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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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start each weekday morning at 5:00 to 9:00 with ainsley and the crew of fox and friends tomorrow morning. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. little things looking tough at the white house tonight. bill clinton does not seem impressed with president obama. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep your plan. >> you keep your health care plan. keep, keep, keep. >> you can keep your plan. >> the president should honor his commitment made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> i'm inclined to agree with bill clinton. >> the president apologized. he said clearly he was sorry that he misled people. >> we are better off with this law than without. >> it i think the president was grossly mislead to the american public. >> he knew what was going on. he knew people were going to have their policies canceled. >> i said it because i believed it. now i know i should have added for 98% of american people
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that's exactly true. for the other other 2% in the individual market there is frequent changes in policies and it should have been clarified. >> the president, as you know, pledged to ask his team to look at essential actions that could be taken to address this problem. >> this thing was destined to fail. >> now that's right. former president dick cheney sa -- former vice president dick cheney says he agrees with that. nice to see you, laura. >> i love this new studio. first time i'm here. >> we asked you before but doesn't show up i feel like i'm on the mary tyler moore show. is lou grant going to show up? >> this may be the last time you are ever invited. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the news tonight. bill clinton says that president obama should honor the commitment. >> well, in and of itself, bill clinton saying that he needs to honor the commitment, that in
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and of itself is funny. moving on from that, being bill clinton's bff, he's always going to be problematic if you are barack obama. they were tight for a while. really tight. but we are coming up to 2016. and hillary clinton, if she doesn't win, doesn't win the nomination, you can say probably in large part it will be because of obama care. that's clearly the anvil hanging around the neck of republicans. well, i mean, they are all putting distance. clinton is a smart guy. he probably hasn't thought this through, though, about -- are we going the honor the commitments made? i mean, it is like that game of kerplunk. if you pull too many strauss out obama care the whole thing collapses. it is not clear you can do the piece meal. insurance companies have moved on. >> the whole idea when president clinton said president obama should honor the commitment the government made to those people,
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what struck me is that was news today. so -- i want commitment as a politician is something so -- how can that possibly be news? is isn't that what you are supposed to do? you promise things and -- >> low bar. it is a low bar set today which is why -- as you have been reporting on, the numbers for congress are so low. >> 9%. lowest number. >> historically low. it is all fungible. you say something over and over again, you can keep your plan, turns out you can't keep your plan. turns out that we have probably 10 million people at least the will be without their plans. democrats playing that montage are referring to this as basically a rounding error. i can tell you it is not a rounding error to these families. not to these 20-somethings that budget their money they have that's very tight. it means something to these people. and they are not going to forget. i think bill clinton knows they are not going to forget and does not want his wife to have to deal with this a year from now, two years from now.
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she is not going to speak up. but he can. >> and he does. today carney saying that the president, as you know, has pledged to ask his people to look at potential actions to address this from. hypothetically, what in the world could the president do at this point because he can't order the insurance companies to settle -- produce these insurance plans that have been canceled? >> this is typical of the white house. instead of -- understanding that when you have never run something and -- barack obama never ran anything really except, you know, maybe a senate office, hadn't run anything, taking a sixth of the economy, shoehorning it into the 1800-page bill that nobody read. then writing all these regulations piece meal by people most of them had not run anything. it was going to be a disaster. and now post-hawk they are thinking, well, how can we fix this? i don't see how they fix this individual policy issue. as i said, the insurance companies, greta, moved on. they are businesses. they have to budget departments
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and they have to figure out the risk assessment. they already tried to figure out how to deal with obama care. you are going to tell the insurance companies some type of government order? it is not going to happen. fanta fantasy. bill clinton said it was a fantasy during the primary of 2008. off the cuff comment. bill clinton was right in 2008. >> i want to ask you about the obama care ads in the colorado consumer health initiative. encouraging women to take care of the obama care coverage of birth control. they certainly are subtle. show women talking about hot men and showing actor ryan gosling. >> i like hot men. >> as i said before -- >> you were going to talk about -- these ads, okay, are -- they are actually one -- one is more absurd than the other. i think if you ask president obama, you want your daughters to look at this.
