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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 13, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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contempt of court. here's alec baldwin coming out of court yesterday. >> i hope you [ bleep ]. >> hope you choke to death. what a great guy. thanks for watching. "special report with bre bret baier." president obama from bad to worse. website expectations and more all headed in the wrong direction tonight. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bre brebret bret baier. we told you earlier in the week insurance industry sources confirmed 50,000 people signed up on the federal exchanges. tonight we learned that number was extremely generous. things are even worse than that on a federal level. we have fox team coverage. jim angle will drill down on the numbers. mike emanuel is following the
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online and offline struggles from capitol hill, but first, wendell is live on the north lawn with new numbers, new polls, and, wendell, not much good news for the president. >> well, the low enrollment numbers were expected. more people getting to the end stage of the sign-up process, not all of them are enrolling, suggesting it's not all the fault of a slow website. the first month's enrollment was a fraction of what was expected. 106,000 people instead of the nearly half million estimate from september 5th. only 27,000 were on federal instead of state websites and it's unclear how many actually completed payment. nearly 400,000 people have signed up for medicaid or children's health insurance and nearly a million have been found eligible for the insurance exchange but haven't selected a plan. even before the numbers were released, white house press secretary jay carney was pushing down expectations. >> i promise you that no one will be satisfied with the
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numbers because they will be below what we sought prior to the launch. >> reporter: white house officials blame problems with the website which they said would be functioning normally for the vast majority of people by the end of the month. polls suggest the president has taken a big hit. nearly two-thirds disapprove of his handling and half the country feels he knowingly lied when he said people could keep their old health insurance if they wanted to. an oregon congressman said it was immediately parent the president couldn't keep his promise. >> the president saying that was grossly misleading the american public and causing added stress and strife through a difficult time. >> reporter: he believes people will shift their focus but virginia congressman eric cantor said the president admitted back
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in 2010 that he knew not everyone would be able to keep their insurance policies under the affordable care act. cantor and other house republicans want to force insurance companies to continue policies they intend to phase out at the end of the year. >> it's not going to fix the entire problem and it doesn't stop obama care from being a train wreck, but it is a good first step. >> reporter: the president's aides say that's the wrong way to make good on mr. obama's promise. >> the bill would not just address the problem that has been discussed with cancellation notices for those on the open market but would essentially allow insurers to sell new plans that were substandard. >> reporter: still, even politically secure democrats like dianne feinstein are joining more vulnerable, like louisiana's mary landrieu, in trying to help people who are struggling to afford the more comprehensive health insurance policies their companies want to sell them. house democrats met with two white house officials today and accused them of essentially screwing up the obama care
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rollout and leaving members of congress to explain to constituents. the white house is promising a proposal sooner rather than later to help people afford more expensive insurance plans. >> wendell, thank you. now to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel who's on capitol hill where the obama care web team struggled to defend their work to incredulous lawmakers today. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. many house lawmakers gave the website a failing grade today and wanted to know when taxpayers would get what was promised. top administration technology officials testified before the house oversight committee about what went wrong with while officials say the website was designed to handle 50,000 to 60,000 concurrent users, the white house chief technology officer said it isn't there yet. >> the thing i'd be saying is the system has been comfortably handling at present 20,000 to 25,000 current users. >> reporter: the administration promised the obama care site
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would be fixed by the end of november, two months after launch. but now officials may be trying to lower expectations. >> you've got to tell us when it's going to be in good shape. can you give us a date? is the end of the month realistic? >> the team is working really hard to hit that goal. >> reporter: at the white house jay carney described the website as a work in progress. >> the fact is on november 13th, we are not where we will be and want to be by november 30th. but it remains the case that we believe the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users by the new month. >> reporter: in the new fox poll only 31% of those surveyed expressed confidence that the website will be fixed by november 30th. house oversight democrats expressed doubt that republicans want to fix the system but did say -- >> the centers for medicare and medicaid services and its contractors failed to fully deliver what they were supposed to deliver. and congressional oversight of
