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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tomorrow night right here 7 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly factor and go to good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. obamacare is the big thing for them. >> is that true? with president obama's poll numbers falling below 40%. is the obamacare debacle the end for the liberal movement in america? we will have a special report. >> something about if you smoke or something like that. i really don't smoke. [inaudible] >> okay. okay. >> one day after our report on obamacare navigators advising clients to lie and cheat, four people have been disciplined. we have an update also ahead on the factor miley cyrus apparently smopg pot in public. the chinese after jimmy
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kimmel and dennis miller on violence off the field in the nfl. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will obama care be the end of modern liberalism? is that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. more bad news for president obama today. new quinnipiac poll shows american voters disapproving of his job performae by a 54 to 39% margin. the 39% is the president's lowest approval rating since he took office. white american voters disapprove of mr. obama by a whopping 62 to 32. hispanics disapprove 47 to 41. black american voters approve of the president's job performance 75% to 15. among young voters ages 15 to 3.
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just 36% approve of the john the president is doing. 56 disapprove. finally 52% of american voters say barack obama is not honest and trustworthy. that's a disaster. and that is what is driving all the chaos in washington. the president said on a number of occasions that americans could keep their healthcare plans they liked them. that turned out not to be the case. that is driving mr. obama's poll numbers down. now the bigger picture. last night on the factor, charles krauthammer opined that the obamacare debacle may single the end of the liberal movement. >> we have not just obamacare unraveling, not just the obama administration unraveling, not just the democratic majority of the senate, but we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. obamacare is the big thing for them is charles correct
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or can he make a come back. don't estimate barack obama he has powerful allies too. media embarrassed by obama care and somewhat skeptical of the president. believe me, if things begin to improve on the obamacare front that will be trumpeted almost everywhere as it should be. the issue of national healthcare is so important that facts should rule. talking points believes there are a number of good things in the new law, for example that insurance companies can't cancel your policy if you get sick. that if you get fired, your insurance is not cancelled. and that poor children and the elderly in need get covered. those are all good things. but they can be done in the private sector by targeted legislation. what president obama will never understand, never understand is that the federal government is not capable of running the healthcare system. simply can't do it. and the chaos we have now is proof of that.
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that's the memo. joining us for reaction republican kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers also a fox news analyst. if krauthammer is correct and liberalism is gone or will be gone, your whole career, kirsten, it's all over for you. is it not? for country natalie charles is not right about. this so i think that it's not collapsing but it has has a major set back. that's what i would say. i think president obama actually has been really good at making the case for government being part of the solution not the problem. i would say basically throughout his first term brought people around starting to think that way. with obamacare rollout it has been a huge set back for that argument. >> when you say a set back, it's hard to quantify it charles is basically saying he believes that it could be all over, kate. >> yeah, i don't agree with that a set back, i don't know what that means though. what does that mean? >> well, i think when 53% of the american public think
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that obama is incompetent, that's an important number to look at. it's not necessarily obama that is being perceived as incompetent. it's government. there is a shift in the perception now yes, he made a a good argument for government involvement and frankly interference but now we are seeing that when it plays out, it's a debacle can and that most interesting number i thought was 54% of young people disapprove of the president. they have walked along. >> why do you think they disapprove? why? >> because of a couple of things. first of all they realize is he like other politicians. he will say one thing to get elected and do something else that he will hope and change thing wasn't accurate. the bigger thing is this redistribution that they thought was such a great idea sounds so fair. >> let me just finish my point, please, bill. >> you know we have a limit on the segment, kate. >> redistribution is coming from them. and then it becomes not such a great idea. >> kate, i hate to be rude, you know me, i'm a polite guy, we have a limit on the segment. all right? a time limit.
