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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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impressive. if you don't know, look it up. we do not want you to be one. thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight is the president's health care law imploding? welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. after months of contentious debate about a health care law that would remake one-sixth of the economy over the objections of more than half the country. after a sharply divided supreme court decision upholding the law and over 40 votes in the house to repeal the law which passed with zero republican support the president himself today under intense pressure calls for a change that could potentially be the beginning of the end of obama care. tonight the president is in pennsylvania attending a private fundraiser. d the american people and announced the so-called fix for more than 5
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million people who have seen their insurance policies cancelled despite repeated promises that they could keep their plans. in a major about face the president told insurers they can renew the policies if they want to at least for now. listen. >> so state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold in their states but the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be cancelled into 2014. >> this comes just one day after we learned that fewer than 27,000 people have enrolled in the federal exchanges that are supposed to help finance obama care. with the exchanges struggling for enrollees the president has potentially allowed millions of people who he was counting on to join the exchanges to instead avoid them. that could spell disaster for this law. more on that later. still a number of democrats said the fix doesn't go far enough.
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and the insurance industry points out this administration is now changing the rules in the ninth inning of the game. our fox news digital politics editor and host of power play joins us. chris, you have the state insurance commissioners which get to decide if they will do it or not. already a couple of them have said, nice try, mr. president. it's too confusing. has to get past that barrier and the insurance companies who get to decide if they want to do this or not. has he gotten it done? >> it almost seems as if he doesn't want it to happen at all. it seems as if what the president is doing is shifting the blame to other people, to republicans, to his partners in the insurance industry and elsewhere that the wrecking ball keeps swinging through the private insurance market, that it continues to knock down policies, that because of either just the raw logistics for state insurance commissioners of getting thinged turned around in
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time or the insurance industry that he, remember, instructed, caused, made to dump the policies can now say never mind it looks like he doesn't really want the fix to work except to fix people stop blaming him. >> not just him but fellow democrats. talk about what this means, why he did this with respect to his political motivation. >> well, look. if bill clinton can make barack obama do this by going on an internet television show imagine what else the democrats can get this lame duck president to do in the weeks and months ahead. this is the beginning of the end of the relevancy of the president inside his own party. this may be cosmetic or whatever. but democrats, having never been
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able to do this before have made the president jump. he's done this. he did it anyway. >> the baby's thrown out with the bath water. the pebaby is gone. >> he's running around. what democrats who don't want to be lashed to him in the law in next year's election or the house of clinic top in the 2016 cycle, they don't want anything to do with it. they see their opportunity to make the president pay. he's got to act busy. this is not enough to satisfy them. >> all of whom voted for the law. he tried to act like they had nothing to do with it in the following way. listen. >> i want them to know that, you know, their senator or
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congressman made recommendations based on what i told them and what this white house and our -- it's not on them. it's on us. >> that might have been worked if it weren't for the endze bill in which he said, hey, hold on, the sebelius recommendations that came out of hhs in june of 2010 completely gut the promise about grandfathering. and millions of americans will be cancelled. every democrat voted against that bill to propose a fix to it and not one offered an alternative fix saying i am concerned about the individual insurance market and i am going to work to save it. >> they are on the record with that. remember, for the strategy in the law was delay, delay. get everybody re-elected twice before you get onto the consequences of the law. everything sounded fine.