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those failures is absolutely warranted. >> reporter: one lawmaker asked if is as secure as online banking. >> okay. so it's fully tested as the other i.t. projects you've overseen into that same standard? >> i'm trying to understand what you mean by fully tested. it was tested -- >> fully tested? holy cow, this is like a new low. >> reporter: another asked the officials to prove their belief in the website security. >> mr. chow, would you put all your personal information about you and your loved ones in it? >> yes. in fact i recommended my sister, who is unemployed right now, to -- >> did she successfully register? >> i haven't talked to her lately. he's been out of the country. >> reporter: also the house committee probed the issue of online threats. >> how many cyber attacks have there been on the system? >> we are aware of one open source action attempting to
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perpetrate a denial of service attack against site that has been unsuccessful. >> reporter: the administration's tech officials did not want to predict how much money it will take to fix a website that has already cost taxpayers $600 million. chief national correspondent jim angle has been following this story from the very beginning. he joins me now. good evening, jim. >> reporter: good evening, bret. >> it's been an interesting ride here. these numbers, as we dig down in them, what strikes you the most? >> well, number one, you only have 106,000 people nationwide buying insurance plans. not signing up for medicare, buying insurance plans. and oddly enough, most of those, some 79,000 bought those plans in just 14 state exchanges. three times as many as the number of people who bought them in 36 federal exchanges, and
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that was only about 27,000. >> the graph that we're looking at now is the seven million they need for march, 2014. you're saying in the 106,000, only 26,000 were from the 36 states that the federal government is running. >> and that seven million figure for next march, what we have right now is about 1.5% of that total in order for it to be financially sustainable. >> the other thing that is interesting is secretary sebelius today on a conference call would not get into the demographics, the breakdown, and how many people have -- are older and sicker and would use insurance more. we do know the numbers on medicaid and they're significant. >> right. the numbers on medicaid are huge. it's almost 397,000, 396,000 people who are getting medicaid. and of course that is handled by the states. federal government offered to pay 100% of the freight for the
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first three years and then go back to 90% after that. but a lot of governors, especially republican governors who do object putnot put a lot n the president's word are worried that three months down the road the plan is quite troubled and of course president obama won't be in office much longer than three years anyway. so they foresee all these problems where they put all these people on medicaid and then don't get the money and they have balanced budgets. they cannot just create money out of thin air the way washington does. they'd have to take it from someplace else. >> and quickly, we haven't ton the math, but it could be they need tens of thousands of every day to make their seven million goal but they're going run into a freight train with all the people getting kicked off, if they can only handle 20,000 to 25,000 a day on the website. >> with the doubts about when they're going to have the website up and running well, you could have four or five million
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people -- they're handling 20, 25 at a time? you could have four or five million trying to sign up in a two-week period between the end of november and december 15th. that does not look possible at the current rates that they're talking about. >> okay, jim, as always, thank you. >> you bet. up next, toronto's crack-smoking mayor admits he did something else illegal. but first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. wtvt in tampa reports on a man charged with impersonating a police officer to get a discount at a dunkin' donuts drive-through. fox 2 in st. louis is covering the release of ryan ferguson from prison. he was wrongfully convicted of murder, after spending ten years behind bars. this is a live look at dallas from kdfw. an undercover navigator video controversy. the urban league of greater dallas fired one person and suspended three others after a video from a conservative
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activist reportedly showed the workers encouraging health care applicants to lie on forms signing up for health care to get better rates. that's a live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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this is a fox news alert. sad news, four maerrines were killed at camp pendleton in southern afternocalifornia. officials say they're investigating and no details are being released. also new and breaking this hour, police say six people are in custody being interviewed after three people were shot near a school in pittsburgh this afternoon. it did not happen at the school itself. there have been no charges filed and there are no arrests at this time. the three victims with nonlife
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threatening injuries were taken to the hospital. it may we're told by authorities be drug related. it's day six of the night fair for philippines residents trying to restore sanity in the wake of that deadly massive typhoon. william is on the ground in perhaps the hardest-hit area. >> it's like our last -- >> reporter: desperate cries for help in the hard-hit city. six days after one of the strongest tropical storms on record level had filipino towns and cities killing more than 2300, aid is slowly trickling in as hundreds wait at the airport to get out. >> the easiest way to imagine if you're an american, this is a katrina in a third world country. >> reporter: while the damage on the ground is devastating, the view from the air shows the big picture. the eye of the typhoon passes directly over, but the ring of destruction extends 50 miles in each direction and you can begin