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>> i wouldn't have taken that much time. >> reason the young people are turning against the president is they can't find decent jobs. that's it. now, we just got this number in powers, okay. total enrollment in obamacare in the marketplace, you know, the computers and all of that after six weeks 106185 persons. after six weeks. now that's not a disaster. it's not chaos. that's a collapse. so what kate said is absolutely true. that americans are not only losing faith in obamacare and president obama but the government in general to do anything. >> yeah. but just at the outset this is a set back for the view this government could be helpful. i would lying to give a little perspective. americans have been up happy with the government and have not trusted the government long before barack obama got into office. in fact -- >> -- now, crescendo. >> this is one of the things identified at the very beginning of his
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administration by bill goff and elaine did a great study showing that the big biggest problem is he going to face is the american people don't fundamentally trust the government. they did a lot of comparison. >> isn't it ironic, kirsten. isn't it ironic that the biggest problem in the beginning of president obama's tenure that he faced lack of faith in the government to do anything has now been exacerbated used that word yesterday by him. >> yes. >> now he is making it worse. >> right. no, i mean, it's really bad for the cause your cause i believe president obama never read the law, kate, you agree? no, he didn't read the law but he read all the components of it. >> i don't believe he read people keep your healthcare. policy people saying you
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can't. >> is that the same policy people that explained benghazi wasn't spontaneous uprising. >> i'm telling you bill he is not a fool. he makes decision based on the information he is given and decides how to spin it. >> i don't think he is paying attention, powers. i just don't. is he a big picture guy. he wants to be the income redistributer guy. the guy that gives everybody healthcare and here is a 975 page law in front of him. is he not going it read it his people are going to tell it him what he's to hear. they tell him what he wants to hear. right? >> well, there is no way to really ever know if i had to make a guess he probably didn't heed read the law. i think on a lot of different things he doesn't seem particularly curious. i have said that about the web site that if he had just asked some questions like hey you have done some tests on the web site and how is it handling it? he might have known it wasn't doing very well and it probably wasn't going to work when it was launched. i think he has lacked curiosity in a lot of different areas. and i'm assuming that he probably didn't know all the details. >> you know, i want to say one thing. >> give him a total pass on this. and this is wrong.
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he is president of the united states. >> somebody is incompetent. >> people could keep their healthcare and he knowingly went out there and told people. >> you don't know that kate. >> yes, you do, kirsten. he knew that the bill wouldn't work. >> you how do you know that. >> he knew the policy would not hold up if people were alieud it keep their healthcare. he knew that. >> it is speculation. is he getting it right between the eyes now. i want to say one more thing to kirsten powers who i have known for many years if indeed liberalism does go down the drain, kirsten, we're still going to like you. kate is still going to like you. >> i just live for you. as long as i have that. >> maybe mad as hell segment. >> on our side anyway. >> maybe powers time after miller time. we will find a place. >> i appreciate that gives me something to hold on to. >> next on the rundown after the factor ran under cover reported by project investors
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make kate obenshain feel better i just got handed this poll this is a fox news poll did the president knowingly lie or not? okay. didn't know, didn't know about the law. 40%. knowingly lied 50%. the folks are on kate's side. of course it's all an opinion but it's an interesting opinion. now on the factor follow up segment on monday we ran a segment on veritase undercover sting. in this case they sent a man to dallas in irving texas to talk to navigators in training. >> the other stuff i'm like barbara or i will go and clean houses and things like that. just to get extra money on
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the side. but i have never filed that type of stuff on my so in that case the navigator was suggesting fraud. and then there was this. >> you lie in that case deceit in play. joining us from washington chris jacobs who works for the heritage downgs. tell me about this 1/2 brahm over all. how many period people have been hired. >> hundreds of millions of dollars involved three separate programs.
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operating their exchanges. tens of millions of dollars spending going out through that and then a third program community health centers were given $150 million from the obama administration to try to get people signed up in obamacare. >> the navigator philosophy or guidelines is simply basically when a person has a question, they go on the phone, computer, in person, can it be all three? >> yeah, in theory, the navigators will help people on the web site and try to get them to sign people up using the web site. unfortunately, a lot of navigators are having the same problems because the web site doesn't work for the navigators just like it's not working for millions of other americans. >> all right. so, in this case, the project veritas crew went to a urban center run by the urban league which i understand got a million dollars and more to set up navigators in a physical facility, right? >> sure.