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this is what young women should aspire sno this is the kind of behavior? i think he was saying no. right? but this -- >> this is not the fed. >> but -- they are thanking president obama. >> okay. >> they are thinking president obama and -- ladies out there, conservatism, people think, well, conservatives don't have any thought. right? they are prudes and don't have any fun. our point strong families and you don't need to be dependent on the government or government institutions to provide you with health care or all these benefits. your family will help you. that's part of the social compact we hope for for this country we have stronger families. these theories of ads are basically dumb and dumber. i'm surprised will fair emisn't showing up in one of them. i guess they think that people who -- who are going to buy into the exchanges or made into the exchanges are so stupid that this level of jackass comedy will somehow endear them to this broken disaster. i predict that even these stupid ads won't attract stupid people. >> the whole idea of the ads is
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to get young, healthy people to see an ad like that and say, wow. i'm going to go out and get obama care. >> i get free contraception. sign on the dotted line. i mean -- people aren't that stupid. i said this in one of my books. they think you are stupid. they think that you are that stupid that you are not going to see your premiums are going up, you have fewer choices in doctors. your plan will require you to travel further to see a specialist if you can get in to a specialist at all. somehow we will not notice this is happening. way beyond the website. this website is one issue. the entire scenario with obama care is going to be a hazard and disaster for the patient-doctor relationship. i know so many doctors who are warning me about what is about to happen. it is already starting to happen. people are not that stupid this is dependent on young, healthy people. >> that's why the dumb ads for dumb people. >> i don't know any young person who doesn't know that if you --
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given a choice of spending $700, $1,000 a year on health insurance or $95 if you get caught by the irs, you get an iphone and still have -- >> right now. they go up to 2.5% of your income or that -- >> that's not a horrible amount of money. it is not enough to really -- at least the first year you are not going to buy into it. >> the funny thing here is that the feds are not releasing it. it looks like the demographic breakdown of the numbers of people who are enrolled or signed up on the federal exchanges come november 30. the key will be whether they will reveal how many young people have signed up. not the 50s or 60-year-olds but the young people. it is those young people not signing up, as you said, this thing, they are going -- you know what they will do? where is the cup? they are going to say we need more money for obama care. when you start hearing those calls it is finished. >> "the washington post" the way they will release the numbers not the people that purchased
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health care insurance. but those who have in shopping carts online -- >> no, no, no. those people that ever thought about going on the website, they will count somehow. the nsa will collect that information. it will count on -- i will count as going on the website. i have may net book. >> very smart with your notebook. she also complained it was too cold in here. >> i took her water. where's the wine? >> this was mysterious. health care manager calling it something disturb ppg something that was kept from him. who did it? was it deliberate? that's next.
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he was kept out of the loop on something critical. henry chou saying he was left off a memo outlining security flaws in the system. flaws that could lead to fraud. he joins us. nice to see. >> did you it is good to be here. >> this is explosive. september 3 memo that says there were problems with the site. he says he never got and he gives the green light on september 27 to do -- launch the web. >> it shows that there is not communication going on. there was such a rush to make sure it was opened up on october 1, that we -- looked at security
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issues that were obviously outlined and he didn't even know about them. he was surprised by them. >> you say it nicely. there are communication problems. find it more appalling. maybe dash but if there is a memo that says on september 3 it outlines serious security vulnerabilities present in the federal facilitative marketplace the exchange, that is done by the chief information officer and then you have on the 27th you have henry chou saying, you know, all cleared, go. gives the green light and gets launched. now he says that -- i mean -- pretty much suggesting it was withheld. that's the way i -- i mean -- >> well, he normally would see that. really, the way that this authorization came about is -- henry chou has been there for three years. he said never has seen an authorization be conducted in this way. so that's -- that's troubling in itself. he didn't feel comfortable signing off on it and it got moved up the line. essentially authorized knowing
