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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 13, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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down. he picked up trash at the world war ii memorial and mowed the lawn at therein c lincoln memor. today he was rewarded with a chainsaw and a new riding lawn mower. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." the train wreck got embarrassing. exactly how many people elected to participate in the program. and to put it bluntly, after three years of mismanagement and hundreds of millions of your tax dollars wasted, the results are just a disaster. let's look at the numbers. 106,000 americans have, quote, selected health plans since the disastrous rollout began. that doesn't mean 106,000 people have enrolled. actually far from it. the white house inflated the total by including those who merely placed the plan in their
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online shopping cart and have yet to make a payment. what's more laugh able, of the 106,000, only 25% actually selected their plan through the federal marketplace on the website health ouch. the administration expected half a million people to have enrolled by this point. just hours before this pathetic data was released the house oversight committee grilled officials about the epic failure. >> i know that consumers using health have been frustrated in the initial weeks after the site's launch. >> we'll continue to discover efforts were taken to cut corners to meet political deadline. >> we under estimated the number of users who would access to system at any one time.
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>> the biggest policy website ever launched and you didn't know about it? >> there was failures. >> the white house knew there were problems evidenced by theest testing that wasn't done. >> trying to understand what you mean by fully tested. >> fully tested. holy cow. this is a new low. >> hackers, in fact, may have already or may soon find the vulnerabilities. >> why didn't you delay this? you knew there would be problems. the two men you heard from, the chairman of the house oversight committee darryl issa and jim jordan. mr. chairman, what is the average american to make of what you have heard today? why don't you surmise what you have heard in the last couple of days? >> this is one of the greatest
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management break downs one could find. we had the chief information and technology people working for the president on this signature project and to a person they would not take responsibility. in fact, when questioned they couldn't name the person who was responsible for this failure to launch and one of the individuals, mr. chow, implied there wasn't a failure. that it sort of worked. of course he wasn't one that got in or 240 that managed to sign up by the second day. i guess he doesn't know what failure is. >> let's go to some of the risk issues. >> the fact they launched it with navigators with no criminal background checks, we learned there was a memo issued and they found prior to the launch two memos and it said the threat and risk potential to the system is limitless.
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limitless. he never saw the memo? he's the chief project manager? congressman jordan, how is that possible? >> i think what's more scary is someone did see it. someone knew this system wasn't ready. for political reasons that the chairman said they went ahead and launched it and put millions of americans' personal information at risk. do you know why they wouldn't delay it. this needed to be delayed. it should be repealed. they were willing to put americans' personal information at risk because they couldn't admit republicans and most of america is right when that they wanted changed. >> they said in the memo the risk to the system is limitless.
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they say the vulnerability could be expected to have severe or catastrophic adverse effects of organizational operations, assets or individuals. who then bypassed the people that were supposed to know these things? do you know the answer yet? >>. >> well, what we know is the people who knew or should have known ignored it. thai he said he didn't feel he needed a security check. this is beta software. when asked repeatedly, is this as secure as a bank software he could only say no software was secure. i'll tell you one thing, i believe my bank software is more secure or i wouldn't be using it. >> we all use online banking at
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this point. you believe because of the testimony, i assume you believe these guys kept the information from those in charge. is that a fair statement? >> what we think is the people we need in front of the committee, the white house told us aren't going to. the political people ran the operation. they are the ones with the weekly meetings at the white house for how you will implement affordable care act. those are the individuals who need to answer the questions and why did you launch something. someone in the administration knew it wasn't ready. why put millions of americans at risk? >> they never told the technology people in charge. does this sound similar to july of 2010 if you go back to the november second edition of the wall street journal, they did a report on how the white house in the summer of 2010, congressman