5:16 pm
and these people are coming in community centers or trying to go out and find people and get them enrolled and get them through this convoluted complicated process on the web site. >> all right. now, were you surprised that these people in this undercover sting suggested fraud and deceit? were you surprised? >> absolutely not. in fact, the first video you showed about somebody understating their income is an exact echo of testimony given before congress earlier this summer. the congress -- congressman gazar from arizona asked gary cohen who is the chief head of the exchanges for the obama administration. what if somebody tells a navigator that they're getting paid cash under the table and what is a navigator supposed to do? and mr. cohen said i don't know. i will have to think about that. so you already saw that the administration was not doing proper protections encouraging proper protections to protect the
5:17 pm
american people from fraud. >> okay. so, overall, the impression that i'm getting is that the navigator system is designed to sign as many people up but they don't care what the truth is. they are just going to take people and try to get them as much as they can get them. it's another nanny state gimme gimme gimme program. it's not what's fair and what's right. am i wrong? >> oh, you are exactly right. there are a lot of concerns. there is ensignives for people to say they don't have employer based coverage. they are not likely to get caught this year. there is incentives for people to understatement their income because they can get. >> they get more subsidies and more money. >> that's exactly right. >> all right. mr. jacobs. what a mess, i mean, really. what a collosal mess. i don't think in 36 years of journalism i have ever seen a bigger mess than this. and that's my honest thought about it. thanks again. directly ahead, cammeron and rosen on near panic among some democratic senators over obamacare. and then miller on how his
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wealthy friends out there in santa barbara california see the healthcare chaos o. those reports after these messages.
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washington beat segment tonight. get to ace reporters carl cameron and james rosen. cammeron yesterday the very liberal senator dick dire bin -- durbin you can keep your insurance health comments. >> a couple more sentences to it could have clarified it and they should have haded it. the president has apologized. he said very clearly he was sorry if he mislead people. here is the bottom line. the bottom line is in my state of illinois 1.8 million people have no health insurance. >> so how do you read durbin's statement? >> well, he is one of 21
5:22 pm
senate democrats up for re-election next year and he is really worried about their healthcare and their votes. it's a big deal. so far there are 12 democrats who have come out in support of some kind of obamacare delay and dick durbin is not one of them much the problem is the democratic party leader harry reid in the senate and durbin is one of his lieutenants won't bring any of those bills up to the floor unless the president says okay. >> so durbin and the other 20 democratic senators running for re-election now have to face an angry population. they have to face a very angry electorate. although in illinois, so so blue,. >> and obama's home state. >> right. particularly the ones in states where mitt romney won the republican states. those senate democrats are really vulnerable. mary landrieu of louisiana is one of the principle ones. she has a bill now to proposing to reinstate the insurance plan keep the coverage if they liked it so the president's promise is resurrected backed by kay
5:23 pm
hague begin and mark prior the most vulnerable democrat. dianne feinstein joe manchin of west virginia. all of them are sponsoring part of that bill and in manchin's case he has actually got an additional bill that would delay the individual mandate a year. it goes on and on. >> that bill landrieu's bill can reid block that one too if he wants? >> sure he doesn't have to bring it it up on the floor. >> doesn't have to bring it up. couldn't the senators have held a press conference and browbeat him and ground him. >> right now what they are doing is bringing these proposed bills that have not been brought up on the floor yet back home to waive around that voters and show that they're on the voter's side in trying to get this mess cleared up. >> everybody knows that's bs. >> sure. here is another example for you, bill, joe donley a new senator, a freshman from indiana. he has a bill would redefine the part time workers from obamacare so they don't end up losing their coverage. shaheen from new hampshire has got a dozen signatures from the president saying you have got to delay the
5:24 pm
enrollment process and includes a half dozen more moderate democrats from states big deal. >> what you are saying is that reid right now is not going to do anything and all of these bills aren't going to go anywhere, correct? >> and all of these democrats who say they are for them now were against them less than a month and a half ago when republicans were voting delays. they were all voting against it now that this thing isn't going ooso well they are ready to get on the train. >> rosen in another subject but very very important although taking a backseat to the chaos of obamacare is iran. so kerry now has a meeting today, a secret meeting that only rosen knows about. what happened there? >> the secretary of state was up on capitol hill today briefing behind closed doors members of the senate banking committee. if secretary of state kerry thought that his most implaquable negotiating partners in the long running standoff over iran's nuclear program would be iranians, he may have under estimated the u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans and in both chambers are straining at
5:25 pm
the birth here to slap fresh sanctions on iran because they think that it would improve our negotiating leverage. the obama administration and to be our foreign allies in these talks with the iranians oppose new sanctions right about now because they think it will poison the atmosphere. the reality here is that number one, there isn't fooch left for the united states to sanction where iran is concerned. it's not the united states that is the number one trading partner of the iranians since 19' 9 as you can imagine. the other reality here, bill, is that it may just be the case that iran, which has made a national project and a source of national pride in its nuclear program may be undeterrable in its parch towards a nuclear weapons capability. >> could be. real quick i only have. >> so much money and so much capital over 25 years in this. >> absolutely. i mean, you know, they might just say you we are going to do what we want and then there would be military action according to president obama. that's what he said. >> and the israelis, perhaps.
