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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 13, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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time which is half of what is expected. >> and he admitted that they had not tested it before they ran it for that number of people. >> which is a shocker. >> i got to roll. >> i'm going to roll too. here is "the real story" right now. >> hello everyone. welcome to the real story today. for fall out from a new grilling on capitol hill to tons of spinning at the white house. the chief tech officer on the hot seat today and now word that the website may not be fixed by the end of the month at least not for every person. congressman blasting the website's requirement that consumers had to create those accounts first which runs counter to the common e-commerce practice of anonymous shopping.
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>> president obama said using it would be as easy as buying a ticket online. this is an insult. for millions it is about losing insurance the promise that you could keep. >> hi, peter lots to talk about today. >> reporter: in the last few minutes we learned that a fix is on the way for consumers for americans who saw their health plans unexpectedly cancelled in the last few weeks and jay carney saying that we should expect an announcement sooner than later. >> the president has always been eager to work with lawmakers on both parties. >> meanwhile, house republicans are highlighting those
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cancellation notices and telling the white house we told you so. >> back in 2010, we had a meeting at the blair house with the president before he signed obama care into and i raised with the president the issue of plans being cancelled. and there, the president actually admitted that he knew people would lose their plans yet he kept making this false promise. >> at two separate hearings on the hill today lawmakers pressed administration officials about security at health and one of them revealed that more than a dozen cyber attacks have been launched against the site. >> we have had a handful of reports from the department of health and human services a number of about 16 and we are aware of one open source action
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attempting to perpetrate a denial of service attack against the site that has been unsuccessful. >> and today we also learned that right now the website has the capacity of 20 to 25,000 users at a time. and gretchen that is roughly half the amount that the administration's chief tell knowledge officer says he believed there would be when the website first launched more than a month ago. >> all right tons of information all of it into, thank you so much. >> the white house doing damage control ever since the botched roll out. would you want this job? >> we are interested in other offs that actually address the problems identified. and the president tasked his team to come up with proposed solutions and you can expect us to be announcing something sooner rather than later.
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that last little part there was so important. you can expect us to be announcing something sooner rather than later. does that have anything to do with the fact that there were democrats meeting with the administration today because that upton vote is coming to the floor on friday? >> that is right. good afternoon. i think it is all pushed by democrats who are running for the hills from this plan, this roll out. they are hearing from constituents. when you have california democratic senator diane feinstein who is not up for re-election and there are one million kalians losing their health insurance she is getting she said 30,000 calls in the last couple of weeks. she is signing onto mary's bill
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that you can keep the plan if you like the plan. there is quarter say whether or not that would take weeks, months or even year to do that plus doesn't that go against the entire domestic signature law that this president passed which is obama care? >> sure and if you look at this, you heard the house majority leader reference this at the health summit back then. and he is right. i mean he was talking about it
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back then. yet on the pitch said if you like your plan you can keep your plan. we have gone over and over and over that. the equation doesn't add up. all of these people had to stay or chose to stay on the plan. we need the healthier people in these equation. what are democrats in the house and the senate going to do when these bills come up to the floor. some of them are being introduced by democrats. what is the president of the united states going to do? would he sign a bill like that or what he veto it? >> we are going to find out the answers. there is going to be some kind of regulatory pitch to do some patchwork here that the white house is going to put forward. these pieces of legislation are going to move forward and going to get a lot of democrats
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signing onto them. >> it is interesting to say what jay carney said again. you can expect us to announce something sooner rather than later thank you so much we'll see you tonight. new calls to stop the navigate ter program. that is the key part that pays workers to sign folks up for health insurance. several suspended and one fired after undercover video showed them advocating fraud. so a convicted fellon would acquire sensitive personal information unbe knowance to them? >> that is possible. >> and he joins me now. good to see you senator. >> thank you, gretchen.