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but when your constituents lose their plans and run able because you're terrible at the internet to sign up for the policy you say they have to buy, the reality gets real. these folks are angry, applying pressure to their elected leaders. guess what's happening? they are going for thanksgiving break and they will get screamed at. the president is in trouble. >> chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> we mentioned one of the big things to remember. the president told insurers they can re-sign the millions who have been quicked off insurance if the insurers want to. if they want to. that doesn't mean they have to. if they decide to, the does it mean they have to redo e ddo everything they just undid? bob, the insurance industry came out almost immediately in a collective statement and said, you do this this and you're going to see higher premiums. explain that. >> well, yeah. we all have to be in the same
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system. the complaint i have is it tries to put us in a more expensive system that increases extra mandates and benefits and so forth. the bottom line is everybody has to be in one system or another. we can't play a game where we decide where to make the most money. so people can choose to make more money in obama care, in the old system. the result is -- >> the insurance companies. >> well, the individuals can now choose which they want to be in. they're going the to choose in their favor. that will end up making the system more expensive because people will make more money in either system. it drives the costs up. >> have we now established th that -- i want to think about how to say this. have we established the scheme was to boot people out of the
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individual insurance market and push them to the state exchanges? i had a conversation about that with zeke emmanuel last night. it sounded like he admitted that. listen. >> the affordable care act didn't require any single insurance company to cancel a plan. >> okay. giving you that for purposes of tonight. >> they did it for business reasons. >> the only reason that plans are sending notes to consumers about losing coverage is because of the requirements of the new legislation. >> there you have an exchange about who is to blame for cancellations. >> the question i would ask zeke is if the insurance companies didn't have to cancel people then why did the president give a press conference this morning and announce insurance companies don't have to cancel people? the administration just changed the rules. now insurance companies don't have to cancel people. i guess they had to before then. didn't they? >> what are the administrative headaches for the insurance companies? >> oh, this just makes
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everything worse. this obama administration has been building the health website for three years now. they have it all screwed up. it doesn't work. they are saying to the insurance industry you have to turn on a dime and redo everything. you know, health says everyone must purchase coverage by december 15 to be effective by january 1. the insurance companies have 31 days to reverse everything they have been doing for the last few months with cancellation letters. the administration is requiring the insurance company to send people a letter saying, here is the plan you've got now. here are the differences. can you imagine how much work it will be? every policy has to talk about the differences. then you have to send the letter through the u.s. mail. then you have to give people weeks to make up their mind. the insurance company has to redo the premium system, banking system, collecting from bank
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accounts, change provider directories. it's takenen them months to get to this point. this administration can't get their website straight in three years. they want in 31 days for insurance companies to change everything. it's logistically impossible. this is about politics. the administration is in the hot seat here. it's got this hot potato. what it's doing is throwing it to the insurance industry saying you have a choice. you can renew the policies and take on a nightmare you may not be able to get out from under or you can tell people they can't keep their insurance. the president is off the hot seat. >> the president said what we want to tell people is the affordable care act is not going to be the reason why insurers have to cancel your plan. the insurance agencies have to be saying you're kidding me? >> in 31 days they want it fixed.
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>> thanks for coming. >> you're welcome. >> i asked one of the member who designed the health law does the president's fix mean the beginning of the end for obama care? you have to see his answer live ahead. up next, charles krauthammer on the thing he says everyone is overlooking here. a little something called the constitution. >> i declare i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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. >> announcer: from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> welcome back. the fallout tonight from the president's plan to fix things for the millions of americans getting kicked off their insurance. the administration now says folks can keep their plan ifs they like if the insurance companies and state insurance commissioners agree. does he ha the vrt to do it? charles krauthammer, author of "things that matter," now number one on the new york times best seller list. that's the question. the law was pass bid congress and signed into law by the executive branch. now he seems to think he can undo part of it, all by himself. >> of course. this is the lawlessness you expect from this station.