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that there was security issues. >> what happened the testimony, this was an interview. >> what we will see tomorrow is very troubling in a rush to try to make sure that october 1 was there. that we knowingly -- many people knowingly knew that there were security issues. so my recommendation to the people back home is don't sign up until they fix it. there's never been a comprehensive security analysis of this website. so -- it is open even still to security breach >> we are pushing up against the line. >> i can tell you that security is important. and -- i would not put my personal information on there. knowing what i have known. >> even if you had no insurance? if interest meant had you no insurance come january 1? >> when you look at identity theft and a number of the other issues out there. >> chemotherapy. >> certainly. >> something wrong with you. >> you need to do that. but -- if it is an option, and you can keep your other
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insurance, you know, the promise we were made, you need to keep your other insurance, and -- wait until this site -- they need to take it down. >> i see the site as almost a distraction. i believes the going to get fixed. the thing that i don't get is how in the world the system responded. i mean, maybe it will all work out. all these young healthy people will come out and say let's pay for the older sicker people around here. it does not make sense to me. have you the medicaid expansion and i'm not seeing the numbers of people would are signing up for health insurance. i think we will sort out the website. >> i agree with you. we are going to sort that out. the website will be up and running. security will still be an issue but how we pay for it, i can tell you, i have business owners in waynesville, north carolina, their premiums went from $600 to over $1300 a month. that's how we are paying for. >> it except that they are going to start cutting jobs. that means -- >> oh, yeah. >> trickle effect. >> well, and it is -- all of a
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sudden, what we are seeing is jobs, people being laid off and losing health care. and each and every week, it gets worse and worse. and -- we need to -- it is not ready for prime time. we need to hold off on it. >> parks was subpoenaed. there has been some sort of -- is he a show or no show tomorrow? >> hopefully he shows up. the american people deserve the truth. >> he has a subpoena. >> he does have a subpoena. >> he definitely will show up i think he will show up. he doesn't, you know -- >> send out -- >> chairman issa and others on the committee are ready to hold him to task. >> you just send someone out to pick him up. the sergeant in arms. he can't just hold up a subpoena. nice see. >> did you good to see you. >> this is the obama care funding questions. how young people will pay for obama care insurance or are they going to pay the $95 penalty? the next guest is 26 years old. lost his insurance or is losing it. you have to hear his story next.
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listen up. there will be no more dirty dancing at one high school. the vermont school taking extreme measures for preventing sfruntsz twerking and other dirty moves. the principal is canceling all school dances for the rest of the year. the onyx exception is the prom. why does the principal think it is necessary to ban kids from dancing? the only way to stop kids from doing the suggestive dance moves like twerking. you be the judge. should school dances across america be canceled or not? vote in our poll. coming up, high cost and high frustrations. our next guest will tell us about the obama care experience. here is a hint. not so great. that's next.
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it is dependent upon young, healthy people buying obama care insurance to pay for the cost of the older sick people. will young people buy obama care to pay the lower penalty? 26-year-old andrew leonard joins us. nice see you. what are you paying a month for insurance? >> i pay $106. >> are you keeping your insurance policy or will you lose it? >> they sent me a cancellation notice. they said this will be the last time they renew it this november. then it will be terminated next november. >> do you have any idea what your insurance will jump up to at that point? >> i wanted to review it before i came here but i'm locked out of the website. >> you are locked out? >> yeah. i typed my password a few times incorrectly and now i have to wait until somebody calls me back. >> do you have any idea --
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anybody given you an idea. >> before that i looked at it. it was -- $300 a month was like the first adequate plan i would consider. there is a plan for about the same $100 had an month, but it is like -- $6300 deductible. >> is it less than what you have now? >> as far as the services go, it actually had services i don't need like pediatric dental. i don't have any kids. i'm not a kid. >> what -- you can either jump or pay the penalty. what are you going to do? >> i looked at it. the best case for me would be to pay. if i -- was going to go with like just -- what would be the most financially viable. i would get the terrible, terrible plan for -- with the $6,000 deductible. i will pay $1,200 a year for that and be less insured than i am zblood what do you think of obama care? >> i think it is a train wreck. i think there's some good things about it.
