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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 13, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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pictures of my pet, be part of the greta wire community. go to welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red ides." mansters. are they teaming up with other animal hybrids to ignite a revolution? and does the president want to get rid of all traffic lights? >> this is something that is not only the right thing to do, but it is critical to our economy. >> and finally, christmas cool or christmas crap? why some parents are going all out to give their kids the worst presents ever. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with a first time guest. she is a delightful and delicious and almost edible. the star of the legendary movie "clueless" stacy dash, oh my goodness. and she is positively
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hideous. why do we let her? well she waives. miss new york usa. and he was never bullied in a locker room because he never saw the inside of one. it is tv's andy levy. and next to me, the sexiest man named rick leventhal, correspondent rick leventhal. stop being sexy. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> are dopes easier to snare with obamacare? women taking advantage of birth control in their insurance. it is day who gives a crap of. >> obama apacolypso gate. >> behind the insurance ad they are targeting the fairer sex. this is called susie and nate hot to trot. it says omg he's hot. let's hope he is as easy to get as the birth control.
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my health insurance covers the pill so all have i to worry about getting him between the covers. thanks obamacare. yes and thanks for the claw midyaw, obamacare. another ad shows a girl committed -- a girl excited to have birth control so she can have sex to a cardboard cut out of ryan gosling. >> i tell you. first gay marriage and now dog yow gay. this -- dog yoga. >> you look delightful. >> thank you. >> for obamacare to be successful you need all of these people to sign up for. it do the ads help? >> when automotive companies
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produce a car that explodes on impact they normally recall the car and stop the ads immediately. these people are continuing to try to sell us a car that we know will explode and trying to convince us that jane and dick will not be crispy critters, but indeed we know they are. now they resorted to get obamacare to get you laid. >> it seems almost insulting, rick, to people because they have to pay for all of this. you are somebody who constantly hits on women in bars so this plays right into your mentality. >> by answering i would be justifying, validating. >> yes. >> no. why do they need contraceptives to have sex with a cardboard cutout? >> that's confusing to me. >> don't be so naive. >> gosling is incredibly fertil. >> honestly, i don't understand the point of the
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ads. i don't get it. i'm pretty smart, but i don't get it. can you explain it to me? >> i think it is propaganda and it is trying to be funny. propaganda is never funny even when they are trying to appeal with a demographic. it is much like yourself, rick. >> i think we should go back to dog yoga. stacy was mesmerized. >> you are like 17, right? >> i am almost there. >> you are the target demographic for these ads. did they work on you? >> i wish that they did. i wish they actually called me and asked me to be in them. >> really? >> the thing i didn't like about them is the acting in them and the poising and the modeling was just not good. there was one with a little kid and a knife cutting a pumpkin. >> that was horrible. >> he was not enjoying it enough. >> how would you have posed in a sex ad? >> rick, i think we all know how i would have posed in a
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sex ad. >> i don't think the audience knows. i think the audience needs to know. >> i get what they are trying to do, will it get people to sign up? no. will we talk about it? yes. >> so therefore it worked even though it was a miserable failure. much like andy levy. there is a bunch of these ads. you spend hours upon them today, but to justify somehow coming into work, what is your favorite? >> that's a good question, greg, and i am glad i wrote it. can we put this one up? it says shotskys keep us happy. saving money on flu shots gives us more money. flu shots are cheap. you can get them for $15 at costco. you are telling people to save $15 on a flu shot and paying more on health care. aren't these people under 26? >> yes. >> so they are all covered by
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their parents. why do they need health care? >> do you think these are real? >> they are definitely real. the organization is real. >> i just think this is so awful that it has to be parody. it is not. >> it is colorado. what more do you have to say? >> wow. colorado is a beautiful state. >> it is. >> once part of it saw seeds, it will be great. i am so tired of that story. i can't believe it. >> a lot more to say. >> what do you want to say? >> no. >> go! >> i'll tell you later. >>- q. i it's it is -- >> it's a study on going. >> we would rather follow a fellow. the latest poll shows most americans would rather work for a man than a woman, finally common sense. 41% said it didn't matter what sex they were, but some showed a prevenes for a fail boss and others said a female would
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fit. more women than men said they would rather have a male in charge. here is tape of what can happen when a female is in charge.>çgu? >> no idea what was going on there, but it was sexy. stacy, do you prefer a male boss or a female boss? you have had female directors and male districters. directors. >> a director is different than a boss. i prefer a male boss. >> why? >> you know, i could use the weapons in my arsonal like i would prefer to be pulled over by a male cop. >> that's clever. it is like hot chicks have all of these magical tricks they use , but these are useless unless the chick is a lesbian. she will actually hate you for your tricks, right?