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you now want this whole program shut down, why? >> well, it is just a half baked idea. the idea that you are not going to vet these people for criminal convictions and other things in their backgrounds that will disqualify them for possibly engaging in some sort of identity theft is unbelievable. this is a symptom of how poorly the federal government is prepared to implement obama care in the last three and a half yeared. the president thought if he ordered it, it would happen. this scheme will never work. they are going to work but they are going to do what they can
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but the consumer is going to see higher premiums and obama care won't work. in the meantime, some of this undercover video in dallas texas had a receptionist telling someone on the phone you lie because your premiums will be higher if you admit for example if you smoke. you just lie. was that the final nail in the coffin for you? >> yeah, this is what you would expect when these people are retrusted and paid by the federal government to sign people up for health care. they are to tell these people to qualify no matter what your financial circumstances are. this is another symptom of what is wrong with obama care. >> you brought senator diane
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feinstein. she wrote this:and now democratic senator jeff merkley is going to sponsor this bill. what are we go make of this? these people voted for obama care. >> they did and they have been caught in an in consistency. they have known since 2010 when every single democrat in the senate voted against more flexible in the grand fathering provisions. everyone of them voted against it. senator mike ginsey created that. if you like what you have you
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can keep it just isn't true. but also for people with employer provided coverage as well. >> before i let you go, what kind of pressure does this put on the senate to consider these bills. we'll see what happens in the house. senator upton's bill. the white house is going to offer something which won't fix the problem but will give the appearance of doing something and it is up to harry reid to bring this bill to the floor and vote on it. i hope that it is successful but i think that the problems are baked in the cake. >> i will leave it there. >> good to see you senator. thank you so much for making yourself available today. >> send us your thoughts on more democrats jumping ship now on obama care. go to my facebook page andp weigh in there. we are going to read your comments on the end of the show.
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new, yes, new problems with the obama care website. many saying that the president is going to announce a fix. but do they have enough young folks signed up to fix it. and a desperate call for help as a captive wildcat kills one of its keepers we'll be right back.
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a regionhere certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had t hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as feve fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. welcome back everyone. cracked windshield to make emergency landing shortly after take off. the pilot forced to land the plane in orlando when the double
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pa paneed windshield cracked in air. airline spokesperson says it does happen. really? but not that often. today, washington post reports soft wear problems with the marketplace are proving so s subborn the system is unlikely to handle the work as promm iip. simon rosenberg and former clinton presidential campaign adviser. good to see you both. >> so brad, in your mind. what is the difference with
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website up and fully functioning by november 30th and the website up and functional for the vast majority of people with sub shall progress by november 30th. >> the president hasn't learned under promise and overdeliver. the american people have had it. it hasn't worked and is likely not to work. a president runs on his credibility and competency. and the promises made and not kept especially in keeping your own insurance policy. as they are reportedly heated, what is going to happen here? we are not just talking about this november 30th deadline for the website. we are talking about democrats
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are going to be forced to put up a vote. i don't know what is going to happen this friday or in two weeks. we are learning day-by-day that the administration is going to make slow and steady progress. the bigger issue is what happened in the next six weeks where they no longer have the same insurance policies that they had before. are ne going to get new policies or are there going to be millions of people out hillbe oh insurance. we have to make sure that folks arou aren't left out in the cold. they seem to vary on whether or not that can be done in a quick fashion. let me move onto the number of
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people that are signing up. are they going to tell us an age break down. one said they estimate meeting 2.5 million people under the age of 85 to make it work. so brad, they want 7 million by the end of march and 2.5 million of those have to be between the age of 18 and 35 and those people aren't working when they get out of college and can't afford health care. >> and their parents are going to cut them a check for $95 stofor the fine. when social security was founded 7 people would be paying in for everyone paying out. how many youth are you counting on for every sick person that you are paying out for? the white house is going to bamboozle us and it will be
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impossible for the administration to figure out what is going on? the numbers are not going to be able to work with them. and democrats are going to blow the whistle on them. they will blow the whistle on the white house when they fudge the metrics. the numbers that we saw were that 50,000 people have been signed up so far. are they going to tell us how many of those are the young people that they need? >> i assume we'll get a breakdown and there will be a breakdown of those who have come in through the national exchange. and i think it is really important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of this project was there were 60 or 70 million people in the market. only 15 million of those had insurance now and my hope is somebody who believes in the strategy and is not happy with
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the way that it was rolled out. hundreds and thousands of people who were watching it right now if we were there i think the democrats are going to be okay. if we are not it will be an interesting election in 2013. >> you heard it from the democrat on the panel. breaking news about those enrollment numbers we'll have that coming up next. and hockey fans are used to seeing violent crashes on the ice. wait until you see who was there wearing the helmet. she was the face of the obama care website and now she is stepping out of the shadows and saying she is a victim. do you feel bad from her? >> tweet me and use the hash tag real story. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. has she been bullied let me know.
