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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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i do. for the sake of your family. it's out there. it's available. that is all the time we have left. remember start each morning 5:00 to 9:00 fox and friends first. we'll this is a fox news alert. well, the obamacare numbers are in and they are horrible. pewer than 27,000 americans picked a healthcare plan on and only 79,000 more signed up on state-run exchanges. that is only part of the nightmare and the nightmare tonight for the obama administration is giant. abc news political director rick klein joins us. nice to see you, rick. and what do these numbers mean? >> they are abyss mall. they are horrible. they are really truly awful. this is critical for the whole law. enough people to to sign up for the law for the work. obama administration 500,000 for month one. we are 20% of the way there the problem is the web site
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isn't even working right now. you would have to pick up the pace substantially. the number you cited about 20 something thousand so far. they need to see 46,000 every day between now and the end of open enrollment -- at the end of march just to get to the target number from the congressional budget office of 7 million. the web site can only handle about half that traffic at any given moment. hard to see how they can make up that ground fast enough with the web site working. >> today with the conference call with secretary sebelius. you were on it. did she say who made up these 106,000 people? obviously if it's the young and healthy, we want those. see people older tend to draw more money than they pay in. >> this is a bigger question than. this these numbers are terrible on their own. the balance is so critical here. we don't know how much -- how sick these people are, how healthy they were. we don't know what kind of preexisting conditions they were of the insurance market is based on the premise that you are going to broaden the pool. everyone is going to jump in at once. if only the older and sicker
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people are the only folks who got in that is a real problem for the insurance market. >> secretary sebelius kept saying the marketplace is working. people are enrolling. it's like she was on sort of a parallel universe to the rest of us. it may be working but poorly. it may be enrolling but grimly. >> yeah. they are nowhere near where they need to be. if you look at the numbers inside some of these states, both of the dakotas combined 100 individuals have signed up. these numbers are just minuscule. you have got many states. >> more on gretawire. i have so many more on gretawire than they have -- it just occurred to me, than they have on this. >> even if the number of 27,000. that's not half of yankee stadium these days. 100,000 for the total number. >> i find. >> college football game. >> if i had 27,000 on gretawire in a day i would hang it up. listen to a sound bite the president said back in february of 2010 about whether or not people would lose policies. let's hear what the president said.
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>> the 88 to 9 million people that you referred to have to change their coverage, keep in mind out of the 300 million americans we are talking about would be folks who the cbo, the congressional budget office estimates would find the deal in the exchange better would be a better deal so, yes, they would change coverage because they have more choice in competition. >> all right. so the people knew people were going to have to change their policy because they would get a better deal. >> looking in the numbers today, there is a strong suggestion there is sticker shock. only a third of the people that went online and started the process are actually getting the subsidies that are advertised that make it a better deal. look, they can go back and there is larger numbers clearly that are going to sign up. you have a nonfunctioning web site and questions about whether the market works. >> some realized gretawire is working so much more and has much bigger numbers it's actually embarrassing for the administration. >> they should follow greta. >> indeed. rick, thank you. nice to he see you. >> thanks. pathetic enrollment numbers are likely due in pardon part to the
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disastrous web site. officials getting a grilling about those glitches by the house oversight committee. taxpayer dollars were wasted. precious time were wasted. >> people working every day make things better. getting better week by week. >> on the day of the launch and even today there are material failures in the security of the obamacare web site. hackers in fact may have already or may soon find those vulnerabilities. >> i think you owe mr. park an apology not a subpoena. >> some days are better than others. look at the trend line week over week things are getting better. >> that's been called a train wreck. that's not fair to train wrecks. when did you first realize that you couldn't keep your health insurance even if you did like it, period? >> that's the health policy matter that's really outside my lane. >> you don't know when you first realized that you you couldn't keep your health insurance even if you liked it, period? >> because you are the smartest one in the room. >> i'm not, sir.