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to see that as we hit the island. you can see missing roofs, downed brick walls, wooden studs, millions of uprooted trees and the damage gets worse as you approach the coast and the port city. food, water, and blankets are pouring in. >> we have light sets going up so we can start doing 24-hour operations. >> reporter: but it's not coming quickly enough for those displaced by the typhoon. there are reports of mobs overrunning a rice warehouse killing eight. a member of the clergy is trying to see the positive. >> most people will think that god has taken away from them, but in reality i can say this honest as a filipino, pie having nothing, then i become closer to god. >> reporter: all disasters are ugly. while i have covered refugee
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camps in pakistan, category 5 hurricanes in mexico, it doesn't get any worse than that. a mass of humanity has taken over this airport. from the crying babies to those in wheelchairs, thousands here have nothing and the stench of human waste is overwhelming and ever present. the good news is it's not raining. tacloban, philippines, fox news. american oil production is now higher than net imports. it's the first time this has happened in nearly two decades, and it is a promising sign for the u.s. economy. the obama administration credits president obama's efforts to boost fuel efficiency in cars. but many energy experts a the higher volumes come despite president obama's policies, not because of them. stocks were up across the board today. the dow gained 71, the s&p 500 added 14, the nasdaq picked up 46. toronto's infamous mayor, rob ford, admitted today at a
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city council meeting he has bought illegal drugs in the past two years. he also professed a zero tolerance policy for drugs and gangs. nearly the entire city council urged ford to take a leave of absence, but ford says he could not change the past and would continue as mayor. still ahead, using birth control as the carrot for the stick of obama care. we'll explain that. first, secretary of state kerry's negotiation skills are put to the test here at home. we'll be right back.
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during his confirmation hearing today, jay johnson said this about al qaeda. >> i believe that the way i'd
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characterize it, we're moving to a third phase where the terrorist threat is becoming even more diffuse and we're seeing more lone wolf activity and more self radicalization. >> he says the al qaeda core is in decline but acknowledges the network's affiliates and franchises are growing. with u.s. officials preparing for the next round of nuclear negotiations with iran to be held in geneva next week, secretary of state john kerry was on capitol hill today. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports that if kerry thought the iranians are his toughest negotiating partners, he may have underestimated the united states congress. >> reporter: briefing the senate banking committee behind closed doors, secretary of state john kerry aimed to restrain lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers who want to slap fresh sanctions on iran. >> now, if all of a sudden sanctions were to be increased there are members of that coalition who put it in place
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who would think that we're dealing in bad faith and they would bolt and that i that's not the deal and then the sanctions do fall apart. >> reporter: the head of the international atomic energy agency told reuters he's seen, quote, no radical change in iran's march toward a nuclear weapons capability about the islamic regime continuing to enrich uranium to the 20% level, high enough to produce a nuclear war head if they amass sufficient stockpiles. susan rice explained how the pending offer will impact iran's nuclear program during the proposed six-month freeze on its operation. >> their ability to install new centrifuges, their ability to pursue their plutonium processing at the iraq facility, their ability to increase their breakout capacity, all of these things would be halted or rolled back. >> reporter: in exchange, however, israeli strategic affairs minister warned that the allied negotiators are offering
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sanctions relief to the iranians worth up to $40 billion, almost half the cost that existing sanctions are imposing on the regime. the easing of those sanctions could deflate these forces, eliminate our leverage. and indeed remove the reason iran iat the table today. >> reporter: testifying before the panel is a former pentagon official who placed the value of the sanctions relief the west is offering to iran at only $6 billion. >> james, the obama administration also pushed back against those arguing that the deal presented to the iranians in geneva was too weak. >> reporter: that's true. in his remarks secretary of state kerry addressed that saying, russia, china and the united states are all agreed on this proposal. if it weren't so strong, why wouldn't iran have accepted it yet? >> okay, james, thank you. no great maapevine tonight can bring you a story about how
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birth control has become a selling point for obama care. and is this moment the most trying moment of barack obama's expire presidency? stay tuned. geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to. the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pih, especially when it comes to my investments. you want a broker you can trust. a lot of guys at the other firms seemed more focused on selling than their clients. that's why i stopped working at my old brokerage and became a financial coultant with charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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he faced two wars and a number of other international crises, an economy in recession and much more. but president obama has never had it worse than now. with the troubled rollout of his signature legislative accomplishment.