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fox news alert right now, i eluded to before the break that we would have breaking news about the website numbers. that is coming out of the jay carney press conference right now. he was asked whether or not he would be able to give the enrollment numbers. he said i cannot but cms would be able to do so later today. kathleen sebelius will have a 3:00 p.m. phone call with the press where she may release the first official numbers. jay carney saying the president
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has in strubstructed his team w regard to what kind of fix the obama administration may have for the health care debach the thus far. he went onto say it will be about options with regard to individuals who have had their plans cancelled because of the transition. we will continue to follow this for you. in the meantime we need to change gears now. because the 911 calls at a wild cat sanctuary have been released. i want to warn you that some of the sounds are disturbing. trace fwgallagher has the detai. >> reporter: they rescue abused and unwanted big cats. the opener is the one who is the one who discovered the body
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inside the enclosure. i will play both parts of the 911 call. you can hear when he calls he is inside of the enclosure because he is yelling at the cougars. yeah, that is when he realized how bad her wounds were. one of them had blood on its fur. listen to when he realizes that it is too late.
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>> reporter: way too late. she was inside with two cougars. that is against the sanctuary's guidelines to be in there alone. she told her bosses that she was worried about her safety but got no response. there has been no reaction from the owner about those allegations. thank you so much. controversial add campaign. have you heard about this one? racey copy that includes lines as "i hope he is as easy to get as this birth control". and the stars of "duck dynasty" get snubbed by a christian group. we have what is behind it. ♪ they come running just as fast
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such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back everyone. fox news alert hhs secretary will hold now a media tell conference with the press at 3:30 p.m. today. lis ep ten to this. >> i do not have that information but i believe that
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cms will have an announcement later today. the numbers are expected to cover sign ups that occurred in october the first month of the six month enrollment window. >> washington is known for some strange bedfellows. how about former vice president dick cheney getting into bed with bill clinton? >> i'm inclined with bill clinton. that is something that ought to be attempted. but given the complexity of the system you have people that have lost their policies but can't get into ones. >> he is my guest. good to see you senator. thank you, jim rish. >> thank you for correcting me on that. >> senator rish. let me get your thoughts on getting the real numbers about
11:34 am
obama care what do you think we are going to hear? >> probably disappointing numbers that are going to be leaking out. there is certainly nothing to encourage anyone that these are going to be good numbers. >> so what do you make of the fact that we have vice president cha cheney and bill clinton saying we should let people keep the plans that they had. >> they are both right. >> form eer president clinton i correct. vice president cheney saying that is probably impossible. those policies aren't going to be available to people anymore. they have been discarded and they are not offered anymore by the companies. there is no way to put this
11:35 am
genie back in the bottle. the president can apologize all he wants but it is like saying i'm sorry i burned your house down i'm sorry but will is nothing we can do. i think it is impossible for him to keep his promise at his time. >> he is going to be coming up with a fix it seems within the next 24 hours. i fwguess we'll have to stay tuned. >> i want to talk about iran. walking away from a nuclear deal to ease international sanctions but lawmakers are worried that the administration is rushing and wants a deal too badly. warning that new penalties on iran could push too close to war. > american people prefer a
11:36 am
peaceful solution. and this agreement has the potential to do that. the american people do not want a march to war. >> i know senator you have said that you are deeply troubled with secretary kerry's rushing into a deal with the irp yanian >> you have to remember who we are dealing with here. these are people who we should deeply, deeply distrust. the world has said letsds 's dot they have used the negotiating process to further enrichu urani uranium. the current president in his book bragged that he used the negotiating process to delay and get themselves closer to the production of a nuclear weapon. i have been briefed on the terms of the agreement but secondly we
11:37 am
should not go anywhere near taking off the sanctions without the iranians having performed first because they cannot be trusted. >> senator jim rish from idaho. thank you for your time today. >> we all wondered who she was remember? now the mystery woman whose face was featured on the website. adrianna saying she never got paid for that pick. but that was the least of her worries. >> if dubbed glitch girl, did you ever anticipate this type of publicity and scrutiny? >> no. as a kid i never went through that. but now i am. and it is bullying. >> it is bullying. >> but at the same time, you know i thought i had to do this for my child.