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>> i don't know about that. any feminists you can send your angry letters to greg. >> i am very pro feminist by the way. >> 40% women prefer a male boss. why do women like male bosses? >> i think it is the age-group you are studying. and your own personal connection with each gender in a boss role. younger people who haven't had many jobs are just happy to have a boss. >> good point. >> they don't care of the gender. the longer you are in your profession there aren't as many female ceo's in bosses so you don't get that experience as much so you don't know what to base your decision on. i think there are so many factors to this study and it is based on preference and experience. >> i think with the number of unemployed in this country they don't care if it is a man, woman or animal. >> i would love to have an
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animal boss like a sloth. >> or a rick. >> he is an animal. he is a party animal. >> you in the green room, you prefer women bosses so you can flirt with them. >> i did not say that. >> yes, you did and i notified hr. >> i don't want to offend the three women on this panel. >> oh i see. >> that's what you did, that was clever. >> you like that? that's what got the miami dolphins in trouble. that kind of bullying. >> i have multiple sources that tell me women have a little crazy in them. >> never. not true. >> keep going. >> my point in, multiple sources -- >> do you need a bigger shovel? >> no, it is confirmed according to my sources women are a little crazy and you don't want crazy in your boss. >> are you sure?
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>> yes. >> i don't think you are sure. >> you don't want crazy in your boss. >> you have a little sweat going. >> there should be no women bosses? >> according to my sources. >> and your sources are archie bunker. >> do you have sources that say otherwise? >> no, i don't. i trust your sources. >> why are you looking at me like that? >> like what? crazy? >> a little bit. a little bit. >> andy, go ahead and bore us with some stats like you usually do. >> thanks. as you drill down on this survey 39% of white independents aged 45 to 54 -- i'm just kidding. i can't speak to why more women prefer a male boss. for me i prefer a female boss. my experience is they are less likely to force me to sleep with them. it is a better work
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environment for me. >> it only lasts a couple months and everything is smoothed out and i got married. the first couple months was rough. >> back then you looked like a young jonathon lipniki and you know i find that arousing. >> and now i look like an old jonathon lipniki. >> and it is appealing to a different group of people. >> this is why women prefer not to work with women. women are more personal. when things aren't going well it gets uglier than it does with men in workplace environments. >> i agree with that. >> women can get pretty mean. that's because they tend to deal with conflict -- they deal with conflict in a separate way than men do. men just go off and get drunk. women yell at each other. >> we want to communicate.
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>> sometimes communication is wrong at the workplace. i don't know. what is the cost of innocence lost? a russian teenager, is there any other kind, has sold her virginity to the highest bidder through an on-line auction. the 18-year-old -- did i miss pronounce that? she is an 18-year-old from siberia and describes herself as new, not used, on a russian auction site. she said quote i am in urgent need of money so i am selling the most precious thing i have. >> she didn't look 18. >> the winning bidder agreed to pay $28,000 and police won't get in the wi. police say it is not prostitution and they have no right to give a moral assessment to a girl's action. for more let's go to this dog.
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>> i guess he was having a big dinner tonight. rick, how much did you bid? >> so let me get this straight. somebody spent $30,000 to de flower this girl? >> right. >> i am basing this on multiple sources and not worth it. >> how come? >> not worth it. second of all, she's a prostitute. >> that's an interesting point. this could be a rouse to get around prostitution. if anybody wants to go on to craigslist and get money for sex you say it is an auction. keep that in mind. stacy was it worth it, $28,000? >> let's see. i have been married three times. this woman is as mop a virgin -- is as much a virgin as i am. buyer beware. >> three times? >> are you a tough little lady?