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and unlike all the other adversity, this one didn't happen to him. chief political correspondent carl cameron explains. >> reporter: once the president's proudest achievement, the affordable care act is now his biggest liability. about more than a dozen senate democrats backing delays, extensions and fixes, the left is running scared into 2014 at the same time obama's second-term agenda items like immigration reform and climate change are buried beneath the wreckage of obama care's failed launch. 55% of the latest fox poll say they believe the obama administration tried to deceive them about obama care, compared to 38% who think the administration's mistakes have been honest. laura brown. >> you do reap what your sow. governance is much tougher than campaigning. >> reporter: historically two-term presidents face their toughest moments when congress comes up for re-election in their second term. so from now until next year's midterm election is the worst time for the president to face a disaster. health care is one of obama's own making, and political
3:30 pm
scientists see it becoming for president obama what the iraq war was for president george w. bush. >> what we actually see, i think, are two presidents who are following similar trajectories and those trajectories are downward. >> reporter: mr. obama campaigned hard for obama care. he railed angrily calling critics extreme and dismissed serious concerns from health experts on both sides of the aisle. now he's a lame duck on defense for failing to ensure that the most controversial government program in decades can work. in the fox poll, 46% say throw obama care out and start over. 42% say keep it and try to fix it. and 10% say leave it alone. the eventually outcome may well shape how mr. obama's presidency is judged by history. >> evening things that aren't their fault, when things go bad when they're in office, they're judged by that. but if it's a program they starred, it's their deal, it's hard for them to escape
3:31 pm
culpability. >> a president who came in touting hope and change now faces questions about culpability and confidence for the one thing he had been most proud of. >> carl, thank you. what do you think? do you think this is the hardest time president obama has faced in his two terms? let me know on twitter. you can follow me @bretbaier. it looks like a conflict of interest. web m.d. has raked in $5 million from a federal contract to educate doctors about obama care, but the paper says web m.d. has not gone out of its way to inform readers of that contract, even as it publishes articles that say positive things about the law. iowa republican senator chuck grassley is concerned about the disclosure and transparency related to that contract. given all of the issues surrounding the obama care law, a phrase you're probably not likely to come up with is obama care is sexy. but that's the link two colorado
3:32 pm
groups are trying to draw. molly has the report on a colorado health care push critics call a distraction. >> reporter: meet susie and nate. susie is holding a packet of birth control pills and according to the caption, the two are, quote, hot to trot. this is a new ad by two nonprofit groups in colorado trying to encourage young people to sign up for obama care. in the text, susie says, quote, omg, he's hot. let's hope he's as easy to get as this birth control. my health insurance covers the pill, which means all i have to worry about is getting him between the covers. i got insurance. now you can too. thanks, obama care. some say the ad goes too far. >> it's degrading to women and says a lot about what they think of america's youth today. >> reporter: but planned parenthood in colorado tweeted, to be clear ads encouraging women to be healthy are good. so is dialogue about birth control. #thanksobamacare. it's part of a social media
3:33 pm
campaign by the group that put out this ad. organizers say the new birth control ad was meant to do something similar for young women. >> women are independent and they're capable of making their own decisions. we didn't really do anything that you wouldn't see during the super bowl. we just happened to link it to obama care. >> reporter: but some women say that is not the message that comes across. >> they insinuate that all 20-something women are looking for is anonymous sex with strangers. instead of looking at these women as professionals, as smart, as equal to men. >> reporter: adam fox says there are more attention-getting ads to come. it's expected they'll be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. >> molly, thank you. we have a virtual seat reserved for you tonight in our panel segments. if you have not participated, just take a moment. go to the home page, watch the instructions there and you can provide monitor realtime feedback to what the panelists
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are saying. you essentially have a seat on the panel. you can also access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet by going to the abysmal numbers, the website gurus for the administration grilled by congress. we will talk all things obama care with the fox all stars right after this. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their0-year lipper average t. rowe price. invest with confidence. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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every one person that has selected an obama care plan from the state or federal exchanges, 40 people have received cancellation notices. this isn't what the president repeatedly promised. and it's not what the american people deserve. >> we continue to believe that with the progress we are making that we are on track to meet the goal for the website to be functioning smoothly for the vast majority of users.