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issa was debating internally whether or not they knew people would not keep their plans. they were debating internally whether to -- were those the same responsible people here? >> those and more. there is no question that a decision that they made matters worse. most importantly this is an administration that doesn't seem to be able to find out about pobs in advance and fix them. if you will, they do a good job reading teleprompters. they do an awful job reporting a problem to the boonsss and fixi it. when they talk about delaying obama care, here is an important thing. just the personal tax, the "if i don't seen up" tax is over $300 million a month. the administration now is
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dealing with a cost of delay that if they did their job right they wouldn't have. that's one of the reasons the president is resisting it. he wants the revenue. he wants you forced into it. if he takes it off he's afraid he won't hit the goals. >> at every level it is an epic failure. this is the health and human services chief information officer, a guy that testified before your committee. congressman chafitz of utah asked how many times he met with sebelius. i want your response to this exchange. >> since the end of august how many times have you personally met with secretary sebelius? >> i'm not sure. probably once or twice. >> when was the last time you met with the secretary? >> i believe that it was during the shutdown. the secretary had regular meetings with senior leadership. >> so you met one time in
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october? >> i believe so. >> you are the chief information officer. you met one time in october with the secretary. >> maybe once or twice? does that make sense? >> sean, remember, this is not about competency or getting it right. this is politics. that's why the political people ran the operation. >> we spent hundreds of millions of dollars. they had three years to put it together. >> i agree. >> i have had guys on the this program -- >> that's the only conclusion you can reach. >> hannity -- sean. >> no guarantee it will work by november 1 as they promised. >> the track record on keeping their word isn't good. we'll see. >> nobody was willing to say it would work. they were talking continuous improvement. after november 30 we planned on having another hearing for this reason. >> why people put their hope and faith in government is unbelievable. 5 million americans have gotten cancellation letters.
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only 106,000 signed up only 28,000 on the website. this is bad. thank you both for digging deep. we appreciate that. the american people need to know it. >> thank you, sean. still ahead ann coulter joins us, bob beckel, andrea tantaros and more. >> we said from the start that it was going to be important for us to be consistent in saying to people if you can -- if you want to keep the health insurance you've got, you can keep it. >> all right. this bumbling, stumbling speech was delivered in january of 2010 in front of gop lawmakers. now house republicans are enlisting you, the american people to force the president into keeping his word. we'll have a vote on it this week. we have been asking you to vote all day at fox another shining moment for
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welcome back to "hannity." house republicans released telling video that proves the president knew his health care over haul would cause many americans to lose their insurance. he made the bombshellac knowledgement in 2010 but pledged to address what he called stray cats and dogs in the bill before signing the bill. he had to sign it to find out what's in it. remember? watch. >> if you look at the package
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that we presented, and there are stray cats and dogs that got in there that we were eliminating -- we were in the process of eliminating. for example -- for example, we said from the start that, uh, that it was going to be important, uh, for us to be consistent in saying to people if you can have your -- if you want to keep the health insurance you've got, you can keep it. i think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge. and so we were in the process of scrubbing this and making sure that it's tight. ♪
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joining me with reaction to the video, much more democratic strategist penny lee and ari fleischer is with us. 45% of americans say they cannot trust obama care. a majority of independents think obama deceived the them. he said they were stray cats and dog. he would scrub it out and clean it so if people liked their bill they could keep their bill. keep their plan. >> i don't understand knowing what he knew. he said it was categorically untrue. it was careless to go out repeatedly and make that promise knowing that it wasn't going to come true. for a vast majority of the people, yes, they have been able to keep their health care insurance.
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for me personally, i am benefitting from the affordable health care act because i had a pre-existing condition, was denied coverage and under obama care actually my premiums go down. there are good things about the bill. but i can't explain why he was untrue -- >> we have a lot of democrats on the program that don't have your integrity. this promise was made repeatedly. the president is at risk. with the numbers that are devastating for him, only 106,000 people signed up since october 1. we have 5 million that have cancellations. it's going to roll out every month more cancellation letters with the cancellations. you can't keep your doctor either. after that, a lot of americans, rate shock. there doesn't seem to be an end. do you think the president ought to sign on to the republican bill that if you like your plan you can keep it and keep the promise as bill clinton suggested? >> he's really in a politically perilous situation. he hasn't filled the vacuum.