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but for the most part, it is just too big. mine, they should have done this piece meal. >> do you have -- are any of your friends -- colleagues about the same age, are they talking about -- it is dependent on young people buying health insurance. are they going for the penalty or for the health insurance? >> well, a lot of people i interact with, they -- they have it through their workplace and i keep hearing a lot of different things that are either getting stipends from their workplace or their workplace is changing it. i work for myself. i don't have that option. i have -- whatever option i go with. it come out of my pocket. >> and i notice that -- you have a thousand dollar mortgage and car insurance and so it is -- it gets -- >> yeah. definitely more than my fair share for the health insurance. i'm very healthy and young. i should be paying the lower part, 100 bucks i'm paying now. not $300 a month and somebody who is in terrible health in
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their 50s pays less than me. that's ridiculous. >> thank you and good luck. >> up next, vice president dick cheney. he says he agrees with former president bill clinton. he will tell us why. you can hash it out with us. do you think there is any way for president obama to keep his promise so people can keep their insurance plans? is it too late? this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet?
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speed read your way through the news. philippines and two americans were killed in the typhoon. the state department confirming the two tests and say the number could rise if more information comes in. also today the philippine government putting the total death toll at more than 1,700. thousands more are feared dead. despite relief efforts destruction from the storm make it extremely hard for doctors and aid workers to get help to the survivors. other news about the sailors kidnapped by pirates off the coast of nigeria, the two
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sailors are free. the state department announcing the sailors were released over the weekend after successful negotiations norah ransom payment. the americans are healthy and are now on their way home. the news is not all good for the undefeated kansas city chiefs. wide receiver dwayne bowe was arrested for speeding and marijuana possession. they found marijuana when they found his c pulled over his car. he is due back in court next month. big news just in time for the holiday travel season. today the justice department reaching an agreement to allow the merger of u.s. airways and american airlines. the government had sued to block the merger saying it would restrict competition to drive up ticket prices. but the airlines say the merge wore do just the option. creating a competitor to you don't know -- united and delta airlines. they will keep their name. that's tonight's speed read. listen closely. you don't hear this very often. most likely you never heard this before. former vice president dick
11:30 pm
cheney agreed with former president bill clinton. >> so i personally believe, even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor his commitment to the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> we spoke with former vice president cheney earlier today. mr. vice president, in light of your own health experience, i know you have followed the health system very closely. i'm curious, your thoughts on obama care? >> it is a train trek as far as i can tell. it is -- if you can't even handle the website, the thing i'm concerned about is whatever is embodied in that fundamental change in our health care system the government getting more deeply involved than it ever has been before in our health care system, that's really scary. you know. what we don't know yet about how the system will work or not work is frightening. i think the -- as i look at it, i think there is a real danger
11:31 pm
here. especially after the president so deliberately misled, i mean, he knew what was going on. he knew people were going to have their policies canceled. and he went right ahead and said they wouldn't. time after time after time and said if up want to keep your old policy you can. so i think he has a huge credibility problem. more than that, i really worry about when kind of damage is being done to our health care system. that may have problems and there may be things we may like to fix. but i think we have the finest health care sis them the world, for most of our people. there may be ways we want to tweak it but what's happening under obama care appears to be a train wreck. >> former president bill clinton says that president obama should keep his pledge of the promise if you like your health care you can keep it. your doctor, you can keep it. your insurance, you can keep it. if we have to pass law or do something the president should do it. is there anything you can conceive of president obama could do to meet that commitment
11:32 pm
at this point? >> i don't know. i'm inclined to agree with bill clinton. that's soming that ought to be attempted. given the complexity of the system we already have people that lost their policies. who can't get new ones. these policies have been declared by law to be inadequate because of the standards written into federal regulations. i'm not quite sure how you go -- peel back that onion. mine, you have a situation here where you go back out to the people whose policies have been canceled and give them a new policy and -- just repeal obama care? i don't know. maybe. but it is hard to think of how you are going to actually implement that. i think exactly what needs to be done is to -- repeal obama care. i think it is a serious, serious foul-up, major problem in terms of the government trying to do more than it is capable of doing.