11:38 am
i'm here to stand up for myself and defend myself. >> joining us now phaedra parks from "the housewives of atlanta". and kristen hagland former miss america. >> it is painful to watch that inner view. you feel for her. but i'm interested in your take. do you feel sorry for her or not? >> of course i do. anyone who has been out there in the public and then says something and are attacked for it and people don't have to take accountability for what they say. they dpoeon't have to post thei name. i think that she is showing her strength here. the anger that has been directed at her should not be directed at her. that should be the main focus >> all through of you have been
11:39 am
in the public eye. terrible things terrible things are said about us. so you know what it feels like. do you have empathy for her? >> of course i do. as a self proclaimed southern belle i never agree with anyone behaving inappropriately. she does not deserve this type of ridicule for a picture and for something she has nothing to do with. >> it interesting because she was not paid for this photo. she knew it was going to be for health care but she never anticipated this type of negativity. >> she doesn't deserve the bullying. she knew where the picture was going but she didn't know the disaster of the roll out of the program and and that is one of the reasons why she is getting resu ting bu
11:40 am
attacked. she is a married mom and has a child and did it to show her child the right thing to do. some obama care adds targeting millennials to sell the plans. one features a girl and a guy with the script reading" omg he's hot let's hope he's as easy to get as the birth control pill. ". >> i thought this was a joke when i saw it as a first time. it is offensive. first of all, you got insurance? for that reason alone it should be incredible. i'm offended and i think a lot of other young people do too. you know that we are sex crazed and enjoying it.
11:41 am
do you have a problem with it? >> i think it is disturbing to trivialize a matter such as this. birth control is very important however when they portray women in the sense that all women are wanting to get someone under the sheets it is quite disgusting. >> i think it is smart. i think millennials are different and talk openly about sex and accept different types of behavior and the point of the new health care law is to get young people those who are healthy to sign up and these adds not just this add. the ked stands and now we have twitter hash tags they need 2.5 million young people. let's see if the sex sells. >> actor alec baldwin had choice words for a reporter when he
11:42 am
left the courtroom yesterday. >> what are you going to do? >> i hope you choke to death. >> wow. >> and a new twist today in the trial of his accused stalker. >> and promised it would be a rumble in the jungle and boy was it ever. our legal panel is here coming up next. >> i do not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. do you smoke crack cocaine exactly. yes i have smoked crack cocaine.
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test test pos 102 test test. test test. another bombshell confession from toronto's mayor rob ford today. mr. mayor have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?
11:46 am
>> yes, i have. >> what? >> former prosecutor turned defense attorney and that took a while for him to get to that. yeah. he said it was going to be a rumble in the jungle, i guess so. how crazy is it, you cannot get into a mayor who is caught on tape acting like a bafoon but all they can do is say would you mind taking a break for 90 days? >> i don't have the same system like we have in new york city. he is more like the president of city council. they are going to box him out. they are boeing to exclude him and go on without him being there. >> they have asked him to take a leave of absence. that is before today, he has
11:47 am
purchased illegal drugs. before the defense was that videotape of him admitting to it. we can't put a real timeline on it. this is no different than that. i can say last night i drove home drunk, i can say that, but you can't prove it. but p, you can't prosecute him just on his words. >> i'm not talking about p a prosecution. we are talking about is the person fit to govern toronto a real city. it is a real city. he's not fit for office period. >> so you would not defend him or you would? >> wait. boy, everybody has a right to a defense. >> here we go, all right. >> i would defend for you looking so beautiful for wearing that green dress. >> swe spowe spoke about it off.