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he hasn't offered the solution many democrats in congress and the american people are asking for. he's been promising to fix it, fix it. people want solutions as to how you are going to address it. the bill before the house, i would say, would do more damage -- >> why would it do damage -- wait, wait. if all the congressmen and senators made the promise, the president made the promise, how is that a problem if they just keep their word for the american people? >> i would like -- because you have this collective pool that needs to participate to be able to have the younger people participate. >> oh. >> that's the unfortunate act of it. >> you need them. >> there are parts of the bill that are really good. like myself benefitting from them. but they never cleared out the stray dogs and cats. >> stray dog and cat. all right. ari, you have panic-stricken democrats telling obama he has until friday or they will follow
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clinton and abandon. they know it will impact their legislation. election, not legislation. >> that was a president who is an eloquent communicator who lost his way. he w he was stumbling to find the right words. what's more amazing you will find videos which despite him saying that at the republican meeting he kept assuring the american people you can keep your insurance policy, no changes, period. this is the problem he's created. reminds me what happened with president bush with iraq. when republicans threatened president bush, we'll abandon you. raurk is such a burden on the party, we'll walk away. >> walked into the oval office at one point -- >> said a couple of months. fall of 2007. by then the surge started to work and general petraeus testified on the hill and it turned. without that bush was about to lose the republicans. president obama is in a similar
7:20 pm
spot with the democrats. it's a terrible spot. >> all right. it's 5 million versus 106,000 that signed up successfully. >> right. as analysts we have had from the manhattan institute and elsewhere on the program predict as many as 100 million americans won't have the same plan, won't pay the same price. with month after month and cancellation letter after cancellation letter and rate increase after rate inchristie's, when does it stop for him? >> two-thirds of those who buy individual insurance will get cancellation notices. it's a huge chunk of the insurance market. he's changing policies, too. there are only two ways for the president to go. one is all in. to say you just have to stand behind me. the other is to acknowledge there are several flaws and say, i have to rework it. there is no chance to do the latter. congress is in the hands of the
7:21 pm
republicans. >> this is ideologically the holy grail. this is what they have wanted for a hundred years. progressives, liberal spms i think president obama sort of enjoys the fights. he likes to say i was right all along. everyone needs to follow me. >> when you lose credibility like this, when 47% of americans say they can't and he deliberately deceived them, how do you recover politically? >> it's a double mamy for the caucus. they have a political problem with an unpopular president whose word is challenged and people don't believe him anymore. democrat peel. other democrats weren't up for re-election announcing they want changes to obama care. this is where the white house, everything feels like it's crumbling around you. >> it was never popular. now it's reality.
7:22 pm
penny, what would you advise the president? ari picked up on the two options he has. you seem to be leaning against the fix which is keep your word which i think would go a long way toward credibility with the american people. t. >> i think he has to address it. when you start losing trust it's a tough stum able. he's in a midterm election. you have democrats looking to make sure they can protect their own political skin. you're in a precarious situation. he has to go back to the american people. do more than just the side apology, i would say, and address and say this is how we'll fix it. address it. >> he can't because -- >> this is what i will do -- >> it's impossible to fix. >> it's not. can they delay the taxation from occurring, the implementation? are there things they can do? it's a tough policy.