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a few weeks ago he decided to suspend the employer mandate. he has no right to do it. the executive carries out the laws. congress passes them. congress amends the laws. he's done it so many times now that it's like the air we breathe. hardly anybody notices. he's a buy who instituted the dream act, a massive change in immigration reform by telling i.c.e. not to enforce huge elements of law. this is now the norm. this is a way for him to tell the rebellious democrats, this is all about preventing open rebellion among democrats provoked by the clinton remarks, this simmering opposition, people extremely upset in the
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congress about cancellations. once the former president. he was afraid the democrats and the senates in the house. that's why he did the so-called fix today knowing that it's really not going to have an effect in the real world. but it is going to have a political effect. >> is this a president, charles, that's fighting for his legacy? we'll have a guest coming up in moments who is one of the architects of obama care who i believe will suggest this change today could be potentially devastating for this law. it could be. so if the president did that he may have decided to sacrifice this law while trying to protect his legacy. you say liberalism could be undone by this. >> if obama care ends up being
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the train wreck it is looking like it could be which is quite likely, new bu not certain, the underlying obama ideology of the oh ever expanding entitlement state, ever enlarging and strengthening of accept tral government will be set back for decades. there is a riding on this. i don't think he's undoing health care. if the fix were actually going to allow large numbers of people to stay on their plans it would jeopardize obama care and take away the young and healthies he needs in the exchanges to subsidize in a way that's not obvious but extremely important to subsidize the older and the sicker. if he thought it would keep people in their private insurance out of the exchanges,
6:18 pm
he would be sacrificing the law but he knows of of the resistance of the insurance company. he knows about the resistance of the people in the states who were in charge of the regulations. i think he knows it will have no effect in the real world. the political effect is to prevent a humiliation that would have happened without today's statement which would have been democrats in the dozens, perhaps a hundred in the house joining republicans to change the law and in the senate, democrats like mary landrieu actually introducing a bill to force insurers to keep them on the plan indefinitely. that's what he's trying to stop. not to stop people from getting knocked off their plan. >> the other items are a lot closer to the end of obama care. charles, thank you. >> pleasure. thank you very much. >> the big question just ahead,
6:19 pm
what does the fix mean for the future of the plan? we'll speak with one of the men who designed obama care and we'll run by him. where does he see it going? up next, questions about whether millions are losing their insurance because contrary to the president's statements. >> are you saying it was foreseen it would collapse and that was a key facet of obama care working? >> it's not a matter of foreseen. the insurance companies always cancelled policies before. >> the it is a matter. no, no. you know as well as i do that the mass cancellations we have seen tonight are hurting a lot of americans. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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i said you can keep your health care, i'm looking at folks who have employer-based health care. folks who have medicare and medicaid. and that accounts for the vast majority of americans. >> there you see the president explaining there further his comment that if you like your health care plan. he's only speaking to the employer market. he meant the medicare, medicaid, not the individual insurance market and so on. the question remains now about whether seeing millions of people kicked off of their plans as we saw in the individual insurance market now and sending them over to the government exchanges instead was actually their plan right from the beginning contrary to the president's explicit promises. dr. ezekiel emanuel admitted it to me. 7 million includes the people who were expected from the
6:24 pm
individual market to come on as well. so it's not just -- >> first are you admitting it was foreseen that the individual insurance market would collapse and that was a key facet of obama care working? >> it's not a matter of foreseeing. >> why didn't you plan against it? >> we were giving them a better method called the the exchange. >> there you have it. that's the question. was that the original goal after all? joining me now the author of "how medicaid fails the poor," columnist at the national review. avik roy. he admitted right there that the 7 million people they need on the exchanges, all along they intended for a number of those people to come over from the individual insurance markets. >> he's not the only one. the entire health policy community from the beginning and today, they are always saying the old individual market was terrible. there were junk plans. insurers could do terrible things. now we, the federal government have come in to save you from
6:25 pm
the plans that were doing terrible things to you. >> they may or may not have been junkie. the bottom line is people in the individual insurance market tend to be young, healthy and they need them to be booted off their plans and moved to the insurance exchanges because that's where they pay higher premiums and help subsidize the law. >> it's a form of redistribution masked in the regulations. normally you think of taxes and subsidies the way to pay for health care for those who need it. that's not what exchanges do. through regulation they force young people and healthy people to pay more. that's how it was designed from the beginning. >> it's not giving them nothing. you boot them to the exchanges and give them more. they didn't want more. so you give them more and make them pay a lot more, too. young people seeing premiums double, comes as no surprise to the administration. it was part of the plan all along. that leads me to the question, now that they are saying you may stay over in the individual
