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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 13, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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he did he. noah clark wine is a sin? i guess i'm burning in hell. along with all others that are taken communion. oh, me too. well, thank you for sharing your thoughts. keep them coming. i'm gretchen. now it's time for shep. hi shep. hi gretchen, thank you. how many americans have signed up for healthcare coverage. we are about to be able to report the extensive extensive coverage and analysis. a live briefing from the health and human service secretary all about your healthcare in a new healthcare world. a very busy. >> brit hume live from the fox news desk. so what is the number? we shall -- well, we will be able to report to you soon how many have signed up for obamacare. the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius set to make the announcement and make it official in 30 minutes and the white house now warns the numbers will be.
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>> including word that the site has been the target of at least one cyber attack. today on capitol hill, the president's chief technology other government tech officials all came together' republicans say toughest criticism president obama himself the president said as shopping sites like amazon and kayak. something we all know is not the case. amazon and kayak. on the day of the launch. president obama should have known the harsh lesson we have all learned since that time. and that was they weren't ready. >> the republican congressman darrell issa there went on to say that the white house cut corners
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on the web site agreed it does have big problems. republicans playing. >> congressional oversight absolutely warranted but nobody in this room nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the web site. they had as many as 16 reports of security incidents. meantime the bad press seems to be taking a tool toll now. a new poll finds that president obama's approval rating is down to 39%. >> that is nothing compared to. imagine a disapproval rating of 86% and approval rating
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of about 9% for congress. and any other job they would toss you out on your ear. all time lows on both. mike emanuel is on fox top story live on capitol hill. mike, these numbers are going to be reportable in just about 25 minutes. and lawmakers there have been waiting for these numbers for a long time. the white house is saying they are going to be low. >> well, that's right, shep. we have been expecting those numbers. they said mid november they would give them to us. lawmakers have been asking multiple hearings what are the numbers? we want to see how many americans have successfully signed up for healthcare on again, the warning was that without the web site fully functional that the numbers would be extremely low. but we will get a hard number later this hour. in terms of getting that web site fully functional, the white house chief technology officer says the web site isn't there yet. >> the information that we had at the time was that cms had designed the system for
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50, 600,000 concurrent users. right now, if you are asking me right now based on what i know now what the system is currently capable of handling the thing i would be comfortable say something that the system has been comfortably handling, at present, about 20 to 25,000 current users. >> the administration has been promising the web site will be up and running, fully running by the end of the month. they have been a little bit more careful with the language recently saying substantial progress. that's the goal. we're working around the clock on fixing it. it is not entirely clear at this point when the web site will be fully functional. again, the breaking news of the hour is we will actually get some hard registration numbers in terms of people signing up for healthcare, shep? shep shep you know, the plan was, according to -- from the white house from the very beginning, that by halloween, october 31st, their hope was or their inspection was close to 500,000 people will have signed up. 494, 620,000 people to be specific. that, of course, was weeks
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ago. in a moment, we will be able to compare those numbers to reality. in the meantime, mike, some important questions today before this panel there in washington on security of this web site. is everybody who is involved have to be concerned about that? no question about that it came up at two different hearings here on capitol hill today. one lawmaker saying to the senior administration officials would you feel comfortable putting your personal information into your healthcare information, your social security number another top lawmaker today system. perpetrate denial of attack site successful. >> some other lawmakers asked some top administration tech folks if they are willing to bet
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their own jobs that the web site is secure. they didn't take the bait but they lieutenant didn't make any guarantees. shep. >> does it appear this is moving forward to a position where some democrats, especially some who were for this and maybe up for re-election are are starting to pull away a little bit? i read some headlines this morning that suggested democrats were only going to give this administration to the end of the week. >> well, we have heard about difficult meetings between administration officials and democrats here on capitol hill who have stuck their necks out multiple times, shep, to vote in favor of passing the bill into law. obviously they did not get republican support. and then recently when republicans were trying to delay the law or defund the law, multiple times these democrats stuck their necks out again to stop those efforts. so they're out on the line. so, if you are mary landrieu in louisiana. mark prior in arkansas, conservative states. you have had this record of voting for this law that is not functioning well with a lot of people in your state. constituents are calling in and so a lot of these democrats are looking for a