3:38 pm
and i can tell you right now that as of today, we are on track. >> on track but the enrollment numbers dismal, according to republicans and democrats up on capitol hill. here they are, the official numbers. of the 106, 185 in the 36 federal exchanges, the 36 states where the federal government is running the exchanges, 26,974 enrolled. that's far less -- far fewer than expected. in the state exchanges, 79,391 enrolled. and the goal is seven million enrolled pie marby march, 2014. president obama's handling of health care, you have the approval 36%. disapprove 61%. changing from october. and level of confidence in president obama's leadership and there you see the breakdown, not at all now at 42%. let's bring in our panel.
3:39 pm
jona goldberg, juan williams, and george will. george, we have a lot of numbers to digest here. they told me there would be no math. but your thoughts on this day. >> the mathematics is small numbers as far as the enrollment is concerned. well, it's not working. the exchanges themselves and the website aren't working and neither is the explanation of both failures. the problem is we have no experience rolling out things like this, at least for about 200 years of our history. when we rolled out, if that's what you want to call it, social security, it was a simple thing. reach a certain age, we'll mail you a check. they know how to write checks and mail them out. this is a complicated system in which when you change something, something else changes and all the whole structure of incentives goes sideways. i think the blazing insight i've had from this is that there's no need to repeal obama care. if you pass a bill that the
3:40 pm
republicans i think are going to want to pass saying if you can buy insurance policy x before the 1st of october you can still boi it and if you were selling it before then, you can still sell it, that's all you have to do. after that obama care disappears. >> juan, there's a few hearings up on capitol hill today. one of them dealt with the website and the web team that's working on this website. you can see a congressman asking about the timeline here. take a listen. >> you've got to tell us when it's going to be in good shape. can you give us a shape? is the end of the month realistic? >> the team is working really hard to hit that goal. that's what i'm able to say right now. >> so to me that -- as a former web developer, that's what i was telling clients when we were going to miss a deadline. we're working real hard to meet it. >> juan, there wasn't exuding confidence today up on capitol hill that november 30th is going to happen.
3:41 pm
now the phrase is a vast majority of the people logging on will be able to use it. >> correct. and i think what we've seen from newspaper reports is that internally, they have lost a certain degree of confidence that the november 30 is a hard date in which everybody will say it's functioning so in that sense it will feed the critics who are looking for any ammunition available to say this thing isn't working. i mean the fact is that i think today they had a report out in the papers i saw about more americans are going to be given statin drugs to prevent heart attack and stroke. i think they could just send a big load to democrats these days because i think people are very much concerned about the failures of the website. having said that, let me just say that these numbers that you're pointing to here on the show tonight are numbers for a broken web system. so people can't register in the way that they'd like. i think what you're hearing from the supporters and from the white house is, you know, the fact that a number of people are
3:42 pm
interested is evidence of a hunger for a fix to the status quo health care system in america. and secondly, that if you look at the massachusetts rollout, the massachusetts rollout was just as meager. >> this is not about a website, this poll question, number two. president obama telling americans they could keep their health care plans. he knowingly lied. 50% of those polled in the fox poll, 40% he didn't know. >> well, we know he knew. eric cantor is touting this clip of video from the white house meeting where obama says flat out, seven or eight million people will have to lose their insurance. they knew. the white house aides debated whether he could say this and were overruled by the political people who said he had to say it to help sell the thing. "the new york times" which has been in delicious agony trying to figure out how to characterize what were in effect blatant lies by the president -- >> let me pause there. "the new york times" quote today. the split between lawmakers and
3:43 pm
the white house reflects the dilemma the president finds himself in as he seeks to follow through on last week's acknowledgement about his incorrect promise on health care coverage of t coverage. hundreds of thousands of people have received cancellation notices. >> well, incorrect promise, it gets closer to the truth, which is simply that they lied. and this is the thing that everyone in washington will have a very difficult time getting around, is that the cancellation of the private insurance policies that we're witnessing is not a glitch of obama care. it is a feature. it is not a bug, it's a feature. it was designed to do this. and when the president says, when bill clinton says the white house could have been more clear, it makes it sound as if they were a little clear about the truth, when in reality they were very clear about a lie, which is a very different thing. >> george. >> wendell said earlier in the program that the white house is working on measures to enable people to afford plans that are more expensive than they counted on.