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>> and very good at what you do. where in the heck were you for the first 184 weeks? >> mr. gody, you are right on that they should have had the a team on this and some of the a team here today were clearly there for the train wreck you guys knew there was going to be problems. you hadn't done any of the testing. why didn't you delay this? >> that's not my decision to make. >> and republican congressman trey gowdy joins us. of course, he is on that committee. so what did you learn today? >> not much. five minutes isn't long to unlock the histories of the universe. i still can't tell you why they went on october the 1st. that's not the law. that's artificial date that kathleen sebelius picked. we weren't ready to go on october 1st. we spent offer half a billion dollars. 30 months to get the web sight up and running and todd park is supposed to get it fixed in less than two months. i know, this i'm not convinced about the security
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all of that is web site. two thirds of the people who window shop decided to go somewhere else secretary sebelius had a conference call with anybody who wanted it to sign on. numbers were worse than anyone ever thought they could be. she said not reonce but repeatedly. marketplace is working and people are enrolling. she seemed quite content and she added that she expects enrollment to grow. you and i were in the courtroom a lo. say it enough believe it she would be the only one in the western hemisphere who believes that her job is on the line. this is her legacy if you believe in legacies. it's not working. actually, in a round about way the best thing she has going for her right now is the fact that people can't get on the web site. that was one of the promises. the other promise about
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being lower premiums, better coverage, people are going to also find out that they were mislead and deceived when it comes to that. >> you talked about the fact that she keeps repeating that the marketplace is working. people enrolling. the president kept repeating we stopped counting at 26 when we had him on tape saying you could keep your insurance, if you like it you can keep it others said they found there may have been more. he kept repeating that too. we played the sound bite where he knew people were going to lose it back in 2010. there is a difference between misstating a fact and intentionally deceiving your listener because you want to obtain an advantage. and i would like to believe that he didn't know it was untrue as it is when he said it. >> so they just didn't -- you prefer to think that he just didn't understand his own legislation? >> i would like to think that the leader of the free world would not mislead people solely to win an election. but i'm also not naive enough to believe that. >> how comfortable do you have let's assume you are right.
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how comfortable with you are the fact that is if he did mislead he didn't understand his own signature legislation and what was going to happen to so many people? august the more reason not to have legislation this wrong and make transformative changes in our culture on a purely political vote not a single republican supported this what's realistically going to happen bill this week with congressman upton. >> the senate will be in a dilemma whether or not they want to take it off o. senators are going to push reid to take it it up. in the past he has not shown inclination to take up house bills. it's going to be the dominant issue in 2014. >> i don't understand. even if congressman upton's bill is taken up. i don't know how you can force insurance companies to reinstate policies they have already cancelled. and even if you could, i mean, obviously the federal government can do that to an insurance company, i think it's illegal. even if you, could the insurance companies have to get permission from the
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states. we're up against the clock. i mean, i don't see how any of this -- i think this is fanciful talk. >> leave with you a quote from edgar allen poe what a tangled web we we've -- weave when at first you practice to deceive. >> if you like your health insurance you can keep it, period, and then it begins to unravel. you have got a couple 'of options you can admit to people that you lied which he has not done thus far or you can look to congress to bail you you out. i'm happy to bail my fellow citizens out but i'm not going to bail him out. >> forget the political aspect. some people out there in the middle of like chemotherapy and they have gotten the notice at the end of the year their policies. what can you policy do for that person? i mean, forget. i don't have any sympathy for the politicians who find themselves in a mess. i do care about these citizens who are really scared tonight and worried. what can you do for them? >> i wish i had a good answer for you. i cannot answer that question other than the
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person that loves to say -- consequences. he is right. one of the consequences should not be that your fellow citizens are punished. even folks who voted for him. if i can bring relief to people despite the fact that we warned them ahead of time this is not going to work, i will do it. but we are so far down this train track now. you are right. you can't tell insurance companies what product to offer. you can't go back and reoffer cancelled policies. so, this is what happens when you base a campaign on a fundamental lie. >> well, it's deeply disturbing to me. sort of a -- you know, sort of the drama goes on here in washington. but, outside washington, there are people who are really scared and really suffering and terrified of the consequence. but i guess he says he is going to look at all the options. let's hope he has some. >> i hope he does. >> congressman, nice to see you sir. >> thank you. terribly low sign up numbers are not the only bad news for healthcare dotted gov.