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>> if it were repealed or if we rewind to before we had obama care, there are some people, some americans who just didn't have access to medical care, what should we have done for them? what can we do? we don't want to leave them behind. >> we don't want to do that. it is also important. i always have -- problem because people -- tend to confuse medical insurance with medical care. and they are not necessarily the same thing. we have a lot of people that don't have insurance and get treatment. the rest of us pick it up the cost of it, lots of times. we pay higher premiums and higher rates but there are an awful lot of americans, institutions, hospitals and so forth that will service the indigent and provide medical care even if they don't have insurance. it is not quite as clear cut as saying that you have to have insurance or health. where -- the system and a program that's provided standard of care that's the envy of the world. i worry very much that taking
11:34 pm
over in effect what's -- one-sixth of the nation's economy in the name of obama care and putting the federal government in charge to the extent we are that we are going to do more harm than good. >> what do you recommend the president do now. >> he has a pr problem. which is least the of the problem. >> he is not likely to listen. >> i know. not likely. i don't think he will listen. i don't think he will listen. but it is -- it really is a serious situation because we are coming up a deadline. i worry less about the website. i think that could be fixed. you know, it is very annoying and inconvenient to a lot of americans and a headache but the deeper problems, as we go along, with obama care, how do we fund it, for instance? >> it may be it is just not fixable. it may be one of those developments, proposals, or packages that is a train wreck. it is not going to -- there isn't anything you can do to repair it. start all over again. >> what's going to happen if we don't? what happen it is we don't n.
11:35 pm
>> i think we are doing serious damage for it and -- say medical devices, you know. i was the beneficiary as i went to heart disease with stents and fibrillators and pump the fist of my heart. the obama care package includes legislation, taxing those devices. the people who come up with those ideas and so forth, they pay regular income tax and corporate tax, if they are involved in that. why would we want to establish a tax that's likely to produce less than one of the most valuable capabilities we have? >> i guess -- >> makes no sense at all. i think that's -- that will cost -- if we haven't invented stents, for example, in the last few years, imagine how many lives have been saved because of stents? george w. bush just had a accident put in the other day. we can do with stents what we used to have to do with open-heart coronary bypass surgery. so it is -- i think it is -- if
11:36 pm
we go forward with obama care it will be serious long-term damage. our health care won't be as good as it would have been if they hadn't created that train wreck in the first place. >> all right. you served in congress. is the medical device tax, lot of democrats are also unhappy with it and want to see that repealed. that's because they suddenly discovered medical device manufacturers were their constituents. if anyone had bothered to read that statute from the get-go and knew what was in it, even though the democrats who today all of a sudden say they don't want that tax and would have known bit, you know, nobody even knew what he was voting on. >> i wasn't there. >> i'm not blaming you. i don't blame you for that vote. >> i think it was classic case of a very badly handled piece of legislation. it was not given enough attention and it was passed in a hurry and every effort to jam it through which they did with a handful of votes. and -- it is -- fundamentally
11:37 pm
flawed concept, fundamentally flawed piece of legislation, and i think the damage that it is doing and will do, if we continue down this path is enormous. we have been significantly expanded the role of the federal government, federal government is good at some things but not others. and, frankly, i -- i have difficulty understanding how they are going to recover from this. i don't think there's some magic tweak or some piece of legislation that can be passed. it is going to repair it. it is a bad, badly flawed piece of legislation that should never have been passed in the first place and was passed under extraordinary circumstances where it was never given careful consideration. >> big picture, republican party, looking at the tea party. governor christie's big victory in new jersey. senator ted cruz. what's your thought? >> well, this isn't our first rodeo. so to speak. not going to remember the reagan-ford years.
11:38 pm
and differences within the party and goldwater or rockefeller. i mean -- battles inside the republican party are nothing new. and -- frankly, i much rather have that struggle than strife, if you will, inside the party than outside the party. i think the people who have signed on to the tea party, the ones i know, are strong conservatives and good republicans who believe very deeply in the proposition. that our government has gotten badly off course and we need to sort of recommit to the constitution and they need to maintain a smaller government as possible and that the way this -- administration especially is functioning, it is -- has created the enormous discontent that's out there. >> straight ahead, more of former vice president dick cheney tells bus a late-night call that changed his life. you are going to hear from his cardiologist, too. that's coming up. football team starts to pull up a tricky play.