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>> i don't know. >> three times, wow. joanne, i don't know where you stand with this, but the idea i don't like is the putting a price on sex mileage. somehow a virgin is more expensive than a woman that has had three or four partners. >> she says she has documentation to prove that she is a virgin. i don't know how one acquires this and i would like some. >> i do too. well actually i don't. >> keeping your record straight. truly if she is being honest and she needs money that badly it is a sad thing. >> way to bring everything down. there is something going on. it is a promotional thing and she may be a prostitute. >> would you ever sell your virginity? >> no. first of all they are all equal to me. you don't ask which child you love more, greg. >> can i clarify something?
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>> no, i would like to finish my answer. i can't speak for siberia. there is a place in queens that does reconstruct sigh surgery for $25. i am not saying she is not telling the truth, but it would be a scam to get it for $25,000 and then mick $28,000 selling your virginity. you can do it over and over again. >> you are good at finding the money element to a story. >> what are you trying to say? >> rick is also good at that. >> interesting i wonder why. >> i am not saying she has been a prostitute, but if you sell yourself for sex even if it is your virginity it is still a prostitute. >> i knew rick would be into that. let me going gill -- let me google prostitution, the act of having sex in exchange for
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money. >> it is odd the cops are saying they can't judge the moral aspect of what she does concerning the ruling on gays. >> sexual attractiveness plays a role. women with many lovers would get more than a homely virgin, correct? >> there are iegle exercises. >> that is true. i am learning so many things. it is time to go to "red eye" sexy meter. it is a test run. first let's go to stacy. >> look at that. >> let's go to joanne. >> what are you doing? >> let's try andy levy. >> is it broiken? broken. >> and rick leventhal.
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>> it is amazing how much effort we go to for the dumbest jokes. >> isn't it great if we come up with a sexy motor. >> i am a pathetic, strange little man who should have a show. that's what we do all day and i do not deserve a show and be long on the streets. justin bieber is dead, tired about people telling lies about him. you are a you will just haters. and why is jenna jamison returning to porn? why does anyone do anything? what a question, rick.
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it looks like dye -- like diarrhea. no not expensive diarrhea. it was old men with guns and cold press vegetable drinks are super trendy. those are the green, murky juices and plastic bottles that contain ingredients like beats, cale and kitten brains. they cost as much as $10 a bottle at places like whole foods and it makes me sick. it is a quick infusion of vegetables or just to look cool in front of the pilates trainer. it is now a status symbol. why is it so pricey? here is how green juice is made. i told you.
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that's how they make it. >> that was frightening. >> and you should be scared. how could something this ugly be good? >> i could go so many places with that. i will just avoid that come politely. i love green juices i have to say. i have done the whole replace a meal with a juice and it helps me justify buying a $6 bottle of yellow tail. >> is that wine? >> yeah. >> got it. i thought was a you euphemism of something you get from -- >> i buy this expensive juice and i feel like i am being healthy and that's what our culture is doing. it is buying a juice to -- it is status. >> it is also basically punishing yourself, you are saying i am drinking this wine so i will drink this puke. >> you live in l.a. and you are obviously healthy. >> i live in l.a., but from the bronks. >> a bronx person wouldn't be
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drinking green juice. >> i been drinking green juice since i was 20. it is not a fad. it is healthy. it tastes like crap. i hate pilates and over the sink and downing it first thing in the morning. >> just eat vegetables. >> i do both. >> then you don't need that. i'm telling you it goes right through you. >> no, it goes through you in an effective way. >> i don't believe it. >> she does look great. >> those are jeans, rick. she looks great. you could be eating big macs and you will look great. >> i eat those too. >> maybe it is the big macs. maybe it is the big macs, rick! i don't know what you do. >> it is not green juice. >> you spend $100 in a bar to get a girl drunk on my ties. and it is like, hey, i gotta make a phone call, can i take
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your drink. and then there was a floater in it. >> green juice is gross. i say just eat food. >> it is disgusting that this is popular. mainly because my wife buys it and i don't feel like a human being giving somebody money for diarrhea. we guy i don't get don't get the whole look like day rhea thing. diarrhea. green, really? >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> what is wrok with you people? >> you know when your poo is green you are drinking green juice. >> it goes against two tenants of consumption. what you eat must look good. from an evolutionary stand . we gravitated toward things that we need to stay alive.