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this is a fox news alert. the numbers are in. they are absolutely bleak. the obama administration now admitting fewer than 27,000 americans picked a healthcare plan on but that's not all. for the first time the
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administration also exposing that there have been attempted cyber attacks on the web site. at least 16 of those attacks. so are security fears scaring people off? andy the ceo of hotb software. he joins us. nice to have you back. thank you, sir, for coming back. >> thank you. good evening. >> all right. these cyber attacks, should would he be concerned? i mean, do you have any sort of sense how serious they are and whether they can be fixed or avoided? , we should always be concerned. we have shown vulnerability with the federal web site which i'm sure the tracking additional cyber he attackers can only assume so, yes. >> 16. is that a lot? or i mean are sites like 50 times a day so that's 16 is a low number? i have no frame of reference because i don't do this for a living is 16 a lot in a month? >> it's not a huge amount. to be honest with you with the government sites that we have launched we have faced our share of cyber attackers. it's really about the initial testing, penetration
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testing and all that you can do to mitigate the actual exposure to these text. >> how how do you define cyber text. somebody able to infiltrate and disrupt code what is a cyber attack. >> in this particular instance it's my. overload the system which we have already got an issue apparently with bandwidth. essentially they are trying to break the system with millions of hits to the web site and creating fake instances. yeah, this is without a doubt a problem considering the situation already under. >> get any sense whether this is discouraging people from going to the web site? is there any sort of chatter that you see or do you read any technical publications, anything to indicate this is scaring people away? >> no. but it certainly draws concern because as we were originally concerned about load testing, i now have concerns about penetration testing. and really data breach type
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stuff. so, until we have a better understanding what kind of reports are going to come out and what kind of testing was initially done, yes, i have absolutely got concerns with these topics. >> secretary sebelius says that the marketplace is working. people are enrolling. is that how you would describe this? is this web site working and do you see the numbers as people quote are enrolling? is this how you would describe it? >> it's hard for me to judge because i don't have the specific numbers associated to the federal site vs. all the other sites that are taking applications. again, it's being reported that they are not sure if november 30 deadline is going to be still an acceptable deadline for them so it leaves me to believe that the web site is not fully functional. they are talking about cyber attacks possible breaches. again, leads me to believe that the site is not fully functional. so i have gotten no exact analytics to say that any results have been from the federal site itself. >> well, just comparing it to gretawire, i would be
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like horrified if my numbers were this low just on my blog how many people log on to it anyway, andy, thank you. >> valid point. thank you. >> thank you. the "new york times" president obama's bff first the editorial board bending over backwards to cover up for the president. now, well now it's the news division. are they sugar coating for president obama? we are going to tell you what happened. what happened. you ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah
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>> you have heard president obama say it over and over and over again. in fact, we counted 26 different times and then we stopped counting.
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>> if you have got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, can you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan if americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor. if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. >> if you are more than one of the 250 million americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. >> well, that is simply not true. from what we have seen the "new york times" editorial board has tried to sugar coat it for bff the president. editorial board bending over backwards president misspoke. in other words, oops. no one bought that not even the "new york times" own ombudsman, now a new article in the news part calling the president's repeated promise incorrect promise. is that a fair description? just incorrect promise? in other words, oops.