3:44 pm
well, in sixth grade i learned that the legislative branch makes the laws. if that is a change in the law, the administration is hostage to a congress which is simply not going to cooperate with this. >> and somewhere there's going to be lawsuits and someone will point out that the president is not empowered to write the laws in this country and it will go back to the courts. >> practically what can happen here. if you hear jay carney saying we are going to very soon, and that sounds like in a day or so, announce the fix that the obama administration has for these people who have lost insurance and are having a hard time getting it, what can they do short of these pieces of legislation up on capitol hill that deal with if you like your plan, you can keep your plan? >> well, you have to realize the insurance companies don't want, do not want president obama to change this structure, because that would then, i think, as george will suggested earlier in the evening, cause the entire structure to collapse. the insurance companies are working with the administration and i think what you'll see is
3:45 pm
that the insurance companies and the administration will strike a deal in terms of how to offer subsidy support to people who currently are incurring additional cost by changing the plan. >> so increased subsidies for the people who have been kicked off. now, how is that going to fly? >> a, it won't fly. b, increased subsidies is spending. spending has to come from the legislative branch, particularly in the house. and they're just not going to get that passed. this administration must dread the prospect of going up and asking congress to fix this. >> yeah, because i think what you're seeing is -- i mean it's clear there's a political agenda at play here, and republicans are trying to prevent this from ever gaining any traction. but the idea from the administration's point of view is this is something we can do with the insurance companies. >> the only reason the white house has to do something this week, it has to announce some fixes that will only delay the problem, but they have to announce something because the house -- house and senate
3:46 pm
democrats are on the vernal of a stampede to essentially the upton or the landrieu bills, which again as i think george is absolutely right, essentially destroy medicaid -- i mean destroy obama care. and -- but if they don't do that, they'll see obama be completely undercut by his own party and they'll just abandon him. >> republicans are sending out e-mails who do you agree with, former president clinton or president obama? >> the democrats' tears are delicious to republicans at this point. and you can't blame them for enjoying -- it used to be hypothetical that obama care is a disaster. now it's real. it's out of the realm of ideals into real life and republicans will point it out at every turn. >> bing looks a little different tonight. we'll have all the data at the end. we'll continue the conversation about obama care. we'll play a sound bite after this. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions.
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people are weighing people n realtime here on bing. you can ask the question here, should insurance companies be able to continue offering policies obamacare considers substandard? yes, 95% of the votes coming insofar. and do you think improvements to the web site will boost enrollment numbers? no 78%. 22 percent said yes. back with the panel. jonah, i guess the question is legislatively, do democrats sign on to mary landrieu bill from louisiana or fred upton bill in the house or do they listen to what the white house is saying and saying that could break the system? >> that's the question of the week. and it -- steny hoyer wasn't clear about whether he would
3:51 pm
vote for the upton bill. i was talking to one guy on the hill said you could get up to 100 democrats voting for the upton bill on the house. on the senate side the trickier. poll numbers evaporate. that's why jay carney today promised a fixed sooner rather than later because they understand that there is an incredible amount of interest in voting for something that gets these guys off the hook. i don't think it will necessarily succeed. i think the landrieu bill is probably illegal. but, the democrats need something to say we he were lied to too. >> here is the press secretary. >> the president actually admitted that he knew people would lose their plans, yet, he kept making this false promise, that somehow people could keep their plans if they liked them. >> i will stipulate what you might expect that i was not present for a conversation,
3:52 pm
what sounds like a private conversation between eric cantor and the president. what i can tell is you is like the rest of the house leadership, congressman cantor has worked overtime to ensure through every power he has available to him that the health insurance -- that the healthcare market and the health insurance system in this country is not reformed. worked overtime. >> the problem is, jay carney was there and it wasn't a private conversation. it was a public conversation at the healthcare summit february 5th, 2010. sound bite we ran here on "special report." george, you know, it seems like the white house is having just a communication issue on getting their head around this whole thing and explaining it. >> well, they are in the uncomfortable position saying to fellow democrats who are you you going to defend me or your careers? because the negative ads at this point write themselves. my opponent voted against the bill that would enable you to et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. they have to stonewall. they have to say nothing can be voted on because there is