7:23 pm
there are policy implications on the bills. whatever. he has to get back to the american people and say, this is what i'm going to do. right now they don't trust a word he's saying. >> he has a problem now. bill clinton has given every democrat is okay to distance themselves from it. >> it's important to remember what also bill clinton said in the interview. >> i don't want the to remember that. >> remember when he said overall this bill is better than what we had. >> politically speaking, the problem with democrats, they didn't need bill clinton to plow the snow. they would do it anyway. they are in so much trouble now politically to stick with it. >> good to see you. penny, you're ruining my show by being an honest democrat. destroying the debate format. >> keeping you honest. >> coming up next, the face of the ill fated health broke her silence. she's not enrolled in the program. we'll play her first interview next. and the one and only ann coulter
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welcome back. the face of the botched health website has broken her silence. you may remember adriana as the
7:28 pm
obama care cover girl. quickly tied to the problems with the page and the target of critics and comedians across the country. this morning she spoke to "good morning, america" to defend herself from what she calls bullying. let's take a look. >> so who is the woman who was the face of the obama care website? >> i'm a mother and a wife. i'm not a professional model. we signed a release that said it was supposedly going to be used for material promoting the health care. we didn't know it was going to have a negative impact. >> have you ever experienced anything like this in your life? >> this is a reason i wanted to be here. as a kid i never went through that. but now i am. it's sort of bullying. >> it is bullying. >> but at the same time i thought i have to do this for my
7:29 pm
child. i'm here to stand up for myself, defend myself. >> adriana said she wasn't paid for the picture and despite being eligible she hasn't tried to sign up for the health care exchanges. here author of "never trust a liberal over 3." coulter is back. how are you? >> fine, thanks. how are you, sean? >> all right. what's your reaction to that? >> i feel sorry for the poor woman. adriana will have to make a sex tape to get her reputation back. >> oh, stop. you can't control yourself. go ahead. >> i love that she's an immigrant i would say obama care was giving a job that should have gone to an american to an immigrant. he's just exploiting an immaterial grant laborer and blew an opportunity to create at least one with job. >> what do you think of 26,000 enrolled through the website?
7:30 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars. three years to prepare it. 5 million americans in spite of the endless pledges have now got cancellation letters? what's your reaction to that? >> right. of the 26,000 who managed to sign up, 17,000 have already had their identity stolen. that's the best news about that. >> we have 106,000 enrollees. >> navigators. >> here's the problem. we were talking about it in the last segment. this gets worse. if you look at the polls a majority think the president deliberately lied. 47% say they can't trust obama. every month, more cancellation letters. more rate shock. month after month after month. >> right. i think that's right. >> go ahead. >> i was going to congratulate you. more people trust fox news than trust president obama about obama care.
7:31 pm
but that's really not much of a standard. i hope it is a lot more trust fox news. i agree with you. far beyond the website. i don't care if the website is up and running tomorrow. the point is they have made most insurance plans anybody would want to buy illegal. you hear them say, they were crappy plans. you don't want them anyway. under kathleen sebelius who is flexible -- i don't work for you. you have gay guys who will have to buy health insurance that covers maternity care. you have mormons who have to buy insurance to cover gambling addiction therapy and sex change operations. we are forceded to pay for things we don't want. everyone i have run into except two people -- >> bill maher and who is the other? >> have been thrown off health care. blue cross/blue shield pulled
7:32 pm
out of california. i know a lot of doctors. they said they just get notices from the insurance company saying you are no longer allowed to be on our plan. they want to keep the doctors who don't see many patients. no matter how much the media loves obama they can't hide the cancellation notices as they come in. >> so i actually that both in the house and senate republicans said if you like your plan you can keep it act. how do democrats get ouft that considering they made the same promise as obama? >> i will tell you. this is important. every senate democrat will either vote for it or have harry reid will set it up.
7:33 pm
you have to remember the all of the democrats up for election will come up with ways to fake out oh voters and pretend they are trying to fix it. no, i'm totally against obama care. no. every one of them voted for it. you can't stop making the point. >> ann coulter in los angeles, one of the great liberal cities of america. appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> thank you, sean. >> a million californians got cancellation letters. did supporters go too far with this ad about birth control and sex? bob beckel and andrea tantaros will be here to debate it. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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welcome back to good >> test test test >> test >> test test
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great thinking. the latest ad is being called extremely degrading. it features a woman showing off her obama care covered birth control with the words "all i have to worry about is getting him between the covers." brosurance features young men binge drinking but don't worry, obama care will cover the medical bill. the next is young women taking shots, saving money on shots leaves more money for fun shots. convenience. with us, bob beckel and andrea tantaros. >> hi. >> you do so much good work for people that are drug addicted, alcohol addicted. almost every spare moment of your life you are helping somebody. you have been doing it for over a decade.