6:26 pm
insurance market, young healthy people. if they actually can do it, state insurance commissioners allow the fix. the insurance companies allow the fix. what does it mean for obama care? >> the progressive health policy types are clenching their teeth. i testified before congress today. a witness there with me who was a democrat said at the hearing if the upton bill, the house bill to let you keep your plan, if the bill passed it would destroy the exchanges because those with less expensive policies would stay out and there would be a two-tiered system of. the president announced something similar. >> so my question is this a fraud? we had the president over 40 times saying if you liked your plan you could keep it. i meant it because i was talking about medicare and medicaid and employee-based coverage. the truth appears to be all
6:27 pm
along they intended on devastating the individual insurance market because they needed young healthy people on the state exchanges to pay more to supplement funding for the law. >> 100%. he's trying to present it like, well, i was busy dealing with foreign policy and somehow this got messed up. i'm sorry about that. that's not what happened. it was designed to destroy the old individual markets. zeke emanuel and others say it. he's saying, i have to the protect the congressmen. they wrote the bill. the house passed it. the president just signed it. the legislative product that resulted in this problem. they wrote it. >> and they didn't know it would happen. now they are shocked this is happening. it was all part of the plan. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> we'll have more on this. our next guest was actually there when this law was drafted and was advising the white house
6:28 pm
and told them you better get somebody in place to execute the plan. the people around the president aren't able to do it. he could see it coming. i will ask him what he thinks of the president's so-called fix and whether it signals the beginning of the end of obama care. next. we would like to know what you think. follow me on twitter. send me a tweet using # kelly file or like us on facebook. leave a comment on the page. we'll be right back. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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insurance companies are willing to re-sign them. of the 5 million kicked off plans so far one million live in california. trace picks up their story from here. >> hey, megyn. california is the big canary in the coal mine. we had the most individual plans cancelled. if the california insurance companies don't play ball and reinstate the plans that's the big problem. covered california, the state insurance exchange is noncommittal saying, we are assessing the imgt pact and analyzing our options on how covered california will incorporate this modification into our existing policy and direction. remember, the big reason all the plans were cancelled is because the insurance company signed a contract with covered california, agrees to cancel policies that don't comply with the affordable care act. if the exchange goes along with the president, the insurance companies may not. the first thing we did then was
6:33 pm
to contact the two bigs insurance companies in the state, blue shield and health net. they said they were still decidi deciding. then the california insurance commissioner who is a big obama care supporter held a news conference indicating the insurance companies are pushing back and aren't happy. listen to thhim. >> first it's disingenuous for blue shielden and others to say, look, if we renew into 2014 that will damage the exchange. >> he said blue shield. we contacted blue shield again. they said they are not sure why they were singled out but said the major insurers all agree to the covered california contract that stipulates ending noncompliant plans as the best way to create a good risk pool in 2014. the insurance companies sound like they struck a deal with the state and they want to live by that deal. >> thank you.
6:34 pm
is what the president did potentially the beginning of the end of obama care? david cutler is the former senior health care adviser to barack obama's 2008 campaign. a harvard economics professor. he's been an influential figure in shaping the law and somebody who sounded the alarm about its implementation in 2010. professor, good to see you again. >> thank you for having me. >> when you were on last week i asked if they don't get enough people in the exchanges then what happens. you said then the premiums go up very, very high. now was that ball put in motion today? >> we don't know yet. what the president is trying to do is say the website isn't working. the exchanges aren't working. let's slow down the process and delay it by a year. if it turns out to be a delay of a year we can work through it.
6:35 pm
it would turn out okay. if it becomes a permanent situation that people who are healthier stay away and people who are sicker go into the exchanges that becomes a very big problem. >> is that the beginning of the so-called death spiral? >> that could be the beginning of a death spiral. you could have a situation where people in the exchanges are unhealthy people with high premiums. that's the scarce scenario that people want to avoid. >> with the idea appears to have been get the younger, healthier people from the individual market and get them onto the exchanges. the president has seemingly given them a pass, a one-year get out of the exchange free deal. so for the next year these
6:36 pm
insurance companies that now have sick people signing up, they are not going to make money. the people who are supposed to fund the law aren't going to be coming over. can you understand why they are complaining today? >> absolutely. the expectations were set up with a different pool. there are several provisions that are temporary. they last forree years saying if the premiums are wrong then the insurers will get paid more than they had bid. that's likely to significantly reduce the losses of the insurance company on the exchange. but, yes, absolutely it is a big issue. the tousle here is exactly over what happens if you think you're pricing a pool for the population but you don't have the entire population in there. >> who will make up the losses