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you have to see how this one ends, next.
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time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos of the night. take a look. a football team pulling off an amazing trick plea p.m. waits not even the nfl. it was california high school jv team. the quarterback taking snaps. then he shouts to the coach dark acting like he needs another football. the other team lets up and
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starts heading for the sideline. that's when he suddenly takes off. untouch for an 80-yard touchdown. if you think he is a good actor, there is a reason. he is the nephew of jada pinkett smith. check out a baby's attempt to play ball. trying to reach a squeaky ball. just out of his grasp. the baby has not quite learned how to crawl. when he almost gets the ball, the family dog grabs the ball first. close call for a skateboarder. you can see him skateboarding down the street and sliding down the street. when he sees headed for disaster his best friend comes to the rescue and lending him a hand literally. speaking of best friends. this time man's best friend. check out these puppies learning to walk. their first steps caught on camera. it is not too easy for puppies to go for their first walk. they sure look cute trying. coming up, more of the interview with former vice president dick cheney. he will tell you about the heart surgery and transplant that saved his life. you will meet his doctor, too. that's next.
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former vice president dick cheney going on the record about his heart trance elephant saved his life. we spoke with his cardiologist p. the former vice president and his doctor are co-writing the book "heart." nice to see both of you. >> good to see you. >> how do you feel? >> great. since i did the transplant, it has been 19 months now, there hasn't been a flaw. i don't have headaches. vin had a head cold. my health has been superb. and it has been a long time since i felt that good or been that healthy. >> you described in your new book that the two of you have written you were near death at one point. how close to death? >> well, john's probably more of an expert than i am but my sense at the time was i reached end stage heart failure. my liver and kidneys were shutting down. i had hours to go when they went in and did an emergency
11:46 pm
all-night operation to install a left ventricular device that sustained may heart to support it. that bought me 20 months and got me to the transplant. but that night if we hadn't acted i would have been dead within a matter after day or two. >> consistent with -- near death? >> i thought the vice president -- the night the vice president went in for surgery for that, we thought that he might not survive until morning. rather than wait for the light of day to go ahead and do what we knew would be a risky procedure, we had our colleagues go ahead and do it at about 9:00 at night. >> you write in the book, both of you, that no special treatment -- you were on the regular list. got in the line like everybody else for the heart. i'm curious, what was it like? who got the phone call that there was a heart and that all systems go? >> well, it was about midnight. lynn and i were getting ready
11:47 pm
for bed when the phone rang. we got two calls. one was from the nurse practitioner with the transplant at inova fairfax and the other was from john. they called within minutes of each other to say they had a heart and looked like a good one and it was time for me to go to the hospital. >> we went to this other hospital. >> in the middle of the night? >> in the middle of the night. one of the most remarkable nights i ever had as a physician and walked into the icu where this person was being maintained with respirator. and other intravenous drips, et cetera. and when i walked into the room, i had to remind myself that i wasn't looking at a person who was sick or in danger of dying but i was looking at a person who had already died. there is a picture in the book of the vice president and one of his grandchildren and that, to me, that's what it is about. you don't just save a life. you bringto life.
11:48 pm
he means a lot to a lot of people. >> for you, mr. vice president, i imagine that -- your whole family is very grateful to the donor and the donor's family but there's no -- unless they contact you, you can't thank them? >> there is a process you can go through, a third party, which will broker a contact if both parties want to do it. they did not encourage it, at least not at the outset. such a mismatch on the one hand. as i came out from under the anesthetic after 35 years of heart disease and all the things i have been through, i have a newhart and a new lease on life. from the standpoint of the donor's family, they have been through some horrible tragedy. >> any idea -- do you remember the first thing someone said to you when you came out and had you your newhart, the first thing you said, your first thought? >> i remember exactly what i said. they said to me that everything had gone very well and the heart was in. working very well. and i said, hot damn. that was my immediate response. i had a newhart.