11:48 am
>> a judge holding alec baldwin's stalker in contempt of kaur court. he was really calm not really. >> what are you going to do? >> choke you to death. >> she was held in contempt today because she can't keep her mouth shut. you think that she could be quiet? how tough is it to keep your clients quiet? that is why i wear high heels. she probably wouldn't get 30 days in jail if she is found guilty. this is an a miss demean nor but now she is going to spend 30
11:49 am
days in jail. >> i don't think the judge is going to keep er in there for 3 days. >> her defense attorney must be going crazy. baldwin said some things that helped her case. >> does it matter that they had an intimate relationship? >> these aren't strangers. >> you can't go into your house at any time -- >> there is a list. >> speaking of smoke. >> all right. you know i'm going to leave it just right there. all right. i'm going to leave it to everyone's imagination. thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. >> bill announcement moments ago from the white house. the new obama care enrollment numbers will be released today ahead of time. >> and the characters today from the tv show "duck dynasty".
11:50 am
one christian organization is questioning their decision. >> well, we'll explain. >> i have selected you as the best man for my wedding. best man for my wedding. >> i'm the lord of the rings. ♪ aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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welcome back, everyone. the stars of the reality show duck dynasty have been uninvited from speaking at a christian's benefit in tennessee. the organizers are blaming the robertson family's new business. trace gallagher has the details. trace, what could they have possibly gotten involved in that could be a bad thing? >> it's called the wine business, gretchen. can you imagine duck commander wine? nobody is saying that willie robertson the star of duck dynasty isn't a devout
11:54 am
christian. he is. what they are saying is that he is not right for this event because this is a fundraiser to build more classrooms and counseling facilities for family ministries. they expect turnout to be mostly teenagers. in family ministries all young people go through a drug and alcohol awareness program and now that duck dynasty has teamed up with napa valley's wines to make duck commander wines. family ministry feels like it sends the wrong message saying and i'm quoting here our greatest responsibility is to the young people who serve or we serve, therefore, we feel that it n. light of the recent news to continue with this event would send mixed messages to the young people who go through our adolescent drug and alcohol program. of course, duck dynasty's business success is what led to the now very popular tv show. they sell everything from alienate core audience. also say, 18 to 49-year-olds
11:55 am
tend to drink a whole lot of wine. family ministries is refunding the ticket. >> you weren't talking about yourself, would you try duck dynasty once. drink wine when you go to church it's called communion. thanks for that update. >> that's why i'm catholic. >> read your thoughts on the duck dynasty story. plus, here is something you don't see every day. some chihuahuas are flying first class. they are taking a cross-country trip. we will tell you why and where these cute pooches are going coming up next. pp ÷ó
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11:59 am
chihuahuas doing it in style. first class virgin san francisco to the east coast. red. too many chihuahuas in san francisco and not enough demand they are heading here to new york city for adoption. i wonder how they got those first class seats. that's good news. lots of response from you guys to the facebook question of the day. what will democrats who voted for obamacare and the president himself do now. herb cover posting they rolled out something broken to fix something that wasn't. and from arlene i think all this done on purpose all to collapse the healthcare system and the government walks in to save the day with a single pay system that obama wanted years ago. arlene, you might be on to something. >> then there is the christian organization canceling a duck dynasty events. despite the families. christian values because they have a wine deal is that right or wrong? value derry blackburn wrong, jesus turned water into
12:00 pm
wine. he did he. noah clark wine is a sin? i guess i'm burning in hell. along with all others that are taken communion. oh, me too. well, thank you for sharing your thoughts. keep them coming. i'm gretchen. now it's time for shep. hi shep. hi gretchen, thank you. how many americans have signed up for healthcare coverage. we are about to be able to report the extensive extensive coverage and analysis. a live briefing from the health and human service secretary all about your healthcare in a new healthcare world. a very busy. >> brit hume live from the fox news desk. so what is the number? we shall -- well, we will be able to report to you soon how many have signed up for obamacare. the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius set to make the announcement and make it official in 30 minutes and the white house now warns the numbers will


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