11:24 pm
or is the "new york times" the news division sugar coating again? washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york joins us. what do you think? >> it was incorrect over and over and over again. as far as the "new york times" is concerned by the way, i thought that phrase incorrect promise seemed a little odd. i went to the nexus data base which has all their articles all the way back to the 1970s. it has never been used. i thought maybe some politician has made an incorrect promise sometime in the past. well, it has never been described that way in the "new york times." >> you know, i was actually quite disappointed. i know a lot of people complained about the "new york times." i like the news division. i read the newspaper. but, you know, first the editorial board saying misspoke. that's such a lie. i mean, that was so covering up. and then i blogged about it ombudsman. incorrect promise. i guess it's sort of literally correct. >> yeah. well, to me, it's a promise that has since been proven false. but, you have to remember there is in washington --
11:25 pm
the most generous way you can interpret it is that a lot of journalists are very, very he hesitant to say anyone lied. short of bill clinton saying did i not have sexual relations with that woman. i just feel bad about saying anyone has lied. if you look at this new fox poll which we did asked president obama do you think he didn't know that you would lose your doctorrenned and health coverage or do you think he knowingly lied auto% he said he knowingly lied. >> we played a sound bite he knew some people -- >> absolutely. 40% in this fox poll said he didn't know which just happens to be exactly the same number who approved of the president's job performance. i think basically the people who are willing to cut the president some slack on this are the ones who support him. everybody else has looked and said come on. he said it over and over and over. he had to know. >> i looked am i hair splitting being a little bit of a jerk. if they had written repeated
11:26 pm
incorrect promise, you know, so there was acknowledgment that this was done multiple times so that the reader at least was at will try to make it his or her own analysis. >> i do think as far as the facts are concerned, i mean, i think anybody who was looking into healthcare policy at the time obamacare was being written, this kind of stuff was known. and so i think president obama certainly knew it too. we should say one more thing about the promise. it's not as if barack obama is the only person who ever said this. >> oh, yeah. in the debate over obamacare. democrats all over capitol hill plus their surrogates in the media said it over and over and over again. not just the president. but hundreds of democrats made the promise too. >> string them all together and do an hour commercial free. >> it would be a whole hour. >> byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up new fears over the dismally low healthcare signup numbers. what do republican lawmakers plan to do next? congressman adam kensinger is here. you can hash it out with with us.
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who or what do you blame for the low obamacare sign up numbers. tweet or post on facebook right now using #greta.
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get ready to speedway your way through the news. philippines struggling to maintain law and order. the mayor flee that island that's because the destruction is preventing local authorities and relief workers from getting food water and medicine to the survivors. people are so desperate for food that today's looters stormed a rice warehouse causing a wall to collapse and then killed 8 people. also today u.s. officials saying by the end of the week the number of american troops helping the relief effort could triple to more than 1,000. now to toronto, that embattled mayor, whoa, who has already admitted to smoking crack cocaine squaring off with the city council and today rob ford making another very disturbing admission. >> mr. mayor, have you
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purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> be careful. >> yes, i have. oh, brother, well nearly every council member calling for the mayor to take a leave of absence. but the mayor, well, he is refusing to step down. and now to florida. police arresting a cop impersonator that is after he was caught on camera at a dunkin' donuts drive-thru. what was he caught doing? the suspect displayed a law enforcement badge and requested a discount on order of donuts. when he refused that discount he held up a gun and said see i'm a cop. police now want to know if this guy has ever done this before. and to washington. late today, the the owe obama administration releasing the grimm obamacare sign up numbers. fewer than 27,000 americans picked the healthcare plan on and only 7 thousand more signed up on the state run exchanges. those numbers fall far short
11:32 pm
of the administration's goal for the first month. so, now that we know the numbers, what do republican lawmakers plan to do next if anything? congressman adam kensinger joins us. good evening, sir. >> great to be here, thanks. >> so now what? >> well, friday we are going to look at this bill that says hey, if the president made a promise you could keep your plan, we're going to pass a bill that allows you to do that it's going to be interesting to see how many democrats come on board to support it. i would not want to be in a democrat's position and vote against that all you are doing is reaffirming the promise that the president made. if there weren't millions of people by the way effected by this i almost feel sorry for the white house how terrible this has been rolled out and how this is built to fail. we are going to address it on friday and see what happens. it will be interesting to see where the democrats are on this. >> that assumes that the fred upton bill passes and goes over to the senate and the senate passes let's say the president signs it how in the world do you expect it even to be operable.