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way out to be able to say the president made a promise you can keep your healthcare if you like it. we should deliver that to the people but a lot of folks are saying we are further down the tracks if you will at this point. it's impossible to keep that pledge capitol hill. they will get it fixed. there are a lot of nerves on edge right about now. >> there are, mike. thanks very much. we are about to get these numbers. we will be able it to compare them to the projections. we will too that the moment we are given the go ahead to do that we are also waiting for secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius to have a press briefing. here is how that is going to work. this could be very interesting. what happens is it it happens over a phone line. we are going, to along with you, listen in on this call. hear reporters' questions of specifics of all that they have released. we have that and analysis from john bussey at the "wall street journal." first i want to turn to our own chris wallace who is live in washington. he is the host of "fox news sunday" and is with us from
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capitol hill. chris, a political football that this thing is very very hot for democrats. >> oh, absolutely. you know, there is going to be all the focus today on the enrollment number. as you pointed out before all of the troubles with the web site, the white house was projecting that half a million people would sign up in the first months and he would will see what the real number as compared to half a million. then there is another number that's out there. this is the one the democrats are particularly upset about. 5 million people have had their policies cancelled. people on the individual exchanges whose policies did not meet the obamacare standards. the expanded standards for what has to be in an acceptable insurance policy 5 million people who had their policies have had them cancelled which goes up against the president's promise if you like your plan you can keep your plan. and that's what has got an awful lot of democrats worried and a lot of people on capitol hill of all political stripes angry because he their constituents are angry and they are calling them,
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emailing them, writing them and saying hey, look, i was promised something and i'm not getting that i'm going to get a policy i didn't ask for and i don't necessarily want and it may particularly if they don't get a subsidy cost a whole lot more money. >> the politics of all of, this chris is really fascinating to me. especially the part where bill clinton came forward and said that president obama should make good on his promise either by changing the law or whatever else. why would that happen at this point? does that have something to do with 2016? how do you see that? >> well, people are are -- you know, it's a good question and there about a lot of people in washington asking themselves why would bill clinton who certainly has a long record in trying to accomplish, you know, an expanded health insurance policy that would take care of uninsured, why we do that? he was very specific. he said even if you have to change the law, now, imagine, you know, that's saying to the president go back to congress. go back to a republican house and say we want to make some fixes to obamacare. what are the chances that would get through?
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and some people are suggesting, perhaps bill clinton is trying to distance hillary clinton from this mess over obamacare before a 2016 election. i'm not sure that's possible though. first of all, she is very identified. secondly, if i may just finish. >> no, please do. >> to the degree that obamacare is a mess three years down the line, she is going to have to own that whether she likes it or not. >> it's my belief here that -- what they are saying at least is that they are going to be able to get this thing up and running. and what you hear from so many democrats is once they get it up and running and people find out that it works well, then this is going to be something that's good for democrats. in the early going here this that is not what we are seeing at all. >> no. in fact, there is some republicans who are really ruling the government shutdown and those first two weeks of october if we had stood by the side of the road and watched obamacare
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roll out as it has for the last six weeks the president and the democrats would be in even more trouble. look, again, even if you get the web site working and if those subsidies work, there are still hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who are going to lose policies and have to pay more, not less and in any case, they are going to feel they were mislead by this president. >> chris wallace, thanks so much live from washington. again, lots of breaking news coming up in just minutes. within the next 19 minutes we'll be able to report to you the official numbers for the first reporting cycle regarding who signed up for obamacare and what the numbers are. we'll be able to compare those to what happened before. we will get into the politics of it we will also speak with john bussey from the "wall street journal" on the business aspect of it. we will hear live from kathleen sebelius in what is a reporter's conference call in which we will all listen together to find out what the take is, what the spin is, what the questions are, all on your health coming up in this hour. and our coverage will continue.