6:37 pm
to the insurance company? how do they make up the hit? >> it will largely come through moneys that have been appropriated already in the affordable care act. nobody knows how big the program will be. we don't know the composition of the people in the pool. again, if it turns out to be temporary, we're okay. it will be a one-year expenditure that will be relatively small in of things. much more than offset by the hopeful benefits of the program in terms of the lower premiums which we are already seeing. if it turns out to be a one year slower walk, fine. if it goes on longer than that, it's got real issues. >> if the insurance companies aren't making their money this year because they have only sick people and the healthy people are on the individual market, who will make up -- are the federal taxpayers paying for it? are we paying for that? we'll cover their losses this year? >> we will. but the extent of the losses
6:38 pm
will be limited. they will be making money as they have been with people outside of the ek changes. >> so barack obama cut a check to insurance companies and the american people out of our banking account? that's his fix that we have to pay it? >> it may mean a little bit higher expenditures on the people in the exchange. but it means fewer subsidies for the people not in the exchange. >> if that's the case, if we have a year now where people on the exchanges don't have the he will think people and premiums could go up and subsidies down, what will make people want to sign up for the exchanges a year from now? >> what everyone believes, and we see evidence of this, is that the exchange premiums are on an apples to apples basis lower than what was available outside of it. >> today. >> there are subsidies for anyone -- 16% below forecasts of
6:39 pm
two years ago. so people will see that and also the subsidies they receive. so the fundamentals say that when you can present them to people, people will choose to go in. the big problem here is, again, the website issue. people can't see what they are. they can't sign up for them. you have to do something in the interim. if people could see them, realize they could have them, the belief is people would be rushing to them because of their superior value. >> what makes you think in the fall -- in november of 2014 when we are up against the midterm elections there will be currently in washington to cancel the plans the president said he would not cancel and he's given them a one-year stay of execution that there will be political courage to let them cancel out or expire before the midterm election.
6:40 pm
>> what i hope and i'm not a congressional forecaster. i hope when people truly see the premiums on the exchange, the coverage they get it will be a stampede of people wanting to go into the exchanges. >> if they don't want to or they extend the stay of execution by a year or two -- >> we are getting into real difficulties. >> what does that mean? >> you have a situation where you have less they will think people in the exchanges, healthier people outside the exchanges maintaining two different risk pools becomes financially costly and difficult for people who are stumping from one to the other depending on the health status or worried about where they will be. the same situation we are trying to avoid today. the idea was to get one source where no matter your health stay sus us the, you could get it. >> that's the death spiral fm if
6:41 pm
we get there. i don't think we will. >> i have to run. >> you have to be careful. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> the president's credibility taking a crushing view. brit hume is next. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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6:45 pm
>> did the news today from the president help his credibility or hurt it? our fox news senior political analyst brit hume. did he help himself? >> not much. this is a small effort here with problems associated with it whether it's even pos able for it to work even if he's legally authorized to have done it. i keep thinking about some insurance company going to federal court saying this is illegitimate. there is no legal authority for the president to have done this. poof, whatever effect this has could be done. his answers while he was more apologetic than before in some ways and said the blame was on him, i think a lot of people's answer would be, yeah, no kidding. >> think about this. if the president can do this, think about the danger he can put this law in. we have talked about the people against the law. a lot of people are for the law.
6:46 pm
the president may have just begun the death spiral according to our last guest, one of the architects of obama care. he can do it with the stroke of a pen without a lawmaker weighing in? >> i have my doubts. i have doubts as to whether this is possible t. we have talked about the insurance companies, unlike the obama administration were ready for the law to roll out. they took the precautions they were to take. to no longer stop selling qualifying policies and the rest. the president now says, oh, oops, go on doing thing it is way you were for another year. well, they are in no position to do it. you heard this scenario laid out about what they would have to do to pull this off in time. it doesn't seem possible. i don't think it does the president's very badly damaged credibility you are seeing in the polling very much good. >> these insurance companies operate like an aircraft carrier, not a pleasure boat.
6:47 pm
they can't turn on a bind do what the president wants them to. that begs the question about whether he knows and whether this is about the president just being able to say -- let's hear the sound bite from earlier. say the following. >> what we want to do is say to folks, you know what, the affordable care act is not going to be the reason why insurers have to cancel your plan. >> what do you think? >> well, that's -- that makes clear his intention. he's not looking to accomplish anything. he's looking to shift blame. he doesn't want his law, his party, himself to be blamed for cancellation notices. so he's created this apparent fix that says, okay, folks, you really can keep your policies. i'm sorry about that. well, you know, i'm not sure that will work. when you think about it, it shouldn't work. it's dishonest.