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if you saw this in a pond when you are an ape guy you wouldn't need that. there has to be a texture. >> i agree it looks disgusting, but i love split pea soup. >> it has a texture. >> is it warm? >> there are things warm changes. you can't eat cold pea soup. that would be wrong. >> we buried the lead, andy loves pea soup. >> do you want me to look in the camera? >> he likes cream soda. >> are you surprised somebody like andy would like cream soda? >> they had to come up with a way to make these drings so they wouldn't go through you and they come up with a special way your body will absorb some of it.
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it will absorb it naturally. >> people will be doing shows like these and they will say remember back then we were kids and the weird owes drank green crap? that's stupid. rick leventhal is not a person, but we knew that. coming up, we have something called the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by volcanos. opening the in the earth's crews. earth's crust. thank you, volcanos. >> you're welcome, greg. >> what is so special about today? if you had to ask, you will never understand.
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do you find it a chore to hold open a door? a writer at the huffington post had a thoughtless incon consider rat jerks. we did this on "the five" so i will be board. chewing with your mouth open, tipping badly and using a speaker phone in public. let's discuss this however -- >> lightning rooooooouuunnnndd. lightning round. >> first off you hate the lightning round, don't you?
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you want it to go away. you said that during the break. you are tired of it. that will make our producer very happy. you are you are food, tom. get your things and go. anything missing from the lift that should have been included? >> no, but who ever wrote this list is obviously from l.a. >> i think it is a new york thing. >> that was the high point of the show. >> if we can get that clip and put it on the web tomorrow. >> this is where i sit awkwardly. you do not say anything on a show being watched by 30 million people. rick, you consider yourself a perfect, sexy gentleman and you can't imagine people doing things like this. do they ring true on your qualifications, the revolving
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door the man goes first and pushes the door so the woman won't have to touch the door. >> if the door is already moving , then the woman goes tiers. >> that's true! >> what was on the list? the elevator intruder. that bothers me. joanne, do you agree with this list and which are you guilty of? i'm assuming all of them. >> i don't think i have a backbone at all. the one that was on here is bad tipping. i bar -- bar tend and serve to pay my rent. >> i bet are you tipped lousily. >> i put on red lipstick and i laugh at jokes that aren't funny.
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>> don't cut to me when she says that. i will come up to the control room and kick somebody's ass. >> so you are saying you don't get tipped well? >> i am saying i wish i were tipped more. >> maybe you should be minions of people. >> should i do the opposite and see how that works? >> you were only working there until whatever anyway. does it matter? we know what your next job is. >> you are going to make me cry. >> no, i am just excited for you -- i am. >> i really am charming. you are just doing that job until whatever. i was just -- i don't even know what i meant. >> i think you meant until she makes it big. marry a hockey player. >> i thought she was marying an actor. >> probably a hockey player who will become an actor.