3:53 pm
no happy vote here for democrats. juan? >> i'm a little confused. i mean, obviously, everybody knew that there was going to be what is called churn in the insurance market as a result of the passage of obamacare. >> not everybody. >> that's the whole idea. >> he just apologized last week on nbc. >> no, the whole idea was that there was going to be a change in the market, the people who weren't insured were going to get insurance. different kinds of insurance. people who were insured suddenly had insurance that had had different standards. the question was could you keep and that's where he mislead people. a very small percentage but that's where he mislead people. >> is that said that. >> i don't think there is any news around here. what i'm saying to you is when it comes to something like this move by eric cantor to say oh well he said then and it's been evidence. i just find it so baldly political. >> but he did say. >> one of the promises cantor said you want to make is that people ought to be able to keep their health
3:54 pm
insurance that they have. between 8 million and 9 million people may very well lose their coverage that they have because of this. because of this bill. and the president said the 8 or 9 million to 9 million people that you refer to might have to change their coverage. keep in mind, and he goes on to say. >> that's what he said. >> yes, they have to get out of the coverage they have. >> yes. >> he left this february 2010 summit and went on to say 30 some times you can keep your coverage if you like it, period. so that is different. >> you you know the reason that i think you said to me just a moment ago oh, does that mean for you to say that he mislead? i don't think that's new. what i think the president all along knew there would have to be cheese things. what he was speaking to was 9 a% of americans who have insurance from private employers or medicare, medicaid who are not being impacted by this. >> they are going to be. the small business thing people in the small business plans they are going to lose their health insurance. that's going to roll out later in the year. small businesses buy their insurance late in the year. so we haven't seen that kick in yet. then the same policies that
3:55 pm
in other parts of the private sector market on employer-based market, those policies are going to have to be rewritten because of the minimal standards set by obama care. lots of people are going to lose their insurance. not just the 5% in the individual market. they were just the first to get hit. >> does this bill go forward that you can keep it bill? >> i do not see how the president on the one hand can endorse it on the other hand i don't see how he can stop democrats voting to save their career. safe. >> if it passes does he vet obamacare. >> he might be passed over his veto. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for the s.r. bing pulse highlights. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed
3:56 pm
a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i unrstand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i... no? ok.
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3:58 pm
now highlights from s.r. bing pulse today. approval dropped from democrats when george said it's the mathematics of
3:59 pm
small numbers. your agreement spiked republicans and democrats when jonah said losing insurance not a bug of obama care but a feature. independence dropped when juan said insurance companies don't need the obama administration to change the system. men and women strongly agreed with representative cantor's statement that president obama made a false promise, a huge drop in agreement for men and women from all parties when jay carney said he wasn't there for the private conversation between cantor and obama. total votes tonight almost 300,000. finally tonight, sometimes committee hearings can be funny. >> would you find that relevant whether or not we actually had to launch a substandard product? >> sir, i respectfully am just a technology guy. >> don't short -- don't short yourself. you are the smartest one in the room. >> that's not true, sir. >> trust me, i have been in this room for a while. it is true. [ laughter ]
4:00 pm
good line. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. well, the obamacare numbers are in and they are horrible. pewer than 27,000 americans picked a healthcare plan on and only 79,000 more signed up on state-run exchanges. that is only part of the nightmare and the nightmare tonight for the obama administration is giant. abc news political director rick klein joins us. nice to see you, rick. and what do these numbers mean? >> they are abyss mall. they are horrible. they are really truly awful. this is critical for the whole law. enough people to to sign up for the law for the work. obama administration 500,000 for month one. we are 20% of the way there the problem is