11:33 pm
the insurance companies that have cancelled these policies you can't make them sell uncancelled policies. uncancel to get new policy go to the state to get the insurance commissioner who okay these policies. howe in the world could this possibly change things for the many americans who are out there freaked tonight because they are sick or in the middle of some medical procedure or care i don't get it? >> the issue frankly the bigger issue of obama care in general this thing is going to collapse and fail on its own. >> how is this -- this is an urgent situation for some people. >> exactly. look, you have right now the white house not even released the demographics of people that have signed up. seen the numbers signed up well short of what the white house said that they needed to be on target to do. they are not releasing the demographics. the people that desperately need insurance that are signing up. which is good. we want people that desperately need insurance to get insurance. the problem is to pay for that they are requesting young people to sign up who don't necessarily feel the need for it and that's where the cost is. >> they should release the
11:34 pm
demographics, secretary sebelius said in a conference call she is going to do it in a week or two. >> do it now. >> the bigger problem i think the president said he was quote looking at all the options and i realize the republicans are putting congressman upton is putting this option on the table i don't know how it will work out. i mean, this is -- you are the wrong person to it ask. but what's the white house's fix for this? i mean, what is going on for these people and what are the options he is talking about? he says he has a team looking at it? what's the team doing? what are they saying? give us an idea. at least give hope to the american people. >> the devil rays that promised to be the most transpatient in history is showing that it's actually the least transparent. >> i'm not sure they have any ideas though. they are transparent it might be a big zero. >> i think that may be exactly what's going on. again, this bill, i think when this passed in 2009 they saw difficulties and said we have four years to figure this out. the smart brains in washington will figure out how to make this work. and the next thing you know it's it the night before october 1st and folks are saying this isn't going to work. now the question he is how are they going to try to save face in this process
11:35 pm
versus how do we fix it or repeal it? that's what we have been say something let's repeal this thing and start from the beginning and find something that really helps the american people. >> even repealing it still we have some people in the lurch. people need urgent care now. that's the first group. we need to figure out a solution for them. then we need to figure out the people less urgent but have medical issues. at least have some sort of bridged time to sort of fix it for those people because, you know, this has really been a mess for some people. for some americans. >> the tragic thing here and you keep hitting on it is this really effect people. in d.c. you talk about the politics of things a lot because politics is what is done out here there are real americans that are affected. i have a friend from morris illinois who said his deductible has gone from 2500 now to 6,000. that's a serious increase. >> i like the president to get on tv like as soon as possible and tell us about those options because this is really urgent for a lot of people. we need those options and we need to here what that so-called team is doing. congressman, nice to see
11:36 pm
you. >> great to sigh, thank you. >> president obama and secretary sebelius say only substandard insurance policies are getting the ax. is that true? is that two precision politicians hoping that's true. or worse maybe not playing it straight with you. "on the record" investigates
11:37 pm
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okay. time to hash it out. file this one under dumb criminals. people magazine tweeting
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let's go off the record for just a minute. you have heard those obamacare numbers. catastrophic, aren't they?