12:34 am
trust me if it happens it is a combination of two names. >> i guess you believe you are not guilty of these things. it is weird because you are a jerk. >> i am a very polite person. there are things missing, talking on a phone in an elevator. stoping getting off an escalator. people get to the bottom or top and then just stop. get out of my way! here is my new thing. this happens a lot in new york now. people getting off the subway. it used to be people getting off go first. and now people stand in front of the doors. my thing is i stand in the door without exiting until they move. one of these days i will get my ass kicked. you will get knifed. >> it is so rude. i am saying they should brob blee be
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relocate i somewhere else. >> have i a problem with the security lines at airports. very have to make lines for constant travelers and those who don't travel a lot. people who wait until the last moment to remove their clothing and they have been living in mood do gas scar for the last 11 years. you have to take -- if you have three layers you have to take of a two. it drives knee crazy. >> it is like the person in the grocery store who does president take their wallet out until -- >> you mean women. >> you can have it. it is 2013. >> what about the cut in line thing? do people cut in line, and if they do, are you a gentleman by calling them out 1234 do you let them go? >> it is not people. they are teenagers. if you go somewhere and -- actually people without manors or a certain generation
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between like 17 and -- >> the 20s. >> yeah. like you will be in line for a concert and it is at the bar. you know what drives me crazy. being at a bar and the bar extender doesn't -- the bartender does -- doesn't see you because, a, you may not be tall. >> we see you you and we will get over. there if you waive i waive back. >> if you hold the money up. >> if it is that wad of cash in a rubberband. >> it is business cards with phone numbers of immigrants. >> that's like something you hand your dealer. >> i would never happened this to a dealer. -- never hand this to a dealer. >> generally a bar is this long. if you are over there you should be able to see me. they do something whenner they always are looking at the customer. >> you you avoid eye contact.
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>> i don't want to sorry you. >> i am moving on. >> this is why i get bad tips. two restaurants in paris are accused of seating people to how good looking they are. former hostesses told the french customers customers are given prime place meant while others are in the room. saw breb blah bra tees were offer a view of the skyline. i'm sure you get a best place. >> i am up dash uh polled. >> you are outraged. >> the fact that they are seated at a table based on how they look. >> appalled. >> like if they would put the women at the end of the dabble. >> the woman in the legs seat. >> obviously somebody has to
12:38 am
be in the leg seat. rick, are you a hot celebrity in your head. do you think this is a great idea? do you think this is discriminatory toward the homely? >> this goes so all the time. the peresians are the first. if you go to new york, if you want to go to a club. >> never been a problem for me. >> that's not a club, it is a pharmacy. >> all of the new restaurants want people to sit at the hot tables. >> and then there #r* flashing lights and i hear a loud face. >> this only hurts ugly people so you don't care. you laugh all the way home with your pretty little face. ha, ha, ha ugly people. >> i am very beautiful. the thing is i'm broke. you really don't want me at your fancy peresian restaurant because i am eating bread and
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drinking wine. people who have the most money are the ugliest people. that's how karma just works itself out. if you want your restaurant to take a seed you may have to let the chance to. >> you say men with stats. we are living in a culture where the last group of people you candice crime nate against are ugly people and that is wrong. >> i have talked about this for years. if halle berry walked into a kkk leaders' bedroom and said i want to have sex with you,, but i didn't want to say that in president president front of her. if she said i want to sleep
12:40 am
with you all the racism would go out window. >> out the window. >> bonus, she is shingle. >> i have a feeling she would push him out the window. i am itching. i think we have bugs. "the joy of hate" is the greatest book ever written. now everybody is itching. see i fish you with itching. >> autographed copy g
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she is back on her back. jenna jamison retired and is planning a return. isn't that nice? the star pleef -- previously said she would, quote, never, of spread my legs in this industry, ever. i think they said that at denny's. she recently lost her home to foreclosure and is in court
12:44 am
fighting tito ortiz for custody of their kids. here is jenna when tmz caught up with her. >> what is your motivation? i know you are doing the webcam thing. >> my moat vision is taking -- my motivation is taking care of my family and having fun and meeting all of my fans. >> that's good. >> awesome. >> thank you so much. good night. >> she is delightful. you worked with her in the 80s . do you think she is past her prime? >> my porn name is linc manchester. this is the star athlete that comes back from retire meant. brett favre is coming back and yes! then he comes out on the field and it is oh, dude, you lost your skills. you should have stayed on the couch. that's what people will say. >> there are people out there that still have a fan base and
12:45 am
who knows? >> you work with her under the name clive the cat muffin. >> the fact she has someone else's face now is a problem and sad. the sad part of the story is not that she is going back because she wants to, but she has to. it is a lesson to the young porn actresses. invest wisely. maybe money markets and diversify is the tweet. >> of course it would be him to come wupt money angle. we do vaw lot of adult actresses who watch the show. if he is not free to help you with the finances i am often available. stacy what could have happened to the money she made with porn? >> she had bad brand management.