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plus, we're also watching toronto's crack smoking mayor who went before city lawmakers in toronto today and one of those lawmakers had a question. have you ever visited a crack house? >> have you been into that house? >> i have no interest in being in that house. i'm not a crack user. >> and there is a whole lot more where that came from. including mr. mayor. have you purchased drugs in the last two years? he answered it. stay with us. the day we rescued riley,
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numbers will be releasable shortly on the obama healthcare act. for gems today from the crack-smoking mayor of ontario, toronto as he defended himself in front of the city council there. now he has admitted that not only did he smoke crack he bought drugs too. >> you have purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> >> yes, i have. >> the counsel is debating a motion that would ask the crack-smoking mayor to take a leave of absence. the mayor's argument? come on, we have all done wacky things. >> it is very very humiliating and embarrassing and degrading to sit in front of the world and admit what i admitted. i wasn't forced to admit what i admitted but i did. it was a personal mistake that we all have done.
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maybe not as serious as mine. skeltons in the closet that many people would not want exposed. >> mayor ford has told city council that he is not stressed out, that he is not an alcoholic, he is he not a drug addict. he just smoked crack out of shear stupidity. he says this may in the be the last of his scandals. >> you have admitted all of your problems? >> i can't come out any -- i don't know what else -- i don't know -- i don't know. there might be like a coat hanger left in my closet. i don't know. i don't know what's left. >> but, wait, there is certainly more. the city council meeting also featured a very long debate over whether the mayor should have to apologize to a number of people for asking him to sit down. >> madam speaker apologize for following the rules and asking the other members of council to follow the rules? that's what i'm apologizing for? that's it. there is nothing to apologize about.
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>> okay, mayor ford -- >> -- no, i'm not going to apologize. if i did something wrong, i would apologize. >> madam speaker, i'm sorry, you know what? >> okay, thank you. [ applause ] >> okay, thank you. [cheers] >> thank you mayor ford. thank you mayor ford. >> thank you and thank everyone and thank you, canada. several council members asked the mayor to step aside and again he says he is not doing that he says he has always carried out his duties and will continue to do so until the voters have their say in next year's election. is he running again? he says he absolutely is. john roberts, toronto's own john roberts live for us this afternoon. hometown making you proud i used to cover the city council and to be frank with you it was difficult to stay away many times.
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not today though this was bizarre like anything i have ever seen before anybody in the country ganging up on rob ford to embarrass him to take a leave of absence. they could only appeal to the mayor by saying your at this point yans presence is hurting the city. rob ford who is way beyond embarrassed right now said he ain't going nowhere. here is the mayor. >> there is no need for me to take a leave of absence. i'm returning my calls. i'm going to committees. i'm watching every single dime that's being spent here. i have done it for 13 years and i'm going to continue doing it for another five years. one this time and four more after october 27th. >> there you go. there is the re-election announcement. now, some members of council want to kick this up to the government if ford doesn't take a leave of absence. the provincial government has the authority to.