5:26 pm
>> real quick, do you believe the story that prance was the one that derailed a treat were that would have been not good? do you believe that story? i don't, you know you and i, rosen agree. i was very skeptical of that story the bloggers are going to pick this up we agreed. >> we agreed. rosen and i two finest minds agreed. i was very skeptical of that story. we will see how it all plays out guys. i would would like to make. i made a mistake mitt romney didn't get as many votes as john mccain. he got more. i said that on a few occasions and i apologize for the error. president obama is a man of faith but what kind of faith? we will talk to the author. and later jimmy kimmel under fire from some chinese people. wait until you see this. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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president obama and faith. the president is a christian and for years was pastored by reverend jeremiah wright in chicago at the trinity united church of christ a protestant concern. president obama doesn't worship very much and theological beliefs are not well known joining us from washington author of the new book the president's devotional the daily readings that inspire president obama. advise president obama on spiritual matters and pentecostal it seems to me
5:31 pm
he doesn't have a lot of use for traditional organized. >> he is he a committed christian and faith is important part of his life every single morning for the last six years he has woken up and read these devotionals to dry to grow closer to. he practices faith in other ways. he spent time with pastors in the oval office praying for him. i went with him up to the side of a patti ann mountain tot billy graham only sitting president billy graham. he does a prayer call with pastors around the country. he accident wear it on his sleeve that is not the guy he. i would rather a guy who lives it than preaches. >> why doesn't he go to church more often that would send a signal to the world is he a crismghts it may be a photo op. i understand how distracting his presence might be but, again, you know, if is he a believer and he wants people to go the path that he believes is worthy, wouldn't it be better if he went out a few more times to church?
5:32 pm
>> you you know, he has actually gone to church more than folks think evidence just disprunt stalk about it. >> every time he goes to church we know about it the white house press core is alerted. he goes to church i would say maybe six or seven times a year if he was a catholic he would be in serious trouble. but i'm wondering if he went to church jeremiah wright six or seven times a month now he doesn't. i'm not sure why. >> three weeks ago he walked across the north lawn of the white house with his wife and two daughters and they went to saint john's episcopal. he has been to ame and baptist church. >> you know what i am saying he doesn't do it on a regular basis. >> he does go to church as often as he can but he also consult investigates his falt faith in other ways. >> all right. so you don't see it necessary for him to be a public kind of guy. the second question i have is about his fundamental belief system as we know and as you know as everybody knows. reverend wright is what they
5:33 pm
call an advocacy preacher. he takes a political point of view and incorporates into his sermons. nothing wrong with that he has got a freedom to do that. but is the president along those wave lengths? has he used an advocacy position in his christianity? ie obamacare. that's a good example. everybody deserves healthcare. compassionate thing to do jesus would do it. pop pop pop pop pop. is that incorporated into his belief system. >> president obama believes in the death and resurrection of jesus christ. that's what his faith is based on. now obviously we all have political beliefs. >> so he doesn't tell you that he incorporates his theology into his politics? >> well, you know, i think he leads with his relationship with jesus. and how. >> i have never heard him say the word jesus. >> well, he said it many times. i would encourage you go-to-go to the white house and encourage to you look at white house easter breakfasts. only president host event for east tore talk about the resurrection of jesus christ and what that means for his
5:34 pm