11:43 pm
they are horrible. about 106,000 total americans picked healthcare plan in october. either on or through the state healthcare exchanges. and picking a plan only means that they are approved for coverage and ready to go. it doesn't even mean that they bought them it gets even worse. think about this, the obama administration announced 106,000 but more than 5 million are losing their plan so 106,000. 5 million can lose? you know that's all messed up. who doesn't see that one. take a look at the states, one state california the state with the most residents signing up for obamacare plans about 36,000. more than 1 million in california are losing their plan. so, 36,000 winners and more than a million losers. you know, that's messed up, too. now, i may have gotten a d in algebra in high school and that's true. i know a bum situation when i see it. president obama how is your math? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record go to and tell
11:44 pm
us about it. and our next guest insurance is cancelled. he liked his insurance, it worked for him and worked for his family. obamacare will force him to lose that brad joins us. good evening, brad. >> hi, greta. thanks for having me. >> nice to have you. so you liked your healthcare plan? >> yes. our plan worked great for us. it was a plan that i spent a lot of time shopping for. we did quite a bit of analysis. i looked into it in great detail from a financial standpoint to really understand how it was going to work for us. and it worked great. we love the plan. i was impressed with what i found in the individual marketplace when we went out there. and i'm sorry to lose it. >> so what about your plan? how much of a deductible did you have? >> yeah. so i retired in may of 2010. and i went out with the intention of finding a high deductible plan. i shopped through a number of carriers. i ended up selecting an anthem plan. my anthem plan had the
11:45 pm
$7,000 deductible but it had full coverage. so everything that would typically be covered under an employer sponsored plan was covered in my plan. the thing that i really didn't expect to find was wellness benefits. so, in our plan, we had preventative care so the typical wellness care, screenings, my wife's mammography, et cetera was all covered at 100% in this plan. no lifetime maximum at all. the premium was about $450 a month. so, i expected to pay a lot more. i was pleased when i found this in the marketplace. and like i said, it's worked very, very well for us. i'm just sorry that the plan is being cancelled. >> all right. so now what are you -- let me ask you this. did you vote for president obama in 2008 and 2012. i'm curious. i know people who are unhappy with him curious whether or not they are disappointed with the president. >> that's a bit of a personal question. but no. most of my friends understand did i not vote for president obama. >> okay. so now what -- and now you
11:46 pm
received a cancellation notice with your insurance plan? >> i did. i received a notice, and anthem though gave me the ability to renew the plan by the end of the year. and in doing so i have coverage through 2014. that was a loophole apparently in the law that any plan that has changed before the end of this year can carry forward through the whole term. so the term will be one more year. so i'm in a lot better situation than others are. there are a lot of people that are losing their insurance at the end of this year. we have one more year to figure things out. and, you know, i'm glad that anthem provided that to us. >> all right. well, none the less you like your plan and you are losing your plan that's not so hot. brad, thank you and good luck to you. >> great. thank you. >> up next, senator john mccain, democratic u.s. senators are not happy now that president obama. does that mean obamacare might be delayed? will that impact you? senator john mccain next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. oversight committee chair
11:47 pm
dealer issa will be sean's guest. that will be 10 p.m. tonight on hannity. announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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now it's time to show you what we are watching. put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. new clues in the mystery airport alligator. remember this guy 2-foot long alligator found in higg chicago's o'hare airport. new photos of the gator's travel companion. police want to know who she s. she? surveillance photos show the woman and gator riding a subway to the airport. later the woman gets back on the train without her gator, though. if found the lady could be charged with carrying a live alligator. the al garrett is now being cared for by animal experts. beyonce giving a young blind girl irreplaceable memory.
11:50 pm
during a concert in australia beyonce stopped to share the spotlight. the teen helping beyonce sing her hit irreplaceable. >> 1, 2, 3, 4. sing. ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> one more time, sophie. sing. ♪, ♪ >> sophie's older sister arranged the ahead of time. that didn't take away. betty white landing another starring role. sharper image new holiday campaign white presents the betty cave insisting girls like gadgets, too. >> blue tooth power speaker. only three of them exist in the entire northern hemisphere. get in the hole that was a
11:51 pm
gift from a gentleman admirer, a sultan, a duke, a prince. >> that's what we are watching tonight. coming up. growing momentum for delaying obamacare. could it happen? senator mccain is
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
sure looks like the democrats in the house and
11:54 pm
the senate are in political panic. the number two democrat in the house congressman stepy hoyer said president obama needs to, quote. come up with a solution sooner rather than later and over on the senate. already two senate democrats now proposing bills to delay parts of obamacare. republican senator john mccain joins us. nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. it's interesting times. >> so very interesting times. so, senator landrieu in four neck of the woods u.s. senate has -- she has a bill keeping the affordable care act promise act. which is sort of interesting that we now have legislation to keep promises. >> yeah that is a little unusual that what we have already said was going to be the law now we have to pass another law to make sure that we are -- look, it's a lot deeper than senator landrieu and others who just want to extend delay things for a year. look, fundamental problems. people who want to keep their insurance, health insurance and they like it she they should be able to keep it insurance companies that want to continue to sell policies that as they