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don't have the appetite to do that. >> i thought they could only can if he has been convicted of something. >> there is a process where the province can do it without him being convicted of something. it doesn't look like they even want to touch this. >> it got mighty combative in there, eh? >> it did and down right weird on occasion. rob ford and his brother doug who is also a counselor. [lost audio] >> i guess we lost him, didn't we. we were talking about the brother joe. john is back. we are going to roll that sound now joe, listen. >> ask these questions of you because i care do you think you have an addiction problem with alcohol? mr. mayor, do you recognize there are a few of us that really do want to help you? the only person that could commit to having some kind of addiction problem is the person who has it. nothing real straight on that one though, john. >> no, that's a long time ally of big open warfare
12:20 pm
battle now brother doug and a person who brought the motion against ford. doug ford asked him during the city councilmen meeting if he ever smoked marijuana. he never answered that interesting on twitter feed this morning. [lost audio] >> well, man, it's hard to get a live shot out of atlanta today. you would think we were broadcasting from the moon. those bars just keep showing up. maybe there is weather somewhere between here and there. you never know. all right. well, you get the point. the mayor is in trouble but he is not having any of it. police say they figured out how a spy ended up dead inside a locked duffle bag. and they say it was most probably an accident. details on that ahead. plus, vladimir putin makes another appearance on fox news deck slide show. there is word that the russian president is now officially tougher than
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chuck norris. that's ahead. and a live look at the white house moments from now. we will be able to report to you just exactly how many americans actually signed up for the affordable healthcare act. we will get to that. analysis and live from kathleen sebelius coming right up. [ male announcer ] this is pam.
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>> obamacare numbers coming six minutes from now but there is breaking news now coming to us from pittsburgh and these pictures courtesy of kdka our network news service affiliate there. there has been a shooting and the victims are at a school. the school has just been locked down. here's the information that i have just gotten. this happened right at the top of the hour or just before it two people shot just off the school property we believe at this moment. that's the early reporting. three people total shot. two injured ran into this
12:25 pm
high school and immediately school officials and the cops locked the thing down. can you see there is a large police presence there there was snow fall the night before. three to six inches of snow. that could help them in the wooded areas as they look for a suspect one of the injuries has been taken to university of pittsburgh medical center mercy hospital and al go lageorgian general hospital extent of injuries not known at this moment. we can tell that you paramedics are treating a third person who has a gunshot wound to the leg and found just on an avenue near the school like lying down in a street right now police and their canine units are out in some woods that are just off this school grounds they think that the shooter may have gone in there they have closed off several different avenues and streets right around there. among them dag march dag mar
12:26 pm
and crane avenue. a little background on the high school. this is coming to us from trib live, tribune review's web site in pittsburgh and we are thankful to them for this information. 590 qur'an avenue in the south hills neighborhood. magnet school for computer science. the enrollment there 1416 according to the paper. citing the pittsburgh public school's web site and back in 2010, u.s. news and world rereport now defunct awarded gold medal in best high school list. where are we here? it appears in this shooting happened off campus. that's the early reporting. and these people who were hurt, three people we believe shot ran into the school we don't know if those three people who were shot were students. we have no reports to indicate that anyone's children have been shot, none at all. the reports are that people were shot outside the school and that they ran to the school to try to get help or maybe get away from this
12:27 pm
gunman. what do we know about the gun snan at this point we know absolutely nothing about the gunman except they believe this gunman may be in woods nearby. there is a heavy police presence brashear high school is locked down. should we get anything new on this we will bring it to you right away. '. and continuing coverage of breaking news that is coming moments from now. at half past the hour we will have the hard numbers. who signed up for obamacare? what are the numbers? that's coming immediately following this message. [ male announcer at red lobster,
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12:30 pm
by halloween 494,620 so one fifth of of the projections. in a moment we'll hear live from kathleen sebelius as she has a phone call conference with reporters across the country john bussey will join us for the dollars and cents of all of this. talk about what it means going forward. one fifth of the projections, specifically the number more than 100,000 people.