6:48 pm
>> the way i see it now based on what the experts are telling me is either his fix works and people can stay on the individual insurance market and then we don't have enough people on the exchanges. that begins the death spiral potentially. not enough premiums are coming in. the risk pool is dangerous. you don't have healthy people there. i don't know what will happen a year from now. will we have the political will then to cancel the people? >> there is another train coming down the track. that's the employer mandate. >> right. >> that was suspended. once companies began to take a look at what they have to do to comply and so on, how many of those are going to dump people that are happy with their coverage, by the way, and are getting it tax-free as a benefit, how many of them will say, oh, this is great. i'm getting dumped into exchanges where i have to pay out of my pocket. if you're not down the economic scale enough for a subsidy, how
6:49 pm
will they feel? aren't they going to have a wave of cancellations of a different variety. won't that hit closer to the election? i think so. there is more trouble to come here. this is just sort of the first taste of it. the other thing in poor taste is something happened in the media that a myriad of other obama issues -- benghazi and the irs scandal -- didn't bring about. that was a huge segment of the main stream media has turned against the president on this. they think he lied. they won't say it that way, but that's the skepticism with which he's being treated. it was questioned today. the atmosphere is different. he doesn't have the leeway he did before. you roll out some faky looking thing like today, i'm not sure it sells. >> that's the thing. fit works it could be the beginning of the death spiral. if it doesn't he's still got
6:50 pm
millions of people who are unhappy because they have been cancelled against his promise. we'll see. this isn't over by a long shot. >> no, indeed. >> good to see you, sir. >> up next, why fixing the website sign-ups may be the least of worries for the obama care help desk. there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans
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well, the president says health will be fixed at some point soon. fixing the website is just the first hurdle of a much longer journey ahead filled with many more obstacles. trace gallagher live with more on that. the administration pointed many times to the massachusetts law as a model for obama care. >> yeah, megyn. if massachusetts is the model our guide should be a man named john kingsdale. he ran the massachusetts health
6:54 pm
exchange from 2006 to 2010. he calls the affordable care act the world's largest insurance store. he says their first big challenge is getting people to pay for premiums saying many who get the subsidies don't have checkbooks. then there is the month to month bookkeeping. >> the individual, i'm guilty myself, sometimes miss a monthly payment by mistake. the insurance company has to figure out, does that mean you have disenrolled without telling us? does that mean you sent the check and it was lost in the mail? or we have a check here that's $17.03 less than it is supposed to be. what does that mean? that has to be done individual by individual like hand-to-hand combat. >> in essence he says the government is now managing this huge retail store with an extra the layer of management. it goes from you in your insurance company which is today and then from your insurance
6:55 pm
company and uncle sam. the government has to look out for the customers, that's us. and has to live up to the promise that the young, healthy will offset the older and sicker because the federal government cannot allow the insurance companies to hemorrhage money. listen again. >> i know it's not popular to worry about insurers. i think the administration and the president will do what they can to protect consumers. yet in the end this is a private insurance set of plans. so they've got to enjoy theion e manufacturering the products they are trying to sell. >> he says if you think there were problems with the website wait until this whole thing gets into full swing. >> tell us what you think on facebook and follow us on twitter. coming up at the top of the hour. >> the president though has no constitutional authority to extend the individual mandate which is what he attempts to do with the with cms rule i have in
6:56 pm
my hand. and no constitutional authority to extend the employer mandate either. the law says they shall take effect and be implemented each month after december 31 of 2013. he has to come to congress if he wants to extend this. he should come on bended knee. customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and etrade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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believe this thing was a fraud. it's coming apart right now. what do you think? follow me @megyn kelly and include the hash tag, # kelly file so we see it. thanks for watching. here's hannity. welcome to "hannity" on this busy news night. the administration is in a complete panic mode tonight as the president's signature piece of domestic legislation crumbles before their very eyesment tonight the leader of the free world was forced to admit what was obvious to many of us. that's failure after years of making this promise. >> under the reform we are proposing if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. if you do have health insurance, we'll help make sure your insurance is more affordable and more secure.


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