7:39 pm
what do you think? >> disgraceful. >> the ad is promoting alcohol -- andrea -- >> why make her talk? >> she relates to some of it. but with the alcohol, that's a direct appeal to get loaded, go to the hospital and get taken care of because you will be covered by insurance. it's obscene is what it is. >> all i have to do is get him between the sheets. >> it's insulting. it looks like the state ek change thinks young people just have sex and drink. young people do that. not all young people. but look at the gender roles. the woman is the more masculine, the pursuer, the alpha. the guy is the buffoon. in the second ad they are doing keg stands. the woman has birth control. i ehope he's easy. it goes back to the life of julia. you can have sex when you want.
7:40 pm
i am woman, hear me roar. until the $9 birth control. then we need a man. feminism is on its head. the women need president obama. i asked this on the five. if you can't get on the exchanges and you get pregnant, is that obama's fault? >> it's -- >> i rest my case. >> probably clinton's fault. can't blame bush. >> what i said to andrea on the five was if somebody had a baby in that situation it probably would be a democratic voter so i wouldn't be opposed. >> i rest my case. >> the other thing is the first ad makes men look like wusses. i drank and did some sex when i was younger. that's part of the rule really -- >> tmi. >> i didn't stop for 45 years. >> okay, bob. make your point. >> that was it. >> she's helping you.
7:41 pm
>> not that i don't want to hear about your sexual escapades. >> i see it with my kids things were not the way they are today in terms of the aggressiveness of the girls. >> it's being pushed on college campuses. there was a new york times article where they encourage women to go out and have sex like men. they tell them they can. equality isn't the same. men and women are different. women can't behave like men. they can, but we are wired differently. that's okay. i don't like what's happening. men are portrayed as a buffoon. they are in ones in the car commercials or sit-coms with the answers. the women or children are the smart ones. >> she's right on. >> women are pushy so they are aggressive? >> they are trying to encourage women to be like men. to be aggressors.
7:42 pm
>> i knew i was born at the wrong time. >> have sex and do it with birth control thanks to president obama. >> did i hear it right on "the five" -- >> metro sexual. >> i had to explain what manscaping was and a mankini. >> a what? >> do you know -- be careful. you don't want to get into it. it's disgusting. i walked from that door to here and i was almost bar f'ing. >> what did you explain? >> men are starting to groom themselves excessively. much like women do. >> oh, boy. don't go down there. >> i don't get it. >> for those who don't know you have to put on makeup or we look like a ghost. i count 30, 29, 28 -- let's go.
7:43 pm
done. >> you ought to be behind andrea. you will get there the next day if you're lucky. that's why she's beautiful. >> you need to say you're sorry. >> i don't even hear it. in one ear, out the other. >> andrea, you look beautiful. your heart and soul are amazing and you are a wonderful person. >> thank you, sean. >> she's beautiful. i'm ugly. so i just want to get it out. i like the spray paint stuff they use. >> you are lucky the people you work with love you. you would not survive. >> failure to provide the ambassador in his mission with adequate security should preclude hillary clinton from ever holding high office again. at's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me.
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welcome back to "hannity." rand paul deliver add major address before the citadel's corps of cadets. he had a powerful message for a pos able 2016 presidential contender regarding benghazi. take a look. >> when hillary clinton was asked for more security she turned the ambassador down. under cross-examination i asked her, did you read the cables? she said she never read any of the cables. that's her excuse. she says, don't blame me. somebody beneath me should have been reading the cables. i find it a dereliction of duty. she wants to blame somebody else. it's absolutely her responsibility. her failure to provide our ambassador and his mission with adequate security should preclude hillary clinton from ever holding high office again. [ applause ] >> joining me now to explain is
7:49 pm
the man himself, kentucky senator rand paul. the coach of the citadel's tennis team was there. your speech was well received. welcome back. >> thank you. >>ics explain in more detail. i agree with you. the buck should stop with the people responsible. all the details we are learning, they knew a lot more and purposely deceived us. it doesn't seem to have resonated with the american people to my satisfaction. what do you think? >> i think the one thing people want from a commander in chief is someone who defend it is country. if you are not going to send reinforcements, provide adequate security for our troops or our ambassador i think it precludes you from consideration. there is this bar you have to the achieve. if you want to be commander in chief for the country, you want to defend the largest, greatest, freest country in the world you have to be willing to put and send reinforcements, to put security in place.