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continuing coverage of breaking news this hour from the fox news deck. we now have the hard numbers on the obamacare web site. hard numbers on how many americans have signed up for healthcare under obamacare and how those numbers compare to what the projections were. let's take a look. this has just flashed from the reuters news service. the u.s. government said today that 106,185 people
12:33 pm
signed up for healthcare coverage nationally under president barack obama's healthcare reform law during october, the first month of the rollout. that's compared to 494,620 who were projected. it is no surprise that the number is lower much the white house said today that it would be. largely they are blaming this on the h everybody knows hasn't worked very well. and here is that figure. the figure includes 26,794 people who signed up for private health insurance plans through the technology challenged federal marketplace that serves 36 american states. so, but 27,000 on the average people have been able to sign up through the web site itself. an additional 396,000 were deemed eligible for the government's medicaid program or the children's health insurance program for the poor. that's according to the health and human services director. the white house had signaled enrollment would be low as i mentioned. katz lien sebelius is going over the numbers in a phone call with reporters has that
12:34 pm
phone call begun yet? that phone call has not begun. when it does, we are going to listen in for the highlights of that as reporters ask questions and kathleen sebelius comes up with with answers on where we are with this thing. as i mentioned originally health officials said they had hoped somewhere close to 494,000 would be able to enroll by that period and it was barely more than 20% of that goal. i want to get to wendell goler who is at the white house for us. wendell, can you give us some context on what this means? >> well, it's a disappointment. but it's hard to say, shep, just how disheartening it is at the white house it's unclear how many of the 106,000 people have in effect confirmed selection by committing to pay the first month's premium and how many might really still be shopping. in any case, the white house says it's a disappointment to the president and his aides. officials still putting the lion share of the blame on the poorly performing web site here is jay carney from just a short while ago?
12:35 pm
>> i promise you that no one will be satisfied with the numbers because they will be below what we saw prior to the launch. and while it is fully expected and was fully expected that enrollment would be low. >> i should point out that jay spoke before the numbers were actually released. officials here continue to say the web site will improve. they say it will be working well, though not necessarily perfectly for the vast majority of people by the end of the month, shepard. >> you know, one of the things that i found interesting here. we will get to this with john bussey from the "wall street journal" in just a moment. is that considered one bright spot is that 79,000 people were able to sign up through state web sites and we have more on that. first though to politics, wendell, since you are at the white house. what are we getting from republicans? >> well, republicans, of course, say that it's unfair to force people to buy insurance with the web site that is supposed to provide
12:36 pm
them with selections also republicans still focused on trying to find a way to make the president deliver on his promise if you like your insurance, you can keep it. house speaker john boehner plans a vote on friday on a bill that would force insurance companies to reinstate policies they are trying to phase out at the end of the year because they don't neat the standards of obamacare. here is boehner from just a short while ago. >> now, you have millions of americans who are going through the same experience as fred just said. president clinton yesterday made clear that he thought president obama should keep his promise. the house this week, i'm optimistic that the senate begins starting to see some momentum over they're to move a similar bill. >> the white house says that the bill that the white house will consider really defeats the purpose of the affordable care act, letting insurance companies offer policies with lifetime limits or carveouts for diseases or other problems. two white house officials briefed lawmakers on capitol
12:37 pm
hill today. they were basically told the white house officials come up with an alternative in the next couple of days. jay carney says there will be a proposal, he says, sooner rather than later. shepard? >> sounds like increased push for sure. wendell goler with the the breaking news from the white house. let's continue with john bussey "wall street journal," assistant managing editor from a paper located here in our building. john boehner speaking just a moment ago in a way to the same point that bill clinton spoke just a couple of days ago. >> exactly right. the law should could what it promised to do which is to keep those people hole who already have insurance policies and not cause them to be cancelled because those policies don't comply with the new affordable care act standard now you are hearing language from the white house looking at possible proposals on how to get that done. i think this has worked against getting people to embrace the idea of a moving to a new policy. >> they needed change in
12:38 pm
narrative and quickly, don't they? >> that's right. and also of opportunity. people need to be able to keep those policies. so i think probably hear grandfathering wendell makes a good point. this number that came out. 106,000 came up. wendell's point that we don't know how many of those policies are are actually confirmed. how much by any standard, even the best number that you heard from hhs today is as you pointed out one fifth of what the government was hoping for ramping up and better as the technology improves. >> 27,000 or so signing up at a brighter number as the associated press put it would be somewhere close to 80,000 and signed up on these state sites. some of the states, kentucky has been mentioned doing better than others. >> that's right. california doing better than others because some of their software was off the shelf and they are not having these problems.