12:46 am
it is sad. >> it is a sad thing. it is sad for america when you can't make it in porn, joanne. >> no, it is. joy. >> i was not saying it that way of the andy is reading it that way and don't do porn without first letting us know. >> make sure to brand properly. >> i would change your name. it is like there is no way anything is happening. >> have i heard this before, people. >> it is sad though she says it is for her kids. >> i don't have children. i don't know if you know that. >> that we know of. >> that's funny. >> that december spir ration of -- desperation goes out to her. there has to be
12:47 am
something you can could shows in vai december -- showcases showcases in vegas. with a name like that you would draw in crowds. >> she was always planing on getting back in because she is getting back in. you don't just say this apt working out. joy she had a net worth of $10 million and a revenue stream of $31 million at some point. i think she was screwed by managers and she was completely screwed over. >> the moral of the story is porn never ends well for anybody than say a few men who bet out of it. >> what about the viewer? >> viewer like you disgust me. i never look at the stuff. it is like eating a menu. >> i haven't watched either. people told me it was good. i have never seen it. >> your sources.
12:48 am
>> have i good sources. >> it is like you are eating the menu. >> i am i am not following. >> the producer says you have plenty of time to explain. >> the producer is an idiot. we should be going to a break. plenty of time to talk about this so no rush. don't you have a connection to the show. can't they say this thing is dying and he is talking about eating a menu and maybe we should go to a break. yes, i heard you. >> todd died two years ago. >> oh my god! this place is haunt i had. haunted. >> and we loof. >> how much more time do we have to kill.
12:49 am
>> we have a big, big, big thing coming up. >> do you have a comment? if you have a video of your animal i would like to do, it bier be good go to fox eye and click on submit a video. coming u7, it is a doozy or doocy as i like to say. utp%@
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e block. last story. that's the last story. >> so up lifting. another year for a man we hold dear. the canadian board cod piece is celebrating his 33rd birthday. he doesn't look a day over 2 sigh. as favor to the viewers here is a list of places closed in honor of his birthday. yes i was shocked about hot topic, but they take it seriously. we also -- as we know we do this when it is his birthday. a montage of gosling.
12:54 am
>> that was nice. >> excuse mow? >> you were lost in -- you were in gosling land. andy, do you remember the first time you saw him in a movie and what was your first thought? >> that was the first time any red blooded male did in "the notebook." and like most red blooded american men that's when i fell in love with him. i think i have only seen "drive" and" the eyes of march" and there was not a lot of driving in "drive" and" the eyes of march" didn't mention march 15 so his movies are
12:55 am
lies. >> his career is based on lies. but gorgeously so. stacy when he hit on you years ago and wanted to sleep with you, you turned him down. dodowry greet turning him down -- do you regret turning him down? >> have i no idea what you are talking about. >> maybe i am mistaking you for somebody else. >> ryan, i owe uh birthday present. >> see, i told you. joanne, he is not your type, right? >> what? is he here? is he in the studio. >> yes, it is me. >> i am so excited for his birthday. i will be celebrating his birthday like most young women will be, alone in my apartment with a bottle of wine watching "the notebook" on repeat and quietly sobbing to myself.
12:56 am
>> yo do all good looking women pretend they are alone at night? >> it is true. they all do this thick, i am going -- they all do this thing, i am going go home. >> if you are home alone -- gee you are making me peel really great about myself -- making me feel really great about myself. >> home alone with a bottle of wine and drinking by yourself. >> alone is a choice. joy i could be with a bunch of different nonryan goslings, but i pulled them out. i have high standards. >> like rick leventhal maybe? >> no. >> well, i think i just took this to an awkward place. quickly, andy, the show is ending. >> director of "the notebook"
12:57 am
he casted gosling because he wanted somebody not handsome. joy all right, -- >> all right. we are over.
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and human services of what we should do. tonight. >> hello everyone. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> you know, things must be really grim at the white house when bill clinton is criticizing work on obamacare. this story can be so depressing it helps to laugh about it. for that we have to face south park. a little managerial advice from them for the president on how to deal with p doing their job. >> i hired a new faculty member


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