11:55 pm
have before, should be able to do that as well, and of course, this whole debacle the telling people that they are going to benefit by paying higher premiums which is the case with any young person that science up is -- flies in the face. that's the ultimate in social engineering. and finally, finally, this is the first legislation that has to it do with entitlement. it was passed on strictly party line basis. and in the 2014 campaign i think you are going to see a lot of those four statements during the debate and vote on obamacare. >> not to dump on the democrats. it was along party lines. but every single problem that we are facing right now, with the exception of the web site, every single one of the problems we are facing right there in the legislation from day one if they ever either thought it through or read the bill at all. suddenly act like they are so surprised this is happening is really quite
11:56 pm
stunning. >> one of the things that's stunning is didn't somebody in the white house or over on the other side of the i'll say wait a minute, we can't tell people standards in health insurance if they are not theirs they are not going to be able to keep it didn't somebody say wait a minute, at some point these chickens are going to come home to roost. that's what is so intriguing about this. >> actually extremely disappointed because in letting the president keep making that statement means one of two things. either number one, the president didn't understand his own legislation, hadn't thought it through because it was right there from day one about people losing policies or he was deceitful. neither one is very impressive for the president of the united states. does he want to be uninformed about his own signature legislation or be deceitful to keep making his promise. >> there was a story in the post i think it was that it a discussion went on in the white house. well, we shouldn't really be telling people that they can keep their insurance policy they like it because they are not going to be able to.
11:57 pm
it's clear it's in the law. and then supposedly the political side said well, this is the only way we are going to sell it well, then somebody should have asked the question. isn't at some point the truth going to come out on this? >> senator, for the life of me i can't figure out senator landrieu's legislation. what it does is it is to try to keep people so people can keep their health insurance. but it is -- if it were passed, it would say that they were force insurance companies to rewrite these policies. but we can't force these insurance companies to do that. the united states doesn't -- government doesn't have the power to do that i mean, i don't even understand what this possible bill could -- how it could solve anything. >> panic does funny things to legislators and others. they are flashing around. and what we republicans have to do is, number one, first of all, let them try to sort this out. but, second of all. >> like how though? >> they are not going to be able to. >> what's the solution in give me the solution. >> well, the solution is
11:58 pm
first of all to let people keep their insurance -- >> -- they are gone. the policies are gone. >> i know or at least reinstate them. second of all. allow the insurance companies to give a menu of whatever that they want to provide. third of all. medical savings account. fourth of all, medical malpractice reform. let people go across state lines to in order to if they can get a better insurance policy in another state. and remove this whole tax incentive for employers to provide employee's health insurance. >> that is repeal. >> that's repeal. >> that's exactly right. that is total repeal in every other way because what obamacare is an experiment in social engineering. in other words, making young healthy people pay more which they shouldn't have to in order to subsidize the healthcare for people who are older and unhealthy. that is the ultimate in social engineering. >> what do you make of your
11:59 pm
popularity on capitol hill, the house and the senate? 9%? >> people complain and i don't blame them. i use the same line a lot of times maybe a thousand that approval is so low that paid staffers and 101-year-olds. now i have heard from my mother-in-law paid staffers. now blood relatives are gone. this is an interesting time. and what debacle that's taking place in iran which maybe we can do on another program -- >> -- i will be here. >> and the entire solution of american power influence in the middle east i'm telling you focus on obamacare. long term what john derry is trying to do in this iranian agreement can lead to a disaster of incredible proportions because it does not keep the reign iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. >> senator, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. >> thanks for being with us.
12:00 am
we will see you again tomorrow night right here 7 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly factor and go to good night. welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." why are giant spaes monsters attacking our largest cities? the behind the scenes look at these massive warriors. plus, does the president think greg gutfeld is good at making bad tv? >> he has quietly been very successful at it. >> and finally, the liberty bell. iconic symbol of american independence or secret surveillance device designed to spy on foreign tourists. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guest. she is a -- as hideous as ever. how can you stand to look at that? it is miss new york. she is two and a half times better looking than


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