12:39 pm
but, you know, overall, shep, there is also some kind of sinking problems that are emerging. young people if they feel healthy don't want to sign up and you need more of those who make this viable. younger people paying premiums goes into keeping younger people healthy. the fines for not signing up are not so onerous. >> it's going to be interesting to hear what kathleen sebelius has to say about the break down. i would be personally interested to know how many had signed up for such a thing. how many under 30 have signed up for such a thing? you got to have them or this can't work. so far not seeing that demographic. what you have seen and the numbers you were pointing out of that reuters story is a large number of people signing up for expanded medicare opportunities. mind you, that is expanded healthcare for the poor. a very good thing socially. something of concern to those in congress that are
12:40 pm
worried about excessive spending and the cost of healthcare expansion. that number did go up and it went unfairly substantially. >> mime immanuel on capitol hill. mike, listening to speaker boehner there in wendell's report and this discussion of a bill that may be coming and not some push back from the white house, what's your take on where that is? what's the reality here? >> well, it's interesting to see democrats in the house will be in a tough spot because they are hearing from their constituents that this is not working, we are loading our healthcare have coverage. what are you doing to help us? and of course every house member is up for re-election next year. so, fred upton is going to put a bill on the floor that will essentially say the promise that was made that if you want to keep your healthcare you should be able to do so. that's going to go on the floor on friday and so house democrats are going to be looking at it saying here is, perhaps, an opportunity to help my constituents by at least legally saying that you can have your old healthcare back. there is some practical problems with that. and whether they vote yes or
12:41 pm
no and they may be, in fact hanged by their vote there if they vote against allowing their constituents to have their preexisting or their former healthcare plans in place longer term. and so there is a lot of anxiety with a lot of democrats here on the chill because they on the hill because they have been saying to the white house what are we going to do to fix this. you have put us in a tough spot. let's fix this. you have heard tense meetings behind closed doors. putted to the test again friday in the house of representatives and it will be interesting to see how many democrats peel off and go with the republicans to try to pass this bill and then exactly what harry reid does in the senate when many democrats who are are up for re-election next year in the united states senate are also anxious about this and looking for a way out of this mess, shep. >> mime immanuel with the politics of it all. there is substance in the middle of this too believe it or not unone of the reasons that some healthcare cuts -- i know this is not in all cases.
12:42 pm
health coverage on some level bogus. this is not about any healthcare plan that comes from a company. like i work for a company i get healthcare as part of my salary and i pay on the side like some of you. that healthcare won't be affected in any way. health insurance that you get on the private market. that's what we are talking about. john bussey, the goal behind, this we are led to believe in fact we are told is that some healthcare plans cost too much, or cost so little and give so little benefit that they are really not worth anything. almost as if you bought a plastic model of something that in the end was not going to do what it is advertised to do. that was the idea here. but that's not what's happened entirely. >> yeah. that's right. you mentioned earlier carveout for certain diseases. there is a lot of different per perm stations out there. healthcare act bring everybody to compliance levels as a consumer protection type of effort. but, in the initial language of selling the bill, there
12:43 pm