life. whether you are republican or democrat. that's something i think we have to respect. >> i do. i absolutely do. i am not casting any aspersions on mr. obama's faith. all americans are entitled to whatever they want to believe sincerely. as a leader, you have got to understand where i'm coming from here. okay? you know i wrote the book killing jesus, right? >> i know it's a very good book. >> thank you, sir. i really appreciate you reading it all right? i as a secular broadcaster, i don't broth will he prosthetic will he advertise here. however people know that i am a christian, where i come from, and what i do in the sense of how i view it. i defend it. christmas do this do that the other thing. we don't see that kind of defense from the president like, for example, he has never said west virginia why don't you knock off the anti-christmas business it's really wrong for the nation. i have never heard him say that. >> i would encourage folks to check out the book. i think we do see it in
5:35 pm
smaller but quiet ways. i tell a story about how president obama used his faith to counsel me when my father passed away. i talked about how we would travel to new town connecticut and i saw him in very quiet ways with those families behind the scenes really trying to minister to them in important ways. i tell the story about how he encouraged me down the path towards marriage to my wife and some really important ways as well. he ♪ going to be the kind of guy to wear it on his sleeve but is he going to live it out in the way he is a husband and father and i think you will see that in the president's devotional. see a whole new side to our president and get inspiration to start your day as well. i hope you check it out, bill. >> wouldn't have me on if i didn't think it was worthy. thank you very much for appearing we appreciate it? >> thank you for having me. >> when we come right back, it will be miller time. what do the d man's wealthy friends think about healthcare. then miley cyrus apparently smoking pot in public and jimmy kimmel under fire from some chinese. those reports moments away. [ tires screech ]
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act now and we'll protect you 60 days risk free. no one protects you tter than lifelock. try felock protection 60 days risk free and get a special holiday gift -- . . . ♪ thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight as we reported in the talking points memo. the president's approval rating has slipped to 39%. quinnipiac poll 52% not trusting him now. mostly because of obamacare. joining us now from santa barbara the sage of southern california dennis miller. so miller you live in a very
5:40 pm
affluent place. beautiful place where people can kind of buy any kind of healthcare they want. oprah can get whatever she wants. doesn't have to bother with the exchange or this or that. do they, the wealthy, care about this issue? >> the only wealthy guy i talk politics with is you. so you would have to tell me. i will say this. this thing has got son crazy the reverend wright lost his healthcare today and blamed the jews. listen, i don't talk about politics with my friends. because, you know what? obama -- barack obamas are a dime a dozen, deb narrow drifters, man. they good friends are hard to come by i hope at this point i hope is he a liar if he is this inept you and i are gary lock ward way out past jupiter with a defective hal 9000 unit we
5:41 pm
are screwed and i would like to get home. >> i love the 2001 reference to the two actors. but, you know, it seems to me that there isn't -- there is a recession on the part of the mainstream media they have to now go after jay carney and they have to. i mean, it's a farce. but they are little bit. they are. you see the exchanges and see. >> everybody but the "new york times," they are still right in there. but "the washington post," giving them pinocchios. the media has turned a little bit. the wealthy hollywood pinheads, no, nothing going to blow them out of there. nothing. everybody could lose their health insurance but them and they would still be going obamacare is the greatest. do you see my point? >> billy, you have got your own thing with hollywood. a lot of my best friends. a lot of my dearest people are from hollywood. >> you don't talk politics with them. >> i will say, this as far as the press goes and as far as obama goes, i'm kind of watching what i'm saying right now. because i find when zealots,
5:42 pm
pet notions crater, they get nasty about it. it's my raccoons at the recycling bin at 2:00 in the morning. this is not the time to come in and tell all these people how stupid it is. history will show how stupid it's been. i would just say this to the president in the nicest terms i can. mr. president, if you you liked your apology, you can keep it all right? how's that? all i know is i finally started reading some of obamacare last night to find out what it's about i got to page 1297 preexisting conditions and is says everything is covered except, quote: whatever in god's name biden has, end quote. [ laughter ] >> we're just going to exempt that as just too expensive to heal. >> listen, man, everybody is this guy. clintons is disengaged. she can't have the hester stink on her. i think obamacare is an unfair name for this thing.