11:49 pm
a fresh start. >> the concentration is always on the heart transplant. it brings you through the whole process from, you know, the accident, def and everything el. the donor program couldn't be more important to so many people 37 thank you both. >> thanks for having me. >> to hear more about former vice president dick cheney. we will put up a link see you can order a copy of the vice president's new book. coming up, "gq" naming its man of the year. the answer is next. don't forget to watch "hannity" tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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just because you're an olympian champion, doesn't mean you can't have troubles. they were practicing but their bus broke down after practice on the ride back to the hotel. the gold medalists were not stranded for long. hope solo tweeting this picture to what happens when your bus breaks down? catch a ride by dedicated fans. you never know what you'll find on craigslist. man returns $98,000 he found in desk purchased on craigslist. a connecticut rabbi purchased a desk for less than $200 but too big to fit through his office door, the rabbi and his wife started taking the desk apart and they found a bag of cash behind one of the drawers. the couple returned to the money to the desk's original owner.
11:53 pm
turns out she hid her inheritance in the desk and forgot about it. "batman" gets busted. yahoo! tweeting holy legal troubles batman. this batman was caught breaking into a store. the judge sentenced the nonsuperhero to three years in the slammer. do you happen to know today's date? why thousands chose to get hitched on 11/12/13. tuesdays don't scream romance but estimated more than 3,000 married couples tied the knot today because of the unique date with consecutive numbers. even more weddings will be on 12/13/14 because it falls on a saturday. big news for justin timberlake. "gq" awarding him top honors on 2013 men of the year issue. a gracious timberlake tweeting
11:54 pm
"thank you for the dinner and the honor." will ferrell, and late james gandolfini. now your turn to hash it out with us. who is your pick for man of the year? coming up, congress' approval rating keeps sinking now in the single digits. we have a good idea why. that's next. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i unrstand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to...
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♪ hah
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>> let's go off the record for a minute. i worry about americans having adequate access to health care. americans need help but the help must be smart and work. as for politicians, i'm furious with some. you send them to washington to make decisions for you but they don't bother to read what they're voting for and if they don't read what they vote on, why do we need them? i have no sympathy for any struggling politician who is moaning about the affect on his constituents and if politicians were concerned about their constituents, meaning you, why didn't they bother to read and understand obama care when it could still be fixed before they voted yes? the only surprise from obama care is the glitchy website. the rest they were obvious.
11:58 pm
obvious from day one many would lose their insurance and funding, anyone that read the bill or thought about it knew it would be a problem. and medical device tax problem, that was also there. day one. health care is important. politicians should have read the giant bill before they voted. and this is not the first time i'm saying this. you have no clue what it really means to the american people when it's so important. this isn't naming a park. you have to do the homework and read it. tonight, here's an idea. just do it. just read the bill. >> now they know what's in it. i would love to see some democrats go on the record. >> they still haven't read it. nobody's read that bill. we learned about it as these issues arise. not every bill is read by everyone but when it will change how we do things, you ought to read it before you vote on it. we went back and counted at
11:59 pm
least 11 times i said here on the record it's elementary. read before you vote. you know what you're voting on. but those lawmakers do not deserve to be sent back to washington. whoever they are. if they don't do basics. if they don't read and understand what they're voting for, get rid of them. find someone who will do the job. that's my off the record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record, tell us about it. thanks for being with us. we'll see you again tomorrow night right here on 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll talk about the oversight committee hearing on healthcare.g up next, "the o'reilly factor." you can see the entire interview we did have vice president dick cheney telling us more during our one-on-one interview and best place to be to talk about issues whether for obama care, against obama care, whether you got some good ideas how to fix it, what you want to see from your politicians or even see
12:00 am
pictures of my pet, be part of the greta wire community. go to welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red ides." mansters. are they teaming up with other animal hybrids to ignite a revolution? and does the president want to get rid of all traffic lights? >> this is something that is not only the right thing to do, but it is critical to our economy. >> and finally, christmas cool or christmas crap? why some parents are going all out to give their kids the worst presents ever. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with a first time guest. she is a delightful and delicious and almost edible. the star of the legendary movie "clueless" stacy dash, oh my goodness. and she is


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