >> sure it is possible. but think about it this way. on the day that americans re-elected barack obama in 2012 the majority of americans still thought government was doing too much, not too little. you look around at the wreckage of obama care and you look at the failures from the first obama administration term, have you david axelrod saying the president couldn't have known about the irs because of the government -- was too vast. you have president obama as james rosen pointed out in his
3:53 pm
piece suggesting bureaucracies are inefficient and government is too big. out of that, you want to berth to the country a candidate for the democrats who would say the solution now is more government. that makes absolutely no sense. it is hard tone vision a scenario in which she represents anybody other than the occupy wall street of the democratic party. >> i think she -- i think she connects with more than just occupy wall street of the party. i think she connects with liberals' beliefs with elites in the media like the new republic, for example. i think she will be the darling of those kind of people. but democrats generally like hillary clinton and the fact they like her a lot more than they even did when she ran the last time around. i think that most democrats will settle on the idea that she's the candidate and -- you know, want a woman candidate and want it to be hillary. i would be surprised if elizabeth warren would insert herself into that process. she did, she can make life unpleasant for hillary, for sure.
3:54 pm
could bloody her up a bit in the primary. but the chances of her actually winning majority of voters in the primary are pretty small. >> if she doesn't someone occupy wall street would -- howard dean calls the democratic wing of the democratic party and if she doesn't do it, howard dean might do it. ask yourself -- people in the base of the two parties are in it for the fun of it. what's more fun -- to have william jennings on a female brian from the harvard yard, railing against capitalism. hillary clinton who has been on the national scene by 2016 for 25 years. she may be past her sell date. these people that are in the politics for the fun of it, that's why people love christie. christie is not only having fun, he is fun. i'm not sure that hillary clinton at age 69, two weeks before the election, looks like the next new thing. is it possibly a benefit if
3:55 pm
elizabeth warren even considers or pushes to have run somehow makes hillary clinton will he liberal. >> i don't think coronations help parties. i think candidates are made better by being in the -- in a hot contest. the last time that this was the odds-on favorite to win, she lost. she might do so again. >> that's what -- well, it is conceivable she would lose. i don't think elizabeth warren is likely the person who would defeat her. for one thing, you can go back to the campaign that she ran in massachusettsing in 2012 where she was anything but a strong candidate. spent any time with her out on the campaign trail, some of my colleagues did, their reports were that she was a pretty dismal candidate. >> is there anybody else out there? that's a challenge to hillary clinton? >> not right now. we don't know what will happen between now and election day. i don't rule out the possibility. there is somebody that could beat hill clinton. >> do you think bill clinton today was creating separation on
3:56 pm
health care? >> yes. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned as kathleen sebelius makes another apology for that website failure. i put in the hours and built a strong reputation in the industry. i set goals and worked hard to meet them. i've made my success happen. so when it comes to my vestments, i'm supposed to just hand it over to a broker a back away? that's not gonna happen. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today.
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kathleen sebelius has yet begun run into website problems but not where you would expect. this time one late night show apparently is feeling the effects. >> computer glitch caused a confusion during a rezblap we had a graphics problem which meant that some of the voting information given was incorrect. >> the singers were forced to perform their songs again for the revote. at the end of the show the person responsible for the technical problems issued this apology. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> "the x factor." >> it is in your home tonight.
4:00 pm
that's it for this "special report." balance and unafraid. gretta goes on the record with a special interview of former vice president dick cheney. right now. little things looking tough at the white house tonight. bill clinton does not seem impressed with president obama. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep your plan. >> you keep your health care plan. keep, keep, keep. >> you can keep your plan. >> the president should honor his commitment made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> i'm inclined to agree with bill clinton. >> the president apologized. he said clearly he was sorry that he misled people. >> we are better off with this law than without. >> it i think the president was grossly mislead to the american public. >> he knew what was going on. he knew people were going to have their policies canceled. >> i said it because i believed it. now i know i should have added