5:43 pm
i don't think it's this thing has to be barack obamacare. this was his genius notion and i hope that he travels through time with it. >> all right. real quick on the nfl. miller and i have a disagreement there. i think that the national football league's culture should conform to civility. >> should they not go to strip clubs? >> no go to strip clubs. >> put cameras in the locker room? >> miller, you know as well as i do. they hire thugs. they know the thugs are bad. pacman on cincinnati. how many times got to be arrested. all right? they hire thugs because the thugs can play. i don't know this. >> how many times does the guy got to be arrested? how many times? >> you are going to the wrong tempo there, baby. that's the national football league. that's a business. if gold medal cared about any of -- go del cared go
5:44 pm
del -- imagine richie incognito if he eventually gets concussion and has to go into obamacare that's when you have got problems. when you have a c lister who has a medical degree from the university of grenada and is he looking at your brain span and it's a piece of spin art and he says walk it off and sue somebody. there are musics in the world richie incognito and kooks in the world radical islam. i don't have time for the mukes i have got to pay attention to the kooks. richie incognito and the mayor of toronto and i are going out on the road. >> thank you, miller, you gave me the transition, the mayor of toronto just said this: go. >> you have purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> be careful. >> yes, i have. >> and the reason he took so long to answer is he smoked so much pot he forgot.
5:45 pm
>> listen, this guy does need to be treated for crack addiction, trust me, he is coming down to participate in what's left of our healthcare system. because is he not getting it up there. he goes in there, they think he is chris farley doing a character. >> and you know what happened. >> incognito and i are doing a remake of three amig goes together. he will be the one saying his lines too fast because is he on crack. >> i was going to book a bolder fresher show into toronto but i don't think that's a good idea now do you know what i'm talking about. >> i'm not politically correct, billy. i'm offer the reservation. this whole thing is going to hell in a hand basket. if i'm perceived as a problem because i'm candid so be it. >> maybe miller and i will go to toronto. i think they need some kind of common sense. >> you remember when marion barry's wife left limb when she found drug paraphernalia. in that case the last straw literally was the last straw. >> miller and i would like to thank all the folks in
5:46 pm
saying bolder fresher show in february sold out. i will be doing a benefit show on shamanot high school long island. i graduated from there and it offers fine education will bittle b.s. details on bill o' fun evening, talk about the books, the state of the union, it will sell out quickly if you want to see us there, get on it. did you see that on deck. miley cyrus smoking pot or something on stage and jimmy kimmel getting pounded by some asian americans. right back with it.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
back of the book segment did you see this in a desperate attempt to draw attention to her miley cyrus pulled this stunt in holland.
5:50 pm
>> you know, i couldn't fit this award in my bag but i did find this, so, thank you, guys very much. [cheers] good night, everybody. thank you. emas thank you for having me.everybody. thank you. thanks for having me. i love you all so much. >> now with her take on that fox news anchor martha mccallum. you say? >> she's wiley and she's getting exactly what she wants -- a ton of attention. she's a good marketer. she said if i don't get attention i'm not doing my job. i'm an artist. >> you have kids that grew up in the hannah montana era. >> loving hannah montana. >> i'm not saying kids emulate her but this is destructive to children because it sends a message that this is cool oond neat. do you see it that way? >> i don't. she knows her audience like
5:51 pm
taylor swift knew her audience. she 's marketing to the teenage girl who's throwing off the hannah montana period of life and likes the rebelliousness. >> you don't see anything wrong with glorifying marijuana? >> it's wrong for her to stand up and smoke a joint on stage. >> that's what she did. >> i think she's not justin bieber, lindsay lohan. i don't see her as a dangerous element. >> you don't think she's going the way of amy wine house? >> no. i see madonna. i do. >> you don't see jimmy kimmel because you're on in the morning but he does a late night show. he does something with kids designed to be cute but he got in trouble. roll tape. >> america owes china a lot of money. $1.3 trillion. how should we pay them back? >> kill everyone in china.