was this notion you are not going to have to give up your prior. that is back firing. we have seen the administration move on this. we have heard the apology from the president saying he is sorry that this is happening. i think at the end of the day they are going to have to make a political concession on this. and it may be at the expense of achieving what you are describing which is bring in everybody, including the policies out there that are kind of quasibogus. bringing them up to compliance concede and grandfather certain people in. >> john bussey and mike emanuel thank you both. our coverage continues along with the news conference of the kathleen sebelius. we just got disturbing news on other breaking news story of the day. again, live pictures from kdka pittsburgh gazette reports what we were reporting three people shot, but now that newspaper has confirmed that all three are students. students from brashear high school which is now on lockdown. we're getting-we're citing
12:44 pm
the pittsburgh public schools spokeswoman the newspaper. that's the source on this. police in tactable gear three students are shot. breaking news coverage on two fronts. this is fox news channel. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪
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the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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shep. breaking news out of pittsburgh. three people have been shot in or near a pittsburgh high school. the early reporting is the shooting happened off campus and that these -- we now believe students, according to the reporting of the pittsburgh post gazette. that newspaper is citing the school officials, ones with whom we have not spoken. i'm letting you know what the newspaper is reporting and respected one it is. the newspaper is reporting that these three people are students who have been shot. a live look at the school now. police are searching the woods in and around this school. the thinking is that they might be able to have some help with footprints because you see the little bit of snow from. in the woods nearby, the
12:48 pm
snow is deeper and thicker. the sun has come out and melted it here. but when there is tree coverings, it's not as melted. they are hoping that that will help them. at any rate, they don't know what happened here. they don't know why this happened. as the story goes, kids came running running into that school. two of them injured. both taken to hospitals. third person found on a nearby street lying down in the middle of the street according to early reporting with a gunshot wound to the leg. authorities got that person and have now treated that person. the school brashear high school in pittsburgh is on lockdown from the shooting that happened just about the top of the hour at the beginning of this newscast. you can see police here and others speaking with parents and others who come to to try to pick up students and all the rest on what has become a chaotic day in this, by all accounts, outstanding magnet school for computer science with about 1400 students inside pittsburgh city limits
12:49 pm
itself. see that? much more snow cover there and police are searching in those woods. we will have continuing updates throughout this hour. first though. continuing coverage much -- of the breaking news on numbers from healthcare and mike emanuel information from capitol hill. mike? >> got reaction from house speaker john boehner who says that this underscores the need for the keep your healthcare plan act which of course house lawmakers plan to vote on friday. bottom line speaker john boehner says this is essentially a report of a signal of the failure of the president's healthcare law and calls it a rolling calamity. we have also heard from house ways and means chairman dave camp one of the committees that's looking into the rollout of the healthcare law. and dave camp says that more people have been cancelled in his home state of michigan from their healthcare policies than have been able to sign up nationally. he calls the numbers inflated saying that the number includes people who have been still shopping who haven't necessarily
12:50 pm
completed the transaction and so his bottom line is that the 106185 number that we have is an inflated number and that the news is actually much worse. shep. >> mike, thanks. the news conference that i have been mentioning is happening it's a phone conference that kathleen sebelius is having with reporters. giving details. listen for a minute of something of interest. >> first in every part of our country, americans are very interested in the affordable health coverage that's being offered through the marketplace and through medicaid. and even with the issues we have had, the marketplace is working and people are enrolling over the phone, on paper, in person, and online. at both and through state web sites. as of this first period, 106,000 americans have enrolled in qualified health plans through the marketplace. and 396,000 people have learned they may be eligible for medicaid or chip.