7:50 pm
i don't think there is an excuse. when you get to the 3:00 a.m. moment when you have to make a decision, you want someone to defend our soldiers. the fact that she didn't and for six months leading up to this she didn't send adequate security. she turned it down. said she didn't have time to read the cables. i just think it's inexcusable. i don't think the american people will elect a commander in chief who failed to support the troops. >> after the lie was exposed they kept regurgitating it that it was related to a youtube video which, in fact, it was not. let me let me ask you this. you seem weighing into presidential waters a little by. i had a discussion about 2016 candidates. your name came up. there was an impression among people that i was speaking with that you're an i ice -- isolationist. you
7:51 pm
distinguish isolationism from having a smart defense department. what is the difference? >> there are two extremes we can be everywhere all the time around the world or nowhere. if you don't want to be anywhere, you're not going to defend the country overseas, that is isolationism. i'm not. that i think a lot of times, the constitutional process is that we have to have a debate in our country. i believe in the reagan doctrine that says our vital interest has to be threatened. public has to be behind it well. have to fight for complete victory. we don't fight for a negotiated settlement like president obama has been talking about. you fight for complete victory. >> do you read james carvel suggestion he may want to take a toke off the toronto mayor's
7:52 pm
crack pipe followed by his president ought to keep his pledge? do you view that as political maneuver to pave the way for it clintons running? >> many fellow democrats in the senate are run wachlth something hasn't been publicized every democrat in the senate voted for a rule that allows cancellation that's came up for review. we had a vote on this three months after obama care. we voted every democrat voted to up hold the rule that allows your insurance to be cancelled that causes you to lose your doctor. this was voted for. so this is their baby. they're going to have trouble running from this. >> you've got a little bit of a feud with the governor of new jersey who just won reelection. it seems to be among some, the
7:53 pm
sdrier for a corno nation. if i was in new jersey i would have voted for governor christy. as i look at the electoral map and his position, i don't think the economy is that great in new jersey. i think some of his appointments, when vetted vetted are going to be controversial. does he have a problem in your view of getting conservatives in more red states voting for him? >> i think the party is big enough to have moderates. we should have moderates in the party. i would say there are many republican governors who chose not to accept obamacare. republican governor who's chose to accept obamacare and expand medicaid not a conservative position. not really even close to the center of the republican party. it's more close to what democrat governors did. so accepting obamacare, expanding
7:54 pm
it, bringing it to the state, i don't think that is going to resonate in republican primary. so we'll see. there is a place for moderates. there is a place. >> you said you'd love to meet with him, he turned you down. >> we're waiting to break bread or have a beer with him he offered to bring him to kentucky, but so far he's been busy. >> in the spirit of spreading the wealth are you going to pay for it? >> absolutely. we do believe in private charity. >> thank you, senator rand paul. we're going to show you your choice for video of the day right after the break. stay with us. new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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welcome back to "hannity" time to reveal what have you chosen as video of the day. you have chosen a clip of the angry
7:59 pm
alec baldwin. it happened yesterday after he broke down sobbing on witness stand during a trial with his alleged stalker. baldwin left the courtroom angry, lashing out at reporters hoping they choke to death. watch. >> i hope you choke to death >> choke to death? that is not nice. >> his language is not surprising. in 2006, probably one of our first fight he tried to pick with me. you may remember this >> listen sean, you ignorant man. >> let me talk, sean. let me talk. you've been spewing. >> you're a holly wood ego maniac. >> you're no talent from long island. >> good luck. >> alec, i think you need help.
8:00 pm
i do. for the sake of your family. it's out there. it's available. that is all the time we have left. remember start each morning 5:00 to 9:00 fox and friends first. we'll see you tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. obamacare is the big thing for them. >> is that true? with president obama's poll numbers falling below 40%. is the obamacare debacle the end for the liberal movement in america? we will have a special report. >> something about if you smoke or something like that. i really don't smoke. [inaudible] >> okay. okay. >> one day after our report on obamacare navigators advising clients to lie and cheat, four people have been disciplined. we have an update also ahead on the factor miley cyrus apparently smopg pot in public. the chinese


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