5:52 pm
>> kill everyone? china? interesting idea. should we allow the chinese to live? >> no! >> if we don't allow them to live, they will try to kill us. >> but they will all be killed. >> they will all be killed. >> if we kill them, they won't pay us. >> this is the "lord of the flies" edition of kids table. >> now the chinese people are mad. >> they are asking for apology number three apparently. >> he's already apologized? >> he apologized, apologized to protesters. this is a 6-year-old child. if he wasn't in the right birth order he may not have been born in china. i doubt there is a lot of outrage in china when people shout death to america or in iran. they seem very upset about this child who was clearly -- >> they are upset about kimmel. they want kimmel off air. >> they don't like that he followed up and said what do you think, should we let the chinese
5:53 pm
live. he apologized. >> if i were kimmel i would not have apologized. it was a joke, satire and political correctness has run amok. >> abc and disney have a huge business venture. >> oh, there you go. >> they are about to open disney china. they have two hotels coming up. a shopping mall. they don't want to jeopardize that the. >> disney china. i can't wait to go. i can't. can you see goofy and mao? they will all wear the little red hats and if the kids misbehave it's the gulag! all right. get them out of here. am i overdoing it? >> you're probably exactly right. >> okay. martha mccallum. >> that little boy will be first online. >> he's feisty. i would have said that. factor tip of the day next on johnny carson. the tip moments away. ♪
5:54 pm
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factor tip of the day on carson in a moment. first the mail. sheila from chicago. you seem irritated that the tea party has core principles. we want adherence to the constitution. the republican party calls us loons. i'm not irritated by the tea party debate. i have stuck up for you guys on a number of occasions. number two the constitution is a matter of interpretation. that's why the supreme court is often divided as are the american people. you cannot claim you know the constitution and others don't with any certainty. that's why the supremes are there. as for the loon comment the tea party in my opinion is responsible, committed and i respect that. tom from blue springs, missouri. i'm a reactionary conservative but will vote for a moderate if nominated by the republican party. anything is better than a
5:57 pm
liberal. james cook frankfort, kentucky. no wonder if irs didn't have time to catch billions in fraudulent refund checks, it was too busy bothering the tea party. bill, thank congress for the fraudulent checks. they have legislation that forces the irs to issue refunds immediately before they can be verified. charles from thousand oaks, california. what's silly about hooters? the waitresses wear tight tops and shorts. cha cheerleaders do the same thing. from florida, i disagree that 12 to 14-year-old boys should be allowed to go to hooters. wish you could see it my way. i respect your opinion. but if you take the guys to the beach, right, they see much more, don't they? would i drag the tykes in there? no. i wouldn't. i'm not worried about it.
5:58 pm
mary anne from mcpherson, kansas. just finished "killing jesus." i didn't realize the extent of the brutality in the roman empire and how the common people suffered. that's what drove folks to jesus. they lived with the roman foot on their necks. jesus defied that with his message of allegiance to god only. that's why they had to kill him. glad you enjoyed the book. >> reporter: from great neck, new york. i am 10. i want to read "killing jesus" but my mom says i'm too young. she's right. there will be a kids book based on it out in the spring. you will like it. "killing jesus" makes a nice christmas gift. get a signed edition on now. we have so many orders there will be a cut off date. i sign them. no auto pen. i sign them. get your orders in now. finally the factor tip of the day. i don't read many celebrity books because they are either
5:59 pm
trashy or self-serving. i read the book about johnny carson because i think he was the finest pure television talent ever. in fact, the best compliment i ever received was from baltimore sun tv writer who compared me to carson in a minor way. the book was interesting and contains a major lesson for us. carson was an unhappy person. the reason i think he was is because he had no spiritual life at all. not only according to mr. bushkin but according to friends of his i know. carson believed in nothing other than the present moment. that's a recipe for unhappiness. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. i love this word of the day. no fubbery when writing to the
6:00 pm
factor. look it up now. thanks for watching tonight. megyn is next. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight the obama care numbers are out and in the words of the architect of the president's signature legislative achievement, we are disappointed. dr. emmanuel joins me live later tonight for round two of our spirited the discussion. but first welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. just hours ago we learned that the numbers appear to be even worse than originally reported. less than 27,000 enrolling in the federally run exchanges. 27,000. as for the state-run exchanges that have been working better less than 80,000 signed up there. we don't know how many, if any of the people have paid for the


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