12:51 pm
customers have made it through the process of applying and getting eligibility determinatn and currently still shopping for a plan. so, again, the marketplace is working. people are enrolling. i can tell you there is rare lay day that goes by when i i don't meet someone who has gone 2, 3, four years or in some cases their entire lives without insurance. they tell me how anxious they are to get covered. maybe they are living paycheck to paycheck or been locked out of the market because of a preexisting health we see their interest reflected in the numbers of people who are seeking information and shopping for plans. and state sites have received 26.8 million unique visitors. and both national and state call centers have received more than 3.1 million calls. we can reasonably suspect that these numbers will grow substantially over the next five months as they did in
12:52 pm
massachusetts which enrolled only .3% or 123 people in its first month. we know from experience in the bay state that people tend to research and consider their options, talk things over with their families before making a purchase. this data represents only a month into a sustained six month enrollment and outreach effort. >> that's the headline from the news conference the phone conference. here is what is going to happen going forward here. secretary sebelius, it's our belief, will be answering questions from reporters. so we have their take on all of this. we know their take on all of this. news when people ask questions on this matter on this phone conference. our producers are monitoring that here on the fox news deck should anything of interest that we think might effect you or your lives come up, we will get to that right away. the breaking news out of pittsburgh continues to -- continues to come in. new information on this shooting that's happened at brashear high school. i believe we still have some
12:53 pm
arterials coming. in these last glance kdka news affiliate there. we now have multiple reports that are cited to the school system itself. the school system spokeswoman is now confirming to multiple sources that three students are those who have been shot and here is the good news that we have just gotten. of the school system says that none of the industries to the students appears to be life-threatening. none of the students' lives are are in jeopardy according to the reporting of the school system. the shooter, we have just gotten now from kdka 2 for pittsburgh and the metropolitan area. cbs 2 is reporting that the gunman himself came out of the woods and you saw the woods very close to that high school. and right out of the woods and just started firing. now, what these students were doing -- there is also some question now about whether this was on campus or off campus.
12:54 pm
of this we seem certain. the shooting happened outside the building. so, either on or off campus the three of them are shot. they come running into the school, except for one who was left lying in the street. it is the belief of the authorities and potentially the reporting of the students that the gunman went back into the woods and that's where police are now following the gunman. do you guys have new stuff over here on the news deck? i want to get o'er here because we have new information. stay with the pictures if you would. i want to show some tweets he we are getting in from the pittsburgh post gazette. the post gazette is reporting now that we have got three people who have been shot. we have gotten further information though from the school system itself that those three people are are students. and and reportedly further that those students are not-i do not have life threatening injuries. further, this is from wlwt
12:55 pm
station there streets around ba bra shear high school blocked off by police. we have seen that on the ground ourselves. swat teams are blkd off. this is information which we have had. what we are not sure of now is what the status of this gunman is what sort of gunman was this gunman using. what happened? something had to have preceded a gunman coming out of the woods and shutting. as we look at the school itself can i tell you some 1400 students makes it one of the largest high schools in all of the pittsburgh area or at least in pittsburgh proper. it's a magnet school that's for computer sciences. and it's my understanding that kids from all over the school district come to this school for specific computer science work. and that they were awarded by "u.s. news and world report" a bronze star if you will during its categorizing of the events at that school. can you see here at the entrance to the school police have the entrance and exits blocked off. we're led to believe that
12:56 pm
part of this is so that nobody ends up in the middle of what is an active crime scene or at least gets in the way of the authorities. the school itself is on lockdown. it's 4:00 now and here on the east coast. it's unclear to us how many, if any of the students who were in school for the day would have left before 3:00. would have left before this school shooting happened. is it possible that some of these students that the three who were shot might have been leaving school for the day? i think that is possible and something that we'll have to wait to find out from the school system itself. we know that one of the students believed to be shiewnts was shot in the leg and at this moment we do not know where the gunman is or whether authorities have been able to take that gunman into custody. we do see some school bus activity outside the school. but no students walking around. we believe that's because this school and the area around it are still on lockdown. we will have continuing coverage of this breaking news throughout the afternoon when the news breaks out we will break in
12:57 pm
here from the fox news deck. further coverage as well on the new healthcare numbers out today. reported officially 30 minutes ago analysis and team fox coverage. i'm shepard smith for the journalists of fox news have a great afternoon and we will see when you it breaks. we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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the spin is on after the obamacare numbers are out. 27,000. the number of americans who selected and i stress selected health plans on the federal web site last month. well below the leaked numbers of 40 to 50,000. now, if you include state exchanges the number grows to about 106,000. but still a far cry from the roughly half million originally predicted. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius addressing all of this right now in a phone teleconference. we are on top of it all. welcome everyone i'm neil cavuto. if